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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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traveling fog first it is there then some place else. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. sheriff ross mirkarimi will be back in family court today trying to convince a judge he should be allowed to visit his son despite the domestic violence charges against him. amy hollyfield is live in front of superior court with more. >> reporter: this will be his second time in court on this issue. he was here on friday and he got choked up friday when talking about his son theo. >> i miss my son terribly and he misses me. i have to go. >> reporter: today he will be back. hoping a judge will decide today on his request to see his son. the criminal court judge put a stay away order in place and
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mirkarimi was charged last month and that prohibits him from going near his wife and child. eliana lopez, his wife, says she thinks her husband should be allowed to see their child. while this issue is discussed in family court today the criminal case continues to build. prosecutors just filed paperwork asking that mirkarimi's ex-girlfriend be allowed to testify against him. she filed a police report last month saying that he pushed her up against a wall and bruised her when they were dating three years ago. prosecutors are hoping to prove not only that mirkarimi hurt his wife but that he has a history of being abusive. his attorney says, mirkarimi has never abused anyone and they plan to prove that in court. his trial for those three misdemeanor charges is set for the end of this month. he has ended a not guilty three on all of those charges today the focus is whether ross mirkarimi should be allowed to see his child. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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6:02. the motive for a shooting in newark that left a u.s. custom as agent hospitalized is a mystery. police arrested 60-year-old dennis bagwell on accusations of familied murder. bagwell manages an apartment building in piedmont. detectives believe he waited for the victim walk out of his newark home yesterday morning and fired at least five shots. the victim's name has not been released. we know he's a 61-year-old officer with the u.s. customs and border protection service assigned to san francisco international >> oakland's police department teaming up with federal agencies to fight a spike in crime. they have some in their sights. police released photos of the four most wanted fugitives in the city yesterday over the last seven days there have been 20 shootings in oakland, including five homicides chief jordan says many of those crimes are linked to a war
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between gangs. he says to help deal with the problem he's diverting resources to so-called crime hot spots and focusing more on getting illegal guns off the streets. how safe are pg&e's natural gas pipelines in the bay area? the utility is telling regulators tests show 29,000 miles of pipe are safe and can handle the pressurized gas. workers are saying the opposite. terry mcsweeney is live at the public utilities commission in san francisco. they gotta figure out who is telling the true story. >> reporter: yeah, it is hard to everybody is talking about the same pipeline. in fact, they are talking about the same pipeline. peeling saying everything is fine. workers with saying -- pg&e saying everything is fine. workers saying everything is not. the utility says it has verified safe operating pressure in that pipeline all
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systems go. that was on -- that was yesterday. the day before the public utilities commission heard from a couple members of the plumbers and steam fitters union, both welders telling them the gas lines are riddled with flaws in the welding, repairs that have been done, not done correctly, there's corroded pipe. one welder says if the san bruno pipeline was like the one he saw in the east bay recently, he's not surprised it failed. take a look at failure of that gas pipeline. we show you this to bring home the critical importance of exactly the condition of this gas pipeline under the urban areas of the bay area. san bruno gas pipeline in september of 2010 killed eight people, devastated an entire neighborhood. another welder telling the public utilities commission he saw defective welds and corroded pipes on the same line that connected milpitas with san francisco, the same
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line that blew in san bruno. pg&e says it believes its welds are safe. it says the inspections are themselves inspected. still, it is taking these reports seriously and is going to take another look. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. california state college students struggling to pay tuition may get financial relief. speaker perez is scheduled to introduce a pill that would do that calling it a middle class scholarship for students whose families make less than $150,000 a year. fees cut by 2/3 under this proposal. perez's office says funding for the plan would be raised by eliminating a corporate tax break. our window on the embarcadero at times this morning has been foggy clear and foggy again. >> moving all around. meteorologist mike nicco here with the latest look. >> the fog is thickest north
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bay and east bay valleys watch out for those visibilities down less than a quarter of a mile short distance between what you are able to see and where with you are. this will hang around the visibility at that level through 9:00. 9:00 it will start to lift, completely gone by 11:00. the worst area is around 37 and 101 marin county novato down less than a quarter of a mile. fog moving through the bay area also not as thick but it is starting to fill in. we'll keep an eye on that right now visibilities around five to eight miles per hour. next system to our west and going to stay that way more sunshine and warmer weather today high clouds from time to time and low to mid 60s if you are heading to our beaches, we have rough surf through 3:00 this afternoon breakers up to 18 feet. minor fog tomorrow morning not as much as today and
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temperatures the warmest near self it in afternoon our next chance of rain sunday -- let's find out if that fog is causing problems with the traffic. definitely concern in the north bay where mike was saying visibility less than a 4th of a mile crash westbound 37 past 121 one of the cars is facing wrong way chp just arrived. traffic moving 52 miles an hour when you are approaching a crash that fast it can be confusing for drivers. live camera shot of 101 san rafael, visibility limited for headlights moving southbound, clearer now at the golden gate bridge fog moving around and minor wait now at the bay bridge toll. 6:08. it is there but is it dangerous? new test results leading to a growing debate over the risk we ladies have from lead in lipstick. the bay area city ready to make its landmark plastic bag
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good morning. 6:12. live picture of some of the fog blanketing parts of the bay area. enjoy it now. it is going to be some place else in a few minutes. washington state an poised to become the 7th state in the u.s. to recognize same-sex marriages. the state's house of representatives is set to vote today on legislation legalizing same-sex. lawmakers are expected to pass it. the washington state senate approved it last week. governor says she will sign
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night law. the vote comes one day after the 9th circuit court of appeals ruled that california's same-sex ban is unconstitutional. that ruling is expected to be appealed. san francisco is if you have its already strict ban on plastic bags. the board of supervisors approved a measure blood anyone the 5-year-old ban to -- approved -- broadening the 5-year-old ban to all restaurants. plastic bags will still be allowed in san francisco to carry foods like fish and meat. the pan takes effect next year. new federal findings on -- lead in lipstick are raising questions on how serious the problem is. an analysis by the fda finds lead levels as high as seven parts per million twice as high as a previous study. the fda tells abc7 news it did not find levels that would raise health concerns. the campaign for safe cosmetics doesn't understand
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how regulators can say that >> fda has found that many lipsticks contain lead. they've not done any kind of a health assessment. they've said in this recent round they are considering setting an upper limit for lead in lipstick and we're calling on fda to look at the evidence and what is the best that manufacturers can achieve? >> more than 400 lipsticks were studied. the campaign for safe cosmetics urging consumers to purchase only those lipsticks which tested on the loan. long term exposure to lead has been known to cause birth defects and developmental problems. you can find the test results at 6:14. as we look outside, we see fog it is going away every time we look. >> check out the moon breaking through and shining down on the bay.
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one of the few tower cams that is not fogged in, fog the big story this morning so far for your commute all that leftover moisture as we talked about yesterday would produce some challenges for the morning commute in the reduce reduction of these visibilities let's take a look at the most current i just updated these we are improving around santa rosa, napa, quarter mile fairfield, 3/4 at concord about a quarter of a mile or less around novato, san rafael towards the golden gate bridge. right now sfo has flight arrival delays of about 72 minutes because of the reduced visibilities. most of us mid to upper 40s sunny ending fog will start lifting by 9:00. dry and mild into the weekend. chance of showers possible sunday night into monday. most of the weekend going to be dre. low to mid 60s today the sun will breakthrough it will be joined by a few high clouds during the afternoon.
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mostly sunny conditions around the monterey bay mid 60s here mid to upper 60s as you head inland and they will be practicing down at the at&t pebble beach mid 50s to upper 50s with mostly sunny sky that's the way it going to stay most of the weekend may have a few more clouds over the weekend mid to upper 50s tonight fog ing around north bay valleys, 36 cloverdale, low to mid 40s for the rest of us until you san francisco and half moon bay upper 40s. system split yesterday, one heading north, one heading south in between high pressure nosing in and pushing the next few storms to the north we are close enough that we are going to get large swells from these breakers up to a teen feet today along our coastline so high surf advisory in effect until at least 3:00 this afternoon, maybe tomorrow a better day to head to the beach, warmer, mid to you
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upper 60s at our beaches tomorrow with upper 60s to near 70 for the bay and inland neighborhood, increase in clouds and temperatures will settle into the low to mid 60s in most neighborhoods through the weekend, slight chance of showers sunday night into monday valentine's day looks dry and nice. good morning. i want to show you how visibility is limited in walnut creek, 3/4 of a mile in concord look at this see those taillights you can barely make them out normally main street exit walnut creek heading towards highway ten four a few headlights heading southbound that's what you can expect this morning. -- i want to take you to the san mateo bridge no trouble across the span westbound looking good out of hayward eastbound find out of foster city. bay bridge toll foggy conditions now and fog advisory has opinion posted for the bay bridge plus metering lights were just turned on. we'll see a back-up quickly
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develop almost towards west grand. i want to take you to the exclusive waze traffic app a useful tool for your commute especially during the bay bridge closure planned for president's day weekend. you can see the drivers who turned on their waze app we can see they are moving along at 25 miles an hour. this will be great for checking out alternate routes especially during that weekend closure for president's day you can see how slow it is for the san mateo bridge or if you want to head to the richmond san rafael bridge instead. you can get in information by going to download the free app to your smartphone, iphone and be a traffic spotter. our time is 6:18. if you are looking to park your bike at bart you might want to avoid the walnut creek and pleasant hill stations. an analysis by the investigative group california watch found those two stations are the top targets for bike theft.
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from 2006 through october of we have len the two stations accounted for more -- 2011 the two stations accounted for more than 430 thefts. meantime, stations in traditionally higher crime areas in oakland and richmond had lower numbers. coming up, you likely know some of these acronyms, lol, maybe even ttyl. what about gky, gnoc, lma? so many shrapbgss online. the warnings that -- slangs online and the warnings that every parent should be looking out. oscar sunday february 26th, right here on abc7, you can predict the winners gain the latest buzz right now at or download the oscar app for iphone and ipad it will give live video from the red carpet and backstage on oscar sunday. h@
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good morning this is the view from our camera looking towards san francisco you see that cloud cover covering the city, low clouds and fog that's part of the forecast this morning. fog is elusive, first it is here, then there. mike's following it, shadowing it he'll tell you more coming up. parents new help if you
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are feeling like you can't keep up with the acronyms your kids use. sarah palin's social at network monitoring service has compiled a list of common act nips especially ones that could raise red flags. if you see -- gky go kill yourself, lma, leave me alone, bih, burn in hell to access the list go to china has a big population we know that. now it can lay claim to having one big baby. a mother in central china has given birth to a 15 1/2 pound baby. the 29-year-old mother quickly delivered by c-section. the parents are of average size and his mom's diet is normal. officials are trying to verify when is the largest new important in modern chinese
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history. what would you be willing to do to get a free for may cupcake everyday for the rest of your life? there's one significant catch, the four winners of the project have to agree to get a tattoo of the company's low . it has to be at least two inches and placed on -- placed on the arm. the first winner gets his tattoo today. >> is there attractive tattoo because i'll think about it. >> even an ugly tattoo would work for me. a very abrupt end to a high speed chase. still ahead, the story behind a very long and winding overnight chase and crash that shutdown highway 101. 12-year-old boy injured after a san francisco apartment explodes. the criminal activity that police say may be to blame for the blast. >> reporter: sheriff ross mirkarimi will be fighting
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today to be able to see his son. prosecutors in the criminal case are interested in another person in his life. the story coming up. >> guess which airport is having delays? you know it is sfo, 72 minutes. use our flight tracker to find out which specific flights are affected,
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there goes the opening bell. u.s. to be futures are edging higher on hopes that a long awaited deal for a second bailout for greece is close despite another delay in discussions between political leaders. we'll get latest live from the new york stock exchange coming up in 15 minutes. >> right now is the news thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. persistent sheriff ross mirkarimi will be back in family court today to convince a judge he should be allowed to visit his son despite domestic violence charges against him. amy hollyfield is live with more on the story. >> reporter: we've got the family court issue happening today. also the contract court we are watching. prosecutors have just filed paperwork asking that mirkarimi's ex-girlfriend be allowed to testify against him. that ex-girlfriend says mirkarimi abused her when they were dating three years ago.
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she filed a police report last month saying that he left a praouz on her. so, that's an -- bruise on her. so, that's an issue we are watching. today mirkarimi will be focused on family court where he will ask a judge to give him permission to see his 2-year-old son. here's what mirkarimi said friday about the issue. i cannot tell you how much i miss my family. i can't wait to hug my son. i'd like to hug my son and wife. and get back to some level of normalcy. >> reporter: a stay way order has opinion in place since he was charge -- has been in place since he was charged last month with three misdemeanors. mirkarimi's wife believes he should be allowed to see his son that's today's focus in family court. the big picture is the criminal case. mirkarimi has pleaded not guilt to all three charges. his lawyer says he's never
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abused anyone and they look forward to proving that in court. a amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a suspect in the hospital following a high speed crash on highway 101 in san mateo southbound lanes were closed an hour after the suspect rolled the car several times it happened before 12:30 this morning. chp says the suspect was speeding and weaving between cars when he swerved and lost control. he will be taken into custody after he is released from the hop. a woman and the hospital this morning following an explosion in an apartment near san francisco city college. you can sigh the damage the -- you can see the damage. the fire department tells abc7 the explosion was caused by a butane torch used to turn
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compressed marijuana into hashish oil. injuries not considered to be life-threatening. san pablo man under arrest after he fired shots outside an elementary school. police responded to riverside elementary yesterday afternoon. they say the 31-year-old was shooting a gun in the air at cars and at people passing by. he was wearing body armor which made him resistant to stun guns. officers subdued and arrested him if you witnessed anything please call the police. federal investigators trying to figure out the motive behind shooting of a customs agent in newark. police arrested 61-year-old dennis bagwell an optometrist and piedmont resident. they don't know why he targeted the agent. last night federal agents from fbi, homeland security and customs searched this piedmont apartment building where
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bagwell is the property manager. newark police say there are more questions than answers, so far. >> it is unknown if the agent discharged a weapon. this was an off -- off-duty incident. detectives believe bagwell waited for the agent to walk out of his home and fired at least five shots. the 61-year-old agent was seriously injured but is expected to survive. he worked at san francisco international airport. a resolution that would have done more to prevent protests at the port of oakland is a no-go. the city council fail to pass a resolution that directs the mayor to use more aggressive police measures to prevent a future shutdown but not before getting an earful. protesters shouted down councilmembers during debate over the rescue. the vote came the same day anonymous posted the personal information of several oakland city officials on the internet.
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6:34. look outside we'll tell you this morning will tell you parts of the bay area are clear and parts are foggy and they do mix. >> and they change all the time. meteorologist mike nicco here to take a closer look. the constant is the areas in pink which are the north bay valleys and the east bay valleys where we have the thickest fog and dense fog rise . 9:00 it will start to lift and sunshine this afternoon. less than a quarter in novato and san rafael pretty foggy in some areas also causing flight arrival delays into sfo, 72 minutes. 40s through the 8:00 hour by
6:36 am
noon the fog is again, sun out, high clouds mid to upper 50s possibly 60 around palo alto, fremont, san jose, morgan hill and santa cruz. 4:00 sunshine, upper 50s along the coast from half moon bay into san francisco, low to mid 60s for the rest of us. fog possible tonight temperatures tomorrow will be the warmest as we make a run near 70 dry through sunday afternoon and sunday night into monday our next chance of showers. here's frances. you to fan a lot of fog this morning. the fog vice -- you are going to find a lot of fog, advisories for the knee shah, carquinez and richmond san rafael bridge. 680 walnut creek -- visibility has changed and deposited in a few locations. new crash reported southbound 880 at 92. that is not blocking any lanes. i want to take to live camera shots around the bay area.
6:37 am
over to the san mateo bridge westbound traffic on the right. here you can see visibilities not as pad. it won't be too difficult approaching that -- approaching that crash. drive time across the span from 880 to 101 in both directions still 14 minutes. we'll check out 101 in the south bay, it is looking clear in san jose the 880 interchange, 880 is across your screen. then over to the 280 and 17 interchange. has been fine in morning. no trouble at all along that stretch on 280 and highway 17. a crash westbound 37 past 121 that's on the shoulder, traffic still flowing well visibility limited through the area. yes it is and be careful. how does this sound for breakfast bacon milkshake and
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blockbuster mortgage deals more on path of those as we go to jane king. >> i think the mortgage deals have less fat. right now the dow is down just about four points. bay area heroes caught on helmet cam. the new tool allowing us to see a fiery rescue through the eyes of the rescuers. to prevent racy websites the practical reason one of the bay area's respected universities is buying up important traffic web domain names. >> reporter: rick santorum ways in on the court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. the story is coming up. úúúúúúúúb
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good morning. welcome back. we have rain in the northwest corner of our state otherwise fairly quiet across the state. temperatures like here at home will be warmer with low to mid 60s through the central valley upper 60s big sur, san diego mid 70s around los angeles and palm springs.
6:43 am
they will be making snow not from mother nature 45 tahoe, 52 in yosemite. now 6:43. this afternoon, two bay area women who were abducted by tribesmen in egypt last week are expected to land at sfo. they were taken captive while on their tour bus near the foot of mount sinai. the captors wanted to exchange the women for some of their tribe who had been arrested. the women say the tribesmen negotiated with police and they were released unharmed. authorities agreed to let the tribesmen go. prop 8 supporters have two weeks to decide whether to file an appeal with the supreme court or the full panel of the 9th circuit court of appeals after a three-judge panel ruled yesterday that california's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. legal experts note the ruling was written so would it only apply to california and
6:44 am
possibly avoid supreme court review. both sides admit the court battle is far from over. >> it is a step in the right direction. but until it is federally recognized it is not right, it is not equal. we have to wait for that >> this is contrary and out of step with all the other law that is out there in the country. frankly, it is out of step with californians and the seven million voters who after a full debate said prop 8 makes sense. >> supporters of california's same-sex marriage ban note the 9th district court has its decisions overturned by the u.s. supreme court more often than any other appellate court. that ruling was front and center in the republican presidential nominating races yesterday. the leading candidates pounced on the decision. it appears one candidate may have gotten the biggest bounce from it. katie marzullo joins us live with more on a reenergized
6:45 am
rick santorum. >> reporter: the wins big but won't carry wait as far as -- carry weight as far as der gates go. mitt romney points out the 9th circuit judges are unelected and he says he looks for to the california supreme court ruling. newt gingrich and rick santorum took to twitter. gingrich rote -- wrote: another example of an out of control judiciary. santorum: seven millian californians had their rights stripped away. as president i will work to protect marriage. -- santorum won the minnesota caucus with 45%, 40% in colorado romney 35% and santorum took first in the missouri primary. romney remains confident and
6:46 am
santorum is taking on president obama. >> i don't stand here to claim to be the conservative alternative to mitt romney. i stand here to be the conservative alternative to barack obama. >> this was a good night for rick santorum we'll keep campaigning down the road but i expect to become our nominee with your help. >> reporter: newt gingrich seems to be losing footing. ron paul came in aide had of romney in minnesota. there are two more contests this month and then march 67th, is super tuesday. >> -- march 67th is super tuesday. california berkeley spending $1300 to make sure its good name is not ed is with the pornography industry cal is joining university across the country buying up internet domain names with the new xxx suffix. the name will be used to separate porn-related cys from others in the domains -- sites from others in the domains
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. 6:47. nationwide foreclosure settlement may be right around the corner. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more on that. good morning. no multi-billion dollar nationwide foreclosure settlement yet between the banks and state attorneys general but sounds like progress is being may. florida and massachusetts are among the whole-outs with the others we knew about including california, new york, nevada and delaware. negotiations continuing following the deadline that came and went monday. reuters is reporting a deal could come tomorrow. seems like consumers willing to pay for the higher menu
6:48 am
prices. restaurants staying open longer9ñú 40% of mcdonald's open 24 hours a day. these markets are quiet i guess they are waiting for news out of europe greek leaders gearing up for more negotiations over measures that would qualify it for nor international aid. bloomberg index quietly traded. new products you probably love or hate. bacon milkshake from jack-in-the-box if you are worried about how bad bacon may be, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, cherry and bacon flavored syrup, 773 calories, 16 ounces. fewer calories than some of the other milkshakes at jack-in-the-box. i'm jane king, bloomberg --
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>> -- caltrans may want to use spell check the next time it buts up a highway sign an embarrassing misspelling on 101 in sonoma county the sign misspells the county's third largest city. the correct spelling puts the h before the n. the sign puts the n first. county officials say the contracter not taxpayers will have to pick up the cost of fixing that. >> that's embarrassing mike but not as bad as when they spell the school sign wrong. >> you want to turn around with your kid and go back home. >> go to a different school. >> if you are getting your little ones ready for school are they going to be warm today? >> i think so, warmer weather is on the way that is the trend once we get rid of some of this fog. beautiful picture you see highway 24.
6:50 am
we'll talk to frances about your commute. let's focus on the weather now. visibilitys at the reporting stations 3/4 of a mile at -- con could korpd -- at concord. napa and santa rosa have improved to 2 1/2 and 2. everybody else patchy fog not as thick flight arrival delays of 72 minutes into sfo. here are our temperatures we are in mid to upper 40s in most neighborhoods same around the monterey bay except salinas at 42. fog if i garrett today sunny and mild ending. dry and mild into the weekend chance of showers sunday night into monday morning. timing great during the morning commute several days away hopefully that will change a little bit. today high clouds with our sun low 60s along the coast, san francisco, richmond, everybody else in the mid 60s until you go clear lake at 60 low to mid 60s monterey bay
6:51 am
inland gilroy and salinas 67. tonight most of the fog confined to the north bay valleys, light northerly breeze some could spill into the bay but definitely thickest up there mainly in the low to mid 40s tomorrow like what you are feeling when you step outside this morning. our system split yesterday, high pressure wedging over our neighborhoods and pushing these next few storms to the north close enough they are kicking up dangerous waves at the coast now at 15 at bodega bay san francisco and half moon bay bay 12 at monterey bay breakers up to 18 feet through 3:00 this afternoon. maybe tomorrow is a better day to go to the beaches. we'll settle in the low to mid 60s friday through tuesday chance of rain sunday night into monday morning. check this out if you are heading to half moon bay can you get a picture as nice as this sent in by michelle
6:52 am
pillar point harbor sunrise gorgeous thank you michelle. if you have focus would you like to share we would love to see them. upload them or e-mail them. it is really difficult for commuters this morning especially through parts of the north bay this is a live shot of 101 san rafael headlights moving southbound thick fog in novato. our emeryville camera and walnut creek camera socked in you can't see much there fog advisories issue fouad are the carquinez, benicia and -- issued for the carquinez, benicia and richmond san rafael bridge. slowing on southbound 680 even on vallecito, 16 miles an hour,
6:53 am
slow ride, a lot of commuters out to there, typical delays in parts around the bay area. i want to take you to the bay bridge toll look at this we can see where traffic really gets jammed up past the 880 overcrossing is where the back-up starts. this is a great tool to have available to you especially during the president's day bay bridge westbound closure download it by going to and put it on your phone and become a traffic spotter. 6:53. san leandro mom and her three children are recovering after escaping from a fast moving house fire. we have dramatic video from a firefighter's helmet cam. you can see a woman handing firefighters one of her kids. neither the mom nor her
6:54 am
children suffered serious injuries. the cause is under investigation. look at those flames and all that smoke. the fire department is testing this helmet cam it may use the helmet for firefighter training. tomorrow morning tiger woods will head the field of pro-golfers and celebrities at the national pro-am. yesterday belonged to the 49ers and giants who squared off in a $1,000,000 -- in a $100,000 shootout for charity. the biggest star might have been matt's pants. >> what is up with the pants? >> they are great. got to represent the colors. >> i feel like the baseball players have an unfair advantage. >> you have a shorter season. fewer games. you got time to practice. clark rolled in a short putt to win.
6:55 am
>> on the other hand nobody is trying to take their head off. >> that is true too. recapping: less than two hours from now, san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will attempt to convince a judge to let him see his son even though he's facing charges of child endangerment. >> amy hollyfield joins us with more on what we can expect today. >> reporter: the last time he was in court on this issue ross mirkarimi got choked up, talking about his son. this is a very emotional issue for him. he is hoping and expecting that the judge will make a decision today. hoping that the judge will allow him to see his 2-year-old son. a stay away order has been in place since mirkarimi was charged with three misdemeanor last month. meaning he can't go near his wife and child. one of the charges against him is child endangerment. his wife is accused of abusing says she thinks he should be allowed to see his child.
6:56 am
mirkarimi says he misses his son. attorneys in the case say the little boy misses his dad. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. final check on where the fog is now. the fog is mainly thickness the north bay and east bay valleys where the dense fog advisories in effect until 9:00 this morning for visibilities less than a quarter of mile in san francisco we are getting thick fog now also. it is down the peninsula and east bay shore causing flight arrival delays of 60 to 70 minutes at sfo. by the afternoon sunshine and low to mid 60s, patchy fog again tonight and tomorrow the warmest afternoon rain possible sunday night and monday. final check of traffic, live shot of the san mateo bridge where the fog is moving in. there is a fog advisory for the bay bridge, richmond san rafael, carquinez and
6:57 am
benicia bridge. bay bridge back up to the 880 overcrossing. download the free waze app. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. have a great day we'll see you have a great day we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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