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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  February 8, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> extremely happy that he's going to be back. >> the couple must still stay away from each other, family friends will be the liaison. sheriff mirkarimi can have unsupervised time with his son two, hours per week day, up to six hours on a weekend day. agreement taking affect immediately. >> what is the first thing you're going say to your son? >> i love you attorneys blasted the appearance of the prosecutor in the criminal case against mirkarimi. she tried to raise a point with the judge. lopez's attorney calls that shocking. >> trying to interfere and not thinking about what is in the best interest and that is just is just wrong. >> according to the d.a.'s office, they tried to assure restraining order stays in place and abc 7 and dean
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johnson calls the appearance in court today startling. >> thank you. >> and san francisco police have now issued a formal response to some controversial arrest video we showed you about an hour ago. this took place yesterday in an apartment building on can see one of office officers trying to arrest a man. he's punched by one of the officers while on the floor. this police say the man assaulted two people in the building refusing to give up. there and more coming up including a message police say the suspect put out on social media. >> and breaking news. s.w.a.t. teams responding to a possible hostage situation now in the hayward hills.
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officers got a tip a person with a restraining order entered a home. the s.w.a.t. team is now surrounded the house. there is no word on weather neighbors are being evacuated, either, we'll bring updates as soon as we get them. >> occupy oakland protesters gearing up now to possibly disrupt the mayor's annual address tonight. many oakland residents say they're fed wupt occupy protestors. there is a group of never chants met today, they're blaming occupy's demonstrations for scaring away customers. that happened to be the sixth day of the chinese new year. >> when the families were w.children and elderly, when they heard what happened, they all ran home, quickly. and the chinese new year celebrations stopped short, right there. >> occupy plans to hold a
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general assembly at 6:00 just before the mayor gets a state of the city address at 7:00. >> and some of the 12 occupy oakland protestors ordered to stay away were back in court today fatesing charges from vandalism to felony assault. not all are charged with damaging city hall. and this client arrested for simply tripping over a bicycle. charged with blocking a sidewalk, resisting arrest. a pretrial conference hearing is set for next month. >> bank of america handed out hundreds of layoff notices to employee in concord, 450 positions were eliminated. and in said the units will be closing and the cuts are intended to consolidate operations and reduce costs. all employees can apply for other jobs or may be eligible for severance pay.
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>> tonight pg&e standing by a program zpits claims of slip slod work two. welders spoke before the california public utilities commission this week saying they saw took pictures of badly welded pipes including a pipeline running through san bruno. the site of the deadly explosion 17 months ago. they say the flaws could be lethal. pg&e says all 150 miles have been confirmed safe. >> so if there are weaknesses we want to get in, replace that pipe and make our system stronger for customers. >> the utility expects to perform tests on 180 more miles of pipeline this year. the p.u.c. says it will look into those welders al investigations. >> two bay area women kidnapped in egypt are back home tonight telling their story. and what a stri oh, yeah. women held captive six hours
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now. one group hoping to pressure the government to releasing two members of their own tribe. >> patty arrived tired but willing to tell us about her ordeal. shortly after visiting st. catherine's monestery she and four others were stop bid a group of tribesman. >> they had guns just to indicate they mean something. and what they are trying to do. >> the men took her and another woman with them. their egyptian translator also kidnapped. >> they said okay. don't be afraid. we won't hurt you. >> her husband was allowed to stay because he traveled in a wheelchair. >> there is no fear because i
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know these people are -- lovely people, nice people. >> for several hours they drove through the mountains. >> this didn't scare me. he started lighting a cigarette i said i don't like smoke. he threw it out of the car. >> they stopped, made a fire and fed the women. >> i think about my kids, my two sons. my... daughter in law. my baby. granddaughter who is about to be one year old this month. >> she finally confronted the men. >> so what is it that you need? they said we have a family tribe who have been in prison. and we thought of doing this to accelerate. he said that doesn't help. gun doesn't help. >> they were set free after
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she says the military agreed to begin negotiations for the release of the other tribesman in custody. and no kidnappers were arrested and officials said the men have not been released. and she was tibl sit down with a governor to demand more security in that region. egypt's tourism industry continues to suffer went from having $12 billion in revenue in 2010 to $8.8 billion last year. >>. a bay area law enforcement task force broke up a large drug trafficking ring. police arrested 27 people during a sweep conducted yesterday in the east palo alto and menlo park areas. large quantities of finance, drug skpsz firearms were confiscated. 900 agents from the fbi task
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force used wire taps and worked for two years to dismanhattan rel this ring that sold cocaine and meth to local gangs. >> they provide funding and promote fear among citizens and they encourage a vir tiff of vilt violent crimes. >> we're in the going to tolerate violence in the community. >> authorities are still looking for six people on the loose. they are considered armed and dangerous. >> and some spectacular sites along the coast today. take a look at high surf pounding the shore line off pacifica pier. that is where don sanchez is live. >> those waves are still pounding away at the pier. and there is signs warning danger, waves can come up above the wall mean, i can get wet. there are waves at 16 feet and
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yes, you can see people on the pier looking at those waves. they continue to slam the shore and pier. officials shut down the pier. you can't walk there. it's clogsed today and possibly tomorrow. in this neighborhood no homes have been threatened and we haven't erosion at the beach. this show is a magnet. >> quite big, and it's dangerous out there. but they're huge. look. it's crazy. we're here earlier and had to come back. >> people come down here and hear about it. they are all down here, and they get knocked over by the waves and everything. >> and there are those who want to get knocked down. one loan surfer, not much of a ride twisting, turning and big
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breakers are farther out. it did not deter people from strolling the beach. the national weather service had warned about large swells, and strong rip surnts did you to big waves but there has been no damage we reported. back to normal tomorrow, and to is has been a opportunity i want to take advantage of as well. and there has been a photo display going on by a lot of people. >> this is spectacular out there. >> and continuing wilt be a better day to hit the coast? >> it's beach weather coming your way. a warmer forecast tomorrow. it's back to reality after that. i'll tell but wetter changes coming up straight ahead. >> also, fog playing a role in a string of accidents involving 31 cars in the north bay this morning. >> then, cutting middle class
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families a break on college tuition. stay with us. you can see
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heavy fog played a role in a series of accidents this morning on eastbound highway 37 near the sonoma and solano county border. 11 collisions in all, it shut down all eastbound lanes three hours. the chp says officers and drivers managed to avoid the accident. this involved more than 30 vehicles, only one person was injured. >> a new effort tonight to help middle income californian as ford the cost of college education. bottom line is that money saved would come from money corporations would no longer be allowed tox it's a tough sell in sacramento.
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>> those in the middle class often make too much money to qualify for financial aid but under a plan, families making less than $150,000 a year could finally get some help. for this teacher she thought she'd saved enough to put her son through cal poly san luis obispo but the mom is worried. >> we started when he was little. but it's not going to be enough to get him all the way through to graduation. >> relief may be on the way. there is a scholarship plan cutting tuition at california public universities by two thirds. about 150,000 students and 42,000 uc students would qualify. families could save from $16,000 to $33,000 during a four-year period. and this is welcome news to
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californians. >> it's hard on the family. i've been trying to get more scholarships to help with that. >> yes. people just need help. that is it. we need to help. tuition is just too high. >> as good as it sounds it probably won't get approved because it needs a majority in order to pay for the billion dollar program, democrats want to rescind a tax break given to corporations as part of a 2009 agreement to temporarily raise taxes. and republicans are reluctant to undo the deal and want to remind everyone democrat as proved deep cuts to higher education. >> so it's interesting that when you have a tuition crisis created by democrats not willing to cut one sector but loading it up on higher education. now they're trying to unwind another deal. >> lynnett feels families have given enough. >> i think corporations can
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give a little bit. paying taxes and trying to better our childrens lives. >> and democrats hope to focus the debate as a choice between large demonstrations and california college students. >> and battle lines have been drawn tonight on a policy against birth control requiring religious schools and hospitals to row pride proe vid free contraceptives. one side calls it an attack on religious freedom. >> there this rule would require and i think manl ti of schools to provide services they believe are immoral. >> women zeefsh to be respected. they don't want senators whether you're a speaker of the house or republican leader telling what you to think and what to do.
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>> they vai year to figure out how to interpret the policy. the catholic church is threatening to sue. >> a huge judge ruled against a woman said she was fired because she wanted to use a breast pump at work. the 30-year-old sued the houston-based company and said it violated laws making it illegal to discriminate against a woman because of pregnancy or a medical condition relate toitd. the judge ruled lactation is not a pregnancy related condition. the company claims she quit. >> and caltrans needs to use self check the next time it puts up a highway sign. take a look at the misspelling on this sign on 101. this sign misspells the city name. and you can see, the n is first. and county officials say the contractor and not taxpayers will pick up the cost. >> what is the weather like? >> well, yes. >> probably gorgeous.
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>> stunning outside this afternoon. turned out to be a lovely day. there is east bay hills camera. vicky tweets my plum tree thinks it's spring. here is a view to show you a lovely view of san francisco. it's blue skies above. you'll see mer of this tomorrow. and temperatures going up more tomorrow. today we saw highs into low 70s around places like santa cruz and mid-60s around santa rosa. looking at current readings, 67 in oakland. there are tl is 62 san francisco. low 60s in san jose. there is areas of fog that could be dense in spots. sunny, warmer tomorrow and a
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chance of showers entering friday. and that is not the only chance, fog tonight and into the delta. we'll start out with foggy conditions in the morning like this morning. and temperatures will be into 40s by morning. there is a look out for the fog and you'll need time. it could be slow going again. here is a look at satellite and radar. this area will provide with us a warm winter day for your thursday. there is some high clouds and a weak system that is light showers expected for friday. you'll see at 5:00 a.m. friday. really for the commute not a lot happening but rain starts to move in, very light showers and drizzle through saturday
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morning then, a short break, then another possibility of rain. sunday another system comes here. we're starting to get a couple systems lining up that will bring us a possibility of rain three days here. there is highs warm for this time of the year. 70 in san jose. 66 san raf yechl towards oakland and concord, livermore, fremont you're all into upper 60s. 65 degrees in half moon bay. for the monterey bay this is where you're going to see beach weather. 71 in morgan hill. up to 74 degrees in hollister. here it's spring like warmth for thursday afternoon there. is a chance of showers friday. friday morning to saturday morning another chance of showers sunday afternoon into monday morning. a cooling trend and now, valentine's day a chance of rain. three systems.
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none look impressive. none look like they're going to soak up. but certainly looks like more rain chances versus spring like weather in my accu-weather forecast. >> this ship is going into the right direction. >> barry bonds gets to keep his bats. just head why he was restricted from having them. >> and new at 6:00 a doctor' procedure that is an alternative to pro tra decisional knee replace many. why some doctors are still not convinced. we'll be right back here.
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a new airport security program designed to make it easier to get through screening is coming to san francisco international airport. it will explanned to 28 others. now, you may no longer have to
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remove your shoes and belt to qualify. traveler woz volunteer more personal information so that the government can vet them for security purposes. it's open to select passengers and frequent flyer program autos investigators in los angeles report they've found another 200 pictures appear to have been taken by a form yerp teacher accused of abusing some stud dwrents. he faces charges of performing lewd acts on 23 children over a five-year period. victims range between ages of 6-10. latest batch turned up with a photo technician noticed hundreds of other odd pictures. this brings the total to 600. some show children blind folded with mouths taped shut. >> flowers and a dinner date is what a judge order in order a man jailed on minor domestic violence charges. the 47-year-old pushed his wife when he argued because heing for yot her birthday.
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he must buy flowers, a birthday card and dinner to red lobster. a judge has ruled former giants slugger barry bonds can keep his bat. normally people on probation are not able to possession weapon that's includes bats. >> a oned, then adopted. the pocket sized primate now performing a mission for one wildlife center. >> we want to update you live from sky 7 hd. the s.w.a.t. team surrounded a home. a hostage situation. stay with us.
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at 6:00 7 on your side investigates claims of local families say they have lost thousands of dollars in internal piece of mind. >> a look at what might happen if terrorists take aim at our water supply. >> he may be the crown prince of pebble beach you'll see why bill murray has to be taken seriously when it comes to his golf game. >> a pint-sized primate. >> a jernt in australia has a new ambassador. >> this tiny monkey just barely bigger than your hand was abandoned by his mother. he was just six weeks old when she could not produce enough mic. >> the baby boy just weighs over a smith over two ounce autos look at that itty bitty tongue. >> w


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