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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in redwood city allegations of student abuse by a preschoolteacher now eight more employees are off the job. good morning. dry now in the embarcadero you can see behind me, i see radar returns on live doppler i'll show you where and how much rain we'll have this weekend. good morning i'm frances dinglasan despite some of the light rain mike was talking quiet now. [ inaudible ] good morning i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. i'm eric thomas.
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in redwood city eight schoolworkers on administrative leave while administrators widen their investigation into allegations that a teach area salted a special needs student. terry mcsweeney is live in redwood city with more on the story. >> reporter: eight more district employees on administrative leave. sources are telling abc7 these are teachers and teachers aides not involved in the abuse per se but did nothing to bring at this time to the attention of the proper authorities. that is what the problem the school district has with them or what the district is looking into. look at pictures of the roosevelt campus. very disturbing story here at roosevelt school. special needs teacher alexia bog disallegedly stopped and kicked -- alex dog dog allegedly slapped and kicked a boy.
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four and five-year-old children in a preschool program. with one victim reportedly is autistic. one of the attorneys suggested the suspended employees knew about the violence but did nothing about it. now the special needs students are paying the price. >> one of the children that i've had opportunity to spend time with is beginning to act out in behaviors that were behaviors that had not previously existed. some of those include aggressive behaviors. some of those include regressive behaviors. where some of the progress that had been made during the child's mainstreaming now appears to be lost. >> reporter: one of the parents tells abc7, the time to do something for the children's benefit has come and gone. the suspect in this case bog disis out on 15,000 bail -- bogdisis is out and $15,000 bail. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news.
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occupy cal protesters are back on sproul plaza with tents. the occupy -- the occupation started yesterday afternoon. amy hollyfield is live at uc berkeley. are police out there this morning? >> reporter: no police officers. four tents and dancing hearts, check out the scene behind me very light mood. the dean stopped by once and the police have come out twice to tell them they are not allowed to cam here but haven't taken action. they -- to camp here, but they haven't taken action. they say they are here because the university hasn't dealt with their concerns about tuition hikes. they hope more people will join them. they say it way as good peaceful first night. >> it is about bringing people together. i'm really pleased by what is
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happening here. we have a nice group of people. i set up my tent on the steps and had some sleep, had some dialogue, did a little music. doing some bubbles, with we played some frisbie. part of it is just about having fun. >> reporter: they are doing that, bubbles, doing arts and crafts, making hearts for valentine's day they are keeping the mood light they've been very friendly us to. they aren't just students we met a few people from occupy oakland who told us since their camp was broken apart they are happy to have this one to come to. police have not said what their plan is. right now we are in a wait and see situation. students say they are not going any with where until their demands are dealt with. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. our time 5:04. we are learning more about a suspect who police shot earlier this week when he
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allegedly intentionally backed his car into an officer. authorities say stephen moore had a half pound of cocaine in his car when two undercover officers pulled him over wednesday night following him as part after ongoing investigation. police say he's a known berkeley-based drug dealer he lives in pittsburg but he has homes in castro valley. his former next door neighbor in berkeley says the city declared the home a nuisance and the moores were forced to move out a knew years ago. >> police came -- out a few years ago. >> police turned off the burglar alarm running they said do you know you are living next door to the most infamous house in berkeley? >> moore remains in critical. he was on federal parole. the officer who was hit has been released from the hospital. optician charged with shooting a federal officer in newark may have been infatuated with the agent's wife.
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documents reveal dennis bag withwell was obsessed with her he met her at the bay area optical school. bagwell who was an instructor attempted to initiate a relationship with her. when she turned him down he began behaving erratically. he appeared believably in court yesterday. this morning 78-year-old serial killer suspect joseph naso due back in court on charges he murdered four pros -- prostitutes between 1977 and 1994. last month a judge ordered him to stand trial. police arrested him last april following a search of his home. they found a list of the prostitutes that he is charged with killing over a 20 year span as well as news clippings about the murders. mayor reed used his state of the city address to defend the city council's move to cut pen hunt costs. unions have filed an ethics complaint, -- saying the mayor
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intentionally inflated the costs. >> 10 years ago san jose spent 73 million dollars on retirement costs. this year, this fiscal year, 245 million dollars. with >> i am saying that mayor reed lied, misled and deceived the public and members of the council concerning the true fiscal condition of the pension plans. the >> unions say they see the need for reform but pull culling for an independent third party investigation. if you have business at oakland city hall you have to wait until tuesday. today is furlough friday. monday is a holiday lincoln's birthday. police, fire and emergency services not affected on business closure days nonsworn city employees get unpaid time off part of an agreement by employee labor unions to help balance oakland's budget. 5:07. time to check in with meteorologist mike nicco. tell us about the weekend.
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we start with this morning, work into the weekend, first part of the rain or showers, if you will moving into the north bay, scattered light showers up in the northern parts of marin county and northern parts of sonoma. over the last three hours, individual storms moving from southwest to northeast cold front kicking them up slowly going to sink to the south, southeast we'll have scattered to light showers anywhere today. right now you are stepping out, clear to mostly cloudy, clear south mostly cloudy north. everybody in the low to mid 40s upper 40s san rafael, fremont, 50 oakland, san francisco 48 in antioch. the tail end of the system very, very light scattered showers today nothing to change any plans over. upper 50s north bay valleys san francisco along the coast rest of the bay inland into the east bay around 60°.
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once this system moves we get a break saturday afternoon through sunday afternoon the next system sunday night into monday one with weak system for valentine's day before drier weather comes in wednesday and thursday. we start off with a nice shot of the golden gate bridge traffic flowing well four lanes heading southbound now. the other side of the bay i-80 westbound headlights moving through berkeley looking good out of vallejo to the bay bridge toll there wasn't a delay at all. i want to give everyone a big heads-up for mooney the n judah line will be closed for -- six tpwbgs -- six weekends. there will be bus shuttles once you are on church you can hop back on to the underground six weekends starting
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february he tourth. that could cause a major --. february 24th. looking good for those of you heading out of 580 through the altamont pass this is a traffic spotter on basco road even on basco road moving with well over 40 miles an hour. you can download this free traffic app by going to and be part of the traffic spotter community. the growing traffic spotter community. next, new report reveals just how much the america's cup race may cost san francisco. app icers beware. why you want to check our -- app users beware why you want to check your statement if you
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. san francisco police chief says his officers did not use excessive force in the arrest of a suspect. we showed you video yesterday. one of the officers is seen punching the man. the chief believes the officers acted appropriately,
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considering the man claimed to have a gun and told officers he had aids as he tried to bite them. >> one of the officers believes the only way they are going to subdue the suspect is to punch the person until the person stops struggling. that happens although not pretty, as chief of police, far preferable to shooting a mentally ill person in distress. >> chief says the man planned the event writing on his facebook page that he wanted police to take his life. he was not seriously hurt and he's now under psychiatric evaluation. new report finds the america's cup might cost san francisco taxpayers nearly 22 million dollars. the city controller says significant additional fundraising something needed to meet a 32 million dollar target over the next two years. the city controller's report finds only eight million dollars raised for the current fiscal year most is planned
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funds, not hard cash in their possession. the spokesperson for the america's cup says the projected loss is not realistic. mayor lee and other city officials remain confident the fundraising committee will be able to raise the money in time. attention citibank customers you might want to double check your statements especially if you paid your bills using your ipad. the bank is acknowledging a problem with its ipad application. some customers' bills were double charged. they paid their mortgage twice. there are a few of the affected customers who say they did not use an ipad. the bank says it has fixed the problem, reimbursed customers and covered any fees incurred. nasa is giving us a look at a space phenomenon you may have seen but never like this. using time lapse photography to create this view of the aurora borealis or northern slights -- northern lights.
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images shot three seconds apart by the international space station. nasa says this is the first time it has used the space station pictures to create a moving image. tomorrow there will be several street closures in san francisco for the annual chinese new year parade. organizers expect up to one million people to line the streets to watch the parade celebrating the year of the dragon. nearly with 100 floats and 5,000 participants will march the 1 1/2 mile route starts at market and second and ends in chinatown. beginning at 6 p.m.. we have light showers out there mike. those won't affect that. good news. i think tomorrow afternoon will be clear tomorrow evening we have showers now. let's see if we can see any around the bay area none from
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vollmer peak, emeryville to san francisco most showers in sonoma county, marin county, haven't heard of any reaching the ground yet. it is something that is going to take a couple of hours to develop. may have a few more sprinkles during the morning commute up there. everybody else should be fine. 50 in san francisco and oakland rest of us in the 40s monterey 50 everybody else in the mid to you upper 40s gilroy 41°. what we are looking at, as far as the forecast for today, scattered showers, that's what with we are going to have, scattered showers and temperatures much cooler than yesterday probably the bigger story the scattered showers are going to be scattered and light. upper 50s along the coast san mateo, san francisco up to the north bay the rest of the bay shore south and east bay valleys should below 60s, low 60s dominates showers latter
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parts of the afternoon. some of those lingering showers will hang around temperatures like this morning mainly 40s outside. here's a look at what is happening two areas of high pressure dominating the western united states, eastern pacific. this system coming in the first of a series of about three this one barely has moisture with with it. that's why they are calling for scattered showers with less than probably a 10th of an inch of rain saturday, sunday, then one more for valentine's day that will be it. amazingly these storms coming over the ocean don't have much moisture. 7:00 still watching radar returns in the northern part of sonoma county watch how it stars to develop and slide towards san francisco by noon then the rest of us will get some during the afternoon into the evening. you may want to take an umbrella just in case, going to be very light. tomorrow morning still a few lingering showers look how
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quickly sun breaks through then we'll see dry with weather through the afternoon, evening, all the way into sunday morning and sunday afternoon not until we get to the evening sunday 11:00 you can see the next system starts to move in before it gets here up to a 10th of an inch is possible maybe a quarter of an inch in higher elevations in the north bay. for sure everybody is going to be cooler today and through the weekend even cooler monday when we are stuck in the 50s same for valentine's day then slight warming trend with drier weather wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend. good morning. still looking great, can't find many problems live shot 680 walnut creek more cars now north main street exit this is highway 24 at the top of your screen with where a lot of folks take or head off to of 80 or 24 rather to the caldecott tunnel looking fine on 24. next the south bay headlights
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north 101, no delays out of morgan hill, gilroy, all the way up the peninsula into san francisco. also 101 north bay this is southbound traffic heading past lucas valley exit towards the marin civic center no problems to the golden gate bridge. now abc7's exclusive waze traffic maps a great way to find out what the commute is like when you are on the road. check out the ride on 880 we have traffic spotters there. we've got over 40 miles an hour, another one headed to the oakland airport didn't see delays looks like they are probably at the airport now. across the san mateo bridge also fine in both directions no problems on the dumbarton bridge this is a great app to have handy while you are
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driving or a passenger, is where you can find out more information. our time is 5:21. >> oscar on the move. why the statue traveled cross-country in first place. a bay area basketball star takes the nba by storm, even giving them an assist in china. h@ it's such a tough...
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good morning. you are looking live from our sutro camera at the golden gate bridge. traffic moving right along. mike says there might be a little water out there this morning nothing major and nothing to interrupt the chinese new year's parade tomorrow. a hoop star from the bay area is turning into a global phenomenon jeremy lynn played for the war with jurors last year released before this season -- warriors last year released before the season started now he is playing for the fbies had a break out season. -- for the nicks had a break out season. he's the first american-born nba player of chinese or taiwanese decent. >> last year it was like this before i -- played it was a lot for me i struggled it hurt me on the court trying to get
5:25 am
used to the lights and the attention and everybodyr)y watching so i think i'm more prepared this year. >> lin has led the knicks to three straight wins core scoring more than 20 points each game. passengers didn't just to get to travel with a world famous celebrity they had their picture taken with him. for the first time ever oscar rode in first class along sigh the film academy president. passengers used cell phones and pocket cameras to snap photos. all together he has escorted 42 of the trophies only two rode in the cabin the rest had to tough it out in cargo. >> oscar sunday is february 26th on abc7. predict winners pan get the latest buzz right now ats --
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winners and get the latest buzz right now at wonder which two statues volunteered to ride in the cabin? an abuse scandal at a bay area school is growing. first a teacher is arrested. now eight other employees are suspended. we i have -- we are live with the latest on the investigation. >> >> reporter: bubbles, dancing, arts and crafts at cal overnight. the light-hearted mood out here comes with a serious message. i'll tell you about it, coming up. proposed new bart extension that could cost more than $3,000 per inch. high temperatures across the country fargo, minneapolis 5 and 12 the high if you are heading that way take a heavy coat or several. upper 40s boston, new york, low 50s seattle and portland. all major airports on time
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except for baltimore flight departure delays. any time you travel use that flight tracker at at the bottom.
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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in redwood city. special needs student allegedly abused, teacher arrested now eight more employees off the job what they might not have done the story coming up. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield in berkeley. occupy cal is back. -- [ inaudible ]
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good friday morning. 5:30 a.m. thank you for joining us, i'm eric thomas. and i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. >> allegations a teacher abused special feeds students. several more employees have been -- special needs students. several more employees have been placed on leave. >> reporter: these school district employees are not believed to have taken part in any abuse of the children. they are believed to have perhaps known about what was going on and not told the proper authorities. these are teachers and teachers' aides who are now off the job. take a look at the campus here at roosevelt school. this is where the redwood city
5:31 am
school district operates a preschool for special needs students, these kids are four and 5-years-old. teacher alexia bogdisis allegedly abused some of these children accused of punch , kicking, throwing one against a table the an alleged abuse happened during the last couple of months. we spoke with an attorney for one of the alleged victims. >> either there was a failure to train or some sort of fear imposed upon them that if they came forward they would suffer an adverse consequence of retaliation. so they put, it appears, their own interests ahead of those of the children. >> reporter: the suspect in the case bogdisis was arrested she is out on $15,000 bail facing s of child cruelty and assault. this case did come to the attention of the proper authorities as the result of a teacher's aide stepping
5:32 am
forward with that information on february 1st. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. just about 5:32. firefighters are investigating the cause of an early morning fire at a lumber yard in san rafael it started around 2:30 in the 900 block of anderson drive. the first reports came if from drivers on 101 who said they could see the flames from the freeway. firefighters managed to knock it down in 20 minutes. they will spend the next few hours watching for hot spots and looking for the cause. no reports of injuries. uc berkeley police are watching and waiting instead of confronting occupy cal protesters who have put up tents outside sproul hall. the same spot where officers removed protesters last fall. amy hollyfield is live at uc berkeley to explain the change in tactics. >> reporter: and to explain the bubbles that we have here. the mood is light. there are bubbles and arts and
5:33 am
crafts. no sign of police and police officers have not returned our calls. this is what they have to deal with, four tents in sproul plaza. some arts and crafts and students in a happy mood. they say they are very serious with their message. they are violating campus policy, camping is not allowed here. they say the tents are here to stay. protesters say they are here because their concerns about tuition hikes have not been met. the protesters would like to see more people join them they consider their first night a success. police stopped by twice with one visit from the dean of students, they were told they are not allowed to be here. no one has taken action. not just students here this morning the movement has attracted some activists from occupy oakland. >> we came back to occupy berkeley, because they are not coming for us any more. everybody went the police came down to 14th and broadway.
5:34 am
everybody migrated up here. at least all my friends. the people of berkeley come during the weekend. either way it makes a good time. >> reporter: this is the same spot where police forcibly removed protesters november 9th. there were 39 arrests and the scene was so chaotic it trigger add operational review for the campus. students were critical about the way police handled the situation. no sign of police this morning. the last time they came out was 1:00 this morning to tell them they are not allowed to be here but they didn't take any action. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:34. this morning san jose police are investigating the city's fourth homicide of the year. investigators say before 7:00 last night emergency room staffers at kaiser permanente in san jose called police to say a stabbing victim had been dropped off at their hospital. the unidentified man died a short time later. no word on with where the
5:35 am
initial attack occurred. the city has 39 homicides in all last year up from 20 in 2010. police released a sketch of a suspect wanted for at least one of two attempted sexual assaults early sunday at stanford university. student managed to escape after a man who looked like that crawled into her he is described as nearly six feet tall, hispanic, in his 20s that happened in a residence on campus dive the second assault was reported -- campus drive. the second assault was reported 15 minutes before that police haven't said if the same suspect is wanted for both. >> the domestic violence case involving san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will be highlight on a billboard scheduled to go up next week in the city's south of market neighborhood. a shelter for victims of domestic violence says it has raised the $4,000 it needs to pay for the billboard. the message will read: "domestic violence is never a private matter." it with will offer a hotline
5:36 am
number for people to get help. the campaign is in opposition to the sheriff's statement that the alleged domestic violence against his wife is "a private matter." bart's is taking a major step toward extending service to livermore. the board has voted to start the environmental review protest. the project could cost between 800 million and 1.2 billion dollars to build that breaks down to $3700 an inch. the extension is still in the early planning stages no indication of where the money to pay for it will come from. 5:36 on this friday morning. we are opening the door to the weekend with a few light showers. don't be afraid of what is on the other side of the door. just a few scattered light showers nothing to cancel plans over. everything is quiet except for radar returns in the northwest corner of sonoma county starting to slowly creep over into the northern parts of
5:37 am
marin county, occidental, cloverdale, windsor down to santa rosa, a few radar returns now. the big story before that comes down for rest of us slightly cooler in most areas except fairfield san jose and san rafael and santa rosa one to four degrees warmer that puts us in the 40s at 8:00 you can see radar returns still hugging the north bay as we head towards noon look for some of these returns to develop an little farther south as the cold front gets closer mid 50s north bay along the coast into oakland low 60s for the rest of us as clouds increase and rain stars to spread to the south we'll be stuck in -- starts to spread to the south we'll be stuck in the upper 50s by 4:00, scattered, light they hang around today and tonight gone tomorrow afternoon. sunday into monday more showers and chance of light rain tuesday. the commute is looking great still can't find much
5:38 am
slowing this morning. live shot of the bay bridge toll very minor wait that's about it. south bay headlights northbound 280 this is north 280 heading up towards cupertino this is 17 out of the santa cruz mountains heading towards the downtown area. next, the ride on 101 in san rafael, here we have the north bay commute looking just as nice as well. headlights are on southbound 101 the lucas valley exit looks fine down to the golden gate bridge this morning. we head over now to abc7's waze traffic app. these are commuters on the roads who have turned on this free traffic app. we are seeing quite a few traffic spotters this morning. we are going to find one moving over 40 miles an hour heading southbound on 680 through the sunol grade. no delays there.
5:39 am
another traffic spotter also experiencing no delays. there was a minor crash reported on 580 but it is not slowing anyone down through the altamont pass. we have great user names for some of these commuters. you can be part of this community by going to and become a traffic spotter and hopefully we can mention you on air. >> we remind you it is a family show. frances, thank you very much. change of heart. ucsf put as illegal immigrant back on the kidney transplant list. what changed? muni bus driver faces charges from a fatal accident. why he says it is muni's fall.
5:40 am
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an east bay man will be getting a kidney transplant after all despite his immigration status. jesus navarro learned this with week that they with will perform the lifesaving procedure. you have of california san francisco denied the operation because of concerns his immigration status might affect his financial stability. during a tuesday meeting, officials said it was just a misunderstanding and they are working with novarro to ensure he can pay the long term care.
5:43 am
>> it is great, i feel like that i'm going to receive my transplant and enjoy being with my daughter. >> 140,000 people signed a petition in support on he still has to wait six months to reach the top of the donor list. a muni bus driver facing charges for hitting and killing a pedestrian last august is blaming muni. an attorney for wallace loggins says muni officials were negligent in assigning he i am to an unfamiliar route the day of the -- assigning him to an unfamiliar route the day of the accident. he had been on-the-job for eight months when he and killed emily dunn. he has pleaded not guilty to vehicular manslaughter. muni has no comment on his claims. get ready for a wave of home foreclosures. oakland and berkeley may
5:44 am
be giving drivers a break. why police may be writing fewer parking tickets. u.s. marine corps faces damage control again. the photos that has jewish-americans outraged. the repair man that came to fix the cable and ended up saving a baby's life. ired
5:45 am
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5:47 am
radar return in the northern half of the state where the scattered showers will be north of 80 today. 68 big sur 80 palm springs 73 los angeles. tahoe set a record high again yesterday 55 close today with 53. scattered snow showers less than an inch of accumulation saturday. sunday sunny and 44. 5:47. in oakland and berkeley the frustrating practice of offering to move your car while a parking officer writes you a ticket any way be may thing of the past. city councils in both towns are considering ordinances that would block officers from writing tickets if the driver is present. in berkeley a parking ticket is $45 and brings the city
5:48 am
1 1/2 million dollars in revenue. in oakland the tickets are $68. their ordinance would go a step further and give drivers at automated kiosks five extra minutes to show up and move their cars. latest gallup poll says rick santorum is surging. he swept contests in three states earlier this week is now tied with fading newt gingrich. while the poll shows mitt romney is supported by 36% of republican voters santorum is picking up steam, 20% support the conservative candidate. santorum gained 10 points in the past week. this morning tiger woods begins the second round of the national pro-am five shots behind the leaders. yesterday he played spyglass hill the toughest of the three courses used shooting four under 68 today he tees up at monterey peninsula considered the easiest of the rotation.
5:49 am
besides tiger matt cane, harbaugh and alex smith. >> i hope i didn't add any. >> harbaugh says he and his qb have a deal smith caddied for him yesterday, harbaugh will caddie next year. with quarterback's coach will be the caddie today. matt is just dressed normally with pants that don't look like a checker board. >> i think he's letting his game speak for itself instead of his pants. with >> they spoke loudly. >> they did. >> how about the forecast? >> quiet, scattered, very light definitely back in the forecast. good morning, if you want to play golf this weekend i think you will be able to get a few
5:50 am
rounds in if it does rain on you it won't last long and it won't be heavy no threat of frost so you can get out there early. 5:50 looking down from sutro tower, clear sky, radar returns we just showed you around sonoma, nothing reaching the ground let's take about temperatures 50 san francisco oakland everybody else in the 40s down around santa cruz, watsonville, gilroy salinas 40s monterey now is around 50 what we're dealing with is mostly sunny afternoon yesterday today different cloudy and cooler in fact check this out fremont down 7° compared to yesterday same in san francisco eight concord -- [ unintelligible ] for the most part increasing clouds and scattered to light
5:51 am
showers upper 50s along the coast san mateo, san francisco north bay valleys everybody else low 60s low 60s monterey bay and inland if you are heading to at&t going to be brisk, mid 50s and drizzle from time to time. tonight clouds hang around so will scattered light showers 30s cloverdale, clear lake and santa rosa everybody else in the 40s. while were you sleeping cold front was drawing closer to the bay. it is very, very weak with minimal moisture around it that's why less than a 10th of an inch of rain. saturday's system behind it, keep scattered showers in sunday during the evening and overnight hours and could make for a rainy commute monday morning this morning the commute is going to be dry except for in sonoma county parts of marin where we could see drizzle and light showers noon showers slide down the coast towards the rest of the
5:52 am
bay they will hang out during the afternoon evening and overnight hours between systems saturday afternoon looks like a few breaks still chilly with temperatures around 60 sunday morning quiet sunday afternoon quiet 11:00 sunday at night that next system comes in it will hang around monday cooler with weather in the 50s for everybody that day in the 50s chance of light rain on valentine's day tuesday drier and slightly warmer wednesday and thursday. have a terrific weekend let's turn it over to frances. good morning. so far no surprises for your commute. looking good around the bay area. north 101 san jose headlights moving well above the limit out of gilroy up the peninsula into san francisco if you are thinking about heading across the san mateo bridge shortly this is what you can expect good ride across the span westbound past the toll out of hayward eastbound light out of
5:53 am
foster city no em-- problems 880 through hayward 101 san mateo. mass transit reporting no delays if you are a muni rider the n judah line will be closed weekends starting february 24th bus shuttles will be in place it will be closed for six consecutive weekends. i want to take you now to the waze traffic maps slowing in a couple of areas in the east bay what you would expect westbound 580 through the altamont pass, 43 miles an hour, we have a traffic spotter moving along over 40 miles an hour. the other slow spot also not a surprise westbound 4 in antioch moving at 31 miles per hour, a few more traffic spotters here they are going to start to hit that slow down. you can have this app
5:54 am
available to you go to download it is free like having gps on your smartphone or iphone. the housing market may be about to get worse before it gets better. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. get ready for a big wave of for closures. massive mortgage settlement between banks and state announced yesterday is going to trigger a jump in for closures because banks will unleash inventory on the market after holding back because of legal problems. we when you think wireless entertainment device you probably don't think google. filing indicates google is developing an entertain date device that will hughes home networks. -- that will use home networks. guys don't get your hopes up for valentine's day women plan to spend 14% less this valentine's day.
5:55 am
men plan to spend 6% more. the biggest spenders this year will be in the midwest. from the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. the marine corps is again doing damage control after a photograph surfaced of a sniper team posing in front of a flag with the logo resembling a nazi symbol i with was taken in 2010 while the camp pendleton marines were stationed in afghanistan they used the letters ss to rep the words scout snooper the name of their team. >> commander through his investigation determined that there was no racial motivation no ill intent they didn't realize what they were doing. >> the marines in the photo will not be disciplined. the corps says the investigators determined it was a naive mistake they will use the incident as a training tool. the environmental protection agency has signed
5:56 am
off and a new rule banning all sueage discharges from ships along the california coast applying to cruise ships and other large ocean-going vessels supporters say it will benefit the fishing din straous, marine habitats and millions of coastal residents and beachgoers. cable tv man in michigan used his training to complete an extraordinary job. not in the way you might think. he was on a cable service call when he was called to help in another way. christine duffy's four-month-old daughter sara was choking. >> she was coughing and it started blocking up her system and she started checking -- started choking her eyes getting red and turning different colors. >> put the baby in the position i was taught in training gave her a light thrust to her back that's when the baby, everything came up and the baby started laughing and smiling at me. with >> the baby is doing just
5:57 am
fine. the american red cross offers free information on the technique he used to help the baby. we have a link at under see it on tv. >> happy ending, nice. just ahead, breaking news from the white house regarding a battle over man dating contraception. want -- over man dating contra -- >> banking tool that is creating more problems than solutions. latest update on this early morning fire that damaged a lumberyard. >> reporter: uc berkeley students violating campus policy and police aren't doing anything about it. there are bubbles and arts and crafts and dancing going on. occupy cal is back. the story coming up.
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