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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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fire investigators looking for a cause i have an major early morning fire at a lumberyard. >> reporter: a party-like atmosphere out here. students are openly violating campus policy. they say they are serious about this. [ inaudible ]
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we'll check back with both of them. right now 6:01. i'm eric thomas. i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. we begin with the latest on news in san rafael, firefighters and fire investigators are on the scene of an overnight lumber where yard fire. the fire started around 2:30 on 9900 -- on the 900 block of
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anderson drive. firefighters managed to knock it down in 20 minutes. they will spend the next few hours watching for hot spots and looking for the cause. in redwood city eight schoolworkers on administrative leave while administrators widen their investigation into allegations a teacher assaulted a special needs student. terry mcsweeney is live with more disturbing details. >> reporter: it is believed that these eight newly removed employees of the school district placed on administrative leave are not guilty of abuse or suspected. it appears they are suspected of knowing something they should have told authorities and didn't report it. these are teachers and teachers aides placed on administrative leave. take a look at the woman who is facing charges as a result of what is going on this is alexia bogdisis a special
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needs teacher down here at roosevelt where the district operates a special needs preschool the children are four and five years of age. she accused of punching and kicking children, throwing one against a take. abuse happened over the past couple of months. we spoke with an attorney for one of the alleged victims who says help for these kids, it is too late for that. >> at least one of children that i've had the opportunity to spend time with is beginning to act out in behaviors that were behaviors that had not previously existed. some of those include aggressive behaviors. some of those include regressive behaviors. where some of the progress that had been made during the child's mainstreaming now appears to be lost. >> reporter: one of the children's parent as greece telling abc 7 the time to do something for the children's benefit has come and gone.
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bogdisis is out on $15,000 bail. this case did come to light when a teacher's aide went to authorities and told the story. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:04. the optician charged with shooting a federal officer in newark may have been infatuated with the agent's wife. court documents reveal dennis bagwell was obsessed with irina smith he met her at the optical school in union city, bag withwell attempted to initiate a relationship with her when she -- turned him down he began acting erratically. serial killer joseph naso is due back in court. today's hearing could be significant because the judge will discuss with whether naso
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remains competent to act as his own attorney. law enforcement officials are trying to determine if naso is responsible for two other bay area murders. occupy cal protesters are back on sproul plaza with tents. marking three months since police raided the camp and the camp grew overnight. amy are police out there as well? >> reporter: no officers, just tents and students check it out behind me four tents in the plaza. the police have been out here twice and the dean of students stopped by once and told the activists they are not allowed to cam here but they haven't taken action. they set up 1:00 yesterday afternoon in the same spot where police moved occupiers last fall. protesters say they are here because the university hasn't dealt with their concerns about tuition hikes. they hope more people with will join them. they said it with was a good
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peaceful first night complete with bubbles. >> it is about bringing people together. i'm really pleased. we have a nice group of people. i set up my tent on the steps and had some sleep, had some dialogue. did a little music. people doing some bubbles, play some frisbie. part of the it is just about having fun. >> reporter: back in november police forcibly kicked occupy protesters out of the plaza and received criticism about the way they handled the situation. 39 people were arrested that day. we've met a few people out here from occupy oakland this morning. they've told us since their camp has been broken apart in oakland, they are happy to have this one to come to. they are keeping the mood light as you can see a bubble machine, arts and crafts, dancing hearts earlier this morning. they are having some fun but
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they say their message is serious and they don't plan ongoing anywhere any time soon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:07 now. today oakland officials will go to court in an attempt to shutdown a business they say is a magnet for drug dealing and prosecution a civil trial expected today as the city tries to shutdown the national lodge on international boulevard one of two motels the city says has become a hotbed for illegal activity. the city is set to go to trial against a second hotel the economy inn next week. we are following breaking news from the nation's capital. the white house will announce new accommodation that will exempt more religious organizations from a new mandatory health care contraception coverage rule today. the obama administration has come under fire recently for its new policy that requires employers, including catholic churches and universities, to cover the cost of
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contraceptive devices for all employees. sources tell abc news the announcement will be respectful of religious beliefs but will not back off from ensuring women's birth control be covered. time 6:08. time to check that forecast for today and the weekend skwraoeufrplt >> good morning. we are at friday and see the change already on live doppler scattered radar returns waiting for some to hit a bucket and become measureable so far jury go and sprinkles, slowly -- so far virga and sprinkles. right now, we are just seeing the clouds increase and the temperatures hang around the 40s except for in san francisco 51 mountain view and los gatos 40°. you can see the lowell to the north getting the tail end of the system another low behind it that is going to enhance
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the push southward of these scattered showers into the afternoon. that's why they will be handling around and temperatures for the most part cooler today that's the bigger story fear 60 oakland, palo alto south and east most of the -- along the coast san mateo up into the north bay cooler mid to upper 50s. scattered showers linger tomorrow morning, saturday afternoon to sunday afternoon fairly die sunday evening through monday another -- fairly dry sunday evening through monday another system. light rain valentine's day. >> >> emergency crews en route to this new crash in vallejo eastbound 780 before i-80 they haven't gotten there yet. it shouldn't affect traffic on i-80 at this point that is flowing well. the closest sensor i could find was 46 miles an hour near the scene. we'll keep you posted this could be a possible hot spot for folks heading out of vallejo on to i-80, you might
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want to consider another on-ramp. also 880 through berkeley no problems heading to the bay bridge toll. elsewhere can't find any problems in the south bay this is 280 and 17 in san jose. here's a question you don't get asked everyday. would you like to be overcharged? apparently there's an app for that. the smartphone banking tool creating more problems than solutions. optimism and accusations what san jose's mayor is saying about his city's future as some employees raise new questions about his decision.úúú @
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good morning thank you for watching it is 6:14. you are looking live at the embarcadero where all is quiet. maybe a layer of something behind the bay bridge there. mike nicco will fill you in on the with weather coming up. san jose mayor reed used his state of the stay does to defend the council's move to cut pension costs. unions representing city workers have filed an ethics complain saying the mayor intentionally inflated the cost to future retirement benefits the mayor stands by those numbers. >> 10 years ago, san jose spent 73 million dollars on retirement costs. this year this fiscal year, 245 million dollars. >> i am saying that mayor reed lied, misled and the public and the members of the council concerning the true fiscal
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condition of the pension plans. >> the unions say they see the need for pension reform but calling for and inthird-party investigation. attention citibank customers. you might want to double check your statements especially if you paid your bills using your ipad. the bank is acknowledging a problem with its ipad application. some customers' bills were double charged. they paid their mortgage twice. there are a few customers who say they did not use an ipad. the bank says it has fixed the problem, reimbursed customers and covered any fees incurred. could be a wee bit tougher to get around the city of san francisco this weekend. the reason? a dragon. the city shutting down several streets for the annual chinese knew year parade. organizers expect up to a million people to -- line the streets to watch the parade celebrating the year of the dragon. nearly 100 floats and 5,000 participants will march the parade route it starts at
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market and second and ends in chinatown this year's parade begins at 6 p.m.. mike joining us for the forecast for the parade. >> no rain, should be dry, dress for mid to upper 50s. looks like decent weather not as warm as it was yesterday but not bad for february. good morning everybody. 6:6 -- 6:16. some of the clouds are thick enough to drop rain we have santa rosa reporting light rain you can see the rain there snow that -- sonoma, napa. the key is light and scattered. monterey bay inland to salinas
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low to mid 40s gilroy 39 forever the cool spot the afternoon hours we are going to see a change look at yesterday's highs upper 60s even low 70s even set a record high in gilroy today temperatures will be seven to 12° cooler with upper fives long the coast, san mateo, san francisco the entire north bay rest of us around 60 to 62°. monterey bay low 60s around the bay as you head inland low to mid 60s. tonight scattered showers will hang around and temperatures like this morning under a mostly cloudy sky, mainly 40s, some 30s around cloverdale, clear lake and santa rosa. the front while you with were sleeping was creeping closer to the bay area we are on the tail end or lower end, however you want to say it, no matter however you say it's got minimal moisture and die tkphapl micks as do the systems for date and sunday
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they going to bring us scattered light rain showers nothing to cancel plans. 7:00 still see the north bay gets the bulk of the radar returns noon moving into the heart of the bay during the afternoon and evening all of us have a chance of scattered showers that will linger overnight until 10:00 tomorrow morning clearing during the afternoon that will continue into sunday morning maybe fog around since we'll have a clear sky and sunday afternoon we are doing okay sunday evening here comes that next system with a better cans of heavier rain we are lucky if we get a 10th of an inch maybe a 10th to a quarter sunday night into monday system chance of light rain tuesday wednesday and thursday drier look how much holder -- how much colder monday and tuesday if the 50s. we've got a -- we've got a couple accidents, new one southbound 101 this injury
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accident vallejo eastbound 780 before 80 is being cleared now should be okay in a few minutes. traffic a little slow in the area. i wanted to mention another crash southbound 101 gilroy also an injury crash on the shoulder looking like traffic is slow around 38 miles per hour southbound not causing slowing in the northbound direction. now the bay bridge toll, things are still light, kind of a good friday commute no major problems heading to the bay bridge. 680 walnut creek the commute through the east bay starting to see typical delays westbound 4 antioch, through the altamont pass here still find heading southbound through walnut creek towards highway 24. now the waze traffic maps i just pushed it up to the north
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bay to check out to see if they are slowing on 101 southbound because of that new crash. it looks like one of the commuters reported heavy traffic southbound in petaluma. you can have more information on the waze app by going to download it, it is free you have gps and traffic information on your smartphone or iphone. >> and you gotta like the price. frances, thank you. 6:20. it is being billed as a bonanza for san francisco, now residents are being warned it could cost millions. the race that could lead to a -- >> it is a bird, plane, golden stat taoufrplt the first class ride for a little guy
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a new report finds the america's cup might cost san francisco taxpayers nearly 22 million dollars. the city controller says significant additional fundraising is needed to meet a 32 million dollar target over the next couple of years or the burden will fall to the taxpayers. so far the city controller determined only eight million dollars has been raised most of that is planned not hard cash. city officials remain confident that fundraising will be -- the fundraising
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committee will be able to raise the money in time. passengers on a recent united airlines flight from chicago to los angeles got a little extra something with their trip a golden star sighting. for the first time ever oscar as in the academy awards statuette made the trip first class, 42 of the prized trophies traveled back to beverly hills only two rode in the cabin the rest had to tough it out in cargo. i've never been in first class. oscar sunday is february 26th, here on abc7. you can predict winners and get the latest buzz right now at or download the oscar app for content on the go. 6:25. coming up, it is not mad cow disease. update on the mysterious disease that has killed one resident and infected another in marin county. latest on developing news
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in san rafael. fire investigators are on the scene of an early morning lumber yard fire. pwhrafrted by billboard. how san francisco's sheriff is becoming the center of a ad that he wants nothing to do with. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in redwood city. first a teacher with was arrested for abusing special needs kids. now eight employees are being placed on administrative leave in the scandal. the story coming up in a live report. looking at no delays at our major airports nor the regional ones in california you see that rain in the south some delays could develop so use your flight trackerx!x!x!x!!
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the opening ringing as we speak u.s. stock futures lower after greece's bailout was put on hold. latest on early morning trading live from the new york stock exchange coming up in 15 minutes. good morning i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. i'm eric thomas, thanks for joining us. a teach area because scandal in widening. eight workers are -- on administrative leave we while the district investigates the way they handled the case of a teacher accused of assaulting a special needs student. terry mcsweeney is live in redwood city with the latest. >> reporter: sources are telling abc7 these employees are teachers and teacher aides
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and not suspected of abuse per se, but rather not reporting it. take a look at video of the campus here at roosevelt school where the district operations a special needs preschool. children are four and five years of age special needs teacher alex requestia bogdisis allegedly abuse -- alexia bogging about alleged lid abused these children. the al add because happened over the past couple of months. we spoke with the an attorney for one of the alleged victims. either there was failure to train these teachers and aides on what their legal obligations were or there was some sort of fear many -- imposed upon them that if they came forward they were would suffer retaliation. they put, it appears, their interests ahead of those of the children. >> reporter: bogdisis is out on $15,000 bail. facing nine counts of child cruelty and assault. the case did come to light
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february 1st, when a teacher's aide went to authorities with the story. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. we are continuing to follow developing news in san rafael firefighters and investigators are on the scene after overnight lumberyard fire. the fire started around 2:30 on the 900 block of anderson drive. the first reports came from drivers on 101 who said they could see flames from the freeway. firefighters managed to knock it down in 20 minutes. there are no reports of injuries. this morning san jose police are investigating that city's fourth homicide of the year. investigators say before 7:00 last night emergency room staffers at kaiser permanente called police to say a stabbing victim had been dropped off. the man died a short time later no word on where the initial attack occurred. the city hadqm5w 39 homicides lt
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year up from 20 in 2010. police have leased a sketch of a suspect wanted for at -- have released a sketch of a suspect wanted for at least two attacks at stanford a student managed to escape after a man crawled into her bed described as nearly six feet tall, hispanic in his 20s. it happened in a residence on campus drive. the second assault was reported on a path in kennedy grove, 15 minutes earlier. police have not said if the same suspect is wanted for both. police in berkeley providing new details about an officer involved shooting in castro valley. they say drug suspect stephen moore had half a pound of cocaine in his car when two undercover officers pulled him over wednesday they were following him as par of an ongoing investigation. berkeley police spokeswoman says it is not uncommon for officers to tail a suspect that far outside their jurisdiction. >> this was a berkeley-based
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drug dealer who happens to live in the city of pittsburg who had residences in castro valley. we will go to where the 10 dills take us with within reason of course -- 10 drills take us, within reason of course. >> moore is on federal parole he remains in critical but stable conditions with a gunshot wound after being shot when he allegedly tried to back over an officer with his car. >> the domestic violence case involving san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will be highlight billboard schedule go up next week in the city's south market neighborhood. the shelter for victims of domestic violence says it has raid -- it has raised the $4,000 it needs to pay for the billboard. it will offer a hotline number for people to call for help. campaign is in opposition to the sheriff's statement that
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the alleged domestic violence case against his wife is "a private matter." now 6:35. marin county health department says mad cow disease or the human version of it is not to blame for the death of a san rafael woman. 59-year-old aline shaw died of creutzfeldt-jacob disease, a neurological disorder that causes dementia and eventually death. a form of the disease is related to mad cow but officials say shaw did not die from that strain. >> variant form of creutzfeldt-jacob is linked to an animal form called bovine sponge sponge -- bovine -- b.s. if -- it is not linked to animal diseases >> a second person has been diagnosed but officials say there is nothing to suggest a public health risk.
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east bay man will be getting a kidney transplant despite his immigration status. jesus navarre vote an an undocumented immigrant from mexico he learned this week the medical center has reversed course and will perform the lifesaving procedure. they denied the operation because of concerns his immigration statues -- status might effect his financial ability. they say it was a misunderstanding and working with him to ensure he can pay for the long term care. >> i feel great like i'm going to receive my transplant i'm going to be able to enjoy being with my daughter. 140,000 people signed a petition of support on he has to wait six months to reach the top of the kidney donor list. 6:36 on this friday, the weekend is --
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rain about that far away also depending on where you are on the map. scattered light showers falling up in the north bay all this is sliding southeast slowly while the individual storms are moving northeast this is what we have in store for the rest of the afternoon cold front slowly creeps across the bay area most of the showers up in the north bay through 8:00 beautiful sunrise with multi-layers of clouds across rest of our neighborhoods, 37 napa the rest of us in fourthties by noon rain moving into the heart of the bay scattered showers i should say low to mid 50s east bay valleys will have 60s as warm as it gets the clouds get thicker scattered showers take over most of the bay during 4:00 cools into the mid to upper 50s we need rain pollen season is here, tree high and mold spores high amounts of those
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grass low scattered showers today, tonight saturday afternoon through sunday afternoon dry between systems sunday evening through monday more rain light rain possible on valentine's day. we have a new accident here's frances with details. first south bay just reported north 880 stevens creek chp en route to that. earlier crash causing problems for diver in the north bay and petaluma, southbound 1 owe 1 where the crash was reported. i -- 101 where the crash was reported. there's are freeway sensors 43 miles an hour is the slowest speed i could find near lakeville highway. i with want to take toyj you waze traffic app -- this will give better detailed information this -- this is information we get by drivers turning on this free app they are sharing share speeds 36
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miles per hour as you approach the scene. we we have drivers report very heavy -- -- drivers reporting very heavy moving 25 miles an hour. this gives us an idea of how great this application is and how you can have it available while commuting. bay bridge toll not too bad just friday delay beyond the end of the parking lot. also, south bay this is northbound 280 san jose north 880 stevens creek past the shot is where we have that new crash reported. now this is how you can get that free app. learn more about it and choose what your driver icon looks like. 6:39. >> google getting further near the home entertainment business that story just ahead.
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live report from the new york stock exchange. right now we see the dow is off triple digits 101 points. ad a california lawmaker hopes will make a serious point about campaign funding. new proposals that could mean far fewer parking tickets for people in oakland or berkeley. >> reporter: bubbles, arts and crafts and dancing on the california campus morning. sounds silly students say they have a serious message. i'm amy hollyfield live onúúúúúú
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welcome back. radar returns coming down into san francisco looks like northern half of our state will have showers today 55 eureka, tahoe 53 record high of 55 yesterday low to mid 60s chico, sacramento upper 60s to near 70 big sur and fresno. 73 l.a., 82 palm springs. scattered snow showers possible tomorrow in the see rather. 6:44. good morning.
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>> in the cities of oakland and berkeley, the frustrating practice of offering to move your car while a parking officer writes you a ticket any with way be a thing of the past. city councils in both towns are considering ordinances that would block officers from writing parking tickets if the driver is present. a parking ticket in berkeley is $45 and brings in a million and a half in revenue. in oakland $68. and the proposed ordinance would go a step further and give drivers at automated kiosks five extra minutes to show up and move their cars. the latest gallup poll says rick santorum is surging. he swept contests if three states earlier this week now tied with a fading newt gingrich. while the gallup poll shows mitt romney is supported by 36% of republican voters santorum is picking up steam, 20% support conservative candidate he gained 10 points
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in the past week. congresswoman nancy pelosi of san francisco is using an amusing new web ad to make a serious point. in it she takes a tongue-in-cheek shot at host stephen colbert and his new super pac. >> he used to be my friend i even signed the poor baby's cast when he hurt his hand. since the day he started his super pac taking secret money from special interests he's been out of control. >> using the ad to promote the disclose act which would require so-called super pac funds to be more transparent who is donating. colbert is using his super pac, americans for a better tomorrow, to draw attention to the influence of those new groups on the presidential race. super pacs began following two supreme court rulings no cap on the size of political donations they can accept. google is up to something new while apple's value
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continues to grow. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with more on that. the market opening down this morning with >> yeah, they are. more worries about greece we'll talk about that in a second. google in the process of testing a wireless entertainment device that will reline lion home internet systems. -- that will rely on home internet systems. google makes a big push into consumer electronics. it is getting to be familiar people lining up for the next apple product it may happen again soon apple unveiling the ipad 3 the first week in march. expected to look similar to the ipad 2 but faster chip and improved graphics apple shares new record high yesterday market cap measured by total value of is shares now worth
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more than google and microsoft combined. so far this morning they are up despite the market being down almost $500. another delay in greece getting a rescue package making some skittish here they have a big payment they have to make in march. the markets are on the defensive today. bloomberg index is trading down also. live at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. have a great weekend. >> thank you, you too. this morning tiger woods begins the second round of the at&t pebble beach national pro-am five shots behind. yesterday he played the most difficult of the three courses used for the vent shooting four under 68 today he -- he
6:49 am
-- >> how many streaks did you save him today. >> i hope i didn't add any, i might have. >> harbaugh says he and his quarterback have a deal smith caddied for him yesterday harbaugh will caddie next year. quarterback's coach will be harbaugh's caddie today with defensive coordinator tomorrow. >> the weather for the closing rounds this weekend? >> won't be as nice as it was yesterday, unfortunately we have clouds on the increase temperature will drop into the mid 50s today probably low 50s tomorrow and also sunday. rain if we get any will be tonight through early tomorrow morning the morning rounds maybe a little damp once we get to sunday saturday afternoon into sunday should be fine time for wetness this evening through tomorrow morning down there. wet with weather here, live doppler showing scattered showers moving through the
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north bay from inverness, bodega bay across some of the wine country into santa rosa, napa a radar return now light scattered rain for your morning commute the rest of us should see an increase in clouds in the 40s until you get to san francisco 51, low to mid 40s monterey bay, salinas, 39 in gilroy, cloudy, cooler today and tomorrow scattered showers possible today and tomorrow light more showers with another system sunday evening. yesterday upper 60s to low 70s even record 78 in gilroy. the story today about 7 to 12° cooler with mid to upper 50s in the north bay valleys upper 50s extending to san francisco, santa rosa and half moon bay everybody else in the low 60s. around the monterey bay low 60s as you head inland in the low to mid 60s scattered showers coming during the afternoon. linger tonight with the clouds mild most of us in the 40s a few 30s around cloverdale,
6:51 am
clear lake and santa rosa while you were sleeping cold front closing in on the bay area bringing the increase in clouds and minimal apartments of moisture that's request why it is scattered light showers and why you -- that's why it is scattered light showers and why you shouldn't cancel plans not going to be heavy. you can see by noon starting to move through the heart of the bay afternoon and evening hours any time a light shower could break out even overnight through 9:00, 10:00 tomorrow morning saturday afternoon all is quiet through sunday morning sunday afternoon quiet sunday evening next system coming in looks like a better chance of more widespread rain sunday night into monday morning. temperatures are going to drop into the 50s by monday and tuesday. low 60s with sunshine wednesday and thursday. quick look at a beautiful sunrise from half moon bay i wanted to show you how beautiful it has been the last couple of mornings thank you for sending that in.
6:52 am
if you take pictures this weekend it. here's frances with a look at your commute. good morning. we have a few surprising slow spots for the commute. with one in the gilroy area southbound 101 past maston ] crash traffic heavy southbound, northbound still looking good that's unusual southbound 101 towards gilroy san jose northbound 280 highway 17 out of the santa cruz mountains. right here is where southbound 880 apparently near the connector ramp reports of flooding some clogged drain that's why in section is slow northbound 280 up towards cupertino. it looks like it is only slow in in this area at this point. i-80 in berkeley the usual crowded conditions westbound bay bridge toll back up beyond the end of the parking lot
6:53 am
metering lights are now on. as we go to the waze traffic maps improving in the north bay southbound 101 it is still slow 38 miles per hour even 30 miles per hour approaching because of an earlier accident that has now been cleared to the shoulder. you can have this free traffic app available or downloaded go to you can put it on your smartphone or iphone hopefully this will let you know what is coming up for your ride into work. it is 6:53. recapping: new fall-out in redwood city after accusations a teach area salted a special needs student. several more employees have been suspended. >> terry mcsweeney is live at roosevelt elementary. >> reporter: sources are telling abc7 that these employees placed on administrative leave are teachers and teacher's aides
6:54 am
not believed to be involved in abuse but for not reporting it as promptly as they should have. the woman at the center of this investigation alexia bogdisis a special needs teacher out here the district operates a special needs preschool the kids are four and five. bogdisis is accused of punching and kicking a couple throwing one against a table the alleged abuse over the past couple of months. bogdisis is out on $15,000 bail. if this case did come to light when a teachers aide went to authorities and told them what happened and now eight others are on administrative leave. for the other top story let's go to amy hollyfield in berkeley where revolution and bubbles in the air. explain that amy. >> reporter: good morning terry! i know, student activists are armed with a bubble machine. they've been dancing and doing arts and crafts, it may sound
6:55 am
silly but they are serious about bringing occupy cal back to campus. they pitched about four to six tents yesterday at with 1:00 in the afternoon. they stayed throughout the night. they are back because they say administrators haven't dealt with their concerns about tuition hikes. the dean and police stopped by a few times to tell them they are violating campus policy. they are not authorized to camp here. they have not left. police have not taken action this is the same spot where police did forcibly remove protesters in november. it was such a chaotic scene it prompted an operational review. we haven't heard back from police to explain what their plan is or if they are going to allow this to continue. until then we are going to hang out here with the budgets. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> -- checking other top stories. san rafael right now crews are
6:56 am
on the scene of an early morning lumberyard fire looking for hot spots this started 2:30 investigators looking for the cause, nobody was hurt. time for one last check of weather and traffic. good morning. in case you weren't with us earlier live doppler showing scattered showers that are moving through the north bay. those will spread across all of our neighborhoods today and keep temperatures from upper 50s to low 60s. scattered and light so don't change any plans. linger through tomorrow morning saturday afternoon to sunday afternoon should be dry more showers sunday night into monday. bay bridge toll backed up beyond the end of the parking lot. looks like it is almost to the 880 overcrossing on our waze traffic app. i want to take to you 101 in the north bay traffic slow approaching through petaluma
6:57 am
because of an earlier crash. this is a great app that shows you speeds around the bay area, including on city streets. hopefully you can download that. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. back with a local update at 7:24. >> keep track of the latest news on twitter and you can talk about it at >> enjoy your weekend. stay dry. we will see you monday morning.
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