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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good important i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. crews are expected to continue digging this morning in san joaquin county at the site a killer led them to. families of young missing women up and down the state are waiting for test results on a stunning number of human bones already discovered. katie marzullo is live in our newsroom there is special interest in the bay area about all this. >> reporter: there is for at least one family the hayward family of michaela garecht
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waiting for man 20 years for answers. the dig site has with been covered with tarps to protect from it rain weather permitting the search will resume this morning. investigators have found more than 300 human benz in the past two days. convicted killer wesley shermantine on death row told a bounty hunter where authorities should search. he drew a map pointing to a well on an old cattle ranch his family used to own 60 miles south of sacramento where authorities have been digging with success. the bounty hunter says their work has only just begun. >> shermantine told me that herzog put over 12 people in the well and it is not even the wealth they are digging at now that has bodies in it -- the well they are digging at now. that was closed in the early 80s the real well is going to have more bodies. >> reporter: at least one body has been identified it is"h not that of 9-year-old, last seen in 1988 forced into a car
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outside of a hayward store. shermantine says herzog kidnapped the girl herzog was paroled on a technicality in 2010 but committed suicide with when he heard shermantine was talking. the speed freak killers are suspected in at least 15 murders in the 80s and 90s. katie marzullo, abc7 news. students at an east bay high are peeved over a growing bathroom battle. the principal's z to close most of the bathrooms creating a zinc kind of urgent problem. -- amy hollyfield is live in concord. -- some are saying this school is breaking the law? >> reporter: some question whether this violates state requirements. the students are fed up, they've launched a campaign on campus they've also broadcast it on youtube in the video they show the fliers they've posted on the bathroom doors
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that locked, asking why those doors aren't open? they plead their case on the video. according to an article, the principal locked all the bathrooms because of the graffiti that the bathrooms are getting trashed by students. a problem, yes. some question in that warrants locking the bathrooms. now there are reports that students are fidgeting in class, not paying attention because they can't find a place to go students are also relieving themselves in the stairwells. some students say they want all of the bathrooms opened. >> fliers have more information on them, we are going to recruit kids to join and help us talk to more kids to help us get the banks open quicker. >> reporter: -- the bathrooms open quicker. >> reporter: students say the principal locked all but one boys and one girls bathroom for 1400 students last year. a week ago she unlocked a second set. there are questions on whether that violates state law.
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according to a state official quoted in the article, one urinal is required per 30 boys and one toilet per 45 girls this school is attracting a lot of attention with the issue. students continue to wiggle and fidget their way to class as they frantically look for a place to go. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:05. the autopsy on whitney houston is now complete. officials say it will take six to eight weeks for toxicology reports. before releasing any cause of death. according to tmz houston's family was told by the l.a. coroner that houston died from what appears to be a combination of xanax and other prescription drugs mixed with alcohol. houston was found dead in a bathtub at the beverly hilton hotel saturday. the death cast a shadow over yesterday's grammy wars. ll cool j opened the a prayer.
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-- >> there is no way around this we've had a death in our family. >> later jennifer hudson sang some of houston's biggest hits, one of her biggest hits, "i will always love you: " >> music producer says how will i know was the first project together and he was blown away. >> when i first got with her, thin, skinny girl. there's a boy i know he's the one i dream off, just power, you go what the hell she come back listen, lay back in the chair, very cool, confident, diva. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> in addition to how will i know their number one hits included, i want to dance with somebody, so emotional and where do broken hearts go. walden won a grammy for
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producing i'm every woman on the bodyguard sound track. "good morning america" is devoting this morning's snow whitney houston. hear from close friends and colleagues in new interviews on a special "good morning america" beginning at 7 a.m.. this morning an appeals court in san francisco will hear arguments in a suit seeking to overturn prop 209 which prohibits affirmative action at state universities voters approved 209 in 1996, the proposition prohibits state government institutions from considering race, sex or ethnicity for employment or educating the lawsuit was filed in february of 2009 by advocacy groups on behalf of 55 minority students applying to uc schools a lower court dismissed the claim. equal opportunity forgetting wet and blown on this morning by the winds. >> those east to west bridges are getting that northwest almost nearly perpendicular wind gusts up to 35, 40
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miles per hour, both hands on the wheel this morning. south bay from campbell, los gatos, down 17 to boulder creek you can see one radar return showing rain here's what was happening on san mateo tkpwreupbl s slight -- bridges sliding south from san mateo, as we head up you can see pacifica through daly, south san francisco into san francisco another system heading towards sfo still waiting on word of arrival delays they haven't had any with the shower coming in, gusty winds, i imagine they will develop. over the last three hours, storms moving from northwest to southeast at about 35 to 40 miles per hour. we are having wind gusts in oakland now sfo half moon bay 25 hayward and novato nearly 30 in concord it is going to be a blustery day low to mid 50s, scattered showers at just about any time as we are on
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the unsettled pattern that will keep us way cooler than what we've been used to this winter with breezy conditions through at least wednesday, a chance of showers wednesday and a better chance this weekend. frances has a new accident. it is slowing things down on westbound 80 heading towards richmond at hilltop, a crash blocking left lane. 19 miles per hour approaching the scene. i picked up slowing as well almost from highway 4 that's going to slow drivers this morning and we'll keep you posted on the drive times for that area. bay bridge toll for some reason this cash paying lane is extending almost to west grand everything else is flowing well, good reason to get fast track you want to have both hands-on the wheel. you saw earlier that mike was showing you the windy conditions there's a wind advisory posted for the bay bridge. also a wind advisory for the benicia bridge still looking good southbound on 680 through walnut creek towards highway
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24. 6:09. don't upset dad, the facebook comments that got a teen girl's computer shot full of holes. >> gentleman staggering story of survival. the 5-year-old pulled from avalanche that literally leveled her family home. beware of the wind. damage done by this weekend's storm and why we could seeúúúúút
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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good morning. 6:13. take a look at those flags, you can see how they are blowing. that's indicative of what is going on, on the bay bridge in the background. both hands-on the wheel if you are coming in westbound especially on the top. mike will tell you more about those winds and some of the showers overnight, coming up. this morning pictures on an incredible survivor's tale in kosovo. the little girl managed to survive an avalanche. onlookers cheered as rescuers reached the 5-year-old and pulled her to safe. both of her parents and seven other relatives died after 33 feet of snow buried their home. heavy snow has hammered the balkans more than two weeks. some areas are still unreach able. closer to home, this morning -- people in the oakland hills continue cleanup after high winds and rains combined to send april tree
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crashing on to three cars along highway 13 nobody was hurt. it happened near lincoln avenue around 7:40 last night. the northbound rate line remains closed and officials warn today's high winds could bring down more trees. >> you saw those flags, how they were blowing around. >> gusts up to 45 miles per hour in some areas going to be a rough ride no matter how low your vehicle is down to the ground it is going to blow everywhere today. commute tough because it is blowing also because of some of the rain out there live look from vollmer peak at winds bouncing around our camera in the berkeley hills, san francisco lighter that rain has started to slide south. one of our areas of rain redwood city fremont area in red is five minutes could take five minutes to get to loss al goes -- you have another round of showers coming your way showers coming out of daly city, san bruno those will hit
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san mateo the next five minutes redwood city 10 to 15 minutes heading to los altos in 20 minutes. waves of showers this morning as showers are moving from northwest to southeast about 35 to 40 miles per hour. we sill have the steadiest of the rain around ukiah now. mild, mid to upper 40s near 50 in oakland. in the mid to upper 40s around most of the monterey bay inland. suz -- santa cruz at 42. today is going to be cooler, breezy waves of showers will continue because they are moving so fast they are not going to drop a lot of rain good news we won't see flooding we also won't see a rainmaker that will put a dent in this deficit. clearing slightly calmer tonight and tomorrow chance of showers wednesday and again this weekend richmond 52, clear lake 48, everyone else mid 50s a few peeks of sun and
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scattered showers throughout the day same will hold through around the monterey bay and inland the winds over the ocean will be the fastest where we could get gusts up to 45 miles per hour bay shore pan bay up to 35 gusts up to 25 over our valleys with -- mountains up around 35 to 40 also tonight third one santa rosa for the cool spot mid to upper 30s inland valleys fremont, palo alto, morgan hill, santa cruz everybody else low to mid 40s not going to be too cold in a lot of areas tonight because the winds still stay up enough to keep the atmosphere mix . that's the center of instability while we'll keep scattered showers in the forecast. storms run in go up and lose energy grab a lot of cold air from alaska and slide back down this side and keep the breezes in and cool weather in the forecast all week just how
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many small chunks of energy are going to round that big and have enough moisture to bring showers. i think it is possible wednesday, break thursday and friday another system brings a better chance of rain saturday and sunday. temperatures cool just about everyday. this is started to slow traffic down westbound 80 at hilltop a crash in the left lane still out there. right now from the carquinez bridge to the maze drive time almost 40 minutes, 38 minutes for you and the heavy traffic now starting to cause things to back up past highway 4 this is going to be our hot spot for the morning. we'll keep an eye on this for you. also at the bay bridge toll, a wind advisory not much of a delay except for these cash-paying lanes this seems to be backed up towards west grand if you have fast track or coming from 880 it seems fine now there might be a problem with one of the toll
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booths. northbound 280 still fine, highway 17 good out of santa cruz mountains here there was an earlier car fire northbound 17 at the summit that did cause minor slowing. i want to take you to the waze traffic app a way if get information while commuting. -- a way to get information while commuting. back-up westbound 80 hilltop jammed this person moving less than 10 miles an hour, a few more traffic spotters backed up towards highway 24. you can have this information available to you when you need it on the roads, by going to put it on your iphone or smartphone and be a traffic spotter. 6:19. coming up, killing the computer? the viral video that sparked a new debate on the right and wrong ways to punish your h@
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this right here is my 45. that was the first round. either exploding hollow point rounds from -- yeah you have to pay me back for these too, these are about a dollar a piece. [ shooting ] >> one, two, three, four, five, six after that comment you made about your mom, your mom told me to be sure i put one in there for her that is for
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her if i got one left, i got two left. what you are looking at is the latest viral video on youtube that has made a folk hero out of an angry father a man named tommy jordan was extremely upset by something his daughter posted on facebook the north carolina father as you saw shot her lab tap parenting experts say this is not the best way to handle the situation. the majority of posts have been positive. british soul singer adele dominated last night's grammys. >> rolling in the deep adele! [ applause ] >> she was up for six and won all six, including the major categories of best song, record and album of the year her six wins ties beyonce. adele sang on the show it was her first live performance after throat surgery and she
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sounded great. >> other big winners were the foo fighters. >> what grammy ceremony would be complete without some outlandish fashion check that out, nicki ma arrived wearing a -- nicki minaj arrived wearing a modified nun's habit this is sasha in her gun gown seems to be firing blanks as well. katy perry getting cheer force in beautiful blue gown she chose to match her hair. 6:25 now. safer streets, the new south bay crackdown meant to ensure your children get to school safely and what it will mean for drivers. story behind a brutal assault on the wife of state treasure. the ex-boyfriend police say is to blame. how did it happen? as the music world mourns the
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death of whitney houston, new details emerge about what was discovered in the hotel room where she died. >> reporter: east bay high school students have nowhere to go to the bathroom. most of the bathrooms on their campus are blocked. we'll tell you why, coming up, next. right now all major airports on time. delays possible cancellations even possible as you see that snow storm from minneapolis down to louisiana. check out our flight%s]2 tracker
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good morning the morning bell ringing marking the start of the trading day markets poised to gain after greece's parliament approved new austerity measures which include cuts in service jobs and the minimum wage aimed at saving that country from bankruptcy. we go live to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes and see how the traders like that this morning. good morning thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze i'm not sure you will be liking your commute it is going to take longer, slick streets and howling winds. >> mike you say the east-west bridges are most affected? >> right because the winds are almost perpendicular to those bridges as they come out of northwest mainly some are starting to come out of the
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west which means the golden gate bridge will be susceptible. northwest wind around 20 to 25, hayward, mountain view and half moon bay near 30 concord rain moving through into the south bay two batches one heading across 237 another across the san mateo bridge more showers are developing up to the north and those will come through during the morning and afternoon hours. showers and breezy conditions means a rough commute. there's a wind advisory for the bay bridge and benicia bridge. with windy conditions and slightly wet roads we've seen quite a few problems, westbound 80 hilltop drive an accident blocked the left lane traffic heff vie -- heavy. drive time 37 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the . westbound 580 has yen that, a
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crash in one of the lanes -- hacienda, a crash in one of lanes. east bay school has become a battleground over bathrooms. the principal decided to shutdown post of the bathrooms in hopes of solving a from feey problem. it appears to have created a new problem and could be violating state law. amy hollyfield is live in mount ab flow concord to tell us about. -- mount diablo from concord to tell us about it. >> reporter: the banks are getting trashed. the students are questioning whether that is reason enough to lock them out. they've launched a campaign on campus they've put a youtube video up showing the fliers they've put on the restroom doors, questioning why the doors are locked. according to the article in the paper the students are fidgety in class, not paying
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attention. the students say the principal closed all but one bathroom for each gender last year. last week opened one more. there are two boys bathrooms and two girls' bathrooms that are open for 1400 students. a state official was quoted in the article saying this is below state requirements that say there must be one toilet per 45 girls and one urinal per 30 boys. not only questions about whether this is humane some are wondering if this violates state requirements. the students say they are going to keep the pressure on the principal. they want to keep bringing attention to this issue. they want the warms unlock. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:33 now. school officials in the contra costa county town say they are confident they've cleaned up whatever caused a school wide illness a crew the weekend disinfecting the elementary school with bleach.
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thursday nearly a quarter of the students got sick, 200 were absent friday. school officials believe a gastrointestinal bug was spread after a student got sick. investigation underway following reports that alameda county supervisor was assaulted by an ex-boyfriend. she is the wife of california state treasurer. they recently separated but had gotten back together before the february 3rd, is didn't. she went a newark motel to help her former boyfriend who he described as a troubled person but was all the ed. she was treated at a hospital and released. -- police have turn the case over to the district attorney. apparently change of heart from the wife of embattled san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. according to the san francisco chronicle the lawyer for eliana lopez says her client will testify at mirkarimi's upcoming trial that he
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assaulted her these are misdemeanor domestic violence violence and child indangerment charges. what she says will depend on whether the venezuelan-born lopez gets immunity from prosecution. lopez's attorney wants to make sure her testimony doesn't lead to criminal charges or immigration problems for her. until now lopez has denounced the charges against her husband and refused to talk. autopsy on whitney houston is complete. it will take several weeks before the are yous are back on the case of singer's death or the cause. according to -- according to tmz her family was told that houston did not die from drowning, rather from what happens to be a combination of xanax and other prescription drugs mixed with alcohol. houston was found dead in a bathtub at the beverly littleton hotel saturday. tahman bradley has more -- >> reporter: there is no way around this, we've had a death in our family. >> reporter: the grammy awards
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opened in prayer. music's biggest stars honoring whitney houston. jennifer hudson sang one of houston's biggest hits. ♪ and i will always love you ♪ >> reporter: as the grammies were getting underway the los angeles coroner announced the autopsy was complete but be weeks before it is determined what killed her. >> it will be an ongoing investigation. ♪ saving all my love for you ♪ ♪ >> reporter: since word of houston's death, some of the world's biggest stars have shared memories of that voice. >> talking about whitney, yeah. i be like, oh i want to dance with somebody. >> reporter: oprah winfrey tweeted. . to me whitney was the voice we got to hear a part of god every time she sang. in 2009 houston admitted using cocaine and march pharr for years and her final days are
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clouded by questions about her sobriety with reports of erratic behavior. tahman bradley, abc news. "good morning america" is devoting this morning's show to with whitney houston, what happened in her final days and hours hear from close friends and colleagues in new interviews on a special "good morning america" beginning at 7 a.m.. it is 6:37 now. san francisco police are asking for your help tracking down a burglar with a mean streak a mile wide. tuesday the crook broke into a bay view home not only did he ransack the place but beat the homeowner's two adult dogs and stole their puppies. to pile insult on to injury, someone call the victim a few days later offering to sell the puppies back to her for $200. the victim didn't have the money. the police are looking for the suspect. a bill to require downtown buildings in san francisco to provide a safe place for workers to store their bikes
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comes up before a vote this thursday. the san francisco examiner reports, the legislation requires downtown building owners allow bikes be brought inside or provide bike parking within three blocks of building. many building owners say they are supportive of the legislation and are already bike-friend >> police in santa clara county are alerting motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians to pay extra attention to school zones this week. they are cracking down on people not following the law. it is called operation safe passage. police will be focusing on drivers who fail to stop for school buses with stoplights flashing. and vehicles going over the speed limit in school zones. police plan to stop jaywalkers and bicyclists not wearing helmets. >> everywhere he will hoping drivers will take it slower this morning after you hear mike's forecast you will see why. a couple of waves going to
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move through the bay area over the next 20, 25 minutes more will develop throughout the day going to be one of those days where it feels like winter. milpitas, san jose, campbell, cupertino, sunnyvale seeing rain now moving away from the san mateo bridge pounding the dumbarton bridge. redwood city just out of it, palo alto, getting back into it as well sunnyvale and mountain view in the next five, 10 minutes upstream the northwest you can see a few blips on the radar, nothing that strong now these could pom up at any time especially as we -- could pop up at any time. mid to upper 40s through 8:00, peeks of sun today, showers will roll through 30, 35 miles per hour northwest to southeast upper 40s to near 50 at noon around 50 at 4:00 with more scattered showers and
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wind gusts that could get as high as 45 miles per hour over the ocean. these blustery conditions hang around tuesday and wednesday, caller, warmer, thursday and friday, then the chance of showers saturday and sunday the m bridge now has a wind advisory as well. -- the san mateo bridge has a wind advisory as well. earlier we saw rain headed through and you can see the camera bouncing both hands on the wheel across the san mateo, benicia and bay bridge also a wind advisory back up extends beyond the 880 overcrossing. a couple hot spots this morning we've been following this crash in richmond westbound 80 hilltop still in the left lane and causing traffic to back up on westbound 80 through hercules into martinez the drive time from the bridge to the maze is 48 minutes, really slow ride. i want to take you to waze traffic app, this is a great
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opportunity for us to check out how your alternate rules look this is westbound 80 towards hilltop traffic at a crawl, 7 to 9 miles per hour. did see a commuters on san pablo avenue, we sue a traffic spotter -- we saw a traffic spotter, they are moving slowly now on san pablo avenue they were moving around 25 miles an hour. our other hot spot westbound 580, an accident at hacienda, still blocking a lane look at how heavy traffic is approaching racine 20 miles per hour out of the altamont pass. you can have this app available when you need it, 6:41. new doubts raised about the foreclosure settlement we were telling but last week. that story ahead live from the new york stock exchange, first up live look at the big board dow up almost 70 points. request
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they are ride -- rioting in the streets the critical vote that has thousands throwing fire bombs at authorities in greece this morning. piles of earth dug out of a well have proved to contain human remains. i'm katie marzullo live in the newsroom many convicted speed freak killer told authorities where to dig now victimúúúúúúúúú
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with welcome back. 6:46. cal forecast look at active weather, valley rains and mountain snows all sliding south heading to l.a., san diego, palm springs watch out for rain low to mid 60s there. five 2004 week sierra winter weather -- up to six inch i bes of snow above 4,000 feet. you need chains on 80 and 50 right now. :46. in athens, greece firefighters are on the scene of smoldering buildings and cleanup crews are sweeping rubble from the streets following a night of rioting. 45 buildings were burned after lawmakers approved harsh new austerity measures. more than 100,000 marched to
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the parliament yesterday to rally against the drastic cuts which will eliminate one in five civil service jobs and slash the minimum wage by more than 20%. 1 turny hurt, dozens arrested. the -- the vote paves the way for international creditors to release 172 billion dollars in new rescue loans. this morning president obama will send his new budget to congress the white house says it will aim to achieve four trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade. the plan is filled with stimulus-style initiatives, including sharp increases for highway construction and school modernization. it alls for eight billion dollars for new program that pairs community colleges and businesses together to better train two million workers for jobs in so-called high growth industry. it is being criticized by republicans they say it repeats failed policies and does little to slash the 15 trillion dollar debt.
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er that historic homeowner settlement -- remember that historic homeowner settlement? doubts are being raised already. >> jane king joining us to tell us more. good morning. you know the foreclosure settlement, lots of hoopla surgeoning that last week. as stays try to figure out now spend their share of the -- as states try figure out how to spend their share, california is supposed to get 12 billion the information is supposed to be posted on national foreclosure you go to that website no deal posted it just says coming soon. the justice department says the terms will not be made public until the deal is submitted to a court. north carolina's ag says once the documents are finalized they will be posted to that web greece big scene markets moving depending on what is going on in greece. politicians there approved a
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budget cutbackpack damage could pave the way for another big bail pout for that country. dow right now, up 52, we've we are still in the green. bloomberg index up 1%. apple suppliers in china the once-over by the fair labor association. starting today a team of labor rights period of times are in china doing voluntary audits at suppliers to apple all this according to apple which says the inspect s are happening at its request. work conditions making -- making apple pars in particular have come under scrutiny after a series of suicide there is. -- i'm jane king, bloomberg news. we are following breaks news out of hayward. police investigating discovery of a man's body on a sidewalk near 7th and c streets. investigators are not releasing details. they've blocked off several streets in that area.
6:50 am
near 7th and c streets. we have a crew on the way we'll bring more during "good morning america". mike you are were telling us about the -- rainfall totals how did they look? press sieve in some areas not so much in others you have to go to the north bay to see maybe a quarter to a third of an inch. we are going to get pelted with light showers that are moving quickly. 6:50 this morning, a little sunshine we talked about is starting to develop in between the showers today as we look southbound from the roof cam here downtown san francisco embarcadero you see rain totals nearly a quarter of an inch in santa rosa, a third in st. helena, mill valley, everybody else less than a 10th after inch winter is here but the rains probably not. cold, blustery the next three to four days with scattered showers you can see moving to
6:51 am
the south of san jose heading into the santa clara valley down to morgan hill now another moving over 237 from the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge now that will over take the santa clara valley soon everybody else quiet any time -- at any time a scattered shower will pop up today. don't forget the winds out there are going to make it feel cooler than what the thermometer says. breezy, cooler today scattered showers clearing slightly calmer tonight to tomorrow chance of showers wednesday and this weekend. you can see we keep dropping two degrees cooler in san francisco, 54 to nine degrees cooler today san jose 54 compared to yesterday. winds gusting up to 45 miles per hour over the ocean. 30 to 35 bay shore mountains, 25 in our valleys to go with those cool temperatures same around the monterey bay same
6:52 am
winds, temperatures, same set-up as we are seeing here. tonight everything will quiet down with clearing low to mid 40s north bay valleys upper 30s to low 40s of us. tomorrow breezy, more sun, slightly warmer next storm system comes in wednesday looks like it will hit the sierra with more snow than with us with rain warmer, calmer thursday, friday, saturday, sunday another chance of showers. kristen s, i have no idea who that is. how good was the skiing kristen s. >> that is the kristen s women >> the skiing was decent if you are not an expert you can see more green and less white than usual, of course those roads will be great to get more powder, but decent, surprisingly so. >> be good to take the family there. >> after today much better. >> slaughtly almost 12 inches
6:53 am
today. if you have -- absolutely, almost 12 inches today. if you have videos you would like to share just$p -- both accidents have cleared in the east bay, a lot of leftover slowing westbound 80 approaching hilltop drive, traffic jammed out of martinez to the scene. earlier accident on westbound 580 at hacienda cleared you can see with waze traffic map it is still slow through the area 38, 31 miles per hour improving, heavy through livermore on westbound 580. if you are thinking about cutting over on vallecitos road not a great idea right now showing 16 miles per hour and we are getting speeds from computers who turned none free traffic app by turning it on -- turned on this fib app.
6:54 am
bay bridge toll backed up past 880 overcrossing. live shot 101, 880 san jose no major problem there is. you can get the traffic app by going to 6:54. tomorrow santa clara city officials are expected to approve an 8789 million dollar billing contract for a new 49er -- approve an 878 building contract for a new 49er stadium. the nerc news reports for each game missed after the -- deadline contractor will be fined six million dollars. last week the nfl offered a 200 million dollar loan to the property that's the last piece of funding needed before construction could begin. recapping: over an hour from now crews are expected to resume digging for human remains at abandoned cattle ranch. >> they've found more than 300 human bones a possible bay
6:55 am
area connection. >> reporter: the surviving speed freak killer says his partner herzog kidnapped 9-year-old michaela garecht in hayward that's the local connection we don't know if her body is among those dumped at the well now being searched. weather permitting the search will continue this morning. investigators have found more than 300 human bones. convicted killer wesley shermantine on death row drew the map pointing to an old cattle ranch his family used to own. one body has been identified it is not that of michaela garecht. the bounty hunter says even though searchers have found all of those bones in the well he believes they are not digging at the well sherman -- shermantine identified, he expects more bodies at a second location. katie marzullo, abc7 news.
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6:55 now. one final check on weather. live doppler you can see the showers on the peninsula, also fremont into milpitas all heading at 35, 40 miles per hour into the south bay more showers moving northwest to southeast today the winds a big factor in the forecast faster than miles per hour in oakland, sfo half moon bay, 24 hayward to 28 in concord winds stay at these speeds throughout the afternoon. a little break tomorrow another cans of showers wednesday. bay bridge toll with wind advisory in effect traffic backed up past the 880 overcrossing. about a 10 to 15 minute wait with. wind advisory for the san mateo and benicia bridge. waze traffic maps, slowing on westbound 80 approaching hilltop in richmond because of an earlier accident has been cleared there's a few commuters around san pablo
6:57 am
avenue, starting to slow down there as well heavy traffic reported, we are reaching a break even point on whether you should take that alternate. westbound 580 through the altamont pass heavy into live more because of an earlier crash. thank you for join us. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. keep track of the latest news on twitter and talk about it at have a great day we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. back here tomorrow morning. bye-bye!
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