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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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to the scene live. >> and private plane brings the body of pwhit any houston back home. latest on the investigation. 7 news begins home. latest on the investigation. 7 news begins in 60 seconds
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>> very, very skaivrment i don't have nothing to say. >> 3 people are shot inside vallejo nail salon including a two-year-old girl. >> violence spilled into the parking lot where gunshots tore through the neighbor. good evening everyone. >> gunmen targeted the initial victim. >> it appears a friend of hers then fired back. all started inside the nail salon in the middle of shopping district on springs road where allen is live for us tonight. allen? >> this was one serious gun battle and tonight springs road at maple avenue is shut down. this whole area from this shopping plaza across the street to this parking lot is a
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crime scene. we are told 3 people were shot at tina nail salon including the 2-year-old grand-daughter of the shop owner. the owner son tells me 2 armed men walked in the salon around 7:30 and opened fire on a female customer. they ran off but apparently came back to finish the job. this time the victim male friend was ready with his gun and that's when the majority of bullet began to fly. several stores were riddled with bullet hole including fifty domino pizza shop. 2 cars in the parking lot across springs road were also hit. when all done the 2-year-old girl had been shot in the upper leg. grand mother and nail salon owner shot in both arms and female customer was shot three times. >> i don't know. outside i heard from inside then got louder louder so i got on the into and protected my baby. >> they just heard popping. a lot of them. she said sounded like over 20 shots. they just
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kind of like hit the floor. >>reporter: the 2-year-old girl was air-lifted to children hospital in oakland. no word on her condition tonight. police are releasing very little information but according to the son of the nail salon owner they are looking for 2 armed men tonight. reporting live in vallejo, abc 7 news. unbelievable. thanks very much. whitney houston body is back in her home state of new jersey tonight flown there in a private jet owned by hollywood movie maker. family working on funeral services and police are investigating her death. lillian hear now with the latest on both aspects of the story. >>reporter: it will likely take weeks before authorities determine cause of death. in the mean time houston family is preparing for large funeral service to be held possibly later this week. whitney back home in new jersey the jet that transported her body arrived
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late this evening. hours before her arrival the people of her hometown of east orange stood in tribute at the elementary school named after her. >> my mom she's in love with whitney huh stop and that was her inspiration. so i want to mimic this to show like how much that like that i really miss her. >>reporter: at the beverly hilton today houston entourage moved out. many had been questioned about her final hours. sources tell us there were no signs of trauma or foul play on houston body. no visible trace of illegal drugs but there were prescription bottles in the bathroom where she was found subject mentaled in the tub and as seen in photo by tmz there was champagne and beer in the room. none is enough for medical examiners to declare a cause of death. >> no matter what medication they are taking until we run a toxin level and what is in the system we are not going to speculate. >>reporter: as for the day leading up to her death houston was seen at hollywood night club two days before. pictures
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show her sweaty, disheveled and one leg bloody. next day she was seen skipping in the hotel lobby and doing hand stand near the pool. she even interrupted an interview cop deduct bid e television. >> she looked bad. clothes didn't match. some people said she smelled of alcohol. >>reporter: but music producer david foster none matters. he works closely with houston and produced i will always love yo you, mega hit. >> talk about it for years and years. i don't really care how it happened. she's gone. and i only have great memory of he her. >>reporter: results toxicology reports not expected for 8 week. as funeral services tentatively scheduled for friday at the prudential center in newark, new jersey that seats 18,000 people. >> thank you lillian kim reporting. >> there are a couple of reasons it could take weeks to get houston toxicology results back. one could be a backlog of casesed. in addition the lab could be testing for one or
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hundreds of substances. night lane has more on houston tragic final moments that is right that have newscast and one more programming note here. abc 2020 planning two hour special on whitney huh stop life and legacy one moment in time. life of whitney huh stop will air friday at 9:00 o'clock writ here on abc 7. >> after a day of rain we are drying out tonight but the weather prompts a warning along coastal areas. bay area is under a high surf advisory. take a look what we found in pacifica. as well as up to 14 feet are possible here along with dangerous rip current. earlier today snow fell mount hamilton in the south bay. workers got out shovel and cleared the walk wait a minute the road up to the mount hamilton is closed tonight. cal-trans camera show flurry in the sierra this evening. currently no chain requirements heading to lake tahoe but more snow is expected there. sandy will have our full forecast just ahead. the search for bodies link to the so-called speed freak killer expected to resume
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tomorrow near the central valley town of lyndon. excavation for human remains on abandoned san joaquin cattle ranch was postponed today because of the rain. over the weekend deputy found boeing fragment, shoes, clothing and jewelry leaked to convicted killer wesley and lower than. police were led to the ranch by bounty hunter leonard whether payed him 33,000 dollars for map leading to the victim remains. he believes more bodies are buried on or near the property. >> in this particular well i don't know that there's any more than a couple. i to believe in the other well further east there's as many as a dozen. >> sherman remains prison. hertz ago killed himself last month. authorities say they are hoping a break in the case will help them solve the kidnapping of my kayla nine years old when disappeared from hayward home in 1988. they
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might be responsible for her disappearance. >> those responsible for attacking and killing a dog in san jose. police say the 4 pound terrier named shadow after stomped and kicked. it happened on colonial way saturday afternoon. shadow owner was wearing red while walking his dog and he says a group of young men approached him and asked him if he was in a gang. he said no but the group attacked him and shadow. man was not seriously hurt. just out remain us act. police looking for the vandal who gutted a brand new auditorium at elementary school in one of richmond hardest hit neighborhoods. it happened at this school. 4 million dollar crown jewel auditorium had not opened yet for students. window shattered. paint was snrat splattered all over the door and floors. broken pipe flooded the building. investigators say they are working on a theory that it may have been done by someone a grunl against the school or its staff. cal-trans is hoping wet weather doesn't postpone or prolong this weekend planned closure of the westbound bay
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bridge. all lanes head nag san francisco are scheduled to shut down from 8:00 o'clock friday night until 5 tuesday morning. lane painting and paving. cal-trans warns drivers the schedule could change if heavy storms roll n.we have traffic updates throughout our weekend newscast to keep you up to date on this. and our ways app help you navigate around traffic messes like this one. become a traffic spotter by down loading the way app. just good to our web site and that's waze. >> up next on board the ship the day it slammed that the bay bridge. surprising comment from the pilot as the ship was ripped open spilling thousands of gallon office fuel in the bay. >> and supreme court justice becomes part of a dangerous crime scene. the freight engine robbery at his caribbean home. >> and millions of dollars about to pour into the bay area for the san jose bart extension. some of it completely unexpected.
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>> then later on "nightline". >> i'm cynthia. many coming up next on "nightline". the very latest on a brilliant star extinguish. devastating news of whitney huh stop death rate before the grammy. fame and tragic final moments. >> inside story on her most famous recording. that's
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>> closed captioning brought to >> you will hear what really happened in the moments before and after one of the worst environmental disaster ever in san francisco bay. 53,000 gallon of fuel oil spilled into the water when the ship hit a bay bridge support tower. dan and 7 news i team obtained audio recordings of the disastrous day. >>reporter: fog was very thick that november morning. cost to voyage data recorder captured bar pilot john code a giving orders to the ship chinese cre crew. if crew expressed concern about setting sail at such low visibility. for some
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reason the captain loses confidence in the ship radar so he turns to the electronic chart. can see the channel and the bridge. but he had difficulty recognizing a common symbol. red triangle. >> fwlal these red -- oh. about. >>reporter: look at the electronic chart. these are images from that day. now he believes the captain is telling him the red try appearing el is the opening between the 2 hours. it's actually the delta tower. ship slams natural timber protecting the tower ripping a gash 220 feet long. 14 feet high. 8 feet deep into the costco ship. >> air traffic you. >> he hit what he was aiming
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for that morning. he was apriling for a symbol on the electronic chart that he misunderstood. >>reporter: we have exclusive interview with lead investigators and the head of the epa criminal investigation division in san francisco. they told me this case should serve as deterrent for all bar pilots. >> make the right decisions. make sure you have all your faculty but and make sure you ask for help when you don't know something before you make a catastrophic mistake. >> miscommunication. what i felt was the center, was the pier. >>reporter: national transportation safety board safety board found he didn't disclose to the u.s. coast guard all of the medical conditions and that one probable cause of the accident was the pilot degrayed cognitive performance from his use of impairing prescription medication. >> stunned. stunned. that's it. >>reporter: he wound up serving 10 month ins federal prison for neglect discharge of pollutant and violating the
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migration bird treaty act. 5 53,000 gallon oil spilled from the ship. the pilot told him how bad it was. >> when i came up the stuff was coming out like this. >>reporter: spill killed thousands of birds. affected marine mammal and closed beaches and halted crabbing and fishing. company that owner the ship pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and falsifying documents after the accident. they payed 10 million dollar fine and 44 million dollars towards the cleanup. i called john for interview but reached his waiv waive. he's not returned my phone call. forth i team, abc 7 news. fbi investigating armed robbery of supreme koyrt justice steven pwrivrment he and his wife were robbed by masked man wield ago machetee last thursday at their home on the caribbean island. thief made off with 1,000 dollars. 2 friends were with the briers. nobody hurt. robber got away. unclear whether brier had any
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security with him at the time. >> bart expansion plans to san jose on track to receive 250 million dollars in federal funds. media partner the mercury news reports this the amount is 20 million dollars more than local officials actually expected. it is the first infusion of 900 million dollars in federal funding and is expected to get final approval in mid march. 2 billion dollar ex twongs run from fremont to berryessa area of san jose. could open in 2 2016. >> rain is moving on out. >> we did get a reason amount in some areas. sandy is here with the forecast. >>reporter: yes it is moving out. we got reason amounts. show you those in a moment. valentine's day we are in for some nice sunny skies tomorrow. this afternoon we didn't see whole lot of sun at least not the early part of the afternoo afternoon. from high definition camera we lack across the bay you will see the clouds with some showers moving through just some dramatic time
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lapse here as you can see. there's shower that just went through. peek of blue. we'll see more blue heading in tomorrow. there's rain. sunshine. we get a rainbow. this one sent to you report from oyster point submitted by about this and a lovely shot there. almost like the rainbow is coming out over the bay, from the bay. all right. rainfall total. over inch of rain here and impressive there. mountains helping to lift the moisture. san francisco 3400. about a quarter inch for santa rosa, saint helena, 11 hundredths in oakland. head out to livermore you are in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains. didn't pick up whole lot. 9 hundredths there and 27 hundredths of an inch in san jose. translate nude snow. alpine meadow 10 inches. home wood 8. sierra at tahoe 8 inches and here mount hamilton in the bay area that's above 4000 feet picked up 4 inches of snow as we showed you earlier in the broadcast. temperatures
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right now coming down. it's getting chilly out there. 30's and 40's highlights chilly overnight patches of fog. breezy and blue valentine's day and more showers coming in tomorrow night. so we do have a high surf advisory until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. watch out for the northwest swell. wave height 15 to 17 feet. break investigators 17 feet right on through tomorrow afternoon which means possibility of strong rip current as well. >> here's are the 2 systems that produce the showers. they are long gone. nothing left in the bay area. short break come for valentine's day then this cold front will slide through tomorrow night and that's when we will see possibility of some more rain. this one is also limit entered moisture so at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night we start to see some green here near ukiah indicating some showers developing. really the showers will be overnight event so by 3:00 a.m. most of the wet pavement is in the east bay. peninsula. south bay heading down to santa cruz mountains. not much out of this, folks, but behind it a break and it's partly sunny for
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your wednesday afternoon. shouldn't affect your morning commute on wednesday since most commute after 3:00 a.m. this will transflight snow in snachltd there an advisory for wednesday morning. chilly tonight close to freezeing in napa. 35 livermore. santa rosa. tomorrow afternoon a cool breez breezy but blue afternoon. temperatures in the mid 50's to the low 60's and around the monterey bay temperatures in the 50's for your valentine's day. here's look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast and features late night rain into wednesday morning. very light. sunny and milder for your thursday friday and even part of the saturday looks all right. chance of showers now coming in sunday many to president's day. >> thanks sandy. >> coming up next. invitation to san francisco. >> oscar subpoenaed february 26 here on abc 7. predict the winner and get the latest buzz rate now at
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>> also down load the exclusive oscar app for i-phone and i-pa i-pads. offers live video from the red carpet and from back stage on oscar subpoenaed. good stuff. we'll be back in a stage on oscar subpoenaed. good stuff. we'll be back in a moment.
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>> project help family and friend of woman who died of cancer deal with their grieve blossomed into a major effort to help others. when andrea fisher was fighting oral cancer they began kniting cap to help her and other patients losing their hair from chemoo. she died at the age of 42. two years later, 72 cap later fisher family and friends delivered them tonight to the cancer center. group also wants to educate others about oral cancer and importance of annual sceeption for your dentist. >> well, san francisco will mark valentine's day and the more or less 50th anniversary of tony bennett i left my heart in san francisco with a city hall sing along at noon tomorrow. if ♪ i left my heart ♪ . >> several local choirs will join mayor edley, senator feinstein, representative
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pelosi, bennett recorded the song 50 years ago this week. 85-year-old legend will perform the song himself at the venetian room tomorrow night for benefit for heart research. always nice to have him back in town. >> what a great song that nice it will be fun tomorrow. >> great. >> in sports tonight. mark jackson suddenly first winning streak with the warriors. come back effort tonight against streak with the warriors. come back effort tonight against phoenix. sports is next.
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>> good evening. warrior fans are split. some want them to claw their way to 5 had you. others want to see them tank and gate high draft pick. tonight they beat phoenix third straight win. no killer cross-over from steve nash but the parade of santa clara, man,
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he passed with a listened or what. chaning doing chen up on the rim. suns led throughout the first half. ellis the 3 air. up 12. david lee. keeps golden state in it. left hand. 28 points. 12 board. curry baseline bounce pass to cutting lead. warriors by 2. loose ball. welcome to rush ahour. warriors by 10. left hand her here. 102-96. warriors won 3 straight and are now at 11 and 14. shark ins washington, d.c. . dan boyle shot from way out. braiden cap third string goalie this is why. take another look here. actually deflected by joe. l pair of
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goal tonight. sharks up 3 nothing close-out the second period. squeezes it in. how much time was left. 7 tenths of a second and it's in. just beat the clock. burns. grip it rip it sharks back in control 4-1. 2 minutes later power play thornton. patrick marlo. where is the puck down by the skate. it's in. second goal of the game. shark victorious 5-3. a's cutting payroll like simon cowell cuts singers. this was stunning. they sign cuban defecttor, 4 years, 36 million dollars for a guy they hope provides powell in the middle of the line up. everybody figured he would go to a big bank roll team. a's come out of nowhere to snatch 26-year-old fielder from cuba. highest paid player on the tea team. fred solomon died today. 59 years old. he played eight
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years for the niners. superbowl champ since 1981 an 84. he said he learn about work ethic and professionalism from spreading. solomon was battling colon cancer gone too soon at 59. john mcenroe over 50 but still plays tennis. let an um pair know he was wrong. tonight at the open in san jos jose. johnny naebing showed us. second set sequence here. forehand winner coming up. soon. there. mcenroe backs up against dale and steve. checking the line cull here. in or out. he wins and that's it for toyotas sports report. >> still has the fire. >> yes he does. >> thanks e.night license up next. >> for all of us here thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time see for joining us. >> we appreciate your time see you tomorrow.
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