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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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5 a.m. on this wednesday morning. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. another california family has found bitter closure as authorities identify a second person in the hundreds even thousands of bones found at a burial site revealed by a mass killer. kauz kuz is live with the latest on -- katie marzullo is live with the latest on the the speed freak killers. >> reporter: that second victim tentatively identified as a 16-year-old who disappeared from a high school in stockton in 1985. earlier authorities tentatively id'd a 25-year-old that's two out of what could be dozens. crews have found another 00 bones and fragments. that's a total of 1,000 friday. in the bay area the family of 9-year-old michaela garecht of hayward is still waiting to find out if her remains are there. gruesome work for sure, but
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the people out there are devoted to the cause. >> i can tell you the mood of our investigators and not only our investigators we have personnel from the crime lab the doj crime lab as well as volunteers we have to send them home because they are determined to find as many remains as possible. >> reporter: convicted murderer wes shermantine led authorities to the spot calling it herzog's bone yard. he says his partner herzog did the killing. herzog was paroled and committed suicide when he learned shermantine was talking. shermantine agreed to talk after a bounty hunter agreed to pay him $33,000. some would payoff the restitution he owed to victims' families the rest he requested so he could buy a laptop, tv and candy bars. there is a second well site. the sheriff's depend has
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scheduled another news conference for 10:00 this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. we are coming up on 5:03. new information from richmond police shows vandals have damaged a newly built elementary school auditorium twice. the most recent attack caused a million dollars in damage. the city offering a big reward for helping catch the people responsible. amy hollyfield is live with details. >> reporter: $10,000 reward and the school district is going to try to match it. everyone is hoping that will motivate someone to come for. they've released new pictures hoping that will stir up anger and cause someone to bring information to the police. these picture are of the damage done sunday to the elementary school's new auditorium. now it is destroyed. police say vandals have hit at the school before we are just learning about an attack that happened last month vandals
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smashed windows caused $100,000 worth of damage that time. both times someone left behind the tag "dj." this last attack did a million dollars worth of damage. it is sickened -- it has sickened people. >> i'm really disgusted. we've worked hard to get the taxpayers to agree to improve the schools. now the money that was spent to improve the schools is just thrown away. >> reporter: the new auditorium cost about four million dollars to construct. now it is destroyed. vandals flooded it with water, splashed it with gallons of paint, smashed windows and the electrical system. police say it doesn't look like a typical student vandal. they are considering the possibility that disgruntled employees could be to blame. they don't have suspects they are hoping the reward will draw out information. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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the san francisco 49ers are 50 yards closer to the goal line this morning. the team's efforts to build a stadium in santa clara achieved a major milestone last night with way critical vote by the city council. terry mcsweeney is live in santa clara. there's a lot of incentive to build fast. >> reporter: yeah, there is. millions of dollars on the line. look behind me you can see construction materials they are so ready to start moving the infrastructure around getting it ready for the ground breaking in may. the 5-1 vote last night another huge step forward for the 49ers' move to santa clara. take a look at the city council last night the vote saying yes they want to go ahead the 850 million dollar loan. they said the contractor and penalties if the stadium is not ready up to 20 millions if it is not ready on time but a
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five million dollar bonus if it is ready on time, on time august 31st, 24 teen. the contractor says it can do it and the -- and the mayor greece. >> great contract to ensure things will be built on time and on . -- >> reporter: it appears the billion dollar stadium with santa clara borrowing 850 million dollars could only be stopped in the short term by a judge in the long term by voters. an anti-stadium group has submitted a petition to let voters decide on that big loan. the council says the voters already approved the stadium in principle. the anti-stadium group says they didn't approve the 850 million dollars in loans. judge will decide if the voters can decide again. the judge will hear that the first week of march. the stadium ground breaking is
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scheduled for may. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. san francisco couple will deal with the insurance adjusters today after spending the night in a damaged home with no power or gas. it was damaged around 9:30 last night when a dodge cruiser came down balboa street and veered into their home at 423rd avenue. the company had just finished their valentine's day dinner when they heard the crash. >> my husband and i were in the livingroom. we just heard this long screeching and then an impact, a crash. my husband right away said call 911, so i did that. when i came out here other people with were already out here pulling the man out of the car. >> the driver reportedly seemed dazed and disoriented. he was taken to a local hospital. the car hit where the power meter is pg&e turned off the electricity and gas. the home was deemed safe
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enough that the couple was allowed to spend the night. san jose leaders considering applying for federal funding to buy tiny video cameras for police to wear on their uniforms. san jose like other counties across the country pay 2.2 billion dollars each year in settlements for alleged civil rights violations in 2009 the city experimented with the cameras. alameda county supervisor nadia lockyer is in rehab. she confirms the victim of a violent assault in a newark motel she has enrolled herself in a wellness and recovery center for treatment of her injuries. she is being treated for chemical dependency and chronic pain from a past car accident. she says she has the encouragement and support of the people in her life, including her husband.
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5:08. driving in i noticed kind of windy this morning. >> let's find out what is going on this morning and later today. cold front rolled through last night scattered light showers. mainly san francisco south where the storms develop look how fast they are moving away from us, even a little snow on hamilton. the fast wind chasing those storms away, west wind 20 san jose, northwest hayward 15 same concord and novato, 25 oakland near 30 half moon bay also at sfo, a little breezy, not quite as breezy as it was monday the. you can see the jet stream straight down from canada, notice nothing upstream but mainly mostly sunny conditions and pretty seasonal temperatures upper 50s to low 60s with the northwest wind running mainly around 10 to 20 miles per hour this afternoon. santa rosa could be the cool spot at 63°.
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much calmer, cooler tonight, 30s and 40s temperatures the next couple of days will rebound into the mid 60s slightly cooler saturday, sunday dry until sunday night into monday. time for traffic. good morning. we have wind advisory for the bay bridge on the dumbarton bridge both hands on the we'll it hasn't been as windy as you've experienced in the past week. also, i'll take to you the south bay 280 and highway 17 in san jose, northbound 280, there's some emergency roadwork going on southbound 85 connector ramp to highway 17 blocked until 7:30. you can take winchester to lark as an alternate. here traffic is light in the south bay. injury crash in solano county, american canyon on-ramp to westbound 80 still out there, west 80 good heading towards vallejo.
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now the waze traffic app, commuters have turned on this free app and they are on the roads out of tracy, still looking good flew the altamont pass even -- good through the altamont pass. this is a great tool to have, you can check out traffic wherever other commuters have turned on this app. you can go to to download it to your iphone or smartphone it will be especially helpful to get around the bay bridge closure this weekend. our time is 5:11. just to follow up on what frances said it is decision day we'll know in hours if the planned closure of the upper deck of the bay bridge this weekend is a go for work. we will show thank you exclusive waze to navigate around the closure. >> weather is going to be a big factor in that. >> warning about a controversial breast cancer fighting drug. the valentine's day tradition that is not a big
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hit with san francisco cleanup crews. more colors. same edge.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld a company has major warning for cancer patients there are counterfeit vials of the dug on the markets did prescribed it to treat, colon, lung, kidney and bran cancer, bringing six billion dollars a year in profits for the company. the s don't contain the key
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ingredient of its drug and -- don't say the name on its packaging. caltrans keeping a close eye on the weather today to determine whether or not it is still a go for this weekend's westbound closure of the bay bridge. the closure from friday night to tuesday morning is to allow workers to do work. rain could postpone it but it would take a lot of rain to do that. now is a great time to download waze to your smartphone to help you get around the traffic jams. jonathan bloom has more. >> reporter: ben commutes into san francisco across the bay bridge. >> normally this is terribly backed up this is the worst part of my trip. >> reporter: from friday night until tuesday morning there won't be any back-up because the upper deck will be closed if he has to drive into the city ben will use waze the traffic and navigation app on his smartphone.
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>> i'll use it to know which bridge i should take. >> reporter: waze get data from every user in real-time making it suited to help during a major bridge closure. >> there could be dozens of alternate routes that will change minute by minute. >> reporter: by using the app you are contributing your speed and location. >> the more users we have the more i'll be able to do almost like my entire traffic report around the bay area on waze. >> reporter: since traffic reporter frances dinglasan began featuring waze on the air more than 2,000 people have joined the traffic spotters' group. waze users can report traffic jams. >> someone submitted a picture with their report something you do not want to get stuck in. >> reporter: a passenger took this picture. using the phone's touch screen while drive something dangerous and illegal now you can report traffic without touching your phone. just wave your hand over your
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iphone and waze will ask questions to make a report. >> i would never have reported that previously. >> reporter: it can navigate to locations like home and work. waze will have up to the minute status on the weekend closure and roping of the bay bridge. >> announcer: you have reached your -- destination. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc7 news. public works crews in san francisco were up late last night cleaning up a lot of feathers. hundreds of people gathered for the 7th annual valentine's day pillow fight at justin herman plaza last night. people came out swinging! looks fun, right? the cleanup isn't. it is costly. it has cost the city thousands of dollars. that looks like fun. >> you can put a price tag on fun. >> you can if you are the one sweeping it up. >> that is true.
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>> 5:17. let's take a look at the weather. definitely breezy out there compared to yesterday. not as fast as it was monday good morning. 5:18 welcome to wednesday beautiful look at the clear air that has taken over our neighborhoods as we look at the financial district. live doppler showing how fast these storms are moving from us. still snow up in the mountains frances says you need chains if you head up that way. the snow will be over by 10:00 when the winter weather advisory expires for lake tahoe. 37 in napa, low to mid 40s in most other neighborhoods oakland 48 with the winds slight wind chill, it will feel five or six degrees cooler than what the thermometer says. mid to upper 40s monterey bay. gilroy 44, salinas 50. today mostly sunny and breezy
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probably a northwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour slightly faster over the ocean. calmer and warmer the next company of days still watching for a chance of rain sunday night into monday. a chance of pretty light rain at that. today temperatures close to average, mostly sunny, upper 50s to low 60s. santa rosa could be the exception 64 clear lake on the other end at 54. 63 santa rosa, 54 in clear lake. mid to upper 50s monterey bay watson 60. near 60 morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. tonight dry air, calm conditions and lack of clouds could see frost form especially around santa rosa, napa, cloverdale and clear lake mid to upper 30s throughout the east bay valleys even mid 30s around fremont, palo alto, san jose, morgan hill to santa cruz 39, usual spots in the 40s san rafael, richmond, oakland, san mateo, half moon bay and
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san francisco low to mid 40s tomorrow morning. high pressure moving on to the coast that means we'll get a northerly wind today, dry it will chase the showers down to the south, notice upstream which would be about due northwest there's clouds up there, no real strong storm systems coming at us the next couple of days with the high pressure settling into the great basin we'll get sunshine, maybe a little fog during the morning hours and temperatures that will be the warmest mid to upper 60s from the coast, near 60, slight on shore wind cooler with a few more clouds saturday, sunday, sunday night into monday, a chance of light rain for warmer -- before warmer weather on tuesday. have a great day. westbound 80 in berkeley, traffic flowing well here heading towards the bay bridge. there's a wind advisory for the bay bridge and dumbarton bridge. also an accident in the solano county area it has been out there for a while on the
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american canyon on-ramp to westbound 80 looks like westbound 80 still looking good knew vallejo. across the dumbarton bridge, 880 looking good as well as 101 on the peninsula. waze traffic maps this is abc7's exclusive traffic app you can get an idea what it is looking like now because of these commuters that jonathan bloom told us about with traffic flowing well, get speeds across the san mateo bridge this is a great app to use especially if the westbound bay bridge closure goes into effect this weekend. it will give you good ideas if you should head over to the rich man -- get this by going to and be part of the traffic spotter community. 5:21. twitter users, the mobile
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app that could be giving away personal information. call him top dog the furry winner of the nation's most prestigious dog show. >> oscar sunday is a week and a half away you can go right now to to get the latest download the oscar app for iphone and ipad, it will give you live video from hollywood on oscar sunday. [ female announcer ] allergy congestion?
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allegra-d d-congests, d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, n-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion. good morning many you are looking at the bay bridge toll
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traffic fine. as of now caltrans is still planning to shutdown the upper deck this president's day holiday weekend to do important work needed for the new bridge the new eastern span. we are going to see if that is going to happen there's rain in the forecast. meteorologist mike nicco will way in on the -- willway in on the forecast. with the click of a button twitter mobile users are giving up more information than they realize. twitter admits when you tap the find friends feature on your phone the company servers download your entire address book, names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers the information is stored for 18 months. the company now says it will update its apps to let users know the information is being downloaded. it doesn't say the practice will stop. there's a new top dog at the westminster kennel club in new york city. the best in show went to a pekingese -- the dog beat out
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the likes of a german shepard, irish setter, terrier and -- there you go the new top dog. no accounting for taste. a face mom could love. more than 1,000 human bones found the grisly search that begins offering new clues for families of missing loved ones. the latest on the dig on a central valley ranch for the victims of a pair of serial killers. if a riot breaks out why berkeley might not rush to help its neighbors. big announcement iran made less than an hour ago that is raising nuclear tensions in the mideast. highs today across the country, mid to upper 40s around portland, seattle, salt lake, 66 if he anything. low to mid -- 66 phoenix.
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low 50s new york and washington, d.c. upper 40s boston. quiet conditions except for in the midwest not causing any delays. nor are our showers here in california they will as they head into l.a. this afternoon. use that flight tracker
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happy wednesday. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. an abandoned cattle ranch has turned up information in another cold case murder. police have recovered 1,000 bones and fragments based on information supplied by one of the two speed freak killers. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. forensic experts will be back out there today. >> reporter: they will and everyday as long as it is safe they say, there are more bones and more personal belongs being found everyday many sheriff's department is
5:31 am
offering updates twice a day to the media that next briefing 10:00 this morning. that second victim has been tentatively identified it is a 16-year-old who disappeared from stockton. a 25-year-old was already tentatively id'd and many more victims are buried. crews have found 700 bones and fragments that totals 1,000 since friday. >> i've been in this business over 30 years is the most gruesome crime scene that i've been involved with. it is just unreal. >> reporter: convicted killer wes shermantine led authorities to the spot calling it herzog's bone yard. loren herzog and shermantine are suspected of as many as 20 murders in the 80s and 90s. shermantine agreed to reveal the site after a bounty hunter agreed to pay him $33,000. some of that we learned would
5:32 am
payoff the restitution he owes the victims' families. the rest he requested to buy a laptop, television and canada bars inside prison. herzog killed himself -- after learning shermantine was talking. investigators will continue to dig today in the bay area the family of 9-year-old michaela garecht of hayward is waiting to learn if her remains are in one of the wells. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the berkeley city council approved a standard mutual aid for the police department proposing new parameters when deciding whether to answer other police department's requests for help. berkeley city leaders met last night they want to make it clear the city will not offer mutual aid on political demonstrations like this one during the occupy oakland protests and occupy cal demonstrations on the uc cam bus last fall. officials want berkeley police to handle civil disobedience as if it were manage ago event and the police chief to call
5:33 am
off mutual fade the atmosphere doesn't provide human rights safeguards. >> we don't want police to automatically respond but to evaluate if we should and how. >> we want to be nonviolent as possible, if things get out of hand we'll respond accordingly. >> the proposal for the special conditions will be analyzed by the police review commission. the council will vote on it in early may. last night the council officially threw support behind the 878 million dollar project to build the team a new stadium there are powerful incentives to get the project done on time. terry mcsweeney is live with the story. >> reporter: the contractor needs to take this empty lot here next to great america and turn it into a one billion dollar football stadium state-of-the-art facility by august 31st, 2014, 2 1/2 years
5:34 am
from now this has to be a done deal stadium or contractor could be facing 20 millions in fines. take a look at the santa clara city council last night voting 5-1 in favor of this deal approaching an 850 million dollar loan for this one billion dollar stadium the nfl kicking in the rest of that money. contractor gets the contractor but it -- gets the contract but be faced with a six million dollar fine per game missed with a cap of 20 million dollars. if it is ready the company gets a five million dollar bonus lots of local jobs promised. santa clara plays fair says we want voters to decide that 850 million dollar loan and that takes time. >> we have litigation they took us to court for gathering signatures. then they turn around and push this through. what's the hurry?
5:35 am
>> reporter: the council says voters already approved this stadium they did by a 60% margin. however, the 850 million dollar loan was not specified when the ballot measure was passed by voters a couple of years ago. santa clara plays fair got a petition together. city council said the petition no good. right now it is in front of a judge that judge is going to make up his or her mind the first week of march. right now the plan is to break ground in may. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:35. vallejo police investigating the city's first homicide of the year. police say 23-year-old man of vallejo was shot numerous times yesterday. the shooting happened before 5:00 last night. a friend of the victim took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police believe there is only one suspect involved they
5:36 am
haven't disclosed any motive. berkeley city council postponed voting on a proposal that with would allow people to avoid certain parking tickets. berkeley and oakland are considering ordinances that would block officers from writing tickets when the driver is there. a parking ticket in berkeley is $45 and brings in 1 1/2 million dollars in revenue. oakland's parking tickets cost $68 their ordinance would give drivers at automated kiosks five extra minutes to show up and move their cars. students at mount diablo high have access to all the restrooms for the first name months. the principal ordered that 14 of the school's 15 restrooms be locked after vandals caused thousands in damage. some restrooms were hard to have vice because of their location student protest -- gained nationwide attention.
5:37 am
students return from a holiday weekend yesterday to find the closed restrooms roped. state law requires schools to have -- reopened. state law requires schools to have a set number of restrooms open. you drove across the bay bridge did it feel windy? >> not bad like a couple days ago. >> we have wind advisories out there. good morning. winds will be running perpendicular novato up to 22, sfo nine, near 30 half moon bay, 20 mountain view, 15 san jose, some areas a breath in livermore southwest three hardly any wind in napa calm conditions this morning temperatures running the same if not slightly warmer thanks to the winding keeping the atmosphere overturned only half moon bay and antioch are slightly cooler than yesterday. we are going to start off in the 30s around santa rosa, napa, the rest of us in the
5:38 am
low to mid 40s with a mostly sunny 8:00 hour. as we head to noon, mostly sunny and low to mid 50s the exception could be san jose, 49 you are close. we head into the afternoon, a north to northwesterly wind 10 to 20 miles per hour, temperatures that will hang out in the mid to upper 50s even 60 around santa rosa. calmer and warmer thursday and friday, slightly cooler saturday and sunday, sunday night into monday, a chance of rain before warmer weather tuesday. good morning. there's emergency guardrail repair work going on now. caltrans has the southbound 85 connector ramp to highway 17 shutdown until 7:30 this morning. your alternate is winchester to lark that should get you on to highway 17. we'll take to you a live shot near the area this is highway 280 for headlights moving northbound, 17 coming out of santa cruz mountains.
5:39 am
you get the idea traffic still light in the south bay that's the only problem we have going on, major problem. westbound 80 looking good through berkeley just debris reported a few minutes ago westbound 80 ashby heading towards the bay bridge no delays on the bay bridge traffic light have both hands-on the wheel because we've had a wind advisory for the bay bridge and dumbarton bridge. here's the waze traffic map altamont pass starting to see moderate traffic develop on highway 84 out of livermore. you can get more information for your commute by going to become a traffic spotter by putting this free gps with traffic information on your iphone or smartphone. 5:39. democrats and republicans in congress strike a tax deal. what it could mean for you, next. u.s. forces on high alert
5:40 am
near iran. at nunsment today that is certain to raise nuclear tensions. -- the memorial for whitney houston. why her family wants to keep it a private fair.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. . welcome back. on capitol hill house and senate gauche sure have reached a tent agreement on renewing a payroll tax cut
5:43 am
that could give $20 a week to the average worker. they hope to send the legislation to president obama as early as this week. a two per continuing point cut in the social security payroll tax could be extended -- through end of the year. jobless benefits for long term unemployed would be renewed. doctors would be saved from a big cut in medicare pavements. iran just announced -- it has loaded nuclear fuel rods into its reactor defiant move in response to toughening western sanctions. state tv says president ahmadinejad inserted the first fuel rod into the reactor this morning. today's development came as iran says it has cut oil exports to six european countries which was in response to eu sanctions. >> >> american warships in the strait of harmoz are on high alert this morning. the destroyer is part of a navy task force on patrol in
5:44 am
the strait which controls access to saudi arabia's vital oilfields. the narrow strait is heavily patrolled by the iranian -- iranian navy. whitney houston's family has decided to hold a private funeral in weekend services will be held saturday at the same church where she sang as a child. it will be invitation-only. her family is asking that any donations in her memory be made to the public school in new jersey that bears her name. new jersey flags will flay at half-staff in her honor. the investigation into her death is shifting to the prescription drugs found in her room and how she got them. tmz reports that houston told friends in the days leading up to her death that she really wanted to see jesus and had premonitions of her own death. 20/20 will air a two hour whitney houston special friday night at 9:00. see it right here on abc7. this is scary for ladies,
5:45 am
lipstick or leadstick. the government says hundreds of lipstick contains lead we told you about that now new details in the bloomberg business report coming up. husbands and wives of military members getting new help finding jobs everyone the red tape that is about to go away. lin sill sanity. the buzzer beating that is adding to his new legend --.
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5:48 am
a little snow up in the mountains this morning this with will continue until 10:00. you can -- this will continue until 10:00. the rain and snow will slide down to around los angeles and san diego during the afternoon. let's check out winds breezy through the central valley mid to upper 50s, upper 50s around l.a. and san diego, 64 in palm springs. 5:48 now. sunnyvale police are warning residents to beware of a new phone scam. officers say in the one reported case so far a resident got a call from a man saying has with the sunnyvale computer department and the victim's computer is transmitting badda that. this may be an attempt to get -- information that would allow the scammer to take remote control of the computer. sunnyvale does not have a computer department and does not make calls like that.
5:49 am
san francisco voters will not get a chance to change their rank choice voting system for now. the supervisors have decided not to put either one of two proposals before voters. within would have placed the system with a runoff proposal that was taked the other to amen rank choice will be analyzed more. critics of rank choice say it is confusing and leads to too many candidates. linsanity, lin led the knicks to a thrilling come from behind win he scored 207 points. 11 assist. he had the palo alto high school graduate drained the jump with a half second on the clock that gave the knicks the
5:50 am
first lead and the 90-87 victory. >> [ inaudible ] he was trying to push me left backed up a little and i just i could hit the three and tried to take it down to as little time as possible i thank my lord and saviour jesus christ for that shot man thankful that it went in. >> he's probably thankful for this, his living standards are moving up he's subletting a luxury apartment at the trump tower from ex-knick david lee. lin had been sleeping on his brother's couch in the lower eastside. "good morning america" will have more on lin including something he said about the warriors last night, the team that let him go. >> being the hottestning in the nba and sleeping on your -- being the hottest thing in the nba and sleeping on your
5:51 am
brother's couch -- >> i think somebody offered to buy it for a million dollars. >> that is insane. it is quiet our pattern is going to be kwai for the next several days before the chance of rain -- quiet for the next several days before the chance of rain starts to roll in. golden gate bridge one of the bridges least affected by the winds because it runs north-south winds running northwest to southeast. you can see showers well away from us. that left a couple hundredths of is inch behind you may find wet spots during your commute 38 napa, 39 livermore the rest of us lower to middle 40s around monterey bay and inland. as far as this monk sunny, breezy, calmer -- this morning, sunny, breezy, calmer. chance of rain sunday night into monday.
5:52 am
today upper 50s to low 60s in most neighborhoods under a mostly sunny sky clear lake 54 and santa rosa 63°. head down to the monterey bay, breezy with mid 50s around monterey upper 50s to low 60s for the rest of the bay and as you head inland. clear tonight you can see how much cooler it will be with the possibility of frost in the north bay especially around santa rosa, napa, clear lake and cloverdale mid to upper 30s east bay valleys, fremont, palo alto, santa clara valley, 39 santa rosa low to mid 40s around the bay water. here's what we are looking at cold front swept through quickly high pressure billing into the great basin that will push the storm farther east we'll have inside sliders the next couple of days that could bring a dusting, couple of inches of snow into the sierra. for us at 9:00 sunday, you can
5:53 am
see a storm coming down it will graze us with light rain sunday night into monday morning. then it just falls apart and moves back to the north. the storm track does monday afternoon. maybe 2/10 of an inch of rain at most out of this system. is that enough to close the bay bridge? not sure right now. they'll let us know. mid to upper 60s way from the ocean thursday and friday. warmer there slightly cooler as the winds come back over the water into our neighborhoods saturday and sunday you can see the increase in clouds chance of rain monday drier and warmer tuesday. have a great day. we have two injury accidents in the north bay. new one just reported in napa southbound 29 past 1st street. it is blocking the road. another injury crash on american canyon on the on-ramp to westbound 80. westbound 80 unaffected at this point. keep in mind that injury crash
5:54 am
in napa that could slow things down heading out of the area. north bay ride in san rafael, 101 fine looks good for headlights moving southbound to the golden gate bridge which you saw earlier from mike's report. we are going do check out other about -- other bay area bridges with the waze traffic map. we have commuters on the roads so far still looking pretty good here across the bay bridge. something just happened right there. you notice all all of a sudden someone reported a complete standstill by abc7 traffic spotter. just a heads up there is a wind advisory for the bay bridge and the dumbarton bridge in is a great tool to have available when you are commuting you can share information by turning the app on or submitting a report. you can put it on the smartphone or iphone and become a part of the traffic spotter community.
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we'll keep you posted on that bay bridge problem that was just reported. it is now 5:54. >> that's real-time traffic there. an apology from sony about price increases on whitney houston songs. >> a lot of people didn't like that. here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. read my lips you may be eating lead because of your make-up, fda says 400 types of the lipstick contain trace amounts of lead. the worst offender pink pedal, lead can lead to any damage and reduce i.q.. sony apologizing for hiking prices on two whitney houston albums on itunes the day after the singer's tragic death. sony calls the hikes a mistake.
5:56 am
sony lowered prices back down at the end of the weekend. >> pepsico has a new strategy, add water focusing on marketing products with lower juice content. consumers add water to their oj any way so they say why not add it for them and charge for it. i'm jane king. things may be looking up for california's battered economy. standard & poor's has bumped the state's credit rating up a notch. forecast to be released today saying the state is poised to add nearly half a million new jobs over the next two years. this morning the white house is expected to announce a new program aimed at helping military spouses find jobs. the spouses of service members can find it difficult to find employment because they move around so much. teachers, child care workers and nurses are particularly
5:57 am
affected because they require state licenses to perform their jobs and those licenses don't cross state lines. the new program will streamline occupational licensing. more than a third of all military spouses in the labor force are affected. just ahead, new regulations on medical marijuana distributors go up in smoke in the bay area's biggest city. wrong turn that brought a valentine dinner to a crashing halt. >> reporter: still no suspects in the vandalism attack in richmond over the weekend. next, find out what police are doing to try and pull people forward. h@ c c c c cab@a@a@a@a@a
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