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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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with 5:01 thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. in a few hours air force one will touchdown at a bay area airport bringing president obama to san francisco for a series of big money fundraisers. amy hollyfield is on nob hill. most of those will be on the average person -- will be beyond the average person's reich. one may not be. >> reporter: i can't afford it. this area will be full of rich people today. there will be protesters
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making statements of arctic drilling and medical marijuana, secret service will be here, streets blocked. expect nob hill to be conjested today. the president is doing a west coast sweep he was in l.a. last night he an event at a soap opera producer's home. later he had dinner with guests that included george clooney and -- in san francisco there will be a private dinner in pacific heights that will cost $35,800. he has an event at the mark hopkins hotel that also costs $35,800. he will go to the nob hill masonic center for the masses 2500 guests tickets start at $100 that will feature a performance by chris cornell he's probably going to raise about eight million dollars this trip. the president guess to seattle tomorrow. while in l.a. he -- he told his supporters this election
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is not going to be easier it is going to be harder this time. he is really trying to get the base fired up to get him reelected. he touches down around 1:00 then headed to the city. keep in mind that will be happening after the lunch hour if you want to plan accordingly, consider yourself warned. traffic does come to a standstill and there were come plains all over twitter and letters to the editor. consider yourself warned. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. thank you amy. 5:03. the career plans of some bay area college students may be smashed this morning. they may get their money back. today state officials will be at the campuses of the institute of medical education in oakland and san jose. regulators say the college was not accredited and operated mri and ultrasound programs without state approval. students were paying between
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$20,000 and $30,000 for the classes. officials will ensure students they can to get tuition back. police winding up gruesome recovery work at one well and preparing to move to another. they've already recovered more than 1,000 bones and fragments from victims of the so-called speed freak killers. soon they are likely to find more. are katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with this story. >> reporter: more at the second well almost certainly maybe more at this first well. we could know today. crews are going to send a high-tech camera to the bottom of the site it will show if there are bones underground. convicted murder wes shermantine one of two killers decked authorities to the site from his cell on death row. search crews have found more than 1,000 human bones and s, many remains are -- are being
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testified at the dna lab in richmond. searchers have found personal items like clothing and jewelry. >> they've been underground for several years they are delicate. we have to clean 'em up, see if the -- what the initials read on that ring, if any. >> reporter: there's been talk specifically that about a ring that might have initials on it. there's controversy over the method of the recovery effort. some say evidence will be lost or destroyed because crews have been digging with that large backhoe. others support what the investigators have done saying it was the only way to dig that deep and cover that much ground. shermantine and loren herzog are suspected in 15 to 30 murders. investigators move to a second well next about three miles east where shermantine says more bodies are buried. we will learn if there are updates after this morning's regularly scheduled briefing in san joaquin, 10:00 this
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morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. in san francisco a search underway for a suspected kidnapper who police say grabbed an 8-year-old girl on her way to school. she was able to break free. it happened in the bay view district monday. the suspect described as african-american male in his 30s with short dreadlocks. scar on his upper right cheek and wore a hand kerr chief during the incident. -- handkerchief during the incident. new details this morning in the domestic violence case against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. mirkarimi is accused of grabbing and bruising his wife during a new year's eve argument. according to court documents, mirkarimi's wife eliana lopez told neighbors the family took a surprise trip the next day the district attorney has seen -- has subpoenaed records.
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prosecutors subpoenaed the couple's marriage license which is standard in domestic violence cases. mirkarimi goes on trial on three misdemeanor charges next week. it is the day before the long planned and long anticipated president's day weekend total closure of westbound bay bridge. this morning transit agencies are revealing plans to help drivers cope. terry mcsweeney is live at the bart station. what is bart doing? >> reporter: bart is going to ride to the rescue! what do you expect bart to do, according to the bart president who was out here this morning giving an update on what bart is going to be to its riders and to get people from here to there. meaning from the east bay to san francisco. the bay bridge is not going to be an option this weekend. take a look at pictures of those trains that are going to be riding to the rescue. they are going to be running overnight hours, keeping 14 stations open, 24 hours during
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most of the closure of the westbound bay bridge. the westbound bay bridge is going to be closed from 8:00 tomorrow night to 5:00 tuesday morning bart is going to be running from 8:00 tomorrow night through until 1:00, tuesday morning. work is being down on the westbound lanes from the toll to the incline detours so crews can complete the new bridge's eastern span. if you look now, a graphic we have telling you about the bart operating 24 hours until 1:00 tuesday morning. help from the ferries as well. there is going to be -- we don't have that graphic we have holiday schedule for the ferries and ac transit stopping at the west oakland bart station you can get off there, get on bart and get into san francisco. bart saying, please come ride us. if you haven't ridden bart before, give us a shot. if you have, they are going to be available 24 hours, starting from 8:00 tomorrow night until 1:00 on tuesday
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morning. bart is saying oracle trance is saying they could wrap up their -- or caltrans is saying they could wrap up construction earlier tuesday morning. the bart trains could be running the duration of the closure. for more let's check in with the woman who has the waze and means, frances dinglasan in the traffic center. mass transit is a great way to get around the closure. i want to take you to the exclusive waze traffic app. great way to figure out what your alternates are around the bay bridge closure. all those bubbles you see are commuters who have turned on this free traffic app. by doing so, they are sharing their speeds with you. the waze maps will tell you where things are slow. it is looking good on 880 to the san mateo -- san mateo bridge 101 heading to san francisco those of you considering heading to the richmond san rafael bridge we are not seeing any slowing.
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we don't see any problems now heading to the bay bridge. i'm going to show you how great this application is by taking you to a photo i took yesterday it shows a lot of heavy traffic on westbound 580 towards the bay bridge this the kind of information you can get when you need it. notice westbound 80 wasn't that backed up it started to slow at the foot of the maze westbound 580 backed up to 24 this is what it looked like idea at the peak not now. this is what it looks like now, heading through the maze westbound 80, 580, quiet. of course, if you are heading to the bay bridge toll no delays right now. of course, you want to know wait is like when you need it. that's when -- you want to know what it is like when you need it. you can download it to your phone is like having gps for free on your phone with
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traffic information. now for the weather we go to mike. good morning. temperatures continuing their decline as the winds are starting to slow everywhere coolest stepping out in conduct cord redwood city and half moon bay mid to upper 30s mid to upper -- what we are watching high clouds, system to our north is going to miss us, high includes will overrun us we start off sunny with high includes and will probably stay in this mostly sunny regime during the afternoon. without the winds look at how the heat builds, warmth instead not heat this time of the year. let's take a look at your seven day forecast, increasing clouds slightly cooler tomorrow, chance of scattered light rain friday night into saturday morning saturday afternoon into sunday slightly breezier more clouds and a 10° drop by sunday afternoon,
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sunday into monday another chance of scattered, light showers. have a great day. we are coming up on 5:12. it took years to get junk food out of schools. health leaders say there's a new threat to california students. how food trucks may be forced to move on. an iphone app that violated users' privacy gets the attention of a powerful california congressman. the questions he's demanding that apple answer. there may be change coming to your change. the white house considers a plan to make cheaper nickels and pennies.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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welcome back. new effort to fight obesity would restrict where popular food trucks would set up. a ban that would prevent the trucks from schools. school health officials say the trucks undermine efforts to get students to eat healthy. >> we serve fruits and vegetables everyday we are mandated to. we have limits on how much fat our meals can have, sodium, sugar. when there's a food truck outside the school, they do not have to follow any of these national standards. >> you have a mcdonald's next to the eye school i to and a doughnut shop. what is healthier -- >> some cities have already banned food trucks near schools. congressman henry waxman is one of two lawmakers asking apple to explain why the
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company isn't doing more to secure private information of iphone users. they said the app was automatically downloading address books without permission. they said it was industry practice. waxman wants apple to describe all app guidelines that relate to privacy. he wants to know why apple does not give users the ability to turn off that information on a tick app like it does with location? -- >> new plan to make small change more affordable. it costs more to make pennies and nickels than the coins are worth. pennies cost 2 1/2 cents to make, nickels cost 11 cents to make, twice its value president obama's budget includes a measure that would allow the treasury department to make them cheaper to manufacture. the change could save 100 million dollars a year. you can work out how many pennies, nickels that is at home, because i can't do it
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here mike is working s planning your holiday weekend. >> -- we have a couple of chances of scattered height showers as we head through the holiday weekend and a couple of chances of snow in the sierra might be a good time to finally head up there and get in some of that skiing. beautiful picture from mount tamalpais. temperatures keep free falling as winds continue to cool we are in the mid to upper 30s concord, redwood city, half moon bay los gatos mid to upper 40s everywhere else holding on to the 50s now in san rafael, san francisco and oakland occupier 30s to low 40s monterey bay and inland, -- high clouds and sunshine, warm temperatures today, a chance of showers friday night and sunday night scattered and very light, breezy and cooler, that's what all of us will
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deal with during the weekend. as far as today's temperatures, low to mid 60s in most neighborhoods we may get to 68 in santa rosa and 67 in cloverdale that would be exception cool spot 61 half moon bay oakland 65 san jose 66 mid 60s around the monterey bay, -- mind 60s inland tonight mid to upper 30s in the north bay, east bay valleys, possibly 41 in antioch, 40 vallejo. usual pocket around san rafael, richmond, oakland, san francisco, san mateo and half moon bay low to mid 40s. area of low pressure continues to sit south still going to bring rain and mountain snow in the extreme southern parts of our state we are under the influence of high pressure, high clouds trying to overrun it today mostly sunny jet dream sitting on top of us that is going to steer this next system towards us
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starting tomorrow. for today, you can see how sunny it is going to be with a few high clouds and calmer than yesterday overnight clouds increase as we head towards tomorrow morning. those are some of the high clouds we were talking about. low clouds start to move in during the evening hours friday by 9:00, 10:00, a few light showers possible in the north bay if you have plans don't worry about the rain it will move in well after all of the establishments are closed if you get my drift. saturday morning, a few chances of scattered light rain mainly cloudiness saturday, sunday, cooler weather tuesday wednesday of next week sunshine and warmer trend again. let's turn it over to frances with traffic. nice and quiet now. accidents have been cleared looking better especially with road construction a lot of it gone. 280 up towards cupertino no problems on 17 coming out of santa cruz mountains heading
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across the san mateo bridge shortly you can expect a quiet glide both directions westbound on the right delay-free 880 through hayward and 101 in san mateo. contra costa county southbound looks good this is north main towards highway 24 and through the san ramon valley. i want to take you to the waze traffic app, a great way to find out what conditions are wherever other folks have turned on this free app. we can find out traffic is slow in tracy, someone reported heavy traffic already on westbound 205. now i'm going to check out the ride through antioch, still not too bad at this point, i did see a few commuters on the road real-time, so it is popping up now. we have a traffic spotter right there. join our group and our community. get in free app by going to be a traffic spotter. you can put this on your iphone or smartphone.
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our time is 5:20. say good-bye to the king. the change coming to some of america's most popular sweet treats. amazing new rocket paving the way for cheaper space research. [ woman ] before allegra, my allergy medicine
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took hours to work or made me drowsy. after allegra, i have the only one that's both fast and non-drowsy. after allegra, i have it all. good morning. our camera from vollmer peak showing you the bay bridge. we'll tell you more about the closure of the upper deck coming up. you see it is a little shakey. mike tells me the winds are 18 gusting to 28 miles an hour in the higher elevations.
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forget king-sized. time to downsize for some of america's favorite candy bars. the mars company says all chocolate bars will go on a diet, slim down thousand 250 calories by the end of next year. including snickers and the mars bar. twix and m & m's are already under 250 calories. they recipes with will not change, just the size. oscar still has a home but not a name. u.s. bankruptcy judge has approved a request by kodak to end its sponsorship deal with the hollywood theater when -- odak inked a 74 million dollar deal, they -- they filed for bankruptcy last month. now it is anybody's guess what name will grace the facade of the theater for oscar ceremonies weekend after next, february 26th, right here on
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abc7, predict the winners and get the latest buzz right now at you can download the exclusive oscar app for iphones and ipads it will give access to a live feed from the red carpet and backstage on oscar sunday. privately built rocket has made its first free flight in the mojave desert. it could play a big part in nasa's future. >> 3, 2, 1! >> it is an unmanned rocket from the draper lab it lifted off through horizontally and landed in one minute. the system uses guidance systems that could be used for landers heading to the moon, mars asteroids even. nasa wants to develop cheaper and reusable vehicles to carry research experiments on suborbital flights. >> very interesting technology. president obama comes to
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the bay area today. we are live with what will be on his agenda and what you can expect if you are in downtown san francisco today. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland, bart is announcing plans to make sure talk get there from here. i'll tell what they are going to do when the bay bridge closes. speak of closing, tens of thousands in tuition down the drain. the local college being forced to shutdown and the students left asking what now? high temperatures across the country not bad 30s and 40s for most of the us as you head towards the south, phoenix, dallas, atlanta in the 60s, new orleans in the 70s, d.c. mild, 52. good news only boston is reporting delays and their flight departure delays all major airports and regional california airports on time. if delays develop we'll have it, you can too with our flight tracker
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just another day until that closure happens. thanks for joining us i'm eric
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thomas. and i'm kristen sze. in a few hours you will begin seeing road closures in san francisco today because president obama will make several symptoms in the city to raise funds. protesters will be raising issues. amy hollyfield is live on nob hill with the presidential details. >> reporter: they will be making statements about arctic drilling and medical marijuana. you will see them here on nob hill. you will see people with a lot of money at the hotel for a meeting with the president that will cost $35,800. no press is allowed there. the mass event will be down at the street at the nob hill masonic, 2500 people there and tickets star at $100 this is part of a west -- tickets start at $100 this is part of a west coast tour. the president had an intimate dinner and guests included george clooney and jim belushi.
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in hollywood, he was telling his supporters that it going to be a tough election he thinks it is going to be harder than the first time around. he was in wisconsin and there, the president talked about jobs. >> the president: what is happening in detroit can happen in other industries. what happens in cleveland, pittsburgh and raleigh, and milwaukee that's what we've got to be shooting for to create opportunities for hardworking americans to get in there and start making stuff again and sending it all over the world. products stamped with three proud words "made in america." >> reporter: the president will attend a private dinner at a home, 70 people will be there that costs $35,800 per person. of course the big event at the masonic theater, nob hill masonic, 2500 people. all of this money will be going to the obama victory
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fund. he's expected to pick up eight million dollars on this trip. some think he's going to need every dollar. democrats are saying they believe the republicans will be spending hundreds of millions in an attempt to defeat president obama. amy hollyfield, abc7 news 5:32 now. caltrans doesn't think the weather will be a factor so the agency is going ahead with plans to close the upper deck of the bay bridge this weekend. while they reconfigure the approach on the oakland side. terry mcsweeney is live at 12th street bart station to tell us how bart has a plan to try to help pick up the slack. >> reporter: it is a big plan. you know it is when the bart board president come out here at 5:00 in the morning for a news conference as he did this morning to tell us what bart going to do to help people get into san francisco from the east bay when the bridge is no longer an option that starts tomorrow night at 8:00. look at some of the trains
5:33 am
that he says are going to be increasing in service and having more service going to be running 24 hours during the closure of the westbound bay bridge from 8 tomorrow night until 5:00 tuesday morning is when the bridge is scheduled to be closed bart going to run until 1:00 tuesday morning. work done on westbound lanes toll plaza to the incline so crews can complete the new eastern span. we asked him about maintenance of the trains during this time. he says it is not an issue because bart has been through this kind of thing before. >> going way back in history to 1989 we ran 24 hours for a month for -- because of the earthquake and what it did to the bridge. >> reporter: it is not just bart stepping up, they are offering 24 hours until 1:00
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tuesday morning, ferries will be on a holiday schedule. ac transit stopping at west oakland bart station so you can get to here, switch out, hop on to bart. abc7 is offering a new tool to help you get around during the possible gridlock go to, download waze application not only will you be helped, you will be helping people get around. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. today state officials will address concerns of hundreds of bay area college students whose dream have been shattered. the students attend the institution of medical education the campuses have been ordered to close. the charge is the school falsely advertised its accreditation. students paying up to $30,000 to -- are out in the coal. >> i'm very, very upset. i -- i only have two weeks of
5:35 am
school left. >> i'm hurt. >> how important was this job for you? >> very important the next stepping stone to broaden by personal and professional life. >> stew -- students can apply to get their tuition back. state officials will be at both campuses to make sure the schools close and to answer questions. new audit raises questions about the legality of hundreds of foreclosures in san francisco. the report commissioned by san francisco recorder ting found a number of irregularities. 400 foreclosures from the past four years were analyzed, 84% had violates of the law, including failure to provide homeowner notice of default -- default, back-dating and suspicious signatures. >> you have a party selling a home at an auction that according to our land records has no connection to.
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>> the report did not identify the specific lenders involved in the violations. ting says his office will hand over the report to the attorney general's office. six thousand patients at two hospitals are getting alerts that their personal health information may have been compromised. st. joseph system says due to a setting oversight patient data could have been accessed between early last year and last month. this was not financially sensitive information but medical information like blood pressure, lab results and allergies. affected hospitals locally include santa rosa memorial and petaluma valley memorial. city of san bruno and pg&e will resume shuns tomorrow morning regarding -- negotiations tomorrow morning regarding restitution for the 2010 pipeline disaster. city leaders accused pg&e of walking away and dodging responsibility to help recovery efforts. the company says those claims
5:37 am
are not true and says it is willing to work the city to pay -- work with the city to pay millions more in restitution so far pg&e has made 12 million dollars for direct damage caused by the 2010 explosion and fire. the blast of natural gas on a transmission line killed eight and destroyed 38 homes. how was it driving across the bay bridge this morning? >> not a big deal. no moisture out there. looks like it will be an easy commute as far as the weather goes. good morning, 5:37 on this thursday. winds continue to slow down the fasters on the central valley towards fairfield north 31 miles per hour everybody else below 10 miles per hour the good news with the light winds haven't seen fog most of us unan unlimited visibility this morning. -- of us under an unlimited visibility this morning.
5:38 am
mixture of high clouds and sunshine today, noon mid to upper 50s, 60 around fairfield, napa and santa rosa by 4:00 in the afternoon, everybody in the low to mid 60s, scepter half moon bay you are close, beautiful day at the coast, -- 58°. what you need to watch out for this afternoon high amounts of tree pollen and mold. not much grass is probably about a couple weeks away. it is starting to grow and there will be mo working soon. scattered light showers possible -- there will be mowing soon. scattered light showers possible. cooler this weekend. still looking great even bay area freeways, we start off with a live shot in san jose headlights on north 101 and they are moving well out of gilroy all the way up the peninsula into san francisco this is 880 southbound moving across your screen. we'll check out the ride across the golden gate bridge,
5:39 am
very quiet out of marin county in and out and to san francisco fine as well. i want to take you to the waze trafficman. we are -- traffic map. we are seeing slowing out of tracey 29 miles an hour we are getting speeds from commuters who have turned on this free map -- app it is looking good through livermore. yesterday westbound 580 was horrible that was our hot spot and the bay bridge. you can get this free app by going to on your iphone, smartphone and become part of the traffic spotter community. we almost have 2700 members. now 5:39. terrible incident caught on video. pedestrian is hit-and-run over by a shuttle bus. why police did not cite the driver. admiring whitney houston,
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her many fans will be able to share a final farewell.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. 5:32. this morning san francisco police say they do not land to file charges against either person involved in a frightening traffic accident. you may find this video disturbing.
5:43 am
tuesday afternoon at the intersection of leavenworth and eddie streets main with a cane began walking across the crosswalk on the green light. a transit van turning on that green light, runs him over, pinning the man under tphaoegtd for 20 minutes. the pedestrian is recovering from broken bones but is expected to survive. the van driver has not been charged. the police call eight unfortunate traffic collision. abc news has confirmed that singer bobby brown will be at the funeral for his ex-wife whitney houston despite the bad blood that exists between the families. her death certificate lists " fevered" under the cause of death. -- saturday's service in new jersey will be by invitation only. this is new information, fans will be able to see it live online, her family is okay with that. "good morning america" will have more on the investigation into houston's death that is
5:44 am
at 7 a.m., right after our newscast. >> join us for a 20/20 special on whitney houston, "one moment in time." tomorrow night from 9:00 to 11 right here on abc7. do you like that new car smell? >> not really. there's a reason for that? >> guys like it. it can be toxic the bloomberg business report is coming up. fast food wrappers, plastic bottles and cigarette butts, new report reveals how we are turning san francisco bay into a huge garbage can. >> the surprising number of people paying to get their old meters back. the life lesson jeremy lin can teach about being overlooked and living up to
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more colors. same edge. droid razr by motorola. buy one for $199.99, get another one free. and back for a limited time,
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get twice the data for the same low price. verizon.
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california forecast, rain and snow around san diego heading to the baja. rain up north, eureka may get a few sprinkles, 53. the rest of us low to mid 60s through the central valley and big sur. sunny 51 in yosemite upper 60s for l.a., san diego and palm springs. our time is 5:47. in# oklahoma a tough new anti-abortion bill has passed the state senate and headed to
5:48 am
the house it is likely to have its fate decided by the u.s. supreme court supreme court. the bill declares life begins at conception and embryos have all the rights, privileges and immunities of other citizens. doctors grouped have criticized the measure saying it would jeopardize reproductive medicine. governor describes herself as strongly pro-life. governor brown will welcome the chinese vice president to california and tour the port of los angeles with him today. he arrives for a two-day visit in california after stops in washington, d.c. and a state dinner in des moines, iowa last night. he will be the president of china soon. governor brown will address chinese and american business leaders about trade. governor is expected to meet privately with the vice president and host a round table. time for your lin-sanity up day. >> jeremy lin helped the new york knicks to their 7th straight win. it was a sacramento kings last
5:49 am
night, lynn with a hug for keith smart who coached him last year as a warrior. watch this as lin dribbles around the entire team while people watch he goes to the hoop, there you go two points. he scored of two his 10 point points there. most of the time he dished to teammates career high 13 assist. he's taking the sports world by storm. people who knew the palo alto high graduate say they are not surprised. >> to us it is no surprise. he was a star to us from the time he was a freshman. >> any time he extra time he would be in the gym or weight room. >> i think it is great he's getting his 15 minutes of fame, hopefully it will be longer. >> some of lin's former teammates and coaches plan to be in new york for sunday's game against the mavericks. president obama might also be there. yes and the knicks' win streak
5:50 am
could be at eight by the time they play sunday. he you can see that game right here on abc7 at 9:30 sunday morning? >> i'll be chillin in front of the tv -- >> 9:30 sunday morning seems early for a basketball game but don't go by me. >> it was nice to see at cysts last -- to see his assists last night. >> let's talk about the rain. going to make a comeback? >> not like that, no won't be any lin-sanity, friday, sunday night scattered light showers if we are lucky to get anything. coming up on 5:51 on this daughters day you can see the
5:51 am
palm trees much calm -- on this thursday, you can see the palm trees much caller than they were yesterday. decent temperatures around san rafael, oakland low to mid 50s the rest of us in the 30s concord redwood city, half moon bay los gatos low to mid 40s for santa rosa, napa, fremont, antioch livermore and san jose. upper 30s to low 40s temperatures homogenized. warmer than yesterday without breezes. chance of showers friday and sunday night the big story over the weekend will be how breezy and how much cooler it going to be. we can drop 5 to 10° compared to today, one of the warmer days in the forecast. four degrees warmer in oakland and san francisco, five in santa rosa, 66 in concord and san jose, fremont 65, eight degrees warmer than yesterday, two hours and 15 minutes of sun.
5:52 am
high pressure dom kating today, a few high -- dominating today. 67 cloverdale everybody else in the low to mid 60s same around the monterey bay high clouds, sun, mid 60s as you head inland. around the state temperatures very nice no matter where you are traveling watch out for leftover showers down to san diego or spaupl springs -- or palm springs. upper 30s to low 40s around the bay, san francisco, san mateo, half moon bay in the mid 40s. area of low pressure spinning still kicking up showers in the southern parts of our state high pressure moved in behind it overnight a few high clouds riding on that jet stream over top of us that jet stream will buy a fairly weak system -- will bring us a fairly weak system friday, night.
5:53 am
all the sun during the afternoon, evening hours, even overnight hours clear early and then a few clouds towards morning. 9:00 tomorrow evening we could see a stray shower start to develop around the north bay. here's your accuweather seven day forecast, sunday will be the coolest mid to upper 50s, cloudy, breezy showers sunday into monday most of monday looks to be dry and warmer for tuesday and wednesday have a great day. slow spot in the bay area now antioch westbound 4 slow hillcrest to lone tree, 23 miles an hour, drive time is 16 minutes its picks up through pittsburg, brake lights throughout altamont pass. bay bridge toll stall reported in the left lane i don't see much damage like yesterday when we had that four-car crash they will probably clear i quickly. here's what traffic -- clear it quickly.
5:54 am
here's what traffic looks like off the bay bridge into san francisco. in the eastbound direction that will be open all weekend a lot of folks forget that and they tend to avoid the bay bridge all together. here's a look at the waze traffic map. it gives you an idea of what traffic looks like whichever commuters have turned on this waze app. if you are heading into san francisco we can zoom in to that area, nob hill get ready for street closures with president obama's visit. you can get it by going to download it, it takes a day or two to get used to but the learning curve is pretty steep. our time is 5:54. >> wherever you are driving you know that new car smell? it might not be so good for you. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. that new car smell may be toxic. new study says researchers
5:55 am
have identified chemicals in new cars that may be associated with birth defects, impaired learning, liver problems, cancer. the report identified the 12 honda civic as having the healthiest interior. general motors largest annual profit ever, problems still hurting the company and earnings lower than expected. to clarify what we reported yesterday, we showed video of tropicana pure premium, the company is not adding water to that product but did say people add water any way so it might as well add water itself and make money off of it. thousands of pg&e customers are opting out of the smart meter program. 4400 of pg&e's 150,000 customers have decided to stick with the old analog
5:56 am
meters. customers who opt-out must pay a one time fee, $75 and month charges of $10. kristen sze -- santa clara has the largest request followed by marin county. the first comprehensive study of trash flowing into the bay according to the mercury news the study concludes one million gallons of trash flows annually through bay area storm drains into creeks and into the bay. in 2009 regulators required cities and counties to reduce bay trash by 40% by 2014. nearly half the debris is plastic candy wrappers, bags, lids and straws, 21%, paper, 7% is plastic foam. the rest is cans, bottles and other types of trash. incredible story here.
5:57 am
hayward newborn diagnosed with the severe heart defect before birth is now the tiniest pacemaker recipient ever recorded in merchandise cal literature this is -- in medical light . she was born nine weeks early weighing 3 1/2 pounds. a team of doctors determined she had only hours to live if they did not perform the delicate surgery. today at a little less than three months old she weighs more than eight pounds and is thriving. >> good to hear. 5:57 now. thousands of dollars in tuition down the drain. just ahead, the local college being forced to shutdown. what is the cost of a balanced budget? why the president's newest proposal could leave the nation's food supply at risk. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in oakland. bay bridge closing for more than three days this weekend. if you can't get around, don't
5:58 am
blame bart. the president was out here talking to us about what bart is going to do to keep things rolling. i'll tell you what he said,
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