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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  KGO  February 19, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. this morning -- whitney's homegoing. in an extraordinary service filled with music -- ♪ we were blessed so incredibly ♪ >> and prayer. >> there was a grace that kept on carrying her. >> family and friends said good-bye to whitney houston. >> and gee, weren't we lucky to have her. >> but the day wasn't without conflict, why did ex-husband bobby brown leave angry? shocking allegations. the huge scandal rocking the political world. he's the republican rising star, co-chair of mitt romney's arizona campaign and an anti-immigration crusader.
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now he's accused of threatening his mexican ex-lover with deportation if he reveals their gay love affair. we'll tell you what he revealed in this dramatic press conference. she never had a chance. the prosecutor crying in open court as he makes the closing arguments in the case of uva lacrosse player accused of murdering his girlfriend. why would the defense attorney label his own client a quote, a stupid drunk? and the linterview. the man of the moment. this is the interview that everyone wants to see. cinderella basketball sensation jeremy lin, one-on-one, it's the espn exclusive. what does he says about those rumors that he's dating kim kardashian? good morning, everybody. it was really quite a spectacle yesterday. hollywood coming to downtown
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newark for that four-hour ceremony honoring whitney houston. a singer with a turbulent life returning to the church where her talents were first discovered as a young girl. the whole world was watching live. we'll have full coverage throughout the broadcast today. >> very emotional. did you watch some of it yesterday? >> yes. >> it was beautiful. lot of music and lot of inspiration. but as you mentioned, there was that controversy with bobby brown. also this morning, sarah palin and her supporters are pushing back about the new hollywood movie about her rise and her run for vice president. they are blasting the film as pure fiction, and they said it should be called that. we'll have some clips and you can decide coming up. a daring helicopter rescue carried out by prince william. how he helped save a group of stranded sailors in south america. how he saved a group of stranded
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sailors in south america. and speaking of daring, check this out. as part as an elaborate hazing ritual, we convinced our relatively new meteorologist ginger zee risked life and limb to go paragliding. she'll tell us about it coming up. >> she's a trouper. but we begin with that celebrity sendoff for whitney houston. spotlighting the talents, triumphs, as well as the troubles defining the larger than life superstar, the huge outpouring of love at her childhood church is followed by a private burial in the grave next to her father. linsey davis joins us with the latest from newark, new jersey. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning. today's burial will take place at the cemetery right behind me, we're actually ten miles south of whitney houston's hometown of newark, new jersey. what's going to happen here today will be in stark contrast to the large and star studded event that we all watched yesterday. it was an emotional and faith-filled farewell to an icon. ♪ it was both a celebration and a homegoing service.
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or, in other words, a return to heaven for the voice so many called a gift from god. >> was there anything that she could not do musically? is there any performance of the star-spangled banner that remotely compared to her? [ applause ] ♪ i look to you >> reporter: there were musical tributes from some of the biggest names in the industry. no more do you have to cry ♪ ♪ no more whitney no more do you have to cry ♪ >> reporter: heartfelt words not only sung but spoken. >> she loved the lord and if there was a grace that carried her all of the way through it was the same grace that carried her home. >> reporter: houston's cousin singer dionne warwick presided over the ceremony. >> don't grieve for me, for now, i'm free. >> reporter: while the audience included the likes of oprah winfrey, mariah carey and alicia keys. ♪ and it's a long way to heaven but i got to get there ♪
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>> reporter: aretha franklin, houston's godmother, was not only was supposed to attend and sing, but hours before the service, it was announced she could not attend, due to leg spasms. and the controversy over bobby brown whether he was invited or whether he would show up came to an end when he abruptly left when the service got under way. we were seated by security and then subsequently asked to move on three separate occasions security then prevented me from seeing my daughter bobbi kristina. but the service went on uninterrupted. many of the speakers offering consoling words for cissy houston, the mother who lost a daughter, and for bobbi kristina, the daughter who lost a mother. >> bobbi kristina, you, too, always, always be proud of your mother. she loved you so very much. she'll forever be looking after you.
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>> reporter: one very poignant moment came from kevin costner. her co-star in the "bodyguard." >> so off you go whitney, off you go. escorted by an army of angels. your heavenly father, when you sing before him, don't you worry, you'll be good enough. ♪ and i will always love you >> reporter: what a tribute. now, today's burial will be a private, family-only event. john houston, whitney houston's father, passed away in 2003. for a time he served as her business manager. whitney houston will be laid to rest next to her dad. dan? >> linsey, thank you for your coverage of this story. now to another big story this morning, a sex scandal involving a rising star in the republican party, a man who co-chaired mitt romney's campaign in arizona. he's a no nonsense tough of
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immigration sheriff now dealing with allegations that he threatened to deport his secret ex-lover, a man from mexico. abc's david kerley is on the story this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this is a bizarre story with a connection to the romney campaign. this tough talking sheriff revealing he's gay, but said he's going to battle against some very serious allegations. >> they run the jail, we don't run the jail. >> reporter: the allegations are shocking. this hard-charging, tough-talking rising star in the republican party who's battled the obama administration with his tough stance on immigration. >> it's time we stand up for america and for our rights. it's time that we put america first. >> reporter: he's now caught in a sex scandal involving a mexican male. the sheriff, running for congress, co-chair of mitt romney's arizona campaign. until pictures were printed in a newspaper with allegations that the sheriff allegedly threatened to deport the mexican man if he revealed their sexual relationship.
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>> all these allegations that were in one of the newspapers, are absolutely and completely false. >> reporter: then in this extraordinary news conference, this admission. >> except for the issue that refer to me as being gay. because that's the truth. i'm a gay. >> reporter: that revelation sent shock waves, not just through the sheriff's county but also national politics. within hours of the allegations of a threat, the sheriff resigned from his position with the romney campaign. with romney celebrating the 10th anniversary of the winter olympics in salt lake city, his campaign released a written statement within minutes -- sheriff babeu has stepped down from his volunteer position with the campaign, so he can focus on the allegations against him. we support his decision. the sheriff doesn't deny the relationship with the mexican man who worked on his campaign but he does plan to fight the other charges. >> a lot of people have reached out to me, friends, voters, supporters and said sheriff,
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this changes nothing. that who you are, i know you personally, i know your performance and i value and appreciate you who are. >> reporter: not only will the sheriff continue to battle these charges, he says, he's also going to continue to run for congress. bianna? >> all right, david, thank you. all of this happening against the backdrop of the presidential campaign. it's your voice, your vote. for more on this, let's bring in abc news senior white house correspondent jake tapper who's in washington getting ready to host "this week" in for george stephanopoulos. good to see you, jake. >> hi, bianna. >> i have to ask you, you know, the romney camp was quick to come out and distant itself from ask babeu. was their response enough to spare romney any lasting damage ahead of the arizona primary? >> i think they moved so quickly they gotten him to resign his post from the romney campaign, the arizona campaign, before most americans even knew of the scandal.
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of some note, by the way, of course the sheriff appeared in a campaign ad in 2008 with senator john mccain, that very memorable one about completing the defense and we'll get john mccain's view of this controversy and of course much more of the presidential race, iran, israel, when we talk to him later this morning on "this week." >> another primary the romney camp is focused on is the one in his home state of michigan. also next week. our own jon karl reporting that there are some talks within the republican ranks if that he doesn't win michigan, they should take a look at another candidate? how much of this is widespread? within the republican camp itself? >> well, there are two things going on right now. one, republicans are very, very worried that this race is doing irreparable harm to its accounts because it's got son personal and so nasty. we'll talk to senator john mccain about that as well as obama campaign adviser robert gibbs. there's real concern that this race going on until may or june. will have a front-runner of
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republican nominee ultimately so damaged that president obama will be able to glide to re-election. and two, there's concern on romney among republican ranks in the sense that he's a very weak front-runner. >> we'll have to leave it there. jake, you'll be talking about this some more with senator john mccain. one-on-one interview later on this morning on "this week." you'll also be talking to robert gibbs. dan? big developments this morning in the case of the lacrosse player from an elite university accused of killing his girlfriend. the case is now in the hands of the jury. after closing arguments on saturday during which the prosecutor broke down and cried in open court. abc's rina ninen has been following this case from washington. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, dan. good morning to you. after two long weeks, 60-plus witnesses and multiple acts for the defense, closing arguments finally happened on saturday in this university of virginia murder trial. breaking down in tears, while delivering his closing argument,
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the prosecutor reminded jurors of the final moments before yeardley love died. she couldn't scream, was it his hand over her mouth? was it her face being smashed into the floor? she never had a chance. throughout their case, they insisted that he killed his ex-girlfriend in a drunken rage. this is the case of a woman who went to bed in what should have been one of the safest and secure places, her home. they said, and then he began to assault her, left her for dead. in the closing arguments, the defense said that the young lacrosse star was there and contributed to her beth but did not intend to harm her. george played the role, it's overwhelming a tragedy, he contributed to her death but he did not kill her. he left her there alive. and that is not up for dispute. then in a surprising twist, they characterized their own client as a stupid drunken. and boy athlete, but one who was not calculating or malicious. >> i saw some jurors that i
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think are going to want to convict him of first degree murder. i see other jurors that will want to give him a chance. >> reporter: but the prosecution tried to stress that his acts were intentional and not accidental. they showed, again, an e-mail from huguely to love. written the week they claimed showed she died. showing premeditation after he discovered love had been with another man, he wrote, i should have killed you. but the defense hammered home that there was no intent to kill. and that any doubt that his acts were intentional is enough reasonable doubt to find him guilty of involuntary manslaughter only. >> the defense says, his intent was to go and talk with her. prosecution says, no, his intent was to do serious bodily harm, intent to kill yeardley and intent to rob yeardley. >> seven men and seven women will decide his future. jury deliberations began on
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wednesday morning. dan and bianna. >> all right, thank you for that. for the other developing stories happening right now here's ron claiborne. >> good morning, friends. bianna, dan. good morning, america. iran is reportedly about to make a big jump in its nuclear program. iran is set to expand uranium enrichment to a under ground bunker, boosting it to quickly make nuclear weapons. according to diplomats, this comes despite growing international sanctions and a threat of an israeli military strike. prince william to the rescue. he was involved in a daring rescue this week in the falkland islands, helping search for seven fishermen who went missing in the waters of the south atlantic. all of them made it safely back to shore. he was spotted at the controls at a helicopter last monday. and elizabeth smart has tied the knot ten years after she was kidnapped and helped captive for nine months. smart married matt gilmore in a small wedding in hawaii. they were planning to get
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married this upcoming summer, they moved it up in hopes to avoid too much attention. amazing story of survival. from sweden, a man trapped in his snow-covered car, you see it there. think about this one. for two months. was found alive. the 45-year-old man had no food, but doctors say he probably survived by eating snow and going into a dormant-like state. how about that? they said that he is doing well considering the circumstances. >> like a hibernation. >> yeah. >> that is fascinating. >> unbelievable. >> unbelievable. but true. we do that a lot around here. let's get to the weather. with something unbelievable going on down south. some severe weather in the south. ginger, good morning. violent weather on your saturday brought tornadoes, hail, damaging wind and overall just widespread flooding. traffic issues. we had a lot of roads closed because of two, to even five inches of rain falling. great for the eastern texas area where they needed it. but anywhere else, along i-10, just north of there, exactly where the storms happened, not
7:16 am
so nice. you see the tornado reports on here. the hail and the damages winds went into -- all the way to tallahassee and southern georgia as of last night. still on going but the storm is down. here's what's going to happen from here. this storm moves off to the atlantic as you go through your sunday and early monday. it will leave some snow, though, how much? the higher elevations get a little bit more. look at the pink, 3 to 6 inches in eastern kentucky. i'll leave you a
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>> always love to see your facebook photos or twitter photos. please do send them in. this one from jimmy moy from chicago. he sends me a lot of the chicago lakefront. obviously i'm a little biased because i worked and lived there for five years. this beach, my dog, when the ice would start to break, he would dive in. loves it. >> not too much of it in new york. >> not this winter. >> not this year. >> not for them eitherer. >> all right ginger, thank you. we turn now to the firestorm of criticism from hollywood to washington over a controversial movie about the 2008 presidential campaign, it's promoted as a docudrama. but now sarah palin and her supporters are blasting the film saying it should be labeled fiction. but the moviemakers are standing by their work. muhammad lila is here with the story behind this wildly anticipated film called "game change." good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's based on a book written in 2010 by two journalists. they say it's an honest behind the scenes look of what went
7:18 am
wrong in the 2008 presidential race. >> if you are going to consider the governor of alaska you have to call her now. >> this is sarah. >> reporter: hbo calls it a docudrama. based on the last weeks of the 2008 republican presidential campaign. >> the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull -- lipstick. it shows palin as uninformed, unpredictable and unprepared for the national spotlight. >> you can actually see russia from land here in alaska. >> oh, my god, what have we done? >> reporter: palin supporters are lashing out, demanding hbo issue an apology. in a statement, on palin's website, they said hbo has has distorted, twisted and invented facts. they call it a docu-drama. there's little docu in it. >> it's not a documentary, some things are compressed. but it's credible and she knows that people will believe it. >> reporter: speaking on fox news, where she is now a contributor, palin insisted the film is false. >> i won't waste my time to watch it. i encourage others to find
7:19 am
something else more productive to do. >> telling me what to say, what to wear. how to talk. i am not your puppet. >> reporter: despite the criticism, hbo is standing ground. saying it has been thoroughly sourced. not only by the journalists who wrote the book also hbo's own research, including research and interviews. >> she's a great actress. >> reporter: controversy or not, there's no denying the serious star power behind the film. it stars julianne moore as an uncanny look-alike as palin. >> i am single handedly carrying this campaign. i'm going do what i want. >> reporter: ed harris as john mccain. and woody harlsson as the chief strategist. palin herself is no stranger to the small screen, having been parodied many times in the past, like this sketch on "saturday
7:20 am
night live". >> i'm looking forward to a portion of your questions. >> reporter: this new film clearly strikes a nerve. threatening to reopen the wounds of a lost campaign. >> i have to win this. i don't want to go back to alaska. >> palin supporters are taking this so seriously, they posted their own gallery showing palin at real campaign events, smiling and laughing with ordinary americans. they're calling that the real game change. because those events really happened in real life. >> muhammad, thank you. >> thank you guys. speaking of hollywood, the oscars are only a week away. we here are paying attention to the countdown because the show is going to air right here on abc. and right now, it's crunch time with a lot of stars sweating it out. the ballots are due back in 48 hours. more now from our in-house oscar expert, abc's chris connelly. >> reporter: one week before the oscar night, and the names making news look like george and jean. some say the best acter race doing a flip-flop lately.
7:21 am
with "the descendants" manic flip-flop runner and a father in deep crisis, facing a serious challenge from jean duajardin, very dashing, very quiet in "the artist." >> this french actor that nobody has ever heard of, he's been winning a lot of awards. so i think that is the biggest race. george is extremely well liked. like it or not, that actually can matter. >> reporter: meryl in peril. >> i have done battle. >> reporter: great as she is in "the iron lady," she might walk another streak of broken dreams. and master oscar mogul harvey weinstein beats the oscar drum on her behalf, viola davis remains the bet for "the help." "crystal meth-od" gallantly stepping into the host role after eddie murphy's untimed departure, billy crystal has been keeping his comic plans for oscars night on the down low. reports that he would be working
7:22 am
with the canine uggie has been a curve. what billy does unleash is likely to be memorable. >> i'm back. >> reporter: silent but deadly. with "the artist" clearly best picture favorite, hollywood has moved on to the bigger question with the blockbusters and big bangs, what does a silent movie's victory say? >> at a time when they are being bombarded by all of this technology this reminds them and reminds the world what's so special about a movie on a big screen. >> reporter: chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> don't forget to tune in on oscar sunday, february 26th, at 7:00 eastern. 4:00 pacific here on abc. i have a lot of movies to see before then. >> one of my favorite nights of the year. coming up on "good morning america" -- the linterview. the man that everyone wants to hear from. we have the exclusive interview. jeremy lin opens up about his newfound fame and success. maybe even his dating life. >> bianna adding to the bad puns.
7:23 am
linterview. coming up, what is making this bulldog cry? apparently he's not immune to the pop singer adele. ginger zee among the clouds, she takes us on a high-flying adventure that you got to see. a rare perspective even for our ace meteorologist. >> this required a lot of courage. i'm looking forward to seeing it. it's coming up here on "gma." >> this required a lot of courage. i'm looking forward to seeing it. it's coming up here on "gma."
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♪ come fly with me let's fly let's fly away ♪ >> even before we get to the jeremy lin story, we're renaming this story, come fly with zee. our ace meteorologist ginger zee going paragliding, how we got her to do it. and how she did under pressure. coming up. "good morning america" coming up. good morning to all of you. i'm dan harris. >> was that a blackberry next to her in that shot? >> i will tell you coming up. that is called a tease. >> i can't wait to see ginger. >> are you humoring me. >> good morning, i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, february, 19th. also ahead -- the ping-pong pup. this dog just won't give up.
7:31 am
we'll show you this table tennis tale in fixation this morning. >> i can watch that all morning. we'll start here this half hour with the exclusive interview with the man at the center of the biggest story in sports, jeremy lin, he's the seemingly out of nowhere overnight star of the new york knicks. the man who launched a thousand bad puns, like linsanity. and linderella story. rachel nichols of espn scored the big interview and she is live this morning from madison square garden. rachel, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. you know, this is such a great underdog story in so many ways. jeremy went to harvard, which is exactly not a basketball factory. he was undrafted. he was cut by two other teams before the knicks picked him up. and even the knicks admit they almost cut him before they put him out on the floor in desperation, just to see what he could do. since then, everything just exploded for jeremy lin, even in
7:32 am
ways he never imagined. when was the first time that you realized this isn't one day on the back of the newspaper, this is a something, this is a phenomenon? >> probably started to realize that maybe, five days into it, every site i'm going to, it's lin this or lin that. it was just a little overwhelming. >> what was it like the first you were walking around and you saw somebody wearing your name on their t-shirt or jersey? >> i was shocked. i didn't even know they made my jersey. i didn't knew they did it that fast. when i saw, i looked three times. did they customize it? i saw a couple of other ones. i was like, okay. they must have made them overnight or something. >> this has extended to everyone. your 85-year-old grandmother is back in taiwan, she's getting stopped by paparazzi. she's like the britney spears of taiwan. >> i even didn't know that. i think that's crazy. i have learned that social media, you know, our private
7:33 am
lives aren't so private anymore. it takes a little bit of getting used to. >> what's the weirdest paparazzi moment you have had? >> stuff about me dating kim kardashian. i have no idea where that came from. all these other rumors. >> you don't think you're the kim kardashian type? >> no, i think -- no, i don't think i'm that type. >> what are the things that asian-american athletes have to deal with? >> it's funny. people are still saying, oh, he's, you know, quicker than he looks. i'm like, what does that mean? do i look slow? or, i'm not really sure what that means. people are always saying, he's deceptively quick and deceptively athletic. i don't know if that's because i'm asian. there are stereotypes that you have to fight. i think it's, again, it's unique. it's a different platform. it's something that i embrace and love. i want to be represent and be a role model for the asian american and asian community.
7:34 am
>> what is your indulgence, when you get home, when you're not in church, not playing games, and not working, what is your thing? >> if i had a day to myself, and i would just -- i would play video games with my brothers. >> basically you're 23 years old. >> yeah, my family likes to call me an oversized kid. so, i think that's pretty accurate in some ways. >> jeremy is also a pioneer, he's the first american of chinese or taiwanese descent to play in the nba. you know, he told me that back when he was a kid he and his brothers used to play in the backyard, pretending to be michael jordan. this afternoon, kids in their backyards all around the country who are pretending to be jeremy lin. >> i bet so. great interview. he seems like a really cool guy. i don't think it's going to happen with kim kardashian, by the way. we hope you will be linterester
7:35 am
to watch jeremy lin and the mavericks and the knicks. followed by lebron james and the heat hosting the orlando magic at 3:30, all of that right here on abc. don't miss the nuggets versus the thunder tonight. i apologize once again, bianna, for linteresting. >> i like the part of the interview where he said that he didn't know they made the jersey. still modest and still taking it all in. time now for the weather and ginger zee. good morning. >> good morning to you both, good morning, everyone. i always bring bad news. so this time, i have to start with good news. snow, lots of it fell, great for the ski resorts on this holiday weekend. especially in oregon there. we want to move on to the next part of the storm, though, and of course it's not all great news, you do have some traffic issues, winter weather advisories from western colorado and parts of utah
7:36 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by ocean spray. back to both of you. >> thanks, ginger. don't go anywhere. you don't go anywhere. right after the break, ginger zee earning her wings quite literally, going paragliding, defying death. stay tuned. defying death. stay tuned. are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie. 'tis tasty. okay, george washington, did you take my truck out last night? 'tis tasty. new ocean spray cherry juice drinks, like cran-cherry, made with sweet cherries and the crisp taste of cranberries. ah, sweet deal! find out how to get a free cherry juice drink at or on facebook.
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♪ come fly with me well, i paraglided. >> so we hear. >> that's the story. since i started working here at abc news, i have received various e-mails from our executive producer that start by asking, will you do this? and then a crazy link to a death defying stunt that requires a helmet. in this week's installment of they must not be happy with me and this is a clever way of ending my contract, i run off a mountain and fly with the world's best in the birdlike sport of paragliding. almost two miles up and over the heart of mexico, they soar like majestic birds. twisting.
7:41 am
floating. racing for hours. using the sun's heat and wind. this is paragliding. they say it's like surfing the sky, the closest thing to channeling clark kent's alter-ego. who could turn down an invitation to glide with the world's best? apparently everyone else. until they called yours truly. i flew to mexico for the sport's biggest event of the year. the paragliding world cup. our day starts at over 7,000 feet. and now the fear starts to set in a little bit. wow, and just as i approach the point of no return, it hits me. i'm going to go ahead and pop off of me over the hill. i must be loco. >> good morning, pilots. please welcome "good morning america." >> their hospitality, their near surgical preparations, comforting.
7:42 am
white-knuckle idea that i will run off a mountain and land eventually thousands of feet below, it's finally starting to settle in. and i have to use the rest room. >> hi. >> fortunately i'm not doing this alone. a top pilot with the american team puts me at ease. >> i'm nervous. i'm not going to lie. i don't know if you can feel it in my sticky hands. >> no, no, no. i thought it was just the humidity in the air. >> how long have you been doing this? >> this is my third day. i feel like i'm pretty good. i read the manual. >> mom, i'm safe. everyone keeps saying, relax. enjoy, it's peaceful, it's yoga. and then someone else will say, i remember the time that i fall in the trees. i'll get geared up and ready to go. i think it happens pretty fast from this point. are you ready for me? now it's time to gear up and meet my lifeline, i mean, pilot. miguel gutierrez, the godfather of paragliding here.
7:43 am
in the next five minutes, i'm going to go airborne. for the first time. without a huge airplane. i'm a little bit shaky. can you feel that? >> yeah, no problem. me, too. >> the process of launching is surprisingly simple, a good tug on the line. a few quick steps. the canopy inflates and they soar into the sky. and then it's my turn. now i'm really start to feel the anxiousness. we're about to take off. here goes everything. oh, my! this feels very crazy. that feels better. so scared. wow! the ah is quickly replaced by the awe and i realize i'm flying. oh, my goodness, how beautiful. i love the colors of everybody everywhere. flying in what they call a gaggle of paragliders.
7:44 am
it's very peaceful, if you can believe that. the landscape looks different from here. an half-hour passes and i lose myself in it all until i realize we have to land this thing. perfect. perfect landing and a perfect trip. i want to do it again. can we go again? it's inspiring and genuinely incredible. dan harris gets in trouble for saying incredible. dan, this was incredible. so incredible and so something i will be doing again. and big props for the winners from switzerland and czech republic. they're incredible. >> big props to you for doing that. and taking a dig at me in the process. great work. coming up here on "good morning america" you know adele the pop star that swept the grammys recently, she has the power to make anyone cry, including apparently this
7:45 am
bulldog. that story coming up in a little segment called fixation. it will be incredible. ♪ people keep asking me if that lady in the viva commercial is really my mother. they keep asking me if the dirty guy is really my son. huh -- what do you tell 'um? holy smokes, these viva towels really are tough, even when wet! [ mike ] for the record, that's my real father, cleaning up a real mess on a real grill. see? very impressive! you're a natural. oh that's much better... dad's got his tough mess, i've got mine. [ female announcer ] grab a roll and try it on your toughest mess. i think you got it. [ female announcer ] grab a roll and try it on your toughest mess. honestly, i'm having a little trouble with the eyes. find eye popping savings at the sears president's day event right now, get up to 30% off all kenmore appliances and up to 15% off all other appliance brands sears. number one in appliances.
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>> time for fixation sorry. where we show stories, images videos that caught our >> time for fixation where we show stories, images videos that caught our attention. this week, everyone this week saw adele at the grammys. her song "someone like you" seems to make everyone cry. including the folks at "saturday night live." take a look.
7:50 am
♪ ♪ don't forget me >> obviously, it's not just actors, because they have to meet rocco, french bulldog here in new york, that's him. ♪ he whimpers. >> i'm going to cry. >> very sad. >> ginger, what do you have? >> speaking of crying, if you were a teenager, what is your worst nightmare? many things. can't find an outfit. that is mine. this could work, too. how about your grandparents making you a happy birthday video and putting it on youtube? >> this doesn't look good. ♪ >> happy birthday to their josh, their grandson, 18. thank you for that. i'm sure he'll be saying thank you. dancing grandma. >> the coolest kid in school. speaking of cool, ron? >> from the world of sports, from hampton university, basketball player named daron
7:51 am
thomas. check out this play. check this out. just stole the ball and he passes it to himself. and runs around the guy, the defender who's blocking. look. get the assist and the two points. >> what is that called? >> an assist and two points. >> thank you, ron claiborne. >> all right, two things great together. ping-pong and a dog. check out this video. this is tessy, a labrador from england who really likes ping-pong apparently. just sit and marinate this for a minute. >> look at that. >> she is not dizzying herself. >> she just keeps going. they keep going. we'll be back in a moment. but just enjoy this for a few moments. ♪ >> keep going. >> that's great. ...could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you...
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