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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning thanks for joining us i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. hopefully nobody will have trouble with the fog this morning. right now our top story, a domestic violence suspect who slashed his throat in front of police officers is on the loose after a hospital mistakenly released him. amy hollyfield is live at the hayward police department where officers are putting out a big warning to the public. >> reporter: police had him they thought everything was fine then someone accidentally let him go. here's a picture of who they are looking for. 32-year-old jose hernandez, they believe he not only broke into his ex-girlfriend's home
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but that he stabbed himself. officers consider him unstable and dangerous. police took him into custody saturday night but decide dodd take -- but decided to take him for a psychiatric evaluation first. he had broken a window and when police arrived he stabbed himself police took him to the hospital. the hospital let sunday night they were supposed to release him back to police. out on the loose. they know he took a cab to the hayward union city border they haven't seen him since. they say the 5'8 inch tall man should have bandages and sutures on his neck something for to you look for. he's been free since sunday night they are concerned because he was wanted before saturday night. he was accused in another domestic violence case. police are very worried. they say if you see him, police give them a call. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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a berkeley councilmember is calling for an investigation into how police handled a call from a home owner who was beat to death last weekend. 23-year-old daniel dewitt is described by his father as a paranoid schizophrenic. he's now in jail for the murder of a berkeley hills resident. police say he was beaten with way flower pot saturday night at his home. investigators say a call was placed to police. the police nonemergency line reporting a man trespassing. police said no officers were available to respond to nonemergency calls because the department was preparing to respond to an ouch protest. the next call came to 911 saying the homeowner what was being beaten to death. >> i think it is something we have to look into. i think allocation of our resources is really important.
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that's why i've asked for the information. >> police say officers were immediately dispatched after the 911 call and caught the suspect a few block as way one of the so-called speed freak kill claiming he and his accomplice buried victims in a third san joaquin well. a beeny hunter convinced wesley shermantine to reveal the locations. shermantine told him about the new well sunday. some 1,000 human bones from as many as 30 victims have been recovered from a well. now searchers are using cadaver diagnoses to try to fan a second well in the same area. -- dogs to try to find a second well in the same area. police say softball-sized rocks were fired from a moving car early saturday morning they hit several homes and a school luckily no one was
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injured one of the rocks smashed through the window of a house with such force it got stuck in the wall next to a child's crib. >> glass all over my daughter's room she is really young. her crib had a blanket of glass in. my wall as all over the wall. >> investigators say whoever did it used some sort of launching device. the attacks come weeks after a livermore police officer was hit empty head by a group throwing rocks from an overpass. a los angeles teacher charged with what salting nearly two dozen children will be arraigned today. 61-year-old mark berndt is charged with 23 counts of lewd acts with he taught at mira monty elementary school. police discovered 600 photos showing students in bondage and sexual situations in the classroom, some with cockroaches on their faces he's being held on 23 million dollar bail. the school has installed an
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entirely new staff at the school. occupy oakland protesters calling yesterday's demonstration outside san quentin prison a huge success. demonstrators and prison rights supporters gathered as part of a national day of protest security was tight and both exits on highway 580 were closed. speakers included activists shourd, bower and fattal, three former students who were detained after hiking the iran border. >> life without the possibility of parole exists, i would say no that says you don't believe there's any chance that a person can change. >> the sheriff's office says between 300 to 500 attended the protest during which san quentin was put on lockdown. investigators think a system used to help keep two african tortoises warm may be to blame for an early morning garage fire in castro val lip.
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the fire started after 3 a.m. -- at and you appear attached garage. firefighters managed to knock it down quickly and say ap device used to warm two african tortoises kept in the garage may to be blame. one firefighter was taken to the hospital to be treated for heat exhaustion. the tortoises, as you can see got out okay. small earthquake kept this rocking overnight neither san francisco zoo. the magnitude 2.2 quake was centered a few miles from the zoo in the pacific ocean. it struck at 12:46 this morning. no reports of any damage watch i want to see is if they have video of the animals to see if they had reaction in the split second or so beforehand. >> they can sense it sooner. >> right! >> no shaking news weather-wise. >> a lot of fog, especially north bay valleys, good morning. not the easiest way to head
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back to work or school especially up around santa rosa, napa, novato reporting stations where the visibility sat least a quarter of a mile. technically, our reporting stations around the bay shore are not saying the visibilities are reduced. if you have been on twitter or facebook you have seen pictures i've posted there is a lot of fog along our bay shoreline this morning. that's mike nicco abc7 news on either of them. temperature is 50 in san jose low 40s mountain view, redwood city, fairfield and livermore. everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. mild when you step out. high pressure to our west, storm system to our north, these are warm air invection clouds that will stay around during the afternoon. high clouds and sun, a lot less high clouds and a lot more sunshine than yesterday. temperatures are going to jump significantly, 7 to 12° warmer today than yesterday. most of news mid to upper 60s.
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concord antioch santa rosa and cloverdale in the low 70s this is just the beginning even warmer tomorrow the heat will peak on thursday with to upper 70s around the bay and inland mid to upper 60s at the coast cooling trend saturday and sunday and then a chance of rain monday. good morning frances how are the roads? >> new crash in oakland northbound 880 on the 66th avenue off-ramp it is blocking the off-ramp. westbound across the san mateo bridge supposed to be a stall reported, i don't think it is blocking anything. it is definitely looking more crowded westbound here past the toll plaza, eastbound traffic is fine despite an earlier crash. we'll check out the very foggy commute in the north bay, this is 101 headlights moving southbound through san rafael. also in the south bay 280 and 17 dead dog was reported on the connection ramp from northbound 17 to 880.
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6:10. >> >> it is the fourth time -- is the fourth time a charm? district hoping voters are in a better mood to improve reading, writing, math and science programs. that was the first round. >> plus, first he broke the laptop now he's breaking his silence. the father behind this viral video speaks bout what happened after he killed his daughter's computer.úúúúúúúúúúúú
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this right here is my 45
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that was the first round. these are exploding hollow point rounds. >> the viral video on youtube has been seen nearly 30 million times. a north carolina father angry at his daughter's profane facebook rant about her parents takes her laptop in the yard and fills it full of lead. now the father is speaking out, sort of. posting answers to the many questions he has received on his facebook wall. tommy jordan says his daughter saw the video and was mad but got over it. yes she is still grounded. he won't buy her a new laptop. no you cannot her one. google pays a share of its ad revenues to the owners of viral videos on youtube. jordan has earned more than $50,000 from the ads google has posted with video. the redwood city school district is hoping fourth time will be a charm. tomorrow the board will consider a parcel tax on the june ballot to raise 1.7
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million dollars a year the proposed tax is $67 per parcel, to enhance reading, and science, attract and keep good teachers and support school libraries. voters have rejected measures had three times in the past a teen years. jeremy lin's rise to nba stardom seems to have shot up out of nowhere with a deliver guy from oregon says he predicted lynn san by day he drives a fedex truck by night he -- spends hours in his apartment pouring off obscure basketball statistics two years ago he offered a blog proclaiming jeremy lin to be with one of the best point guards in college basketball with at the time no one ended. >> when i led the preview off with jeremy lin the idea was i thought this would, if and when he broke out, that there
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might be some notoriety there. i obviously never expected anything like this. >> he is now making headlines and now looking for [ unintelligible ] lin had 21 points last night in what ended up being the knicks' second loss since the point guard joined starting line-up almost three weeks ago. >> it is incredible that everywhere he drives now his fedex truck people are stopping him to ask about it. let's stop to ask mike about today's with weather forecast. really going up a lot today 7 to 12° warmer than yesterday we have to get rid of the fog that will start 9:00 and be gone by about 11:00. you can see some of the fog hanging around the bay shoreline even though the reporting stations said unlimited visibility you can see the fog sitting on east bay shoreline. i just updated these, 50 in san francisco, still in the
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low 40s around redwood city and livermore with field, everybody else in the mid to upper 40s monterey bay inland low to mid 40s also temperatures won't change much over the next couple of hours the fog tends to act like a blanket and keeps things status quo by the afternoon the big warming trend starts some of that warm weather will hang overnight mostly clear and mild tonight warmest ones with fastest breezes, especially above 1,000 feet starting tomorrow afternoon hanging around through thursday. temperatures compared to average, jumping from below yesterday to above this afternoon, three degrees warmer than average in san jose. napa, when you hit 68 that will be five degrees above average, oakland 67, five in livermore, 68 today, six degrees warmer than average. ha hard time seeing the sunrise. -- mostly sunny afternoon
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should see the sunset at 5:55. let's take about the exceptions today concord, and , santa rosa, cloverdale and ukiah the areas i believe will hit -- will hit low 70s rest of us mid to you upper 60s, 70s await us tomorrow and the next day. 70 morgan hill, 71 gilroy. monterey 2°. joining san francisco tonight -- monterey 62°. very little fog if any most will be in the central valley jet stream going to blow high clouds through our neighborhoods during the afternoon and evening high pressure comes in and that's why we'll have more sunshine and warmer with weather with when the high pressure sure starts to set up to our northeast will bring offshore land breeze that will keep the cool weather and the clouds over the ocean that's why we'll make a run at mid to upper 70s around the bay and
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inland thursday mid to upper 60s at the coast above average friday a few more clouds winds come back from the ocean saturday to monday cooling trend with a chance of rain monday. have a great day. still this crash in oakland northbound 880 at the 66th avenue off-ramp, still blocking, 880 looking good, 61 miles an hour. i'll let you know if it stars to slow traffic on 880, so far it is fine as well as 580. at the bay bridge toll, very minor delay for some of the cash-paying lanes looking good across the span that new lane shift is pretty easy for most computers no problems expected. golden gate bridge is where you will find some fog this morning, especially in the north bay. i want to take you to the waze traffic app. we have some commuters reporting fog in livermore. we had a traffic spotter seven
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minutes ago tell us it with was foggy on highway 84 near livermore not only that, slow. by turning this free app on you are sharing your speeds with others that lets us know down to the street level how slow it is vallecitos road, 31 miles an hour, isabel, 16 miles an hour. delays westbound 580 through the altamont pass car fire reported at north flynn we'll check that to see if it is causing additional slowing to get more on waze go to and become a traffic spotter. it is now 6:20. more heat on the fire the old competitor that is about to offer a new alternative to the wildly popular amazon tablet computer. oscar sunday is just five days a way. you will find a lot of oscar history, photo gallery and oscar facts or take oscar with with you by downloading the
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oscar app for live video from the red carpet and backstage. you can join the conversation on twitter. h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@@
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the kindle fire tablet is about to get new competition. barnes & noble will start selling a cheaper nook tomorrow at wal-mart to better compete. several reports say the new nook will have eight gigabytes
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of memory and will sell for $199 the same as the kindle fire. tonight "nightline" will take a look inside the much criticized chinese factories where apple's most popular products are made. apple helped get abc's cameras into the factories. workers assembled the company's iphone and ipad but working conditions have been blamed for driving some to suicide. the "nightline" special airs tonight at 11:35 p.m.. 6:25. still ahead, grabbed by graffiti. vandalism spree that left more than two dozen buildings damaged in north bay. what police found at the end of a high speed chase. the video only on 7. >> reporter: on-the-job mistake turned out to be costly and dangerous. i'm amy hollyfield live in
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hayward i'll tell you about it, up next. if you have folks coming into sfo flight arrival delays of 62 minutes and flights are having problems getting out of chicago's o'hare. use our flight tracker at the bottom of the page of
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there's the opening bell. u.s. statistics higher after europe agreed on second bailout for greece the 170 billion dollar deal designed to prevent a catastrophic default. we'll see how u.s. investors react in a live report from the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. laura bush ringing the opening bell this morning. >> special morning. right now thanks for joining us at 6:30 our top story, hayward police asking for the public's help finding a dangerous suspect back on the street due to a hospital mistake. this man is wanted for beating up an ex-girlfriend who stabbed himself in front of officers. >> reporter: on-the-job mistake we've all made them. now the public is at risk. let's take a look at the man police want everyone to be on the watch for this is 32-year-old jose hernandez. police went to the home of his ex-girlfriend on saturday night they got a call he was there and had broken the
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window. police confronted him, they say he pulled a knife that he slashed his own throat and stabbed himself in the chest. police detained him, took him to the not for a psychiatric evaluation, that's where things went wrong he was the the psychiatric pavillion in san leandro, he was supposed to be released back to police, instead, a hospital worker with let him go. that was sunday night. they believe he took a cab to wheufp and medallion dive at the -- hayward union city border and they haven't seen him since. they've been checking out his old residences, old friends they hadn't been able to find him. he's 5'8 they say he should have his bandages still on, also sutures to his neck. he was wanted before saturday night for another domestic violence case. police consider him dangerous and unstable. they want to get him back into custody. they've caught him once before now they need to catch him
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once again. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:32. there has been a significant new twist in the grim search for victims of the so-called speed freak killers. one of the two has told investigators that there is a third well where way victim was tkwupl ed more than 1,000 bones from as -- has already been recovered the search began after the surviving killer pointed authorities to the bones in exchange for about $30,000. today searches will continue using cadaver dogs to try and find a second well. victims' families home to get closure but not happy at the way searchers got the information. >> that is like rewarding him. and it just irritates me. but then he's got you over a barrel, because he's got you, it is like he's teasing you here's a carrot if you want
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the rest. >> word of a third well means searchers will have to expand their search area today. berkeley city councilmember is calling for an investigation into how police handled a call from the home of a businessman before he was killed last weekend with the father of the suspect is apologizing to the victim's family. 23-year-old daniel dewitt is in jail for the murder of a 67-year-old berkeley hills resident. police say the victim was beat went a flower pot saturday night at his home. the suspect's father says he's sorry and describes his son as a paranoid schizophrenic, off medication since july. he calls the case a failure of the mental health system. >> they drug him and let him go again in and out of the hospital, that's the problem my son had. he could never get stabilized on any drug because they would take him in and let him and take him in and let him out.
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>> berkeley city councilmember is calling for an investigation into the police response to the scene. police say at the time they reconfigured patrols to deal with what occupy oakland protest that was headed toward berkeley. classes rhee at kennel worth junior night pet -- classes resume at kennelworth junior high in petaluma. the school was hit over the holiday weekend by a graffiti rampage, half a dozen homes with were vandalized. most of the tags were two graphic to show. >> if we don't take care of our own town who is going to do. >> the moment i see graffiti, i take care of it. petaluma residents and
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police say graffiti hasn't been much of a problem in the past years but they've noticed more in recent months. >> j investigators think a system used to keep -- keep two african tortoises warm may be to blame for an early morning garage fire in castro valley at 3 a.m.. firefighters managed to knock it down quickly and say a device used to warm two african tortoises kept in the garage may to be blame. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion. the tortoises got out okay. four people face charges after taking police on a high speed chase through three bay area counties. sky 7 captured video showing one men judgment out of the moving truck yesterday in all three men and a woman are accused of leading police on the chase after stealing a welder's trailer from a crew repairing windmills at the altamont pass. the chase began near 580 in
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livermore towards vallecitos road then headed south on to highway 680 into san jose before ending when the suspects stopped in east palo alto. police say a search of the trunk uncovered two guns and a pound of marijuana. >> that caused delays for folks heading back on the freeways from the long weekend with >> for sure. back to work, plenty of fog. sounds like it is going to get nicer as the day goes on. >> a lot of fog spilling out of the north bay across most of our neighborhoods this morning. good morning. officially quarter mile in napa, novato, santa rosa unofficial reports said hit been lower the visibility at times spilling out to the coast. as we've been showing you all morning with twitter and facebook, even though it says unlimited visibility around the bay shoreline there's fog out there winds calm for the most part around santa rosa
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novato northerly wind at napa coming out of the north at three that is enough to push fog out of the north bay valleys across mort of our neighborhoods where -- across most of our neighborhoods where it will hang around mid to upper 40s, 37 possible in livermore. 9:00 to 11:00 fog will lift, low to mid 50s along the coast into san francisco. by lunch i should say 4:00, after lunch, 62 in san francisco, 61 half moon bay mid to upper 60s elsewhere 70 antioch and santa rosa. i have a black car lightly it has been lime green, there you go the reason why, because the tree pollen, out of control again today. if you have allergies this is not week for you, it gets warmer and more things are going to bloom as we hit mid to upper 70s, mid to upper 60s at the coast and cooling trend for saturday and sunday. i noticed the pollen --
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back-up starting to develop at the bay bridge toll, metering lights on backed up towards 880 also on the westbound 80 west grand off-ramp, big rig possibly blocking a lane. foggy this morning in the north bay especially this is a live shot of 101 in san rafael headlights southbound, foggy out of santa rosa through petaluma and down towards the golden gate bridge. i want to take you to a couple of problem spots. westbound 80 alamo, a car was diving the wrong way on the freeway now they are off to the right. so far not causing much slowing, 65 miles an hour, new crash on westbound 4 adding to the slow ride in antioch towards pittsburg things heavy westbound 4 right at willow pass four vehicles blocked a lane still a crash north 880
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on the 66th avenue off-ramp. waze traffic map a little slowing through the altamont pass earlier car fire you can get more :39. >> trading is underway on wall street. we'll have a live report if the new york stock exchange straight ahead. now there's a -- a live look at the big board dow is up 27 points. free condoms, by mail. california's controversial new program offering protection to teens as young as 12. forget hot off the grill this burger is from the test tube. the breakthrough that some say could be the next big thing. how demi moore's recent troubles could lead to a change in state law regarding 911 calls. ♪
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♪ ♪ don't stop doing what you do ♪ have i paid my dues just to be with you... ♪
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welcome back. very quiet across the entire state. check out surging temperatures low 70s chico, sacramento,
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big sur, san diego, mid to upper 70s around los angeles and palm springs. sunny over the sierra, 51 and 56 for tahoe and yosemite. 6:44. a state sponsored program is generating controversy and debate this morning. california is delivering free condoms to people as young as 12, orders are taken online. lilian kim has more. >> reporter: teens can buy condoms at the store or get them free at certain health clinics. now they have another option. 12 to 19-year-olds can go online at and place an order to come to their home at no cost. >> research shows barriers such as embarrassment or concerns around confidentiality or afford are present for teens. we -- we want to break down those barriers. >> reporter: the teen pregnancy rate is down in california the number of cases
6:45 am
of stds is up among 15 to 19-year-olds which is with the mail order con tom program is targeting count -- condom program is targeting counties with the highest number of stds. >> the best way to prevent stds and unintended pregnancy is abstinence. if young people are going to be sexually active this project seeks to help them be safe and responsible. >> reporter: in addition to condoms teens who place an order online will receive lubricant and an educational pamphlet in a nonscript envelope. >> if you have done your job as a parent and taught them what is right and wrong that is part of a good choice for teenagers. >> that is not something you should be able if get in the mail. it should be something your parents would want you to get and they should get it for you. >> reporter: since the program was launched tuesday, there have been 500 orders the
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program could expand to other counties, depending on funding. lilian kim, abc7 news. investors are not giving the new greek bailout deal a thumbs up. >> jane king joins us live in the new york stock exchange with on that. welcome back, hi jane! good morning. leaders have approved a second bailout for greece this package is huge, investors are not very impressed. the deal was very well ed ahead of time we knew this was going -- well telegraphed ahead of time. we knew this was going to happen friday the reaction may be baked in the cable. there's concern the massive debt restructuring won't be enough to save greece from default they have that big payment they have to make in march. the question is what happens after that we have gains, the dow is up 24 points. s&p and nasdaq in the green. we are taking an aim at 13,000
6:47 am
but have not made it at that level yet. you know this mild wind ter across much of u.s. is having a very positive -- positive impact on home depot biggest quarterly sales gain since 2004 shares up 2%. great prices at wal-mart pinching profits, retailer out with weaker than expected profit as they kept prices low to for -- extra pocket change for millions of iphone 4 users. apple started offering free phone cases if you opt-out you can still get the free iphone case that sells for $29 as part of a new settlement apple will pay you $15 in cash. i'm jane king live at the new york stock exchange. after recently learning google had bypassed user privacy settings on apple's
6:48 am
safari web bruiser microsoft began asking if the same -- web browser, microsoft began asking if the same was being done on the internet explorer? the answer was yes. microsoft says it is actively investigate wag changes need to be made to prevent google from potentially tracking users. google has not commented but says it removed its trackers on safari. mike is tracking the weather, good thing, allowed under the@ law. >> encouraged, look behind us you can see a lot of fog, here some of the fog nestled into the east bay valleys as we look southeast from vollmer peak this morning you can see the sun about to come up in the four to five minutes or so most of us won't see it because of that fog those of us that do you are in for a treat as it uplights the clouds, very beautiful in some areas this morning.
6:49 am
let's show you the temperatures so you will know how to does. 40s in fairfield, 41 livermore, 42 redwood city, especially after the e-mail i got ñ, shirte e-mail i got and suit not matching. we'll move on talk about low to mid 40s around the monterey bay and inland. interesting run as we talk to each other via e-mail yesterday. sunny this afternoon, big warming trend coming it stars today, the warmest wednesday and thursday that comes with breezes at our highest elevations mainly clear tonight temperatures mild in the 40s and 50s. not a tremendous amount of cooling overnight. oakland seven degrees warmer than yesterday, san francisco and hand so a -- and san jose eight, 71 concord, 11 and 12° warmer than yesterday. antioch 72, so will ukiah and
6:50 am
cloverdale 71 everybody else in the mid to upper 60s today with with increasing sun. high clouds -- not as -- not as thick as they were yesterday they will leave faster than they did yesterday. upper 60s to low 70s inland. antioch, san francisco 50 rest of us in the mid to upper 40s tonight with batch fog at pest it will not be a repeat of this morning with that fog and the an flight arrival delays we are having at sfo this morning. high clouds rolling in, warm air invection clouds signifying new air mass coming thanks to this high pressure this building ridge that will push all storms to the north high pressure that will develop over nevada and move into the great business sin will bring offshore winds that land breeze will push temperatures to the mid to upper 60s by thursday at the coast mid to upper 70s for the rest of us still warm friday increase in clouds and winds compact from the ocean saturday, sunday and bring us
6:51 am
a chance of rain with that cooler weather monday have a great day. here's frances. we have way lot of problems on the roads now. quite a few accidents. a new four-car crash just reported north 101 at de la cruz these are cars heading northbound it will slow approaching de la cruz the back-up hasn't extended too 880 at this point, it might it is out there and ing a lane. here's a live shot -- of westbound 80 in berkeley, the fog has moved in, head lights move west bound crash at hilltop on the shoulder. slow traffic in all the usual spots. westbound 4 especially jammed approaching willow pass road because of another four-car accident blocking a lane or two, 18 miles per hour through pittsburg, heavy through antioch drive time from hillcrest to 242 is 48 minutes right now, pretty bad ride. we have a slow commute eastbound 780 approaching southhampton because of a big
6:52 am
rig fire traffic heavy at the scene. in oakland north 880 at the 66th avenue still a crash on the off-ramp, not bad on north 880 itself. i want to take to you the waze traffic app this is a great way to find out about all the slow downs for your compute. it has been slow through the alta manhattan -- altamont pass, it gives you alternates altamont pass road is moving at 22 miles an hour. you can tell your fellow commute is going on, heavy traffic reported on basco road. go to, learn more and become way traffic spotter. the world's first test tube hamburger could be a reality. a dutch scientist has taken stem stems from a cow and created muscle tissue in the lab. the doctor says his goal is to find a green way to produce inexpensive meat. an anonymous back area to pay
6:53 am
$317,000 to fund the research. the doctor hopes to grow enough samples to create a ham burger by this october. a state lawmaker wants changes to to the release of 911 recordings in the wake of the demi moore uproar. an assemblywoman has introduced a bill prohibiting law enforcement agencies from releasing medical or person information contained in emergency calls. last month the sheriff released a panic call made from demi moore's home. a woman described moore as convulsing burning up, having smoked something. the assembly woman swes she wants to protect victims. the a's are about to get one of baseball's most colorful characters man any ramirez, -- manny ramirez he comes with way catch he has to sit out the first 50 games of
6:54 am
the season us he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. >> 6:54. let's recap: hayward police are asking for help finding what they call a dangerous domestic violence suspect mistakenly released from an east bay hospital. >> amy hollyfield is live at the hayward police department to explain. >> reporter: police had him, thought their job was done and someone accidentally let him go, an on-the-job mistake that turned out to be dangerous. here's a look at who police want you to be watching for, 32-year-old jose herman°. he not only threatened and broke into his ex-girlfriend's home but he stabbed himself. police took him into custody saturday night. she wanted to take him to the psychiatric pavillion in san leandro for evaluation first. police found him at his ex-girlfriend's home where when broken a window. when police arrived they say
6:55 am
he stabbed himself in the neck and chest. the hospital let him go sunday night they were supposed to release him back to police. he's on the loose. they know he took a cab to the union city board we are they haven't seen him since he's 5'8, they should have -- he should have bandages on him and sutures on his neck. he has been free since sunday night, police are concerned since he was wanted before saturday night for a prior domestic violence incident. they say they consider him unstable and dangerous. if you see him keep your distance, they hope you will call right away. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. checking our other top stories, one of the one with -- one so-called speed freak kill claiming there's a third well some 1,000 bones from 30 victims of i the killing spree have been recover -- recovered
6:56 am
near the town of linden. searchers are using dogs to try and find a second well in the same area. one final check of weather and traffic. big story the fog. >> the fog is the big weather story this morning quarter mile visibility in the north bay, reduced around the bay shore not showing up at our reporting station beautiful picture to show you from vollmer peak of the sunrise. flight arrival delays nearly 60 minutes at sfo. low 70s concord, antioch, santa rosa and cloverdale more 70s in the forecast wednesday through friday. bay bridge toll backed up to the 880 overcrossing. here's a live shot everything reopen they had record bart ridership this weekend with bart reporting no delays. you might want to take bart highway 4 is jammed out of antioch to pittsburgh with what -- to pittsburg with an accident at willow pass road and it is being cleared now
6:57 am
new jam san jose north 101, chp still en route there. >> thanks everyone for watching we'll be back with way local update at 7:24. >> keep track of the latest on twitter and talk about it at have a great day. it is gorgeous out there. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning. bye-bye! closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc let me get that door for you... [ man ] i loved my first car... sometimes the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't. um... [ sighs ] [ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ male announcer ] for the road ahead, the l-new subaru impreza®. ♪ experience love that lasts.
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