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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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a tans er fire has turned out the lights to -- a transformer fire has turned out the lights to more than 2,000 pg&e customers. new claims that oakland police shot and you armed man in the back and that man says he's the cousin of oscar grant. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san francisco where the district attorney has decided what charges if any to file against a bart police officer who shot and
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killed a man at the civic center last summer. story coming up in a live report. good morning i'm mike nicco. beautiful picture we can see no fog to be found this morning except for at the coast temperatures near record highs the next two days. good morning i'm frances dinglasan. driving conditions are easier. a couple problems on eastbound 24, one at 51st street and one at pleasant hill. update shortly. >> 6:01 on this wednesday thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. a transformer fire has knocked out the electricity, turned out the lights for thousands of customers across several neighborhoods in san francisco. amy hollyfield is live near the intersection of valencia and dubose with more. >> reporter: i've got good news and bad news. which one do you want first? i'll start with the bad. the people on this block of dubose are not going to have power until probably
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dinnertime that's according to the pg&e official who is on the scene. the good news is they turned off the power to those 2300 customers in the area for safety's sake while they worked on the issue. they've turned that power back on. we are talking about a small section of san francisco this half of a block at dubose between mission and valencia. these people aren't going to have power until dinnertime. big deal to those who can't see me giving this report now. you might want to call them in morning and tell them what is going on. maybe give them a wake-up call. a transformer exploded before 4:00 this morning. the fire continued to burn for a while. pg&e official on the scene had a lot to deal with. the fire was last on his list. he said it was okay to burn in a container it wasn't going to spread or cause any other problems. he went up there in a cherry picker and put it out. he to blast it a couple of times it took a while to get
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it out he says that's because it was burning for so long. there was a fire team on san they just watched. i asked do they usually -- let others put out the fire? they said it is not common practice but they do work with pg&e frequently on situations like this they are not allowed to group in his cherry picker they didn't have their ladder truck so they let him handle it. the power did get turned off in the middle of the night while people were sleeping going to be rough morning for many they've managed to get most of the power turned back on and the fire is out. no idea what caused it to blow. he said probably overloaded. they will be looking into the cause now that they've got the fire out. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. san francisco's district attorney is out with his report on a controversial shooting by bart police that left a homeless man dead. his conclusion is guaranteed
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to make some unhappy. terry mcsweeney is live at the station in san francisco where this took place. >> reporter: you are right about that. district attorney gascon has decided it was lawful self-defense that the officer was using when he shot and killed a man at the station last summer. part of the reason is video we can take a look at now in the video you see the shooting, also the knife being thrown at officer james crowell. the number of bullets fired were three, two hit the suspect, one hit a post. the knife was thrown by 45-year-old charles hill. crowell said he feared for his life. investigators determined that was the second object thrown at the officer the first was a of vodka. take a look at the deceased, the suspect say he was drunk at the time. investigation proves he was also high on methamphetamine
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and marijuana. report says hill was a chronic meth user and had so much speed in his body that usually when people have that much speed in their system they are dead already. take a look at the reaction to the shooting. again it came at a sensitive time, not all that long after the shooting of unarmed oscar grant by another bart police officer johannness mehserle, grand was shot on killed, -- grant was shot and killed. this case is not going to criminal court. attorney for hill who represented grant's family john burris says he's going to be filing, in fact has filed a lawsuit for wrongful death and civil rights in federal court. he is representing the hill family in this case. he says the fact that the district attorney is not going to be filing criminal charges will have no bearing. because when you get to civil court the proof is far less heavy than in criminal court.
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terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:06 now. this morning we are getting new details in the investigation into the most reason shooting involving an oakland police officer -- recent shooting involving an oakland police officer. oscar grant's cousin was shot in the back and unarmed. oscar was shoot by a bart police officer new year's day. the mother of tony jones says her son was shot after running from police. investigators suspected the car they stopped might be linked to a robbery a passenger ran from the vehicle and shot bay an officer. jones' mother says her son was not armed. >> i talked to my son. my son says momma the officers is lying they watched me get out the car, watched me walk and started speeding up and i took off running across the street. when i took off running i just her the gun. >> jones' attorney says his
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client has not been charged. he plans civil claims against the police department. oakland police have not responded to our repeated requests for comment on the family's claims. investigators looking for clues into the death of a man whose body was found on the sidewalk in the mission district on julian between 15th and 16th. the question is how long was he there before anyone called for help? a woman called police at 7:45 sunday morning asking them to do a welfare check on a man she saw lying in front of the home on julian avenue when they got there he was already dead. police don't know how he died. they posted fliers in the neighborhood asking for the public's help. bloggers say the man yelled for help and for someone to call police, but no one did. residents deny that claim. >> [ unintelligible ] story going that all the neighbors heard something and
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nobody bothered to call can't be true. the neighbors here do call economy things happen. >> police are checking all emergency call logs from that morning. today will be the last day on the job for three dozen city employees who are being laid off in oakland. the cuts were approved by the city council last month to offset money loss when state redevelopment funds were eliminated lay-offs are fewer than the original estimate of 200 oakland city workers that were going to be cut. 2500 lay-off notices were sent out. if you are planning your day, get out those shortsleeves. >> a lot of sun today, mike. >> absolutely, possibly sunburn if you spend a lot of time outside it can happen this time of year. good morning. let's talk about what is going to happen as you step out now. you are well -- you will run into fog around napa, half mile visibility there fog lifting a little around half moon bay, four mile visibility that means there's
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an ebb and flow to it and it looks like it is going to hang around for the better part of the morning commute. winds fairly calm except for gusty wind in livermore -- north wind 14 at half moon bay. here are temperatures running in the 40s to low 50s at 8:00 this morning. as we head towards noon, everybody in the 60s to 71 at santa rosa to 58 half moon bay still mild as we head towards 4:00, more sunshine and temperatures in the 60s to 70s around fremont, san jose and inland. pollen high again today and tomorrow. tomorrow a better chance of setting record high temperatures. friday less likely as cooling begins all of us drop 10 to 15° over the weekend. we start off with breaking news in oakland.
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some gunshots were heard fired inside a home on:q telegraph avenue near 45th street. chp was thinking about shutting down eastbound 24, 51st street off-ramp that heads to that area. we have sky 7 hd heading to the scene. better news eastbound 24 through lafayette earlier crash cleared westbound 24 still looking good towards the caldecott tunnel. bad news for bay bridge commuters, stall reported nine minutes ago. left lane of the incline section, metering lights were turned on early. that probably means a big back up for the rest of the morning. 6:10 now. spotting the scam. new scheme that may have bilked millions from thousands of american consumers. why california's top election official is warning the postal service that budget
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woes could have big electoralúúú
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good morning. live picture of university of san francisco there you can see san francisco no fog. no airport delays expected that's what mike is telling us but he will turn up the volume on sunshine. more news now. federal officials have cracked a debt collection scam that bilked 10,000 americans out of millions over past couple years in the scam, callers from india posed as debt
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collectors and threatened to get the victims fired or arrested if they didn't pay up. they were supposed to pay up between $300 and $2,000. the federal trade commission says the callgoers information on the victims from payday lenders. candidates square off before the last debate -- new associated press shows santorum is running even with mitt romney at the top of the republican field. neither is faring well against president obama. primaries will be held in arizona michigan next tuesday super tuesday mar -- march 6th. drastic cut in postal services may have an adverse impact on californians who vote by mail. tens of thousands of balance also for the cal primary and
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the presidential direction -- the postal service is planning to call more than 200 processing centers and post offices. they are asking congress to extend a moratorium until the end of the presidential election cycle. mike is going to turn up the volume on that sunshine. not sure about that analogy now. you like it? >> you want me to yell the temperatures? >> from the mountaintop. 6:16 we are turning up the heat, if you will. thank you glen fry for that. near record highs today and a better chance tomorrow a few high clouds around the bay area less likely as we need the afternoon. i just updated temperatures, 41 napa, fog just moving
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around sometimes it hits the center sometimes it doesn't now it has hit with a half mile visibility mild in livermore 60, 55 antioch, 52 in san francisco 40s for rest of us. around the monterey bay inland mid to upper 40s. three highlights of the forecast, sunshine near record high temperatures today and tomorrow clear tonight watch out for the breezes fast above 1,000 feet wind advisory weekend winds coming off the ocean bringing clouds and a 10 to 15° temperature drop from what we are going to deal with today and tomorrow let's start with a 24 hour temperature change compared to yesterday 70 in santa rosa, san francisco 67 today everybody else in the 70s five degrees warmer in oakland and san francisco six santa rosa eight concord fremont and san jose 72 and 734, nine degrees warmer than yesterday.
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-- very few areas in the 60s along the coast, san mateo, -- everybody else in the low to mid 70s, check out the asterisk, santa rosa, livermore the best bet for a record high today. monterey bay 66, low to mid 70s -- with the winds, keeping the atmosphere overturned i don't see much fog tonight mild mid to upper 40s until you get to santa rosa and cloverdale near 40 sprawling area of high pressure, huge dominating area not only the eastern pacific western united states pushing the jet stream or our storm track well north and with the high pressure starting to develop to our north and over towards our northeast where our winds are coming from, we are going to get that downsloping compressing heating drying wind also going to get aggressive as it shoots through the central valley accelerates and hits north bay
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mountains east bay hills diablo range, 2030 miles per hour gusts up to 50 -- we could have downed trees and branches. seven day forecast, the warmth peaks tomorrow and cooling begins friday especially at the coast then spreads inland over the weekend and we stay in the 50s at the coast through next week with low to midsectionties for rest of us it will be dry all seven -- mid 60s for rest of us. it will be dry all seven days. bay bridge backed up as predicted with that earlier stall we showed you on the incline with the metering lights turned on early backed up past theom't 880 overcrossin. yesterday traffic was backed up through the maze. we can see the back-up here you will see this is westbound 580 it is slow from the top of the maze heading towards the bay bridge toll. this is a westbound 80 curve, towards the bay bridge as well. i think is where we will see a
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back-up develop into the macarthur maze again. i want to tell you about the problem in oakland. this is on telegraph near 45th street, streets may be blocked because of gunshots that were heard fired in -- in a house in the area, westbound 24 fine. also in san francisco you want to avoid dubose avenue between valencia and mission due to that transformer fire amy hollyfield was at the scene you may want to consider 14th z an also use mission. i want to show you the waze traffic app, things looking good in the south bay not a lot of problems. i see traffic spotters there moving along at over 40 miles an hour this is a great way to get traffic information when you need it for your commute. go to you can download this free traffic app to your phone and i hope you join our traffic spotter community.
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our time is 6:20. seeing your screen and the street at the same time. the google glasses that could one day replace your smartphone. oscar sunday five days away. four ya! at you will fan a lot of oscar history, photo gallery fun and facts. -- take oscar with you anywhere by downloading the oscar app. you can join the conversation on twitter.
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i for google glasses reportedly working on eye glasses with a small screen if front of your eyes, a camera and a data connection operating like a smartphone users will joel and click by at this timing their head or using their voice they should be -- should be out by year's end. when does the white house become the house of blues? when the president sings with the king. bb king. ♪ ♪ sweet old chicago ♪ >> last night president obama joined the blue's legend in a
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salute to chicago part of the pba series. mick jagger -- pbs series. mick jack gather also there. new legislation launched today in the nation's capital that could have a huge impact on your wallet. >> the new accusations that oakland police shot an unarmed man in the back. >> ever >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco for controversy on top of controversy as the d.a. decides what if any charges to press against a bart officer who shot and killed a man. the story coming up in a live report. if you are flying through denver, nearly 90 minute flight arrival delays everybody else on time. use that flight tracker to see what flights are affected. a
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u.s. stocks are falling as investors in europe have concerns over the greek balanceout plan they are worry the 172 billion dollar deal may not be enough to keep grease from defaulting and abandoning the euro. we go live to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. it is wednesday 6:30 thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. two big traffic issues including second among of --
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second morning of huge back-ups approaching the bay bridge. >> yesterday was a big mess and there weren't major problems this morning we had a stalled lane for 10 minutes metering lights got turned on the back-up changes so quickly. i have a lot shot of the maze now this is westbound 80 jammed through the curve. westbound 580 heavy from the macarthur maze. also the other top story we have is breaking news from sky 7 hd less than an hour ago shots were reported fired signed an oakland home on 45th near telegraph some streets are closed in the area. we'll keep you updated. developing news in san francisco, pg&e says some residents who had power knocked out by a transformer fire we showed new morning, will not have it restored until dinnertime. the fire was first reported around 3:45 near the intersection of dubose and
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valencia in the mission district it cut power to more than 2,000, power has restored to all but a few 100. dubose in that area may still be closed. another update in a few minutes. oakland police investigating a shooting involving one of their officers. the suspect was seriously wounded after being shot in the back late sunday night. we now know the man shot by the officers is related to oscar grant the man who was kill the unarmed man killed by bart police. here's john alston with the story you will see only on 7. >> reporter: she emerged from highland hospital in oakland after waiting detail to sigh her son. she says he was shot in the lower back after running from police late sunday night. >> i talked to my son. my son said momma the officers is lying they watched me get out the car, walk and start speeding up and i took off running across the street when i took off running i heard the gun. >> reporter: her son is
6:33 am
24-year-old tony jones. she says he is a cousin of oscar grant the may ward man shot and killed by a bart police officer new year's day 2009. sunday evening before midnight oakland police stopped a car on the 2000 block of 62nd police suspected the vehicle might be linked to a robbery. police have not identified jones by name, they say a passenger with a gun ran from the vehicle and was shot by an officer. jones' mother and attorney deny he a gun. >> tony said he did not have no gun. he got out of the vehicle he paid a lady $10 to give him a ride to where he got shot at. >> reporter: attorney mccoy said he was denied the right to meet with his client at the hospital going so far as to take a picture of the oakland officer he says refused entry after jones wanted to see his attorney. >> we believe what happened is the oakland police department is hiding the fact that they
6:34 am
shot him, in his back while he was retreating from them. >> reporter: jones' mother says her son was on probation but would not say for what. >> he's nice he's been home a month and couple days from the penitentiary he was locked up for 10 years. he have not did nothing to be at the house playing with little oscar. >> that was john alston reporting. the attorney was able to see his client last night so far his client has not been charged. he says he plans to file a civil claim again the oakland police. police claim they did find a weapon at the scene. we tried to get further comment from oakland police but we have not heard back. the san francisco district attorney has made a decision on whether to press criminal charges again the bart police officer who shot and killed a man on a platform. terry mcsweeney is live at the station in san francisco where the controversial shooting happened. >> reporter: the controversy is sure to continue because the district attorney has
6:35 am
decided this incident was a matter of lawful self-defense on the part of the officer, no charges are going to be filed. they have evidence that supports the officer's sigh. this is video of -- officer's side this is video, you will see the knife thrown at officer james crowell by the suspect, 45-year-old charles hill. he not only threw that knife he previously thrown a vodka bottle at him. when officers went through his belongings after the shooting they found seven more knives in hill's possession. the officer said he feared for his life his training is someone with a knife within 21 feet is a threat because they can get to you before you can pull your weapon, hill was 15 feet away the suspect, the report says he was drunk and had meth in his system at a level that is usually lethal. now look at reaction to that shooting in july of last year
6:36 am
on the heels of shooting of unarmed oscar grant. the attorney for charles hill's family john burris also represented oscar grant's family and he has filed a civil lawsuit wrongful death lawsuit in federal court no criminal charges going to be filed in this case. officer crowell is no longer with the bart police department he has moved on to the fbi. he was in line for that job when the shooting occurred. it wasn't something after the fact it was going on at the same time. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the surviving speed freak killer is making a new threat as test results confirm the identities of additional victims. wesley shermantine says he won't reveal any more locations where bodies are buried unless he's shown the money. >> reporter: he wants the $33,000 promised by bounty hunter leonard padilla before
6:37 am
he says another word. i talked with padilla yesterday and he says he believes shermantine has told the truth so far. shermantine is saying there are two more locations where his partner loren herzog, dumped bodies that would make five sites the first is where authorities found the suspected remains of two women. their remains have been positively identified. then there are the two wells shermantine drew on the original map for the bounty hunter. there will be no map of two new sites until after he gets the balance of the 33 grand. padilla says more than half that money will go to victim' families. >> he wanted headstones for his mom and dad because they died dr. died during this procedure. he wanted money for -- money for his kids. in order to take a shortcut and find the -- -- others much
6:38 am
like in bounty hunting, i came up with money. >> reporter: padilla says sunday he and shermantine agreed to a $2,000 down payment apparently that check is in the mail. we don't know if padilla will rush the rest of the money in exchange for this new information. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 6:38. this afternoon san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is scheduled to be in court for a pretrial hearing. prosecutors and defense attorneys will submit motions ahead of the domestic violence trial set to begin friday. last month the sheriff was charged with domestic violence, child endangerment and dissuading a witness the three charges stem from alleged altercation with his wife eliana lopez on new year's eve. both have denied allegations. the trial is scheduled to start friday. today the government's new consumer watchdog agency launching an investigation into costly overdraft fees charged by big banks. the bureau will ask banks for
6:39 am
information on how the fees affect consumers. how overdraft protection is marketed. and what information con saoufpls receive. by 2009 overdraft fees generated tens of millions for banks. . the rules did not apply to checks and online payments or how much banks could charge for the service. :39. get ready for that february sunshine. >> it going to bring warm temperatures. seems like one week every february it gets really warm then winter comes back. we would like winter to come back in the form of rain. the next couple of days record high temperatures five degrees cooler in napa with fog, two in hayward and san jose 19° warmer in livermore, nine antioch the three in san francisco, two in
6:40 am
san rafael and also santa rosa, where does that put us? 60 livermore, 55 antioch, 52 in san francisco, quarter mile visibility. everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. watching a few areas of clouds overrunning this area of high pressure that is going to be the morning into the early afternoon forecast, most of this will start if get pushed off to the east by this area of high pressure shower that is going to allow for the breezes that will come from the northeast and bring near record temperatures today, 76 in livermore and santa rosa would be the closest. low to mid 70s everywhere except half moon bay san mateo santa rosa and richmond mid to upper 60s pollen will be high today tomorrow it may break down a little a cooler cleaner breeze from the ocean and temperatures dropping 10 to 15° over the weekend. time for an update on your commute, here's frances. bay bridge toll, another hot spot this morning.
6:41 am
backed up into the maze. earlier stall it was horrible yesterday i think we are going to see at least 30 minute delays again this morning. there's the toll plaza here's a view of the oakland maze as you head towards the bay bridge. this is westbound traffic from emeryville and berkeley towards the bay bridge. westbound 580 already backed up through the maze. going to be tough there. new crash reported on westbound 80 noel valley road car facing wrong way in the left lane -- drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze is 24 minutes, i think it will get worse, unfortunately. live shot of the golden gate bridge, looking fine, earlier stall reported southbound not doing too much damage to the commute out of marin county. i want to take you to san francisco, this is waze traffic app, we need more commuters in the san francisco area because right now i don't see too many heading through
6:42 am
this area to the central freeway. you will want to avoid dubose avenue which is closed. you saw amy hollyfield, ed near mission and valencia. you may want to take 14th as an alternate. get more by going to our time is 6:42. what a steal! the million dollar artwork uc berkeley sold for more than $200. we saw the dow is off a little less than three points. number -- conundrum for student as tending community colleges why they may have fewer classes to pick from.úúúúú
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. check out live doppler it is quiet across the entire state with temperatures above average this afternoon from 55 in tahoe, 63 yosemite low to mid 70s central valley, big sur and san diego low to mid 80s around l.a. and palm springs. 6:46. the president of california's fish and game commission is
6:47 am
under fire in morning for hunting the same animals that he is charged with protecting in california. this photo on a fishing and hunting website shows dan richards holding a mountain lion he hunted in idaho. this could cost him his job. in 1990 voters approved a measure making it illegal in california to hunt mountain lions. >> californians trust the fish and game department and their commission to be protecters of our wildlife resources. this person is showing that he really doesn't care. >> what mr. richards did in idaho was neither illegal nor immoral. the legal hunting activity in idaho of mountain lions has no bearing on his ability to act's fish and game commissioner. >> neither richards nor the fish and game commission wanted to comment. california's community colleges say they will have to drop more classes, lay-off more staff and potentially eliminate summer school to dale with huge budget
6:48 am
shortfall. the 149 -- the 149 million dollar deficit is relate today to declines in fees from students and drop in property tax revenues. the system says it will have to borrow to pay its bills. the states 112 collegeses have had budgets slashed by more than 800 million dollars since 2008. -- imax and ipads have a huge affect on the pc business. >> jane king live at the new york stock exchange with that and what you can do on facebook to help you land a job. good morning jane. good morning. the competition from apple is hurting pc maker dell, sales falling last quarter as people go for ipads instead. after gaining almost 25% this year shares are trading lower this morning. we have a mostly lower start here not by much, directionless is more the term we need to use.
6:49 am
there is talk about weakness in europe's economy. we are waiting for a report on january existing home sales in about 10 minutes. economists believe sales rose to the highest level in more than a year. as we wait on that, the dow, s&p, nasdaq all barely moving. bloomberg index down 2/10 of a experience. t-mobile trying to block verizon's purchase. asking the fcc to stop the deal between verizon, comcast, time warner and cox. it would place an excessive concentration of wireless spectrum in verizon's hands allowing -- if you are looking to a job you might want to make your facebook profile shows you are well travelled, and have a wide range of hobbies and interests. a study finds that people with
6:50 am
that type of facebook profile perform better at work. another thing apparently partying is not necessarily seen as a negative. it makes you look extra ed and friendly, be -- extra ed and friendly. we are following breaking news from oakland. police have blocked off several streets after reports of gunshots from a house. amy hollyfield joins us near the intersection of 45th and telegraph with more. >> reporter: we are on 45th street it is blocked off you can see some police officers there they've blocked off 45th and 44th between telegraph and mlk. 5:30 this morning someone reported hearing shots fired in a home right about where we are standing. police are now looking for the person who fired that gun they
6:51 am
have the police dog helping with the search. they've established a perimeter in the area. they have a command post. they are looking along the highway we are next to highway 24. at one point they considered shutting down the 5 withst street off -- the 51st street off-ramp, it could lead to rolling closures any time minute this a volatile, fluid situation they won't let us go down there they say it is too dangerous now since they don't know where this person is. at this point we are waiting for a lieutenant to brief us and give us an update on how they are doing in the search. we understand he's planning to do that soon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:51. >> we check in with meteorologist mike nicco tracking warm temperatures. >> climbing to near record levels today, possibly better chance of record levels tomorrow. beautiful sunrise as we look
6:52 am
to the southeast under the bay bridge all the way to fremont from downtown san francisco, this morning. temperatures running from 41 fog napa, 41 fairfield mid to upper 40s san francisco 52, 55 antioch, little breezy in livermore that's helped temperatures stay at 60 this morning mid to upper 40s monterey bay. three things i want you to know about this forecast, sun, near record high temperatures today and tomorrow clear tonight breezy in our mountains breezes this weekend from the ocean will bring clouds and cooler weather 10 to 20° cooler the next couple of days. six degrees warmer in san francisco, eight redwood city nine oakland and san jose napa and livermore 76, 13 and 14° warmer than average. sunsets 5:56. santa rosa 76, livermore 76
6:53 am
best chance for record high temperatures low to mid 70s in most neighbor hoods. -- neighborhoods. mid to upper 70s inland. tonight 40s notice how clear thanks to the breezes that will be fast over our mountains above 1,000 feet from 4:00 in the morning until 6:00 tomorrow evening, gusts up to 50 miles per hour, 60s and 50s back for the weekend. dry all seven days. we just got word from amy hollyfield 45th street just roped at telegraph lanes are open through the area -- just reopened at telegraph, lanes are open through the area. bay bridge toll backed up to the maze one stall it was horrible yesterday. accident westbound 80 reported near noel valley road traffic slow trying -- to clear from it the left lane slow to
6:54 am
berkeley problem in san francisco where amy hollyfield was earlier due to that transformer fire, dubose closed between valencia and mission. you may want to consider 14th street to mission as an alternate. if you are coming off the central freeway into san francisco you won't be able to get on to dubose. mass transit good way to get into san francisco for bart. ace train four minutes late now. some of the science stars who fired a cannonball through a dublin house will be back in the neighborhood tonight. two months ago the show "mythbusters" accidentally fired a cannonball through a home the host apologized, paid for all damage and attended a public forum on safety. at 7:00 tonight the show's host will speak at dublin high's engineering academy.
6:55 am
embarrassed uc berkeley officials trying to figure out how the university sold a million dollar piece of artwork for less than $200. the 22 foot long carved redwood panels were part of a project by african-american artist sergeant johnson the university thought lost for 25 years but surfaced in 2009. the university says it considered buying the work back but doesn't hav#r the money. recapping: the san francisco district attorney has made a decision on whether to press criminal charges against a bart police officer who shot a killed a homeless man. >> terry mcsweeney is live at the civic center station where that shooting took place last summer. >> reporter: d.a. gascon has decided there is not going to be charges filed because it was self-defense. take a look at the video that helped him reach that conclusion. you are going to see officer crowell, you are also going to
6:56 am
see a knife come flying by, thrown by 45-year-old charles hill. crowell said he feared for his life. investigators determined that was the second object thrown, the first was a bottle of vodka the suspect, investigators say he was high on speed and drunk. the level of speed in his body is usually deadly. no charges in this shooting. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. final check on weather and traffic. little fog around napa, half mile visibility otherwise sunny today a few high clouds from time to time record highs santa rosa and livermore low to mid 70s move of us. better chance of record highs tomorrow. the hot spot this morning is the bay bridge toll earlier stall things are backed up through the maze. i want to take you to the waze
6:57 am
traffic app this is a great way to figure out how far the backup extends you can see now these bubbles are drivers on the freeways on the roads you can see it is all the way into the macarthur maze. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> back with a local update at 7:24.
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