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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 23, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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6:01 on this daughters day morning. i'm kristen sze. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. we are following news in sunnyvale. investigators on the scene of an early morning house fire. the concern is the family who lives there is unaccounted for. katie marzullo is at the scene. >> reporter: it is a waiting game the scene isn't going to change until the sun comes up. you can see what we are seeing. the 911 call about the fire came in at 1:00 this morning. crews found the house fully engulfed in flames. it took more than an hour to knock down those flames. there is a family of four that lived inside, a mom, dad,
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maybe two elementary age kid there is are two cars parked in the driveway. the fire was so bad crews determined when they got to the scene that it was not a rescue . they to take down the fire first. now the damage is so bad they can't go inside to find out if the family was inside. here's what the battalion chief told us. >> we have concerns about the structural integrity of the building. we want to make sure it is safe for investigators to go in. once we have made sure the build is safe enough to go in we'll go room by room to determine the cause and perhaps location of the family members. >> reporter: that process is not going to get -- begin before 8:00 this morning. crews have gone through those cars on the driveway looking for anything that might have a number on that it could help them find the family. everybody hoping this family was not home.
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that they are on vacation, out of town, someone took them to the airport that would be the best case scenario. too early to know what caused the fire or where it started or if the home had working smoke detectors. katie marzullo, abc7 news. a union city church will be cleaning up this morning after discovering their place of worship badly vandalized yesterday. police have evidence. amy hollyfield is live at st. anne's. it looks like a decision was made to leave that up for people to see. >> reporter: yeah, it is tough to look at. but it has been here since yesterday. the priest is using this has a teachable moment, an example he says that even when it is hard, you need to love your neighbor. parishioners were in tears yesterday when they saw the vandalism. they couldn't believe someone would do this on ash wednesday. because of the satanic symbol
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and the fact it is on a church and it happened on ash wednesday, police are treating this as a hate crime. the priest could have tried to get this cleaned up yesterday before his ash wednesday worshippers arrived. but he decided not to. >> there's still a lot of hatred in the world. i want them to see that and react [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: the church doesn't have security cameras. police say they do have some evidence. they are trying to figure out if this is a miss graded young person or an organized group. at -- misguided young person or an organized group. at this point they do not have suspects. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. look for changes soon when you download an application on your mobile device it should make a difference when it comes to privacy. mobile applications have been downloaded 35 billion times on
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to phones and tablets, only 22 out of the top 30 have a privacy policy. state attorney general harris says mobile apps can collect a user's name, phone number and other personal days without the user's knowledge. now amazon, apple, google, hp, microsoft and research in motion have agreed to work with app developers to create privacy policies and post them before a download occurs. >> if they don't go with the privacy policy that means you are not insawing the app. the chances of people actual -- installing the app the chances of people not installing the app they want or test out because of a privacy poll sill are pretty slim. >> big -- big unknown is whether people will read the privacy policies before downloading the apps and whether they can understand them. the head of the u.s. coast guard is giving his annual address in alameda this morning the first time he's given the speech outside of washington.
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he plans to use three new coast guard cutters ans a backdrop for his speech that asks for more ships he says the vast majority of his 40 major ships were built during the vietnam war and are falling apart. the admiral says it needs to double its budget for new vessels to two billion dollars a year. san francisco's supervisors are expected to vote next tuesday on a binding deal to host america's cup after hours of discussion yesterday a committee voted to move the deal to a full board vote. race organizers will get a rent-free lease on some piers in exchange for repairing them. pier res for kraeugs -- restoration was expected to take a year. governor brown arrives in washington, d.c. this morning for a critical meeting with president obama and members of congress.
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he's there to attend the annual meeting of the national governor's association, lawmakers are expected to discuss budget deficits hitting states across the nation. california has been hard by the recession. governor brown is expected to address spending cuts with mr. obama and expected to address republican attempts to cut program funding in california. breaking news, we are just learning seven marines have been kill. they died when two choppers collided near yuma, arizona apparently a training exercise. this happened late last night marine corps officials confirming the accident, seven marines killed. let's check in with mike nicco now. looks like possible temperature records are going to be falling today. >> we would be happy with low 70s for those seeking warmth we might climb higher mike. >> upper 70s possible. good morning. temperatures will soar to near record levels for the second and probably final day.
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right now three degrees cooler in san francisco one hayward two los gatos 17 in livermore yesterday you had that spike when the winds picked up from 45 to 62. the winds haven't made it to your neighborhoods yet today. 12° warmer in fairfield, nine in mountain view naughts fairfield at 59, antioch 60 right now. 50° temperatures around oakland, san francisco low 50s half moon bay mountain view, san rafael, 53 santa rosa everybody else in the 40s winds are creating microclimates this morning. storm track to the north now all that record snow in utah and colorado that is because they are getting what we should be getting in the sierra. asterisks around santa rosa, concord, livermore, san jose and palo alto areas that could set record highs. low 70s along the coast into san francisco mid to upper 70s for the rest of us breezy above 1,000 feet today. monday temperatures could be 12 to 18 degrees cooler,
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cooler than average next weeks. slight chance of rain wednesday. we have three accidents just reported in the past 10 minutes or so first injury crash in san jose north 101 past mckey. they say it is on the shoulder. because injuries have been reported once crews get there and the chp is there it tends to slow things down. it is slow in the area because traffic is moving at 66 then slows to 35. other crash is westbound 580 at 680 in the right lane, no injuries. traffic is slow from the altamont pass to 680, 19 minutes. live shot bay bridge toll, cash paying lanes backed up, plus third new accident reported in the east bay on the thornton on-ramp to 880. more details on that. 6:09. just ahead, gas price continues to soar in the state. >> also, a federal judge in san francisco makes an important ruling on the
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defense of act. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has what's hot, nextúúúúúúúúúúú@@úúú
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a federal judge in san francisco has declared the defense of marriage act unconstitutional. judge white yesterday ruled the 1996 law discriminates against legally married gay and lesbian couples because it denies government benefits like health care to same-sex couples. a judge in massachusetts issued a similar ruling last
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year that case is being appealed. today president obama will take on rising gas prices. he's expected to layout efforts to boost domestic production of oil and gas which unfortunately, won't do much to help us right now. statewide the average is now $4.14. that's up seven cents from yesterday and four -- 14 cents from last week. in tampa someone stole gas from the underground tanks. in foe, thaoefrs are siphonning it -- in fresno, thieves are siphonning it from other cars. >> i'm glad to see there's a station unfour. cash-only but still. -- killing me. 4:21 yesterday, $75. >> give me a five gallon container i'll bring you some. >> winter is not over remember that. still feels like it. >> it does. spring is in the air.
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good morning. 6:15 on this day. our second day of record high temperatures and our final day as we look at clear, mainly clear sky from sutro tower across the port of oakland up to mount diablo. today will be like yesterday. record high in santa rosa, concord, livermore hayward redwood city and santa rosa -- and santa cruz and i think we'll see a handful of them today 60 antioch, 39 in napa, those are your extremes. a lot of low to mid 50s around santa rosa, san rafael, san francisco, half moon bay, 58 fairfield, mid to upper 40s concord, fremont, mountain view, san jose, los gatos and redwood city mid to upper 40s monterey bay and inland today sunshine record highs living through history once again clear calm tonight will allow for cooler temperatures tomorrow morning breezy, cool breeze off the ocean talking about a 12° drop over the next couple of days.
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today look for asterisks, santa rosa, concord, livermore, san jose and palo alto where i think we'll set records today. low 70s along the coast into san francisco mid to upper 70s for the rest of us. monterey bay low to mid 70s around the bay, mid to upper 70s as you head into the inland valleys gilroy the warm spot at 78. tonight 40 fairfield, 40 santa rosa, 50 san francisco most of news the 40s during the overnight hours. winds fastest from now until 6:00 this evening, especially above 1,000 feet gusting in the santa cruz mountains to 25, gusting in the east bay hills now to 30 mount diablo, still hanging around 50. winds fast throughout the afternoon at 1,000 feet and higher. while you were sleeping high pressure moved north going to move east and bring downsloping compressing heating drying offshore or land breeze that is going to hang around through the
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afternoon. now we get after the sunsets at 6:00, the high keeps moving an breezes taper the reason it is cooler tonight low pressure up to our north redirect winds off the ocean starting tomorrow that's why we have a four to six degree drop tomorrow, another four to six degree drop saturday another four to six degree drop monday next monday to wednesday we make up for these warm temperatures by being below average we have a chance of rain next wednesday. here's frances with an update. update on several accidents in the bay area north 101 san jose past mckey injury crash on shoulder slowing by the scene not too every yet we'll keep you posted on that on the thornton avenue on-ramp to southbound 880 a crash reported, 880 is still fine. we also have an accident in the dublin/pleasanton area westbound 580 approaching 680 blocking right lane.
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drive time has increased to 21 minutes starting to slow out of livermore now. bay bridge toll starting to slow down quickly once metering lights turn on you see the back-up develop past the end of the parking lot almost towards west grand and i-80 in berkeley just under the limit in pockets through university is where it gets crowded no major problems reported for the east shore freeway. if you are thinking about bypassing westbound 580 this is waze traffic app, you see it is slow on isabel and vallecitos. you can decide for yourself what routes you want to take by having this app available. it is free, go to waze to learn more about. now :18. "mamma mia!" and monster trucks some of the big attractions this weekend. >> here's don sanchez with what is hot. >> reporter: "mamma mia!" hit musical hear all the hit songs
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abba songs again it is back for a limited run you can be a -- dancing queen in the orpheum theater. they used to say, saturday, saturday, the monster jam returns with 16 trucks race racing -- with action. new ballet called dear miss kline, set to the music of patsy kline. celebrating 60 years, beautiful breathtaking or kidd salute. 'tis any on -- orchid
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. >> at home "puss in boots" comes out on blue ray and dvd. oscar sunday three days away. at our website you will find a lot of history, fashion photo gallery and fascinating oscar facts, coverage begins sunday at 12:30. oprah will be on jimmy kimmel live after and be sure to download the oscar app for live video from the red carpet and backstage and enjoy the conversation on twitter. you can predict the winners, go on it is fun. >> who is going to win best picture? coming up, why the pope will be tweeting everyday between now and easter, we promise. er
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there is something new this season of lenf for catholics. a daily message from pope benedict xvi via twitter. the vatican is hoping by putting a message on twitter it will be retweeted into the life of someone who has given up on religion. here's the tweet from yesterday: let us be concerned for each
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other. his twitter handle is: 6:25. a man shot and wounded at san francisco's fisherman's wharf. water concerns. the bay area communities that are already starting to think about rationing. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo live in sunny veil. we are down to one fire engine on the scene of a house fire. what begins now is finding out what happened to the family of four that lives in the house? were they home or not? if they were, this community has a tragedy on its hands. good news, all major airports and regional california airports on time. severe weather possible in the east, delays possible then. flight tracker. bay bridge toll backed up towards 880 no injury accident on vallecitos road past isabel. details on that and an update onxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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good morning 6:29. the opening bell will soon ring. moments away from the ringing the labor department says the number of people seeking unemployment benefits stayed the same last week at a four year low also the average --
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[ inaudible ] we'll go live to the new york stock exchange for a live update in about 15 minutes. good morning 6:30 i'm kristen sze. and i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. a family of four missing in sunnyvale unaccounted for after flames raced through their home overnight. firefighters at the scene so is katie marzullo. it has got to be gut-wrenching waiting for the decision on where everybody is. >> reporter: it is. such a brutal waiting game. the scene has changed out here in the last few moments when began 1:00 this morning there were multiple fire engines out here, so many crews now all have left except a single engine and a handful of crews. i can see one firefighter
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squatting down inside he's outside -- that is part of the problem they can't go deep into the house at this hour worried about the structural safety of the home because when they arrived this morning the home was fully engulfed from floor to ceiling. they made what they had to make was a tough decision when they first got on scene. >> considered maybe doing a -- going into a rescue mode however because of the fire conditions we quickly determined that rescue would have been inappropriate due to the extent of the fire so we went to a defensive mode. >> reporter: based on what neighbors have told the crews, a family of four lived in this home mom, dad and two younger children maybe elementary school age adding to the confusion of whether or not they were home neighbors
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told firefighters tkhepbt know whether the family was home and there are two cars parked in the driveway of the house. part of why firefighters had -- made the assumption there was a family inside. at this point they don't know and can't find out until this structural -- until structural engineers come and deem it safe for crews to go in. they don't know the cause of the fire where it started nor if working smoke detectors were in the home. katie marzullo, abc7 news. san francisco police investigating a shooting that happened at fisherman's wharf late last night a man was shot near in and out burger. police say the -- in-n-out burger. police say he was shot in the leg and his injuries are not life-threatening. he within into the burger restaurant looking for help no one else was hurt. we don't know the motive. last night police detained two suspects they were searching for a third. newark police released a foe to have -- a foe of
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patrick joseph gregoire police were pursuing him a week ago he crashed head-on into another vehicle injuring the driver he ran into a shopping center s.w.a.t. teams could not find him. they found a loaded gun and marijuana in his car. gregoire was wanted for possession of stolen property and narcotics for sale. the man accused of murdering a berkeley hills homeowner is expected to be rained today. daniel dewitt made his first court appearance yesterday he's accused of beating peter cukor with a flower pot. the berkeley police department says it responded immediately after a second call came in on the 911 line after cukor had been attacked. somebody in palo alto likes shooting a gun and running. police don't think it is funny.
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tuesday police received a call of shots fired. like a previous incident when they showed up, all they found was shell casings, no suspect and nothing and no one hit. police say the shootings show a disregard for public safety with trial begins tomorrow nor san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi in his -- domestic violence case. his attorney filed a motion yesterday asking the court to disallow statements his wife allegedly made to a neighbor about brief examples of abuse. she says they are hearsay. mirkarimi's lawyers asking the court to toss a video the neighbor made of a bruise on his wife's arm. the attorney says the neighbor ivory madison represents herself as a lawyer and lopez says she thought she had attorney-client privilege. parents at a school in contra costa county are being warned about a possible outbreak of norovirus. the school is being cleaned from top to bottom.
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the school sent a letter warning about the symptoms. it is very contagious. the letter urges students showing symptoms to stay home for two days even after the symptoms go away. dry conditions and thin snow pack means less water for california farms and cities this year. the department of water resources has reduced its estimate of the amount it can deliver from 60% to 50%. the snow pack is less than a third of normal for this time of year. offs in parren say low rainfall and damaged well will force water restrictions for some residents. we don't have enough to go around now. >> no. just look at what we've got today. another dry and hot, hot for this time of year day in the making. >> mike what is going on? >> record highs are possible it usually takes a very dry ground to warm up the more moist tough in the -- moisture
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in the ground the more heat it holds. we've only had 2.84 inches in san jose, 27% of average. that's why we are going to have such a problem possibly in the spring or as we get deeping into this year. as far as our temperatures they are going to be warm today, above average once again about 10 to 16° above average excuse me a second doesn't seem to want to advance that being the computer here. watch for the asterisks that's where we are going to talk about temperatures that are going to be near record highs. places like santa rosa, concord, livermore, san jose and palo alto. low 70s along the coast mid to upper 70s for the rest of us. after today, it is over, check out the cooling breezes that
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come in tomorrow especially over the weekend, below average next week with a chance of rain finally wednesday. frances is here with an update. several accidents all within this 6:00 hour. hot spot developing in the livermore valley into pleasanton, an injury crash reported on vallecitos road past isabel. traffic is jammed up on vallecitos road even on isabel, notice the approaches are getting heavy, 13 miles anlcg4ñ hour this if going to be the hot spot for the morning. -- this is information we have available we can tell you how far the backup goes. this is because we have this from waze traffic app. the more folks we have that join the better our information will be. that's one spot to avoid. 580 not much better, there's a crash there. 580 slow towards 680 because
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of another accident clear cleared from the right lane drive time from the altamont pass to 680 is 24 minutes. earlier accident thornton to 880 cleared. north 101 heavy in san jose at mckey with an earlier accident on the shoulder. 6:38 now. >> trading is underway on wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange. here's a live look, dow down four points. why san jose state university might not admit hundreds of students that would normally be accepted. >> reporter: rick santorum under fire. his gop rivals throw punches last night. what the candidate saidúúúúúúúúú
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welcome back. i'm watching live doppler it is quiet in morning. sunshine and low to mid 70s through chico, sacramento, big sur, san diego will be near that fresno 69, sunny 49 in tahoe, warmest weather sunny 80 l.a., 84 palm springs. 6:42. afghan soldier opened fire at a u.s. base in eastern
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afghanistan today killing two u.s. troops. these are the first american deaths in three days of violent protests over u.s. troops' accidental burning of the muslim holy book the qur'an. this morning afghan president karzai says he has received a letter from president obama apologizing for the unintention al burning and promising to hold people -- accountable. >> in iraq, at least 50 killed and more than 200 wounded the wave of violence appears to target security forces showing extremists ability to coordinate violence most of the deaths were in baghdad. militants struck 10 other cities hitting government offices, restaurants and a school. in arizona key debate in the republican race for the white house may have put mitt romney back on top this morning. wherever momentum santorum had
6:44 am
came to a screeching halt. >> reporter: with only days left before crucial primaries in michigan and arizona the gop candidates will hunt for votes and raise campaign cash today. the man riding the wave of momentum santorum wakes up with bruises from last night's debate. romney lured santorum again and again into defending his record in congress women >> while i was fighting to save the olympics, were you fighting to save the bridge to nowhere. >> reporter: santorum seemed to engage in complicated washington speak. >> i voted for that it was again the principles i believed in. >> reporter: santorum tried to shoot back on health care. >> the bottom line is, what you did is used federal dollars to fund the government takeover of health care in massachusetts. >> reporter: romney countered by raising santorum's support for former republican senator arlen specter who switched parties and delivered a key vote to pass president obama's health care law. >> if you had not supported him, we would not have obama
6:45 am
care. >> reporter: ron paul joined in. >> we have a new television ad that labels him a fake, why? >> because he's a fake. >> reporter: as the nomination battle drags on a poll shows 40% of republicans dissatisfied with the current gop field. the gop candidates duke it out, president obama will promote his energy policy and raise campaign money in florida today. a new poll shows him leading all of the republican candidates. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. for the first time, san jose state may not give admission preference this year to county students because of state budget cuts. officials are expected to decide tomorrow whether they need to turn way 1400 qualified south bay applicants who want to go to the school. the campus has received more applications than it can accommodate. officials have started the process of sending out 21,000 acceptance notices but holding
6:46 am
back 3,000. earthquake soccer team can move ahead with plans to break ground on a new stadium in san jose. the planning commission voted to uphold the planned development permit approved in december a neighborhood group appealed. the quakes plan to build an 18,000 seat venue. they hope to begin construction by the end of the year. target is about to become the largest single employer in -- the store is an inning plans to hire 200 to staff its new store at the capitala mall. the opening comes at a good time unemployment hovering 12% right now, job fairs are planned. we'll keep you posted. good news on-the-jobs front. right now high gas prices aside maybe a good time to buy a new car. >> jane king joins us live with that story and more. good morning jane. good morning. we got the weekly jobless
6:47 am
claims numbers they are still sitting at four year lows some concern about europe's economy because german business confidence is higher. sears shares are surging selling 11 store sites and separating outlet business and smaller format business. part of an effort to raise cash after reporting its largest quarterly loss in almost a decade. markets looking a little on the defensive. dow down 50 points low, s&p and nasdaq in the single digits. bloomberg index lower 3/4 of a percent. more pain in commuter manufacturing business, hewlett-packard sales plunging 15%, consumers held on buying new months or switched to apple and others. could be a great time to buy a car consumers are getting
6:48 am
lowest interests rates in four years and fewer customers fall behind on payments which makes more investors willing to invest in the loans driving interest rates down. [ unintelligible ] live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. let's bring meteorologist mike nicco in to talk about warm temperatures already pretty high this morning. >> one area yesterday livermore in the 60s we have one like that already we'll show that most of news the 40s and 50s under this mostly clear little hazy from mount tamalpaisr6? back to san francisco beautiful picture this morning the fog is not there because the winds are up back in time look at the highs for wednesday where you see the circles, those are record highs santa rosa, concord, livermore, redwood city, santa cruz and hayward. why i show this? today's temperatures should mirror those. it is 60 in antioch now 58 fairfield down to 39 napa
6:49 am
everybody else in the 40s and 50s definitely a mild start. temperatures more homogenized monterey bay and inland mid to upper 40s winds not creating microclimates like they are here now sunny this afternoon record highs second and probably final day clear tonight calmer, cooler weather as the cold air will be able to sink down the heavier cold air into our lower elevations unlike today where getting current churned up by the winds. winds off the ocean, cooler and breezy this weekend. let's take a look at today's highs compared to average, 10° warmer in san jose, 11 is -- 11 in san francisco, sun comes up in 20 second, sets at 5:57. santa rosa, concord, livermore, palo alto, san jose, as -- low 70's along the coast into san francisco.
6:50 am
monterey bay low to mid 70s, mid to upper 70s total sunshine inland tonight 40 fairfield, santa rosa, 50 in san francisco everybody else in the 40s. about five to eight degrees cooler winds are going to be fastest above 1,000 feet already gusting up to 50 on mount diablo 25 to 30 in the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains could be dangerous at time they will hang around until at least 6:00 high pressure while were you sleeping slid to our north creating downsloping northeasterly winds warming winds that keep cool ocean air away from us tonight it starts moving to the east winds calm that's why it gets cooler tonight this low redirects winds off the ocean this weekend that's why we drop four to six degrees tomorrow, a couple more degrees sunday when the winds are fastest, a couple for monday by then, we are 12 to 18° cooler than average by wednesday, we'll have a chance of some quick
6:51 am
look at a beautiful sunset yesterday submitted by anonymous. you take such a beautiful picture, tell us who you are. submitted by terry m of marine county. it started so well early this morning during the past hour we had so many problems. amtrak's capital corridor delay train number 52 okanagan selled all passengers had to -- 520 cancelled all pangs had to board 522. delays for the capital -- corridor passengers. westbound 580, couple earlier problems, right now from the altamont pass to 680 almost 30 minutes heavy through livermore. we have this problem on
6:52 am
vallecitos i'm going to take to you the waze traffic app. this will tell you how slow it is on city streets the only tv station that can do this. with this injury accident on vallecitos you can see how things are jammed up on vallecitos even on isabel not a great ride even up to stanley boulevard slowing. stanley boulevard could be an alternate. thanks for all the drivers and commuters who turned this app on by doing so you sharing your information with us. bay bridge backed up to the 880 overcrossing not horrible, decent ride in the north bay 101 in san rafael, they are moving southbound well to the golden gate bridge. also, to get more on that waze free traffic app go to join our community it will help you get to work, hopefully a little easy -- easier and hopefully for my report. >> .
6:53 am
>> sad story, thousands of heads -- thousands of hens found dead or starving. 50,000 discovered on a chicken ranch in if you are lock. 1/3 died of starvation. the rest are in such poor condition they will have to be euthanized. the ranch is rented. animal service officials say the owner will likely face animal neglect charges. recapping: developing news out of sunnyvale, a family of four is unaccounted for after an early morning fire. >> katie marzullo is live at the scene with details. >> reporter: the fire broke out 1:00 this morning. when the fire department arrived they found the home fully engulfed. you can see what it looks like at this hour. it has been completely gutted. when crews arrived they did make the difficult decision to defend the fire to put out the fire and not go in for a rescue. that despite the fact there are two cars parked on the driveway that was a hint there may be people inside. there was no way to go in for
6:54 am
the rescue. they did learn from neighbors that a family of four lives inside the house. a mom, dad and two young children maybe of elementary school age. even now, as the sun comes up, fire crews have not been able to fully go in and do a some pleat search. they are waiting on structural engineers so those guys can determine that the structure is safe enough for crews to do the room by room search they want to do to find out if that family of four was inside when this fire broke out if they were, they did not survive it. still, hope out here that habit the family is on vacation, someone -- here that maybe the family is on vacation. hooking to find the family, the cause of the fire, where it began and whether the family had working smoke detectors that could have saved their lives if they were home when the fire broke out. amy hollyfield is in union
6:55 am
city where a church has been vandalized. >> reporter: good morning we are at st. anne's the parishioners will start cleaning up graffiti today. it has been here for 24 hours. it is tough to look at. to pull up and see it here. there's a holy family stall s covered with black paint and pentagrams on the church this greeted parishioners as they arrived ash wednesday the priest decided to leave it in place for at least a day. he wanted people to see it. he decided to use this as a teachable moment. he wanted people to see what hate looks like. and he wanted to teach his parishioners, got to love your neighbor, even when it is hard to do. he left it up. today they will start cleaning it up. because this happened to a church on ash wednesday the police are classifying it as a hate crime. parishioners were crying when they saw it they were very upset that someone would do this to them, especially on ash wednesday.
6:56 am
police say they don't have suspects at this time. and the church doesn't have security cameras. officers say they do have some evidence and are trying to figure out if this is a misguided young person or an organized group. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. let's check in one more time with mike and maybe more records will fall today. absolutely. this afternoon record-setting temperatures once again. let's talk about what we don't have, re ed visibility due to fog different than -- reduced visibility due to fog, different than the last couple of mornings. temperatures are all over the scale. 39 napa, everybody else in the mid to upper 40s you want short sleeves possibly shorts this afternoon low 70s along the coast into san francisco mid to upper 70s for rest of us, cooler this weekend. heads-up for 680 commuters, new crash just reported 680 blocking lanes reported northbound and southbound chp
6:57 am
en route. bay bridge toll backed up to the 880 overcrossing heavy traffic livermore into pleasanton because of injury crash on vallecitos past isabel. that does it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. we'll be back at 7:24 with an update. >> keep track of the latest news on twitter and talk about it on see you back here tomorrow.
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