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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 28, 2012 2:05am-2:40am PST

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mal function and did it happen. sorry j-lo. you are beautiful cover up the skin and not attractive one bit. patti wrote. i thought i noticed it. who cares, it was not intended. meryl strep wins the third oscar. michael tweeted. she is great but won for impersonation and viola davis breathed life in a fictional character. go to and send us a tweet or e-mail us at >> it was great to see being octavia spencer win. >> i was rootiis. for davis. >> i was happy with strep strep. and i was happy . it is a good move. >> she radiated.
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i thought it was a fine movie. i know. i thought they could have done it in 45 minutes. >> well, i am going to see it now. stay tuned for the news at four. we'll have more tomorrow. including opinions and reaction. and that is the swag bag of the oscars. bye-bye . store. 7 news starts now.
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>> i didn't get my cell phone or my purse or anything. i just took off. >>reporter: many like that woman lost everything as fire raged throughw apar a mountain view apartment complex. moved so fast this people had to leave with just the clothes on their back in many cases. good evening i'm dan. >> i'm carolyn. everyone did manage to escape without injury but nearly a dozen units are uninhabitable tonight. self of them destroyed. lillian is live in mountain view where dozens of people are now homeless. lillian? >>reporter: the fire began in unit 57 but how it started is something investigators are still trying to figure out.
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the fire at the dana garden apartment in mountain view quickly turned into a raining inferno. within 30 minutes it became a 4 alarm fire. this woman lives 2 houses down from the apartment complex. and medley she ran over and started knocking door to door. >> get out get out get out then one couple come out with their little baby born 3 weeks, born and they lack very scared and i was very scared too. >>reporter: dozens of firefighters from neighboring city came to help mountain view firefighters. they don't know where the fire started but they say 10 units have been affecte affected. some are destroyedth others have smoke and water daniel. >> once a fire gets into an attic that is calm and wind blowing it it will push it lick a build fire. that's exactly had a happened here. >>reporter: about 2 dozen people are now without a home. including deb gowan the only clothes on her back.were the >> i didn't get my cell phone or my purse or anything. i just took off. i was kind of
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panicking myself i guess. >>reporter: city and red cross volunteers are doing what they can to help. they set up at land elementary school where displaced residents could go to get voucher and other assistance. but jordan couldn't get the help he neede needed. he wanted to go into the unit to find his cat. he was told for safety reasons it would have to wait until tomorrow. >> they offered me food and all that stuff and asked if i need add place to stay and needed clothes or whatever. i don't need any of that stuff. i just want my cat. >>reporter: crew will be here overnight to make sure the fire doesn't start up again. in mount view, lillian kim abc 7 news. >> thank jew to sacramento where at least 2 police officers got hurt trying to brick up protestors. clash involved occupy oakland protestors and pro white group that was holding a rally at the state capitol. allen live there with the story. got pretty rough there for awhile. >> yes. apparently occupy oakland is branching out. about 50 members traveled to sacramento today billing
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themselves as anti-nazi demonstrators. state capitol officials say a pro white organization had a 3 hour permit to demonstrate on the capitol steps. they were protesting black on white crime in south africa but when members of occupy oakland and other groups showed up the tension began to mount. >> go home. go home. >>reporter: around 3:00 o'clock chaos broke out while police were escorting about 35 pro white demonstrators to nearby parking garage. police say occthrewd protesters threw cans bottles and paint balloons. >> some commotion broke out. i watched a car jump a curb and some occupy people were pounding on the car and some of the white supremacist jumped out and there was, they didn't exchange blow but it got pretty tense. the. >> you. going to be a felony right now. >>reporter: chp officers on horseback tried to control the
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crowd while rite policein. at t in. at least 2 officers were hurt including this one after he tackled a protestors who reportedly sprayed him in the face with pepper spraichlt at least 2 occupy oakland demonstrators were artd but other members say they didn't start it. >> someone tlau a bolts and i think it was an agent because we are all peaceful we don't want to be chased by the cop or beaten or anything we don't want violence. so then after that it was just complete chao chaos. >>reporter: not all occupy oak land members agreed with today's action revving to come to sacramento saying they did not want to give pro white demonstrators any attention. reporting live in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> allen thanks. sunnyvale man being hailed as hero tonight after he helped rescue a truck driver trapped in his cab after an accident. it all happened about 5:00 o'clock when small truck flipped over on 280 cupertino. fred scott among the group of good samaritan who
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risked their lives to help the driver. fuel was spewing from the truck when they got there. >> i saw it spilling on the side and i wanted to get him out. didn't want thoing to happen to him and as i was kicking out the window it was like he was conscience but like he was kind of dazed off but in my mine i just wanted to tray to help him out before it was like explosion. >>reporter: he did help him. driver suffered just minor injuries. south bound 280 at this area here didn't rae open until a little after 7 tonight. courage though. bay citizen reporting that muni driver was fired last fall for sexually harassing a 13-year-old girl. according to the complaint the child was riding 44 line bus when the driver asked her how old she was an told her to meet him after work. she ran away at the bus stop at the next stop. the da office investigated but no charges were filed. muni only say the driver does not y any mo for the agency any mor. judge ruled today that key piece of disputed evidence can
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be used in the domestic abuse trial of san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi, it's vi wife lod showing a bruise on her arm. the sheriff's attorney argued the taped conversation happened day after the alleged incident. but the june ruled there was no evidence that the conversation was safe. he still considering whether to allow testimony from a former girlfriend of mirkarimi would claims he abused her. >> effort to reduce overcrowding in our state prisons are leading to unintendedpotentially dangerous consequences. i team has a case in point here. inside look at parole agent catching repeat sex offender in the act just two weeks ago. dan with our exclusive report. >> state parole agent chris weaver job to keep track of 38 convicted felon become on the street after serving time. but there's one that especially worries him. 47-year-old scott herman in. this case this is a guy clearly has a problem. can
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not control himself. ]iñ contins to deny deny deny. >>reporter: since 1996 herman has had half dozen conviction and parole violation for indecent exposure or annoying or molesting children. >> from the back of him i could see his pants wiggle in the crotch area. >>reporter: this this mother was doing christmas shopping in year in this santa rosa dollar tree when she spotted herman grabbing himself an leering at her 7 yearly daughter. after she got his license plate number called police and made sure her daughter was okay. unthe old system herman would have received a year in state prison for that parole violation. but a new law took effect last october to ease overcrowding in state prisons. so herman served only 2 and a half months in sonoma county jail. he had been out for less than two weeks when chris weaver stopped by the hotel where herman was staying for an unannounced parole khichblingt he wasn't home. again. by itself that's not a problem. called cell phone no response. >>reporter: he called the parole office and had an agent
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check the read out from the gps unit strapped to herman ankle. he has been in a wal-mart for more than an hour. >> hair on the back of my neck normally doesn't stand up in that scenario but with him, ye yes. >>reporter: he rush to the store and spotted herman in the have continues day aisle. >> we have potential victim right here. >>reporter: she shared this video with the i team. you can see herman following young girls up and down the valentine's day aisle. weaver says every times 6 foot 4 sex offender appears to thrust his hips at the girl. herman also hovers over a girl with her mom right next to her. >> at this upon the i feel in that there's a risk to the community. >>reporter: weaver detained herman for parole violation. >> why didn't the mother say something or somebody say something because nothing was going wrong. >>reporter: he denied doing anything wrong when we reached him at the sonoma couldn't jail. isn't it part of your parole that you have to stay away from kid. >> they are in a store n.a public place. you know. i can't good anywhere. they are
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everywhere. everywhere. >>reporter: it makes us a very up safe state where we in our homes and with our family can not feel secure ivshtion assemblyman nielson was out spoken critic of the prison realanement law from the start. he supports building more prison bed space. transferring inmates out of state. and reopening closed private prisons. >> there are solutions. unfortunately now before we embrace the solutions there will be blood on the streets. >> it's a necessary idea because l prison capacity was overwhelmed. >>reporter: specter director of the prison will you office filed a lawsuit that led to prison realignment and says other way of punishing is monitoring will save the state money. >> you are getting a lot of taxpayer dollars to good to other things that is school, medi-cal, welfare. >>reporter: because of the new law herman is out of county
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jail in less than three-month to face the demon that repeatedly landed him behind bars. why can't you stop? >> that's what we are trying to find out sir. people drink and drive. people have alcohol problems. people have drug problems. nobody is perfect in this world. >>reporter: his parole agent will be watching. >> he will change the way he operates. figure out what got him in trouble and didn't and figure out a way to beat me and the system. >>reporter: several county jail in more than california have stopped taking any parole violators at all. the action have to rise to the level of clear cut crime for them to faced a national state prison time. this story began with a tip. if you have an idea for our next investigation send e-mail through abc 7 or call this number on the screen. for the each team, abc 7 news. >> people in small ohio town attended vigil tonight after school shooting left one stawnt dead and fore others injured. teenager opened fire this
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morning in the cafeteria outside of cleveland. teacher then chased them from the building. police captured him nearby. suspected shatter attends separate school for at risk students. there will be no school tomorrow although counselors will be available. they say he was bullied. >> french fishing boat towing a cruise ship to safety tonight off the coast of offer cam. power broke out in the engine room. this is the sister ship to the ship that ran ashore off the italy coast in january killing 32 people. there are no reports of any injuries among the roughly 1,000 passengers and crew aboard the l ship. >> mitt romney picked up key endorsement in time for the michigan primary. ♪ detroit rocker kid rock performed romney campaign theme song at the candidate event in detroit.
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romney and santorum are in a dead michigan. experts say romney loss will create chaos in the republican party. sap torm ended the campaign with barrage of robo call asking democrat to vote for him. it's an open primary there so they can participate. >> well officials in marin county are giving their approval to filmmaker lucas controversial plan to expand his digital empire. county planning commission heard several hours of public comment ka and voted in favor of the 2 70,000 square foot digital media production compound located next to lucas famous sky walker ranch west of san rafael. some neighbors fear development would be too large and would hurt the spwirment. >> we have 24 hour open rigs to be successful. truck. noise coming and going. belongs on the commercial zone area along 101 corridor. >> look and feel of that will only be accessible to our employee and clients that come
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and go. neighbors won't see it. >>reporter: if the board of supervisors gives final approv approval opponents say they will good to court to stop it. >> long struggle with life threatening disease led to powerful friendship for 2 young women being treated at stanfor stanford. both are now looking forward to bright futures and friendship to last a life time. >> these women have more in common than most friends. they are beth straight a students. both heading off to college and both were born with the same life threatening disease. >> very difficult. i had about 30 percent lung function and just doing the every day activities was a challenge. >> i was really tl had almost no life. >>reporter: they both suffering from congenital disease it was robbing them of the ability to breathe doctors
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at this children's hospital at stanford told the young women they would each need a double lung transplant. >> had they not been trans planted i don't think either one of them would have survived more than a year. >> whoot blood dlaels have invaded her lung here. >>reporter: emma case was complicated because she needed a liver as well. she would have to wait on 2 separate donor list at the same type. the waiting excruciating. emma was in lodhi and tiffany at shasta lake. to help them handle the pressure the doctor decided to introduce the 2 women who had never met in person. >> we started e mailing each other and found out that we like the same height and weight. >> yes, it was awesome we were able to be in contact because can't just find many people that are sharing the same disease. >>reporter: friendship had grown when they finally exchanged same life changing message. >> we talked so long what it
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would be like when we got the call so when i heard she got the call and still originally excitement for her. >> i was a month out from mine and we were going to get dinne dinner. i text i got the call. what. i was really, really . they receive the transplant within a month of each other. mask protected the weaken immune system during recovery. >> yes. still wasn't feeling very good. so i brought her some pie. >>reporter: both transplants home in lodi she's finishing her recovery at stanford and to go home soon with her mom. >> it has changed my life. if it wasn't for being strong and my donor and havingink i would e don't think i would be here today. so i'm very thankful. >> thankful for the gift of
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life and friendship. >> as for the future. emma starting at uc dave thinks fal fall. tiffany hopes to become a pediatric nurse and perhaps some day work at lucille packard. >> packaging mix up led to another birth control pill recall tonight. glen mark generic are recalling 7 lot dial. it's on the web site then click on see it on tv. cocaine incorrect dozing and cause unintended pregnancy. women should use another form of birth control. packaging asked them birth control pills. >> winter is making cameo appearance tonight in california. there have been snow showers all day in the sierra. this is cal-trans video from various location around lake tahoe. up to foot fall then upper elevation. 4 inches was reported incline village in the north. in
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southern california the grapevine open once again. nasty combination of rain snow forced the highway patrol to close in both direction. reopened 6:00 o'clock tonight but these pictures pretty rare all winter. haven't seen much. >> yes let's check in with sapy with more on the storm. >> because it's so rare this winter i thought i would show a bunch of them. there comes the snow. yes. people are enjoying the snow up there getting tweet and postings on facebook and they get more snow up in the high country. from this afternoon in lake tahoe. does this say it all or what. somebody is enjoying the snow. up to 12 inches reported there. up to 14 inchess at the mountains of home wood at the higher elevation. sent to me by twitter, save says a car is there. nighttime picture so just a short time
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doppler showine doppler showing you the snow is definitely winding down for now as you can see still snow in the south lake tahoe area but picking up in about 24 hours or so winter storm warning going up. here in the bay area live doppler 7 hd not picking anything but we have our own doppler and this we are watching. moisture as we head into the next 24 hours when we ask some rain to arrive. by tomorrow it's wet. temperatures right now in the upper 30's in santa rosa, napa, los gatos so it is getting chilly out there. freezing cold. rain arrives tomorrow night and showers pretty much continue right on into thursda thursday. so tuesday night through thursday is your you will need to bundle up first thing in the morning. 29 in santa rosa. freezing cold in fairfield, livermore down to freezing. really 32 degrees bone chilling cold. 36 in san
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crew, all in the upper 30's. we have a cold air mass in the wake of the storm that brought the snow to the sierra. didn't produce much in the bay area other than few showers down around the monteray bay. long gone so kind of missed us here but the next storm fought going to miss us. rain arrives tomorrow evening. another kv cold storm from the gulf of alaska and i'll show you the computer animation here. tomorrow evening around 5:00 o'clock we start to see rain in the north bay during the evening commute. rain starts to spread around 11:00 p.m. we will see some heavier returns in the north bay at 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night. as we head into the wednesday morning commute you can see slick roadway. and then by 5:00 p.m. wednesday may even see mixed precipitation mount hamilton right around the hills around ukiah so don't be surprise have had we do get snow flurry mixed
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in with the rain as the snow still looking at wet commute those are the commute impacted. rainfall total up to 2 inches in the north by minutes inch and a half. so in the sierra nevada winter storm warning beginning tomorrow night at 10:00 o'clock and continuing until 10:00 p.m. wednesday. 6 to 12 inches above 3500. 1 to 3 feet of additional snow expected above 6500. certainly count on chain control and travel delay heading in tomorrow night and wednesday. tome afternoon 50's except clear lake 49 degrees partly cloudy and around the monterey bay. temperatures in the 50's with partly cloudy squis as well. so tomorrow night pull out umbrella and hang on to them. we see showers on wednesday and thursday. drying out friday. l mild weather for the weekend with sunshine and another chance of rain coming in on monday. >> nice looking weekend.
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>> up mass had a i have transit. >> 3000 pound whale hits a ride to the new home. >> come up next on "nightline". high school shooting in quiet town and how one teacher risked his life to stop the student rampage. we follow one former beauty queen through the rampage. we follow one former beauty queen through the jungle. on sz l.
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>> east bay start up assistance of newark announce breakthrough in battery technology. they developed an electric car battery that holds a charge for 300 miles. it will cost half as much as current battery in electric car and weigh less. company expects to be in full production in a year and half. >> time being you need internal combustion engine to move a whale. you are lacking at 3000 pound killer whale being transported on a flatbed truck to sea world san diego today. landed early this morning on c 130 transport plane after a 4 hour flight from san antonio. that's animal care specialist. once inside the sea world gate he was transferred that this huge tank. you know the whale wondered what in the world is
2:31 am
going on. >> that's a relocation. >> larry is here. >> how do you move an orca whale is this carefully. race they couldn't start would never end. daytona 500 or was it demolition derby. rain. cras crashes. explosio. we had. wd it all. madness at the track. crashes. explosio. we had. wd it all. madness at the track. sports
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is. >> good evening. daytona 500 really turned into demolition derby. rain delay race scheduled for sunday ended early tuesday morning back east including one of the most bizarre accidents ever. race car crashing into a tow truck. danica racing in the first daytona 500. not a good start for her. second lap jimmy johnson spins not wall takes out danica and takes out trevor bain but would return. 40 lap to g under caution. montoya spins out hits a tow truck carrying a jet dryer that caused a huge explosion. big fire rupt. ignite fuel on the track. both montoya and the truck driver were okay but they needed a forklift to get the truck off the track then had to fix the surface which was all torn up. after more than 2
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hours of repair the race financially resumes then you have another caution with guys spinning out. to the finish we go. matt holding off dale and captured second daytona 500 victory. >> it was a different race. it was a lot of different things went open. starting the race late and the fire i don't know what happened there. tl then the big long delay it was a long one. >> i have hit a lot of things budget dryer? no. >>reporter: it was different. fred sanchez can't throw with full velocity but believes he's on track to start opening day with the giants 6 weeks away. coming back from surgery from dislocated shoulder in january. noose pain but not 100 percent though. spring training day begin this weekend and sanchez hoping to be at sec base soon. >> there's nothing to say this is okay to play. like coach said we are lacking to get into
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there probably the second week or second week of spring. big thing is getting obviously the at bat to be ready. i'll still be taking my ground ball and still in baseball shape and hopefully by then the arm will be right where it needs to be. >>reporter: this the is terrible news for the a's. already lost the projected starter at third base. scott sizes more. size more tore the acl in the left knee in the first full squad work out. out for the yeart. he hit 0249 with 11 homer for the team last year. just before today tread line sharks acquire tl these 2 guys. 18 points in 63 games. 22-year-old gale has 12 assist. add to the defense and penalty kill just patsing by. san jose send jamie to the avalanche along with couple pros peck. career year with 12 goals. thus far. that is your toyota sports report. goal with the
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sharks they have to toughen up. they need some energy an infusion of new guys because they are having a rough time. sinking in the standings right now. >> too bad. >> "nightline"up next. the. >> remember keep track of the latest news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time hope to see you tomorrow. appreciate your time hope to see you tomorrow. >> good @q
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track but by then she was way behind. patrick finished 38th out of 43. >> a messy daytona this year. well, american drivers are shelling out even more to hit the road as gas prices hit a new record. we're now seeing the highest gas price ever for the month of february. the national average has soared to $3.72 a gallon. according to aaa, the price of gas has gone up, get this, for 32 straight days now. and those rising gas prices and questions about the economy in general could play a major role in today's republican primaries. both arizona and michigan have been hard hit by the rough economy out there. with more about this race, here is abc's david muir in suburban detroit. >> reporter: on the eve of what could be the most pivotal primary yet, mitt romney's making his closing arguments. but many say this is a case that should have been easier to make. >> all right. >> reporter:mneyin a here that just months ago no one saw coming. >> conservatism is alive and well in missouri and minnesota! >> reporter: santorum's sweep of three states. but romney appearing confident
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he's regaining his footing. >> this sure has been fun these last ten days or so. we started off, what, 15 points down in the polls. now we're leading in the polls. thanks, you guys. >> reporter: inside the campaign they acknowledged to us it's very close. after a bruising battle here with many political observers arguing some of romney's wounds self-inflicted. that economic speech at detroit's ford field, lost in a sea of 80,000 seats. >> anne drives a couple of cadillacs, actually. >> reporter: romney mentioning his wife's two cadillacs. then the visit to the daytona 500. when romney was asked if he follows nascar -- >> not as close as some of the most ardent fans, but i have some great friends that are nascar team owners. >> reporter: one of romney's senior strategists telling us this is the picture that the obama team would love to paint of romney, that he's out of touch. but they argue it's the president out of touch on the economy, with unemploy s


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