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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> >> reporter: i'm terry msweeney in mountain view more than 20 spending -- [ inaudible ] it is 5 a.m. on this tuesday morning. gosh it is good to see all of you. i'm eric thomas.
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and i'm kristen sze. fires watching for hot spots. investigators will try to figure out the cause of the blaze that has left dozens hopeless. >> reporter: -- firefighters are still out here, as you say they are watching for hot spots this was a rapidly moving fire, dangerous fire you can see at least three trucks still on the scene. take a look what the it was like yesterday afternoon as the fire was burning. it started they know in unit 57 and spread very rapidly to 10 other units. some are damaged. some are destroyed. more than 20 people are somewhere other than home this morning. we heard from one of residents who said all she had time to do was truly get outc clothes on her back. >> i didn't get my cell phone or purse or anything. i just took off. i was panicking. >> once the fire gets into the
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attic that is common and the wind is blowing it, it will push it like a wildfire and that's what happened here. >> reporter: residents who didn't have an immediate place to stay were taken to a nearby elementary school to get fixed up with the red cross. others found family or friend in the area and they took care of things that way. right now firefighters are still on the scene. as you mentioned, the cause of that fire is going to be interesting to find out what it was that sparked this blaze that moved so rapid litch the good news is, nobody was injured -- rapidly. the good news is nobody was injured. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:02. developing news in ohio. authorities have announced a second student has died following yesterday's high school shooting outside of cleveland. a 17-year-old teen walked into the cafeteria at chardon high yesterday morning and walked fire. in total five were shot, one died yesterday and this
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morning authorities announced a second is brain dead. the suspect is expected to make his first court appearance this afternoon. the suspect attends a separate school for at-risk students. students say he was a loaner had a history of being bullied. -- 5:03. california's top cop is going after two government owned mortgage companies. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with what attorney general harris is doing itch >> reporter: the attorney general is asking -- fan any -- fannie mae and freddie mac to stop all home foreclosures. between them they own 60% of california mortgages. harris has a good track record on this topic earlier this month she secured for california 18 billion dollars out of a 26 billion dollar settlement with five banks to help underwater homeowners. most of the money is slated to
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reduce the mortgage principle for those homeowners. fannie and freddie have balked at doing the same. harris has written a letterqp6 before foreclosing on another home she wants the agency to do a full analysis and figure out if principle reduction would help and save taxpayer money. she says the homeowners deserve at least that the agency has responded but we don't know what the response said. acting director of the agency is an embattled figure. harris has previously asked him to resign and 110 members of congress have signed a letter asking demarco to reconsider his position which has been against reducing mortgage principles. katie marzullo, abc7 news. it is 5:04. a judge has ruled that a key piece of disputed evidence can be used in the domestic
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violence trial of san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. it is a video of mirkarimi's wife eliana lopez crying and showing a bruise on her arm to a neighbor. mirkarimi's attorney argued the taped conversation happened a day after the alleged incident the judge ruled there is no evidence the conversation was staged. he's considering whether to allow testimony of a former girlfriend of mirkarimi who claims he abused her. both sides will be back in court tomorrow. oakland's police department says it only responded to 911 emergency calls yesterday while officers were in a three hour standoff with a burglar who opened fire on them. the department blames staffing cuts. officers responded to a burglary yesterday morning on 17th avenue the suspect shot at them and ran officers fired back and surrounded the area nearby roosevelt middle school was locked down for several hours, tense situation and that or was lifted after the suspect was arrested. police in morgan hill asking for help in identifying a man who beat and robbed a
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19-year-old woman following a traffic accident. police released this sketch of the man. what she didn't know with when she got out to exchange insurance information with him was he was driving a stolen car, the victim. the incident occurred last night at 10:30 at watsonville and monterey road. after punching the woman repeatedly until she fell, the suspect reached into her car, grabbed her purse and drove off again in the stolen vehicle. today the san jose city council is expected to talk about possibly raising taxes. councilmembers are dealing with the 11th straight budget deficit. some lawmakers are considering a survey this summer to determine how people would feel about the possibility of raising sales and business taxes and putting up a bond measure to fund road repairs. officials say general revenue per capita in san jose has dropped even though the city has added 45,000 residents in the past five years.
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california's tax revenue will fall 6 1/2 billion dollars short of governor brown's prediction. after an expected boost from facebook's initial public offering. the analyst says without anticipated taxes generated by the ipo revenue would be 8 1/2 billion dollars lower. the analyst says the wealth generated by the ipo could increase state revenues by half a billion dollars this fiscal year and 1 1/2 the next. california is facing a budget deficient sift nine billion dollars. when water official --s take -- snow showers in the sierra since yesterday and more coming today. this is caltrans video from various locations around lake tahoe a foot has fallen in upper elevations. officials expect to find the overall water content at 30% of average to date. looking at those pictures there's chain restrictions in
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place. when they take that snow measurement, it is going to be invalid right away because is more snow on the way. >> absolutely possibly another one to three feet at the highest elevations this is a real winter storm coming our way today. increasing high clouds, still freezing around napa 31 santa rosa at 32 scattered frost through the east bay valley mid to upper 30s redwood city mountain view san jose los gatos livermore everybody else low to mid 40s half moon bay 47°. high clouds right here and then a small break where they will thin out and more high clouds will increase or come back if you will, during the afternoon hours as that front draws near. until it does partly sunny, 49 clear lake mid to upper 50s the rest of us steady rain will start moving into the north bay around 4:00, 5:00
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the rest of us probably after the evening commute through tomorrow morning then it becomes scattered showers wednesday afternoon into thursday. once we get past that, spring flavor for your forecast, mid 60s to near 70 for saturday and sunday with a lot of sunshine. >> good morning frances. >> good morning. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll, traffic light right now. earlier stall on the san mateo bridge westbound is being cleared. i wanted to take you to new problem reported on eastbound 24 oakland at broadway, a crash reported there, we don't know if it is blocking lanes at this point, keep that in mind chp en route now. snow in the sierra, you will need chance on e-80, the chain requirements on highway 50 were cancelled -- within the last 20 minutes if you are heading through saratoga, downed wires power is out in parts of saratoga avenue which
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closed now. if you run into any streetlights that are out you need to treat that as a four-way stop. live shot of highway 87 in san jose looking clear now. it will be busy for the sharks game at 7:30. wanted to go to the waze traffic maps, abc7's exclusive traffic app, traffic spotter reported a minute ago a car stopped on the shoulder westbound 205 so far no major trouble there. you can get this information by going to our time is 5:10. sharpen your resumes. the hundreds of jobs that employers will be looking to fill today. where you need to go to sign up. the bay area community where payday lenders may find it harder to do business. where to look to catch a glimpse of the international space station passing over the bay area f the weather
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. bank fees almost 10% of us switched banks last year a third said because of fees. many don't feel they are getting good enough service to justify what banks are charging. >> who better than gordon gekko to fight corporate
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greed. fbi enlisting the help of michael douglas in a new campaign against insider trading. he asked those with knowledge of the crimes to report them. your next car may have a rear view camera. all passenger vehicles expected to have them by 2014100 children a year are killed. >> -- ihop is giving away pancakes, in return the chain hopes you will make a donation to the miracle network hospitals. 5:14. a vote by south bay supervisors today could keep new payday lenders from opening in santa clara county. the measure would implement a temporary moratorium on the establishment, expansion or relocation of payday lending and check cashing businesses. critics say the businesses prey on the most financially vulnerable by charging
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exhorbitant interest rates. airlines are raising airfares again united and continental $4 to $10 for a round trip ticket american, dell tan and us air ways have matched that. -- higher crude oil prices are one major factor in the price hikes. one location, 300 jobs available for people looking for work in the east bay today. east bay hire event will take place in concord. job seekers will be able to meet dozens of employers from the public and private sectors. the vent runs from noon to 4:00 today -- the event runs from noon to 4:00 today. go to northbound click on see it on tv. if the weather -- if the weather cooperates you may be able to see the international space station. nasa expects it to be visible from the bay area at 7:32
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tonight and again thursday 7:17. the station will look like a bright star two crewmembers spoke to abc7 about their experience 220 miles above the earth. >> the international space station is an amazing place to work and explore and it is very very much on the frontier of much like explorations of centuries past. >> nasa tells us there are free apps available for ipad and iphone that can help track where the station is. unfortunately, we've got rain tonight so -- >> i think further south you are the better off, you might want to wait until thursday. i remember stopping baseball practice last year it was 15 seconds, it going really fast. get out there early and find a spot. rain is the big story we've had cooler weather as far as
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winter returning now we just need the precipitation it is on the way and it looks more impressive than yesterday. 5:17. we are running 31 napa, 32 santa rosa mid to upper 30s around livermore redwood city peninsula south bay mountain view, everybody else in the low to mid 40s monterey mid to upper 30s santa cruz watsonville gilroy 29 ray -- monterey 47. dry during the daylight hours rain returns this evening hangs around overnight through tomorrow morning then becomes more showery in nature and scattered for wednesday afternoon into thursday and it will be sunny and dry and warmer this weekend. you will get a break from the pollen when the rain comes in it is going to seed everything else and make it sprout and bloom and probably create more pollen for the weekend.
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rain stays to the north of the north bay mid to upper 50s like yesterday. mid to upper 50s monterey bay inland with increasing high clouds this afternoon. rain falling while we are sleeping temperatures in the mid to upper 40s santa cruz morgan hill, santa rosa low 40s clear lake and cloverdale mid to upper 30s. area of low pressure pull away small break today first high clouds are going to roll in and that is going to just be a precursor of what is heading our way it caps our temperatures, doesn't allow any moisture to fall, because they are high clouds, too dry in nature 7:00 this evening you can see the steadier rain in the north bay, then sliding to the south during the overnight hours, already by 7:00 tomorrow we may see a small break in the steady rain, expected to be around for most of us during the morning commute. scattered showers will develop during the afternoon, evening, overnight hours and into
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thursday every once in a while you see pink and white that is above 3500 feet may see snow mixed in. rain totals up to half inch in the south bay, mountains 1 1/2 to two, north bay 3/4 to an inch and a half in the valleys. we stay in the 50s through thursday, 60s with drying trend friday 60s and 70s way from beaches saturday and sunday before another chance of rain moves in monday. earlier accident eastbound 24 cleared as well as stall on san mateo bridge looking good again around the bay area. live shot westbound traffic fine as you need foster city and san mateo no trouble eastbound. 880 looking good on hayward side 101 fine on the san mateo side. there are downed wires on saratoga avenue closed near scotland drive power is out in the area if you run into
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streetlights you need to treat that as a four-way stop. freeways looking good. we go to the waze traffic app to check out the ride on 880 there's a traffic spotter there in the middle of 880 near milpitas and fremont moving along at over 40 miles an hour. conditions on al lem rock or near alem rock avenue not having problems this is something you can have available while you commute. one more live shot golden gate bridge looks great. you can go to to download this free traffic app to your smartphone or iphone. you can become a traffic spotter and join our community this will hopefully help you with your commute to work. 5:20. next, the new addition atop san jose's city hall.
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>> the luxury cruise ship that is now adrift in a sea filled with by rights -- with pirates. a whale hitches a ride to its new home.
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. 5:23. live look at traffic in walnut creek looking fine. a little windy for commuters. you can see the roads are dry now. that may not be the case for all evening commuters. we'll be bringing mike and frances in just a few minutes to talk about that. crippled italian cruise
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ship toed in the indian ocean won't reach land until thursday. power failed on the costa allegra yesterday after a fire broke out in the engine room. there are more than 1,000 onboard. the ship has no lights or air conditioning. the allegra is a sister ship to the costa concordia. she ran aground off the italian coast in january, killing 32 people. in this incident there were no reports of injuries. here's something you don't see often. you are looking at a 3,000 pound killer whale transported on a flatbed to seaworld in san diego. it landed yesterday morning after a four hour flight from san antonio. vets were there for every step of the two hour trek through city streets. once signed the seaworld gates twraepbs ed into the -- once inside the seaworld gates he was transfered into a huge tank where one day he will greet visitors. exciting time for bird
5:25 am
watchers in san jose. the momma falcon named clara laid her first egg of the season saturday evening this is video from a webcam on the building. the research group which monitors the falcons expects a second egg to drop tonight maybe two more by friday. clara is expected to be guarding her next the next 33 days until her newborns crack open their shells. >> city hall has cameras she tell up you can check them any time on the web. looking for the cause. fires spent the night watching over the rubble of an apartment building swept bay fire. we are live at the scene with the latest. dueling protests at the state capital that left officers injured is raising new questions about occupy oakland. why the america's cup isn't going to be as big of a deal as officials first said. >> check out temperatures across the country winter from boston, new york, chicago,
5:26 am
denver, salt lake, 30s and 40s. 58 st. louis, 60s and 70s along the gulf coast back to phoenix. one delay into charlotte severe weather possible kansas city, st. louis, memphis dallas could be delays there. use our flight tracker at at the bottom.
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5:29 on this tuesday. look who's back hope you are feeling better. mountain view firefighters are standing overnight watch at the scene of a huge apartment house fire that chased nearly two dozen out of their hopes. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene. -- their homes. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene. they are looking for the cause. >> reporter: they don't have that they have firefighters on the scene. i don't know if you can make
5:30 am
it out there's a ladder truck ladder extended hose red any case there was another flare-up like -- hose ready in case there was another flare-up like last evening. it starred in number 57, how is part of the investigation. -- it started in number 57, how is part of the investigation. it spread quickly it went to a fourth alarm within 30 minutes. residents ran out with the clothes on their back. one neighbor helped make sure no one was left behind she went door-to-door toe alert people about the fire. >> -- to alert the people about the fire. get up, get up. [ unintelligible ] i was scared. >> reporter: some of the folks who could not go home were taken to an elementary school where the red cross was helping peep.
5:31 am
santa clara, sunnyvale, palo alto and mountain view, fire departments involved in fighting this fire. 10 units damaged, five damaged, five destroyed, lots of property damage, no injured. the last question, how did it start? that's what they will be looking at today. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:31 now. police in the east bay are looking for more victims of a man who was recenting out empty foreclosed home ins in contra costa county. victims found the hopes on craigslist. this was an ambitious guy. >> reporter: yeah, walnut creek police were the ones who started asking questions and realized this was a scam that was going on, on craigslist it involved some homes in walnut creek. here's a picture of the man we are talking about 62-year-old alfonso salazar, here's now in
5:32 am
jail. police believe he's been doing this october maybe longer. he's a former real estate agent so police say he was believable. he advertised homes for rent on craigslist. but, the homes were in foreclosure. police say he would change the locks on the homes once he realized they were empty and find a tenant. people were handing over their first and last month's rent and a security deposit. police say this was happening in brentwood, hercules, antioch and walnut creek. they say the scheme likely involved 20 homes they believe they still have victims to find they hope more will come for. prosecutors have recovered $35,000. they are hoping to return that money to victims once they get in case closed. right now sal - is in jail, bail $180,000 he's due in court next week. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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just about 5:33. developing news from ohio authorities have announced a second student is dead following yesterday's shooting rampage. in total five students were shot, one died yesterday and this morning authority announced a second is brain dead. police say a 17-year-old walked into the cafeteria at chardon high yesterday morning and opened fire. he's expected to make his first court appearance this afternoon. students say he had a lister to of being bullied. classes are cancelled counselors are being made available. three members of occupy oakland face charges after clashing with police and a pro-white group in sacramento yesterday. >> you! >> run, run! >> you! going to be a felony right now. two police officers were injured, including one who tackle add occupy demonstrators who reportedly
5:34 am
just -- tackled an occupy demonstrators who sprayed an officer with pepper spray. police say someone from the occupy group across the street threw a bottle and things escalated. the san francisco board of supervisors is putting off a vote today on financing the america's cup now there's a scaled back plan. mayor lee ed the city won't need piers 30 and 32. the ceo of oracle was going to rebuild those properties in exchange for future development rights and free lease so far only three teams are challenging oracle for the cup so the mayor says all can be consolidated at pier 80. the city still plans to use 27 and 29 as a racing village. san jose state university officials say they will continue to stand by a promise to give preference to students
5:35 am
-- [ unintelligible ] opponents of a plan by george lieu to -- george lucas to build -- the planning commission gave the expansion a thumbs up yesterday their action followed hours of public comment. lieu can'ts to build a 270,000 square foot compound -- near his fame news skywalker ranch. some fear the large development is going to be too gigantic and harm the environment. the issue will go to the board of supervisors. obama administration moving to reduce funding for the nation's tsunami warning system. waves from the march 11th, quake in japan caused 58
5:36 am
million dollars in damage to the harbors in santa cruz and crescent city. the budget will reduce spending for the tsunami programs they include america's network of 39 buoys in the pacific and atlantic that can confirm if a tsunami is heading towards the u.s.. some top scientists say cuts are too risky. when you woke up this morning -- [ unintelligible ] >> that never happens to me, doubt never happens to you mike that you don't feel like getting out of bed at 2 a.m.. >> or 1:30. >> you are always spry, ready to go? >> 1:30, yeah jump out of bed and go. visibilities unlimited even though we have clouds this morning they are increasing ahead of our next system lower levels breezy in some areas 10
5:37 am
to 15 mile per hour winds around oakland, sfo towards half moon bay and fairfield the rest of us less than 10 miles per hour. k89 high clouds and sunshine -- 8:00 high clouds and sunshine, 30s and 40s noon increasing high clouds get thicker upper 40s to mid 50s near antioch then about 5:00 we'll start to see a little light steady rain move into the north bay the rest of us will be dry during the evening commute low to mid 50s. high amounts of pollen today, that will be washed away tonight by the steady rain overnight. scattered showers wednesday and thursday afternoon snow level down to 3500 feet, 60s and 70s for the weekend. so far this morning still looking good probably messy commute for tomorrow morning with the rain it is on its
5:38 am
way. live shot of the bay bridge good in and out of san francisco now no delays across the span despite earlier stall across the san mateo bridge and wind advisory that lasted less than 10 minutes traffic flowing well both directions of the san mateo bridge westbound on the right. south bay we have street closure saratoga avenue closed near scotland drive near a school. it is closed due to downed wires. power is out in the area. if you come across streetlights you need to treat them as a four-way stop. also you will need chains on i-80 not on highway 50. we go to the waze traffic app to show you the slow down now out of tracy westbound 205 and even on to westbound 580, you see the yellow, picking up speeds from commuters who have turned on in free traffic app then it will tell what the speeds are for your commute. you can have this available while you need it, while on
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the roads. is the place to go. you can put it on your smartphone or iphone it is like having free gps on your phone. not a lot of effort involved. 5:39. up next, the possible new indulgence that some say may be going too far. pressure or the resignation of the head of california's department fish and game the big named california politician calling for him to quit. tanker truck flipped near cupertino hear from the man who helped pull the driver to safety. hey guys, breakfast!
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. you are looking live at the macarthur maze in the east bay traffic here is moderate and moving along no problems to report. little breezy not so much that it will affect your diving. we'll check in with mike and frances. more news. federal prisoners may be able to pasttime by enjoying music on ipod. the bureau of prisons is testing the idea by allowing them at a women's prison.
5:43 am
if it goes well the bureau will allow many of the buy the devices. prisoners will be -- limited to listening to a list of approved songs. a spokeswoman says it could help prisoners deal with idleness, boredom and stress. lt. governor gavin newsome is calling for the resignation of the head of -- [ unintelligible ] sunnyvale man hailed as hero for helping rescue a truck driver trapped in his cab after an accident. a small truck flipped over on i-280 in cupertino yesterday afternoon. fred scott was among a group
5:44 am
who risked theirs life to help the driver. >> i saw -- fuel, i didn't want nothing to happen to him. he was conscious but dazed. in my mind i wanted to try to help him out before it was like an explosion. >> the driver suffered just minor injuries. the accident closed southbound 280 for more than three hours. 5:44. the new cast of "dancing with the stars" has just been revealed. we've got the names. new study finds a link between cheating and being wealthy, we'll explain next in the bloomberg business report. hundreds of hens rescued from a horrific conditions in a central valley farm are getting a second chance. a deal too good to pass up. where you can get pancakes for
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scattered showers around san diego freezing fog, icy conditions possible around lake tahoe this morning. by the afternoon increasing clouds and mid to upper 50s through the central valley big sur even l.a. and
5:48 am
san diego 63 palm springs. sierra scattered snow showers possible the real deal falls tonight through tomorrow evening 6 to 12 inches above 5,000 feet, one to three feet of new snow above 7,000 feet. be careful if you are heading that way. 5:48. voters in michigan and arizona are going to the polls today for what could be a turning point in the republican presidential race. polls predicting tight contest between romney and santorum in michigan. a loss for romney would be painful and embarrassing. he was born and raised there. santorum wasn't even expected to be a top competitor in michigan a couple week ago. newt gingrich is looking past today's contest in michigan and arizona and is pinning his hopes on super tuesday, a week from today. presidential candidates may not be able to promise a chicken in every pot. but a breakfast chain is promising free pancakes on every plate.
5:49 am
ihop nationwide will serve a free short stack to celebrate national pancake day from 7 to 10 this morning, ihop is asking for a father donation to children's miracle network hospitals. last year they served four million. >> i didn't eat all of them, just part. the new cast of dancing with the stars has just been revealed on "good morning america." you will see that coming up in an hour and 15 minutes. some of the celebrities taking part in season 14 include jack wagner, melissa gilbert and a couple pro-at leasts and m in. -- and martina navratilova. find out who they will be teamed up with coming up. >> martina, exciting.
5:50 am
>> [ unintelligible ] let's take a look out. >> a little sports vernacular. watching clouds roll in. she is a great tennis player, i'm sorry. i can't wait to see who sheryl burke gets to dance with this year. >> william levi. >> okay i have to check out him. move on. temperatures outside we are looking at napa 31, 32 r mid to upper 30s redwood any, -- redwood city -- 47 monterey, 29 in gilroy.
5:51 am
die today, rain will return tonight heff -- dry today, rain will return tonight. lingering moisture tomorrow morning during the commute scattered showers tomorrow evening through thursday, sunny, dry and warm they are weekend. let's talk about today, mid to upper 50s close to where we were yesterday increase in high clouds clear lake 49 bulk of the rain staying north during the daylight hours monterey bay increasing clouds mid 50s inland mid to upper 50s tonight mid to upper 40s low 40s santa rosa, morgan hill. here's what is happening low pressure pulling away, weak area of high pressure keeping us dry overrun by high clouds, once the sunsets at 6:00, i think we'll start to see some of that rain move into the north bay. 7:00 touching the northern
5:52 am
sonoma county most of us will be dry during the evening commute. once we get past that look how the rain explodes across the bay area all the way through tomorrow's morning commute. one the morning commute ends scattered showers during the afternoon and evening overnight a shower or two. thursday looks like showers could be more impressive and snow level hanging around 3500 feet. how about this, more rain than we've had all month this one system nearly half an inch to an inch around the bay, nearly half an inch south bay 3/4 to inch and a half north bay up to two inches in our mountains. friday dire pattern and saturday and sunday -- drier pattern and saturday and sunday spring warmth back into the forecast. tomorrow could be a little messy but it is much needed rain. we start with a live shot in san jose northbound 87 there's been a stall there in they call that the gore point between the off-ramp and right
5:53 am
lane not causing trouble for most commuters or anybody heading through. it is just out there to let you know. traffic fine on south bay freeways at this point. we'll check out the bay bridge toll, still light, no metering lights good to go there across the span i-80 berkeley flowing well westbound for commuters and it looks good from the carquinez bridge to the maze. now get to the waze traffic app to show you the slow down in antioch, westbound 4 moving around 29 miles an hour. it was reported 19 minutes ago things started to slow, heavy traffic reported there's very interesting groups out there. we have a few traffic spotters we are seeing the typical slow down westbound 580 through the altamont pass this is all
5:54 am
available for you which is free as well go to to download the free traffic app it will tell you where the slow downs are and help you navigate to your nearest ihop if you want free pancakes. >> 7 to 10 this morning, thanks. >> we are talking about -- regulators working to remove a blind spot in auto safety. here's jane king. good morning. your next car will probably have a rear view camera federal regulators want to require automakers to install them in all vikes -- in all vehicles by 2014 it could cost up to $200 a car but could save lives. meantime, counterfeit concert drug contained solvents and other chemicals fake versions
5:55 am
of avastin contain ingredients used in animal feed, plastics and cleaners. would you be willing to take a pay cut to guarantee retirement benefits? more than half surveyed would be willing to safeguard their retirement. better than expected home sales numbers helping put the s&p close to a four year high yesterday. new study says upper class is more likely to break laws while driving, fly negotiations, tolerate unethical behavior at work, cheat to win prizes and take candy from children. the author of the study says as people become more successful they be more focused on themselves. 5:55. a packaging mix-up has lead to another birth control recall this morning. glenmark generics recalling seven lots.
5:56 am
you can find the specific lot numbers on our website, click on see it on tv. the packets could contain incorrect dosing and raise the risk of unintended pregnancies. earlier this month a packaging error forced pfizer to recall a million packets of birth control pills. update on a story we reported last thursday. authorities found 50,000 hens dead or starving on a commercial ranch in turlock. most had to be euthanized. the healthier hens will be available for adoption. the humane society has taken in 400, thermal nourished but expected to fully recover. even if you can't adopt a hen the humane society is accepting nations. good samaritan helped capture two bank robbery suspects will be honored by the city council today. last month steve brown nabbed a bank robber on the highway.
5:57 am
brown owns a private security company he witnessed the crash and followed the suspects who ran he caught up with one, took him into custody and called police who arrested the second suspect. 5:57. are we sacrificing safety for fiscal responsibility? just ahead, the presidential proposal that could make it harder to determine if a tsunami is headed for california. >> reporter: a scam has hit craigslist itch police say it takes advantage of the economic -- economic down turn i'm amy hollyfield i'll tell you all about it, next.
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