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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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live look at the embarcadero indicative watch is happening everywhere with the rain. scattered showers and snow for the bay area in your forecast. i'll have the details. good morning i'm frances dinglasan a lot of trouble on the roads new overturned crash reported in san francisco south 101 at paul. chp en route. very windy across the san mateo and bay bridge. firefighters still hunting for hot spots after a wildfire -- a fire gut as apartment complex in san jose. another massive wind driven fire seriously damaging a 3500 square foot home in
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napa. [ inaudible ] good morning on this wednesday, 5:00 i'm kristen sze. >> we got weather potpourri out there, wind, rain, what else would you like? >> you can see the bay bridge wet. meteorologist mike nicco with the details. a lot of shifting of the winds. ponding on the roads, not an easy ride some of the winds gusting around 26 miles per hour in livermore, 30 in oakland, 31 fairfield, 37 napa, 43 at the airport, sfo 28 around half moon bay the winds are one story you can see the steady rain from novato, napa south through the bay with the heaviest of the rain moving through the bay now. we'll have steady rain for the morning commute then unsettled air mass that will bring showers for the afternoon and snow level down to 3500 feet. more for tomorrow in your forecast. first all those accidents. >> four accidents within the
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last half hour. overturned one south 101 at paul crews en route. look out for possible ponding. also another spin-out westbound 80 vallejo at tennessee blocking the left lane. two accidents in the east bay westbound 580 castro valley boulevard also in the left lane another spin-out northbound 238 at hesperian. you get the idea, a lot of cars are hydroplaning it is a tough commute. if you are heading through the north bay this is a live shot of 101 san rafael southbound, a lot of flooding reported in all the lanes particularly in the left. meantime, we have developing news in san jose. firefighters are battling a win-whipped fire at an apartment complex on the 1100 block of denise way. this fire started before 3 a.m.. early reports say at least part of the building has already collapsed.
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there are concerns about powerlines in that area. this is cell phone video tan by our photo journalist. no word on how many have been displaced no injuries reported. we don't know how many live in the complex. no injuries right now. amy hollyfield is gathering more information on the scene she will join us with a live report in about half an hour. strong winds complicated efforts to fight a massive house fire in napa overnight that fire started last might in a large home of a woman who runs an antiques business in napa she, her husband and two dogs escaped a 6,000 book library and huge antiques collection was probably destroyed. no word on what started that fire. the couple said they had a fire burning in the fireplace earlier in the evening. fires have been on scene all night they expect it to take hours more to knock down the hot spots.
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>> the judge in the domestic abuse trial of sheriff ross mirkarimi is expected to decide today whether to allow testimony of a former girlfriend of mirkarimi who claim he also abused her. mirkarimi is charged with domestic abuse and child neglect after allegedly injuring his wife during an argument new year's eve. his trial resumes today after a recess. jury selection could begin by the end of the week. the judge ruled monday a video of mirkarimi's life will be allowed -- wife will be allowed as evidence it shows her crying and displaying a bruise. pg&e customers are not going to like this after promising they would pay for a gas pipeline safety improvement utility officials are telling the state customers need to dig into their pockets. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom to tell us more. >> reporter: dig and dig deep, pg&e is asking customers, you to pay nearly two billions of a 2.2 billion dollar project.
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contenting the bulk of the bill should fall on customers because regulation i -- regulations that mandate the improvements are new. to one billion dollars in post san bruno upgrades. the first phase of the pipeline project is expected to cost 2.2 billion it could reach five with interest. pg&e is agreeing to pay 360 million dollars, leaving customers holding a 1.84 billion dollar bag. consumer advocates say customers should not have to pay because pg&e has been overcharging for years and the company should have been maintaining the lines all along. the average customer would see $1.85 more a month. pg&e hopes the rate hike will be approved this summer if it is, it will last until 2014.
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a hearing starts march 12th. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:06. the mount diablo school district in concord has given approval for preliminary lay-off of more than 89 teachers, including 22 who could clues their jobs if the district fails to hang on to 1.6 million dollars in state funning that pays for smaller classes which requires more teachers. the state's uncertain budget outlook is forcing the district to prepare for the worst that could include cutting 37 -- $370 per student if the governor's tax proposal doesn't pass. in san francisco school officials will be sending lay-off notices to 485 teachers some are being protected from potential cuts. math and science teachers will be spared but the board voted to give other teachers immunity. teachers in the designated superintendent zone which includes 14 schools in the bay
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view mission districts will be saved because these under performing schools are showing improvement. teachers in no other schools like eldorado elementary, share the same demographics and underperforming test scores now they will lose teachers because they are located outside of the superintendent zone. santa clara city officials have approved the ground lease for the new 49er stadium. last night's vote approves the first of two parts of a 40 year ground lease and paves the way for construction to start in july. aside from the billion dollar stadium located next to the great america theme park, a local group is still suing the city in hopes of blocking the project. construction can still proceed unless a judge orders otherwise. a hearing on that will take place monday let's take a look at our window. it doesn't look as blustery as it was. >> it has been gusty and we
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could expect that to come back. there's rain out there. >> key points, the fact that winds aren't sustained fast but gusty so they will catch you off guard. be careful of that and plus all the rain that has fallen overnight a quarter to half inch in most neighborhoods from san mateo towards fremont south still less than a 10th of an inch where thed steadiest of the rain is moving now back edge moves through marin, southern napa and solano counties with the cold front when the cold front moves through winds calm briefly they will be back later this afternoon. here's a look at what is going on steadier rain from i-80 all the way up into the foothills, scattered showers developing you can see more snow up to our north, colder air mass is coming back behind this cold front moving in, another chunk of energy jet streak here smaller area faster winds
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provides lift and that is going to create scattered showers this afternoon keep us cool low to mid 50s snow level 3500 feet today about 2500 feet tonight for sure hamilton is going to get a couple inches of snow. friday drier weather. saturday, sunday warmer than average with a lot of sun. a lot happening with your commute. here's frances. quite a few accidents, a lot of cars hydroplaning. first an overturn crash in san francisco south 101 at paul two left lanes blocked traffic is light so cars are coming in quickly chp is going to tart round robins to slow everyone down. another accident farther in burlingame south 101 bring this possibly in the three left lanes. 101 already having trouble this morning. also a crash in vallejo westbound 80 tennessee in the left lanes with a spin-out
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several cars stopped. two accidents east bay westbound 80 castro valley beautiful, accidents all around the bay area. so -- valley boulevard, accidents all around the bay area. windy across the bay bridge, san mateo and pond ago approaching tolls. here's a live shot of the oakland maze traffic light be extra careful this morning and try to give yourself extra time. 5:10 >> still ahead, how could this happen? latest on the stunning admission about the mishandling of victims' bodies from the september 11th, attacks the staggering final resting place for those remains. the new plan that could make it cheaper to visit some of the nation's greatest treasures. new way to pay new payment option customers will have when checking out at the nation's largest home.
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8% every 10 years.age 40, we can start losing muscle -- wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the dow closed yesterday above 13,000 for the first time since the financial crisis began four years ago. it is a sign of increasing optimism by investors that the economy is improving. >> the greek parliament has
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paved the way for a second round of rescue loans approved cuts in pensions and government spending and earlier minimum wage. to celebrate this leap day you can 24 hours straight at a disney theme park our corporate cousins magic kingdom and disneyland will be open 6 a.m. today through 6 a.m. tomorrow. that's america's money i'm rob nelson. 5:14. new report from the pentagon reveals partial remains of some september 11th, victims were sent to a landfill after they could not be identified. they were among those killed when a hijacked jet slammed into the pentagon. and the flight bound for san francisco crashed in pennsylvania. 184 died at the pentagon. 50 in pennsylvania. the military gave those partial remains that couldn't be testified or identified to a biomedical disposal contractor that company incinerated and buried the remains. the military stopped that practice in 2008. harvard faculty and
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students will hold a rally today asking the school to posthumously award degrees to students excelled because of their sexual orientation. several were kicked out in the 20s. lady gaga will be at harvard today to launch her anti-bullying campaign. good news for fans of america's national forest. u.s. forest service eliminating entry fees to most properties. recreation fees original naid in the mid 90s and were controversial from the start. visitors had to pay $5 a day for $30 a year critics said it kept poor people out of the national forest. there are dozen forest areas in california that will still charge fees a decision this month may eliminate those fees as well. three national parks in
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marin county provide a big economic boost to the local economy. the study found in 2010 visitor to the golden gate recreation area spent 264 millions in the region. people heading to the national sea shore brought 85 million dollars to the area. woods visitors 54 million dollars if in marin county. starting next machine some home depot shoppers will be able to leave cash, checkbooks and credit cards at home and still buy things they will begin accepting papal. customers will check out by entering their -- excepting paypal customers will check out by entering their -- for shoppers who are not comparable with that technology, paypal will issue a credit type card only good in home depot. >> have to find out if mike
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has a paypal account can we pay you for an umbrella. >> i don't have one either. >> whether guy, no umbrella. >> i go from my garage to the gram here at work i don't need one. all kidding -- to the garage here. i don't need one. winter storm warning in effect until noon you can see the snow falling and blowing sideways possibly another four feet of snow that could be five feet in the last 48 to 72 hours that is such good news. 5:17. embarcadero still ponding there and also some light rain. live doppler you see the back edge of the steadier rain moving through the north bay with the cold front. you can see storms are moving west to east at 20, 25 miles per hour, heavier rain
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san mateo across the bridge to fremont and over towards dublin, pleasanton, danville and alamo down from san mateo to foster, redwood, palo alto temperatures 40s to 50s mild as we expected with the clouds keeping temperatures up low to mid 50s around the monterey bay. showers and breezy today and tomorrow. steady rain this morning, then scattered showers for the next 24 to 48 hours storm track moves north friday spring warmth back for the weekend. let's look what the is happening this afternoon. showers coming down may see he peeks of sun the more sun the more agitated the atmosphere the more unstable and more likelihood we'll see showers low to mid 50s mid to upper 40s clear lake. snow level now 4,000 feet mount diablo 33°, mount hamilton 32° at 4200.
5:19 am
i think it will stay at 4,000 feet through most of the afternoon. if you get a stronger cell it may drop to 3500. tonight the snow level will drop to around 2500 feet. any shower there could leave a dusting of snow that low. 30s clear lake, cover detail and santa rosa everybody else in the 40s. -- cloverdale and santa rosa everybody else in the 40s. freckled nature of the clouds unsettled air moving in, going to hang around the next 36 hours. steadiest of the rain moving through the south bay by 7:00. showers developing by noon. snow on mount hamilton at that time. more showers during the afternoon and evening snow on mount hamilton -- snow on mount st. helena, the rest of is dealing with scattered showers. by the evening commute it tapers. here's your seven day forecast.
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should be showing temperatures remain in the 50s through thursday, 60s friday. 60s and 70s with sunshine saturday at sunday >> good morning. already been a very big mess on the roads i think we've had almost a dozen accidents in the past hour. a couple reported now in contra costa county, here's a live shot of 680 walnut creek this is north main. southbound 242 at highway 4 a spin out as well as northbound direction another spin out blocking a lane. it is wet, windy, especially across the san mateo and bay bridge. be extra careful. earlier crash castro valley boulevard cleared still one northbound 238 at hesperian. san mateo bridge 101 at paul avenue in the left. another accident in burlingame southbound 101 near bring in
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the left lane look out for that. -- near southbound 1 -- take it easy out there and take mass transit. 5:21. downward dog, coming up the new effort to turn yoga into an olympic sport. >> oh my. >> new facelift surgery just for face time users.
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live picture of traffic heading into san francisco on the golden gate bridge the deck is wet rain coming down in the bay area. we've got big wind gusts. definitely driving is something you will need to be careful with. frances tracking multiple accidents in the bay area now. more infocomming up. more news. if you don't -- if you don't like the way you look when video chatting on your iphone or ipad there's a procedure to fix that. don't think it is free. it is called a face time facelift. dr. siegel, a plastic surgeon in virginia came up with the idea after his wife bought her iphone 4 last year he says hating the way you look while face time something common and could be fixed with a simple nip and tuck. there's a movement
5:25 am
underway to make yoga is olympic sport it is drawing praise and criticism in the bay area. the effort is spearheaded by the wife of the founder of hot yoga. she says the olympic event would be judged like a national competition not on spiritual practice but on physical postures. some say yoga shouldn't be judged at all. >> my goal right now that if we can dream of an olympic sport and then more and more yoga will be practiced by the young kids, the young generation. >> it will further enhance the misconduct exception of yoga as something where you just contort your body and win a gold medal. >> organization u.s.a. yoga is hope fog get yoga recognized as an olympic sport -- hoping to get yoga recognized as an olympic sport by 2016. >> it would be tough to judge.
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>> because of the mind component. are you hitting that pose perfectly like gymnastics, not the same thing. 5:26, wind causing big problems for firefighters on both ends of the bay in san jose major apartment fire sends residents running. we are live with the latest. >> in napa it was water, water everywhere. not enough to put out a fire at a big home up here. i'll tell you about the role the rain played and the role the wind played in a live report. developing news from the midwest, tornadoes have cut a path of destruction and death. update on our weather in three minutes. across the country today temperatures are running cool places like seattle, great falls, fargo and as we move into chicago and st. louis, temperatures will be dropping this afternoon. right now we have flight arrival delays into chicago
5:27 am
and minneapolis st. paul, a lot of party heading to the east coast. check out that flight tracker.
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here's a live look downtown san francisco the embarcadero -- [ inaudible ]
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good morning. it is 5:30 on this wednesday morning thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. the weather the big story. let's begin with the rains and winds. >> meteorologist mike nicco tracking our storm. what do you see on the radar? >> a lot of rain especially around the bay not so much in the north bay as the cold front is moving through and bringing relief from the wind gusts only 12 miles per hour in napa now where the firefighters have had a hard time because they were gusting up to 35 earlier 12 miles in novato, 20 to ten tie five in hayward, san jose, -- 20 to 25 in hayward, san jose. you can see rain moving from san rafael to richmond, hercules up 80 and down 80 and
5:31 am
south where the steadiest rain is going to be the next hour or two once we get past that showers to our north and snow levels dropping during the afternoon snow possible on hamilton. new overturn crash eastbound 580 at 98th avenue. chp en route now. look out for a tough ride this morning. live shot across the san mateo bridge you can see why there's a wind advisory, roads have been slippery and wet. we've had numerous spin-outs those have turned into accidents. also look out for flooding reported south 101 past 280, another overturn crash near paul avenue south 101 at broadway flooding southbound 880 at jackson. details on the other accidents in my next report. firefighters say in san jose winds definitely played a part in a massive fire that has gutted an apartment complex this morning. amy hollyfield joins us live from denise way in san jose
5:32 am
with the latest on the developing story. >> reporter: good morning. youhs would think the wet weather might help firefighters this morning but weather was their biggest problem. check out what is left behind us of this duplex on denise way. two families nowhere to live. it is completely burned out. it didn't burn to the ground looks like it is a complete mess destroyed. this was definitely driven by wind. the wind was the big problem. it fanned the fire, this fire took off because of the 40 mile per hour winds that were gusting through here. firefighters say it made getting this one out quite a challenge. >> it was stubborn because of wind. we did have to have crews deployed down wind to do an ember patrol making sure we didn't have any other fires starting down wind. >> reporter: a female who lives here first call the the
5:33 am
fire department because she heard popping or crackling sounds. she evacuated with her son that's the good news, no one was hurt. two families now nowhere to live. the red cross has been brought in to help during this situation. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. similar story in napa, firefighters also had to do battle with winds that fueled a stubborn fire in a large home time this house was filled with valuable antiques. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene. they are looking for a cause. >> reporter: they are looking for a cause and they've got some suspicions. this may end up being a million dollar fire. the lives of the people inside and the dogs were saved by an item that cost $15 known as a smoke detector that woke up the woman who lives at this house and go her to get everybody up and out. take a look at video of what they were trying to get away
5:34 am
from, massive flames tearing through this house. this fire started 9:00 last night. firefighters came out according to the napa register newspaper there were problems getting water to the house. it was a fire that started in the second floor, an attic fire. the people inside said they had a fire here last night, cold and wet night up here. they say they had their -- never their chimney cleaned every year. be that as it may there was a fire in the/,ña chimney and the fire did start in the attic there's a possibility of a connection nothing has been found to be definitive there as far as a cause. you talked about the antiques, the woman who lives here own the -- an antique store in napa and she has antiques she has collected over the course of her life inside this house. some of those destroyed, some of those damaged, we don't have a final total on any of that. one story, in the middle of
5:35 am
this, a firefighter out in the driveway according to the napa register, one of the items one of her antiques was a faberge egg and it came off the top floor down to the driveway and a firefighter slipped on the faberge egg and fell. i bet there's not a firefighter watching the show who could say he has heard of that happening the firefighter was not injured. damage estimated at $100,000. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. also severe weather leaving a path of injury and does instruction in the midwest. at least one person is dead after tornadoes ripped through southern missouri this morning. a $were injured and some trapped in their homes in the town of branson. a tornado moved through the downtown area heavy damaging the city's famous theaters the storm cause mad juror damage to a wal-mart. authorities -- caused major damage to a wal-mart. 13 injured when a ten hit a mobile home park south of town
5:36 am
-- when a turn hit a mobile home park south of the town of buffalo. you can see police cruisers chasing a car in berkeley 10:00 last night. the chase reached speeds of 100 miles an hour and continued on to 880 through oakland, fremont ending at the dumbarton bridge where police officers arrested three. two men in the car were armed and had robbed this shell station an hour earlier. >> the domestic abuse trial of sheriff ross mirkarimi resumes today. the judge is expected to consider a critical motion to block key evidence. mirkarimi is charged with injuring his wife's arm during an argument new year's eve. the judge is expected to rule today whether to allow testimony from a former girlfriend of mirkarimi who claims he also abused her. the judge ruled monday a video showing a bruise on the arm of mirkarimi's wife will be allowed as evidence.
5:37 am
budget problems in walnut creek forcing police department to change even suspend some of its public safety programs. the traffic unit is being eliminated. extra traffic enforcement around schools and neighborhoods will end. the community policing team will end its focus on schools and concentrate on downtown entertainment district. >> the public for the most part will not notice any change. slightly less traffic enforcement. we will give slightly less specialized service to the schools. we'll still be available for any crime issue. >> the city says the cutbacks will be temporary but they will be in effect until july when the new fiscal year begins. it was a similar restructuring last year police say crime rates dropped. happy february 29th! want to say that because we don't get to do it often, once every four years. >> you leap year babies happy birthday. for you drivers, wow! >> soggy, tough commute.
5:38 am
[ unintelligible ] best radar return in los altos hills. we are having light rain everywhere from i-80 south right now. you can see cold front moving through the north bay starting to clear things temporarily as in no more steady rain still drizzle even a few showers starting to develop around sonoma and marin counties. we are going to stay in the showery regime for the next 36 hours. 8:00 this morning showers hanging around steadiest rain moving out of the south bay temperatures holding in the 40s to near 50°. by noon mostly cloudy, a little sun, a little instability in the atmosphere and scattered showers redeveloping low to mid 70s except san j['t, morgan hill, upper 40s. 4:00 more showers developing even snow at higher tops 4,000
5:39 am
feet today the snow level, low to mid 50s. tonight more showers and snow level will drop to 2500 feet and will stay low thursday as more showers are in the forecast. friday transition day, saturday, sunday, sun warmer 70 by sunday. a lot of accidents here's frances. definitely want to take your time this morning. we've had numerous spin-outs everywhere around the bay area with cars hydroplaning partially due to the flooding. in the north bay southbound 101 at the roanoke park expressway left lane 101 southbound in san rafael as you continue it is not too bad to the golden gate . flooding also reported in san francisco in a couple spots south 101 past 280 overturn crash near paul avenue. north 28 osi sar chavez four inches in lanes. couple accidents south 101
5:40 am
broadway flooding reported southbound 880 jackson. new accident reported northbound 880 at high street or possibly 23rd.k9 there's÷ún another accident overturned eastbound 580 at 98th. you get the idea we've had a lot of problems. north 680 approaching 24 cleared. southbound 242 at highway 4. in addition to the normal slowing you want to look out for cars hydroplaning on your way to work. we will be checking in with you often for the latest. first, health insurance now legal aid for noncriminal matters. the proposed law that is about to put san francisco at forefront of the nation again. it will be easier for people in alameda county to get rid of unused prescription drugs. pharmaceutical companies may not like it. defiant stance the head of california's department of fish and game is take income the wake of a controversial
5:41 am
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m=tade with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three natural ingredients. what's in your spread ? >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. san francisco residents will soon have the right to help not only in criminal cases but also in civil cases. the of supervisors has approved a pilot program to ensure low income residents can get representation in
5:44 am
serious civil matters such as child custody cases. the city is partnering with legal aid groups and the san francisco bar and needs to fund only one staff member position. the board has six months to finalize plans for the program. alameda county has moved closer to becoming the first if the nation to make drugmakers responsible for disposing of unused and kpwaoeured pharmaceuticals. the county has drop-off boxes. county supervisors have given initial an previously to a measure requiring drugmakers to take back the drugs by financing and operating the collection boxes. drugs that are not properly disposed of have ended in the water supply. state fish and game commission head daniel richards says there is zero chance he will resign because of a picture showing him with a cougar he killed while hunting in idaho.
5:45 am
it is legal there, illegal in california. there's been a growing call for richards to resign since the photo became public last week. 40 state lawmakers are demanding he quit. in a letter richards defends his record as a conservationist and says he didn't do anything wrong. campgrounds going upscale. bloomberg business report coming up. bay area county tightening food standards to loosen waistbands. push to identify this man after police say he set a fire inside san francisco's main library. hey guys, breakfast!
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look at that live doppler radar with snow, rain even thunderstorms up around chico right now all this will head into the southern sections of the central valley fresno will get rain today, 53 same thing big sur 56. sun and 70 around palm prings near 60 los angeles and san diego . still have that winter storm warning until noon tomorrow, possibly another four feet of snow above 5500 feet chains are needed on 80 and 50. frances has several new accidents told you about coming up. momentum is back with republican presidential
5:49 am
candidate mitt romney this morning after he clocked wins in key primaries in arizona and his one time home state michigan. romney captured arizona by a comfortable 47-26 margin over sanatorium. in michigan he eked out a 41-4630 over his top rifle he remains -- front runner status the race gets tougher as it moves to super tuesday 10 states are voting next tuesday where santorum or gingrich leads in the polls. healthier meals coming soon to schools, hospitals and jails. the santa clara board has approved the most comprehensive nutrition policy in the state. changes will affect food and beverages that are purchased, served or offered at all county facilities and events. pizza and burgers will still be on the menu but made with more healthier ingredients. chips and sofas in vending machines will be replaced with trail mix and water new
5:50 am
standards take effect july 1st. today south bay leaders will mark completion of two year improvement project affecting cal train riders. mayors will join in celebrating upgrades at the stations. they include new platforms, tracks additional traffic signals. the celebration begins at 10:45 this morning and moves on to santa clara. the train may not be a bad way to go this morning if you can. >> this is a meteorologist's dream and driver's nightmare. gusty winds, hydroplaning still going to deal with that the next hour or so, scattered showers and cooler than average temperatures and a lot of snow. there you go! look at it heavenly look look how big and fat some of those flakes are! that means they have moisture in them, good news for all of us. winds gusting around 45 to 55
5:51 am
miles per hour there so you will have drifting. here at home traffic headinging into san francisco from marin across the golden gate bridge. not as much rain now live doppler showing some just to the north from about napa 37, through snow marks novato all the way down to san francisco. the steadier line around the san mateo bridge and south you are getting your best chance of steady heavier rain in the south bay for the next hour or so. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s in most areas, 50 san rafael, san francisco, oakland -- everybody else inland in the mid to upper 40s. our three highlights to this forecast, showers and breezy today and tomorrow, after the initial line moves through by 7:00, 8:00 this morning. storm track moves north friday transition from this wet unstable air mass to mild even
5:52 am
warm and sunny weather this weekend. today showers even a peak of -- a peek of sun here and there snow level around 4,000 feet today where it is now. mid to upper 50s monterey bay inland with mostly cloudy conditions and scattered showers snow level drops to 2500 feet tonight most of us below that in the 40s until santa rosa cloverdale and clear lake mid to upper 30s showers continue overnight that's how unstable this air mass is. front moving through the bay area now. then unstable air mass, we keep scattered showers in the forecast for the next 36 hours which takes us through tomorrow late afternoon early evening. there's the line of rain developing as we showed you on live doppler in the north bay, heavier line, afternoon hours scattered showers around noon,
5:53 am
mount st. helena getting snow hamilton getting snow, diablo, all getting snow tonight. scattered showers for the rest of us, scattered showers tomorrow morning for your lunch hour, then 5, 6 and 7:00 it moves away. temperatures hit mid 50s along the coast low 60s the rest of us friday mid 60s along the coast for the weekend the rest of us in the upper 60s to near 70. frances has a new accident with not too good news. fatal crash in san mateo on the hillsdale boulevard on-ramp to southbound 101. on-ramp is going to be blocked. since it is a fatal crash it usually takes a few hours to clear. you may want to consider ralston or 92. numerous accidents around the bay area we've had a few overturn crashes. look out for flooding reported in the usual spots southbound 101 past 280.
5:54 am
and north 280 near caesar chavez, 880 at jackson. problem northbound 880 23rd, accident now only leaving one lane open. we are seeing heavy traffic already. then we had a couple problems reported on 580 one at 98th avenue and another at 164th avenue that may be blocking several lanes if you are heading up to tahoe you will need chains. here's a live shot of the san mateo bridge windy conditions across the span that's we've had all the problems. bay bridge windy right now minor back-up. 5:54. tension rising between american airlines and its pilots' union. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. american airlines facing a big lawsuit by its pilots' union claiming the airlines shouldn't be able to reject its old labor agreement and enforce new terms.
5:55 am
america's parent has been using its bankruptcy to get the unions to accept a new deal. goldman sachs, chase and wells fargo getting warned by federal regulators they may face civil charges. meantime the dow yesterday closing above 13,000 for the first time since may 2008. apple shares soaring to an all-time high after announcing a march 7th, product event it is expected to unveil the i pad 3. the new ipad will have a high-definition display faster processor. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king i am 5 -- 5:55. for the next 45 days no new payday lenders will be able to set up, relocate or expand in santa clara county the board voted yesterday to impose a 45 day moratorium on payday
5:56 am
lenders and check cashing business in the unincorporated areas of the county critics say the businesses prey on the working poor by charging interest rates equivalent to 400% annually. the county will explore a permanent ban. the industry says any ban would close off legitimate emergency credit options. san francisco police looking for your help in finding a man who set a fire inside a main public library on larkin street. police released this video showing the man walking inside a storage room in a closed section of the library sunday. flames erupted minutes later. the fire damaged books and equipment with >> when we see something or hear an incident where people are burning books, especially inside a library if you can look at the potential this could have caused had in fire had been greater there could have been lives lost or seriously injured. >> anyone with information about the fire is asked to call san francisco police. the san francisco zoo is mourning the death of one of
5:57 am
its favorite animals gene pwhrabgt rhino -- the black rhino palsed away he arrived at the zoo in 1978. black rhinos are critically endangered species. just ahead, why pg&e says customers should foot the majority of the bill for a pipeline safety improvement. also, the part overnight winds laid in a massive fire at a san jose apartment building. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in napa. firefighters were up against it overnight dealing with the winds that were whipping an attic fire. they also had a long, long way to go to find water on a night that it was pouring from the sky. i'll explain in a live report
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