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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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going on this rainy, windy wednesday morning. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. because of the weather we have two big problems for commuters. within in the east bay another fatal crash on the -- one in the east bay another fatal crash on the peninsula. right now across the san mateo bridge we are seeing so many accidents across the bay area we start off in san mateo with this fatal accident on the hillsdale
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boulevard on-ramp to southbound 101. on-ramp closed might be for a few hours you may want to consider ralston or 92. flooding reported in a few spots especially san francisco south 101 past 280, north 28 osi sar chavez flooding -- reporting 880 accident northbound high street blocking many lanes another accident southbound. >> that's hey lot. -- that's a lot. heaviest rain from fremont south of the dumbarton bridge into the santa cruz mountains lesser radar returns through the san ramon valley secondary line of light showers through southern marin and sonoma. cold front moving through our neighborhoods now that's why these showers while moving west to east the whole batch is moving down to the south ahead of this front.
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once we get behind it we go from steady rain to shower the next 36 hours. we'll talk about snow not only in the sierra but here too. christian has your news of the day >> right -- firefighters hunting for hot spots after a wind difficult event fire damaged a duplex. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. those winds a factor. did people have to evacuate? >> reporter: the firefighters couldn't believe what they saw. the wind was blowing the fire horizontally. look at the video taken by a firefighter. they were very concerned about the duplex. they were also very worried about it spreading to the house next door because of the 40 mile per hour gusts of wind. they got the call before 3:00 this morning from a woman who woke to the sound of crackling and popping. firefighters say when they got here to denise way the roof and attic were fully involved. this is a duplex, total of
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four people living here all got out okay even though it was raining the weather was no help to firefighters. >> raining with that high winds even when it is raining or moist like this, the winds can just drive the fire which is what it did. we had -- the roof was ing off when we got here. -- was burning off when we got here. difficult firefight for the initial half hour. until we could get large quantities of water on it fast. >> reporter: firefighters were so concerned about the wind they fanned out throughout the neighborhood to watch for embers that might catch a ride with the wind and start another fire. here's a live picture to give you a sense of the wind. this is not even the worst of it, it was the gusts that really got this fire going. gusting up to 40 miles per hour this morning. they feel like the threat is over. everyone throughout the
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neighborhood can relax no ember concerns, the fire is out. now, they are dealing with these families who no longer have a home. their duplex is still standing, inside it has destroyed. the red cross has been called to help them through this. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. overnight napa firefighters faced similar problems with gusty winds fanning the flames that gutted a huge home filled with valuable antiques. terry mcsweeney is live at that scene. you have been talking about the irony of the rain falling, firefighters having to search for water. >> reporter: yeah and they really had to search for water. napa firefighters still on the scene of this fire. the hose is laid on up this driveway, it was not an easy find to come up with a hydrant up here. this house really up quickly. take a look at pictures to give you an idea what they were up against when firefighters arrived at this
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scene. they had a 3500 square foot house filled with antiques. we are told there was a library inside with 6,000 volumes in it. the woman inside owns a store in napa where she has antiques and she had a lifetime's worth of collection inside here. the fires arrived, they got their hands full. this looks like an attic fire the roof is involved. they have to find water. it wasn't easy to find. >> one of the problems that we ran into or challenges last night was getting water to this house. we ended up laying over half a mile of hose from the nearest hydrant to get up to the house. >> reporter: that delayed things a bit half a mile of hose. they arrive 9:30 the fire was still going at 11:00. they had it knocked down parts of the house are -- appear to
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be inhabit able maybe slight damage that -- inhabitage maybe slight damage that top floor appears to be gutted thrfpl was a man, woman and two animals got out okay. they did have a fire in the fireplace last night this may be nothing definitive this may be a chimney fire even though they say they clean that chimney religiously every year. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. you may be on the hook for most of the cost of gas pipeline safety improvements in the wake of the deadly san bruno disaster. pg&e is backpedaling on its prom to pay to keep you safe. -- on its promise to pay to keep you safe. >> reporter: the utility is asking its customers to pay nearly two billion dollars of the 2.2 billion dollar safety improvement project. the company contends the bulk of the bill should fall on customers because regulations that mandate the improvements are new. implemented last june in
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response to what you are seeing the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. pg&e claims it is already committed to one billion dollars in post san bruno upgrades. here's the break down: the first phase of the pipeline improvement project is expected to cost 2.2 billion. reach five with interest. pg&e is agreeing to pay 360 million dollars leaving customers holding a 1.84 billion dollar bag. consumer advocates say customers should not have to pay because pg&e has been overcharging them for years and the company should have been maintaining the lines all along. the average customer would see a $1.85 more a month. pg&e hopes the rate hike will be approved this summer if it is it will last through 2014. a hearing starts march 12th. katie marzullo, abc7 news. judge in the domestic abuse trial of sheriff ross
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mirkarimi is expected to decide today whether to allow testimony of a former girlfriend who claims he also abused her. mirkarimi is charged with domestic abuse and child neglect after allegedly injuring his wife during an argument new year's eve. his trial resumes today. jury selection could begin by the end of the week. the judge ruled monday that a video of mirkarimi's wife will be allowed in as evidence. it shows her crying and displaying a bruise on her arm. 6:09. we turnover to meteorologist mike nicco to talk about where the rain is and how strong the winds are. good morning. best radar returns around the dublin grade heading out of the sunol grade into fremont down to milpitas and los altos hills scheduling into los gatos where the best radar returns are now. -- let's talk about wind gusts still fast around fairfield,
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oakland, and sfo out to half moon bay gusting around 30, 40 miles per hour, 20 to 25 hayward and san jose 12 in that park novato three in santa rosa that will be the trend as the -- front moves through breezes return this afternoon, second chunk of energy smaller faster area of winds within the jet stream that is going to provide the lift necessary for the afternoon scattered showers and also help lower that snow level down to four to possibly 3500 feet this afternoon. low to mid 50s with scattered showers, five -- 44 clear lake, more showers tonight and tomorrow snow level 2500 feet. transition friday. look at that warm sunshine saturday and sunday. be careful out there, a lot of accidents, here's frances. a lot of accidents. several overturned crashes. a bunch of injury crashes. so many spin-outs.
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bay bridge toll minor back-up windy across the bay bridge, san mateo bridge and flooding in the usual spots. just wanted to mention this fatal accident san mateo hillsdale boulevard on-ramp to south 101 blocked consider alternate routes. 880 heavy in both directions with a couple accidents in both directions near high street lanes blocked traffic heavy north and southbound 58 ober but accidents on 580 as well. a -- a couple of accidents on highway 4, both directions heavy out of antioch. :11. new plan that could make it less costly to visit most of the country's national forests. house-to-house search for survivors, after tornadoes hit parts of soúúúúúúúúúúú@@úúúúúúúú
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. :15. good news for fans of america's national forest. the u.s. forest service is eliminating entry fees to many of its props. the fees originated in the mid 90s and controversial from the start visitors had to pay $5 a day for $30 year. critics say it kept poor people out of forest. a dozen areas will still charge fees a d this machine by the 9th circuit court of appeals -- could trim fees more.
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in the midwest continues one person killed 13 injured when suspected tornado hit a trailer park south of buffalo. in branson at least a dozen people were hurt, including several trapped in their homes. searchers are going house-to-house now looking through the rubble for survivors. a friend of mine i used to chase tornadoes with, his parents' house got hit by a tornado last night took often garage. but the parents are okay. i got a picture, i was saving it for the ureport. severe weather there, active whether here and the sierra. this is -- see the snow falling, a lot of snow falling it will continue through possibly noon tomorrow. another two to four feet above 5500 feet. chains frances tells me are required on 80 and 50 it will
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probably be that way through friday morning as the snow is very sticky. downtown san francisco kind of quiet now. in between showers looking at the embarcadero still ponding on the road which you will find in your neighborhoods, live drop sherr slowing a slight chance of rain around san francisco across 101 towards san rafael and over across the san pablo bay to places like hercules and possibly martinez. the best radar returns south of dumbarton bridge heeding into the south bay -- heading into the south bay as we speak. you are getting your best chance of significant rain now. low 50s oakland, redwood city half moon bay mid to upper 40s mild, low to mid 50s santa cruz monterey raining there temperatures running in the mid to upper 40s gilroy watsonville and salinas. once the initial line of steady rain moves through scattered showers and breezy conditions today and tomorrow. storm track north friday mild
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to even warm with a lot of sun this weekend. today low to mid 50s mostly cloudy, showers developing at any time during the day. same will happen around the monterey bay by 9:00, 10:00 your steady rain is over and then showers. showers continue overnight where the snow level will drop from 3500 feet to 2500 feet tonight most of news the 40s. cold front moving through the bay area now that's why the north bay is a break. unsettled the next 36 hours as cold, damp air mass moves over that's why we'll have showers. 7:00 this morning, just about 40 minutes from now heavier rain moving through the south bay and out by noon snow around mount st. helena snow during the evening mount hamilton and diablo that will continue overnight scattered showers for tomorrow's morning commute through the lunch hour from 5:00, 6:00 into the evening, all that slides to
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the south and things are quieter. winter storm warning until noon in the sierra. it going to be tough getting around there but that fresh powder looks nice. friday storm track moving north increasing sun and slightly warmer. 70s for saturday and sunday away the coast it will be in the mid 60s. here's a live shot of the san mateo bridge there is a crash near the toll. we've just had such a difficult commute, visibility can be limited in some spots windy across the san mateo and bay bridge. live shot of the 280 and 17 interchange in san jose, the south bay is going to start getting rain it has been quiet here so far i'm hoping that doesn't change this is north 280 at 17 across the screen. i want to take to you our traffic maps, all these flashing red circles are where we've had accidents this morning. dozens of pin-outs including a
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fatal accident in san mateo -- we've had quite a few overturn crashes 880 hot spot because of accidents in both directions near high street, fruitvale 23rd 10 miles an hour a couple accidents on 580 in the eastbound direction also a lot of flooding reported especially on 280 and 101 in san francisco. right near the usual spots southbound 101 past 280 heavy traffic in antioch and of course if you want to stay on top of this go get your exclusive waze traffic app go to to download it hopefully it will tell you where all the trouble spots are. >> that waze user info definitely come in handy today. coming up the contentious debate and decision over whether to pursue adding fluoride to the drinking water
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in sonoma county. is it a stretch! bay area experts weigh in on the new proposal to make yoga an ♪
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good morning. sonoma county residents a get more profession for their teeth in their tap water. the board of supervisors has voted to stud a practice that some -- to a stud -- adding
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fluoride to their water supply. angry residents at yesterday's meeting slammed the proposal calling fluoride pollutants. the world health organization says floor dated water is the most effective way to -- prevent tooth decay. there's a movement underway to make yoga an olympic sport it is drawing praise and criticism. the effort is spearheaded by the wife of the founder of hot yoga. she says the olympic event would be judged like a national competition not on spiritual practice but on physical . the organization u.s.a. yoga is hoping to get yo -- yoga recognized as an olympic sport by 2016. i wonder if the olympic committee would have facilities for that. 6:25. still ahead, beware of the budget the number crunch that has walnut police department suspending some safety programs. the new vote paving the
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way for construction of the 49ers new stadium to start by july. >> reporter: it was raining over might -- overnight but the weather was no help to firefighters in san jose dealing with a burning duplex. in fact the weather caused problems. i'll explain coming up, next. sfo reporting flight arrival delays of 36 minutes. laguardia departure delays, more delays to the east as severe weather is headed that way.
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opening bell this morning the dow will start above 13,000 for the first time since may of 2008. overnight futures trading show the market will start on a higher note on the nasdaq on your left, all eyes may be on news corp stock after word we go that james murdoch has stepped down as the company's executive chairman. we'll get the latest on early trading in 15 minutes. good morning i'm kristen sze, thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. first, we take a look at what is going on outside. frances has been busy tracking accidents. >> let's begin with the fatal in san mateo. >> yeah, we have a fatal crash in san mateo. to give you an idea how business it -- how busy it is, three new accidents in the past few minutes if you are heading through san mateo you
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want to an individual the hillsdale pweufltd on-ramp to southbound 101. -- hot spot on 880 because of an accident northbound still blocking lanes it has been out there for an hour another accident southbound traffic heavy there at the bay bridge toll with metering lights on backed up towards the foot of the maze more details on other crashes in my next report for now we'll check in with mike to learn more about in wet weather. good morning. live doppler showing the best radar returns moving out of fremont heading down 680 and 880 into milpitas, good return around the great mall, sunnyvale mountain view near the ampitheater healthy radar return. the best chance of rain south of dumbarton bridge steadier there light showers behind the cold front around the bay area not out of woods yet. during the afternoon more scattered showers slide behind
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the cold front with the initial line moving out in the next hour to hour and a half, steady rain will be over by then, more showers the next 36 hours. more details on that in a minute. first the news with eric. in the south bay gusty winds whipped up a fire in a san jose apartment complex, two families have been left homeless. amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: we just learn add elderly couple was inside one of the duplexes. their adult daughter is on the scene to help them. let me step out of the way so being see what is left. the roof completely gone. they were sleeping inside when someone knocked on the door and woke them up. their daughter told us she doesn't want to think about what would have happened without that doorknock. here's a shot what the firefighters saw when they arrived. this was taken by a firefighter. they were shocked to see the wind the fire horizontally. they say the wind was a huge
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problem gusts up to 40 pile as hour they were worried about the fire spreading. >> it was stubborn because of wind. we had crews deployed down wind to do an ember patrol making sure we didn't have any other fires starting. >> reporter: when they go the call it was a little before 3:00 in the morning the duplex roof and attic was already fully involved. there were four people living inside, two in each unit everyone got out safely. the fire destroy the inside of the homes and the roof collapsed. the roof is completely gone. the red cross and family members are here now to help the family members figure out what they are going to do next. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. strong winds complicated efforts to fight a massive house fire in napa overnight.
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that fire started about 9:00 in a large home of a woman who runs an antiques business in napa. she, her husband and two dogs escaped the flames. a 6,000 book library and huge collection of antiques may have been destroyed. a firefighter fell on a faberge egg. no word on what started this fire. the couple say they had a fire burn going the fireplace earlier in the evening. firefighters had been on the scene all night they expect it could take hours more to knock down hot spots. three men facing charges after leading police on a high speed chase through the east bay last night. about a dozen police vehicles chaing the car on west -- chasing the car on westbound 80 10:00 last night. the chase ended at the didn't barton bridge in newark where officers arrested three people.
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two men in the car were armed and they robbed this shell station in martinez an hour earlier. pg&e customers are not going to like this. after promising that they would pay for gas pipeline safety improvements utility officials are telling the state customers need to dig deep into their pockets. >> reporter: very deep. this payment proposal by pg&e is not likely go to sit well with customers. the first phase is expected to cost 2.2 billion dollars. it could reach five billion with interest. as of yesterday pg&e offered to pay 260 million of that. meaning customers would be left with 1.84 billion dollar balance. the utility company contends it shouldn't have to pay for the improvements because the regulations that mandate them are new, put in place by the state puc last june in response to the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. consumer advocates say
6:36 am
customers should not have to pay because pg&e has been overcharging them for years and the company should have been maintaining the lines all along. the cost would be $1.85 a machine for the average customer. this battle is not over -- a month for the average customer. the battle is not over a hearing starts march 12th. a decision is not expected until later this year. katie marzullo, abc7 news. :36. budget problems in call nut creek are forcing the police department to change and even suspend some safety programs, traffic unit eliminated traffic enforcement around schools and some neighborhoods will . ending focus on school outreach and concentrate on downtown entertainment district. >> the public, for the most part, will not notice any change. slightly less traffic enforcement. we will give slightly less
6:37 am
specialized service to the schools but we will still be available for any crime issue. >> the city says the cutbacks will be temporary but will last until at least july when the new fiscal year begins. similar restructuring last year. police say crime rates dropped. santa clara city officials have approve the ground lease for the new 49 -- have approved the ground lease for the new 49er stadium. the vote approves the first of two parts of a 40 year ground lease. the site for the one billion dollar stadium is located next to the great america theme park. local group still suing the city hoping to stop the project. construction can still proceed unless a judge orders otherwise. a hearing on that will take place monday 6:37. enough going on outside to keep you busy as you drive into work this morning. >> so many accidents, spin-outs and flooding. mike explains why this is happening. it has to do with the rain and wind. good morning. here we are in the south bay
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best radar return over san jose international -- [ unintelligible ] the cold front moving right through the down bam -- dumbarton bridge as we speak continuing to push the batch of showers to the south by 8:00 and then the stead vain over and showers will take over. gusty winds now oakland, sfo, around 30 miles are hour, gusting around 20 to 25 in livermore, hayward, behind the front only 5 to 10 miles are hour in santa rosa, napa and novato. showers by 8:00, steady rain moves south into the santa clara valley over the monterey bay 40s by noon mostly cloudy upper 40s san jose morgan hill the rest of us low to mid 50s scattered shower possible any time snow level 3500 feet during the afternoon low to mid 50s most
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neighborhoods around 4:00 more showers developing for the evening commute. we are unstable through tomorrow evening that's why we'll have scattered showers in the forecast. friday storm track moves north that means saturday and sunday, sun and spring-like warmth. good morning. here's a live shot of the san mateo bridge mike was telling us some of the heavier rain dumbarton bridge and south so you can get an idea what you can expect it has been a mess on the roads we've had numerous numerous accidents and heavy traffic right now northbound 880 approaching high street because of an earlier crash eastbound 580 san leandro all lanes temporarily blocked at 164th avenue now they have the three right lanes open. south 880 possible alternate that has been slow due to earlier crashes it is recovering now southbound 880. also, we'll check out 280 several accidents along the way, one near city college,
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one near highway 1 and one at 380, you get the idea some injury crashes. here are the accidents around the bay area it has been just a mess. of course, avoid this fatal accident san mateo hillsdale boulevard on-ramp to southbound 101 blocked. live shot of 280 and 17 more wet conditions for headlights moving northbound that's 17 across your screen. 6:40. staggering new milestone for apple. the latest on early trading live from the new york stock exchange. right now the dow is up 25 points. >> still over 13,000. one gets new momentum everyone lives to fight another day. latest on yesterday's critical gop primaries in michigan and arizona. it will be easier for people in alameda county to get rid of unused prescription drugs.
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welcome back. you can see wet weather in the heart of california even snow up in the sierra what we are going to deal with is mid 50s sacramento, fresno rain l.a.
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60 to near 70 palm springs. sierra winter storm warning that continues until noon tomorrow another two feet possible above 5500 feet already need chains on 80 and 50 is we are following breaking news out of north korea, six-party talks are bearing fruit. u.s. officials say the country has agreed to suspend uranium enrichment and accept a moratorium and nuclear and long range missile tests. officials have agreed to allow international atomic energy inspectors to confirm the country's nuclear reactor has been disabled. as par of the deal the u.s. will provide 240,000 metric tons of food aid. the momentum is back with mitt romney this morning after he collected wins in key primaries in arizona and one time home state of michigan. romney captured arizona by 47-26 over santorum in michigan he eked out a 41-38%
6:46 am
victory over santorum. while he retains front-runner status the race gets tougher. voting will take place next tuesday in 10 states, including several where santorum or newt gingrich leads in the polls. late last night the city of stockton agreed to a move that could bring it closer to becoming the nation's largest declare bankruptcy. council voted 6-1 to enter mediation and try to renegotiate debt. stockton was hit hard by the recession second highest home foreclosure rate in the nation behind las vegas. cities must have a 60 day mediation period with creditors before they are allowed to file for bankruptcy. city leaders say stockton is on the brink of insolvency and could be unable to pay debts. alameda county closer to becoming the first in the nation to make drugmakers responsible for disposing of unused and expired pharmaceuticals the county has
6:47 am
drop off boxes for the wanted drugs in several cities. the county supervisors have given initial approval to a measure requiring drug makers to take back prescription and over-the-counter drugs by financing and operating collection boxes. unwanted drugs can end up in the wrong hands. drugs that are not properly disposed of can get into our water supply. take a close look at your bank statement that checking account may be costing you more than you think. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with that and a stunning milestone for apple now in -- [ unintelligible ] good morning. this milestone with the dow. extending that close above 13,000 that we did yesterday. we had stronger than expected economic growth in the 4th quarter that is helping to take us higher again this morning. bernanke will be testifying on capitol hill in a few minutes
6:48 am
we'll see weigh says about unemployment, the economy he may talk -- he may talk about gas prices as well. dow, s&p and nasdaq all trading in the green. bloomberg index up 4/10 of a percent. more excitement today obvious apple. the stock hit an all-time high is up again today, you can see $545 a share. this puts apple almost worth half a trillion as a company there's and teulgs -- anticipation on what looks like the unveiling of ipad 3. -- -- [ unintelligible ] are you paying four bank more for checking? chances are yes. only average we are paying 21%
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more than we were six years ago. -- [ unintelligible ] do you 10 to slack off on your fit -- [ unintelligible ] .
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mike doing the heavy lifting this morning looking at radar returns. also look at this, sierra snow heavenly getting a lot of snow, ski lifts not running yet but they will be. breezes 45 miles per hour getting there will be difficult because 50 and 80 you need chains. at home a little break from the steady rains south you can see thicker lower clouds where the steady rain is now live doppler showing that cold front around 237 in the south bay that's why our best returns are in the south bay moving down into the santa clara valley. scattered light showers behind that 40s most areas low 50s oakland redwood city and half moon bay low to mid 50s santa cruz monterey everybody else inland mid to upper 40s. steady line moving through now out of the south bay by 8:00, showers and breezy today and tomorrow.
6:51 am
unstable air mass hanging over top of us. the storm track moves north friday mild even warm with a lot of spring sunshine this weekend. for today, mostly cloudy, any sun we get will help destabilize the atmosphere and create more showers low to mid 50s until you get to clear lake mid to upper 40s 10:00 steadier rain out of the monterey bay showers this afternoon mid 50s around the bay mid to upper 50s inland tonight scattered showers overnight 40s except for santa rosa, cloverdale and clear lake mid to upper 30s snow level 3500 feet today will drop to 2500 tonight we'll see whiteness on our highest elevations by tomorrow morning we have to get some of the showers to move over those unsettled weather you can see the cold air mass behind this cool front, creating the steady rain the cool damp air mass creating the scattered showers you can see they are around by noon, snow amounts
6:52 am
mount -- overnight more snow at highest elevations best chance of showers over the north bay spreading south for all of us during tomorrow's morning commute hanging around through the lunch hour shieding to the south during the evening hours -- sliding to the south during the evening hours. winter storm warning until noon tomorrow. temperatures two to four degrees warm we are sun friday near 70 coast saturday and sunday. i talked about a friend of mine we used to chase tornadoes together, one of those deadly tornadoes hit his town that's his parents' house what is left of their garage. the parents are okay. rodney our thoughts and prayers are with you buddy. if you have photos we would love to see them. upload or e-mail them.
6:53 am
amazing photo, glad your friend is okay. hopefully you will be okay on the roads this morning. we've had so many spin-outs, cars facing the wrong way all around the bay area. now we are starting to get more accidents in the south bay where mike was telling us the heavier rain is moving northbound 280 at highway 17 new crash at saratoga. to give you a contrasting shot this is 101 san rafael looks clearer, weather-wise traffic heavy southbound there was flooding reported earlier near the expressway bay bridge toll backed up past 880 over crossing windy conditions across the bay bridge and san mateo bridge. heavy traffic on eastbound 580 approaching 164th avenue overturn crash that temporarily blocked all lanes, right lanes now open north 880 recovering in oakland. we've had accidents all around the bay area. still fatal crash blocking hillsdale boulevard on-ramp in
6:54 am
san mateo to southbound 101 look out for that. you may want to consider mass transit this morning. also, you can go to to download a free traffic app that will help you get around the slow spots and let you know where the accidents are. thank you frances for keeping track of all that. it is 6:54. >> let's recap: overnight winds made an already dangerous job harder for firefighters on each he end of the we start with terry mcsweeney in napa where firefighters are cleaning up after a massive house fire. >> reporter: they've got this knocked down no thanks to the wind, no thanks to a lack of water believe it or not on a rainy night. flamesed burned -- fire broke out 9:30 last night firefighters got out here wind a factor pushing the flames around this attic fire. they couldn't find a hydrant the nearest was half a mile way. they finally knocked the fire
6:55 am
down they found inside all kinds of antiques the woman who owns this house owns an antique store in napa look at what the house looks like this morning. we took these pictures 10 minutes ago. fires believe it was a chimney fire, still under investigation. the fire got a good jump on fires because of a lack of water. a live time worth of antiques inside that house, much of it gone up in flames. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. final check on weather and traffic. here's a look at live doppler, best radar returns still in the south bay across the santa cruz mountains and heading into the monterey bay this is the steadier rain with the cold front. as we head into the afternoon, break in the cloud cover sunshine stirs up the atmosphere creates scattered showers low to mid 50s not everybody will see the showers if you do, brief, heavy rain, possibility of a 10th to 2/10
6:56 am
of an inch of rain with scattered showers today, tonight and tomorrow snow level 3500 feet down to 2500 feet it could be a -- tonight cooler than this morning with a lot of 40s outside. increasing sun two to four degrees warmer by friday 70s saturday and sunday still mild and dry monday and tuesday of next week. better news now eastbound 580 san leandro all lanes open and at the bay bridge toll traffic backed up past the 880 overcrossing. it starting to improve, we are not seeing as many accidents pop up. there was like one every minute earlier. this there is still fatal crash in san mateo hails dale boulevard on-ramp to southbound 101, -- you need to avoid. great way to find out what is slowing you down on your way to work is to have the waze traffic app. we are looking at san jose more accidents pop up with the rain moving there, heavy on
6:57 am
northbound 87, northbound 101 slow westbound 237 at zanker. maybe consider mass transit. >> good idea. frances thank you. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. keep track of the latest breaking news, traffic accidents and storm's movement at twitter and talk about it at ♪ ♪ twinkle toes i think i found a soul ♪ ♪ to make me happily ever after ♪ ♪ i say i love you and i'll say it more ♪ ♪ my one and only ♪ oh i can't lose ♪ so don't stop doing what you do ♪ ♪ have i paid my dues just to be with you ♪ ♪ don't stop doing what you do ♪
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