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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 18, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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mt. hamilton. welcome to "world news." tonight on alert. violent weather on the move this evening with millions of americans now in its path. already mud slides and a major highway shut down and now concern over new twisters. the mind of a soldier. new details in the case of the american army sergeant accused of mass murder. in solitary confinement, his lawyers have now arrived as we get a new look at him as a young boy. bully pulpit. the president with new words tonight on bullying after that landmark guilty verdict on the eve of a brand-new and troubling portrait of childhood in america. >> hit him hard. and mad for detail. tonight the "mad men" taking us straight back to the '60s and our behind-the-scenes tour. don draper's hi-fi and what's really in peggy's desk and what's on the hanger? >> this is the iconic blue betty coat.
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good evening, and we begin here on a sunday night with yet another weather warning for millions of americans. dangerous and potentially deadly weather is on the move right now. tornado watches are up tonight in two states. that number expected to grow, and now the system is moving from west to east gathering new strength. you can see right there in the circle where the weather is most severe right now, and tonight tornado watches just going up in texas and oklahoma. you can see the counties in red. we're getting our first pictures out of arizona. look at this. heavy snow around flagstaff. a main highway, interstate 17, shut down by the blinding storm. and so let's bring in meteorologist ginger zee tonight who has been tracking the system all weekend long. you say we could be in for 24 hours now of dangerous storms. >> it has started and we are in the heart of it. the next 24 hours will be rocky. here's where we have to watch for. wichita south tonight to del rio, also a little bit of hail and damaging wind possibilities over there near cincinnati. but this is just tonight.
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i think by tomorrow the threat not only intensifies, but it also grows to a larger area, more people affected. des moines, kansas city south to houston all have possibilities of isolated tornadoes, damaging winds and hail. >> and i know you traveled this evening to oklahoma, northern texas. that's where you believe it could be most severe. >> i've storm chased for a long time. i'm looking for the most tornado activity to happen in southeast oklahoma and northeast texas. of course, we'll be out there helping in the warning process. >> all right, ginger zee leading us off tonight, safe travels. we turn next to what we're learning tonight about the american soldier accused of murdering 16 afghan civilians, mothers and children, and tonight as sergeant robert bales sits in solitary confinement, we have our earliest glimpse of him yet. here he is at 9 years old posing for his baseball card right there at the bottom, all american describing bales as a little boy. abc's neal karlinsky on the story for us again tonight. >> reporter: tonight sergeant robert bales' attorneys are arriving at ft. leavenworth in kansas and plan to meet with him
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face to face for the very first time. the 38-year-old is being kept in a cell very much like this one in solitary confinement, alone to ponder the alleged murders of 16 afghan civilians. the possible sentence, either life behind bars or the death penalty. >> i don't think it's a slam dunk case, notwithstanding the number of victims. the government may well have some very, very substantial problems in investigating this case and bringing it to trial. >> reporter: one problem, because of cultural barriers, no law for hard evidence that can be tied to a weapon. another, eyewitness testimony cannot come from a deposition. villagers who witnessed the massacre will be required to testify in person in a u.s. military court. the soldier's aunt tell abc news in the family's first comment that he was raised by a very loving family and that she has been left brokenhearted by the news. the defense will likely focus on the toll of prolonged combat pushing a good soldier to the edge. >> posttraumatic stress disorder
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could be a mitigating circumstance that could cause a jury to determine that the death penalty is not appropriate. >> reporter: getting an acquittal by reason of insanity and blaming it on posttraumatic stress is almost unheard of in military court, but bales has a creative, high-profile legal team, and this will likely not be a typical case. david? >> neal karlinsky tonight. neal, thank you. and there is new information coming out of orlando this evening in that case generating outrage in this country. we told you about the teenager who took a break from watching the game, went out for candy and never came back. now those 911 calls revealing the gunshots fired by a man on the neighborhood watch. and tonight abc's matt gutman has learned that that man on neighborhood patrol had a habit of calling 911. >> reporter: tonight we're learning more about the man responsible for this, the shooting death of trayvon martin, an unarmed 17-year-old. abc news has learned the shooter, self-appointed neighborhood watchman george zimmerman was not tested for drugs or alcohol even though it's standard in most homicide
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investigations. and law enforcement experts listening to these tapes -- >> this guy looks like he's up to no good or he's on drugs or something. >> reporter: -- tell us it was zimmerman, not martin, who sounded intoxicated. it's the latest in a string of possible missteps by police that night including dismissing eyewitnesses' accounts and failing to fully investigate the shooter's background. 28-year-old zimmerman has been charged with no crime. he reportedly had wanted to be a police officer calling 911 50 times over the last year, mostly false alarms. and on february 25th, he took matters into his own hands. >> these [ bleep ], they always get away. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> okay. we don't need you to do that. >> reporter: after he shot and killed the teenager who went out for a pack of skittles, zimmerman claimed self-defense. >> reporter: do you think trayvon's fate would have been the same had he been white? >> nope. i don't think he would have even been followed if he was a white
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kid. >> reporter: and tonight martin's family calling on the fbi to take over what they say is a botched investigation. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> our thanks to matt. we're going to turn now to children targeted on playgrounds and in school hallways across this country. the problem of bullying. tonight president obama is delivering a new message on the cartoon network aimed straight at children, both the bullied and the ones doing the bullying and as words come on the eve of a new documentary with the portrait of pain felt by so many of our young, here's abc's tanya rivero. >> he punched me. strangled me. >> reporter: the images in the new documentary film "bully" are difficult to watch but even harder to live through. >> do this to him hard. >> reporter: tonight president obama lends his voice to the cause fronting the cartoon network's own anti-bullying documentary "speak up." >> it's wrong, it's destructive and we can all prevent it. everyone has to take action against bullying. >> reporter: and it's a cause he's championed before. hosting the first white house
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conference on bullying last year and joining other celebrities in a message of support to young people facing harassment. >> and every day it gets better. >> and it will get better for you. >> it gets so much better. >> things will get easier. people's minds will change. >> reporter: a movement that has grown in the wake of several suicides like that of college student tyler clementi after learning his roommate had captured his sexual encounter with another man on a webcam. >> guilty. >> guilty. >> guilty. >> reporter: that roommate dharun ravi found guilty of bias intimidation on friday. bullying in the u.s. appears to be on the rise. an estimated 13 million students will be bullied this year. tragic suicides along with unflinching depictions of bullying in action are forcing a national conversation. many say it's long overdue. and right now there's a big push to get the rating of the documentary "bully" lowered to pg-13 so more kids can see it. and on tuesday, david, there is
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a big social media push on twitter. there's a town hall there. >> so many powerful voices on this now, tanya. thank you. we're going turn now to the race for president. it's "your voice, your vote" tonight and puerto rico, they are casting ballots in the primary today. romney in illinois. let's bring in david kerley. what are the lines we know that mitt romney uses on his trail about rick santorum is that he's an economic lightweight and on abc's "this week." he had a chance to respond. i thought we would listen to both and then get your reaction here. >> we're not going to be successful in replacing an economic lightweight if we nominate an economic lightweight and i'm an economic heavyweight. i know how this economy works and i'll get it working for the american people because i care about the american people. >> okay, so are you an economic lightweight? >> for mitt romney to say he's the economic heavyweight, this is a man who doesn't understand, you know, conservative principles. conservatives don't go out and say, i'm going to create jobs and i'm going to change the economy. i'm going to manage the economy. just the opposite. what we believe in is getting
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government out of the way, creating opportunity and let the private sector do these things. >> and so, david, he answered with an attack of his own. >> yeah, he actually went on to say that basically mitt romney can't connect with the voters, therefore, he is not the guy you should actually elect. he is not the one that can represent republicans. this is the thing that santorum has seen in the past couple of weeks. he's connecting with the voters and basically saying, listen, if romney has to tell you that i know what you feel, then he's not doing the job that republicans need him to do. >> but back to that issue of being called an economic lightweight, how did he answer that? >> you know, it was interesting. he came up with another allegation that mitt romney is going to have to answer as well. he said romney did a great job in the private sector making money for bain capital and himself but when he was governor he was 47 out of 50 states in creating jobs. is that somebody you want to be president? the republicans going at it hot and heavy. david? >> all right. david kerley in washington, thank you. also out of d.c. tonight, a headline that caught our eye, with so many passengers tired of being told they have to turn off
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their ipads, their kindles before the plane will take off, federal authorities say they will take a new look at whether those gadgets do interfere with the cockpit and whether passengers should be allowed to use them during takeoff and landing. the faa says it will now take a "fresh look" at the use of personal devices other than cell phones on the aircraft, in essence, everything but the cell phone. overseas tonight in the uk, they have all been watching her, but have yet to really hear from her. princess kate. tomorrow she delivers her first big speech bringing back memories of the first time we heard from another princess. abc's lama hasan is in london tonight. >> reporter: it's been an eventful weekend for the duchess passing out shamrocks to the irish guards on st. patrick's day. one guard literally passed out. but tomorrow, the nerves will be even greater. we will get to hear her first ever public address at a hospice for kids. >> everyone is silent and listening to every single word that you're saying, and it will be very nerve-racking for her.
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>> reporter: it was certainly nerve-racking for diana when she was in the spotlight speaking for the first time in 1981, and she had to do it in welsh. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: the speech, a simple thank you to her welsh subjects, which was met with a standing ovation and a more relaxed diana. but official addresses can be daunting as it was for stuttering george vi in "the king's speech." >> i have the -- >> reporter: so will kate wow her audience? >> i'm sure it will go well because like everything that she's done, she has shown herself to be more than capable. >> reporter: for capable kate, it will be a major milestone, another notch in her royal belt. the exact subject of the speech hasn't been made public, but one royal reporter told us, it's going to be brief and beautifully written, and, david, we understand the duchess has been practicing in front of
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family, friends and a mirror. >> she is human, after all. lama hasan in london tonight, lama, thanks. back here in this country now and to what could be a medical breakthrough for so many people hoping to make their memories last longer. even after a loved one is diagnosed with alzheimer's. abc's linsey davis with the technique sparking the mind. >> reporter: it's long been the holy grail for doctors treating alzheimer's disease, find a way to stop the rapid mental decline that is the hallmark of this debilitating disease. now, a new clinical trial could just prove that possible using a novel approach that could awaken memory circuits in the brain. it's called deep brain stimulation, and it has already shown promise in a few canadian patients with early alzheimer's. >> right now we're stimulating. >> reporter: four years ago, robert linton had two electrodes implanted in the memory area of his brain. every day since, a battery implanted in his chest has sent his brain more than 100 electrical impulses a second. that treatment has put the
5:43 pm
brakes on robert's alzheimer's allowing him to lead a normal life. he's driving, doing crossword puzzles, exercising, and perhaps most importantly, remembering. >> if i can't remember something, if i just pause for one, two or three seconds, it pops in. >> reporter: his doctor says robert's brain scans show the difference. >> although the lights are out here, there is someone home. and we're able to turn the brain back on. there are circuits in the brain that are shut down in alzheimer's disease that can reignite and reactivate the circuits and will that lead to an improvement. >> reporter: all questions that can only be answered by testing more patients. but for now robert and his wife barb have reason to hope. >> with the diagnosis of alzheimer's, you don't know what the future is going to be and now i think well, maybe we have more of a future. >> so great to see robert and his wife getting more quality time together than they thought they would facing alzheimer's. but i'm curious. is there hope for others moving
5:44 pm
forward? >> there is additional hope. the fda has now approved a larger study that's going to take place at johns hopkins for 50 more people. >> this stimulation, we've seen it used before in, what, depression, parkinson's. >> exactly. we've seen it work and be effective in those cases and we know that it's safe. it just could be an effective treatment now for alzheimer's disease. >> all right. great promise, linsey, thank you. and still ahead here on "world news" this sunday night, the bill collectors going to extreme lengths to track you down. but how far is too far? listen to this. >> are you going to pay this bill or not or am i going to have to kill you? >> tonight the collectors who even threaten your pet dog as we ask what's really going on. at the very end tonight we take you right back to the '60s where we're on the set of "mad men." don draper's hi-fi and go inside peggy's dress and betty draper on what men and women are truly looking for. "madmen." and debby draper on what men and women are truly looking for. this is abc world news brought to you by tv emeritrade.
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5:48 pm
and even if he did, it was 14 years past due. what do people need to know about these older debts? >> there may be a state statute that limits the collector's ability to sue on the debts. >> reporter: that means they can't force you legally to pay it, but that didn't stop asset acceptance, which allegedly broke the law by threatening lawsuits on expired debt and reporting those old debts to credit agencies. the company has paid a $2.5 million fine to the government even as it denies any wrongdoing. >> what are you? are you an attorney or what? >> i'm the guy who is gonna end your life. that's who i am. >> reporter: consumers have long complained of harassment, even threats from debt collectors with terrifying calls like these from other companies. >> are you going to pay this bill or not, or am i going to have to kill you. we're going to have your dog arrested. we're going to shoot him up. and we're going to eat him. >> reporter: tactics like these are illegal too. for older debts the amount of time they can sue for payment
5:49 pm
varies state by state anywhere from 2 to 15 years but beware. why not agree to pay a little bit of the debt? why not just get these people off your back? >> in most states if you pay a little bit of the debt, it actually restarts the clock. >> reporter: that means that old debt is suddenly reactivated, and you can face a lawsuit after all. tim bond didn't fall for that, instead enlisting help from government consumer fraud officials. it worked. the company backed off. lisa stark, abc news, washington. >> thank you, lisa. and when we come back tonight, what happens when your grandparents get their hands on a very popular computer app? you've got to see this. what happens when your grandparents get their hands on a popular computer app? where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities
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tonight here a new glimpse at ronald reagan. it turns out president reagan drew these doodles during a 1981 summit in canada and include a self-portrait, drawings of several other people, a man's torso. reagan left the paper on a table and then british prime minister margaret thatcher picked it up and saved it. all these years. it's not grandparents gone wild, but they've gone viral tonight. proof that grandparents are forever young at heart. grandparents discover photo booth on mac computers that lets you distort images on your own. more than 7,000 views already. when we come back here, on the set of "mad men" tonight. wait till you see what we've discovered. "madmen" tonight, wait until you see what we've discovered. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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and finally tonight, mad for detail. we were on the set of "mad men" discovering american nostalgia in every corner. here's chris connelly. >> in greek, nostalgia literally means the pain from an old wound. >> reporter: pain and old wounds and jon hamm as the dashing and enigmatic ad man don draper bringing viewers back to the hard-living and loving advertising world of the 1960s. we were given a rare tour of the show's meticulously detailed set by "mad men's" creator matthew winer. >> there's the conference room. >> reporter: you've had some uncomfortable moments in this room. >> i've had uncomfortable moments everywhere on the set. so some of them were not even filmed. >> reporter: from the smoke to the booze and the memos and ibm selectrics. winer is responsible not only for the show's sumptuous storytelling -- >> what do women want? >> who cares?
5:57 pm
>> reporter: -- he also oversees "mad men's" period perfect appeal. >> this is a reproduction of what truman had on his desk, autographed picture of buddy ebson, the biggest show on the air at that time. >> reporter: actors remain impressed by the show's taste for detail. >> these aren't just shelves. and then you realize it's a hi-fi system. >> reporter: elisabeth moss' peggy olsen was a secretary. now she's a copyrighter with an office of her own. >> look at all this. it's all period, every single thing, and it's incredible, and, you know, of course, very important to keep that close, close at hand obviously. >> reporter: ideal fuel. >> yes, exactly. >> reporter: costume designer janie bryant and her team finds and creates the looks now synonymous with the show. >> this is like the iconic blue betty coat. >> reporter: and with the stylings of january jones hailed as don's ex-wife betty. >> why do you think guys are so hot on the show? >> because they're awful. i don't know.
5:58 pm
i think that sometimes people are attracted -- women are attracted to bad boys. >> reporter: all those years when they just weren't casting guys like you, you must have thought i'm just a guy out of time. >> it very much felt that way. i always looked a little older. i was not getting "dawson's creek." i didn't look 17 when i was 17. i mean that's just the way it was, but i would get called in for their dad. >> reporter: 13 episodes of betting and back stabbing mischief now lie ahead for "mad men's" characters. >> cheers. >> reporter: a gift the show's devoted fans will now get to unwrap. chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> so envious. our thanks to chris. that is "world news" for this evening. diane sawyer right back here in the chair tomorrow night. i'm david muir. good night. diane sawyer right back here in the chair tomorrow night. i'm david muir. good night.
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lots of snow but this isn't the sear . a there's know right here in the bay area, just intime time for the first day of spring. the sun came out today but it was cold, and that means the snow is still around. lillian kim is at mt. hamilton tonight. >> reporter: we're at 4200 feet elevation, and a lot of people have been clamoring to get to the summit. but unfortunately everyone was turned away. caltrans closed mt. hamilton road to the general public because of icy and dangerous road conditions. a big disa appointment to people who wanted to drive up and play in the snow, but the people at the observatory are happy about the road


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