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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  March 22, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc rescue teams are expanding their search for a missing morgan hill girl. authorities have found new items belonging to 15-year-old seller -- sierra lamar. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. the sheriff held a news conference this morning and terry mcsweeney joins us from santa clara county. >> reporter: an all-out search is now going on for sierra lamar. the reason it is going on intensely starting today is because of the discovery of her pink and black juicy purse. the purse was discovered
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sunday. the intensification of the search begins today this is where going to be centered from. this is an empty parking lot, not far from the home where 15-year-old sierra lamar lived technically in the utter most southern edge of san jose not far from her unincorporated morgan hill home. we are learning there are five k-9 search-and-rescue teams deployed in the area within a three mile radius of sierra's home. the purse was found sunday afternoon, a couple miles from where her cell phone was found saturday. sheriff's spokesman spoke a few minutes ago. >> members of the sheriff's office search-and-rescue team found this juicy bag belonging to sierra. inside the bag was some of her clothing. a pair of pants and t-shirt, neatly folded, put inside this bag this bag was located
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within a couple of miles of her mother's house. >> reporter: the purse was found in a different direction from the home than the cell phone was. cell phone found saturday, purse found sunday. the deputy was asked about report of possibly urine on the clothing, he had no comment on that i asked why it took four days to intensify the search after finding the purse? he said hit to be confirmed as see rather's. the fbi has been called, their role -- sierra's. the fbi has been called in. their role is not clear. waterways are going to be checked out as well. as far as interviews with sex offenders they've been going on for several days within a radius of the home. they are going to be expanded to a 10 mile radius of the home where sierra lamar lives. more this evening at 45 and
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6:00 from karina rusk. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. breaking news a short distance from that search site deputies have made a grim discovery the body of a middle aged woman. they are trying to identify her right now. sky 7 hd is on the way to the scene flying over the mill hills on their way to that scene in -- hollister. >> body was fun in the area around highway 152 and 156, north of hollister. no word on who found the body or what time. a lot of investigators are either at the scene now or heading there, not speculating hot body might be. >> there's a high profile case of a missing middle aged woman named martha gutierrez. we've been following this for the past two weeks.
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missing. investigators feared had killed her two. -- he killed her too. in a couple of hours suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will attend his first meeting for domestic violence counseling and meet with his probation officer. he was sentenced to three years probation monday he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment after a fight with his wife on new year's eve. mayor lee suspended mirkarimi and charging him with official misconduct. the independent ethics committee is expected to hold a hearing next month. then make a recommendation to the board of supervisors. the supervisors will have thirty days to decide whether or not to remove mirkarimi from office. in order for him to be removed, nine of the 11 supervisors have to agree that he has committed official misconduct. longtime department veteran vicki hennessey has been sworn in as interim sheriff. in oakland, switching
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gears, an amazing four-day program is underway to provide free dental, medical care offered by ram, remote area medical foundation. the program is already filled up for today. amy hollyfield joins us from the oakland coliseum. amy, why did it fill up so quickly? >> reporter: it wasn't the turnout of patients that was the problem, it was the lack of doctors that forced them to close early. 3:30 this morning volunteers handed out 400 numbers to people looking for a free health exam. some camped out for their spot in line. >> long wait, it is cold, but worth it. >> reporter: by 9:00 the clinic was full. >> i'm shocked i came from napa, i didn't expect it to be closed for the day. >> >> reporter: the problem isn't space or lack of equipment, there are -- there are plenty of empty dental chairs set up. the issue is finding enough dentists and eyes did. >> we don't have the number of volunteers today that -- that
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to volunteer on a weekday and they expect more to show up over the weekend. >> please come and help. very, very rewarding. we need the help, they need the help. but i also understand the economies of running a dental practice. >> reporter: some patients who did make it inside aren't focused on the empty chairs. >> i give the dentists credit for volunteering their time, because it is hard. they have to pay their bills too. the fact that they volunteer is -- everybody appreciates it. >> reporter: the free dental and eye exams the biggest draw with tooth extractions being the biggest need. >> once in a while we'll see somebody that has either early stage oral cancer in some cases later stage. the big issue is this we can catch it early. >> reporter: the clinic is for the uninsureed or underinsured
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don't expect to prove your need. -- >> the only question we ask is, "where does it hurt?" and then try and fix it. >> reporter: people who are being turned away are not being given a number for tomorrow, you have to be here 3:30 tomorrow morning to get a number. if you are a dentist or eye doctor or on tisch and would you like to help over the next three days i have a number to call. i put it on the website go to i'll also tweet it if you follow me on twitter. they do need help for the next three days. clinic opens again 5:30 tomorrow morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. president obama fired back this morning against critics who blame his energy policy for high gas price. he gave a pro-oil drilling speech in oklahoma and announced he's extraditing a portion of the keystone pipeline project. katie marzullo is here to explain. >> reporter: some feel this
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morning's announcement meansñó president obama is flip-flopping on his opposition to the pipeline. here's the explanation if you look at this map you can see the existing pipeline travels through canada for a while enters the united states in north dakota and continues on to oklahoma. the proposed extension or shortcut spends less time in canada enters the u.s. through montana then down to oklahoma. the president is still opposed to the er extension. what he has -- green lighted is just this southern section from oklahoma to the gulf coast. in curbing, oklahoma construction on the controversial pipeline extension is expected to begin this spring. the president says the region is producing plenty of oil but there are bottlenecks preventing the oil from getting to state-of-the-art refineries in the gulf coast. president today i'm directing my administration to cut through the red tape, breakthrough the bureaucrat tick hurdles and make this
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project a priority to get it done. [ applause ] -- >> reporter: the president says he previously rejected the full pipeline extension because it cut too close to a drinking water supply in nebraska. he will now consider it again after a thorough health and safety review something several environmentalists oppose. while he says he's willing to reconsider he's not giving up on alternative sources. >> the president: we are drilling more, producing more, but producing more oil at home isn't enough by itself to bring gas prices down. >> reporter: liberals are calling for the entire project to be scrapped. republicans are pushing for the entire keystone project to be approved. they argue it will lower gas prices and create jobs. rick santorum at a campaign stop in texas said this about alternatives to oil: >> you look at the countries around the world that have gone to green energy, they are failing badly. what we need to do is understand we have huge resources it is a great
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advantage for that doesn't moon we shouldn't continue to work on green energy and look at alternatives as they become vike. but we have to do what we know best and works -- best to get this economy strong and viable for the future. >> reporter: part of the controversy is political. president obama said he blames congress for creating a project timeline based on politics rather than expert opinions he said that was the factor that forced him to initially reject the pipeline. still ahead, important recall for parents, the safety locks that may be putting your your children in danger. caught on video, amazing military helicopter crash in afghanistan. why experts say the pilot showboating may be to blame. are you looking for love? what facebook users found out about what time of the year and weeks is the best time for romance.
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back to breaking news in the south bay. deputies have made a grim discovery. the body of a middle aged woman. they are working to identify her this is sky 7 over the scene in hollister or near it. the body was found in this area around highway 152 and 156. no word on who found the body or precisely what time. we are going to continue to follow this story on
11:14 am and have the latest starting at 4:00. a french prosecutor says a gunman was shot in the head by police who stormed his apartment that ended a two-day standoff. the suspect started shooting and was hit by a bullet as he jumped out of the window. the suspect claimed responsibility for a shooting rampage that kill several people and film all three of his attacks. he claims he received training from al-qaeda. french president sarkozy says an investigation is underway to determine whether the suspect had any accomplices. this morning the top military commander in afghanistan says the u.s. will still need a substantial military presence in the country in 2013. general allen testified today before the armed services committee. he told law makers the u.s. is on track to withdraw by
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october with all troops out by december 2014. right now the u.s. has 90,000 troops in the region. general allen believes the force of 68,000 will be sufficient for next year. take a look at this, the military is now investigating whether an apache helicopter pilot was showing off when he crashed his apache helicopter in afghanistan. it happened on february 6th, the video was just posted on youtube. no one was injured. the crew had minor injuries. officials say there was no enemy activity in the area and it is possible the pilot was performing a dangerous maneuver for his fellow troops. important recall for parents who have child safety s. 900,000 safety first -- first push and snap cabinet locks are being recalled for not adequately securing those cabinets young children can get through them.
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the government says out of 140 reported incident, three children swallowed or handled hazardous cleaners or detergents. for a list of the models we have a link on look under see it on tv. mike is off today. meteorologist lisa argen is in with your forecast. slowly we are looking at brighter conditions. the wind is going to pick up. enjoy today and tomorrow the break, we are returning to winter with a vengeance this weekend. men may have a newfound respect for women after hearing this next story. the good cause that had dozens of men sporting five inch that stilettos. -- public hello for
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you can see cl
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it wasn't graceful or pretty but important. dozens of young men at western kentucky university stumbled and wobbled in five inch red
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stilettos yesterday to raise awareness about the issues of violence against women. the council organized a walk in her shoes event the men walked a mile around campus in the heels. >> want to give a shout out to the women who do wear high heels they are extremely hard to walk in. it hurts really bad i don't know how they do it. but it was fun. >> organizers raised $1,000 for local rape crisis center. good cause, educational and ouch sore feet today. >> i like the black socks with the high heels. you may need the soblgs this weekend, getting cool this afternoon breezy as we head out it is beautiful, a lot of sun, winds are gusty and it is getting warm, 52 at the tahoe valley airport, 57 at mammoth that snow beginning to melt a little as south
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beach camera still grey but we are looking at sunshine throughout most of the bay area after this weak cold front continues to slide to the south of us live doppler shows a little bit of a return up by chico otherwise we'll plan on more sun breezy conditions, cooler afternoon. 57 in antioch, 49 in san rafael. with the passage of the front cooler air in fact the winds gusty at our coast that's going to be the deal all afternoon long if you are ing any time in the city, or -- if you you are spending any time in the city or at the beach half moon bay north went gust up to 20 miles an hour. delays at sfo all morning long.9 now up to an hour and 23 minutes northwesterly winds san jose cloudy there, 13 miles an hour. oakland west wind 16. becoming partly cloudy today for everyone, breezy and
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cooler high temperatures as much as 10° cooler today in some spots for those of you who enjoyed 70s, rainy and raw, i don't know which day is going to be better or worse, saturday and sunday both shaping up to be a wash-out. this afternoon, a few showers in the sacramento valley. i'm going to fast forward this. by 2:00 tomorrow increasing clouds, still dry. this system looks like it is slowing a bit. after midnight, barely getting rain in the north bay then look what happens by the afternoon hours, saturday we still got rain showers pushing into the sacramento valley and then into sunday the low stall take a look sunday morning still looking pretty wet more like winter. high temperatures today low 60s we are down 9° from where we were yesterday in novato down 12° than we were yesterday in san jose we enjoyed 70s today upper 50s on the peninsula, 57 san francisco, 62 livermore chilly tonight
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mid 30s north bay 34 morgan hill, 37 santa cruz. a look ahead shows the temperatures bumming up just a few degrees tomorrow with sunshine then the weekend is a wash-out. rain showers continue into next week. we should be happy, i know. >> right, thank you. >> we'll go with that. the largest cargo ship ever to move to the san francisco bay is set to least port of oakland later today. the container ship fabiola arrived yesterday. it is 1 1/2 times longer than the transamerica pyramid is tall. 6:00 tonight the fabiola is to begin heading for china packed with fruit, nuts, wine and frozen love, unlike flowers blossoms in the winter and weugtders in the summer that's the summary from facebook status updates. data crunchers say the most fruitful time for new relationships around valentines. many relationships begin
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around christmas. may through august are bad months for lovers with break-ups outnumbering new hook-ups. as for days of the week, sundays, mondays, tuesdays biggest days for new romance. fridays and saturdays the peaks for break-ups. stay with us, we'll be right back with really cute video of the newest residents in oakland at the zoo.
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today at 4:00, this boy asked 24 of his classmates to go to the prom and they all
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said no. but she found a date online. why is the school banning her from the dance? finally, a sneak peek of some of the smallest and cutest residents at the oakland zoo. >> zoo employees gave us a glimpse of three baby otters a month old. >> they are just beginning to open eyes and learning how to swim still nursing from their mom in a few weeks they will begin to eat fish and >> public will get their first chance to see the babies in may. >> they are little but they will be big hits. for all of us here thanks for joining us. joining us. have a great day. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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