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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 26, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am PDT

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tonight on "nightline," girls and alcohol, inside the secret world of young girls who binge drink, the staggering statistics about an out of control trend. they are younger, they're more of them and it's more dangerous than anyone suspected. her heart will go on and on and on. kate winslet opens up with the rerelease upon titanic. and no sex in the city. move over situation, snooki, all you real housewives and sopranos. tim tebow will be practicing tebowing and ducking the temptations of the big apple next door in your home state.
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this is "nightline," march 26, 2012. >> good evening. i'm bill weir. according to statistics and common sense, kids do not drink to unwind. they do not pair their wine or beer with food. they drink to get drunk, more than 90% of the alcohol consumed by kids is done while binge drinking. one in four american girls is a binge drinker. alarming when you consider new science that shows alcohol is more damaging to the developing female brain than those of her male counterparts. >> reporter: you know the saying, every parent's nightmare? welcome to the nightmare in overdrive. >> going about 90 down ifive. >> holly was a teenage bink
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drinker and she's barrelling down the highway after a few too many drinks. >> i'm not proud of the drinking and the driving. i think social security so stupid. >> reporter: and yet that's what alcohol does to you. >> yeah, it's poison. >> holly's exploits are featuring in a documentary called faded. according to surveys, one in every four teen girls don't just drink. they binge. meaning five or more drivgs in one sitting. >> surveys say 90% of parents say, oh, no, not my kid. >> well, okay, i think denial is extremely powerful. i think a lot of parents don't want to believe anything negative about their kids. >> reporter: rebecca thomas has no clue the extent to which her daughter was binge drinking. one night she ended up at a
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party with boys she didn't know that well. >> i thought i'll have a few drinks, but that turned into i'll take another shot. >> how many drinks did you consume that evening? >> about four beers and, i want to say ten to 13 shots. >> ten to 13 shots on top of that? >> yes. >> how did you stay conscious? >> i didn't. >> as you're sitting here listening to this, 14 drinks? >> this is the first time i'm hearing the whole story, actually. >> 14 drinks could kill her. >> yes. >> reporter: aaron then got into a car with her boyfriend who was pulled over for dui and aaron was taken into custody for underage drinking. her mother got a heart-stopping call. >> this officer said, are you rebecca thomas and is your daughter aaron thomas? i thought, oh, my gosh, is she dead? i was panicked. >> reporter: and shocked. often binge drinkers are just as
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likely good girls under enormous pressure, just trying to fit in. erin said she first began lying to her mother in eighth grade. >> it was about me wanting to make a decision and knowing that i wasn't going to be able to do anything unless i did it behind her back. >> you wanted control? >> yes. >> reporter: often underage bingers pre-game, pounding stomach. turning quantities of alcohol before the school dance or the big game which alcohol is banned. >> shot gunning five beers over a couple hours could be pretty common. >> reporter: little kids don't even like the taste of alcohol. >> it's disgusting. and yet you're encouraging each other. do it fast. telling each other tips on how to drink it faster so you don't take it. >> reporter: look at the hit movie project x, hollywood's take on a party run amock. for girls, alcohol has the added
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dangerous to let them act ought sexually. >> 80% of teenage pregnancies happen when the girl is drunk. does that surprise you? >> no it doesn't surprise me. >> why? >> because when the girls are drunk, and the guys start to push it, the alcohol gave you the liquid courage to start, but not to stop. >> so it makes them more vulnerable? >> because they don't choose their partners well. then we see stds, and sexual assault, or they pass out and now the males take advantage of them. >> reporter: shelly campbell has treated all sorts of consequences during her job as a trauma nurse. >> 3/4 of injuries had alcohol on board. people heard there was a party and show up, and they can't rid
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of them. so we get knives pulled, guns pulled, and then we have violence. >> reporter: beyond getting injured, according to a new study, teen girlser more likely than boys to damage their brain, because they weigh less and their livers process alcohol differently. brain scans show less activity in the areas of memory, spatial awareness and decision making. >> how much have you had? >> five to seven straight shots. >> as the documentary shows, it starts young. >> how many of you guys care if you damage your brain? >> reporter: which is why nurse shelly visits middle schoolers before puberty hits. >> once the brain is damaged, it doesn't get better. >> turns out you're five times less likely to abuse alcohol as an adult if you delay drinking to after age 15. so girls inc, stargets 12-year-olds with exercises to prepare them for the temptation.
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>> you want to go to the party down the street. it will be totally dope. >> what will we do? >> take should shots, get buzzed. we're going to have so much fun. >> well, how about we just go have a girl's night at my house? >> okay, sure, whatever, bye. >> looking back, holly says perhaps the best prevention is helping a young girl beat back her escalating insecurity. >> reporter: what do you say to the 14-year-old you? >> i tell her she's beautiful, skpabl of doing whatever she wants to do. >> you don't need the alcohol. >> that i could be cool without it. coming up next, kate winslet shares what she really thinks about the re-release of titan nick 3d. abc news "nightline" is brought to you by ford explorer with eco-boost.
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before the six oscar nominations and a list status, kate winslet was relatively unknown in what many thought would be a hollywood disaster. insiders were scoffing at the idea of the movie titanic. the fact it was called titanic made the jokes even easier. but the movie was so loved, it's hard to find anyone laughing about a rerelease 15 years later, except kate winslet who sat down with us. >> reporter: this was the
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default date night movie in the late '90s. girls dreamed their date looked like leo. we can't create these evening for you and we can't re-crete this new 3d experience on tv. so we asked kate, what was it like? >> the second it came up, i went oh, my god, make it stop, turn it off, turn it off. i'm blocking my ears. do i sound like that? i do look like that? it's very, very bizarre. it's like someone says to you, it's a home video of you 16 years ago, now you have to watch yourself in 3d. >> that would be awful but for all of us who weren't in the movie, it's totally great. the engines, the water, the disaster. >> you see people. >> reporter: and the love story.
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100 years after the actually ship sank, 15 years after the movie came out, 300 computer artists have spent 750,000 man hours giving titanic a third dimension. the movie that made a 21-year-old english girl a star. >> i did every day think, how did i get this far? how did i get this part? kate, from redding. even now, i'm like, hello? >> reporter: you weren't prepared for what it was going to do to you? >> no. people would say to me, what's going to happen? your life will completely change. and i would just say, no, it's not and i would become offended. the reality is, i think i did try and fight the change, but it did change. i kept my head. i've never been one of those people who was wound up in a
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gutter with sick in my hair. it's given me career opportunities that wouldn't have existed. and then i became a parent and it's given me freedom to be a parent, freedom to not have to work if i don't want to. >> it's dawning on me now that i won an oscar. >> she's been nominated six times, married twice to a small time director. she's had two kids who have never seen her in a movie. >> largely because hts there's nothing particularly appropriate. >> reporter: they're now eight and 11 and she'll take them to see titanic in 3d. >> i don't know how to bring this up, but you're also naked in 3d. >> i've already thought about that. i already have for the hands over the eyes moment. i'm going to be doing eyes and someone will be doing ears.
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not about what they're seeing, but what they're hearing as well. >> reporter: did the two of you gang up against billy to keep the whole thing going during filming? >> i do remember us having a lot of fun about billy's wig. the character that he plays was supposed to be immaculate. so the ship would be sinking and somewhere there would be billy in the corner of the room checking his hair, which really wasn't his fault. >> the filming process, long, cold, boring? >> not boring. never boring. we would cry on each other's shoulders, but that was all of us, all the cast, and all the crew. we were very much in the same boat, pardon the pun. >> reporter: you got me laughing on that. tired and freezing they made one of the biggest movies ever. >> i remember finding titanic
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rugs in afghanistan back in 2001. >> reporter: why did this film have that kind of impact? why did people -- >> why are you asking me? >> reporter: i don't know. i wasn't in it. maybe you know. >> i don't know. i think it's part of how incredible leo and i are together as i couple on screen. >> reporter: titanic has a tragic story we all know. >> then it's a love story. so you have this love story element of the rich woman falls in love with the poor guy. looks really lovely in an open-neck shirt. >> reporter: kate found she never found him attractive. he's gorgeous, come on. >> no. >> reporter: really? >> no. >> reporter: chances are the 3d version, your date won't find
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you attractive wearing those glasses either. >> let's commit to 3d. >> reporter: i'm going to embrace it. what's wrong with that? >> nothing at all. it's just funny. >> reporter: oh, kate, i loved you in that movie. then i meet you in real life, and you mock me. still got to admit, it's a good movie, and the whole 3d thing, it really works. i'm nick watt for "nightline" in london. tomorrow we'll have james cameron fresh off his record-setting dive to the deepest point in the ocean. of course how he made that into 3d, but thanks to nick. coming up, tim tebow is coming to new jersey. quick, hide snooki. it's getting crowded at toyota's #1 for everyone sales event. why? 'cause people know toyota's the best. toyota has the most fuel-efficient and longest lasting vehicles of any full-line automaker. plus, every new toyota comes with the peace-of-mind of toyota care,
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well this town has been buzzing for days about the prospect of a sweet natured quarterback making his way to the mean streets of new york. tim tebow's arrival became reality today, but he'll be practicing playing and living in next-door new jersey and there, john burm an sees a sign of the times. >> reporter: tim tebow's big introduction to the big apple can be summed up in one simple word. >> it's exciting. >> reporter: really, very. >> exciting for me. >> reporter: there's no question he's -- >> so excited. i'm excite body this opportunity and i'm excite body that. >> reporter: so incredibly hopeful and genuinely optimistic. >> i think our quarterback run will be a lot of fun. >> reporter: so devoid of any cynicism. so completely and utterly unnew york. >> this city is like an open sewer, full of filth and scum.
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>> reporter: okay, at this point it's a gross overstatement, but as far back as casablanca -- >> there are certain sections of new york they wouldn't advise you to try to invade. >> reporter: can tebow survive here with the spotlight, the media, and most of all, the big temptation? >> don't you see the rest of the country looks upon new york like we're electing jewish, homosexual pornographers? i think of it that way. >> reporter: however it goes, it's a safe bet it won't have a script from woody allen. >> my father is jesus christ and that is despifrt foremost, the most important thing in my life. >> reporter: in the past, tebow has said he's saving himself for marriage, it's doubtful his new york story will be much about -- but you know what, tim tebow wasn't born yesterday. he's been in the nfl for two years, leading his team to the playoffs, and he knows the whit
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pers out there, and he still says. >> i'm having fun with it. >> reporter: he looks comfortable cruising around town in this video. still the word is some would like to see him settle not no new york, but in new jersey where the jets actually play, even with the real housewives. but there would be something truly profound about setting tim tebow's new york story in new jersey. it's not just that he's see the situation. >> this is the situation right here. >> reporter: nope, more than anything he is the sopranos of all athletes. not because of mob ties and whackings, but controversy. he's a living, breathes sopranos finale. discussed and debated and never really resolved. >> god bless.


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