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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 10, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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area of heavy down pours now, very active weather near gilroy and just north of salinas. so there is some wet weather here, it's broken up a bit in the north bay. and right now, there is just scattered showers up there. so 24 hour rainfall totals so far half an inch in st. helena. over 8-tenths of an inch and there is quarter inch in hayward. there is varying rainfall but it's still coming down. more waves coming our way. >> there is a 17-year-old arrested for plowing his suv into a concord man and his daughter killing them over the weekend was released from a detection tension center without charges being filed. that is where laura anthony is live for us now. >> no charges have been filed
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yet. i'm assured they will be. this boy was released to the custody of his parents. at 4:30 this afternoon. that was the deadline for the file charges against him. now, we're not naming the boy or showing his face because of his age but abc 7 was there when he arrived in a neighbor's house with his father, declining to comment on what happened. and he lives less than a mile from where this accident happened saturday morning. his parents arrived here after 4:00 p.m. and drove their minivan around the back of the building. he was hunched over in the back on the way out. i'm told he'll likely be charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter, investigators are waiting for test results and krem phone records to determine if gross njs was involved which would
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elevate charges to felonies rather than misdemeanors. >> in cases such as this it's important a full, furro furrow -- thorough investigation takes place in order to evaluate this case appropriately. >> we understand that this will be a long process and have been made aware that the driver might be released today. we know this country has a justice system and respect it that. is why our family moved here over 27 years ago. now, because this young man is a juvenile i'm told he cannot be rearrested and this boy will likely remain out of custody until the case is resolved through a trial or a plea agreement. if convicted in juvenile court he would be released at age 21. in the meantime a memorial fund has been set up for victims in this case.
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and the information son our web site. laura anthony abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> we have developing news tonight. the city suffered another set back in its attempts to reduce pension benefits for municipal workers. the panel ruled in favor of city workers who filed suit to get the wording changed on the upcoming june ballot measure claiming the language is stacked in the city's favor in order to win approval. unions want beginnings changed so it no longer reads measure will protect essential services. if approved it will reduce benefits for new hires and require current workers to pay more towards retirement. >> there was a somber memorial this morning for seven people gunned down by a disgruntelled former student at oikos university. 200 family, and classmates came together to mourn the loss. many laid a single flower next
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to pictures of the victims. this friend says her family is ep kog best they can. >> now, energy is going into the children. >> the campus will remain closed through spring break but daily memorial concerts continue throughout april. >> the only victim among those killed in oikos university not a student was remembered in a memorial service today. katleen ping worked as a secretary at the university. the family hoped to have a graveside ceremony but unable to do so because they do not have ping's body. >> ping's little sister carried a large picture of her
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into the church. ping's 4-year-old son, kaiser walked in holding his uncle's hand. >> i sat him down wednesday and told him what happened. but... we told him, do you know about heaven? it's a happy lace, mommy is in heaven. mommy is happy. >> the family is deeply religious, so is the service at the bay area baptist church where they are long-time member autos i'm going to miss her very much. i'm so glad she's with the lord but i'm just going to miss her. >> the 24-year-old leaves behind her son, her parents, her brother and two youngsters. all live together in east oakland. her husband remains in their native philippines proven problematic. the family's anguish amp ply fied because unable to give loved ones what they consider a proper burial. her husband as legal rights to
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the body. >> her body is still in the coroner's office. and we're pleading and we're asking and begging them, whoever the person is to sign papers to release her body. >> but the spokesman for the sheriff's department says state law gives that right to the next of kin. and just because the husband is in the philippines he doesn't forfeit that right. ping's husband had been hoping to imgreat to the bay area and we're told he's insisting on handling his late wife's remains. >> i spoke to the vice counsel. he says they're working with the u.s. embassy hoping to expedite the paper work so ping's husband can come to this country on a humanitarian basis. ping's brother says the family is doing everything they can to speed up the process. and while this memorial is helping with healing they'll have a proper, private burial when the time comes. in newark, abc 7 news.
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>> oikos university established a memorial fund that will go to families of the victims. >> it's day two on the stand for the man accused of three murders in san francisco. edwin ramos is testifying on his own behalf. the prosecutor waste nod time in trying to tear apart what he calls ramos' lives. vic lee is live with developments. vic? >> ramos has been on the stand this is the second day he's given testimony. today he face aid tough prosecutor who was relentless in his questioning. word got out ramos was on the stand. curious spectators packed a courtroom. yesterday, he told the court he was not the shooter june 22, 2008. he says it was a passenger in this car, a gang member who shot and killed the victims after mistaking them for rival
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gang members. ramos's lawyer continued to ask ramos about the days after the shooting. ramos said he lied to police that he was home that sunday because he was afraid for his wife and young child's safety if he talked. he said flako told him if they get to you you know what we can do to your family, right? asking if he was a member of a faction of ms 13. he replied i was not. ramos says he and flako had been cruising the streets the day of the shooting and he said if i had turned on the right street those people would not have died. when the prosecutor's turn to cross examination, he wasted no time zeroing in on a web of lies to investigators. what is a lie, he asked? ramos replied when you don't tell the truth. he listed them, the high about his emp being home at that time. the lie about finding no shell
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casings in the car. the reason why he washed his car the day after. i was scared for my family. i don't remember. my memory maded -- faded. it was four years ago. i don't know why. dean johnsan says it was risky to put ramos on the stand. >> there is a saying that the case gets better for prosecutors when the defendant takes the stand. >> and ramos appeared uncomfortable during this tough grilling by the prosecutor. >> thank you, vic. >> richmond police department has been cleared of a racial discrimination suit. a jury reached a verdict today ending a three-month trial and throwing out charges of harassment against the police chief. seven black officers filed suit against the department about five years ago. claiming he was biased towards them. they were seeking $18 million
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in damages. today their attorney told abc 7 news the verdict is shocking and inconsistent and says she may appeal. >> still coming up tonight a major policy change in san jose state. silicon valley students want guaranteed admission my might not get in now. >> and a surprise change of heart by george lucas. what he is likely to build instead of a studio he had planned. >> a new initiative aimed at putting a lid on growing crime of cell phone theft. >> another milestone for the new bay bridge. final installation of a cable making it one of a kind.
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abc 7 news learned the district attorney has surveillance video where a bicyclist hit a man in a krauk but won't say writ comes from or what it shows. and the city took action today to try to make the streets safer. abc 7 is live tonight with the story. >> there is a number for you. 900. 900 that. is the number of pedestrians injured on san francisco streets last year. so now, the board wants to do something about it. and there is market and okay taifa, considered to be the dangerous in the city. it's a part of market street long time observers compare to the wild, wild west. >> like dodge city. >> there is a lot of beeping.
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>> this shows it to be most dangerous in the city. >> one time a car hopped up and took up the utility box. >> this sign plays a part. so does bad behavior, now, after too many fatal accidents there is a measure designed to maiblg streets safer. >> just to let the public know if you're in a car on your feet or bike we're expecting to you pay attention to rules, you'll be cite fd not. >> as if you weren't before. >> what changes between yesterday and today ask tomorrow? >> i think nothing changed. >> in the future, san francisco police will be writing tickets electrically. and if a bicyclist gets cited there is an education program for him.
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>> we do it based on demand and budget. and there is a sometimes as many as 80 people. >> you're going to have to ramp it up. >> if we get a lot of people we'll ramp it up here comes the law in the wild, wild west. the new sheriff can begin at market and octavia. >> we're all culpable. >> back live now, there is some of the cars and buses and trucks lingering together trying to get home. this did not happen overnight. this movement. it's been in the works for about a year and this accident last week to make it public. >> and a tradition more than 150 years is going toway in san jose state.
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students that are local are no longer guaranteed admission. administrators blame cuts that continue to plague the system. abc 7 has reaction from the south bay. >> san jose state university has been loyal to local students. many say that is the way it should be. this student is from san jose. >> i live here and pay taxes here, i should ab forded the right to go to school where i live at. it's only fair. >> $50 million in cuts mean changes to the admissions policy. starting in the fall local students will no longer be guaranteed a shot spoth. >> we're putting a campus minimum standard that will be higher phone shallly than csu minimum. >> this fall about 9,000 local
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high school and community college transfer students qualified for enrollment here. about 1400 of them would have within turned away. some say the stricter stand yordz will help level the playing field. >> i worked hard to get here. i think it would be nice to have people working hard and not kind of bank on the fact there is an easier time getting in. >> the university president says restricting access is never a good thing and offers some personal insight when asked why he was so opposed to eliminating the longal guarantee autos only reason i'm here and not working on a construction site in afghanistan is because i had the opportunity to go to college. >> with stricter standards, hokeal students will get first treatment. and he says he is now earning a 3.6 gpa. >> that is the type of people this is going to affect.
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people like me trying to better themselves at a later point in life but the door has been shut. >> san jose state president says sacramento is forcing the university to make changes it doesn't want and hopes it can reverse. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> star wars creator george lucas is bowing to pressure from his neighbors. the marin independent jurnt reports lucas dropped plans to build a digital film making complex on his ranch. here is what his main wing would have looked like. homeowners say would it have destroyed the neighbor's peace and quiet. the marin independent journal says he was trying to sell the land to the developers to build low income housing. >> and there is another taste of april in winter. >> there is one coming later in the week making us
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appreciate spring weather. >> here is a live view now for our east bay camera. there is western skies which is cloudy. rain moved eastward so we're not seeing anything by way of a down shot there is a storm system in the same position for the last serl several hours there. is a wide swath of rainfall into the south bay and heaviest activities now well to our south. and there is heavy down pours at the moment mainly light to moderate rainfall. and and and parts of the pib peninsula, very little happening at the moment. just light, spotty, widely scattered showers. 54 degree as cross the bay area. there is periods of rain
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overnight. slight chance of a thundershower or two tomorrow. here is what's happening into the atmosphere, satellite showing us very slow frontal system moving slowly throughout the bay area. and there is a significant amount of rainfall. we'll see scattered showers tomorrow and then, thursday, this next frontal system arrives bringing us a next round of rainfall. that may take a while to move throughout wait area as well. there is 7:00 this evening, wide spread rainfall for the most part. during overnight hours, the front begins to push out of the bay area. they'll be trailing showers once the frontal system starts to move out. throughout the day there is scattered showers smrks could be locally heavy. then maybe a thundershower or two. showers continuing into tomorrow night. additional rainfall totals about a quarter inch, up to a quarter inch in the north bay
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z quarter to half an inch in the east bay. there is half an inch in santa cruz mountains. into central sierra there is a winter weather advisory in effect with five to 10 inches of snow above 5,000 feet there. could be travel delays and difficulties. in the bay area, mild overnight, wet, low temperatures right around 50 degrees and tomorrow, again, breaks of sunshine and scattered showers. and it could be locally heavy showers, high temperatures into upper 50s to low 60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is more rain on thursday, but that next frontal system, showers drying out saturday, warming up sunday, monday, tuesday. high temperatures around or just above 7 owe degrees. there is the spring. >> there it schl the weekend. like it. >> thank you. >> and how do you get an ultrasound reading from a pregnant shark? >> very carefully.
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you can see there is a warning about nail polish that is supposed to be toxic free. that found five of seven studies that were labeled free of three chemicals contained one of the solvents.
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the campaign for safe cosmetics says mislabeling puts workers at risk. >> these chemicals have no place in products on our body and not in products exposing salon workers to dangerous chemicals. >> the chemicals are legal under state law but group wants manufacturers fined for violating a law requiring harmful chemicals to be labeled on products. >> biologists in san francisco aquarium of the bay are just giddy over possibility one shark might be pregnant. specialists from california pacific medical center took their equipment to the aquarium to perform a sonogram on the shark today. and the results were inconclusive. >> they can't identify definitely if she's pregnant at an early stage or just ferl
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yil but they can d.see lots of developing eggs. that is a good sign for us she could become pregnant. >> it's hard to tell if those are eggs because the sharks have a two year guess station period. the embryos develop slowly there. could be a baby shark explosion because the sharks could have up to 80 baby autos wow. >> tonight the family emergency that is forcing rick santorum to suspend his bid for republican presidential nomination. >> these protesters responding to a proposal to make the wealthy pay higher tax autos san francisco's sheriff hires a hollywood attorney to help him fight that suspension
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good evening once again, we'll start with politics. republican presidential field
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shrank from four to three today, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum called it quits when suspending his campaign, therefore, then there are three leaving the front runner on the campaign trail. santorum held a news conference today to discuss his change in plans. he dropped out after his 3-year-old daughter ended up in the hospital over the weekend. >> we made the decision at our kitchen table and against all of the odds and made a decision over the weekend this presidential race for us is over for me. and we'll suspend our campaign effective today, we're not done fighting. >> after learning of the decision and speaking with him, romney resumed his campaign in delaware. >> we'll continue to have a major role in the republican party and i look forward to his work in helping asure
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victories for republican as cross the country in november. we're going to get that job done. >> how, santorum did not endorse romney but observers feel this does clear the way now for romney to win the g.o.p. nomination. now that candidates will be second largest block of delegates, he's out of the race. >> and there is a new poll showing the president is leading by double digits whit comes to protecting the middle class. and in san francisco tonight protestors gathering outside of the homes of wells fargo ceo pushing for higher taxes for the wealthy. mark matthews joins us live from russian hill. >> there is a coalition of groups that calls for some homes in the bay area this is supposed to begin at 6:30 tonight and here they come, looks like maybe 7:00 or 58
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they're walking towards the home of this ceo of wells fargo. there have been protests like this all day. the first this morning in lay fayette. there is a dozen marching to the homes of the chevron ceo calling on him to sign a pledge. the same pledge taken to the atherton home of meg whitman. >> want to point out i'm a small business owner with 20 employee autos paul gardener owns a building supply company. >> i expect these corporations to start paying their taxes, start paying their fair share. >> that is a theme of the message today in florida. >> can we succeed as a nation? where a shrinking number of people are doing really really well but a growing number are struggling to get by. >> the president is pushing the idea of fairness. latest poll shows why he is
6:33 pm
leading by 10 points on protecting the middle class. mitt romney responding with what polls show is his strongest argument. >> do you have a president that will continue to amass trillion dollar deficits with debt to sink the economy in the future. >> a senior editor told me today raising taxes would hurt job creation. >> this rich are the job creators in this economy. poor aren't creating jobs. sad to say. >> our partners found just 27% of upper income tax filers get a majority from small businesses that provide 70% of the jobs in this country but only 2% of those reporting any business income are making more than $200,000 per year. so he vait kuwaiting job creation with the rich is not as obvious, republicans argue the president's plan for
6:34 pm
taxing the rich won't dent the deficit. so what would be a fair share? >> you need to get back to the years of eisenhower when the tax bracket was like 90%. there was money to pay for things like schools. >> and you heard him right. 90%? that was the rate. in part of the eisenhower years. however, they were paying for world war ii. right now about half a dozen outside this location on russian hill hoping they can get the ceo of wells fargo to agree to raise taxes on the rich. >> and san francisco sheriff has fired a high profile attorney to help him fight off his suspension from office. he has been on the defense teams of michael jackson, winona rider and scott peterson all from his days as
6:35 pm
an associate with attorney mark geragos. he mirkarimi suspended from office after pleading guilty from a false imprisonment charge stemming from a fight he had with his wife. he was quoted as saying moyer lee is abusing his power to remove public official autos a steep down turn on wall street. dow jones fell more than 200 points today. this is after a great first quarter, traders apparently not convinced this can last and a week after announcing 2000 job cuts the ceo of yahoo laid out a plan to reorganize the company and called employees together in sunnyvale to announce the overhall that creates three main divisions, one focusing on users and one on technology. there is a femo saying quote it's time for yahoo to move forward and fast.
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>> cal trains reporting a milestone tonight on the new bay bridge. construction crews and exposing the last of steel wire which will support the deck of the new bridge. they've been installing it day and night. and there is when they'll become compacted to form a single cable that loops from one end of the bridge and back making it the largest loop suspension bridge in the world. >> how to protect yourself against cell phone thefts.
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cell phone thieves beware. a new initiative designed to stop a fast growing crime. >> and abc 7's david louie explains how it will work. >> this doesn't take long to find someone when has been a victim of cell phone theft. audra has been robbed several times. >> did you get them back? >> never. i believe they're sold and recrystalized then, they can turn it on anywhere. >> the fourth largest mobile carriers signed on to create a data base and there is a communications consultant sowed us each has a serial number inside.
6:40 pm
carriers will know not to activate one that is reported stop stolen. >> majority of the people won't have access to flipping them out. so as soon as a carrier gets a number it will stop them in their track autos it is likely to impact sensing online and the fcc and wireless industry will be helping educate how to pass word protect phones and use applications to locate and lock missing or stolen phones. police believe it will reduce tests. >> this also sent a message that if they're looking to steal this device there is not going to be a demand for it. >> police respond by saying they can be more mind whfl riding the bus or standing in a line. cell carriers will have their
6:41 pm
data bases ready in six months and a faster data base will be ready in about 18 months. >> there is a bay area woman living a lesson in courage.
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for many years we've been reporting on a program that teaches about the civil rights movement by traveling through the south. now there is a new version at the college he level, one professor is right out of the history books. >> who has institutional power? any ideas? >> she's not rosa parks or dr. king but she's an icon of the civil rights movement. even if she's absent from
6:45 pm
history book autos they didn't mention her name. there is very little information. i feel like every section i look for that talks about african americans is very small. >> now here in front of the students in san bruno. is a missing chapter. one of what came to be known as the little rock nine. >> when the 16-year-old minnie jean and eight others volunteered to enroll at all-white central high in little rock, arkansas in 1957 after u.s. supreme court ordered the desegregation of all nation schools but carrying that out required presidential intervention, and federal guards to deal with angry white mobs. it was a pivotal point in the civil rights movement. >> on that first day of watching that opposition i said i'm coming back no matter what. >> her story is one that former bay area high school
6:46 pm
history teacher jeff steinberg wanted his students to learn. so starting in 1999 he began loading up buses and heading down south, stopping to introduce his classes to ordinary people who did extraordinary things during that challenging time. >> i want them to know at 16 you can take responsibility and you must. >> when they're no longer here who is going to continue the legacy if we don't know the stories? too much pain. we need to know stories so they can get passed down from generation to generation. >> so far, more than 6,000 students have taken part in his program and it was honored by michelle obama at the white house with national arts and humanities award. not everyone can take that trip. so the lessons have come to a classroom near you.
6:47 pm
organizing is a very interesting thing. and now... for the first time, many jean brown and jeff steinbergs are team teaching a course at three bay area colleges including skiline. >> i can't explain how honored i am to have her teaching us black history. >> i feel like it's a integral part of our history and who we are as a nation. she's the key. >> this 70-year-old, a living lesson in courage. in san bruno abc 7 news. >> what a story. let's get another check on the forecast now. >> there is is a wide swath of rain into the north bay where it started this morning and reaching south ward into santa
6:48 pm
cruz mountains back to salinas valley and there is some heavy down pours now. there is a mixed weather picture with precipitation scattered about. here in the bay area tomorrow not mild at all. mainly upper 50s and there will be showers tomorrow. possibly isolated thundershowers. here is the accu-weather forecast. steadier rain, another storm system thursday, showers friday, drying out warming up and feeling like spring. >> get ready for that. >> thank you. >> imagine working for weeks on a movie set to get just seconds of film. that is what it took to make pirates's band of missfits. >> he wants to be pirate of the year. it's not easy in this film
6:49 pm
with requirements. when peter started with chicken run, figures were plain. now they're silicon cone. >> to make him move you have to move around a little bit like that. >> there is a where you can move the hand. the finger. >> 24 times in a second. >> i've got them. 250 different mouths i can take one off and put one on. >> there are 25 of the figures because multiple yous are shooting scenes. there is a model 15 feet long. >> there they do have queen
6:50 pm
victoria. and it's all in fun. >> the pirates is based on a book series. there may be a second film but this will take sometime. >> and. >> picking up to the last sound affect is like five years. >> the is in theaters. >> and this looks like a lot of work. >> it did. >> coming up next a major league baseball manager gets a five-day suspension. >> benched for what he said that inflamed the community. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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join me tonight at 9:00. coming up a demonstration gets out of hand. and then at 11:00 all you can fly airline now taking applications. we'll tell you more about new
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membership based airline coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and on to sports. and we're talking sharks. >> larry beil is off. collin rush is here. >> sharks entering playoffs yet again. expectations not as high. i'd like to think there is this attitude. four straight years and look how many stanley cups it's produced thchl year, scrambling to get in. let's flai plai with something to lose. >> there is some experience. we don't have enough of it. if we would have had enough of it would would have more success but we do have some we can draw on. >> there is four win that's landed them the 7th seed. >> you have a style and had to
6:55 pm
play desperate hockey. big factor is everyone going. you have got good depth. >> their opponent is a st. louis blues team. and the blues nowhere near playoffs but found a winning formula this year. and just 1.9 per game. >> we're playing a good team. we're 7th seechld maybe we're under dogs maybe not. we've got to play well. there they're had our number. >> this is defensively how they've got five days -- guys around that. so... you know we -- in a hockey game you get chances. >> back to back years, back to back dismissals. the sharks know their chances
6:56 pm
are running out. >> there is game one, thursday night. ozzy gillin has never been afraid to speak his mind until now. there is what are construed as pro-fidel castro comments and today apologize forward saying i love fidel castro. the quote appeared on "time" magazine's web site. he says he was thinking in spanish and said the wrong thing in english. >> the biggest mistake so far in my life i maichld when you make a mistake this big, you can't slee. and you're thinking bit for days. if i don't learn from this mistake i'm 48 years old. then... we can see here, you can call me dumb. >> the dodger was their home
6:57 pm
opener no vince skull qee in the booth. the broadcaster missing just his second opener in 63 years. he has a severe cold. and the pirates seven innings allowed four hits and there is a slider. solo shot. i know giants fans you don't want to hear this, but l.a. is to have a 4-1 start. >> okay. thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from the entire abc 7 news team have a great night. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00. ♪ beth! hi! looking good. you've lost some weight. thanks. you noticed. these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right -- whole grain.
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