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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  April 11, 2012 2:40am-4:00am PDT

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>> two years ago in santa barbara, a mix-up there as well. some issues out there in california with just breaking people's spirits and dreams. >> surfing and playing in the sun. better things to do, right? >> sorry, kids. always next year. a strange sight in the skies south of houston has lots of folks talking right now. the red lighted were captured on camera late saturday night hovering and moving to form different shapes. kind of like a half moon or figure 8. it didn't take long for talk of aliens to take over texas city. >> yeah, everybody, alien this. alien that. pretty funny. >> early indications are it was a prank. a well planned one, but a prank. >> just a prank. that's the town's homeland security director. he's reviewed the video and has ruled out any visitors from outer space. the pranksters are not likely to face any charges. run for the conspiracy theorists. they loved that one. >> of course. here's a look at your weather. southern california will get some much-needed rain.
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severe storms could threaten new mexico, colorado and parts of texas with hail and winds up to 80 miles an hour. snow showers possible in new elando cill eep ool raing inseate. high of 56. summer-like and 20 degrees warmer than unusual in salt lake city and billings. a mild 67 in hotlanta. for most of us, an alarm clock is a necessary evil, but something that can also be outsmarted. >> except this one. take a listen. not too annoying, is it? >> not as bad as others. >> there's a catch. the trick is turning it off with a code. it changes daily on a keypad placed in another room so you have to go to another room and punch in the code. you are too sleepy to remember the code. >> forces you to get up. you preset how many snoozes. i usually set 14 or 15 snoozes. then get up and punch the code. the new jersey inventor raised $150,000 online to build his
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alarm clock which is now selling for 350 bucks. >> wait. 14 or 15 times? >> i was kind of joking, but at least two or three times. anyone who gets the alarm clock and bounces right up, i don't understand that. just ready to go to work. no, i'm done. more news after this. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by cancer treatment centers of america.
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[ female announcer ] to get a professional cleansing system you could spend as much as $200. olay says challenge that with an instrument that cleanses as effectively as what's sold by skin professionals for a whole lot less. olay pro x advanced cleansing system. this next story is in your wheelhouse. a new report finds that some nail polish advertised as toxic-free actually contain high levels of chemicals linked to birth defects. >> and nail salon workers may be
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most at risk in all of this. abc's nannette miranda has more. >> reporter: in the nail salon industry, more and more customers and workers are demanding that products be free of what's called the toxic trio -- toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate, or dbp. but in a random sampling, the department of toxic substances control found 10 of 12 products that claim to be free of at least one of the chemicals actually were not. >> we care about those things because those are hazardous chemicals that can cause harm to people. simply, they cause reproductive toxicity, they cause harm to women who might be pregnant, and over the long term and with enough exposure, they're just bad for you. >> reporter: the state says there are about 48,000 nail salons in california and more than 100,000 licensed nail technicians. most of whom are young asian-american women working in tight quarters, many of which are poorly ventilated spaces. >> it interferes with nail salon workers' right to a healthy and safe workplace environment and also a worker's right to know. >> reporter: some employees wear masks to shield them from the chemicals, but most do not. miss professional nail products which makes some of the products on the state list says it disputes the report's findings
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and will challenge it. customer allison witt said it's good to know when something is harmful. but doesn't see many women changing their habits. >> i guess vanity comes into it and the pampering. it's just being honest. >> reporter: still, activists say more needs to be done. >> we are calling for the prioritization of increased resources for government agencies to conduct random ingredient testing. we are calling for enforcement of false advertising laws. >> reporter: nannette miranda reporting for abc news. >> a lot of these polishes were not sold in retail stores. i'm going to give you a list. dare to wear, sunshine nail lacquer, golden girl top coat and, your favorite, new york summer nail color. >> new york summer nail color. those are the ones that --
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>> there's a list of several more. those are some of the more recognizable. >> women love their nails. i can't imagine most women not wanting to give that up. >> just admit it. i know you go. manicure. >> don't do it. we'll be right back, everybody. stay with us. cucuee
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♪ some people are grossed out by the notion of pre-chewing food for your children. for "clueless" star alicia silverstone, she's not backing down. she believes in this. mama bird technique. >> it's called regurgitation. a video of silverstone chewing her son's food sparked debate online. abc's linsey davis has the latest. here. i have a little popcorn for you.
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>> reporter: for many, this video of alicia silverstone pre-chewing her 11-month-old son's food was simply too hard to swallow. but now, for the first time, silverstone is addressing those who have chewed her out over this parenting controversy. reportedly telling the audience at a screening for her new film, people have been feeding their kids that way for thousands of years. it's a weaning process. i think it's adorable, and it makes me laugh every time he does it. the video, which silverstone posted on her blog showed her mouth feeding a bowl of soup to her 11-month-old son bear writing, i fed bear from my mouth to his. he literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if i'm eating. but the video had thousands of parents crying gross and critics saying it was unhygienic. the center for disease control warns pre-chewing food can transmit strep, even tooth decay. >> just because something has been done in the past doesn't mean it's the best thing to do now. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel even coined a new word asking parents
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to silverstone their kids. >> i asked parents to serve their children some pre-chewed food and upload those reactions to youtube with the title "hey, jimmy kimmel, i silverstoned my kid." >> want to take it from my mouth? >> daddy ate all your dino bites and then chewed them up and spit it back out on your plate. >> ew! >> reporter: silverstone stands by her actions, reportedly telling her film audience this weekend, i wasn't trying to be independent or cause such a ruckus. i'm very glad that i did it. silverstone apparently told the crowd she's even heard from supporters. "every time my husband goes to the ymca, some guy comes over and says, that's how we do it in the south. i really wasn't trying to tell anybody what to do." linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> it's not how they do it in the south. get out of here. did you do that with your kids? >> you don't regurgitate it, but
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your morning papers. >> welcome back, everybody. lots of good stuff today. we've all seen these ridiculous e-mails trying to scam you out of your money. you get some e-mail from nigeria saying i need your help. give me your social security number or checking account number? >> you aren't supposed to give it to them? take my phone. >> don't do it. now there's this law firm that lost nearly $400,000 in a nigerian wire fraud scam. they are claiming wells fargo should cover their losses because they fell for the e-mail scam. >> the attorneys fell for the scam? >> they received an e-mail from someone that reported to be a korean woman who needed the firm's help to collect a settlement. obviously it was all a scam. it went badly. they lost 400 grand and they
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want wells fargo to cover the losses for their own stupidity. don't believe the nigerian man. don't believe the scam. there's no pill that's going to make your penis bigger. >> there's not? >> there's not. trust me. none of it is true. be smart. >> speaking of body parts, okay, an alternative to appendix surgery. they can perform surgery through your mouth now and remove your appendix. they call it orifice surgery. it's happened in britain, europe and the united states. they've done clinical trials. they've undergone the surgery. 1,000 patients so far. instead of cutting the skin, they use natural orifices, rob. they can use your mouth, urethra, vagina or your rectum. >> really? >> i mean, come on. you're going to cut it out of my stomach? why would i want you to go -- >> are you serious? please, doctor, i prefer. please. please, doc. let's be civilized about this. that's ridiculous. medicine has gone too far.
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news from the tsa. love the good folks at the airport. apparently. denver international airport, this woman was smoking in an area you're not supposed to smoke in. so the guy says can you put your cigarette out? she says, i'm just going to get naked right here at the airport. she took off all her clothes and then asked an airport staffer if you could reprint my boarding pass. no idea why she got naked. she was not arrested but transported to a local hospital. >> speaking of naked. in the conservative town of lubbock, texas, this woman is opening a cleaning business but she's offering nude maids. >> nude maids? >> nude maids. $100 an hour for one maid. $150 for two. she says if you want them to be fully clothed, the price is the same. they're fantasy maids. yeah. >> fantasy maid service? >> uh-huh. nude. >> most would think that's like prostitution. just dusting. that's just a weird -- i don't know if i get that. but have a good time.
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this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now" -- legal bombshell. the attorneys representing george zimmerman after the shooting death of trayvon martin quit the case. >> as prosecutors in central florida move closer to filing criminal charges. it's wednesday, april 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. the legal team that was representing george zimmerman expressed their frustration saying that their client has not returned phone calls, and yet he told a fox news channel host they do not know where zimmerman is. they say they've never actually met him face to face. >> they say that's not rare. they say other clients they've met because they have a lot of
3:01 am
out of state clients. it's not necessarily rare that they don't meet face to face. called sean hannity but also called the special prosecutor in the case directly. they said we can't in good conscience continue to represent this guy. a weird case gets that much weirder. also, another major headline, rick santorum's decision to bow out of the presidential race before the primary in his home state of pennsylvania. it goes without saying, of course, this is a huge boost to the mitt romney campaign. finally folks are saying primary season is over. romney is going to be the guy. newt and ron paul say, look, we're sticking in. mathematically, it is over, finally. mano-e-mano, romney and obama. here we go. >> it was interesting. newt gingrich. his check bounced. his $500 check for the primary coming in. >> his name may not be on the ballot. >> newt, pay the bills. and we've heard about wild bears venturing into suburban neighborhoods. this one was quite a menace near los angeles.
3:02 am
and the neighbors here went wild when this bear was captured. >> anxious moments to say the least there. before we get to all of that, the special prosecutor in the trayvon martin shooting case says she will make a decision about the case by friday. >> and that announcement comes after a day of stunning developments in the case. abc's matt gutman is following the story from sanford, florida. >> reporter: george zimmerman's now former legal team say their client has gone awol. >> he's not returning my messages. not returning my texts and not returning my e-mails. he won't even give me a collect call. >> reporter: in this stunning press conference, zimmerman's attorneys called it quits. >> we are withdrawing as counsel for mr. zimmerman. we've lost contact with him. >> reporter: the lawyers say they don't even know where zimmerman is. just that he's hiding somewhere far away from florida. >> he's largely alone. whether that means he's absolutely alone or not, he's at least emotionally alone. >> reporter: alone but
3:03 am
feverishly reaching out to the world, launching this website monday calling the shooting a life-altering event which forced him from my home my school, my employer, my family and ultimately my entire life. and on the same day after six weeks of silence, he reached out to his friend and former neighborhood watch captain frank taffy who says zimmerman said he will be proven innocent. his former legal team shows he spoke with sean hannity and even called the special prosecutor's office. >> one of the things every defense attorney tells his client is, don't talk to the prosecutors. >> reporter: that prosecutor, angela corey is now deciding whether zimmerman will stand trial for shooting trayvon martin. >> my reputation is not only for being tough. it's for being passionate about victims and victims' rights. >> reporter: she's also drawn criticism for overzealous prosecutions. last year she fought for a life sentence for a 12-year-old convicted of killing his
3:04 am
half-brother trying him as an adult. the eyes of a nation are upon her and she ponders her toughest decision yet. zimmerman's attorneys, police and much of the community is waiting to see what happens. some sort of charges or decision on not to press charges is expected over the next couple of days. meantime, law enforcement authorities tell abc news that even they don't know george zimmerman's exact location. matt gutman, abc news, sanford, florida. >> you have to imagine the pressure on the shoulders of the special prosecutor. the eyes of the nation are definitely on her. it's odd here, too. she gave 72 hours notice to the media about this press conference. which is going to come before the end of this week. that's a long window. so that's also a peculiar move that you give that much advance notice. so you can imagine between now and friday, kind of what she's thinking and where this thing may go next. everything hinges on this one particular prosecutor. >> his former legal advisers, as he's calling them, not his lawyers, say he's suffering from
3:05 am
post-traumatic stress disorder. he's kind of fallen off the bandwagon, losing weight. they've never really seen him in person. they just said he's not in florida. he's far away from here. so stop looking for him in florida. >> very interesting. you have to worry emotionally and physically what shape zimmerman is in. he writes on his website about, i've lost my entire life and i think some would say, at least you still have your life, unlike trayvon martin. we'll see how it plays out. some big developments expected by friday. public support of president obama's landmark health care law appears to be slipping, according to an abc news poll just released. just 39% support the law, the lowest number ever. 53% oppose it. as the supreme court considers its options about this law, just 25% say that the justices should uphold the entire law. 29% say the individual insurance mandate portion should be thrown out with 38% wanting the entire law declared unconstitutional. a quiz about those numbers is coming up later for you, rob. >> what did you say? we'll see. that decision expected by june from the nation's highest court. political news this morning -- rick santorum says he looks forward to finally get something sleep now that he's dropped out of the presidential
3:06 am
race. the former candidate spoke at an evangelical event last night in pennsylvania just hours after officially ending his bid for the white house. his decision pretty much ensures the nomination will be sealed well before the republican convention come this summer. with more on this, here's abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: for mitt romney, game on, virtually clinching a nearly ten-year quest for the republican presidential nomination. something his father tried to get more than four decades ago. rick santorum was the last conservative with any hope of stopping romney. he ended what he called a campaign of miracles. >> miracle after miracle, this race was as improbable as any race you'd ever see for president. >> reporter: santorum was the ultimate underdog when he announced his candidacy exclusively on "good morning america" last year. >> we're going to be in this race.
3:07 am
we're in it to win. >> reporter: nobody thought he had a chance. he waged a tireless, sometimes lonely campaign around iowa. >> hello. you're in the middle of a speech, but please feel free to come in. >> reporter: santorum with an appeal to evangelicals and his sweater vest caught fire in iowa beating them all. going on to win nine other states, savaging romney as a candidate without principles. >> pick any other republican in the country. he is the worst republican in the country to put up against barack obama. >> reporter: santorum had personal reasons for getting out. his ailing 3-year-old daughter bella spent the weekend in the hospital, and he had political reasons. he was at risk of an embarrassing loss in his home state of pennsylvania. where the romney campaign was prepared to unleash this ad reminding voters they've rejected him before. >> we fired him as senator. why promote him to president? >> the romney campaign planned to spend more than $2 million running that ad in pennsylvania over the next two weeks. now they'll focus on barack obama instead.
3:08 am
while newt gingrich and ron paul both say they are staying in, make no mistake about it. the republican primary race is now effectively over. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> thanks, jonathan. romney still has to win another 483 delegates on the way to the magic number of 1,144. several contests coming up in april as well as some more in may. so basically say are saying, mathematically, he can clinch this by the end of may if everything goes according to the expected script so far. a few more weeks. mathematically it will be romney's. >> april 24th, they have six of those primaries. >> exactly. >> now romney's picking up some key endorsements. bobby jindal from louisiana. also governors of florida and iowa. key endorsements. >> everyone falling in line. it's time to wrap this thing up. >> except for newt gingrich. >> newt is hanging in. next to the mystery of a flight diverted in canada and
3:09 am
escorted by u.s. fighter jets. the korean air 777 jumbo jet had just left the vancouver airport when the airline got a call about a bomb threat on board. two f-15s from portland, oregon, scrambled and accompanied the flight to a canadian military base just outside vancouver. 149 people were on board. and that threat comes with new tensions from north korea over a rocket launch planned for this weekend. north korean leaders say they are sending a satellite into space as a highlight of a major political conference that gets under way today. but the rocket is the same type used to launch missiles. and the u.s. and other countries say that violates a u.n. resolution. we turn to the other troubling hot spot, syria. government troops there launched new attacks on rebel areas that defies a u.n. agreement to withdraw. this morning, special envoy kofi annan is holding talks in iran and syria's chief ally. he says the truce plan is still very much alive.
3:10 am
>> however, senators john mccain and joe lieberman are not that optimistic. they toured a syrian refugee camp in turkey and then blasted russia and china for blocking u.n. efforts to condemn the violence. mccain wants the u.s. to step in and launch air strikes to end assad the brutal crackdown. here's a look at your weather. new mexico, colorado and parts of texas could see some severe storms with hail and winds up to 80 miles an hour. showers this afternoon in dallas and oklahoma city. l.a. will get some much-needed rain. >> i don't know if it's something in the weather or just the clean, purified air here at abc news that i'm coughing a little bit. clouds keep it cool from d.c. to boston. highs in the 50s. salt lake city 20 degrees cooler than usual. seattle chilly and rainy at 56. there are something like 35 towns named springfield here in the u.s. now, though, we know which one "the simpsons" actually call home.
3:11 am
it's springfield, oregon. the series' creator matt groening spilled the beans on one of television's best kept secrets in "smithsonian" magazine. he also admits that he's often given false answers when asked where springfield is. so i don't know that he's telling the truth this time. >> he's from portland. it makes sense that "the simpsons" were in oregon. i take their word on this. >> it's a morally uplifting show. i wouldn't see why we couldn't take him at his word. >> no comment. we'll be right back with more after this. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by american advisors group.
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well, many of usave well, many of us have used those self-checkout lines at supermarkets and grocery stores. i can never figure out how to get it to beep. >> not everyone who uses them is so honorable. they cheat the system and that's something that costs all of us. abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: what you are watching is not a shopping spree. it's a crime. keep an eye on the red targets. they hone in on what's about to be stolen.
3:16 am
the man at the self checkout is using a move dubbed the pass around. see the package of bottled water? it's carefully passed around the scanner. take another look. no scan, no charge. there's also what's known as weight abuse. that's when someone tricks the scanner by taking an expensive item, two bags of pricey coffee beans but then types into the machine the code for something much cheaper, bananas. watch as he enters the code for bananas not once, but twice. earlier this month, five men were arrested in new jersey accused of running a ring of self-checkout thieves. they've pleaded not guilty but prosecutors say that in just a few months they stole $100,000 from the mecca of do-it-yourself home depot. some security experts say theft is five times more likely at self checkout. >> basically, no one is watching. the self checkouts, they do what
3:17 am
they can in terms of weighing things. at the end of the day, they can't watch what the customer is doing. if you think this is just the store's problem, think again. one estimate found the typical american family spent an additional $435 last year as a result of increased shoplifting. some supermarkets like albertson's and big y are bagging self check out altogether. but other stores are fighting back. they are now using cameras once used to detect terrorists in an airport to try to spot the checkout cheats. the software analyzes security. so the next time you are checking out, you might want to keep an eye out. the shopper in the next aisle could be getting a deal that you are paying for. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> they're not going to get away from the supermarket without rob cracking down. >> i have to work security detail after i get out of here. the supermarkets do this to cut
3:18 am
their labor costs down but then create a whole new set of problems. so when you try to save money you end up hurting yourself. people always take advantage of systems with holes in it. that's what you see there. >> counterproductive. i'm sure a lot of ladies would like to have you chasing after them. nenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenene>>
3:19 am
♪ i haven't got time for the pain ♪ i haven't got time for the pain ♪ oh, lord. here we go. we now turn to a new procedure that uses plastic surgery techniques to treat the worst headache pain. >> what? did you say plastic surgery? millions suffer from migraines, myself included. as juju chang reports, there's surgical relief. >> reporter: 39-year-old mary clair buckley is a loving mother of four.
3:20 am
>> when the sun woke them up -- >> reporter: but up until a year ago, a debilitating condition left her caring for her four boys from her bed. >> i definitely couldn't be the mother i wanted to be with the migraines. i couldn't do all the things i wanted to do. >> reporter: it's a condition that affects some 36 million people in the united states. three times as many women as men suffer from migraines. >> i've gone on migraine diets, i've done -- i've gone through physical therapy. i went to a chiropractor. i've taken every new drug when it comes out. >> reporter: and nothing worked. but you may be surprised to hear what did. plastic surgery. a brow and forehead lift to be exact. >> before we operate on her, we did treat her with botox and she did report significant improvement. so all of this together really made her an ideal candidate for migraine surgery. it's called nerve decompression surgery.
3:21 am
some migraines are caused by nerves in the forehead that become compressed by tissue or muscle. when those nerves are freed, headaches may go away. permanently. >> in many patients, the effects are lasting. >> reporter: in the operating room, dr. austin marks her like this patient to note where she feels the pain. the tissue he removes from her brows which make her look younger also provide easy access to the critical nerves which causes her crippling condition. now four months after surgery, mary clair's frown lines are gone and so, too, are her headaches. >> my life has changed entirely since doing it. i am able to go anywhere, go out, have fun. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. >> depends on your insurance, but the cost is between $5,000 and $10,000. but you suffer from migraines. >> i don't know if it's
3:22 am
child-induced, stress induced, lack of sleep induced but, yeah, right here. they are debilitating and you just can't even function. >> just knocks you out. we'll be right back, everybody. ed i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare call now to find out how an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan / insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, helps cover some of .the medical expenses... / not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying .up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit... with all you need to enroll. so you can join the millions of people who have already... / put their trust in aarp p medicare supplement insurance. plus you'll get this free guide to understanding medicare. the prices are competitive. i can keep my own doctor.
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3:25 am's the confidence we wash in. ♪ ♪ "dancing with the stars." >> "world news now" is the number one rated -- oh, wait. >> number one overnight. >> a 400-pound black bear caused quite a commotion when he was found roaming around a los angeles area neighborhood. >> it is not the first time this bear has shown up in that area. kabc's melissa mcbride has the "bear" bones report. >> reporter: it's not often a bear on the loose announcement comes over a deputy's loud speaker. but with a 400-pound bear peeking over fences, residents needed a heads-up. vaz only heard helicopters and walked outside. >> i didn't realize there was a bear actually.
3:26 am
i came down about like -- climbing down the stairs and the bear was right here where we stand. >> reporter: he bolted back to his apartment and the bear followed. this fence was no obstacle. the bear maybe would have stayed in the yard longer had the jacuzzi cover been off. >> he jumped over the jacuzzi and from there, he jumped over the fence. >> reporter: the department of fish and game with sheriff's deputies close by fired two tranquilizer darts. but a beefy bear like this one would need more to doze off. >> sometimes the size and the fat and the bear's metabolism affects how the drug works. >> reporter: another injection did the trick. lieutenant martin wall prepared an ear tag to identify the bear. he pulled out number 210, which happens to be the closest freeway. >> we test reflexes like eyelashes and lips. sensitive areas. and he's not reacting. i just squeezed the ear tag into
3:27 am
him and he didn't react to that. he's good and out. >> reporter: when it was time to make his grand exit, the bear was treated like a celebrity. his newest fans huddled close to capture the moment. >> it was really big. a lot bigger than i expected him to be. his paw was probably the size of my head. i was really surprised. he was really cute, though. >> reporter: cute but not exactly cuddly when awake. it took the strength of several deputies to carry and load the sleepy bear into a large trap. >> like moving a water bed without a frame. >> reporter: this is melissa mcbride for abc news. >> i can only imagine how tough that would be. have you ever tried to move a water bed without a frame? >> no. i don't do anything like that. this bear will be transported and released in the angeles forest and hopefully not come back. >> maybe we should try luring it with some honey next time. >> i like the tranquilizer. make sure he's out. peace out. got to go, got to go.
3:28 am
>> he's 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3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- dropping out. rick santorum ends his gop this morning on "world news now" -- dropping out. rick santorum ends his gop presidential campaign setting the stage for mitt romney's nomination. >> what drove santorum out of the race after a hard-fought and tenacious political battle? it is wednesday, april 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. rick santorum was a favorite among conservatives, and his decision to quit surprised even his most loyal campaign staffers. he quit after taking a few days off and then told supporters last night that he's looking forward to finally getting some well-earned sleep. kind of a mix of political
3:31 am
realities and family obligations. his youngest daughter bella was sick, back in the hospital. kind of put things back in perspective. look, i don't have the money, the delegate count and i have a little daughter to worry about. >> most important, the little daughter but also the chance of not winning in his home state of pennsylvania coming up on april 24th as well. also this morning, the upstate new york woman who shaved her head, claiming she had terminal cancer so that benefactors could throw her a lavish wedding. she's been indicted on fraud and larceny charges. she even fooled her husband. >> we've seen these stories before. people fake terminal illness for some prize or money. as sunny hostin likes to say, a special place in hell for some of those guys. >> crazies. also later this half hour -- the emotional elimination last night after one of the competitors spent some time in the hospital. not sherri. get the details later in the half hour in "the skinny." melissa gilbert. hope she's doing well. mitt romney campaigns in connecticut with extra spring in
3:32 am
his step barring a major political bombshell, which we've seen plenty of those on the campaign trail. he's going to be the republican nominee. >> his main rival has decided finally to withdraw from the race. with more on the latest developments, karen travers is joining us from washington. good morning, karen. >> reporter: hi, rob and paula. nobody could have predicted rick santorum's run through the primary season. he went from the back of the pack to a legitimate contender who made mitt romney spend his money and fight for every vote. rick santorum took many top advisers by surprise. >> this presidential race for us is over, for me. we are not done fighting. >> reporter: mitt romney took the news quite well. >> this has been a good day for me. >> reporter: he issued a gracious good-bye to his rival. >> he has made an important contribution to the political process. he will continue to have a major role in the republican party. >> reporter: santorum proved to be a scrappy campaigner. he pulled out a narrow victory over mitt romney in iowa and went on to win nine more states
3:33 am
and defy the pundits. >> miracle after miracle, this race was as improbable as any race that you will ever see for president. >> reporter: as newt gingrich faded, santorum successfully positioned himself as the conservative alternative to romney. >> he is the worst republican in the country to put up against barack obama. >> reporter: romney's vast resources proved to be too much for santorum to compete with. he was dramatically outspent in michigan, ohio and wisconsin, and he lost them all. as recently as last week, santorum vowed to stay in the race until his home state votes on april 24th. >> pennsylvania and half the other people in this country have yet to be heard. >> reporter: but the race in pennsylvania had tightened with romney quickly gaining ground. with his chief rival out of the race, mitt romney has effectively locked up the nomination. but yesterday, newt gingrich and ron paul vowed to stay on until the convention to give conservatives another choice. rob and paula, back to you.
3:34 am
>> thanks, karen, for that report. as the supreme court considers president obama's health care law, support for the landmark measure, well, it's slipping. our brand new poll shows just 39% support the law, the lowest number ever. 53% oppose it. as the supreme court reviews its case, just 25% say the justices should uphold the entire law. 29% say the individual insurance mandate portion should be thrown out. 38% want the entire law declared unconstitutional. other big story this morning -- the trayvon martin case has taken an extremely bizarre turn. george zimmerman's attorneys have quit saying they've lost all contact with him. zimmerman bizarrely and directly called the special prosecutor in the case and actually talked to a tv host after they told him explicitly not to. >> and i know he's not returning my messages. he's not returning my texts and he's not returning my e-mails. he won't even give me a collect call. >> he's largely alone. whether that means he's absolutely alone.
3:35 am
he's at least emotionally alone. >> the lawyers say they are worried now about his mental health and that he could be suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. they say he's living alone far from florida, but they aren't sure exactly where. >> very bizarre. a new york woman is behind bars this morning for pretending to have terminal cancer to get the wedding of her dreams. jessica vega told everyone that she wanted to marry the father of her daughter before she died. now she's accused of taking advantage of the whole community's hearts and minds. people donated rings, a reception, even a honeymoon in aruba. lisa stoger paid for the flowers. >> it was very convincing. i mean, she cut off her hair, shaved her head in spots and so on. so she seemed it. >> vega's husband says that he believed her when they got married but left her when he found out. now he's trying to help her get
3:36 am
the mental health treatment. she fooled everybody in her bridal party. she fooled her husband. even fooled the newspaper. the times herald did a story and even asked her to show the proof from the doctor, a letter that said that she did have cancer. she pulled it out. apparently that was forged. >> and that's when her husband raised suspicions. i think this letter is fake. and that's what led folks to say, what's going on here, too. and then also i think they said she could be sentenced to 16 months to four years in prison on each of six counts. >> you just hope she gets the mental help she needs because she has two kids now with her ex-husband. >> the couple has since divorced. not a shocker there. in other news, dangerously dry conditions have fire officials here on the east coast pretty worried. a huge blaze is burning in the swamp on the georgia/florida border and on new york's long island. crews there finally got a handle on a wildfire in that area. abc's ginger zee reports and has this story. >> reporter: from new hampshire to florida, tens of thousands of acres ablaze. gusty winds and low humidity, perfect ingredients for this.
3:37 am
here in long island, new york, where they declared a state of emergency, the brush fires have finally been contained after scorching up to 1,000 acres. the work of hundreds of firefighters and volunteers shutting down the potential disaster. >> this is coming into a populated area and a fire that's only about 45 miles an hour. that's faster than trucks behind me go. so that's the challenge about a fire like this. >> reporter: from the air, you can see how perilously close the fires came to many homes. in connecticut, traffic froze as flames licked at the rail lines. firefighters here normally fight house fires, not wildfires. >> we're not used to fighting brush fires like they are out west out in california and stuff. so this is a different fire for us. >> reporter: take new jersey. 472 forest fires since the
3:38 am
beginning of the year. compared to 214 during the same period in 2011. so what's the big difference? that's one of the homes charred by these wildfires. and at my feet you can see one of the culprits. very dry and parched land. leaves everywhere. twigs that acted like tinder, courtesy of very little rain and very little snow. last winter, 52% of the nation was covered in snow. this year, only 19%. usually winter snow slowly melts and seeps into the earth keeping the ground moist. this year, with no snow pack, the earth dried out and became fuel for any fire. this desk is all that is recognizable in this blackened disaster that -- which was an auto repair shop. fire officials are telling us this is the worst they've seen here since the mid-'90s, and fire season is only just beginning. ginger zee, abc news, manorville, new york. >> thanks to ginger for that report. farmers in some parts of the midwest are setting intentional fires as temperatures dip into the 20s. the freezing weather is threatening produce and flower
3:39 am
crops that started blooming early because of last month's warmer than usual weather. but the farmers acknowledge lighting barrels filled with ethanol probably isn't enough and some crop damage is going to be inevitable. >> we all were celebrating that mild winter. but -- >> fallout and ramifications to everything. >> everything has a down side. here's a look at your wednesday forecast. tornadoes could threaten the high plains in west texas. new orleans could see an afternoon shower. rainy in seattle and portland with snow in the cascades. cloudy from d.c. to boston. >> after a cool morning, cities in the midwest, we're going to warm up nicely. omaha and kansas city close to 60. phoenix and albuquerque pleasant in the low 80s. you were saying? >> let's count the bad puns in this story. ready? finally, a story that has us "quacking" up. it is a duck that has been
3:40 am
taught to fetch like a dog. and as you watch this video posted to youtube, you can see the duck seems to be really enjoying the game almost "egging" on the woman tossing that sandal. that's two. >> the experts say ducks are highly intelligent and emotional creatures. they understand commands and play with toys. so keeping one as a pet really isn't all that "daffy." >> oh, that would be three. the trifecta of puns. well done, guys. >> quack, quack. >> hope we quacked you up. >> aflac. pay the doctors, boys. i love that commercial. >> see you guys. that was dumb. >> we'll be back right after this. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by "that's my jam" cd set.
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♪ one of my favorite songs of
3:44 am
♪ one of my favorite songs of all time. ted williams was a baseball great and a military hero. but has been making headlines since his passing because his family had his head cryogenically frozen. >> now his daughter is selling parts of her father's personal memorabilia and she talked to abc's john berman about it. >> the slugger ted williams. >> reporter: he may be the greatest hitter who ever lived. an american icon, but an american enigma. the family's collection of memorabilia could be worth millions. this ball alone more than $200,000. >> it's signed by babe ruth to my dad. actually, he says "to my pal, ted williams, from babe ruth." it's the only autograph he's ever asked for. >> reporter: letters from presidents, military honors, fishing flies he tied himself. >> he couldn't touch anything without being excellent at it. >> reporter: such an iconic life, but such a controversial death. >> he wasn't a religious man. i can't apologize for that. he didn't believe in god.
3:45 am
he believed in science. >> reporter: after his death in 2002, his body taken to arizona. alcor, the life extension foundation. a company that preserves bodies at 321 degrees below zero. some day they believe medical science may be able to cure what killed them. >> we did this together because it made us feel like it had something of a hope. of a hope. that's all. a hope. every family has it. >> reporter: this is one of the first times his daughter has discussed the decision. >> are you still comfortable with the decision you made? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: still, she bristles at the criticism. >> i do take it personally. i am fiercely protective of my family. >> reporter: now ten years after his death, she is trying to move on. >> do you think this auction will help? >> i sure hope so. >> reporter: john berman, abc news, new york.
3:46 am
>> i'm glad she doesn't apologize. people have the right to do what they want after they're gone. hopefully it will raise some money for some good cause and give fans out there a great piece of baseball history. >> hall of fame induction ring. estimated value $30,000 to $50,000. 1949 mvp award plaque, estimated value, upwards of $250,000. >> when that auction takes place, those numbers will go far higher than that. very cool. coming up next, whitney houston's daughter takes another surprising career step. >> and all the drama last night on "dancing with the stars." rob, it's okay. "the skinny" is next. it's really okay. dry your eyes. i know you're sad. >> announcer: abc's "world news d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d
3:47 am
d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ oh, week four of "dancing with the stars." always a little shocker. one of my -- i never thought that sherri shepherd had the best form when she was out there on the dance floor but always so entertaining. >> she's so likable and real. >> she's so likable. she loved it. you could tell that there was no other place she wanted to be. she was in it 100%. >> now she's out of it. >> completely emotional when she got voted off.
3:49 am
>> i just want to say thank you for letting me live a dream that i've always had, and i want to say, i got the most amazing partner in val chmerkovskiy. and i want to say to every person out there, that thing that scares you the most that makes you say, i don't know if i can do it. i'm scared. run towards it because it's so amazing on the other side. >> not in attendance last night was melissa gilbert because on monday's performance, if you didn't see it, during her -- is it paso doble with maks -- she hit her head. she suffered like a mild concussion. she's resting, according to doctors orders. she had to go to the hospital. bumped her head. maks had an arm injury. they're hoping she can perform next week. it's okay. are you okay? >> it's such an emotional season. >> i know it has been. >> it just hurts. >> i little too much for you. >> i hope it will go away, dear lord. moving on to happy news. a congratulations to ricki lake. she is a new bride apparently.
3:50 am
she got -- very secretly she went to southern california and she eloped with her fiance. she's now 43. he is 40. she said it was a beautiful moment i will never forget. tells that to "people" magazine. i wasn't anxious or nervous. i was relaxed and excited. this is her second marriage. she split in 2003 from her first husband. they have two sons together. she was never sure she'd marry again but has and found happiness. congrats to ricki lake. whitney houston's daughter bobbi kristina seems to be happy in her relationship with her kind of stepbrother. the adopted brother of -- adopted son of whitney houston. she's going to be appearing in a reality show which will feature that controversial relationship with nick gordon. they're not biologically related. this was a guy that whitney brought in, a troubled kid a
3:51 am
long time ago. they are dating, but this reality show is going to feature their relationship. apparently this had been in the works for a very long time. >> before whitney died. >> before whitney passed away. she had agreed with the producers a long time ago, and they now thought, okay, since -- it's timely. let's do it now. >> obviously, the mother's death, she's back in the news. i hope she's emotionally ready to be back out there. you saw what the spotlight did to mama. i hope wherever her career takes her, she remembers the lessons from her mom's life and she's ready to be out there. it's just been weeks since her mom died. >> she needs good people surrounding her. also, madonna needs some sales, baby. hard to see a big star fall. madonna has fallen. her new album out called "mdna" which did very well in its first week. sold about 360,000 copies but then plummeted 88%.000 copies. a huge crash from opening week to the second week. even the "l.a. times" said the album sounds anything like an album made by someone who lost touch with the desires of today's popular music.
3:52 am
her 12th album. not doing too well. the material girl has become a little irrelevant. times do change. >> looks good, though. ♪ if i had a million dollars ♪
3:53 am
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♪ if i had a million dollars ♪ welcome back to coffee talk. >> coffee talk. yeah, cheers. i'm verklempt about this story. >> fish sticks. neither fish nor sticks. discuss. remember that joke? >> our favorite story of the day, right? >> boom. >> now i'm in the mood for fish sticks. >> who's not. >> the favorite story of the day is from maryland. we learned that a certain mcdonald's worker did not win her share of the largest mega millions jackpot in history. >> we've got the great news that three public school teachers in baltimore did win.
3:56 am
abc's reena ninan has the mega news. >> reporter: they are calling themselves the three amigos. three colleagues in the maryland public school system claiming their winnings but choosing to remain anonymous. >> if it can't be you, these are precisely the people that you would want to see win the lottery. >> yes! >> reporter: parents were cheering. >> why is it such a good feeling for people to know that teachers won the lottery? >> i think they are well deserving. they work hard. they put up with our kids. >> reporter: after all, who doesn't remember their favorite teacher? and the mystery winners are two women, one in her 20s, the other in her 50s and a 40-something man. one teaches elementary schof1 o e scati all three work multiple jobs just to make et. >> they had just been inch and they had said a -- kind silent ayer in payin bi >> reporter: now they are
3:57 am
following in the footsteps of other teachers who have hit lotto gold. in 2009, 15 teachers from shasta lake, california, won $76 million. >> i played because i'm in education. i played to support education. >> reporter: and a group of teachers from commerce, california, have won twice. the maryland teachers plan to spend their money wisely. a trip to europe, a new home and then these new mega millionaires will go back to school to keep teaching the kids they love. reena ninan, abc news, chevy chase, maryland. >> go back to school? >> god bless folks who go back to work after winning that kind of money. they get $35 million each after taxes and still working for the public schools. >> so it's our facebook question of the day. if you were fortunate enough to win a jackpot, would you disclose it or keep it under wraps? >> they saw the crazy media circus. they said we're not going public. smart ladies. enjoy that money. >> i'm gone. see you, rob.
3:58 am
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