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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 15, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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od m good morning, america. this morning -- breaking news. death and destruction in america's heartland. >> oh, my gosh! >> monster storms bringing more than 120 twisters plowing through neighborhoods in the middle of the night. >> it's coming right for me. >> our meteorologist ginger zee is chasing the storms leading our coverage of this major tornado outbreak. also breaking overnight -- north korea's surprise. the first public speech by the new leader of the communist nation taking a hard line and unveiling a new rocket. our bob woodruff is there. the secret service scandal. new details and new accusations in the case of nearly a dozen agents who were supposed to be protecting the president but were allegedly sleeping with prostitutes. and now members of the military are also implicated.
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and kingpin grandma. is this the face of one of the biggest drug kingpins in four states? police say this white-haired grandma is a criminal mastermind, and wait till you see what she was packing when they busted her. >> hey, good morning. a big hello to my friend paula faris in for bianna golodryga. on a very, very busy sunday morning. it was a terrible and terrifying night for millions of americans. take a look at this map. more than 120 reported twisters bombarding 4 states. at least five people have been killed as tornadoes destroyed homes and simply erased portions of some communities across the heart of this country. and here's the thing, the storms are not over yet. >> and so many of these happened in the middle of the night. so people are just waking up to this destruction. video is pouring in of those
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powerful, fast-moving and hard-hitting twisters. take a look at this, two twisters side by side caught on tape. we're going to take you to one town where a twister slammed directly into a hospital filled with patients and another town where the tornado first took down the only warning system bearing down on neighborhoods. we're just now getting a sense of the scale and just how many lives were lost, dan. >> these tornadoes hit in the middle of the night. a lot of people were sleeping. so let's get straight to our meteorologist ginger zee who is leading our extreme weather team. ginger has been personally out chasing the storms. she's very experienced at this and she's very careful when she does it. but she has gathered some incredible material to share with us this morning. ginger is in wichita, kansas. ginger, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan, and good morning, everyone. obviously this house flipped "wizard of oz" style. we're so fortunate that no one was home. last night warnings included words like "you will not survive if not underground." unfortunately for some, that came true. >> it's coming right for me.
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>> reporter: tornado after tornado pounding states from oklahoma to iowa to kansas. >> wow. >> noaa weather information. >> look at it. >> reporter: the twisters, enormous. the damage, devastating. >> the next thing i know, the house was shaking, and i could feel it lifting. >> reporter: look at this, in cherokee, oklahoma, a terrifying double tornado. >> two tornadoes! two tornadoes! >> oh yeah! >> oh, my god. >> reporter: two twisters from the same storm. that long-track supercell barreled through the midwest for more than five hours touching down dozens of times crossing a distance of 250 miles. in thurman, iowa, up to 90% of the town destroyed, homes torn apart, twisted metal. the storms started in the afternoon and haven't stopped yet. we were there as that state-crossing tornado was
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born. you don't see it touch all the way to the ground. but it is a full tornado right now. you can see some of it at the base and then some at the top so when those two met, that's really how the tornado forms. even though you see it, there's still circulation at the ground. and i guarantee there's damage being done. in kansas, our first look at the damage. trees uprooted, stoplights in the street, and in nebraska, the tornadoes dropped this massive hail. >> look at how big, oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! >> mommy. >> paula, it is not over yet. i'll have your forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> all right, ginger. thank you for staying safe out there. well, we're going to go 300 miles north of where ginger is to creston, iowa, where the storms did serious damage overnight making a direct hit on a hospital filled with patients. abc's clayton sandell joins us with more this morning. hi, clayton. >> reporter: good morning to you, paula. three people were seriously injured here in creston. and if you look at some of the
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destruction, some of the damage here, it's hard to believe that number is not higher. take a look at this apartment building right behind me. half of the roof ripped completely off. now, officials here tell us they believe about a dozen homes and apartment buildings, even a library were completely destroyed, but they need to wait until daylight to get a full idea of the destruction that they're dealing with. they tell us about 20 people spent the night -- about 20 to 30 people people spent the night in a red cross shelter overnight. people who no longer have homes and just down the street from us at a hospital, took a direct hit from this tornado. about 20 patients inside were evacuated. thankfully no one was hurt. they were all taken to other medical centers. and, coincidentally, this town about a week and a half ago practiced a tornado drill, practiced exactly how to respond to a disaster just like this one. officials tell us it paid off. they were very lucky. all that practice paid off. everyone here survived, paula. >> all right, clayton, thanks for that report.
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and 98 of the 120 reported tornadoes touching down in kansas. dan? >> paula, thank you. >> we're going to take you now to a city that took a direct hit. the city is woodward, oklahoma, and on the line with us now is alan riffel, who is the city manager. alan, i have to imagine for a man in your position, this is a nightmare. you've got a twister barreling through the city through the night while people were sleeping. how many people were killed, and do you think it's possible you'll find more? >> well, we've had a fatality number of five, and we don't expect to find more, but we're not stopping the search now. >> and i understand that adding to the problem was that the sirens didn't go off. what happened there? >> the situation that occurred there was the first area that was hit was the repeater tower where our transmitter is mounted. that was taken out. it got hit first, and so our signals were not able to be sent
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to our sirens. >> it sounds to me like this is a diabolical twister, because as it was moving in, it actually took out the very towers that were going to send out the warning. >> that's correct. >> and how much warning did people have aside from the sirens? were you able to send out some sort of warning via phone? >> no, i tell you, the warning was issued at 12:16 a.m., and the tornado hit town at 12:19 a.m., so there was no warning of any type. >> and so people were in their homes, sleeping, completely unaware, and this thing just comes through, no sirens, no warnings? >> that's exactly the case. most people were in bed, and without warning it came through. >> alan, i know you're going to be out today looking for people who may have also perished in the storm. i also know that the cleanup starts right now. we want to thank you very much for taking time out of a very busy schedule to talk to us. thank you and all the best from here. >> thank you very much. we appreciate that.
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>> paula, back over to you. >> thanks, dan. and these storms are not over yet. with more tornado outbreaks expected to come, let's get back to ginger in wichita. ginger, let me just say, you're doing a phenomenal job bringing this information to our viewers, so where are the areas of concern at this moment? >> well, obviously the storms have now moved off to the north and east from here. we'll show you in a just a bit. but i have to tell you, i just peeked inside the windows. it's incredible when you go and you can see the furniture inside now on the ceiling. some of the lamps standing upside-down or the lights that were on the ceiling. i have to mention something about those sirens, though, doing an interview like that, it is a permanent responsibility. sirens have absolutely no federal or state regulation. it is really up to the individual to have a noaa weather radio. i had to get that out there, because sirens are just for outdoor warnings. the local stations did an incredible job. our abc affiliates here were awesome and all over and they will be today across
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parts of the heartland again. look at this, minnesota, wisconsin, iowa, and northwest illinois in the moderate risk. that's the area where isolated tornadoes, damaging wind and hail is likely. from that orange area though stretching all the way to houston, you're included in the risk too, so this is not over. it will be continuing to go through tonight, into early tomorrow and then the threat level starts to diminish. i'll have a full forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. back to you all. >> ginger makes an excellent point about personal responsibility. a lot of other news breaking overnight, so we want to get to ron claiborne who has the other headlines. >> good morning, dan and paula. north korea's new leader is making his first public speech emphasizing that nation's military first policy, ruling out yet another new missile. abc's bob woodruff is in the north korean capital where they are celebrating the 100th birthday of the nation's late founder. bob? >> reporter: good morning, ron. yeah, another big parade downtown today, but the big change, the new thing that we heard today was the voice of kim jong-un, the new leader of north
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korea. his father, we never heard from him at all inter septemb-septemr for 20 years ago, one sentence. that's it. this time, kim jong-un, he spoke for 20 minutes. take a listen. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: also one other significant change. there was some new weaponry in the very end of this parade, there was longer, more heavy missiles. they don't know exactly what the details of that they are. but also one other change, they did not mention whatsoever the rocket launch today, which was a failure, and they did not talk about this possible nuclear test that might be coming up. and i have to say, ron, that they did not mention the united states at all in his speech. >> thanks very much, bob woodruff reporting from the north korean capital. >> and the first talks with iran over its nuclear program in more than a year are being called constructive. iran and the world's big powers including the u.s. agreed to meet again in baghdad, iraq, next month. there's no specifics on any proposals released, but there
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are still huge hurdles to a deal, but officials say they were satisfied that iran was serious about negotiations. a dramatic rescue by the coast guard after a yacht ran aground during a race off san francisco killing one sailor and leaving four missing at sea. the coast guard was able to lift two people to safety. and the national guard saved a third person. the survivors were clinging to rocks after high waves swept four sailors overboard then sent their boat crashing into those rocks. and take a look at this video coming up here. surveillance cameras caught a pawnshop worker and the store's dog stopping a would-be robber in california, southern california. the rottweiler pulled the suspect's shirt then got ahold of his pants while the employee wrestled away the suspect's gun, that is, the suspect's gun, not the dog's gun. the man was then arrested by police who were waiting outside for the rot whiler to complete his mission, i guess. >> own a dog. finally, rock legend tom petty is heartbroken not over love but the loss of five guitars. the instruments, which belonged to petty and members of his
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band, were stolen from the sound stage in southern california where they were rehearsing for an upcoming tour. the group is offering 7,500 bucks and no questions asked for information leading to the return of the guitars. but, tom, 7,500 bucks? you know, you can do a little better than that. >> up the ante. >> don't they have a song "don't do me like that." >> ba-dum-dum. >> why don't you perform that for us right now. >> that's probably not going to happen. >> okay. thanks, ron. now, new details about the shocking prostitution scandal rocking the secret service. they're in crisis mode after 11 agents said to be drinking heavily brought suspected prostitutes back to their hotel rooms before president obama arrived in colombia for a weekend summit, so was his safety compromised? abc's reena ninan has the very latest from colombia. hi, reena. >> reporter: hi, paula. good morning to you. abc news has learned that it was it ultimately haggling over the bill for services from a prostitute that
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unraveled this embarrassing secret service incident. we know now 11 secret service personnel were given a one-way ticket home back to washington including two supervisors where they were investigated and interrogated. it's the scandal that has now stretched over two continents. 11 members of secret service personnel now being questioned in washington after being flown back from colombia. and we now know that five u.s. military servicemen were also involved. the men are accused of partaking in excess drinking and hiring prostitutes when they were supposed to be preparing for the president's arrival. in costa hena, colombia. their hard-partying trip might have been brought to an end by of all things a dispute over a bill with one of the prostitutes. >> one of the women had not left. the police had to come to ask her to leave. she wouldn't leave until the secret service agents paid her money that she said was owed to her. colombian police then filed a report with the american embassy. secret service saw that. they began their investigation. >> reporter: a zero tolerance policy on misconduct demanded
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that the men be sent home to face disciplinary action. it happened one day before the president's arrival. it wasn't just rank and file members implicated. abc news has learned two of those involved were supervisors. >> security was compromised by the fact that these agents were in this compromise positioned where they could be blackmailed. >> reporter: but unlike the attempted assassination of ronald reagan, a stunning breach of security, the secret service maintains at no point was the president's personal security compromised. >> the president has confidence in the secret service. >> reporter: the 11 secret service members have now been placed on administrative leave. but an incident this extreme could very well be a career-ender all of the way up the chain of command. paula? >> thanks for that report. the fallout back in washington, not only has the secret service launched an
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internal investigation, now congress is going to look into that unfolding scandal. abc's pierre thomas is here with that side of the story. and, pierre, peter king, republican congressman from new york is launching this congressional investigation. what do we expect now? >> reporter: paula, this is a stunning breach of protocol. chairman king who oversees the homeland security commission is launching its own investigation and they're likely to be hearings. king said if the allegations are true, then the secret service personnel compromised the mission by bringing the women, potentially prostitutes, into a secure area. he says they exposed themselves to blackmail. he believes there needs to be a singular focus, protecting the president of the united states. this type of activity clearly undermines that focus. >> why is representative king -- why is he so concerned about this particular incident? >> reporter: well, you know, again, these people are supposed to be preparing for the security of the president of the united states. colombia has some issues with drugs, they also have some issues with guerrillas who have been doing bombings in that area, so they have to have a
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singular focus of protecting the president of the united states. they can't afford to be out cavorting prior to his arrival. >> now, those agents in question are in washington. they've been placed on administrative leave. but what are you hearing from other agents? >> reporter: frustration, anger. these are the men and women stiff with earpieces who portray the image of discipline and professionalism as they protect the president. they are embarrassed at the very notion of these allegations. >> all right, pierre thomas, thanks for that report from washington this morning. dan? >> the response from the other agents, so interesting. okay, politics now. it's "your voice, your vote." barack obama did it when he was running for president back in 2008, now mitt romney is considering an appearance on "saturday night live." this is actually a politically consequential decision for romney given the big likability gap between him and the president, so let's bring in george stephanopoulos, you know him as the "gma" co-anchor during the week and the host of "this week with george stephanopoulos." this is not a small decision. the likability numbers. and i think we have a new poll on this shows a 38-point gap
7:17 am
between romney and the president. do you think going on "snl" could help in any way on this? >> it could and it's not unprecedented as you pointed out. president obama went on in the 2008 campaign. john mccain went on during the 2008 campaign. you go all of the way back to 1968, richard nixon was on "laugh-in" back then, so this is a path that candidates follow. i think it probably could help a little bit if mitt romney can pull it off, if he can kind of use his awkwardness to his advantage, turn the tables on advantage, turn the tables on it and seem like a guy who can take a joke and give it back. >> not a small if, so you're going to be focusing on the economy on your show today, there's another new number we have out that shows despite the economic growth, three-quarters of americans think we're still in a recession. you spoke to the treasury secretary, tim geithner. what does he say about this? >> this is a big problem. he knows this is what most people feel even though he believes and the president believes that we're on the road to recovery. now, one of the things that we talk about, as well, even though we have been gaining jobs in the last several months, these last couple of weeks, the
7:18 am
jobs reports have been a little more tempered, a little more measured, and i was struck by the secretary, he's cautiously optimistic but with an emphasis on the cautiously. right now they are not sure at all how this economy is going to go going into the election. and, of course, that's the number one issue. >> a lot of people say it's going to be a tough and long slog for the economy. george, thank you very much. george has a big show coming up this morning. as we said, he's going one-on-one with the treasury secretary. also, a powerhouse roundtable. and do not miss diane sawyer's exclusive interview with mitt and ann romney tomorrow on "world news" and "nightline." but now let's take you back to ginger zee. she's in wichita, kansas. she's got the national forecast now. ginger, good morning once again. good morning, dan. good morning, everyone. we have talked so much about the storms. can't leave out the rest of the nation. in the west, let's start there, below-average temperatures. and this all makes sense with what's happening in between. you see the below-average temps. a little more rain and another storm starting to hit the pacific northwest. some northern rockies snows. i'm going to leave you with a look at the national outlook. and that really highlights the heat in the east.
7:19 am
coming up, we'll be talking more about the boston marathon and how they're concerned because record heat possible tomorrow. that's the national forecast. >> so, again, we'l >> so, again, we'll talk heat in the east coming up and also more of that incredible video from the tornadoes overnight. paula. >> thank you, ginger. look forward to seeing you come up on "good morning america." and now to wisconsin and a man who has an altogether different problem, his phone
7:20 am
rings off the hook when fans of "dancing with the stars" call to vote for green bay packers wide receiver donald driver. well, this man took a break from answering the phones to talk with abc's t.j. winick. ♪ purple haze all in my brain >> reporter: there are few places busier on a monday night than the set of "dancing with the stars." >> hello. >> reporter: unless you're jeff patchki's house in egg harbor, wisconsin. >> no more hang up with one and have another call on the line. >> reporter: you see the number to vote for green bay packers donald driver is 1-800-8968-3403. the last seven digits of jeff's number is the same. in wisconsin, you don't have to dial the area code. so when people nearby forget the 1 1-800, jeff's phone rings. 76 times to be exact for week three. he got 67 last week. all within the three-hour voting period. >> picked up the phone. i'm voting for donald driver. and that's when i said, this is not "dancing with the stars."
7:21 am
>> reporter: not everyone is as good-natured as jeff when it comes to a phenomenon you might call talking with the stars. back in 2006, a group of ohioans were furious when they were bombarded with "american idol" phone calls. ♪ >> reporter: trying to vote for taylor hicks or katharine mcphee. their numbers were just one digit away from that toll-free number. >> she told me she was trying to call "american idol." and i said, well, you're not getting there. >> reporter: and then the case of justin bieber, who as a joke, recently tweeted, call me right now, along with a phone number similar to some dallas residents who then got messages like this one -- >> justin, oh, my god, call me back. i love you. >> someone said, have your number changed. i said, i've had this number since 1966. >> reporter: jeff manages to find the humor in it all because it's just temporary. call this reminder his own public service message. >> make sure you dial the 1-800, you know. >> reporter: for "good morning
7:22 am
america," t.j. winick, abc news. >> he's a good sport about it. >> he has a sense of humor about it. i don't know if i would. would you? >> i definitely would, dan. >> you would? >> i'm hoping that i would react positively in that situation. >> you never know until you're in the moment. >> yeah. coming up here on "gma," the granny gangster. the 73-year-old grandmother busted -- >> no. >> -- for allegedly running a massive drug ring. look at that face. can you believe she did this? >> no. >> apparently it was across four states. why police were shocked by what they found in her home and wait until you hear how many cases there are of senior citizens kingpins. >> she doesn't look like she could hurt a fly. plus, brangelina's big day. new details on the hollywood's hottest couple. newly engaged to be married. just what will their wedding day look like, dan? >> a lot of questions about that coming up this morning. and mr. rogers' mailman, mr. mcfeely he paid some kids to visit. we're freezing the frame right there because wait until you see what happened when he introduced kids to a
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♪ ♪ if you like it then you could have put a ring on it if you like it then you could have put a ring on it ♪ apparently brad likes it. so world famous they have a single name, brangelina. they are now officially uniting. brad pitt and angelina jolie. engaged to be married. take a gander at the rock of gibraltar she's got on her finger. >> it is. it's the eighth wonder of the world. >> it could be. we'll give you behind the scenes glimpse at their top-secret wedding plans coming up. where are they saying i do? we're digging for answers on "gma" this morning. good morning to all of you. i'm dan harris alongside the lovely paula faris. would you comfortably wear a rock that size? >> i don't know if i could actually hold my hand up. you know what, i would be frightened to wear something that large. >> i know. >> so, no, i don't think i could do it even if we could afford it. >> you get a large security detail like she has.
7:31 am
>> that doesn't happen. well, good morning, everyone. it's sunday, april 15th. also coming up this morning, the woman being called a granny kingpin. she looks so innocent, doesn't she, but she's not. she's accused with running a drug ring across four states. how police nabbed this matriarch turned narcotics mastermind. that's coming up in just a moment. >> clearly, there's a growing number of criminals carrying aarp cards. we'll get into that coming up. >> got to pay the bills. got to pay the bills. but first this morning, let's update you on the devastating tornados that roared across the heart of this country overnight. at least five dead after 121 twisters slammed into the 4 states that you can see on this map here. our storm-chasing but very safe when she does it meteorologist ginger zee is in the danger zone this morning. she's got a live update. ginger, good morning to you. that is quite a scene there. >> this house being flipped over, i haven't seen yet this here. not that tornadoes of this nature can't do something like this. as the light comes up, we see it was moved at least 40 feet. it's about 50 feet long. we see the furniture is on the
7:32 am
ceiling. it's really such an incredible scene that goes from here back to where it started in northwest oklahoma. we watched this tornado hit. it had a path of 250 miles after that. one of so many reported tornadoes, one of which had incredible video. look at this. from salina, kansas, earlier in the day, a wedge tornado. that's what we call that when it's really and fat that way and covers a large area. let me show you who has the chance of seeing isolated tornadoes today, including damaging wind and hail because there were reports of that yesterday too. it's places like wisconsin, minnesota, northwest illinois and eastern iowa. that's where the heart of that moderate risk is today. that slight risk where all the orange is, you're not out of the woods so down to houston, you're included in this too. i'll have more in the full forecast in just a couple of moments. but for now, back to new york. >> thanks for that fine reporting this morning, ginger. and now to the story of a
7:33 am
grandma who the cops say knitted together a quilt of narcotics rings across the plains. wait for it. a drug ring that made her a kingpin in four states until her arrest. alex perez is here with story of a granny gone bad. she doesn't look like she could hurt a fly. >> reporter: she may be able to hurt a fly. investigators in oklahoma had been watching darlene mayes for a few months, but when they finally got into her house, they had no idea of what they were about to find. silver-haired and sweet-faced, 73-year-old darlene mayes looks like many grannies. but police say, this is the face of one of oklahoma's biggest drug kingpins, and according to police reports, grandma mayes packs a semiautomatic pistol and a revolver. her alleged pot-dealing network spanning four states from tulsa, oklahoma, to arkansas, kansas and missouri. police believe she supplied up to 40% of the marijuana in this area. >> a majority of her life a law-abiding citizen, and it's all gone for nothing. >> reporter: her operation went up in smoke this week when police entered her home and
7:34 am
found 4 pounds of pot and $276,000 cash. >> all of the money and the marijuana had been vacuumed-packed. >> reporter: as the mastermind police say she had a network of dealers working for her. >> it doesn't surprise me that someone this age would be actively involved in marijuana distribution because there's just too much money to be made. >> reporter: believe it or not, mayes is not the first nana accused of ditching retirement for a second year in drug dealing. in february, police in cleveland nabbed 67-year-old frances torres on drug trafficking charges for allegedly dealing prescription pills. and in tennessee, an elderly husband and wife duo were also busted for selling prescription drugs. but the granddaddy of all drug crooks, francis cook, dubbed britain's oldest drug dealer at the ripe age of 83. law enforcement officials say harmless-looking seniors can sometimes be the most efficient drug dealers. >> if they keep a low profile, they don't talk to many people, and they don't get greedy, they
7:35 am
can go on for years. >> reporter: police said mayes was living the high life with dozens of $15,000 bundles stashed away in her home. she told police that it was part of her retirement fund. now, mayes has since posted bail and been released. police believe that she may have been the drug ringleader for as long as 20 years. paula, dan? >> how unsuspecting. >> yes, i know. >> not alex, grandma. >> it was amazing that murderer's row of senior citizens just flying by is incredible. >> those are the people you don't expect to be doing that like our expert said. that's why sometimes they get away with it. >> alex, thank you. >> don't get any thoughts. >> no, not at all. let's check the other news developing this morning with ron claiborne. ron, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you again, dan and paula and alex. good morning, everyone. in the news one of the two suspects accused of hate crimes in the tulsa, oklahoma, shooting spree is denying that he's a racist. in a jailhouse interview, jake england says he has many black friends. three people, all of them african-american were killed in
7:36 am
that rampage. two others were wounded. and the first group of united nations observers is arriving in syria today to oversee the tentative cease-fire there. but activists say the government has resumed shelling neighborhoods civilians again. former vice president dick cheney showed no signs of fatigue as he gave his first speech since having a heart transplant. that was just three weeks ago. cheney walked on stage and talked for an hour and 15 minutes. and finally, 20,000 special guests checked into the upscale waldorf-astoria hotel in manhattan on saturday. they are a hive full of bees. the bees will live on the roof and supply the hotel's chef with honey for his dishes, the chef says. time now for the weather and over to ginger zee who is in tornado country in wichita, kansas. ginger? good morning, ron. good morning, everyone. threat weather of a different type, heat. extreme heat for the boston marathon. that's by tomorrow. they could be seeing record-setting highs. as far as today goes, the northeast still very warm. into the 80s in the southeast there. charleston, 83. 76 for new york city.
7:37 am
boston, today, in the low 70s. now, that's the east. we have to go west where it's drier, cooler. los angeles, only 65. violent storms still in the center of the nation all of the way through tonight. so don't let your guard down anywhere from minnesota south to houston. >> thaweather >> that weather report brought to you by walgreen's this morning. throughout the day, as the sun comes up, we'll continue to talk to folks, get their stories and keep you updated. we'll see you on "world news" tonight. back to you. >> yeah, as you have made clear, this thing is not over. ginger, thank you. you've got a big day ahead of you. coming up here on "good morning america" on this sunday morning, angelina jolie and brad pitt tying the knot. but where? when? who gets invited? will paula faris be on the list? >> no. >> we've got all the details
7:38 am
coming up. >> you're going to be the ring man. and a little later, this cat looks none too amused by this hyperactive monkey who can't get enough of this cute furry friend. coming up on today's "fixation." stay with us. coming up on today's "fixation." stay with us. "fixation." stay with us. ] i got it. where's your brother? [ dog barking ] ♪ [ telephone rings ] [ dad ] hello. [ female announcer ] quality everyday products at a way better price. [ boy ] mom? ♪ [ female announcer ] now that's nice. come in now and get $2 off your next purchase when you spend $10 on nice products. sold only at walgreens. no. you quit? i'm trying nicoderm cq. [ male announcer ] nicoderm cq, the patch with 24-hour smart control technology, lets you celebrate a little win every time you say no to a cigarette. nicoderm cq. quit one day at a time. [ laughs ]
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welcome back, everyone. well, the secret is out. brad pitt and angelina jolie are engaged to be married. so much for just living together. our l.a. entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet" rachel smith is here with the latest scoop. rachel, welcome back. >> thanks, paula. well, seven years and six kids later, brad pitt and angelina jolie are finally tying the knot. but how will the hollywood power couple decide to celebrate the big day? it has the potential to be the biggest celebrity wedding in years. maybe even royal wedding big. >> if they wanted to have the kind of wedding that will and kate had, everyone would be there. >> reporter: now that two of hollywood's biggest celebrities are official ly taking that trip down the aisle, just what will brangelina's big day look like? will they go over the top like tom cruise and katie holmes? they tied the knot at a castle in italy before stars like will smith and victoria beckham with
7:43 am
firework and performances by andreas bocelli and jennifer lopez only costing the couple around $3.5 million. will they offer something grand but small and extremely secretive like jay-z and beyonce? it was reported beyonce flew in 50,000 to 60,000 orchids from thailand for the 40-person event including close friends like gwyneth paltrow and kelly rowland. or how about as simple as harrison ford and calista flockhart? the bride wore a white sundress and the groom, wrangler jeans. most chiming in agree, they'll probably keep it small and private. maybe even at one of their many homes in hollywood or new orleans, france or italy. after all, this is brad's second marriage and angie's third. >> brad and angelina aren't very low-key people even though they're very glamorous, so they could do something that's really kind of pared down that isn't very elaborate. >> reporter: but in brad and
7:44 am
angie form, we could see a charitable component tied to the ceremony. in 2006, their first biological child was born in namibia to bring attention to the african country. and in 2008, the couple sold the first images of their twins to magazine publications for millions with proceeds going to the jolie/pitt foundation. the engagement reportedly comes as the six kids making up the brangelina brood wanted brad to get mommy a ring. if the kids were this involved in brad putting a ring on it, it's safe to say they'll be in the wedding. perhaps this journey down the aisle will mark the end of the jen/brad/angie love triangle nonsense we've always heard about. >> no. >> is reporting brad's ex jennifer aniston is happy for angelina and credits angelina for her happiness with her new boyfriend justin theroux. >> jennifer always takes the high road. she does.
7:45 am
brangelina, they do have options. >> many options out there. >> dan harris, ring bearer, he's out there, as well. >> yeah. >> rachel smith, thank you so much for joining us in studio. coming up on "good morning america," michael flatly, step aside. make room for these river dancing twins in a little segment we call "fixation." "fixation." a dog, well, a dog is family. and when it comes to your family's health, you want the best. now you can have it without paying the most. petarmor flea and tick protection. it has the same active ingredient as frontline top spot, and it's just as safe and effective against fleas and ticks, but costs about half as much. sure our dogs may be called pets, but we all know they're family. petarmor. same protection as frontline top spot at about half the cost. available at walmart. metamucil uses super hard working psyllium fiber, which gels to remove unsexy waste and reduce cholesterol. taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model but you should feel a little more super. metamucil. down with cholesterol.
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♪ ♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ this week on "fixation." we're going to try something different. we had some audience complaints that we do too much with animals and children. so this week nothing will touch on either animals or children. as you can tell from the first clip, i'm completely lying to you right now. >> sarcasm. >> this is a clip of a guy named mr. mcfeely, who you may know as the delivery man on mr. rogers' neighborhood. he's in a school in pennsylvania
7:50 am
introducing a special guest to the kids. check it out. >> oh, there he is. look. the panda. >> oh, they're scared. >> they're scared. >> watch, he tries to calm them down. >> wait. wait. >> you can hardly hear, but basically he's saying it's somebody just pretending to be a panda. it does not stop the mayhem. >> that wasn't a real panda? >> it wasn't a real panda, ladies and gentlemen and gentlemen. what do you got ron? >> oddly enough i have two animals in my video despite the ban on animal videos. this is a monkey and a cat. i want you to check this out. this is terrific. they're playing, by the way. yes, two lefts to the jaw. a right to the head and a left. obviously, a kitten there taking this faithful abuse from a monkey. this is right outside times square studio, by the way. >> right. >> i could watch that all day. >> this is live. >> paula, what do you have? >> we think the monkey wins.
7:51 am
and you had kids, you had animals and i've got kids again so how young is too young to river dance? apparently you can do it before you can even walk. we've got two little twins. their names are freddie and mel. if you want to know, these are called jumping johnnys, you can attach them to the door frame. and just kind of let your kid go. look at this. they're so sweet. they got the river dance music in the background. 7 months old. look at that. >> by the way, we do have a bonus video this morning. this is a trailer to an upcoming film. take a look. ♪ >> yeah, it doesn't get any better than that. we'll be right back after a quick break. we'll see you in a minute. ♪ there's a clear difference between claritin and many allergy medicines. the difference is claritin clear. claritin gives me powerful relief
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that's that's all the time we have. big thanks to gier out i hey, that's all the time we have. big thanks to ginger out in the field. big thanks to paula faris. great to have you here this weekend. >> thank you. it's been a pleasure. >> and we should say that george has much more coming up on "this week." and on his roundtable you will see something that looks a lot like this. check it out. >> live shot. ike this. check it out.ññññññóxóxntc
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