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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 18, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a 3-day-old infant, ripped from his mother's arms, after a shocking shoot-out in the pediatrician's parking lot. his mother fights to keep the baby. incredible details about what happened next. and the desperate five-hour hunt for the newborn. massive search. american investigators going door-to-door, right now in colombia, searching for as many as 21 women who could have spent the night with those u.s. secret service agents. as the scandal grows even bigger, calls for top officials to lose their jobs. crash. watch this car charge full-speed into a crowded supermarket, just missing scrambling customers and a baby in a shopping cart. >> it just bust through. and it kept going and kept going. and demi moore steps out in her first public appearance since rehab, dazzling on the red carpet. hinting she's ready to change
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her married name. good morning, everyone. and that incredibly dramatic scene, just outside of houston. a young mom coming out of the doctor's office. her baby, snatched right from her arms. now, at least one person arrested overnight. capital murder is the charge. we're going to have the latest on this shocking story in just a moment. >> right in the doctor's parking lot. unbelievable story. also, on the presidential campaign. last week, we had the mommy wars. this week, the dog wars. you see the obama campaign trying to make hay out of shamous, the romney family dog. who spent some time on the roof of a car on the family trip. and romney trying to focus on a revelation he made in his memoir, that he tried dog when he was a young boy.
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>> i'm sorry? the president tasted dog when he was a young boy. oh, we're going there. >> we are going there. and also, the latest on the vice presidential search this morning. and the two final couples in a danceoff duel on "dancing with the stars." in the end, it was good-bye to gavin degraw and his hat. he joins us with his partner, karina smirnoff. live right here in times square. >> a lot of pressure that night, that duel. >> that was shocking to see that. they hopped on a plane. they're going to be here live. let's get to the shocking story in texas. a young mom gunned down in a parking lot, shouting for her baby, as her 3-day-old infant was ripped out of her arms. there are brand-new developments this morning. abc's yunji de nies has the latest for us from just outside houston. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, robin. investigators have made an arrest. and they're charging a 30-year-old registered nurse with capital murder, for shooting that young mother right here in this parking lot. and then, kidnapping her young son. they say the suspect herself is a mother of three, with three
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children, ages 6 to 16. and that she told them that she did this because she wanted to have another child. kala emerged from her pediatrician's office with her 3 day old baby boy, keegan, yesterday afternoon. witnesses say she was getting into her red pickup truck when a woman approached, confronted her with a gun and fired several shots into her chest. >> pop, pop, pop, pop. >> and when you looked out? >> everybody was scattered. >> reporter: witnesses heard the distraught mother scream, my baby, my baby, as the little boy was taken. gravely wounded, yet determined to fight for her newborn, the mother tried to protect her child. >> the child was then put into the suspect vehicle. and that's when the mother tried to get into the car. and the car sped away, knocking the lady to the ground. >> she was laying on the ground. she wasn't moving for nothing. but then, i saw blue lights drive up. >> reporter: witnesses describe the shooter as a thin, black woman in her late 20s or early 30s, with gold hair, wearing a gray sweatshirt and blue jeans. they say she and a male
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accomplice, drove off with the newborn in a sky blue lexus. >> i seen a black male get out, grab the car seat, get back in the car and drove off. >> reporter: an amber alert was issued for the brown haired baby boy said to be wearing a green and white onecy with "handsome" on the front. a massive search ensued. and a s.w.a.t. team converged on a nearby apartment complex. >> information was obtained that made us believe that the child had, perhaps, been transported or taken to another location. >> reporter: five hours after the shooting, the baby was recovered, unharmed. kala died of her wounds at memorial hermann hospital. abc news has learned that verna mcclain, a registered nurse, has been arrested and charged with capital murder. another person of interest remains in custody. now, investigators tell us earlier, verna mcclain told her sister she wanted to adopt another child. after the incident, she called her sister and said she was ready to go through with that adoption.
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baby keegan is safe this morning. he's with child protective services and is expected to be reunited with his father very soon. robin? >> yunji, thank you. and the d.a. will have more details for us, and also dan and nancy will join us with much more on this in just a little bit. let's turn to josh elliott, for other top stories. >> good morning to you both. and to all of you. we're going to begin with a rare occurrence on wall street this morning. that may, in fact, satisfy anyone who thinks bank executives are overpaid. shareholders at citigroup have come together to reject an executive pay increase, that would have boosted the ceo's compensation to some $15 million. it is now the first major bank where this has happened. and although it's not binding, analysts call the move historic. and say that it could, in fact, trigger a wave of similar pay revolts. it comes as we learn the gap between the rich and the poor is widening yet again. government figures out this morning show that wealthiest americans saw their earnings rise some 7% over the last three years. but workers at the other end of the scale saw their pay raise
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2.5%. and a wild scene in florida as a car came crashing through a crowded supermarket. and we want to warn you. some may find this hard to watch. in the surveillance video, you see five people sitting by the door, including a woman with that baby stroller. then, impact. the toyota camry, crashing through the door, full-speed. passing the checkout counter, driving down the aisles of this public store in central florida. shoppers, in shock. >> oh, my god. a car just came through. a car just came through the door at publix. >> reporter: 76-year-old thelma wagenhoffer was behind the wheel. and is now charged with reckless driving. >> is the person still in the vehicle? >> i don't know. the manager's over there. there's people screaming over there. >> reporter: in all, ten people were injured, including that man pinned under the car. and a baby in a shopping cart. but rescuers say it's a miracle no one was killed. >> it just bust through.
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it kept going and kept going. >> police say that the driver was pulling up to a stop sign in front of the store when she apparently hit the gas instead of the brake. and some remarkable video of a death-defying crash on a racetrack in north carolina, now being blamed on a valve dropping into an engine cylinder. that's drag racer matt hagan, going some 260 miles per hour. his car exploding into a fireball. however, stunningly, that's matt hagan, climbing out of what's left of the car, unscathed. and yes, more angry than anything else. mangled wreckage had been sent flying across the track. again, matt hagan, walked away from that unharmed. and some new hope for anyone pushing 50. colorado rockies pitcher, jamie moyer, has made history. he's now the oldest starting pitcher to ever win a major league game. pitched seven innings in last night's win over the padres. the man never hits 80 miles an
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hour on a radar gun. spends his time in the lower 70s. he is 49 years young. he's played for four decades. he's the father of eight. introduced to his wife by the late, great harry caray, the cubs' legendary announcer. father-in-law, former colleague of ours at espn, digger phelps. the college basketball coach and analy analyst. and in fact, jamie moyer was an espn analyst last year, decided he still had a hankering for the game. >> he's only 49. >> only 49. a youngster. >> thanks, josh. we're going to turn to the latest on that scandal rocking the secret service. new evidence emerging about 11 agents partying with prostitutes at a colombian nightclub. there may have been more than 20 women involved. pierre thomas is in washington with more. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: secret service agents accused of soliciting prostitutes are about to see the pressure turned up, and then some. abc news has learned that the accused secret service agents
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will now be forced to take lie detector tests about what happened in colombia. and this morning, u.s. inspectors are on the ground in cartagena, canvassing nightclubs, interviewing hotel employees, and collecting hotel surveillance video. and a source tells abc news, many of the suspected prostitutes have been identified and will be interviewed. >> when you bring a guest into a hotel in colombia, they have to leave their photo i.d. at the main desk. >> reporter: there were so many women, critics say national security was put at risk. >> from what i understand, there were 20 to 21 women involved. they could be employees of the local drug cartels. they could be spies, planting eavesdropping devices. >> reporter: and we learned for the first time, some of the secret service agents interrogated about the sordid affair have been trying to explain away bad behavior. >> some were denying there's any involvement with prostitution. these were women they happened to meet. >> reporter: in addition to the
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secret service, sources tell us, ten or more military implicated from every branch. army special forces to air force. key women members of congress say, they're mad as hell. >> all the women in america were insulted. were offended, by the actions of these individuals. >> it was absolutely incredible to me that the secret service personnel were engaged in such despicable, unprofessional and dangerous behavior. >> reporter: and if the allegations are true, those congressional leaders are blunt about their stance. they want no mercy. >> absolutely must go. supervisors, we must carve the cancer out. you're fired. >> reporter: she may have borrowed that line from donald trump. but let me tell you, she meant every word. and one more embarrassing detail about the dispute that ignited the scandal. abc news learned that the alleged prostitute and secret service agent were fighting in the hotel room for less than $200. two sources say only 150 bucks.
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>> thanks, pierre, very much. warren buffett, making a big disclosure on tuesday. the 81-year-old billionaire revealing he has been diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer. abc's david muir has been tracking the latest on this and what it means for all of the many investors, and more importantly, what it means for him. >> reporter: so many people have followed his life story, robin. he's the world's most famous investor. and this morning wall street waking up to the news that warren buffett has prostate cancer. caught in this early stage, his prognosis is very good. but long before this, there was great mystery over who might take the reins next. warren buffett, the boy from nebraska, who grew up to become the wizard of omaha, investing in so many american staples, is taking on prostate cancer with that same signature spirit. buffet built berkshire hathaway from the ground-up. investing in coca-cola, johnson & johnson, kraft, among others. now, he's displaying the same confidence in his doctors. he says the cancer was found in the earliest form, stage 1.
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in a letter to investors, buffett says, he feels great. as if i were in normal, excellent health. buffett learned of the diagnosis last week. and now has undergone several more tests that he says revealed no other cancer in the body. he'll begin a two-month treatment in july. >> early-stage prostate cancer is highly curable, with a low side effect profile. with the available treatment options, if done appropriately. >> reporter: buffett, who began his career as a paper boy, filed his first tax return at 13 years old. declaring the bike he needed for that route, his first deduction. buffet is now worth an estimated $50 billion. known for his frugal nebraska roots, he's also known for something else, the debate over tax fairness. after very publicly asking why he, a multibillionaire, pays a lower tax rate, than his own secretary. sitting right beside her, he told us, it's not fair that she pays double the tax rate he pays. >> deborah's typical. she's right in the middle. >> reporter: president obama introduced the buffett rule,
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that would have forced anyone making more than a million to pay what the middle class pays in tax rates. this week, the senate rejected it. of course, this morning the focus is on buffett himself and 80% of men who reach 80 get prostate cancer. the key is catching it early. doctors say, when found early, there's nearly a 100% survival rate. it's a reminder for all men nearing 50, to start talking to your doctor about getting tests. i love the mystery about who might come next, is going to continue. buffett gave no indication he's planning to step down any time soon. >> we hope he has a speedy and full recovery. >> we do. >> great to have you here, david. thank you. politics now, "your voice, your vote." and the race for the white house really heating up. we're going to get to the dog wars that broke out overnight. first, mitt romney is shifting his search for a running mate into high gear. abc's jon karl is all over that for us. and you have the first inklings of who may be on the short list. >> reporter: that's right. let's start with the top of that list. senator rob portman, from the critical state of ohio. he's twice been a cabinet official.
7:14 am
arguably the most qualified person on the list. next to him, you see marco rubio, rock star for tea partiers and conservative, at at a time when republicans are seeing support among hispanics crater, he could deliver the acceptance speech in spanish. and the surprise on my list here, jeb bush, the former but still popular governor from florida. he's somebody that romney likes so much, that if jeb run for president, romney himself might not have run. and the second tier includes a lot of governors, including chris christie of new jersey, mitch daniels of indiana. bob mcdonnell. of virginia, and, as you see there, congressman paul ryan. >> that would be something if he could get jeb bush to run with him. we'll be watching that closely. and there's been talk that mitt romney would pick a woman, to help close that huge gender gap he has with president obama. >> the problem with republicans is there aren't a lot of high-profile women in public office right now. two that can get looked at.
7:15 am
kelly ayotte, the former attorney general of new hampshire, senator from new hampshire. very close to romney. a long shot but somebody that will get consideration, governor mary fallin of oklahoma. she, right now, is arguably one of the most popular governors in the country. >> that's a new one. >> let's get to the dog wars that broke out overnight. there was a report in a paper that -- going back to president obama's revelation that he had tried dog when he was a young boy in indonesia. and the romney campaign pounced on that. >> no doubt. this became sort of a twitter war. the first move came from eric fehrnstrom, one of romney's advisers. he retweeted something that had been sent out earlier by david axelrod, a photograph with beau, you see, with the president, saying in hindsight, a chilling photo. that prompted response from the re-election headquarters for president obama, his spokesman
7:16 am
for the re-election campaign, ben labolt saying, what next? eric ferhn and the rnc will surface. what will they attack on a 6 to 10-year-old. he was only a kid when this happened. but i think the dog wars, george, unfortunately -- >> maybe they will cycle through quickly. thanks very much. let's get the weather from sam. >> we're going to start with picture, good morning, everybody, out of florida. rough waters on the east coast of florida. a couple rescues on the beach in the ft. lauderdale area. take a look at the chop on this surf. and know that this is going to go on. you see the rescues going on there. this is going to go all week long. a strong flow up the eastern seaboard. and the pattern we'll see today. then a break. and we'll get another rain system like this over the weekend. the rip currents from palm beach to miami-dade county, likely today. before you step outside the door this morning in the northeast, to the great lakes, be prepared for a brisk chill. these numbers have been very different than they have been in the last couple of days. new york about 49 degree, philadelphia, 55. they don't go very far today.
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>> all of america's weather coming up in the next half hour. robin? >> okay, sam. now, to the new trend that's truly unlike anything we've ever seen. it's the technology that has some of us unable to believe our eyes. and who better to bring this to us than abc's john berman. >> good morning, robin. imagine i could be on the set right now, without ever having to get out of bed? how awesome would that be? but, that's nothing. because this morning the most talked-about concert on the planet was a weekend performance from someone who has been dead for 15 years. what if you could see elvis in concert tomorrow? what if john lennon took the stage next week? it could happen. after a performance that rocked the house, the internet, the world and beyond. rapper tupac shakur, on-stage at
7:19 am
the coachella music festival, 15 years after his death. >> it kind of bums me out, he's been dead for 16 years, and he's still in much better shape than i am. >> reporter: in breathtaking shape, thanks to cutting-edge technology. tupac came to life as a hologram. for years, holograms have been a staple of science fiction. good for star wars princesses with a reliable r-2 unit. good for "star trek" passenger was reliably creepy tastes. >> computer, blonds and jazz seldom go together. ♪ i had the time of my life >> reporter: and holograms have become more and more mainstream. this was a virtual kate moss at an alexander mcqueen fashion show. but that's nothing compared to the technology of bringing tupac back to life. ♪ "the wall street journal" reports it was a four-month
7:20 am
project by a company named digital domain, which previously made brad pitt age decades in "the curious case of benjamin button." >> how old are you? >> 7, but i look a lot older. >> reporter: using past images of him, they made a virtual image on a computer. which they then converted to an angled piece of glass. it looked so real, dr. dre and snoop dogg are reportedly considering a tour with the hologram tupac. maybe elvis and john lennon are next. hologram tupac has his own twitter account, with 30,000 followers. which is more than some of us who are alive. but, robin, to be fair, he's more talented than some of us that are alive. >> that's amazing. >> totally amazing. >> it looks so real. thank you, john. >> you are here, right? >> or am i? coming up on "gma," more on the 3-day-old baby boy ripped from his mother's arms. she fought to keep the infant during a shootout, dan and nancy here to weigh in. and demi moore dazzles.
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good morning i'm kristen sze. in a few hours divers will start searching four more ponds looking for any signs of sierra lamar. she has been missing more than a month as the search continues techs are pouring over 12 hours of data from
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sonar scans taken yesterday not far from her morgan hill home looking for anything out of the other. let's see how traffic is going. bay bridge toll not terrible backed up to the 880 overcrossing. live shot of the san mateo bridge things are flowing westbound and if you are heading between half moon bay and san mateo, there was a much earlier overturn crash but it looks like traffic has picked up and recovered. >> how high can the temperatures go today? wexx
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welcome back. here's a look at the multi-layered cloud deck. high clouds stay for the better part of today. here's our temperatures upper 40s to low 50s in most neighborhoods. by the afternoon low 60s along the coast upper 50s mid to upper 60s around san francisco, richmond, oakland and san mateo. low to mid 70s inland. today is the beginning of the warming
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that is the 3 day old recovered by police after a desperate search, he was rip from his mother's young arms. at a pediatricians office after she was shot in a struggle. she's a registered nurse that was caught overnight. >> keegan will be reunited with his father. and demi moore back, and looking better than ever. the superstar stepping out last night, since rehab. dancing duel on the ballroom. gavin degraw and partner, karina smirnoff, they lost out. but they will be here this morning. after flowing overnight.
7:31 am
>> looking forward to seeing them. let's get more on that dramatic story out of texas. the young mother shot in a doctor's parking lot. her 3-day-old baby boy, kidnapped by the alleged shooter and accomplice who drove off. police recovering the baby five hours later. the suspect now in custody, verna mcclain, a registered nurse and mother of three. i spoke with montgomery county district attorney brett ligon just a few moments ago. mr. ligon, thank you for joining us. what can you tell us about the woman who has been charged with capital murder? >> it's verna mcclain. and miss mcclain has been charged with capital murder. as you nose know, here in texas, and capital murder is a felony in the course of committing a murder. it's something we take very seriously. and part of it, we are asking that ms. mcclain be given no bond. >> has she confessed? >> she has given a statement to the sheriff's department. to the police offices, the detectives with the montgomery county sheriff's department.
7:32 am
we charged her last night, early hours this morning, with capital murder. >> did she give you a motive? had she planned this? has she specifically targeted this woman? >> there were statements, as indicated in the arrest record, that were made by ms. mcclain that led us to believe that, in fact, this was an intentional act on her part. and not that ms. golden was targeted specifically. but that this was part of a plan to kidnap a child. >> and that child, 3 days old, keegan. physically, the baby's fine? >> the baby's fine. we were able to recover keegan last night. it was -- as you can imagine, very emotional. very traumatic, from 2:30 yesterday afternoon to approximately 10, 10:15 last night, go from a horrible murder, where a child is literally snatched from its mother, and then the -- you get
7:33 am
a recovery of the child and then within a matter of a few hour, you get a full statement, cooperation from the defendant. rarely do things work out like they do on tv. but in this case, we can't say enough about law enforcement efforts here in montgomery county. it was truly a multiagency approach. >> great work, as you said, all the way around. and so much relief that keegan is well. and such a rollercoaster of emotions in such a short amount of time. has keegan been reunited with his father yet? >> no. cps, our children's protective service, indicated last night, they would hold on to the child. obviously, the father, keith, is, you know, has been a rollercoaster day. but i expect him to be reunited this morning. or some time this afternoon. as a parent myself, i'm sure as many other parents, the ability -- you lose your wife, one day. but you're able to recover your child, it's an emotional swing that i don't think many people will be prepared for.
7:34 am
but my understanding is he's holding up well. >> you've been extremely helpful this morning. brett ligons, thank you very much. you take care. >> thank you, robin. let's bring in our legal team now. dan abrams here with me. and nancy grace down in atlanta. nancy, let me begin with you. you covered this extensively on your program on hln last night. >> yes, i did. what is disturbing is the way it went down. the mother, kala marie golden, was coming oust a routine checkup with her baby, the baby is only three days old, just got home from the hospital. she's trying to get into her red ford pickup. and this aqua lexus pulls up and was already parked there. and unloads seven rounds. this was planned. a lot of people are saying there was an altercation in the parking lot. no. this woman was targeted.
7:35 am
a man runs around and thinks to take the baby seat out of the car. as the lexus is driving away with the baby, the mother, the 28-year-old new mother, reaches out, screeching, "by baby, my baby." tries to get into the lexus, and they run over her. death penalty all over this. >> the question, of course, becomes how did this woman get these other people to do this with her? how do you convince someone to do this? remember, even if these other participants didn't know that -- >> my only question -- my only question, are they going to testify against her and will they be charged with murder one? they should all stew in the same pot. >> right. if nancy would let me speak, that was the point i was going to make. when you're talking about a case like this, the others, even if they didn't know there was going to be a shooting. even if they thought this is going to be a kidnapping or whatever it is, are still likely to face capital murder, as well.
7:36 am
under the felony murder rule, meaning they knew they were involved in something illegal. if this person decided to shoot her at the last minute, they're still responsible. >> even if the plan wasn't to shoot, they could be charged with murder. >> they could and likely would be charged with capital murder, as well. and then, the question becomes, as nancy said, who are they going to get to testify against her? are they going to need anyone to testify against anyone? are they going to need to make any, quote, deals? i don't know if they would in the context of a case like this with this much evidence. >> and, nancy, it seems like from the initial report from the prosecutor there, this is a woman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. that the nurse was determined to get some baby. >> yes, i think you're right. i don't think it was necessarily baby keegan. but she saw kala marie coming out of the pediatrician's office and went for it. on the other hand, with her connections, she is a vocational nurse. for all i know, she has some connections to kala and baby
7:37 am
keegan we don't know about yet. but this is what i do know. the man in the car knew full well what was going down because he sees her get out of the car, verna mcclain, he sees her get out of the car with a gun. he sits there while seven shots are fired. then, he decides to trot around and get the baby's car seat, while the mother's dying on the asphalt. so, he could go down, too. they get lethal injection there? i think that's a luxury. the electric chair is more appropriate for these two. >> i'm going to ask you because you've covered the case more than i have. as an expectant father, i was troubled by the idea that the dad wasn't given access to the child immediately. the child protective services is taking the child overnight. doing background checks. he'll probably get him back by the afternoon. you know, he's had a rollercoaster day. yeah, i understand that. but he's still the dad.
7:38 am
do you know anything more about why they wouldn't have given the father little baby keegan immediately after all of in happened? >> here's the thing. dan, you're right. i was very disturbed about that because last night, this is after he knows his wife has been gunned down. and she's screaming out to try to get her baby out of that lexus. not only him. but kala's mother showed up at the police station with him. so, if you think somehow in your investigating, was the father involved? which it's my understanding he was not involved. if you're investigating that, you think the mother was part of the murder of her own daughter? so, somebody should have that child. you know what? there's plenty of children out there in mortal danger. why focus on this father? give the father the baby, for pete's sake. >> let's hope they're reunited this morning. let's get weather from sam. >> good morning. we're going to start -- have you noticed how try it is along the east coast. pictures out of long island,
7:39 am
it's the second time we've had the wildfires in this area. this took 35 fire departments responding to get this together. it is at least moderate drought up the entire eastern seaboard. here's the first line of rain that will help in some areas. atlanta, you're getting more showers today. colombia to raleigh, you're getting the heaviest rain hit. more than two inches of rain. you can see that new jersey, southern new york, and long island, are tipped into that. we'll dry out for the end of the week. and another system will move in over the weekend. on the west coast, warming up in san francisco. phoenix could get their first 100 degrees by the end of that series so far this season. 94, by the time we get to >> iis a >> it is a beautiful day in the dallas area, all the way through
7:40 am
central texas. ul that weather was brought to you by kfc. george. coming up, demi moore's comeback. dazzling on the red carpet last night. her hint she may be ready to change her name. a few words. say first of all, thank you for the lovely meal jane. mom. and let's hear it for sara's paper mache eiffel tower. it's the washington monument. and dad, i'll never forget what you said to me this morning. you said "brian, it's 11:15. get up." so maybe this is just the cake talking but let's celebrate! [ male announcer ] celebrate the little things. buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake. aspirin is just old school. people will have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. that's why we developed bayer advanced aspirin with micro particles. now we're challenging you to put it to the test. visit to get your free bottle.
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we're back at 7:43. now, to demi moore. it's been several months of turmoil for the superstar. and she turned up on the red carpet last night. stepping out for the first time
7:44 am
since rehab. and lara is here with more. >> absolutely. she looked really good. she was on the red carpet last night. a remarkable red carpet comeback, if you will, from one of hollywood's biggest stars. demi moore has suffered through an incredibly trying six months, as he life publicly unraveled. but now, she's taking her first brave steps forward. it was her first public appearance, since the last of her very public marriage to ashton kutcher. and a stint in rehab. but demi moore stepped out last night in beverly hills, for the launch of the talk show "the conversation." and this shows a healthier-looking moore. which was followed by these 911 calls. >> semiconscious, barely. >> reporter: she went into treatment in february, reportedly for an eating disorder and addiction issues. last night's foray on to the red carpet, was accompanied with new tweets about her twitter handle, mrs. kutcher.
7:45 am
time for a change. twitter name change. any suggestions? and suggestions flooded in from her close to 5 million followers. yes. demi moore. or she who laughs last. and there was this one. mrs. happy, it's perfect for you. and responded, collecting all suggestions. thank you. keep them coming. on monday, she tweeted this self-portrait with a simple message, testing. >> a woman who is going through a divorce is going to imagine that if this one man doesn't love her, no one else will. but as time passes, and she grieves and she recovers herself, she will find love. >> reporter: and demi is already back at work. she is co-executive producing that talk show, "the conversation," with her friend. good to see her looking well. >> it is. are you ready for "play of the day"? are we brave enough? >> i think we are.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> we just had a little insight into what it's like inside the women's locker room. >> nothing more. >> save. for the second-best "play of the day." and this is going to be divided here on the couch because those of us with children will understand. those of us without children, will be thankful that they have no children. this is kirsten. we've all been there. 3-year-old asked to clear the table. just too much. >> you couldn't lift that up? >> no. i can't do it. >> don't throw it. don't throw it.
7:51 am
>> you can do it. let's go. put it in the sink. >> we should note, and here's some shocking news. she hadn't had a nap that day. >> oh. >> you get to dinner and you haven't had a nap. however, look at kirsten pull it together. >> yay. >> and she's going to bed. coming up, "dancing with the stars," gavin degraw, karina smirnoff. go nowhere. i love cash back.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. people in san francisco are marking the 106th anniversary of the devastating 1906 earthquake and fire this morning. mayor lee and others gathered along with two i quake survivors for a minute of silence. followed by a siren at 5:11 the moment the quake struck. let's check in with mike. this afternoon going to be brighter and warmer low 60s along the coast mid to upper 60s san francisco, richmond san mateo and oakland. low to mid 70s. tonight partly to mostly cloudy, low to mid 50s.
7:57 am
warmest saturday. capital corridor over 30 minute delays due to mechanical problems, also impacting ace number 3 over half an hour late towards great america. injury crash north 880 at burton causing heavy traffic in both directions.ñsñsñsñsñsñc
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] listening to the sweet sounds of gavin degraw. we see this great crowd outside this morning in times square. it was a tense duel in the ballroom last night. at the end, gavin and his partner, karina. that dance hall. >> so much pressure last night. >> yeah. so, gavin is the one to leave. they have boarded a flight. they're going to be here shortly, live right here in times square. >> he's so good natured through all this. all through it. "extreme makeover: weight loss edition," gave this viewer
8:01 am
the inspiration to lose 30 pounds and more, keep counting. and now, chris powell gives her the inspiration to drop more. there he is right now. >> great to have you back here with us, chris. and speaking of a different makeover. >> as you guys know, when the cameras aren't rolling, there's no place i'd rather be, than hunting for second-hand treasures to turn into interior design gold. some people call it junk. i call it treasure. sam and robin were generous and trusting enough, to let me loose into their homes to transform them. and wait until you see what we did. those are the befores. >> that's sam's. >> that's sam's. sam, you look disturbed there. >> i was a little frightened. >> let me say one word, elephant. >> and color. color. i didn't have color before lara came into my life. >> can we go back to the elephant? >> let's just say, the elephant
8:02 am
in the middle of the room. and we'll explain that later. >> nice tease. put up the picture. mollie king, lead singer of the saturdays. >> please. >> there it is right there. that's the one on the right. but is she prince harry's new girlfriend? she is not denying it all. but is she telling the whole truth? we're going to find out in a little bit. first, let's get news from josh. >> good morning to all of you. we're going to begin with the shocking story out of texas this morning. police have recovered 3-day-old keegan golden, just hours after his mother was shot to death in a doctor's office parking lot and he was snatched from her arms. abc news has learned that verna mcclain, a registered nurse, has been arrested and charged with capital murder. authorities believe mcclain wanted a baby of her own. another person of interest is also in custody. meanwhile, investigators are looking into whether prostitutes picked up by secret service agents in colombia last week, may have had access to the president's schedule or the
8:03 am
agents' phones. each agent involved will now be given a lie detector test, as u.s. investigators in colombia, try to track down as many as 21 women involved in this scandal. and the secret service is now investigating gun-toting rocker, ted nugent, for potentially threatening remarks he made about president obama. nugent, who has endorsed mitt romney, recently said he expects to be, and i quote, dead or in jail by this time next year, end quote. if president obama is re-elected. mitt romney has not responded directly. but a spokesperson says romney believes divisive language is offensive. and a developing story to bring you this morning out of north carolina. authorities there are asking for the public's help in the search for a missing soldier based at ft. bragg. police say they are concerned for the safety of 23-year-old kelly bordeaux, who was last seen saturday leaving a bar in fayetteville. a bar employee allegedly gave her a ride home. army officials say, at some
8:04 am
point, bordeaux sent two text messages, one of them saying she had arrived home safely. and a michigan woman who won a jackpot could be charged with fraud. prosecutors say amanda clayton continued to collect food stamps and public health insurance for months after accepting her lottery winning. she's vowing to fight the charges. and the final mystery surrounding that $656 million megamillions jackpot will be solved today. we still didn't win. the winner of the third and final share of the jackpot being revealed this morning in that tiny little town of red bud, illinois. congratulations to whom ever you are. and now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning, josh. tonight, we have something new in the way they inspect the chicken of your table. the chicken you eat. and a whistle-blowing is going to speak out on "world news." we'll see you then. finally, a sea rescue to
8:05 am
bring you. cameras rolling as rescuers staged a very delicate operation. sam, why don't you take over? a 40-foot whale. >> this is a 40-foot whale off the southern california coast. it got tangled up in 100-feet of fishing line. this morning, they're back at it. and that whale is so powerful, it dragged that rescue boat at least ten miles. the third whale to get trapped in the last month. how does it all happen? >> i don't know. tune in saturday morning on most of your abc stations, and find out. if i had grape nuts, this would be saturday. again, that's "sea rescue," starring sam champion. how about "pop news." >> i would love that. come on over. we have a sam rescue coming up later. first, let's get to "pop news." good morning, everybody. so, "mad men," must be done shooting for a little while.
8:06 am
someone has stolen don draper and replaced him with grizzly adams. >> what? >> yeah. take a look at this. >> oh, wow. a man growing facial hair. >> even the beard can't hide his good looks. >> i can. >> i still think -- look at those eyes. he was out supporting one of our friends, mario batali's very serious passion, the food bank of new york. it's called the can do awards. johnny m. can do what he wants. >> is that just for fun? does he have a role? >> i was thinking remake of "grizzly adams." wolfman jack. i'm not sure. we'll get back to you. >> wolfman jack. >> they went way back. almost the end of the road. i know, we're all sad about the end of the road for wisteria lane and the "desperate housewives" cast is getting sentimental as the show ends its eight-year run. felicity hoffman tweeted out these photos of day eight of the
8:07 am
countdown behind the scenes in what she calls the three amigas. there won't be a dry eye on the set or at our homes when the series airs its finale on may 18th. i know you have the election covered. i'll cover this next story. kim wants to run for mayor of glendale, california, a suburb of l.a. in on a recent clip, kim tells her sister, her plan is to run in five years. so, she will need to buy a house there to claim residency. however, a little snafu, as our researchers discovered. glendale doesn't hold public elections. it's a council vote. >> it's a sweet, little town. maybe we rethink that whole thing. okay? please. >> glendale rises up in revolt.
8:08 am
and finally, boo, the pomeranian, so adorable, he looks like he may be a stuffed animal. now, he has a kitty counterpart. the cat from russia. her tongue-wagging face, so cute, she has some web users thinking she's animatronic. so, i ask you. real kitty cat? or fake kitty cat? >> we have a fake over here. >> the cat pants like a dog. is that real or fake? >> that's not real. >> i don't think it's real. >> it's real. >> really? >> she's a real cat. and that's "pop news." >> wow. thank you, lara. sam, how about some weather? >> that's a little unusual. that's a little unusual. good morning, everybody. here in times square, where are you guys from? >> augusta, georgia. >> you're wearing the zip-up. it's a little chilly in times square. >> it's been warm. >> it was nice. now, we have chilly air in times square. hang on. it's a little breezy this morning. it's not that bad. let's get to the boards.
8:09 am
here's what's happening in your neighborhood. outside, we have a brand-new storm system coming into the northwest. with that, will come big wind and rain. this system becomes a real player on the board. it will drop all the way to the south. by the weekend, up the eastern. that means a lot of rain on the eastern seaboard. by then, you'll be paying attention to that storm. here's what's going on in the deep south, where
8:10 am
>> oh, there you go. go ahead, spin it around. kerrey's husband is mike. and she wanted to make a sign that says hi, mike. that's the best. lara, back inside. >> thank you, sam. here's a look at what else we have coming up on our "morning menu." gavin and karina, bounced from the ballroom. but they are here. good morning, i see them. they're looking good. they're in the studio. and they'll have all of the "dancing with the stars" dish. plus, this extreme makeover: weight loss edition, lost 1 is 30 pounds and counting. and see what happened when chris powell gave her the surprise of her life. royal romance? is this really prince harry's new girlfriend? we have inside partying pippa's costume bash, as well. all that coming up on "gma."
8:11 am
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8:15 am
it was a showdown last night on "dancing with the stars." gavin degraw versus jaleel white. the first-ever dance duel to determine who would be sent home. and when the smoke cleared, the judges had their say. >> it's time to decide, right now. what's your decision? >> jaleel and kim. >> that was the moment. gavin degraw and karina smirnoff, that was the after. they're with us now. >> it hurt me again. reliving the moment. >> this was the first time you guys had very little time to prepare. >> oh, yes. >> we had especially little time
8:16 am
to prepare. >> especially little time. >> we only had an hour and a half to do the whole dance. and i think for an hour and a half, that was really, really good. >> i'll say, yeah. >> karina. >> look at that posture. >> look at that wobbly leg. >> you had fun with this experience, didn't you? >> i did. i enjoyed it. i didn't expect to take home a mirrorball. i did go out there to have a great time and do something different. i've been on the road with my own music stuff. so, just the record and doing that crazy touring stuff. karina was cool enough to come on the road and give me some dance lessons. and granted, i didn't become the next elvis presley on the dance floor. but i had a great time. >> i don't know how you did this. touring at the same time and preparing for "dancing with the stars." >> the answer to that is poorly. >> you picked him a couple years
8:17 am
ago. you wanted this to happen. >> i think he did an amazing job on "dancing with the stars." having two jobs at the same time is not easy. coming out, you know? especially this season. this season is very, very strong. and i think if we were in any other season, we probably would have come very, very close to the trophy. >> you have a lot of people who know what they're doing this year. >> yeah. this season, we definitely have a lot of natural, strong dancers and people with previous experience. but i think we had a blast. you know, probably rumba's got to be his favorite dance. >> that was a special dance. >> it was the story of love. and since, you know, i'm his fake tv girlfriend. >> she's my fake tv girlfriend. >> yes. >> we talk about that a lot. >> your fake tv girlfriend. we hear a lot of rumors about real romances going on this year? >> i don't think we were one of the couples. we're like brother and sister. >> very sibling-esque. >> overall, did you get what you
8:18 am
wanted out of this experience? >> i would have loved to be on the show a little bit longer with karina. yeah, of course. i'd like, actually -- i like the way she tells me what to do, every day. and i'm not used to that. and having her around to break me down into that again was kind of nice. you know what i mean? and then, build me back up. gavin, listen. you're nothing without me on this floor. >> i can call in every day. >> you should. you should call my mom. >> going back on tour. we only have a few seconds left. what do you think is going to win? >> donald and peeta, donald and mark. >> and? >> she's more of a dance expert to me. it's a candy store to me. i like them all. >> all right. gavin, good to see you all. "dancing with the stars" returns monday at 8:00, 7:00 central.
8:19 am
tell us what you think? did gavin degraw deserve to go? >> no. great to have you both here with us. "extreme makeover: weight loss edition's" chris powell has inspired people to lose weight and get healthy. we're going to talk to chris in a minute. he's here live with us. let's look at one viewer who got quite a surprise from chris. >> i witnessed some amazing weight loss journeys. push. push. push. people work with me on "extreme makeover: weight loss edition." he can do this, he can do anything. and so many refuse to give up. go, go, go. what's really blew me away are the countless numbers of people who have written in, to share their own weight loss achievements. i'm currently down 120 pounds. wow. how do you feel? check out cassidy and shane from
8:20 am
fayetteville, north carolina. they lost a total of 150 pounds. and they're still going. >> we feel powerful. >> much more healthier. >> much healthier. >> you are the reason i do what i do. >> and maria, from ontario, canada. >> i've lost 45 pounds. and i'm just thrilled. >> you look amazing. then, i read about dana atkins from lafayette, louisiana. >> i used to be 380 pounds. as of today, i'm 183 pounds. i'm jogging. i'm able to walk and shop and enjoy myself. >> this is so cool. she says i would like to become a certified zumba instructor. >> i wanted to live life to the fullest. >> a cancer survivor, she wrote that "extreme makeover" inspired her. >> i can hear chris' voice in my head. even though my legs are on fire and my knees are hurting.
8:21 am
i hear him say, come on, dana. you've got this. i would finish the workout. >> she's done this all on her own. and here's how. step one. she tracks her daily intake on an app called loseit. >> you need to document your food intake and your exercising. >> step two, eat breakfast every morning. >> i have two boiled eggs. and i have a small cup of coffee. >> step three, mix it up occasionally. >> when i get tired of a sandwich, i eat a salad. >> the big rule, no carbs after 5:00 p.m. >> that night, we have baked chicken, grilled chicken, fish. >> and five days a week, without exception, she hits the gym for at least one hour of cardio. i'm right outside of cajun fitness, in lafayette, louisiana. and i'm going to surprise dana. she has no idea i'm here to visit her. but i'm here to congratulate her and give her words of encouragement for the journey ahead. i cannot wait. ready? all right. let's go.
8:22 am
dana? >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> i know that dana was excited to see me. but honestly, the pleasure was all mine. >> can i saw you something? >> absolutely. >> these were my pants that i was wearing. and these were too tight. >> what size are these? >> those are a 28. >> and what are these? >> these are an 18. >> this is an accomplishment. but i had another surprise for her. these are a size 10/12. >> wow. >> this is where you're going to be when you reach your goal. so, i want you to keep these. and i want you to take a picture of you in them, in one year, and send it to me. >> you got it. >> we got a deal? >> you got it. >> now, with the new goal to work toward, it was time to get moving. >> hello, everybody. this is chris powell.
8:23 am
and he's going to zumba with us. >> okay. so, i wasn't always in step. but it was fun. and most importantly, my new friend was dancing. every step, a little closer to her new goal. >> yes. and chris powell, who has moves like jagger, is here. >> you see that right there. >> is the author of "choose to lose." we'll see much more of him here at "gma." he's going to be a special contributor, bringing us stories of incredible transformation from all around the country. we are thrilled to have you on the team. >> thank you. >> and to meet dana right off the bat. that was two weeks ago, when we filmed this. she had lost 123 pounds at that time. since that time, she has lost an additional ten pounds. give us the initial, when you have success and keep going, give us tips. >> it's easy to get stuck in that rut. especially, you've been working hard. you're getting good results. and things slow down. the one thing we need to do is we need to use a secret called
8:24 am
the fit principle. f.i.t. "f" stands for frequency. "i" stands for intensity. if you've been walking at a treadmill at 3.0, bump it up to 3.5. if your body's used to 30 minutes. bump it up to 35. and the last "t," stands for type. if you are used to the treadmill, switch it over to the rowing machine. >> i know people are going to be e-mailing you and sending you suggestions. they're going to want you to see them, too. >> e-mail. share your stories with us. inspire us. and you never know. i might just show up in your hometown. >> all right. thank you. george? >> thank you. f.i.t.t. those are good tips for all of us. we turn to new video of pippa emerging from the wild costume bash in paris. and we kick up the reports about prince harry and mollie king, the lead singer of the
8:25 am
saturdays. and she's speaking out for the first time. nick watt has the story. >> reporter: a pop princess, meets a real-life prince in a karaoke bar. they croon all night. then what? the lovely mollie denied all the talk of romantic shenanigans. >> no. no. >> reporter: rewind. do we believe her? >> no. no. >> first of all, this story, i'm more excited by it because, if this is true, i want to meet kate. >> reporter: two schools of thought on this one. harry and mollie are hot and heavy. and she's just being coy. >> would you say he was the prince of pop? >> i would say so, yeah. i do. >> yeah, i think so. >> good. >> do you like prince of pops? >> i love justin bieber. he's amazing. >> reporter: or are they fanning the flames of rumored romance with the prince to boost record sales for their band, the saturdays? >> okay. it's about the next album, with the single coming out in about a
8:26 am
month's time. >> reporter: meanwhile, pippa middleton is drawing more heat, after her friend waved that gun, fake or not. and thanks to the gala, we have a peek at the wild costume party the night before. pippa, still the center of attention. back in that radio studio, talk keeps drifting back to secret love. >> i was just wondering if you have anything you want to share reque with us. >> no. >> reporter: are they? aren't they? welcome, mollie, to the party. so, why do we care about harry's love life so much? well, they say that every guy wants to have a beer with him. every girl wants to date him. personally, i just want another royal wedding. i want an excuse to talk about wedding gowns and bridal bouquets.
8:27 am
divers will start searching four more ponds this morning looking for any signs of sierra lamar missing more than a month. as the search continues techs are pouring over 12 hours of data from sonar scans taken from several ponds yesterday not far from her home. they are looking for anything out of the ordinary. let's check traffic now. there were earlier problems on capital corridor train number 524 running 45 minutes late it did affect ace 3 which got into the south bay 30 minutes late train number 5 just a couple minutes late. north 880 heavier approaching thornton because of an earlier crash. >> meteorologist mike nicco
8:28 am
has your forecast,
8:29 am
47 in redwood city, 48 los gatos, low to mid 50s mainly cloudy high clouds and sun this afternoon low to mid 70s inland mid to upper 60s -- tonight partly to mostly cloudy mainly upper 40s to low 50s. five to 15° warmer by
8:30 am
saturday. news continues with "good morning america." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] did we ever find sam? there he is. good morning, america. humpday. halfway there. a great crowd joining us here. you know who is inside? it it's lucy liu. she has great reviews for her show, "southland." she has a project she's working on. recently back from haiti. there's always so much talk. >> has a spring dress on. >> yeah. we're going to look at the board right now. we're going to show her raking and bagging up leaves.
8:31 am
who doesn't like to do that? i don't love it. becky's going to tell us that we don't have to. 13 secrets to save on your gardening. i don't know. we'll find out. >> the rake cam. that, too. breaking new boundaries here. also, revving up for a special series. again, we need you. remember steve, the bulldog. had some great tricks. rode his way to stardom. and champion of "gma's" top dog. can your pooch do better? send us your video. the most jaw-dropping tricks ever. and your dog in the dog v. dog competition can be top dog. go to on yahoo! for more info. >> we're doing that again, huh? >> we'll need a winner, of course. when you're not here with us, you're out there turning second-hand junk into treasure. you took on your tough et two challenges. >> i dare say that i have.
8:32 am
thank you, josh. >> is that a slam? >> no. josh is referring to a project i did, airing this friday night on hgtv. it's a special. it was a very damaging decorating project. it was so important to me. decorating for two very dear friends. >> dear friends. >> that you might know. and i'm looking at you two, right now. take a look. whether i'm at a flea market. don't you take my treasures, people. an auction. or going for the gold in my favorite sport, dumpster diving. i love these chairs. the judge's award will be a perfect ten, once i rescue, recycle and reinvent it. >> it's going to look like a $300, $400 piece. it's what i do to create rooms that only look like a million bucks. plus, the pressure's on now, when i have to put my skills to the test, for two of my favorite people. >> in new york, especially, space is a premium.
8:33 am
i have my little den. i think my coffee table's not the right height. i have these chairs. just the little things. overall, i'm there. >> reporter: yeah. >> but the little things really set it off. make it a home. >> reporter: how do you feel about pieces that have been around the block? >> i don't really -- it doesn't have to be brand-new. i want a story to it. >> reporter: tell me about your apartment. >> there are a couple of key pieces that i haven't really thought about. like, when you flop down on the couch and you don't have any place to put your feet. i'm that guy. >> reporter: is that what you want me to look for? a coffee table and some pops of color? >> i think that's exactly what's missing. >> reporter: i know i can find exactly what i need for these two, at my favorite flea market. my friend, sam, is looking for a pop of color in his apartment. and i just spotted this cute, little -- this guy. >> that's a giveaway, with the rug. >> reporter: it's a giveaway?
8:34 am
>> with the rug. >> reporter: let's do it. nice coffee table. the legs are a little beaten up. but i can clean that up. i'll polish this up. and you know what? i'd adds character. now, i need to find the perfect table for robin. >> i'll give it to you for $150. >> reporter: your final offer? i have the mirror. >> you get the mirror, too, i drop another $10. >> reporter: this is an example of thinking out of the box. try to imagine things in a different way. this plant is a little tragic. but i love the container. and because the bottom is finished, it makes a great cocktail table. you look great. but it's not just sam and robin i'm design-hunting for. meet my friend, dana. she's moving into a new home in los angeles, with three, little boys under foot. and she's asked for my assistance to achieve her designer dreams on a dime. >> wow, lara. look at this. >> reporter: whoever painted that orange chest forgot to do
8:35 am
the sides. who cares? it's $70. i'll guy a can of orange paint. a can of spray paint can be a decorato decorator's best friend. every piece that i just designed is from a thrift shop. speaking of signature pieces. remember the treasures i picked up for sam and robin? after a little tlc, it's time for the big rereveal. >> i can do this. >> reporter: you asked me to pick out a couple of things. this is not a big deal. a couple of things can make a big difference. >> lara. this is beautiful. you even moved the chairs across from each other. >> reporter: remember the planter? now, there's a place to plant your drink. >> this table is awesome. >> reporter: you're in the space. the room looks twice the size. >> it's a major wow. >> reporter: kind of nervous. >> i'm not looking. >> reporter: now, i'm not
8:36 am
looking. all right. >> really like it. i really, really like it. you could not have found something that i love more. >> reporter: it had a lot of water spots. it had a lot of nicks on it. and i gave it a quick once-over with one of my favorite tricks. >> what's that? >> reporter: black magic marker. >> which you can't tell bauds it looks great. plus the rug. >> reporter: this is a real persian rug. >> i love that it's faded. you worked hard. you deserve cocktails. >> well, you guys can see the big show friday night at 8:00 on hgtv for more on sam and robin's rooms. >> and i kept everything just like you put it. >> sam got rid of one piece. >> i did get rid of one piece that was not there. >> you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find prince charming.
8:37 am
>> one thing. >> i found sam an elephant side table. even the best of us make mistakes. >> no. it's out on the terrace. it lives in the garden on the terrace now. >> lara was going to do my house. but we didn't have time for a five-episode miniseries. >> judging by your office, it could have been a week. >> yeah. >> i'm going to -- would you want her to come decorate for you? >> thank you. >> a lot of people who play at that and say they do it. but, lara spencer, you're the real deal. >> thank you. >> if you have wasted your money on other people's books -- this one is worth buying. let's get to the boards. show you exactly what's going on. look at this. stormy skies. if i saw this coming at me in dawsonville, georgia, i would hit the pavement. there would be smoke under my feet. and stormy skies in charlotte, as well. here's where it lights up today. not severe weather. but a good amount of heavy rain.
8:38 am
and the carolinas will get the most of it. that pocket around tallahassee is getting some of it. northwest gets a storm system. this becomes a player for the entire country during the week. right now, it's just in the northwest. it's gorgeous in the deep south. >> will someone tell robin she should be inside? >> doing something on the show. >> she's like hanging with us. oh, i got to go. >> have you seen the new flowers in the patch, by the way. that's gorgeous. beautiful. >> all that weather was brought to you by big lots. and coming up. robin's inside with lucy liu. she's inside. and we have the 13 secrets to
8:39 am
saving time and money opinion more with lucy first. let's see lucy.xx
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
thrilled to have lucy liu here with us. she just finished a turn on the cop drama "south land." it's getting a lot of emmy buzz. and she's coming through on a charitable effort that could save children's lives all over the world. we're so happy to have lucy with us. >> i'm so happy to be here. >> i love talking in the commercial break and getting caught up. let's share now, with everybody. great turn on "south land." >> thank you. >> and i understand the role was created for you because of you being on "e.r." in the mid-'90s? >> yeah. i was on "e.r.," and i got a call from john saying, would you like to come onboard and do something more down to earth. nothing flying through the air. and i said, yeah. that sounds great. and i didn't know what he would have me do. i thought he was going to have me be a detective. and he put me on the street. >> sure did. >> he put me on the street. it was really intense. >> it was very physical.
8:43 am
it was nice to see you, lucy, in a different kind of role for you. >> yeah. >> allowed the character to be vulnerable, too. >> she's very raw. and she's very real. and i think the situations they put her in and the way they right the script and the way it's produced, it's very -- they basically wanted "cops" scripted. it keeps people on their toes. >> you're used to seeing you in "charl "charlie's angels" and "kill bill." you didn't mean to be an action star. >> i didn't mean to get bruised up. >> you see the roles, and you're just perfect for them. i would imagine you like to show your range. >> it's fun to do that and make it convincing. when you get home, you're like, i need traction. >> and i want to talk to you about, you are, again, a unicef ambassador. and i know you just got back from haiti. and everyone wants to know, how is it there? >> haiti is in a lot of need
8:44 am
still. it's in disrepair since the earthquake. i don't know that it's progressed in a way that everyone would have hoped to have it. in the stage that it is, it still needs a lot of care. and of course, children are our number one concern. and i think that i'm working, now, with heinz, who has a micronutrient campaign, to cure anemia. and that's something we really need to look at because children when they're under the age of 5, are much more vulnerable to that. and that's when they're developing intellectually. and when they're physically developing. and that's the most important time for them. and they develop something that's very easy to help them. >> this, right here, this little pack. it has the nutrition that children need in these types of countries. and we saw the video there. you mix it in the food so they can't taste it. >> there's no smell. there's no taste. and the kids do this themselves. we went to an orphanage out there and worked with the children.
8:45 am
and they were so eager to see us. they ripped the package open. and they sprinkle it on the food. you can mix it or not. and it's pretty easy to put it in porridge. we had rice and beans and vegetables. it's very easy. if they take this packet over a period of four months, they can basically eliminate any of those issues that they were having before. and you can see when a child is malnutritioned and starving. their skin has disorders. their hair has a separate color than it normally has. they become ashy. and it's so incredible to see the difference between children who have had this and who haven't. >> it shows you that little things can make such a big difference. >> and it's only $1.50 for an entire year, for children. and it's less than a cup of coffee. it's something we encourage people to get involved with. and they can go to and pick it up.
8:46 am
it's not a program they're looking for donations right now. it's something they're giving back to the community. but it's something they want people to be aware of. >> know what's going on there. >> yeah. >> and what's next for you? >> well, i'm taking a little break right now. but i just finished shooting something in new york called "elementary," which is really fun. it's a pilot. >> you'll have to come back and tell us about that. thank you for the work you're doing. >> thanks for having me. coming up, 13 secrets your landscaper isn't telling you. but we will. becky
8:47 am
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] great crowd out here in the patch. we're celebrating spring garden season. we have an update this morning on everything you need to know to make your garden look great. becky worley hooked up with our friends at "reader's digest" and unearthed the secrets your gardner may not let you in on. >> reporter: weed, pull, mulch,
8:49 am
mow. we need all the help we can get to tame the jungle that is the backyard. so, here is a cornucopia of secrets your gardner won't tell you. up first, don't rake those winter leaves. mow them. and without the bag. they mulch into the lawn, giving it a super-charged boost of nutrients. less work and free fertilizer, yes. next, a big question for lawn-lovers, how much to water? good news, there's an app for that. sprinkler time. use your zip code to program your sprinklers to use the least amount of water possible and get fabulous green grass. when it comes to fertilizers, most have way too much nitrogen. use it only twice a year. ready for herb hints? if you need more mint or extra oregano, don't buy more seeds. take the hushes you have and clone them. a cutting placed in water will
8:50 am
drop roots that you can plant. or you can pinch off the top and just drop it into the dirt. don't tell, but this whole clump came from just one sprig that i pinched out of my neighbor's garden. a lot of people love that pretty, red mulch that keeps weeds down and frames flower beds. but the next secret, that mulch has been found to contain arsenic and other chemicals that can be harmful to children and pets and will contaminate your soil. keeping it natural. vin car will kill weeds in the sidewalk crack. finally, the bain of my herb garden. munching slugs. give them beer. they can't resist. they will down in the suds. and i found a whole new reason to love gardening. they don't need the whole bottle. >> taking it more with the
8:51 am
editor in chief of "reader's digest," liz vaccariello. what's going on? >> most healthy lawns only require one inch of water once a week. if it's extreme drought or heat, maybe you do it every five days. but you want the lawn to need water. you want the roots to extend down in search of ground water. >> letting it get a little dry. >> yes. >> this is something called weed fabric, which you don't like at all? >> no. landscapers that "reader's digest" talked to said it's not worth your time or money. it prevents the leaves and mulch from settling into your garden. and eventually, weeds grow anyway. >> don't waste your money. how do you use this color wheel? >> you're trying to pick the best flawers for your garden, one of the tips is to use a color wheel.
8:52 am
and use flowers on opposite sides of the wheel. your yellows or your oranges, opposite a purple. and they look beautiful together. also, another tip, is that you can -- >> i like that one. >> the temperature of your color. have you ever heard of that? >> no. >> choose all warm colors or all cool colors. and they'll look nice together in terms of the whole yard setting. >> and you say to plant them in clumps. >> yeah. when you go to the store to buy the flowers, you don't want to just buy one. and you also want to have the eye to have a focal point. you don't want the eye bobbing around. you want to take the bright colors. come over here. we're going to plant them in blobs around your garden. you take the bright colors. three, five or seven. you want to have odd numbers. three, five or seven. bright colors or bright children, whatever you want to do. and plant them. >> put them to work planting them. >> put them to work planting them around your yard. something fun to look at.
8:53 am
this is a perfect color. >> how does it look to you? >> good. >> all right. a lot more gardening secrets, the 13 things at at yahoo! we'll be right back.oaoaoaoaoaoi
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8:56 am
a filibuster here. josh won't do his joke. >> he's trying. tomorrow on "good morning america" -- no? >> no. >> you're safe at home, people. robert downey jr., jeremy renner, and the cast of "aven r "avengers." join us live. have a great day.
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good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. investigators antioch are looking into the cause of an apartment fire that damaged eight homes started 9:00 last fight at the delta pines apartments on sycamore drive. no word on how many are displaced. the keefe says nobody was injured. >> here's meteorologist mike nicco. good morning. high clouds sun, warming trend begins today upper 50s to low 60s along the coast. low to mid 70s inland. this is just the beginning. by the weekend we'll be in the 80s almost everywhere except the coast. a traffic spotter reported a major accident westbound across the san mateo bridge 20 minutes ago it just cleared. here's a live shot from the toll plaza, 10 minute d


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