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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 21, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, the courtroom shocker. george zimmerman, set to walk free on bail at any moment, after his surprise testimony, telling trayvon martin's parents, he is sorry. but did he help or hurt his case? air scare. three planes, three bird strikes all in one day. vice president biden and hillary clinton's planes both hit on the same day. this jumbo jet, had to turn back due to birds. how dangerous are the bird strikes? the fallout, more agents out, as new details leak in the secret service investigation. the head of the agency called on the carpet by the president himself. as one agent vows to fight his firing. and a real hangover. three men get drunk, break into
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sea world and steal a penguin. when they wake up the next morning -- >> i can't believe we stole a penguin. >> and realized it all really happened. what happened next will shock you as much as it shocked them. good morning, everybody. well, bianna is off on maternity leave. i'm very happy to welcome abc news correspondent, sharyn alfonsi, just back from her own maternity leave. >> we're a fertile group here at abc. >> baby number two. >> two and done. i have a 2-year-old and a baby. the 2-year-old, keeping him from putting his little sister in the freezer, a challenge. one thing sharyn was not doing on maternity leave. take a look at this video. these idiots are diving into a pool full of dolphins at sea world. then, they kidnap that poor,
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little penguin. >> and all on videotape, which is a good thing for us to watch it and laugh at their hangover. i love it. >> that story is coming up. we also do have genuine news this morning. a new development in the missing soldier from ft. bragg. the last man to see kelli bordeaux alive at a bar last friday night has turned himself in to police. does this have anything to do with her disappearance? and did you hear the story of the young surfer killed in a shark attack? it turns out the waters were baited by a reality show crew to bring the sharks to the surface. it's apparently a very common practice. everyone is asking, did that cause this young man's death? >> the family is outraged in this case. and pippa middleton, spotted for the first time since riding shotgun in paris. she's back in london. and as you can see, she is not smiling. we begin with george zimmerman. he is now set to walk free on bail at any moment. this is after abc news exclusively obtained this photograph of zimmerman's head taken moments after he shot trayvon martin. abc's matt gutman is in sanford,
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florida, with that potentially game-changing day in the courtroom. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, sharyn. it was supposed to be a routine bail hearing. it was anything but. turning into a minitrial, with the defense, putting the prosecution's chief investigator on the stand. plugging holes right in their most critical argument, that it was zimmerman who began the confrontation that night. but the most unorthodox move of putting the murder defendant, george zimmerman, on the stand, in a bail hearing. george zimmerman's first public statement, not to the court, but to trayvon martin's stricken parents. >> i wanted to say, i am sorry for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was. i thought he was a little bit younger than i am. and i did not know if he was armed or not. >> reporter: something ridiculed by the prosecution, as a stunt. >> why did you wait 50-something days to tell them, that is the parents? >> i don't understand the question. >> reporter: outside the court, outrage.
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>> this was the most disingenuous, unsincere thing i've ever seen. it was insulting to the family. >> reporter: zimmerman spoke softly, his hands and feet shackled. chest protected by a bulky bullet-proof vest. and his credibility, defended by his parents. zimmerman's father, vouching for his son. >> i believe him because he's been honest his whole life. >> reporter: and his mother, talking about his son's devotion to the two children he mentored. >> what was the racial background of the two children that he mentored? >> african-american, sir. >> reporter: both of them speaking via phone, because they feared for their safety if they showed up in court. and in the crucible of the courtroom, the prosecution seemed to falter. zimmerman's attorney, grilling the chief investigator. >> do you know who started the fight? >> do i know? >> right. >> no. >> do you have any evidence as to who may have started the fight?
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>> no. >> reporter: a stunning admission, since the prosecution insists zimmerman was the aggressor against martin that night. and in fact, abc news has exclusively obtained this photograph, also given to investigators, which appears to show the bloody back of george zimmerman's head. and was taken just moments after zimmerman shot martin. it seems to support zimmerman's claim that he was locked in a life and death struggle with martin that night. ultimately the judge wasn't convinced there was enough evidence to keep zimmerman jailed throughout the trial. >> going to grant the motion and set bond at $150,000. >> reporter: and we're told it may take a couple of days for the zimmerman family to scramble together that $15,000. and when he's out of the jail behind me, zimmerman will not be a free man. he will still have an ankle bracelet monitoring his movement. he will be in a secret, undisclosed location. probably not allowed out very much. and he will not be able to use alcohol, and of course, firearms. sharyn?
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>> matt, i'll pick it up from here. that's matt gutman, who has been covering the story since the beginning of the case. we're joined, now, from sanford, florida, by jean casarez. she was in the courtroom yesterday. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thank you. >> there's been debate on whether it helped or hurt him to take the stand. and you really honed in on one detail in particular, that he didn't know if trayvon martin was armed. why was that statement so important? >> it was important. he was saying, i didn't know if he had a weapon. if you're asserting self-defense, you have to say, i thought he had a weapon, i thought he was taking it out, i thought he reaching for my weapon. so, it is something i think could come back to haunt the defense. but on another note, why did he make this apology during the hearing yesterday? you cannot talk to the family, even through a mediary. george zimmerman wanted to talk to the family. he couldn't. his only time was during that hearing yet. >> what about the shaky
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performance by the lead prosecutor in the case? >> extremely damaging. he was under oath. he had signed the affidavit. and with critical questions, who started the confrontation? i don't know. do you have anything to contradict that zimmerman walked to his truck? no. we have nothing to contradict that. that was shocking yet. >> let me bring up that picture that abc news obtained exclusively, of the back of george zimmerman's head. taken just seconds after the attack. there's been a statement from trayvon martin's family that's intriguing to me. zimmerman never went to the hospital, never got stitches. how much will this picture actually help his defense?
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>> well, mark o'mara held up medical records from that night, and the injuries. and the prosecution did not have them. do you want them? i've got them. the cement -- and the prosecution did not contradict that either, yesterday. the cement, if his head was banged into the cement, and he didn't produce those injuries himself. he didn't cause them himself. the cement becomes a deadly weapon. and that will be very, very important to the defense. and that picture could be critical. >> but how deadly if he didn't have to go to the hospital? jean casarez, thank you. three more agents canned for partying with prostitutes at this hotel, while on assignment in colombia. and the big question this morning, will the head of the secret service survive the intense scrutiny. abc's david kerley has more from washington this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, sharyn. the number of men being investigated has grown. the boss got an update.
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and there's more calls for dramatic changes at the secret service. what happened in cartagena has now led to another three secret service agents being forced out. a total of six. five others remain under investigation, as well as now, 11 members of the military. prostitutes, alcohol, and unpaid bills led to this scandal. with american and colombian investigators trying to piece together what happened before the president arrived for a summit. abc news' reena ninan is in cartagena. >> we're learning more about the women being questioned by local police. we have exclusive video of one of the women involved in this scandal, seen here wearing white. abc news witnessed four of the women being pulled out of one of the brothels where the men partied. >> reporter: as that woman was being detained, for the first time, the head of the secret service, briefed the president, face-to-face. mark sullivan left the white house with his job. although some are calling for a house-cleaning at the agency.
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especially after this. one of the agents, identified who worked a detail for the vice presidential candidate, sarah palin in 2008, wrote on his facebook page, with this picture, quote, i was really checking her out, if you know what i mean. >> check this out, bodyguard, you're fired. playing with the taxpayers' dime, playing with prostitutes and checking out those who they are guarding. >> reporter: a secret service agent demeaning someone he is charged with protecting. and the agency didn't know or didn't do anything about it? >> i don't know if we can expect director sullivan, to know everything that's posted on every website or every facebook page. so, again, we have to see all the facts. >> reporter: the white house says it's too early to say if there is a cultural problem, a boys' club, at the secret service. the white house does say the president never felt like his security was threatened when he was in colombia. one of the agents that was dismissed earlier in the week says he's going to fight and he's going public next week. dan? >> david, thank you. now, to danger onboard air force two. vice president biden's plane, coming in for a landing.
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when birds fly into the engine. the pilots spring into action and manage to bring the plane down safely. on the same day, hillary clinton's plane was hit. and so was a commercial plane. so, what's going on here? let's go to abc's karen travers also in washington. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. so much for the friendly skies. they're more likely full of angry birds taking aim at high-ranking officials. these bird strikes are fairly common. but sometimes they can cause significant damage. on thursday, three high-profile incidents of birds flying into jet engines. first, air force two. vice president biden's plane was on approach into california's santa barbara airport, when the 757 was hit by birds. the pilots noticed the bird strike right as it happened. but sources say that passengers couldn't even tell the plane had hit anything. >> think about a bird. it could be a small bird, a couple ounces, to eight, nine, ten pounds.
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the size of the bird matters. how fast the aircraft is going matters. >> reporter: the v.p.'s plane touched down safely. an air force official said at no point was anyone in danger. on the same day, a bird flew into the engine of the plane carrying secretary of state hillary clinton. the flight was smooth. officials only discovered the bird after the plane had landed. and then, there was that dramatic emergency landing at new york's jfk airport. just seconds after a smooth takeoff, a flock of large birds was sucked right into the plane's turbine. >> delta 1063, has had an engine failure in the right engine. declaring an emergency due to a bird strike. >> reporter: passengers say the plane trembled. the cabin filled with smoke. >> hit the right engine. the plane shook us. i felt we were coming down. >> reporter: bird strikes may be terrifying for passengers. but they're actually very common. according to the faa, they happen 20 times a day. every year, birds cause over
7:13 am
$600 million to aircraft. >> it may be coincidence that we've seen a couple high-profile bird strikes in the past couple days. but we need to remember that this is spring. and it's the bird migratory season. >> reporter: experts say there's a greater risk for bird strikes during migration. so, for the next couple weeks, they may have to learn to play nice and share the skies. sharyn? >> okay. thanks, karen. now, to the landmark case that could be cracked at any moment. searches are looking for clues in the 1979 disappearance of a 6-year-old that became the poster boy for missing children. abc's t.j. winick is at the site. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: sharyn, good morning. the digging, the demolition of the basement in the building behind me began early thursday morning. and investigators expect to be at it for four or five more days. the cement floor inside this building, now demolished. new york city police and fbi investigators, carrying it out piece by piece.
7:14 am
now, perhaps closer than ever to uncovering new clues in the 33-year-old disappearance of 6-year-old etan patz. and this morning for the first time, we're hearing how the family is reacting to the current investigation. former abc news producer, lisa cohen, wrote a book about the case and recently spoke to etan's father, stan. >> he's so grateful they're actually moving forward with the case. and if anything happens, it can bring some kind of peace to that family. >> reporter: it started when police put special odor-absorbent pads in the basement for days. cadaver dogs responded positively to the scent, suggesting a hit. it was 33 years ago, that the little boy vanished, after kissing his mother good-bye and setting out for the school bus stop on his own for the first time. police have long focused on this man. he is currently in jail on unrelated child molestation charges.
7:15 am
>> i have no comment on the patz case whatsoever. >> reporter: now, investigators are looking at carpenter othneil miller, who used the space in 1979. authorities know he befriended the boy. etan even visited the basement the night before his disappearance. >> mr. miller denies involvement of what happened to this beautiful, young boy. mr. miller has been cooperating with this investigation for over 30 years. >> reporter: a source tells abc news, fresh concrete was poured soon after etan was last seen. now, after two days of work, the floor has been jackhammered to pieces. they will soon be sifted, sorted and analyzed. etan's parents still live in this neighborhood. and while they are, of course, being kept up to date on the investigation, so far, they are choosing not to speak publicly about this latest development. dan and sharyn? >> thanks, t.j. it's so good that they're still looking for answers in that. >> hope the parents get those answers.
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now, let's get to ron claiborne with the rest of the morning's top stories. the bespectacled ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> good morning to you, dan and sharyn. good morning, everyone. we begin with a scare on the tarmac at l.a. international airport. no, not birds. two planes collided last night. one was preparing to take off. you see the damage in this video, to the parked sky west plane, after it clipped wings with another plane pulling back from the gate. the faa is investigating that accident. and pakistan has launched an investigation into its second, major air disaster in less than two years. all 127 people onboard were killed on friday, when a jet crashed that was trying to land during a thunderstorm at islamabad's main airport. authorities believe that the weather is to blame. the head of the airline has been blocked from leaving the country and placed into custody. and president obama has a big financial edge over republican rival mitt romney, although that is not expected to last. the president has more than $100 million in his campaign war chest.
7:17 am
about ten-times what romney has. the drawn-out gop primary depleted romney's bank account. but he's expected to benefit from major republican donors. and good news for smokers and former smokers looking to kick the habit. a new study finds that exercising as little as 15 minutes a day makes it easier to quit. 55% more likely to stop smoking than those who were not active. and queen elizabeth is celebrating her 86th birthday today. she will celebrate privately with her family. the public celebration comes later in june with the diamond jubilee. that's marking 60 years of the queen's reign. and finally, it seems that dan's pal, curtis jackson, 50 cent, is not that well-known in malaysia. a mention of the best-selling rapper in the newspaper there, was converted into the local currency. the papers editor joked on
7:18 am
twitter that the first responsible will be forced to listen to rap music. and dan harris is now going to sing "in da club." for all of our malaysian viewers. dan, take it away. go. >> thank you. i can translate it, too. i can tell you, having spent a bunch of time with 50, he wouldn't mind the inflation at this time. thanks, ron. >> you're welcome. >> who knew dan had such game? >> that's right. let's go to the weather and ginger zee. >> dan gets cooler every day. let's start right away with a big storm that's going to affect so many people this weekend. already hit houston. ktrk is where we begin. the photographer couldn't go out in it. just in the courtroom watching the gusty winds. that type of weather moves on through the gulf into florida. we wake up this morning in miami, with a live shot there. very soaking morning in miami. we also have the potential for severe storms in parts of central and southern florida. you're seeing it here. isolated tornadoes. severe damaging winds and hail. that same low, now going to take its time, tracked up the atlantic coast.
7:19 am
and bring much-needed rain, not only to florida, but up the coast, where we had the wildfires from new york to boston. you go inland a little, up in elevation. you're talking snow, late-season snow, from pittsburgh to buffalo. some of the higher elevations, more than a half-foot. this is the other part of this. it's the converse. phoenix will see its first 100-degree temperature, about three weeks early. a lot of heat out in the west.
7:20 am
>> let's get straight to the facebook photos. a sun halo from grand rapids, michigan, my hometown. beautiful shot there. >> flying saucer. >> isn't it pretty? i know. that, too. and the night sky from yoni. he works with us. but i had to show it. he lives in hoboken. how pretty is that? thank you so much for both of those photos. you can find me at >> i don't think those were taken with the iphone. those look a little better quality, right? >> she gets so excited about the weather, she was telling me it was going to rain and she was smiling. i resent it. >> it's going to help the drought. >> good enough. thank you. now, to the story of a billionaire boys club with a big, big dream. these are some of the richest guys on planet earth. and they're now starting a company in space. abc's yunji de nies is all over the story. >> reporter: they are some of the most influential and wealthiest men on the planet.
7:21 am
google's larry page and eric schmidt. director james cameron, peter diamandis, and billionaire, ross perot jr. these power players, along with a number of incredible minds, plan to take on outer space. >> if you put two google billionaires with a microsoft billionaire, and some astronauts together, you can't go wrong. >> reporter: just what they're up to is still a mystery. they've announced they're forming a new space exploration company to expand earth's resource base. creating a new industry and new definition of natural resources. what does that mean? diamandis gave "forbes" this hint. >> since my childhood, i wanted to do one thing. be an asteroid miner. >> reporter: that's right. asteroid mining. >> we need private enterprise, especially people with deep pockets to jump-start the program. and maybe mining the heavens is
7:22 am
just the ticket. >> reporter: this is no moon mission. we're talking deep outer space. no man has ever drilled into an asteroid, unless you count bruce willis, in "armageddon." >> we got a hole in the thing. >> reporter: but instead of blowing an asteroid up, the idea would be to take resource out. minerals and compounds that may not exist on earth, that would be worth untold millions. >> and if they win, they'll have riches beyond comprehension. and that's going to be the payoff. >> reporter: it's an expensive, high-risk, dangerous endeavor. but this group has the minds and the money to accomplish just about any mission. for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news, atlanta. >> who comes up with this stuff? this is why we're not billionaires. >> we lack the imagination. >> exactly. coming up on this saturday morning, the mystery deepens in the frantic search of a soldier from ft. bragg missing for more than a week. her brother is pleading for held help. and why the last person to see
7:23 am
her alive has turned himself into police. plus, shark attack. a surfer is killed by a great white. is reality tv to blame? are they bringing more sharks in the area to make good tv? also, coming up, perhaps the best story of the morning. we're calling it the hangover part three. three guys make a boozey break-in at seaworld. and take off with this penguin. they filmed the whole thing. we'll show you the video. keep it here, people.
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do not go in the bathroom. >> calm down. >> there is a tiger in the bathroom. >> i can't believe the penguin in my apartment there. we stole a penguin. >> three guys on vacation wake up to find this cute little penguin in their hotel room. and they claim they have no idea how it got there. sound familiar? we're calling it the real-life "hangover." how did the penguin get from seaworld to their room? fortunately for us, unfortunately for them, they videotaped the whole thing. we're going to show you, coming up here on "good morning america," on this saturday morning. saturday morning. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm sharyn alfonsi. if i had a dollar for every time that happened to me. >> that's nothing compared to sharyn's craziness. >> i'm in for bianna golodryga. it's saturday, april 21st. also, is reality tv to blame for the death of this young
7:31 am
surfer? he was killed by a shark. the shark allegedly baited to come to the surface so they could get their shot. i can't believe i'm uttering these words again. lindsay lohan is in trouble again. i know. can you believe it? find out what happened when she was out partying with her dad, who as it turns out, is not the best chaperon. >> oh, my. imagine that. we're going to begin with the search for that missing north carolina soldier. it's been a week since anyone's heard or seen from kelli bordeaux. her brother appeared for the first time, pleading for help finding his sister. and tanya rivero joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: bordeaux's brother describes his sister who loves her life and her job as an army health specialist. and there's no reason she would disappear on her own. police say the man who may be the last to see kelli bordeaux, sex offender nicholas holbert, turned himself in last night for
7:32 am
not registering his latest address. still, with no new leads, her family is desperate. but not giving up hope. >> there's no doubt in my mind that we're going to find her alive. >> reporter: bordeaux's brother says he's been looking for his little sister, 8 to 12 hours a day, while police conduct their own search, of woods and waterways. ever since she was reported missing monday, when she failed to report for duty at ft. bragg. >> it's so unimaginable to wake up every day. and this is the reality. you know? i'm standing in front of you guys. hoping that my sister is found safe and sound. >> reporter: early last saturday morning, bordeaux left this north carolina bar, froggy bottoms, with holbert. police say holbert is not a person of interest, even though they have questioned him twice. this is what he tells police and reporters. >> did you kill her? >> i did not. >> did you have anything to do with her disappearance? >> i had nothing to do with it. i picked her up and took her
7:33 am
home that night. that's it. >> reporter: holbert was convicted of indecent liberties with a 5-year-old girl when he was 16. he said he met bordeaux a few weeks ago. according to police, bordeaux's civilian husband of two years was out of town last weekend, visiting family in orlando. her family says no one should underestimate the 5-foot 100-pound blonde. she is stronger than she looks. >> she's going to fight and survive. and it is what it is. >> reporter: and authorities are still treating bordeaux's disappearance as a missing person's case. but homicide detectives are now involved in the investigation, as well. dan? >> a worrying sign. thank you, tanya. a young man dead, a family in mourning and a reality tv show in the crosshairs. the producers of a show called "shark men" are now accused of creating the conditions for a shark attack that killed a young surfer. abc's lama hasan is here with more on that story. lama, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan.
7:34 am
the film crew is blamed by some for riling up the sharks using the practice as chumming, bringing the dangerous beach close to the waters, used by surfers. >> he's right there. >> reporter: it is dangerous work. with dangerous consequences. they are the makers of national geographic's "shark men." a show featuring scientists catching and then tagging sharks for research. >> if we don't handle a few of these sharks and we don't know anything about their life, we could accidentally wipe them off the face of the planet. >> reporter: last week, they were filming in south africa. but just days after they left, this. a shark killed 20-year-old champion bodyborder david lilienfeld. these pictures taken just moments after his death. his father consoling his brother. and a friend comforting him. there hasn't been a shark attack in the area for several years.
7:35 am
now, these researchers are being blamed for lilienfeld's violent death because they use the practice of chumming, throwing large amounts of bait to lure these fierce predators closer. a frenzy of scathing attacks was ignited on the "shark men's" facebook page. one wrote, was it worth it? the life of a young surfer? another says, morons. stay in your own country. so, are the makers of "shark men" responsible for lilienfeld's death? >> it's more a tragic accident. the fisher group were not there at the time of the attack. they had been there three days before. >> reporter: the team posted a report of the shark attack done by the city of cape town, that does not implicate them. saying, quote, there is no evidence or reason to suggest that the tagging of 4 white sharks over a period of 24 hours had any role to play in the tragic events that occurred. well, the locals may be angry. but an official with cape town's environmental agency says there was no correlation between the
7:36 am
attack and the chumming because the crew was working too far from shore to be a threat. we should say that "shark men" has not been renewed by national geographic channel. >> a tough story. but, lama, can i say, it's great to have you here in new york city. >> she should read every story. does anybody have a better voice. >> thank you. >> lama, thank you. >> that's tomorrow. >> keep reading. >> i will. i will. speaking of a man with a silky voice. >> ooh. quite a transition. and you're coming to me, right? >> i am. ron claiborne is here with the rest of the headlines. good morning, sir. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, george zimmerman could walk free any day now. a judge ruled that the man who killed trayvon martin can be freed on $150,000 bail. in a surprise move, zimmerman took the stand on friday and apologized to martin's parents. the united nations votes today on plans to increase the number of observers in syria from 30 to 300. the presence of observers there has not stopped violence between
7:37 am
security forces and civilians. at least 28 people were reportedly killed on friday. and u.s. airlines is taking steps for a possible merger with american airlines. if that happens, for passengers, that could mean less competition, fewer seats and higher prices. finally, the boston red sox, from dan's hometown, celebrated the 100th birthday of fenway park on friday. more than 200 former players and coaches were onhand to toast the storied stadium. but the new york yankees spoiled the party by downing the boston red sox, 6-2. the curse of the bambino continues. >> isn't it always the way? terrible. >> tortured red sox fans. >> they get used to it, though. time, now, for the weather and ginger zee. >> good morning, everyone. starting with picture of that drought. i know i mentioned it. now, you get to see it visually. some of the most severe extreme even exceptional is what this dark red is called. in west texas and also, in pockets of georgia and south carolina.
7:38 am
this weekend, with the big low-pressure system that's going to track up the coast. my producer saw the rain come on, from ft. lauderdale. you're about to get extra rain up to the east coast. maryland, everyone, new york to boston, getting heavy rains. >> this weather report has been brought to you by sargento. >> thank you, ginger. now, we're going to look at bad behavior that ginger and sharyn would never engage in. coming up here on the broadcast, three fourths, too much alcohol and one cute, little penguin. if it sounds like a sequel to the movie "the hangover," you're not too far off. and we have the video to prove it. keep it here for that. and is justin bieber shopping for an engagement ring for selena gomez? we have an answer to the story that sparked a firestorm on twitter.
7:39 am
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we voted. we've taken a straw poll. and we all agree this is the
7:43 am
best story of the morning. we are calling it "the hangover" for real. if you've seen the movie, and sharyn and i have seen it about 45 times between us, this story is going to sound a little familiar. >> three guys go out on the town for a night of partying. and they wake up with what else? a penguin in their hotel room. of course, they did. so, the big question, how did it get there? abc's john muller has the story. >> reporter: their first bad idea, allegedly breaking into seaworld after drinking. the next bad idea, going swimming with the dolphins, uninvited. >> look at them. >> reporter: and their worst idea, allegedly stealing this little fella, dirk the penguin. and reportedly bragging about it on facebook. >> i can't believe i have a penguin in my apartment there. you stole a penguin. >> reporter: all of the pictures you just saw, shot by these three guys who face a bunch of charges. they released the cell phone video to australia's channel 7, to show they were not doing it maliciously. >> we are sorry to seaworld and
7:44 am
the time lost. >> why can't we remember a thing from last night? >> reporter: it sounds familiar, right? remember the movie "hangover," a bunch of generally good-hearted guys get together, party up and make a bunch of bad decisions they regret in the morning. like not remembering how this tiger got into their hotel room. >> there is a tiger in the bathroom. >> reporter: okay. he's no tiger. but dirk the penguin had a frightening ordeal. police say after waking up with the penguin, one of the suspects panicked, and let him go in a waterway known to have sharks. witnesses said something chased him out of the water. once he got on land, he was chased by a dog before being rescued. >> he was quite distressed and disheveled. >> reporter: dirk who never spends a night out of captivity was exhausted but otherwise okay. he's back with his mates at seaworld. and these mates, they'll be back in court next month. in "the hangover," everything works out. what happens in vegas stays in vegas.
7:45 am
but what happened down under, didn't stay down under. now, dirk is famous. and these guys are infamous. john muller, abc news, new york. >> i think they knew what they were doing. don't you? >> i feel for dirk. poor guy. >> in "the hangover," it was a baby and a tiger. at least there were no babies involved. >> you should be their defense attorney. >> exactly. coming up on "good morning america," lindsay lohan. oh, no, no, no. not following the judge's advice. back in a nightclub this week. and it did not end well. that's in "pop news." spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free. spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate.
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the music signifies only one thing. it's time for "pop news." our entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet,"
7:50 am
rachel smith is out in l.a. with the latest "pop news" this morning. rachel, we miss you. we loved having you here in new york. >> i know. i miss you guys, too, so much. but here's this weekend's dose of "pop news." lindsay lohan can't seem to stay out of the nightclubs or trouble. she reportedly got into an argument after a woman allegedly gave her a hard time for being there with her father. words were exchanged. a drink was thrown. then, the lohans left. lindsay's reps declined a request for a comment. but tmz says lindsay is telling friends that the hotel where the drink took place was the problem. now, she needs a new place to party. yes, that's the problem. and pippa middleton is back in london, after an eventful trip to paris. you'll remember she was in the car when a friend pointed what he claims was a toy pistol at paparazzi. the usually smiling sister of the duchess of cambridge was in a subdued mood when cameras caught her going into her favorite london hair salon. maybe they can clean up her image.
7:51 am
and justin bieber is not ready to be anything more than a boyfriend to salena gomez. bieber's managers told "us weekly" that the teen superstars are not engaged. denying a report they were shopping for a ring. the couple is very, very young. but never say never. all right. you guys will enjoy this. proof you really need to be able to concentrate to work in this business. exhibit "a," take a look. this bbc reporter is trying to do a live report from a pub. and has a little company in the background. that guy kept it up for a minute. and she didn't stumble once. now, i have to give you exhibit "b." storm, the dog. popping his head up in the middle of a newscast in canada. again, the anchor doesn't notice. >> i'll bet the ratings on that show were awesome. rachel, thanks very much.
7:52 am
great job. see you later. we'll be right back, folks. is have a better night. which means helping put bedwetting frustrations... midnight sheet changes... and mommy wake up calls. to bed. introducing new goodnites bed mats. if your child is bedwetting, take the goodnites better night test. just place, peel, and protect. and see how goodnites bed mats can help. the one bright spot, mcdonald's... where we get one of those sweet and creamy iced coffees... caramel. everyday! hazelnut? [ male announcer ] mccafe iced coffee. choose from three delicious flavors. who are you? [ male announcer ] the simple joy of surprising yourself.
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thanks for watching, everybody. we're back tomorrow morning. david muir is back with "world news" later today. and tonight, a special "20/20" on the sunset strip. see you later. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. let's start with at check on the forecast. here is lisa argen. >> hi, there terry. beach weather, looks pretty good. santa cruz, 84 later on today and we're approaching 60 degrees, of course, you can see how clear it is. there is fog offshore with two and a half mile visibility
7:57 am
around half moon bay. gusty winds, 20 miles offshore but it is translate go into comfortable temperatures with the light winds here. 56 in oakland. 57 in san francisco. 61 in antioch. we're talking 63 degrees in fremont. temperatures are 1-2 degrees where we were yesterday morning. you can expect the same with comfortable air by the coast with a light sea breeze. northwest wind, warm air around the bay and hot weather returns inland. big ridge of high pressure once again dominating much of the west coast. with the storm track well to the north, we've got another day of above normal temperatures but just over my shoulder, a little twist in the atmosphere. an area of low pressure. as soon as that slides to the south in the overnight hours, we're talking about a return of the stra tuvs and low clouds and fog by tomorrow. that will aid in our 5-7 degree
7:58 am
cooldown. 77 in san francisco. 78 in richmond. 90 in concord. monterey bay, comfortable low 70s. 93 in gilroy. look ahead, cooler week, perhaps a few raindrops by thursday. >> terry: coming up next. a downed power line kills a man, leaves dozens of homes still without electricity. deadly and bizarre end to a long search for a carjacker in sacramento. the news is next.
7:59 am
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