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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 30, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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units. and as many as 5500 people per day ride the ferry system. now to give you an idea, we crunched numbers. there are seven ferries before 11:00 a.m. so that shut down tomorrow will affect as many as 500-to 600 commuters. >> we'll have an impact. thank you. protestors getting a jump on made yeah tonight. they're gathering there now in fact. and who is protesting and why. >> there are members of the union local 1021 and in about half hour they plan to start their demonstration. the plan is to have hundreds inside of the rotunda. union workers negotiating a contract and want leaders to
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know they're serious about demands and want businesses to pay more payroll taxes. that is money they say can provide cuts. organizers say they're inspired by protests take place at wisconsin state capitol when state workers took over the building to protest proposals impart diminished bargaining power. >> we plan to stay until they kick us out. it could be 8:00 or tomorrow morning when opening up the doors. and find workers trying to get this message heard. >> there leaders say people have brought sleeping bags and they're prepared to stay overnight. they plan to go to room 200 to deliver a letter urging support. we'll monitor the situation
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and will have more tonight at 6:00. >> and there is occupy oakland plans to mark may day by disrupting morning commute. streets may get clogged when the march starts at 3:00. it begins before moving to san antonio park. >> there is a temporary bypass getting tested again now with the evening commute. this is shoiing crews racing to demolish the old approach and get it open for business this morning. that roadway was not size mikely safe. and wars driving into that tunnel. how are things going? >> this is the first commute, this new bypass, take a look.
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there are drivers getting familiar with the route. let's take a look at sky 7. you can see they begin to head north. it appears this may be moving quickly. and morning commute backs up because of signals on the streets. this is a pretty draw matic change following a weekend of demolition, it's a period of ajufment. >> there is people, they have to adjust to it. >> this cab driver is experiencing. we'll take you northbound. tricky mart, there is a stop light. once getting through you're on your way to the tunnel and bridge. and you can't race anymore. speed limit is posted at 35. and a site advises you to drop that to 25. there is improved safety.
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no more codes separating northbound and southbound. come was a moveable barrier. there will be three lanes for peak driving directions. drivers made it through this morning. >> we're expecting a delay and it's brand new. and you have a bunch of democrat lig autos it's it looks like people nearby created a surreal disaster scene but it's no effect chblgt it's the real thing. 65,000 tons of steel and concrete rebar knocked down. the work finished ahead of schedule. and chp let the first group on to the roadway. this move is getting favorable reaction its nice to take a look at the future how nice
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it's going to be when they finish it that is he three years away. they have to haul away debris, then they're going to put up overpasses and three more tunnels. they are showing right now, patience. >> and speaking of patients there is another warning for folks traveling between san francisco and north bay. sky 7 shows you where it's going to start right about here. and go through. this is a pavement resurfacing project at the northern tip of the golden gate bridge. there is this mess. the new construction project running through sausalito, ending just before sir francis drake exit. so there is one lane in each
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direction going to be closed southbound and from 7:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. northbound several months but it does not start until thursday. they're supposed to be done by early fall. you can get the latest on abc 7 >> moving on. suspect in the oikos university shootings in oakland immediated -- pleaded not guilty today. one goh is accused of killing seven people a month ago. >> and goh looked more alert today. he has been eating again, remember, he refused to do so nearly a month. according to the sheriff's department he spends just one hour outside his cell. one goh sat among other inmates in the courtroom. when time to yernt a plea he said not guilty. the brother of one of the
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victims was among those in the courtroom. >> i don't know why it's not guilty. i lost my sister. and other six people have been killed. why it's not guilty? i'm not sure. >> when he stood up to leave, he only acknowledged the interpreter, bowing to him. the source for sheriff's department said goh, refusing to eat is no longer in the infirmary. >> he started eating over the weekend. don't know why. now he's been moved to another part of the jail to try to get him more main streamed into the inmate population. >> funeral services held for another victim. the 40-year-old doris. many nursing students who witnessed shooting as tended. her husband spoke as he left the church. >> and i didn't know how much of my life depended on her until i lost her, she did
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everything for me and the kids. it's going to be difficult. but with god's help and friends and family and community, i believe we're going to be able to pull through. >> classes resumed today for the nursing students. many refused to go back to oikos ask have been transferred to uni tech college. >> we took them to the classroom. they seemed happy and energetic. and ready to get started again. >> the college has been nice enough to offer that space for free. and one goh will be back in court june 25th for a hearing here in oakland. >> thank you. and friends and family are holding a candle light vigil at 7:00 tonight at newark memorial high school for a murdered football star. the 18-year-old was stabbed in a rowdy party late saturday night, rushed to the hospital where he died. and police found him after being called by neighbor who's
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heard shots being fired before 11:30, investigators say he was stabbed during a fight. >> there is a great guy. full of smiles and laughter. and close friends and he had your back its not right he's gone like this. five weeks until graduation. five week autos an 18-year-old is under arrest. three juveniles face accessory charge autos in an odd twist arrest of a san rafael teenager for a shooting turned up something else. a stolen lamborghini belonging to guy pieri. police say the suspect fired a handgun at two people april 13th. when police saichd richmond storage unit they found a surprise. inside was 2008 brait yellow lamborghini owned by the
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celebrity chef, valued at $200,000. the car reported stolen last march from an auto keelership. police say the thief repelled from the roof into that dealership to steel the -- steal the car. >> a schoolteacher who accidentally struck and killed a 6-year-old girl in a crosswalk in september will not face criminal charges. the district attorney says there is no evidence to suggest laws were broken here. the teacher fern white parker was on the way to school when she hit the girl on bay road and gloria way. the intersection considered one of the most-dangerous in the city. now, the city is considering safety measures in response to calls and complaints from parents and residents. >> still to come remarkable progress for formerry conjoined twins just months after their operation. >> temperatures not the only
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thing falling this week. we'll talk about possibility of showers here. i'll tell you where and what day coming up. >> and from michael finney the move that should bring smiles to faces of shoppers nationwide, maybe you. stay with us.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. there is a six month checkup from the doctor that will make you smile. conjoined twins are doing quite well. >> the two dressed fourp the hospital play date. why not? having fun together, but separate was unthinkable. this is what they looked like last year playing at home in san jose. now they're running circles around each other. >> they have their own dreams,
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watching american idol they said i want to be the next american idol. >> surgeons are the real stars. in november, performing a 10 hour separation to separate the twins. today, nearly six months later their develop smt right on schedule. and notice, an jellica, left handed and angelina, righthanded. >> that is a fact i didn't know. you can think that would make sense. >> their personalities since the surgery haven't changed. angelica isor outgoing and an jell liena, more reserved. >> an jellica is making her sister smile by pressing her lip ootz girls will celebrate their third birthday in august. the family says its wishes have already come through. the family called them ika and
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ina. and their futures pit honor professional who's changed their live autos what do you want to be when you grow snup. >> she wants to be a doctor. and ina, a nurse. >> and laughter comes easy now that anything is possible. >> from that wonderful to story to research saying number of u.s. babies found with signs of opiate drug withdrawal tripled in the last decade, from fwhun a thousand to three in a thousand in 2009 that. is about 13,000 newborns. researchers blame it on the number of pregnant women using drugs and critics say the numbers are being overblown and this is a first national
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study on this problem. >> a state lawmaker from peninsula wants to improve oversight of the high speed rail project so controversial. there is legislation requiring rail authority board members and consultants to disclose whether they have financial conflicts of interest. this is after the "los angeles times" revealed a transportation expert worked previously for the company. and ridership numbers have been down graded from $100 million to $30 million per year. >> there is a common sense disclosure is necessary if queer to entrust the authority with billions it will be asking us. >> currentsly they do not need to follow the same conflict of interest rules required of other state commissions and panel autos there is important consumer news.
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>> prices on some of the things you buy at the store are going down. >> supply and demand. good news for consumers in the supermarket aisles. prokt kror and gamble is rolling back prices. and is hoping to gain market share lowering prices on laundry deterrent, razor blades and dish care products. the third quarter net income dropped 16%. and experts say this shows trusted brands can lose consumers when raising price autos growing food in california is getting tougher because of climate change. in sacramento discussing agriculture, changing weather pattern was out a major reduction in green house gas emissions california could
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lose almost half of the farmland in 20-30 years. >> there is a chill hours change what happens is that you're going to get a lot of strain on grower in terms of harvesting. >> the temperatures are critical for grapes and plums and most peaches and another issue, water, rain now coming a different times of the year and in different parts of california. >> and follow the money trail, the chant from unhappy foreclosure victims. >> athey started the protest in front of the headquarters of california banker association contending banks and mortgage lenders spent $9 million lobbying state
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lawmakers since 2007. that, they say sin under the influencing progress of homeowner bill of rights. >> we're struggling and saying enough is enough. we're theer say stop taking that dirty money from bankers. we're going to make sure all of the legislatures do get expose fd they continue to take this dirty money. >> this consists of six pieces of legislation. >> thank you. >> let's focus on weather. it's sparkling outside. but that may change a little bit. >> there is a reason to go back to work. >> it not the sunshine. >> we're going see big changes. cooling first. and then, maybe umbrellas. it's monday. we're looking towards sut.
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ro to you yes, you can see low cloutsdz beginning to return, high clouds above. there is a lovely view. from san jose, we have high clouds out there with a beautiful day. you'll see brief clearing along the coastline there are low clouds going factor into the forecast. temperatures, these are highs so far this afternoon. there are numbers into 60s. there is 6 to degrees in half moon bay. 8 degrees in morgan hill. and 85 in antioch. there are 70s around napa and 77 in clover dale. there is what it looks like now. there is a cool 55 degree day.
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inland is 80 degrees, winds out of the west, an indication of change. there are lower areas of low clouds tonight. a chance of rain is thursday, tomorrow morning you'll see areas of low clouds and also around santa cruz area, keep that in mind. areas of low clouds in the morning, temperatures into mid 40s to low 50s raempk, mildest reading as long coast and near i bay. and already l is a cold front today but we're going to see cooler air filtering in. so cooler tuesday.
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and by thursday, this cold front will brick bring a chance of rain to the north bay. it's a slight chance and we're keeping it in the forecast. we'll let you know if anything changes. the biggest change will be in the form of cooler weather. so those 80s will turn into 80s. 75 in antioch. there is 71 in san jose. 74 in santa rosa. temperatures foo low 60s, 70s in santa cruz. up to 7 inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. going from warm to mild inreasoned. and -- inland. cooler at the coast lichblt a chance of showers into the north bay thursday. and there is a a lot of sun for the weekend. breezy afternoons expected throughout sunday, monday. >> good looking week. >> great looking week.
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>> thank you. >> and next at 5:00 end of the line for the navy developed here in the bay area. >> then at 6:00 california chefs rise up against a ban on a restaurant delicacy.
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federal authorities are investigating a series of
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fatal shootings this year. and u.s. bureau of land management says nearly a dozen wild horses have been killed since the first of the year. the recent this month in northern california. now this is video of mustangs last year in nevada. a $10,000 reward sk offered for information leading to arrest and conviction. >> the navy expects to wrap up the auction this week of what was once a top secret stealth warship many a bizarre looking sea shadow cost about $50 million to build in redwood city. and unusual shape and radar reflected materials allowed the navy to test the technology at sea. it's currently stored with the mothball fleet at sassoon bay. and guess what? no one was interested. it will be sold for scrap on friday. >> and big must seem. >> yes. >> and we have more ahead including very bright kids.
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>> just ahead they're amazing z amazing performance by local kids in a science competition here that should make everyone
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d at 6:00 san francisco district attorney sits down with some of the staff here at abc 7 news and offers perspective on the case against sheriff ross mirkarimi and a budget cut facing a
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college program. >> now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> and when it comes to science some of the sharpest children in the country come from the bay area. >> the team from hopkins junior high school captured a title in national science bowl in washington, d.c.. >> they had to answer science-related questions and the winners get 1,000s skpdz a trip to alaska


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