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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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is a fair contract. some of the city workers are preparing to stay overnight. and there are agreement was unions including one representing plummerers and another representing city attorneys but it's this largest union, some 13,000 workers strong and that is hiding and has taken over city hall, demanding the business community pay more in taxes. the city faces a $170 million deficit. >> this is to let citizens of san francisco know we're standing up for better employment in san francisco. especially when it comes to health care plans. that is going to hurt a lot of people.
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>> and the mayor has to present a balanced budget by june. negotiations have to be done by may 15th. workers on the move heading up to the mayor's office they say they want to give him letters demanding who what they say is a fair, and balanced contract. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and we'll follow events there. and if you commute you can expect delays tomorrow z now, golden gate bridge workers are threatening to walk off the job as part of a wide spread protest. and nick smith is live with a good handle on what the impact will be. nick? >> if you take ferry to san francisco,s tomorrow you'll
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need a different way to get there. it will shut down as part of a organized strike action. organizers are not pleasedded and workers say they'll strike in the morning leaving passengers riding from lark spur with no boats in operation there. is a message to commuters being played on the ferry loud speaker to warn them of the service disruption scheduled for tomorrow morning. the transit officials say they're ready for a wide range of possible demonstrations and they tried to negotiate with the unions in good faith but unions changed their position time and time again. and there are most commuters supporting this strike action. >> this inconvenience isn't a big deal to me. i'll just carry on. >> this is an inconvenience, the union leaders have not
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been clear on what they're doing. if you look at anything on the internet they've been all over the map. >> the union deal expired in june. the coalition represents 14 unions and 380 workers and as many as 5500 to 6,000 people per day ride the ferry system. and to give you an idea there are seven ferries departing this terminal before 11:00 a.m. and accord together gate agent, the 7:10 ferry alone transports 315 to 375 people each morning. tomorrow's shut down at this location will have a direct affect on as many as 500 to 600 commuters. >> and be prepared for more unrest tomorrow, occupy oakland plans to disrupt a morning commute. protestors target downtown
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businesses during early afternoons and they march for dig knit skpree resistance as it's its called. the schedule for 3:00 in oakland that is follow bid a 6:00 rally. >> students in newark memorial high school mourning the death of a star football player killed over the weekend chlg the 18-year-old lost his best friend to violence a year ago. tonight friends and fellow students are mourning his death. vic? >> two murders here in 616 months. parents say enough. is enough. and now i pray to god help our kids. they can't be safe anymore. >> tyra's son was a good friend of the teenager killed over the weekend. >> and police say there was a large party saturday night
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that went out of control. >> a couple neighbors called and heard gunshots. officers responded we didn't find evidence of that. >> police found an 18-year-old on the ground with fatal stab wounds. he died later at the hospital. and futi was a star football player playing running back and linebacker and named defensive player of the year in megs rally athletic league. >> and here is a close friend. >> he was full of smiles and laughter, really close friends. >> this fun loving teen had a hard time coping with the murder of his closest friend in december, 2010. he threatened the life of another student who said unkind things about ofoa.
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for that he was expelled from school, a decision, however that was later rescinded. tran says futi was just starting to september loss of his friend when this happened. and there is a street site tribute is now also a memorial for his close friend. >> we don't want anyone else hurt. two deaths is enough. >> and around 7:00 sunday evening they arrested an 18-year-old and charged him with a murd skbrer also arrested three juf nilz. you can see this parking lot. and they'll shortly start to raise money for the funeral of and will hold a candle light vigil. yeel you'll see all that have at roek. >> and there is more tonight
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about the murder of a transgender woman in oakland over the weekend. and we're live with the investigation into why. >> they came up to us and just talking to use this woman says she was one of three people inside of the car when the 37-year-old was gunned down sunday morning. she doesn't want her face shown because the suspect is still out there and she does want people to know more about martel. >> brandy was a very, very good woman. a good person. >> martel shot several times. the shots after a brief conversation with a man who approached the car. and martel is not involved in the sex trade but was out having a good time. >> they're just sitting there just talking. you know? just hanging out. you know? people say victim this, or maybe they're doing illegal activities.
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everybody that is out at night is not doing anything. we work and have lives and families. we love our families. >> if investigators find out a motive was related to mart yaels sexual identity, it could be prosecuted as a hate crime, but first they have to find the suspect. >> and martel grew up and lived here murder brings greater understanding. >> when you don't provide a space for people you think are different, especially transgender women of color, and you don't provide spaces for them whether socializing or services this is what happens. >> the murder was one of three over the weekend. 43 for the year. five more than this time, last year. >> the suspect in the oikos university shooting pleaded not guilty today. one goh appeared in court and
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is he accused of killing seven people this month. and the brother of one victim was in court as well. >> i don't know why lot knot guilty. i lost my sister and six people have been killed. why not guilty? i'm not sure. >> funeral services held today for another victim. a 40-year-old at all saint's catholic church. many nursing students attended. classes resumed today and many refused to go back to the campus. they have been transfered to uni tech college in fremont to continue their study autos want to take you now back live to city hall. and there how many are there? what are they doing? >> and i'm not a good person in knowing in terms of protestors but i can tell you larry bradshaw just tried to
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deliver this letter asking for a fair contract. what happened when you got to the door? >> it started in february. and there is february 22 the mayor called unions together. we invited the mayor to visit our bargaining table. he promised to meet us with. to date he's not been to meet with the team. >> and so you eyes -- guys are planning to stay here tonight as long as it takes? and they're trying to get action today. >> yes. we are. and we're here to make sure the mayor gets this message. we'll be here as lng as it take autos thank you very much. and so now, the hall looks empty but it's because they're making their way office to office here at city hall. >> thank you. >> coming up here a farewell to everybody's little sister.
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a celebrity-filled tribute today for a former giants bat girl. >> an appeal for help from a gourmet cafeteria. the budget cuts facing a college program where there is no more fat to trim. >> i'm nannette mirror randa. california's ban takes affect july 1. but chefs are hoping a compromise could be preached
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. back out live now to a picture from san francisco city hall. row tunda. hundreds of workers
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gathered pushing for a contract as deadline loom autos they're just up at the mayor's office delivering demands to him. now they're making their way back down here at city hall and they say they plan to stay the night. they say fdiu needs a fair deal, now. >> we'll keep you up to date. >> san francisco giants said goodbye to their little sister today. a memorial service for alexis bush. and abc 7 news is on today's service. >> more than 500 people came to the ballpark this afternoon to remember alexis bush. the daughter of the former vice president, and the first bat girl, ever, in the major leagues. >> i'm there for. i'll never forget when i hit the 500th home run to have her at home plate at that moment, to have one of your closest
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friends, your little baby sister. i know a lot of us here today don't know what it's like to lose a child. we know what it's like to lose a sister and a family member. and it hurts, a lot. >> giants broadcaster says the family wanted the memorial to be upbeat. >> well... you could have asked me to go to the moon. or maybe more difficult to hit another home run. but i've had a better shot at doing that than not shedding a tear today. >>. >> hopefully, we can channel that joy she had in that elan maybe pass it on. it's the least we can do. alex, we won, yesterday! >> bush's brother spoke. standing along side him, nick
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vos voss her long time boyfriend on board the yacht whit was hit by a wave off the farallons sweeping everyone but voss into the water. >> my beautiful smiling and wickedly funny baby would be telling jay and nick thank you for me the opportunity to race on low speed chase once again. there is no blame. my where. >> and the cull larry academy is fighting to stay open and today a plea for help went out. a restaurant owner stepped in with an act of generosity. it's a program that still needs help. >> there is a crowded kitchen, cooks paint butter on to crossaints and butchers ready prime cuts of beef, and sauces made from scratch.
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people rave bit on yelp. but you don't need reservations. just come to the cafeteria. >> this is really a classroom every one of the cooks is really a student. now, like the rest of city college, it's facing deep cuts to the budget and like these steak there's is no fat left to trim. >> we're going to be asked to cut the budget by $250,000 next year. >> telling students without funding it could be forced to close. >> there is a hands on experience. >> we really have a huge piece of what makes the program unique. >> and is there tl is a vital part of the recipe for success. and and it's prepared for the
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real world. >> there is a environment like working in a restaurant. >> this student also works at john's grill. now, the owner is giving back. >> john's girl is donating $60,000. >> $3500. >> also, a city college graduate. >> without that opportunity i never would have been working. >> every local hotel and restaurant has city college alumni among ranks. now he hopes owners will follow the example. >> we need this program. >> let's turn our attention to weather. beautiful today. >> it's cooling down a bit, though ease specially near the coast. and there are winds picking up now. here is a live view from our camera. what a colorful sky it is.
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let's take a look at our time lapse and looping close up satellite image showing coastal clouds today along the coast. clouds will be pushing inland tonight but warm inland locations today. there are high temperatures, 82 in concord, 80s in nappa. at this hour, some locations are still mild and there is winds right now, gushing to 31 miles per hour in novato. 33 miles per hour gusts in fairfield. and sfo. around the bay area now there is areas of low clouds, slightly cooler next few day buzz pleasant. there is a chance of rain thursday, mainly into north bay. starting at clouds at 11:00 tonight. notice areas of clouds hanging around overnight, mainly south
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but fill in pockets down into the sounl bay. parts of the east bay. and santa cruz mountains then in the morning lows will be pretty much on the mild side. upper 40s to around 50 degrees. satellite radar showing two cold fronts coming our way way. first bringing extra clouds and there is a cool down. second one coming in thursday is bringing us a chance of rain. high temperatures tomorrow moving into low to mid-70s and there is 60s around the bay. monterey bay, upper 60s to low 70s and breezy over the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a cooler week ahe'd. and there is a dry week, over the weekend we'll start to warm up again. >> it's a good time fr a warm
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up. >> we like that. >> thank you very much. >> and stay with us tonight for remarkable story of these twin sisters six months after having separation surgery at stanford. >> they're doing just great. we'll update their condition as news at 6:00 continues. stay w copd makes it hard to breathe, so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure.
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but on the side. introducing build your own pancakes. a bright colored lamborghini has been recovered more than a year after being stolen. it was take gren a dealership by someone who repulled from the roof. and marin county sheriff deputy stumbled on the car
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investigating this shooting in mill valley. and they arrested a 17-year-old boy on saturday. >> raylee's supermarkets recalling owl ground beef sold since sunday afternoon. an employee discovered pieces of a writing pen inside of the meat grinder, customers can return it to any raylee's for a refund its the first evening commute for those headed to the golden gate bridge. so far, so good. drivers tell us there is an adjustment. this new route includes a spop light and there is a 25 miles per hour on the curves. he have to maneuver and head through a tunnel. there is a moveable barrier separating north and southbound lanes. drivers will use this route until the permanent parkway
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opens in 2015. >> and people are adjusting. >> seem to be. >> california chefs fight the upcoming ban on a restaurant delicacy and a practice exposed by the i team years ago. why did they wait so long? >> san francisco district attorney sits down with abc 7 news and gives us a new perspective in this case. >> ask a moment at ground zero in the aftermath of september 11th in new york city. stay with us. another half of news begins here in just a momen f
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good evening, they have seven years to prepare but today, top chefs and restaurant owners descended on sacramento for a last minute attempt to repeel the ban on foie gras. this after abc 7 news i team
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exposed how the ducks are treated. and nannette miranda reports the chef may have run out of time. >> many of the top restaurants serve foie gras because they say their customers demand it. but starting soon, they are not to serve the bird if it's liver is grown to three times it's size. >> this chef is furious and says the government shouldn't be telling people what they knlt eat and the process to make foie gras is not cruel. >> the duck zrnt a gag reflex. putting a tube into their throats it's like when swallowing a fish. >> 100 well known chefs have joined a petition to keep it on california menus by
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proposing new rules surrounding the treatment of the birds. they delivered to it speaker john perez, helping he'd hope repeal the law. and there is a ban that gave the industry more than seven years to comply, showing how animals are fed in a tube up to three times per day of 21 days. >> they just are selfish people who want to continue profiting if you will, on the suffering of helpless, you know geese and ducks. >> animal rights groups say the industry should have used the time to develop a better way to make the food. >> force feeding animals is inhumane. that is the practice still used. >> many chefs question why this is a priority when some things are wrong with the state. >> we cannot balance the budget dwochblt have enough
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policemen or firemen. >> wonggang puck favors the ban and saying some european countries have banned force feeding for foie gras. >> this week i team looking into meat you glue. dan noyes with a look at what he's got coming up in his report. >> most people never heard of meat glue and have no idea what it does it is used to bind meat together. i team uncovered it's used where fillet mignon is served in bulk. and this is served to you without you knowing. tonight we'll hear from a company making meat glue. the industry reacted to our story and we'll have that and viewers weigh in on the thought of eating a steak made
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with meat glue. >> there is a late development in the continuing saga of ross mirkarimi. his wife and son will be staying in venezuela longer than anticipate add lou thorg stay another seven weeks. mirkarimi says it's best for irtheir son at this time. san francisco district attorney tells abc 7 news he's concerned about what he calls mirkarimi's shifting version of the domestic violence incident with his wife. he spoke with abc 7 news during an editorial meeting today. and. >> there is evidence in this case. >> now that the domestic violence case has moved from the hall of justice to city hall, district attorney gascone is accusing the sheriff of shifting details of what happened new year's eve. >> he's talking about the fact this event was protecting his
6:33 pm
son. and that is problematic for me. >> on kgo radio mirkarimi stuck to his version, criticizing the d.a.. >> he's rattling my cage. it's a scary thing. >> this case is far from gascone's top priority. he believes reform headed to the november ballot will save millions of dollars spent handling nonviolent offenders. >> it doesn't make sense for us to sentence people to live in prison for offenses such as shop lifting. >> gascone is opposed to the death penalty asked about the slaughter of five people
6:34 pm
inside of their home last month. a 35-year-old has been charged with their murders. >> there is a very senior homicide and prior homicide prosecuters once getting evidence to review the case we'll review it, then, the case will come to me. i'll take the mission. >> we learn that had in the case of the bicyclist killing a pedestrian, gascone is likely to decide this week whether to charge the man with a felony or a misdemeanor. >> there is a bay area entrepreneur given one of the harshest sentences given for a white collar crime. 22 years in president ron and ordered to pay back $31 million taken from investors.
6:35 pm
a house in march skbrin a private jet. some victims od lost all of their retirement savings and most doubt they'll see the money gin had to let go of the fantasy that "i i held out hope i'd give some -- get some back. i had to go on because it was too painful. >> the san francisco charity founded by danny glover was forced to shut down. >> landmark brought down by al qaeda is new york's tallest building once again. today workers secured the beam making one world trade center higher than the empire state building. it makes more than 1250 high and built with so much pride and should be proud we did it every day for everybody. this is -- emotional for me.
6:36 pm
and you can't imagine how i feel. i feel proud. >> freedom tower not expected to reach its height for another we're year, when completed it will stand at 1700 -- 1776 feet. >> well, coming up they look like video games. but they're much more than that. >> going to be down. >> you'll see how they're now being used to sharpen skills of the army. s>s>s>sú
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taking you back live now to city hall. some union workers are here protesting contract negotiation that's have been underway sometime now. >> yes. may 15th deadline for the stoi reach a contract with the service employees international union. they marched up to the mayor's office. and they're trying to make their point. >> the army has a new way to better prepare its foot soldiers for combat. >> here is abc 7 news david louie he spotted it.
6:40 pm
>> this is a thousand video games and silicon valley know how are sharpening skills of the army. >> trying to save lives. >> the company is creating a new system emersing soldiers into a variety of scenarios. sensors detect if they're standing kneeling or prone. and a joy stick controls movement. >> there is ink corporating technology is an as yet for training that generation. >> this weighs four pounds as military issued mel mets. there is a backpack with four batteries that can keep an exercise going two hours or longer, off the shelf
6:41 pm
processors give exercise realistic movements and response times. >> they're putting their minds into this and are not sure what is go tg happen. they're sweating and moving around and communicating and working as a team. >> blue tooth and wi-fi give freedom of movement. there is a lot of killing but remember they perhaps give them an opportunity to surrender. five years went into research and development. part of it based on slight simulation products. >> well, coming up here tonight robot revolution taking place in hospital operating rooms. operating rooms. >> what'll it be?
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i'll have blueberry pancakes. uh huh. actually, make that glazed pecans... ok. with chocolate... no... caramel sauce. whipped cream? uhhhhhhh, yeah... but on the side. introducing build your own pancakes. only at denny's. and formerly conjoined
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to-year-old sisters are making great strides tonight six months after their surgery in palo alto. they enjoyed their first-ever easter egg hunt. they're looking forward to their third birthday party in august. twins born jouned at -- joined at sternum and liver. and doctors performed a 10 hour marathon surgery on the girls. today the family returned to share an update on recovery. >> i see them now running and playing and right now they don't know how to put socks on shoes. i'm happy for them now. >> they continue to see a plastic surgeon and undergo physical therapy. doctors say it's been a smooth recovery and foun see how well they're doing. >> just terrific. >> if you undergo surgery there is a strong likelihood operating team will include a
6:46 pm
robot. new research is helping machines learn delicate tasks now performed by humans. with more practice you might be able to score a job at the laundromat. >> there is folding that is difficult for a rob krot. because clonling items can have an infinite number of cal cue laying ease says it requires camera eyes tibl to identify shapes and then prioritize choice autos there is what is the furtherest corner. >> that is r.ability could prove life saving. >> yes. come straight in. >> doctors have been using the
6:47 pm
systems like this to perform delicate procedures. and while surgeon districts the robot's every move, the robots of the future may think more for them self autos we're trying to auto mate some parts of the procedures so not the entire procedure but some of the repep tiff tasks. >> the direct jerz placing or removing sutures could be just one example. unlike the commercial, it is small and designed to be reprogrammed. >> there is a big difference for researchers is that their design is fully open. anyone with access can reprogram. >> researchers will be able to share data. >> we like to do is allow
6:48 pm
robots any robots to think about the manipulate in a reliable way. >> he expects the robot skill level to accelerate it was start bid researchers at university of washington and funding by national science foundation. >> that is amazing stuff. let's go back and update the forecast no. robot going to replace spencer christian. >> i hope not. >> there is a west of the golden gate bridge this afternoon. speaking of the afternoon, check out time lapse. there is that sky. so colorful. there is a lovely day around the bay area, tomorrow we'll have a lovely day. not as warm but highs inland
6:49 pm
into low to mid-70s, breezy and cool on the coast. and there is highs into upper 60s to near 70. two dry days coming our way. cooler than the past weekend. then, we have a chance of showers on thursday. that is into the north bay. light rain is what we expect then starting to warm up moving to the weekend. so there are things looking good. >> dozens of desirable cars on a race around northern california. vehicles similar to this gorgeous 1956 two seater but there are bentleys all built before 1958. the race is called california relay fashioned after a long distance race. the 67 cars kicks off a tour this morning in san francisco and drive 200 miles every day. >> and there is a spirited
6:50 pm
tour, we get bugs in our teeth. >> after a a.rifing tonight the group winds down to bodega bay. >> that looks fun. >> coming up a trade pr h@cucucu
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coming up then why researchers say it could soon come down to a simple blood test. >> then at 11:00 notices on strike. how hospitals will cope as thousands walk out. >> and on to sports. business of baseball. >> that is right. and for recent years they've been searching for a third baseman since efic chavez got hurt in 2007. and there is over two in his debut tonight. and wheels come off in the bottom of the second. big poppy, his fifth of the year. there is bottom third malone
6:54 pm
throws a cookie to darnel mcdonald and he likes it. there is josh redic, i got it. i ain't got it. i'm up, i'm over the fence no, worries. he's okay. he hit a three-run homer after that. there are a's trading ryan sweeney to red sox for josh redic. and there is redic turb turned out to be the steal of the deal. >> that is josh redic complimenting his right arm. >> best thing now for me is opportunity that. is what i'm getting now. to you know show this league i'm ready to play. >> josh signed by boston in
6:55 pm
2007 but this is his first full season in the bigs. he feels more comfortable than the red sox. >> this makes it more fun. >> there are josh isn't buying into that. >> there is a great team and interest there is everybody using skills to win games. >> this native of georgia is a huge wrestling fan and triple h is his favorite. and this season. >> if triple a finds out i used his song, he said if you need anything let me know. and he sent me the real title belt.
6:56 pm
>> and i don't do a discount double check. doi a title check. >> and maybe he can bring one to oakland. >> with eric roads tearing his acl, hosting knicks in their first round playoff series. they're due. not going win one tonight. lebron james, hello. there is miami pull waig and winning this game. and there this says it all. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us
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