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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 1, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning, security stepped up. >> happening across the nation and overseas, amid fears that terrorists cou use ready to use a new type of bomb. one that's actually inside their bodies. also today, may day protests. threats to disrupt your morning commute. police are already responding to some suspicious mailings containing white powder. a learning experience is what the crash of an airliner is being called this we rning. we promise, no one was hurt in this one. and perfection in the ballroom. maria menounos does something no one else has done this season. good tuesday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm sunny hostin.
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paula faris is on assignment. as we look back at the killing of osama bin laden one year ago, there's a new threat. >> officials are nowthat terrors that terrorists may have bombed surgically implanted inside their bodies. and abc's tahman bradley is joining us from washington, with details on this latest security scare. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: the focus is on u.s. carriers. the concern, terrorists will target americans overseas and u.s. flights coming in from overseas. with tonight marking the one-year anniversary of osama bin laden's death, security is tight here in the u.s., amid fears of a potential new threat. abc news has learned that u.s. authorities have concerns over terrorists using body bombs. a terrorist could explosives surgically implanted in his body, perhaps in the stomach. >> the surgeon would open the abdominal cavity, and literally plant the explosive device amongst the internal organs. >> reporter: over the past year, u.s. and european authorities
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have warned that the master bombmaker for the al qaeda affiliate in yemen, ibrahim al asiri, has been designing body bombs with no metal parts to get past security. as a result, security has stepped up in the united states, the united kingdom and the middle east. >> nobody wants to be the person who overlooked a clue. that's happened in the past. and we've paid for it. >> reporter: u.s. officials say there's no credible information of an imminent attack. but white house counterterrorism official, john brennan, the the al qaeda in yemen is a significant threat. >> they continue to seek the ability to strike our homeland. >> reporter: one year ago, president obama ordered the killing of osama bin laden. yesterday, he called on americans to remember those who participated in the operation. >> the american people rightly, remember what we, as a country, accomplished.
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in bringing to justice, somebody who killed over 3,000 of our citizens. u.s. authorities say they made adjustments to airport screenings, such as turning up the radiation used to try to detect body bombs. rob? sunny? >> sobering news. tahman bradley in washington. thanks very much, tahman. bin laden's death is figuring prominently in the presidential campaign. mitt romney is now hitting back against the question being raised by the obama campaign. would he have okayed the raid to kill bin laden? >> governor? >> yeah. would you have gone after bin laden? >> of course. >> you would have given the order, governor? >> even jimmy carter would have given that one. >> i would go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him. and i did. if there are others who said one thing and now suggest they'd do something else, then i'd go ahead and let them explain. >> let the politics begin. the latest polling from abc news
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shows most voters putting combatting terrorism at the bottom of their priority list, actually. instead, most folks say fixing the economy should be the president's single-most >>e. we'll learn more about bin laden's activities when some of the documents seized by navy s.e.a.l.s from his pakistan compound are released later this week. they'll be posted online by the u.s. army's combatting terrorism center at west point. for the first time, white house counterterrorism chief, john brennan, is revealing the use of drones. u.s. targets a chosen by weighing whether a person can be captured against how much a threat that person presents to americans. he also acknowledges civilians have been killed in drone strike and says most of them are carried out with cooperation from a foreign government. the associated press is saying that the u.s.-led coalition in afghanistan is not reporting all of the instances
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when u.s. troops come under attack. the coalition reports that attacks in which a coalition soldier is killed by an afghan in uniform. however, it does not report the instances in which an afghan wounds u.s. or nato troops or misses his target. secretary of state hillary clinton is headed to china this morning with the fate of a blin chinese dissident unresolved. president obama refused to address the issue or to confirm that chen kwan chang is under u.s. protection in beijing. but a top u.s. diplomat has been working behind the scenes so the issue does not cloud secretary clinton's visit. today is may 1st, or may day, as it's also known. a day in which labor protests are held. and the occupy movement is hoping to carry on that tradition. organizers are calling for no working, no shopping and no banking, in at least 125 cities. also, world capitals, as well. here in new york, protesters plan to block bridges and tunnels and interfere with
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commuters this morning. meanwhile, out west, in california, protesters say they will converge in downtown l.a. and will try to shut ferry fer service into san francisco. could be an interesting morning. overnight, police here in new york say white powder was mailed to several bank branches. the powder turned out to the cornstar cornstarch. an occupy spokesman said it was a prank and had nothing to do with may day protests. >> one twister was th in the town of medford, where they saw large hail and drenching downpours. thankfully, no report of injuries just yet. as for today's severe weather, expect hail, gusty winds and rain around des moines and wichita.
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morning showers from new england, to the carolinas. a thunderstorm in south florida. mountain snow from wyoming to montana. showers in the colorado rockies and pacific northwest. mostly 70s from fargo to indianapolis. 71 here in the big apple. heating up in the south. 80s from atlanta to dallas. coming up, an airline getting into the oil industry. >> interesting move by delta. plus, news about housing across the country. why so few owners these days. your business news is coming up next. also, the heartbreaking 911 call, following the murder of singer jennifer hudson's family. pain amid the panic. new details from the courtroom, right ahead. s>s>@@ú
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home ownership is down again. the share of privately owned homes in the u.s. is now at a 15-year low. just 65%. despite falling housing prices. a major reason is it's more difficult to qualify for a mortgage. so, more young people are renting. in fact, the federal reserve survey finds that most banks are keeping their credit standards tight for home loans, even though demand for mortgages is increasing. however, lenders are easing the criteria for other types of loans like credit cards and autos. overseas markets are mixed today, with many asian markets closed for a holiday. tokyo's nikkei average dropped 170 points today.o closed.g's hang seng, also closed. in london, the ftse opened lower.
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on wall street, the dow slipped 15 points yesterday. the nasdaq index fell 23. and here's an idea that might take off for the airline industry. delta airlines is buying its owu refinery, which it will then us. to produce jet fuel. the airline estimates it will recoup that expense in less than a year, in fact. fuel is about one-third of an airline's operating cost. and of course, those costs are growing. american drivers are shifting to manual transmissions. in the first quarter, sales of vehicles with stick shifts were double in the past five years, despite the fact that most models don't even offer manual transmission. the main reason, the purchase price. >> i never learned to drive a stick. >> really? >> automatic. i keep it simple, man. also, angry birds space is now the fastest growing mobile game in history. robio, its publisher, says the game was downloaded 50 million times in just its first 35 days. >> and some of that was pent-up
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demand. there hadn't been a new angry birds game in a year. but robio promises another new game this year. coming up this morning, the plane crash that didn't hurt anybody. while all this was done on purpose. and high drama at the john edwards' trial. jurors forced to leave the courtroom. [ female announcer ] lafull of ca is easy to digest.k it's real milk full of calcium and vitamin d.
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you are looking at a spectacular crash in the mexican desert. this low-flying passenger jet can be seen hitting the ground so fast, the nose literally rips off. the pilot ejected just moments before. fortunately, all the passengers, all crash test dummies. the deliberate crash was part of an experiment by the discovery channel. experts hope it will unlock secrets at the moment of impact. and hope to make planes a little
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safer. now, for a look at morning road conditions. wet on i-95, from boston to d.c. and south florida. flooding on i-35. from indianapolis to kansas columbu i-70, from columbus to indianapolis. and i-94, from chicago to icy spots on i-90 and 84 in the pacific northwest and northern rockies. >> if you're flying today, some airport delays are possible in miami, kansas city, chicago and minneapolis. well, jurors in the triple-murder trial of jennifer ormer brother-in-law had to sit through a day of graphic testimony and gruesome crime scene photos. >> chicago police detectives described finding the body of hudson's 7-year-old nephew inside of an suv. also, for the first time, the public is hearing the frantic 911 call from the singer's sister, moments after she discovered their mother's body. >> somebody killed my momma. some somebody killed by momma. please. >> do you see blood on her? >> i don't know. i don't know. i'm scared. she's 57 years old.
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please, help my momma. can you please send an ambulance? >> so chilling to hear that. william balfour is accused of killing hudsused of this case. the judge released the 911 recordings to the public, in a response to a request by the media. a man accused of shooting seven people to death in a college at oakland, pled not guilty. prosecutor was angry over his division and he planned the shooting rampage at oikos university as revenge. he faces a special circumstance of committing multiple murders, making him eligible for the death penalty. an emotional day at the john edwards trial. cheri young, the wife of edwards' former top aide, broke down on the stand. the judge dismissed the jury to give young chance to compose herself. the questions were how she and young were asked to keep the
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affair secret. testimony was cut short in the afternoon after young suffered a migraine. consumer safety advocates are sounding the alarm on america's cosmetics industry. the average woman applies 12 beauty products to her body every, single day. that's actually 120 chemicals, including formaldehyde and other carcinogens banned in europe. but congress, now, is expected to pass a bill this summer to allow the fda to regulate makeup, shampoos and other cosmetics, too. for now, experts recommend using products with fewer ingredients. and the number of s of drue born with signs of drug withdrawal have tripled in ten years. researchers say it's because of the surge of painkillers and illegal narcotics by pregnant women between 2000 and 2009. methadone is used to wean drug dependant infants. it can take months and drive up the cost of health cllion tons of debris from last year's tsunami in japan, are drifting across the pacific ocean, towards north america. that includes this slightly rusty harley davidson
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motorcycle. mo it was found inside a white container on a beach in british colombia. it had a license and registration in japanese writing and has writing and has been traced to the area of japan hardest hit by the tsunami. now, some now, some hoops as the nba playoffs roll on. we get last night's highlights from espn news. >> good morning. i'm todd grisham. this is your "sportscenter" update. amar'e stoud game between the heat and the knicks, punched the glass surrounding a fire extinguisher, lacerated his left hand. why was he so angry? because they got blown out. you couldn't know it from thay. carmelo anthony, with the jam. second quarter, dwyane wade with the floater. he had 25 points on 11 of 18 shooting. lebron, your likely mvp played like it on monday night. he had 19 points. and gets this one to go, and one. 13-point lead. two minutes left, now. lebron to dwyane wade, we've
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said it all year. heat win it, 104-94, to take a 2-0 series lead. mavs and thunder. game one was a thriller. so, too, was game two. it would come down to the fourth quarter. game two. russell westbrook gets the three. he had 29 points to lead the way for okc. just under five minutes left. and dirk nowitzki, who had 31, draws the foul and the bucket. 36 seconds left. dirk, for the lead. no. okc rebounds. and they would hit the two free throws. so, it's a two-point game. if y who do you go to if you're dallas for the tie? jason terry, once, no. gets another crack at it. would the second work? no, it does not. the mavs can't win one in oklahoma city. they did come close. 102-99. make sure and check out wednesday night baseball. we love the orioles' logo, by the way. 7:00, on espn.
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enjoy. iron workers in new york made good on their promise, turning one world trade center into the city's tallest skysity's talles >> they hoisted enough 12-ton steel columns on to the top deck to make the unfinished skeleton just over 1,250 feet tall, just higher than the empire state building. one world trade center will not reach its full height for at least another year. nice scene. >> that's right. coming up next, "the pulse." bobby brown talking about his ex-wife, the late whitney houston. and straight tens for maria menounos on "dancing with the stars." the sizzling highlights, coming up next. [ female announcer ] introducing new fresh take.
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to save you money... and time... and whiplash. esurance. insurance for the modern world. click or call. all right. time to check "the pulse," the storying you'll be talking about today, beginning with a first on this season's "dancing with the stars." maria menounos, and her partner, getting a perfect score for this tense, passionate, paso doble, in which she sported her vampire fangs. >> and there was a sizzling routine by three couples. melissa gilbert is at the back of the dancing pack. >> all right. and bobby brown is speaking out for the first time since the death of his ex-wife, whitney houston, ninsisting, he is not
4:23 am
the one who introduced her to cocaine and other hard drugs. >> in an interview with nbc, he hard drugs until he met whitney. and brown said he has been sober for seven years and had no idea that houston was struggling. >> that she was doing drugs before they met. golden retrievers are well-known for their loyalty and intelligence. take lili, who helps his owner save money on a lock for his bike. >> nobody is going to get close to that bike. and this dog has figured out how to ride shotgun, sort of. balancing himself perfectly on the back of the bike. >> that's a big dog. >> very impressive. >> you are impressive. finally, that dolphin in a wetland's area in southern california ea eating normally. >> but it may be a victim of bullying. the dolphin encountered other
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next, a day of protests. no matter where you go chances are you will be affected. mike has your forecast. we'll update you on the chances for rain thursday. >> we'll check your traffic too. recapping our top story this morning. in response to the anniversary of osama bin laden's death, officials are now warning about the possibility of body bombs on
4:27 am
more flights headed to the u.s. the movement i movement is calling for may day protests in cities across the country. it is hoping to disrupt commuting in major cities on both coasts and elsewhere. the wife of the key prosecution witness returns to the stand today in the john edwards' trial. cheri young broke down in tears when she described how edwards asked that they cover up his affair. looking at today's weather. morning showers on the east coast. heavy rain from louisville to chicago. severe storms from minneapolis to wichita. showers and mountain snow in the northwest. and finally from us this morning, an update on conjoin twinned girls separated in a ten-hour surgery last fall. >> doctors they say passed their sixth-month checkup with flying colors. >> reporter: angelica and angelina dressed up for their hospital play date. and why not? having fun together, but separately, was once unthinkable. this is what they looked like last year, playing at home in
4:28 am
san jose. and now, they're running circles around each other. >> they had their own dreams. when we're watching the "american idol," they said, i want to be the next "american idol." >> reporter: surgeons at lucille pack card children's hospital are the real stars. in november, they performed a ten-hour operation to separate the conjoined twins. today, nearly six months later, their development is right on schedule. but notice, angelica is left-handed. and angelina is right-handed. >> actually, that's a fact i didn't know. but you can think that that would make sense, if they're facing each other. >> reporter: their personalities since the surgery hasn't changed. angelica is more outgoing. and angelina, more reserved. >> angelica is the one that's making her sister smile by pressing her lips. >> reporter: the girls will celebrate their third birthday in august.
4:29 am
and the family says its wishes have already come through. the sabucos' tell angelina ika. their futures might honor the professionals who change their lives. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? she wants to be a doctor. and ina, a nurse. >> reporter: the laughter comes easy, now that anything is possible. in palo alto, karina rusk, abc 7 news. >> nice story. >> really nice. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." thanks so much for watching, everybody. and have a great tuesday.


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