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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 1, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc >> right now a day of demonstrations. growing group of protesters marching through the streets. >> this group began by gathering outside a wells fargo at 13th and broadway. they aren't saying where they are headed. along the way they are slowing traffic. one of dozens of protests expected today. in marin county no north bay ferry service this morning due to striking workers. good morning i'm
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kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. we have live team coverage of may day protests across the bay. >> let's begin with sky 7, in oakland groups of protesters are literally wandering the streets. we've been following this group the last half hour. >> they haven't caused damage at this point. they've been slowing traffic for blocks around 14th and broadway. laura anthony is with the marchers. >> reporter: we are just behind the marchers, a group of 200, maybe 300 at this point. they are headed north on broadway at 10th street. peaceful so far. they are disrupting traffic because at this point they are marching down both sides of the street not just with traffic also against it. at the same time, there are two white vans loaded with oakland police in riot gear following behind them, flashers blinking along with marked oakland police car.
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at this point we haven't seen any disruptions or sign of violence pretty peaceful at this point. again, they are sort of walking around disrupting traffic. they did spend a short time in front of the alameda county social services building. at this point, looks like they are headed toward broadway and 14th, where we've seen a lot of activity in the past. >> so far it looks like things are peaceful. >> reporter: exactly. >> thanks. we have to additional element we want to add. >> let's go to nick smith near frank ogawa plaza. >> reporter: we have been following the situation all morning. it is fluid. occupy movements around the country called for a general strike today. what we've seen here today in downtown oakland are three groups gather and mobilize if you look over my shoulder, you can see at the corner of 14th
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and bring they've blocked the intersection. you also see police on bikes monitoring everything that is happening to make sure nothing gets out of control. video we shot moments ago, groups started discussion about what they would do before a group of protesters carrying signs marched through downtown oakland, blocking intersections chanting the slogan "oakland is the people's town strike occupy, shut it down." there were three groups at various parts of the city this morning it wasn't immediately clear if there were plans to meet up before the planned rally at 14th and broadway at noon today for the intense was to march around downtown oakland, be seen, heard and disrupt traffic. after 9 a.m. a crowd of about 60 gathered in front of child protective services at 4th and broadway. they say i was a demonstration against the practices of cps and pate archi. >> the message is, -- people
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are no longer willing to participate in the status quo. we are going to continue throughout the summer fighting back. >> reporter: groups calling for today's day of action are saying there will be a mass rally from noon to 1 -- at 14th and bring back here live you can see that group is still down there at the intersection of broadway and 14th. anyone traveling down town oakland needs to know there will probably be a disruption to traffic throughout most of the day because the marchers do not necessarily seem to be organized. the occupy oakland website calls for those wishing to continue with the march to depart here from 14th and broadway and cause a general day of disruption. nick smith, abc7 news. meantime, san francisco police are hoping to not see a repeat of last night when a premay day protest turned violent a small group went on a disruptive rampage in the mission district. amy hollyfield is live at the
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police stakes with the latest. >> reporter: -- police station with the latest. >> reporter: this station was vandalized last night. now police have barricades out hoping to prevent a repeat of what happened last night. they want to prevent it from happening tonight. we met with many business owners who say they are going to be on guard tonight as west they say what happened was disruptive and scary. >> it terrified the staff our staff and the customers. we were worried about everybody, shook everyone up. >> reporter: the restaurant was full of diners last night when a group of vandals started banging on windows and pouring paint on the building. >> our managers tried to stop 'em and were doused with paint and eggs. >> reporter: down the street a friend of the owner was hurt trying to defend the shop. >> he fended off some guys with crow bars and hammers that were on the gate rattling it. >> reporter: this video shows a group of anarchistses that
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witnesses say terrorized the -- mission district for two hours last night they attacked 17 cars and at least 20 businesses. it appears they broke off from an occupy event that started in delores park. >> we had members that appeared to be either anarchists among that group, committed acts of vandalism. >> reporter: members of occupy sf say these vandals are not associated with their group. some occupy activists were cleaning up today to show solidarity with the victims. >> maybe we'll do a benefit or something we want to reach out. we want you to know this is not occupy people. >> reporter: the impression that this group is part of occupy is out there. victims can get over the irony that most of the vandalism happened to locally owned businesses. >> it is a head-scratcher to me when the whole movement that is going against capitalism today my bank is open but my local coffee shop isn't.
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my local clothing store is closed. >> reporter: police have surveillance video from this camera at the station on valencia street. they also have video from local businesses cameras. they are studying that to get a good look at who did this. last night they did make one arrest. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. let's go to terry mcsweeney at the larkspur ferry terminal in marin where ferry workers walked off the job today. >> reporter: this protest behind me going to be ending at 1:20 started at 5:00 this morning, some of these people have to get back to work. this is a strike that didn't last one day. organizers still calling it a success they hope the next strike is a success too. >> what do we want? -- >> reporter: members of the golden gate bridge labor coalition chanted together. stood together and together closed down the golden gate ferry service to san francisco
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from larkspur and sausalito. a few people didn't get the message about the shutdown and turned up to catch the ferry that wasn't leaving. management said the strike had little impact on the golden gate bridge. >> normal. >> reporter: now another strike looms. teamsters announced shutdown of golden gate transit bus service thursday of next week [ inaudible ] >> if we don't get a contract in the next few days this is going to be spreading to some of the other units. teamsters are prepared -- [ inaudible ] we won't be taking -- >> they've been all over the map with everything from occupy to roadway to shutdown the buses, ferries, north bay. we've got to take everything that is being reported by the union coalition with a grain of salt. >> reporter: chp in san francisco have not been needed. this morning we spoke with bus
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riders about a possible strike next week. >> may work home that day or take the day off. it is a drag. >> i'm very pro union person. i would be all for it. i believe in that type of protest. >> reporter: labor coalition members have not had hey contract since last july. the -- had a contract since last july. there is a negotiating session set up for monday the 7th, three days after that, that strike date is looming. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the port of oakland is closed for the day after the longshoremen's union and shippers agreed to move their monthly meeting day to today cranes are idle and containers won't move today. one small business man believes he will lose between $300 and $400 today because his usual customers didn't come to work. >> we depend on the
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longshoremen and we depend on the truck drivers for sale my product down here. i had no income. >> that man operates a food truck. the longshoremen's union originally planned to hold its meeting kay to discuss business with members may 17th. there are other vents going on throughout the bay area. -- for a full list go to and click on see it on tv. estimated 4500 registered nurses are about to begin a one-day strike. that walk-out is the third by the nurses in a year long contract dispute. union leaders say sutter is demanding unacceptable cuts. sutter said it is trying to rein in costs. the hospitals will stay open elective procedures are being rescheduled. sutter is bringing in
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replacement nurses on a five-day contract. anyone who walks out will not be allowed to return to work until sunday. san jose firefighters on the scene of an early morning fire that killed a mother and critically injured one of her children. the fire broke out on the 2200 block of warfield way a family of seven was living in the apartment. family members identified the mother who died they say her 8-year-old son david is in critical and her 12-year-old son is also in the hospital. the four others were not seriously injured. no word on what caused the fire. still ahead, exclusive how mark zuckerberg is using the power of social networking to save thousands of lives. >> the two people who inspired facebook's newest tool announced today. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. facebook this morning announced exclusively on gma starting today you can share your organ donation status with your friends. katie marzullo is in the studio to show us how this works. >> reporter: you cannot only share your status but also find links to official organ donation registries and instantly enroll. a move some people say can save lives.
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facebook has created an empire by creating 110 if i five billion friendships. now founder mark zuckerberg is hoping that staggering number can help the estimated 113,000 americans who need an organ transplant. he explained part of his motivation to robin roberts. >> recently, when the tornadoes came through in missouri, a lot of people were using facebook to organize and return items that were lost. in japan people were using facebook to help locate friends and family. >> reporter: the issue hits close to home for zuckerberg. his girlfriend priscilla cha this is becoming a pediatrician.9nmm >> facebook and kids and the kids she is meeting. she will see them getting sicker then all of a sudden an organ becomes available and she comes home and her face is all lit up because someone's life is going to be better itch >> reporter: the late steve jobs who received a liver trance -- transplant was also
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an inspiration zuckerberg says jobs was his idol and friend. an estimated 18 people die everyday waiting for an organ transplant. dr. besser says 95% of americans support organ donation but only 42% have checked the box on their license. >> i think it is something that many don't want to think about. when you are young, healthy, you don't want to think about the possibility that somebody could befall you that could end your life. >> reporter: deciding to become a donor is the first step. you have to make sure your friends and family know your wishes. another way facebook could help. >> this is a game-changer you take the power of facebook more than a billion people connected, having conversations, living through the social media and you channel that towards something like this, health measure. >> reporter: don't worry if you don't want the whole world to know your status you can choose who sees it. >> i hope this can make a real impact. >> reporter: how do you do it?
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you recognize the home page of your facebook timeline this is mine. first you want to go to life event. once you click on that the next drop-down will come down, look for health and wellness at the top, organ donor. one final window pops up, all you have to do is fill it out and you are set if you would like to know more about organ donation you can go to abc7 news could the a.m. -- abc7 news and click on see it on tv. >> that looks great. >> mike nicco standing by getting warmer, finally. >> definitely getting warmer in some areas, others cool. falcon finding. we'll tell you what scientists learned today about the new chicks living on top of san jose
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you can see cl
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meteorologist mike nicco standing by. we never know how to dress for this weather, cold, hot? [ talking over each other ] >> depends on where you are traveling if you start at
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coast one way going through the bay maybe you takeoff a coat inland short leaves. -- short sleeves. microclimates aren't as deliberate as they were over the weekend but definitely out there good morning there's a look at san francisco you can see haze hanging in the air. due to a little moisture out there, nothing to be worried about even though the summer spare the air begins soon. let's take a look down in san jose cloudy this morning as we talked about cleared out you have sunshine also. you can see the clouds running away from the coast just about everywhere. we expect sunshine, but because we are a cooler air mass, temperatures aren't going to rebound much. sfo gusting up to 29. 13 novato, 14 fairfield, 10 hayward. notice most winds out of the north or have a westerly component cooler breeze often ocean keeping us in the mid to upper 50s along the coast
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san francisco, redwood city everybody else low to mid 60s. mid to upper 50s, monterey, low to mid 60s gilroy and watsonville. sun this afternoon and the cool air moves to our inland neighborhoods, scattered light showers still possible thursday sunny, breezy and mild weekend. the est drop where we had the biggest idea san francisco down two degrees. santa rosa eight degree drop concord and san jose 73 and 71 nine degree drop compared to yesterday. most inland neighborhoods low to mid 70s upper 50s to low 60s along the coast. bay waters and coastal waters under a small craft advisory because of the winds. low to mid 60s monterey, salinas, 68 watsonville low to mid 70s everybody else around the bay and inland. 80 fresno, mid 70s chico and sacramento, stray shower and 61 tahoe, l.a. and san diego
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clouds stubborn there mid 60s. heading out to to the giants' game breezy at beginning -- taper as the game wears on first pitch of 60° at 7:15, to 55° marlins in town to take on the giants. low to mid 40s north bay valleys mid to upper 40s partly cloudy cooler tonight everywhere tears that cold front that brought the cooler air yesterday now we are locked in that means cooler afternoons today and tomorrow then we'll turn our attention to this system for a chance of showers thursday. all of us have a chance of those scattered light showers that will drop around a 10th possibly a quarter inch of rain in our highest elevations scattered not everybody will receive rain not enough to cancel plans. temperatures remain steady friday evening with extra sun, warmer through the weekend most of us in the 70s away from the coast where you will be in the low 60s. back out to sky 7 hd live
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in is a picture of some of the protest, demonstrators in oakland near frank ogawa plaza. they are peaceful so far, they are disrupting traffic protests all day international workers' day we'll keep on top of it for you we'll have updates on three blue balloons and one pink one that's what they should be hanging where the sex of the falcon chicks has been determined. researchers repelled to their nest and put tracking bands on each of the four checks and determined that momma bird clara and daddy fernando had three boys and one girl. the chicks hatched three weeks ago, kids can vote to name birds, starting friday on the city's falcon website. >> we'll be right back. i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends.
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