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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 1, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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of the police. occupiers became angry when police tried to set up barricades in front of the building. one person got on the roof and began throwing rocks at police. the group of about 2000 marched up from vanness and took over this building. they hurled banners and invited others to come inside to join them. they want to make this an urban commune in, their words to reclaim it for the people. >> we're offering medical care and housing to folks. we're going to have food distributions. >> occupiers began to trance form the building, designating rooms for use by the public. they tore down a fence that surrounded this building. earlier this morning pro testors gathered to rally for immigrant rights. they blocked the intersection
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with street theet yes, then, more street theater and speeches after they gathered at market and montgomery. they were join bid another, mostly larger group of union workers. demonstrators painted a giant sun. >> this is 99% rising up. this is a new day in america. >> we bumped in ross mirkarimi. he said et was there to lend support to the movement. >> people of the country should glean from what is being said here there, is a great outrage. >> pro tests were peaceful but a group estimated at 50-100 people dressed in the black garb broke away from an occupy rally and began smashing windows, throwing paint and defacing store fronts and cars. this morning merchants were cleaning up and shocked and confused.
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>> defacing local businesses is just -- doesn't make sense. >> there is a standoff here in front of the street. you can see police on this side of the street and they're in front of the building this, is the second time they've take yefr over this building. there are four pro testors squatting in front of them. and they're not under arrest. there are others inside of the building and doors have been closed so this continues. vic lee abc 7 news. >> all right. thank you very much. now, let's take a look at pictures from sky 7 hd of what's happening in oakland this, is a live picture, pro dwrofrts just left san antonio park. marchers made a pit stop and today's demonstration have
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been unscripted and staged with out permits. we've seen people streaming into streets, disrupting traffic and directing their anger at the bank autos police have been out in force as you can see, trying to contain pro testors and sweeping them off the streets. and threatening to arrest anyone who did not disperse. nine people have been taken into custody. >> this is an arrest that triggered violence this afternoon. for more on that we're live in downtown oakland right now. nick, start us off. tell us why that bicycle pro testor was taken down like that. >> i'm going to tell you it's behind me where demonstrators clashed with police. and cheap jordan tells me once night falls we're expecting a larger demonstration. there is a peaceful protest that turned violent. the clash happened just before
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noon. and the pro testors marching down broadway and police moved in to make an arrest. police are not going to methods for crowd control but confirmed both tear gas and flash grenades were used. police were forced to taser one demonstrateor. and in the middle, small business owner who's can only watch, and wait to see what happens. maurice owned and operated cafe madrid eight years and fear what's can happen when a crowd gets out of control. >> i get worried and i've had windows broken in the past. >> i did say they'll allow people to express rights but
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they will maintain crowd control. >> we've been noticing the temple of the crowd was are the more assertive and aggressive. so we're having to respond to that. >> there is a van damaged and so were tires of a new media van. police are expecting as many as a thousand demonstrators hater tonight. >> and we can confirm nine arrests have been made and oakland pd are using an additional tool. most officer uniforms have been equipped with small cameras. >> and there is a laura anthony live as well tonight. give us your perspective. >> that is stunning whit
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happened because because it as a peaceful demonstration. we're told by it had thrown something from the crowd and police were sticking to their plan of moving in on people who appear to be causing trouble and remove them if a larger group, another occasion a man wrestled to the ground and daysed. and and there are others failing to move out of the area fast enough when the order was given. now, it's important to point out that there are some arrests, a large part of the events were peaceful and a festival was going on. >> this is supposed to be getting people excited about occupy. people got worn out and just
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to bring them back out as we move forward. we have made plans and have a lot of services available to continue to provide a save environment for minute who wants to come down to be a part of the marches and demonstrations. >> and police will have help as part of mutual aid. there are police officers standing by from union city. and the california patrol. part of the reforms were told these apartments have been briefed in what the policies and procedures are with regard to crowd control and they'll follow those tonight if need be. i received information that that planned march may be rerouted because folks say they do not want to be
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associated with altercations here so they may have decided to go somewhere else downtown and we'll be here and we'll see. abc 7 news. >> thank you and speaking of that march sky 7 is over head, you can see marchers making their way. they started at the bart station today and then marched to san antonio park. and let's check in with jonathan bloom. >> there is this body here, it's a large group of 1500 people. marching from the station and stopped briefly and now continued along the route headed towards the plaza there are some people a group of people causing trouble earlier, we want to show you video of what people can expect.
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earlier today police made an announcement vandalism and criminal acts won't be tolerated so folks responded by acting hostile towards police and vehicles and police responded by boxing them in with large numbers of officers and throwing tear gas or smoke. the police regained control of the situation and police then pushed pro testors out of 14th street and told them they had to stay with their permit was registered. there is a somewhat of a different group. and there is now gaining popularity here in the united states. and they're using this as an opportunity to demonstrate not just in solidarity but for immigrant workers and ranks of
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migrant farmers to and there is folks with a lot of energy and oakland police are blocking streets as these folks make their way north. >> thank you and also joining on this day of pro test are the parents of students in five schools slated foreclosure, they did not anticipate the crush that would join them. we're live with that part of the story. >> they were rather peaceful and i can tell you not expected here and let me just explain this is supposed to be a rally. parents, teachers and members and of course kids zitd decided to protest on this day like mentioned before. there is a when they wanted to
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spread the word and rally was to be held at this park. they were told to leave the plaza earlier they decided to come here and after hearing about the confrontations this morning, parents decided it was not safe for kids and many of them left. >> you said this would be a safe march. it's hard when there is a lot of people we thought it would be just people from the five schools that are closing. there is a lot of young people. it and wasn't exactly what we're expecting. >> and according to the school district the board voted to close schools and there is is
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many tooms skools in under served neighborhoods that had not performed well and parents say they won't give up. >> this is a tremendous amount of community there. breaking that up interrupts my life. >> now, as you can see there is still families linger asked decided to stay here at the park. and most parents, many of them without children have decided to march on with the protestors. live in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> we'll continue to keep an eye on demonstrations of course but there is more news to cover tonight. >> coming up pressing ethics charges against sheriff ross mirkarimi and surprise on the witness list. >> there is a city project damaging plumming in dozens of homes. why they're told they have to pay for retears.
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>> and later tonight there is a film festival for young people that like to make movies or just watch them.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. another court hearing in the case of ross mirk yeemy and the mayor reveals how he plans to layout his case against mirkarimi. we have both developments on this. >> the mayor presented a written opening brief to the ethics commission today accusing ross mirk yeemy not only of domestic violence but
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trying to keep witnesses from talking to police. and released names of 16 people the city plans to call to make the case. this document offers a glimpse of the strategy. this is a list of witnesses the city plans to call before the commission. it includes now-familiar naik names like ivory madison, reporting him to police. and his former girlfriend christina flores. a surprise on the list retired sheriff michael hennessey. the city claims he'll testify about his communications with sheriff mirkarimi. and the mayor will be a witness. >> i'll answer every question as honest as i can. and doing so we respect process we have in the charter. >> also, the campaign manager. city attorneys are targeting her in superior court trying
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so far to southbound phone records they say proved she called ivory madison on mirkarimi's behalf. >> you're thinking it's communication trying to dissuade mismadison. >> it's what we believe. we're interesting in hearing about the position on that. >> the judge called a request for phone records a fishing expedition. her attorney says they'll cooperate with the city narrows the scope. >> in terms of providing relevant information to the domestic violence incidents or anything like that there is no -- nothing to hide. >> she wasn't there. she's in the a witness. >> mirkarimi's attorney says the mayor witness list seems designed to create a circus, i'm amazed at time and money he's willing to spend. and there is a former member
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of the ethics commission says this is not the proper use of power. >> clearly the domestic violence laws are not laws that within the injures tix to enforce. >> the hearing is expected to get underway at the end of the month. next week is mirkarimi's turn to produce a witness list. >> thank you. coast guard said it plans to lift the restrictions on off shore boat races in three weeks. that was issued last thursday following a deadly yacht crash that killed five crew members april 14th. the u.s. sailing association will use time to conduct an independent review of the accident. the report will look into safety gear requirements and will affect only two yacht races one was postponed and another took place was in san francisco bay. >> and on to weather. there is a lovely first day of may. >> true. >> breezy, chilly.
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>> true. >> and temperatures today about five-is a degrees cooler than yesterday. but we did have clear skies. and they're still clear. interest there is a live view right now, you can see thin, thi high clouds and lots of blue skies looking at ocean beach. there is how clouds are blown away from the coast today but cool air dropping temperatures down five to 15 degrees below yesterday's le. there is a 37 miles per hour in oakland. 40 miles per hour in sfo. it's breezy around the bay area now. and it's on the cool side. one warm spot is where winds are light. there are 60s in other locations and there is mostly clear and breezy overnight. high clouds tomorrow afternoon. there are showers on thursday
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and there is alignment bringing us breezy condition was jet stream blowing over us. we'll take a look at the next system headed our way. there is thursday morning clouds thickening by about oh, mid day we'll see showers building across the north bay and there is the front beginning to sweep through. by 11:00 will be over, and then, again, we don't expect more than just a tenth of an inch of rain for areas that are going to get showers out of the system. tonight cool, chilly. with lows around 40 in napa. 41 santa rosa. mid to upper 40s into other locations and then, tomorrow, sunny skies and high temperatures into just above 70 degree mark.
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up to 69 in san jose. farther south there is mind and mouth don't work in sync. highs near the bay mid-60s, inland 71. here is the accu-weather forecast. there are showers thursday, and we think they'll be light showers, and we'll start to dry out friday. will be breezy then warming up next week into 80s again. >> thank you. >> coming up a sierra surprise. >> what they found when they went to measure snow pack today.
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face book hope of revolutionizing organ donation seems to be making an impact. one organization saw it's sign ups increase 700%. mark zuckerberg told robin roberts several things inspired this, including his girlfriend, an aspiring pediatrician. >> our dinner conversations are often about facebook and kids. kids she's meeting and she'll stheem getting sicker, then, all of a sudden an organ becomes available, and someone's slif going to be better because of this. >> and zuckerberg inspired by his idol, steve job who's received a liver transplant. 112,000 americans are waiting
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for organs now and estimated 18 people die every day because of a lack of availability. >> there is a final sierra snow vair shows springs snowfall melted. this is what they found, it's gone. they did find snow and determined water content is 40% of normal, still reservoirs nearly full from last year, so that is good news, officials expect to be able to deliver 60% of what customers ordered for summer months. >> still coming up here tonight president obama's surprise trip to afghanistan. and his decoration that the defeat of al qaeda is within reach. >> and i said you broke my water pipe. they said that is your problem. >> michael finney explains where to turn if the city breaks your water pipes and won't fix them. >> there is breaking news,
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keeping an eye on may day protests. we'll let you know what's happening in san francisco. d
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we want to start by bricking you up to date on breaking news in san francisco. pro testors have taken over a building and are throwing bricks and pipes at police from the roof top. abc 7 is live now from turk and goff with the latest on this. vic? >> you can see there is a stand off here between police and police blocking this street. you can see about a half dozen pro testors there squatting in defines of police. rest inside of the building and police have been in
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formation since trying to put metal barricades in front of the house, one climbed on to the roof of the building behind the one taken over and began throwing rocks and metal objects. now, about half an hour, police were able to somehow grab him and arrest him. i believe a couple people were hit by debris. and they were treated on the scene. injuries did not seem serious, so there is a standoff here at turk near goff. the building in front of the building that occupiers have taken over this afternoon. there is a we don't know what is going happen next. there are other police on the other side of the street here that are in dorm nation and that is the latest here from san francisco. >> thank you. and we'll see what happens. >> there is what if a city
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project caused your pipes to burst? >> and there are some very angry homeowner autos contractors installing wireless water meters in all 177,000 homes in the city. this can cause plumbing damage and in cases the contractors say too bad, how sad. >> we need to water. there is no water. >> like a growing number of homeowners mike returned home to a sudden disaster. >> like coming out to the street and i turn it on, then, it gushes back. >> a city contractor just installed this new wireless water meter in his house and it caused his main to burst. after this happened he called the contractor working down the street. >> i said you broke my water
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pipe, they ignored meechl i said hey! you broke my water pipe pipe. they said "is that your problem". >> mike said the contractor told him to pay for repairs himself. it costs $2500. a big hit for the 75-year-old retiree. >> we live on about $2300 a month. >> mike said he contacted san francisco water department and was told the same thing. he was responsible for the repairs because the pipe falls on his property. >> i know the pipe is your problem but i didn't break it. they did. and they just left us flat. >> mike is not alone. >> i said but i zrnt a leak before. and now, i do. so i think you should fix it. he said. no. >> i told you earlier about diane. her pipe burst during a meter exchange and cost $3,000 to fix. 77-year-old helen had the same problem.
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costing her $4200 and so did john, who is out $5800. there are now 69 cases of broken pipes during the exchange. up from 45 cases reported last september and there are nearly 110,000 more meters yet to be installed. >> we do ask they find a plumber, their plumber that they hire has a repair made. >> suzanne from san francisco water department says unless the contractor did something wrong, homeowners have to pay for repairs. pipes tend to break only if they're in poor condition. >> the policy is that homeowner is responsible. we're providing a service of the meter. >> i don't see that as a property owner's responsibility. >> san francisco supervisor represents district 8. several pipes broke and he said it's not fair to burden homeowner autos a contractor comes in and does something
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that you didn't ask for. that is part of a citywide system upgrade, then, all of a sudden your pipe breaks and have you to pay thousands of dollars is not something we want happening. so property owners should not have to bear this cost. >> the water department acknowledges this work can break pipe autos what happens is that as you shut off water this causes a slight ripple or shock in the system. >> some cases the pipe is so old it is unfortunate that it was broken at the time of the exchange. >> and he says old pipes might hold up had it not been for the work. >> i don't think it's a good answer to say you had an old pipe that may have broken down anyway. >> grid one did not respond to requests to discuss the broken pipes. and this company saying we treat claims seriously and have a well established pro he is in place to respond to each and every claim.
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and mike says he never knew about filing a claim. >> yes. of course. and they're behaving in a professional manner. >> no. she the just told me it's your pipe. you eat it officials say pipe breaks are rare. only one in a thousand homes have had a problem. and after 7 on your side got involved helen got her money back, and mike and others are out of luck. if you want to file a claim i've posted information you need. go to abc 7 click on 7 on your side. file that claim. >> try to get money back. >> and coming up next fbi sting break that landed would be terrorists in jail. >> stay with us. what'll it be?
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president obama made a secret trip to afghanistan to sign an agreement on america's changing role in that nation, walking off air force one in the middle of the night. and the president then signed an agreement with afghan president hamid karzai detailing roles for both the united states and afghanistan in protecting the afghan people from al qaeda, and the taliban. >> this sends a message to the afghan people. you stand up, we'll not stand alone. it establishes a basis for our cooperation over the next
6:39 pm
decade including shared commitments to strengthen democratic institutions. >> the u.s. plans to end its combat role in afghanistan by 2014 but america will maintain a presence and assist in training afghan forces. >> the occupy movement in cleveland is associated with five people associated to blow up a bridge near cleveland. and the officials say the suspect tried to trigger the explosions remotely but the bomb dz not go off. and despite the defendant first intention and aim, and during the course of the operation the public was never in danger. the defendants never possessed at any time any real
6:40 pm
explosives teerl three are said to be self described anarchists and attended occupy events in cleveland. and one spokesman says the actions of the men do not represent their group. >> a passenger had unusual contents in her bag today. her suitcase contained three small military land mine casings. two of them packed with shrapnel. and there were no explosives or detonateors they she says she was attend tending an explosives demonstration shechl was booked on a later flight without those devices. >> coming up next developing news on this march to frank ogowa plaza. >> demonstrators almost there. we'll have latest for new just a moment. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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kaiser permanente. thrive.
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big march is now just arriving in oakland city hall. >> that is where laura anthony is live. laura?
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>> a large group of demonstrators just arrived here in 10 minutes or so. we understand this is a part of a larnler march. there are 3,000 to 5,000 people marching through today. we've seen maybe four, 500 here now. you can see small children here. this is rather festive. they're dancing in the streets. and earlier today the scene out here was much different this is around noon time today. a smul group arrived here at 14th and broadway z there were some altercation was police. several arrests made and a flash grenade and tear gas was deployed. we understand mars here were part of a larger group this afternoon. three to 5,000 people came
6:45 pm
from fruit veil part and there is some went to 8th and madison. this group here and this is rather peaceful. police are deciding whether the group is near the intersection. they do have a permit for the sound system until 7:00 so we'll see what happens after that. >> thank you. and we want to know you where -- show you where most of the rest are now this is a is after leaving the station. and they say they don't want to be part of a occupy protest at city hall, they've decided to go their own way here. >> and for the moment let's move on. we'll keep you up to date on what's happening.
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there is a film festival at the alameda theater, all films were made by young people in the bay area. here is abc 7's don sanchez. >> mud and a mom from santa rosa high school students. playing paper games from san leandro. and rap from alternative in action. there is our motto put a camera in our hands, i'll show you our world. i believe they do that throughout the bay area. >> there is more than 70 entis. >> anyone from someone involved with making films to just someone watching tv they're vote is valuable.
6:47 pm
we want a well rounded opinion. >> this survivor remembers. a film by zach goldstein. he says he wants to tell story autos technology is there. and there is move to push him forward. >> this is where students get enkurmt. >> this breaks down on a technical level giving them power to look at work as a piece of art. >> a lot of people this is a turning point in thinking about career autos showing suck skpes preparing them for college, clear, community. there will be a premier here on the big screen and there is a judge choice awardee going to get flown for a private screening for hbo executives.
6:48 pm
and some past winners are in the film business. >> that is good stuff. >> let's get another check of the forecast. >> you et might say weather is picture perfect. this one showing clouds this morning over burlingame hills and there is this one this afternoon. beautiful skies there. on we go to tomorrow, state wide. there are cooler, breezy along the coast. mainly sunny skies into early parts of the bay crowds moving into the sky and there is high temperatures from upper 50s on the coast to low 70s warmest locations and there is a few showers on thursday. mainly light showers and drying out friday. and there is sunny skies and
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highs climbing back into 80s know. weex. >> thank you. >> coming up next a college reunion. cl
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join me tonight at 11:00. police tell abc 7 nuts they expect a protest to continue throughout the evening and we're going to bring you continuing courage. >> ask then at 11:00 there is maelt glue. a lawmaker here hears about our report and what he now wants restaurants to do. that is coming up tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is now on to baseball. >> giants opening series with miami. minus brian wilson, the bull pen has been shaky. reliever has been placed on the disabled place lis after injuring his knee picking up his kid. that is the story. giants hosting marlins tonight. scott cousins is in the minors. for the giants that play is
6:53 pm
history. >> we've moved forward witness. buster has. i know he doesn't want to talk about it. he's doing great. you know? and this is something we've just as soon move on with. >> cody ross,'s goes right to work in the 8th. and to the fourth in a 2-0 game, weeks again. there is two run single. a's leading now in the 8th. so how much does randy moss have left in the bank? there is moss donning red and gold nrk his time he stretched a field with size and speed. and after a retirement he says he's looking forward to great things.
6:54 pm
>> this is a blessing and 49ers game me a chance so i'm lucky to be in this position. and i want to make the best of it. >> this is eye opening so today kind of felt like we've been out here a week or two. and like coach says we've got to get better every day. >> looks like usc all over again. interest there is cut by arizona then, by houston. he suffered a broken collar bone this season. and there is signs say in case of fire, break class? now, knowing if there is no fire... don't do that. there is he busted up his hand after last night. he met with a hand specialist
6:55 pm
today. no tendon damage but comiss the rest of the series. he apologized on his twitter account for injuring himself. if you're wondering the fire extinguisher is okay. and there is hall pierce with 23 points and 11 boards z in a tight game. hawks taking advantage and there is a josh smith there is a spin move in the lane. it's right now... celtics taking a lead in the 4th. >> good game. >> there is where marchers are making their way towards frank ogawa plaza. >> they're running about an hour behind. >> and we do not know what to expect tonight. we invite to you follow us on
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twitter and that is all at the moment. >> from all of us here, at bcbc 7 news, stay with us. weelt weel continue to follow the online for you alt abc 7 >> we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. ♪
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