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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, 5 a.m. thank you for join us many we have
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breaking news i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. eastern contra costa county residents in several hopes on beth el island are being told to stay indoors. no one was injured 2:00 this morning residents got a recorded phone message warning them to lock windows and doors until at least 6:00 this morning. so far the suspect has not been identified. we'll continue to follow the story and bring updates as we get them. breaking news san francisco police seem to be ready to storm a building taken over yesterday by occupy protesters. amy hollyfield is live. >> reporter: police just moved in about two, three minutes ago. dozens of police officers stormed this building and are now working to get this group out of here. they just got here a few minutes ago had a presence
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here all night they had a huge light on the building throughout the night to let the protesters know they were watching. they just were gathering they had a staging area away from this spot as they came up with their plan. now police, in riot gear, helmets on, batons drawn, are trying to get inside the building to get these protesters out of here. here was the scene yesterday it started off violent right way forgive we are going to stay live here. yesterday there was a protester on the roof throwing hunks of pipes and bricks from the roof at one point he hit a protester on the ground even though it appeared he was aiming at police officers. police did make an arrest in that incident. this building is located at turk and goth owned by the catholic church. police said yesterday they will protect the public from these people. the group has been here before, earlier this month, these protesters moved into this
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building which is vacant, police got them out the next day then they showed us inside what was left it was a mess and the church says it was about $25,000 worth of damage. the group says it is doing this to make a point about the housing crisis in this country. and about the fact that people need places to live and that is why they've chosen to occupy this vacant building. police going in with shields and helmet gear ready to get them out of here. we will be here throughout the morning monitoring this situation. we'll let you know what happens and how this goes, how this operation goes if they are able to get them out of here. stay with us as we following this breaking news. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we will check back with you. 5:03. in oakland, riot police patrolling downtown after violent clashes with may day demonstrators last night.
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police arrested more than two dozen protesters yesterday, including one for assaulting a police officer and two for arson. at one point an estimated 3,000 people marched from fruitvale to frank ogawa plaza. by 8:30 last night only 300 remained, several threw paint and projectiles at officers. one police car was burned another damaged. vandalism was also reported at several oakland banks. terry mcsweeney is surveying the damage and will join more at 5:30. thousands of nurses who work at eight bay area sutter hospitals plan to end a one-day strike at 7:00 this morning but won't be allowed to go back to work until sunday. 4500 nurses walked out to protest cuts in staffing, health benefits and sick days. sutter brought in replacement nurses on five-day contracts to keep the hospitals running
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that means the striking nurses will be locked out until sunday. stay with abc7 news for the latest on the aftermath of all the may day protests we'll bring developments as they happen during the newscast. you can get updates any time of the day at new word that the effort to recall oakland mayor quan is fading, according to the tribune, the group trying to oust her is short on cash, volunteers and signatures as they try put a recall vote on the november ballot. recent poll shows 3/4 of voters think quan has done a poor job, only 1/3 would vote to recall her. critics attacked the way she handled last fall's occupy protest. this morning investigators are still trying to determine the cause of a fire that killed a san jose woman as we first told you yesterday morning the blaze broke out in the garage of a four unit complex on warfield way residents of three units managed to get out, 51-year-old woman died in the
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blaze her husband and one of her sons were badly burned. >> she worked very hard, hard worker and she had a good heart she really cared for people that's why i love her soap. she is the one i love best. >> her husband and son are reported in critical condition. three other family members escaped the fire without serious injury santa rosa police say they nab add arsonist who torched at least six cars. officers arrested 22-year-old logan downing at his sonoma county home yesterday. april 1st, an arsonist set cars on fire in west santa rosa after stealing electronics glasses and money. police say dunning matches a suspect seen a video trying to open car doors. he's being held in jail. one of the big three credit rating agencies is warning it could downgrade california's debt rating this summer. standard & poor's released a memo warning if lawmakers
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failed to balance the budget or go back to accounting gimmicks s&p could revise its positive outlook on the state's debt. it is also concerned about increase in california's deficit because of lower than expected tax revenue last month as well as a judge's ruling that the controller can't withhold pay from lawmakers if they fail to pass a budget by the constitutional deadline. the crews working to build the new oakland span of the bay bridgeu"ñdqpre fast approaching a milestone. officials say within a week they will finish more than 17,000 pencil thin steel wires into one cable that will hold up the deck of the it took 106 days to string the wires into a single one. cal tans will hold a small celebration today to mark the mile sown. the 6.3 billion dollar bridge -- set to open labor day next year. final snow survey of the season finds all the snowfall has almost totally melted. they say what little snow they
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did find shows water content is 40% of normal for this date. the good news is reservoirs are nearly full from last year. officials expect to be able to deliver 60% of what their customers have ordered. 5:08. there's a chance for rain tomorrow, not sure how likely. >> let's find out. likely it will fall somewhere, how is that -- [ unintelligible ] scattered showers -- dropping a lot of -- depositing scattered showers not all of us will receive it, there's a chance we will get rain hard to get a strong storm this part of the year. stepping out right now we are one to six degrees cooler than yesterday running from the low 40s up in the north bay valleys to the mid to upper 40s elsewhere, 50 redwood city
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oakland and antioch 7:00 all temperatures in the 40s from mid 40s inland to upper 40s around the bay and coast. as we head towards noon, temperatures around the low to mid 60s from the bay, coast and inland high clouds starting to move in. 4:00, breezy, and we'll top out around 68 inland at 4:00, 64 and the bay upper 50s along the coast, as we drop down for 7:00, temperatures tapering off, only 60 inland, mid to upper 50s around the bay and coast if you are worried about pollen today, you should be high amounts of grass and mold and trees. scattered showers tomorrow and coolest day of the forecast still breezy friday through monday warmer breezes if you don't like the cooler weather. good morning. there's a gravel spill northbound 17 near the lexington reservoir blocking the right lane. it is not causing a big delay,
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48 miles per hour which isn't too slow heading through the area, 60 towards san jose still keeping an eye on it hopefully they will clear it soon. live shot of 680 walnut creek traffic flowing well southbound towards highway 24, problem-tree to the bay bridge toll. also, i-80 westbound if you are heading from the carquinez bridge out of vallejo to the bay bridge toll, the drive time is 18 minutes right now. i want to take you to abc7's waze traffic app and show you the ride towards vallejo, looking good out of fairfield towards highway 37, we had a traffic spotter heading through the area. we can check out the north bay commute for you heading out of san rafael towards the richmond san rafael bridge we have a traffic spotter there moving along. you can always get this free app by going to
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waze. we are coming up on 5:11. san francisco police moving in on occupy protesters who have taken over a vacant building this is happening right now. we'll take you to the scene live. wall street is ready to celebrate as the date is set for one of the most anticipated initial public offerings, ever. more bay area landmarks are turning up in movies, are they turning into more jobs?
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back to our breaking news in san francisco police are now storming a vacant building taken over yesterday by protesters trying to reoccupy it. amy hollyfield is live at turk and goth. >> reporter: we just saw a little action here at this second story i want you to keep an eye on this window one of the prop tessers just popped his head out -- protesters just popped his head out trying to communicate with the officer the officer was ordering him to shut the window he did back away. other than that oddly quiet considering how many officers are out here and how aggressively they moved in at 4:57 all the officers ran into this area set up and got into place then quiet we haven't seen tear gas fired, we haven't seen any arrests. police have set up a huge perimeter looks like they blocked off one full city
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block. police appear to be ready for a struggle, they are wearing riot helmets some went into the building carrying shields some have batons drawn. when we pulled up, we parked on the side of the building when we first pulled up we wanted to park in front of the building and we were moved to the side to a little media staging area that was our first clue that something was probably going down here this morning. it started right before 5:00. this is a vacant building owned by the catholic church. these protesters have done this before, april 1st, they moved into this building. they were here for a day before police moved in they made 80 arrests the church said they did $25,000 worth of damage. protesters have said they believe people have the right to utilize a vacant bidding
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they are making a statement about the housing crisis in this country. police do not agree neither does the church. the church wants them out of here. police have said they have a plan to protect the church and the public from these people doing this. it is looking like we're seeing a little activity at this point, it is not an aggressive storm in with the tear gas and pull them out. looks like this might go a little slower than you might expect. we are going to watch apparently and bring you -- watch patiently and bring you reports stay with us for this breaking news as police try to get these people out of this bidding. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we are going to keep checking back. of course frances will be talking the traffic impact as goth is a major corridor coming up. right now 5:16. we want to talk about a big ipo the most highly anticipated finally has a firm date. the "wall street journal" reports facebook will go
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public may 18th, seeking to raise five billion dollars. this should put the value of the company at about 100 billion dollars. facebook will begin what is called a road show next week meeting with investors to create interest in the stock which will trade on the nasdaq under fb. fast growing san francisco-based tech company will announce today it signed a 10 year lease on a new building south of market. they provide a service that allows travelers to rent a room or bed in people's homes. the start-up has outgrown his space but has found a new place to stay. the chronicle reports next february the company will move into a 17,000 square foot building on bran none street that can house more than 800 -- workers. a report from the census bureau finds the up in of people renting is at a 15 year high fewer of us own a home despite mortgage rates at near
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record lows a big part of the reason it is difficult to get approved for a mortgage. there are signs that the housing market could be turning around. younger people are seeing an uptick in the job market that could mean more will be able to afford a home and qualify for a mortgage. sacramento debating tax breaks for movie companies to entice nor to film in the golden state the california film commission is pushing for another five years of tax credits could keep california competitive. production companies can use up to 25% of qualified expenses to offset taxes. critics say that lost revenue could go to other programs that need funding. >> when you look at public schools and the kinds of budget cuts that tax credit over the life of the time they're talking about in total adds up to a billion dollars. >> we just in the last three years have generated over almost three billion dollars in economic activity in the
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california economy. >> a recent study found for every dollar in film tax subsidy the state recouped just four cents in revenue. let's see if we can recoup a little rain. won't get much, too late in the year the system coming from the west not going to bring a big chill will keep temperatures a little below average the big story today. we look down from sutro tower over san francisco into the east bay hills off to the east, what is it like when you step out? clear, breezy, temperatures much cooler from the low 40s around santa rosa and napa to the mid 40s for los gatos upper 40s to low 50s for everybody else. we have a little breeze out there, it will feel a few degrees cooler. coolest around the monterey bay inland gilroy, santa cruz low to mid 40s everybody else around 50. going to be cooler than average, high clouds and sun
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during the afternoon clouds will thicken tonight bring patchy drizzle for tomorrow and showers are possible throughout the day tomorrow. as far as today, the big story how much cooler we are than average, live more 70, napa 75, oakland 64, san francisco, -- redwood city the biggest drop, we should be 73 today, only 66. sunrise 6:12, sunset 8:02 we should see both of them. 50s along the coast, mid to upper 50s and breeziest conditions there where the small craft advisory continues low to mid 60s through most of the bay shore upper 60s south bay low 70s north bay and east bay valleys. monterey 59. heading to the game, 50s and slightly breezy this afternoon first pitch 7:15, tough one
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yesterday. most of the rain overnight will stay north our best chance of drizzle overnight will be in the north bay and along the coast high pressure holding on now going to get overrun by breezes and high clouds during the afternoon. system right towards our neighborhood tomorrow. looks i am sieve, but will -- it looks impressive but will only drop a quarter of an inch, around noon the more organized showers moving into the north bay with the cold front by 5:00 moving through the heart of the bay by 8:00, 9:00 moving out of the south bay. not everybody will get rain if you do, congratulations, very rare this time of the year. coolest tomorrow upper 50s along the coast mid to upper 60s for rest of us. mid 60s sunday at the coast mid to upper 70s around the
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bay and inland. a lot of sun and warmer weather on the way, starting friday. have a great day. better news now, santa cruz mountains northbound 17 clearing this gravel spill in the right lane past the lexington reservoir, running traffic breaks now. hopefully, by the time you head out it should be gone. i expect it to be clear by my next report. i want to take to you turk and goth in san francisco this live shot now from amy hollyfield and crew, shows this major intersection block where we have breaking news. as you notice this is goth here, this is turk. goth is a ma thoroughfare for folks heading through san francisco, in the southbound direction. it looks like it is blocked along the stretch. this is right around here, here's goth if you can't head through, you may want to consider van ness or possibly laguna. we could expect heavy traffic depending on how long the situation continues. if you normally take turk,
5:23 am
consider mcallister as an alternate or possibly geary. elsewhere, on freeways traffic looking good, no delays at the bay bridge toll. 5:23. next, final twirl on the dance floor for the man the world new as urkel. >> the new deal that ensure hollywood's little man won't be going anywhere for decades. i'm really going to miss you.
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wards show in hollywood the agreement ends speculation the academy was going to move to downtown los angeles, the rumor move took criticism from some stars and movie executives. this morning the tv star go on once for his geek >> that was the judge's decision after week 7's dance off. jaleel white best known for playing steve urkel on family matters says while he's sorry to go there's an upside. >> at the beginning it was petrifying, kept me up at night frankly it kept we doing figures 1:00 in the morning when my daughter was sleep. i'm going to get some sleep now. >> next week ballroom and latin dances. each remaining team has picked an eliminated pro to join them
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to dance as a trio, a first for "dancing with the stars." breaking news in san francisco, live picture now this is goth and turk, you can see a heavy police presence there they are ready to move in on occupy protesters who have taken over a vacant building. lots of activity at the scene we'll be there live. >>
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a lot going on, thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. amy hollyfield is live at turk and gough where right now police are raiding a building that has been taken over by occupy protesters. >> reporter: i want to get you to this area right away this is where the most activity is that you can see there's a ladder there, police moved that into place a few minutes ago and used it to get some of their officers on the roof.
5:31 am
while you are watching the scene you may catch a glimpse of some of them phaeufrbgs been moving around up there. we saw police bust through a window this that building -- in that build behind. dozens of officers pulled up here before 5:00 this morning. i was a flurry of activity then things settled -- it was a flurry of activity and then things selled down and slowed down it was a violent start yesterday when protesters moved in a couple were throwing things from the roof one hit a protester on the ground. police did make an arrest yesterday and promised at the time, to do something about this situation telling the public they did have plans to protect the public from these protesters. here is the plan in action. it has just started about 30 minutes ago, we haven't seen
5:32 am
anything violent. we haven't seen any tear gas or anything thrown in either direction from police or from protesters. we haven't seen any arrests. the only activity we have seen was the police officers climbing up on the ladder and one bit of communication a protest her who came to the window and was trying to talk to -- prose ter who came to the window and was trying to talk to police and was told to close the window and he moved away this building is at turk and gough police have blocked off a city block around it they set up a perimeter of officers with shields batons drawn, helmets on, they are ready for a struggle just in case this building is vacant, but owned by the catholic church. the protesters have said they believe that everyone has a right to utilize an empty building. dis-- police disagree they call that trespassing. they say this group has got to go. this group has done this once before april 1st,. police made 80 arrests that
5:33 am
time. at the time, the church said it cost them 20 -- $25,000 in damage. the church is not happy about this and have told police they want these people out of here. looks like that plan is underway. we'll keep an eye on the situation and let you know how they get these protesters out of here. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we are also following developing news out of oakland where police have updated the in of people arrested when last night's protest there turned violent. terry mcsweeney is live at frank ogawa plaza. some of the business there is facing a big cleanup as well. >> reporter: it is a massive cleanup. i want to give you an idea of what was going on where i'm standing at 14 and broadway, frank ogawa plaza, last night. 3500 people gathered here, most were interested in this symbol police are saying it was peaceful for the most part. but, there were 10% of these
5:34 am
people who were more interested in this sign the international sign for anarchy and that is where the trouble started. take a look at some of the results of that trouble. you can see a wrench through the window of the wells fargo bank on franklin. a symbol of what was going on down here last night. also, last night, oakland police cars damaged one burned. one of the arrests is for -- two of the arrests for arson within for torching a police car another arrest for felony assault on a police officer, a total of 25 people arrested when the 3,000 or so who came out to peacefully demonstrate, maybe 90% went away, 10% remained, they were the ones causing trouble, police asked them to disperse after the second order the demonstrators started throwing bottles, glass, pain at police officers. police chief jordan is saying everything was done to work with the demonstrators with >> i personally witnessed and
5:35 am
heard the order given, we heard the countdown, we gave the five minute count time, time to leave an area where they had to leave. at that point i made the decision to authorize the officers to make arrests. >> reporter: police did move that crowd away from the plaza making arrests as they went. one woman claiming that she was a citizen journalist and was arrested for doing nothing wrong. it is going to be interesting this time around police have more than just their eyewitness, a number of police officers were also carrying backpack cameras. they have documentation of what they were seeing, what was going on and possibly, some of the people who they've arrested and maybe some crimes in progress as well. down the street from here on broadway at the footlocker they got up the plywood in
5:36 am
plenty of time the windows were not broken but the graffiti is on that. again, 25 people arrested, one for felony assault on a police officer. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. stay with abc7 news for the latest on the aftermath of the may day protests. we'll continue to bring developments on air as they happen, including amy hollyfield at turk and gough where police have raided a building that has been occupied by protesters. you can get updates any time of the day at police and firefighters are investigating a crash that left a big mess outside a millbrae safeway. the driver says he fell asleep near the intersection this is north of millbrae avenue before slamming his car into several trees shopping, -- shopping cars, fire hydrant annual. the store wasn't damage. the driver was -- the driver
5:37 am
was taken to a hospital police are checking to see if alcohol played a factor. san jose city council deadlocked on the mayor's effort to reduce retirement benefits for most future city employees. the plan called for trimming benefits beginning july 1st, for all city workers except police and firefighters. the plan was endorsed by voters two years ago but the council's 5-5 vote last night came up short. >> san jose's proposed budget for the year begins in july, a surplus of nine million dollars, the city managers proposed budget would operate four new libraries, new community center, it also keeps 21 school crossing guards, staff a state park and provides police with two million dollars for gang prevention. we find out today whether cal-state faculty voted to approve a strike if a contract stalemate is not resolved. leaders of three higher education systems are
5:38 am
predicting future economic doom if the state doesn't restore college funding soon. the executives of the uc system, cal-state and community colleges say, they support the governor's tax plan that would include tax hikes on people who make a quarter million dollars a year or more. school officials are urging lawmakers to cut spending on prisons. very busy morning weather-wise. sorry about that. >> that is not the breezes is it? >> no, it is cooler. >> cooler and breezy once again good morning. partly cloudy, clouds are not dropping rain may not be the case tomorrow, drizzle in the forecast for tomorrow's morning cute. winds blowing out of the west at sfo 15. west oakland 10 and south wind concord 12 southwest wind fairfield 10 we still have an onshore breeze even with the clouds, visibilities are fine.
5:39 am
hopefully we won't have any delays at sfo this morning nor oakland and san jose. 8:00 this morning, everybody in the 40s except for oakland probably around 50° by noon high clouds taking over and temperatures staying cooler than average with mid to upper 50s around the bay shore and to the coast with low to mid 60s developing inland those same valleys at 4:00, mid to upper 60s, low to mid 60s around the bay shore into the south bay, 57 at half moon bay, by 7:00 this evening high clouds and sun, mid to upper 50s for all of us, it going to cool quickly as we get past 4:00 just like it did yesterday. coolest tomorrow with chance of scattered showers and breezy but sunshine and warmer friday through the weekend. almost 10° warmer by sunday. hi everyone. okay northbound 17 past lexington reservoir gravel still blocking the right lane as you head out of the
5:40 am
santa cruz mountains towards los gatos. not causing a big slow down yet, i'm surprised it is still out there we'll keep you posted hopefully it will clear soon. it has been there this whole morning since the show started. here's a live shot from amy hollyfield and crew this is in san francisco, breaking news where we have the occupy raid going on, blocking the entire intersection of turk and gough. gough is a major thoroughfare for commuters through san francisco heading southbound and you can see it is completely blocked. so, if this is out there for a while, i think this is going to cause heavy traffic on van ness which will be your alternate southbound. you may want to see spill over traffic on to laguna that could be heavy you might want to head further, farther turk is blocked you may want to consider mcallister as an alternate. traffic gets busy starting around company when the commute picks up, already busy out of tracy westbound 205
5:41 am
jammed heavy traffic with the waze app you can see how slow it is 25 miles an hour as you head through the altamont pass, it picks up, still slow at 34 miles an hour. 5:41 >> lifting the ban. still ahead the coast guard sets a timetable for ending a ban on ocean yacht races outside the bay. the new agency getting involved in the investigation. no more smart meters, north bay county's new demand for pg&e.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the u.s. sailing association will conduct an independent investigation of a deadly yacht crash off the san francisco coast. the vessel was competing near the farallon islands april 14th, when a wave knocked the yacht on to the rocks five sailors were killed. the association says a panel of experienced sailors will look into the factors that caused the accident and determine if improvements can be made. the coast guard plans to lift restrictions on offshore boat races once the investigation is finished which could take up to a month. more problems for pg&e. unincorporated marin and the town of far facts are trying to stop the utility from -- and the town of fair tax are trying to stop the utility from installing more smart
5:45 am
meters. they are arguing that charging customers to opt-out is unfair. it is not clear when the commission will hold hearings. we just got a new snapshot on whether jobs are being created in the u.s.. bloomberg business report coming up. did they do anything wrong? the homeland security secretary chimes in on new allegations of prior sex scandals involving the secret service. >> jewel it quits, big announcement expected today that -- calling it quits, the big announcement expected today that could clear the way --. [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal,
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very quiet this morning, mid to upper 60s along the coast. cooler in the central valley mid 70s around chico and sacramento, 81 fresno sierra sun, 60 tahoe, 71 yosemite. 5:48. newt gingrich is planning to officially end his campaign for the republican presidential nomination today. he has a video up this morning on his website thanking his supporters. last week he indicated he
5:49 am
would leave the race after poor showings in five primaries. his campaign is more than four million dollars in debt. meantime, mitt romney's national security spokesman has resigned following attacks from conservatives because he's openly gay. he has been an adviser to foreign policy hawks, including former u.n. ambassador john bolton. the romney campaign says it is dis' pointed with the decision. >> janet napolitano says so far -- no evidence to support allergists of another stripper scandal involving secret service jeans in el salvador those claims came out after 12 agents and 12 u.s. military personnel were accused in a prostitution scandal last month. china -- napolitano says she doesn't believe there's a broader problem with the agency's culture. airport screeners in new jersey made a surprising discovery in the luggage of a passenger bound for san francisco, three landmine
5:50 am
casings, two packed with shrapnel none had detonators the passenger says she was attending an explosives demonstration and was allowed to rebook her flight, minus the weapons. federal energy regulators are blaming a lack of planning for a massive blackout last fall that left millions without electricity in southern california, arizona and northern mexico. it was triggered by a workers's mistake at an arizona substation it caused a surge that overloaded the systems. regulators say a lack of understanding of what was happening caused the problem to balloon out of control. you want your power to be working this morning. some of you may want to turn on your heaters. >> in some areas 30s, the rest of us cooler,. good morning. east from mount sutro you can see partly cloudy conditions a little breezy also, slight
5:51 am
wind chill in the air. 41 santa rosa, napa, everybody else in the mid to upper 40s antioch 51° monterey bay, salinas and watsonville low 50s%/iz gilroy santa cruz low to mid 40s afternoon hours cooler high clouds and sun slightly breezy especially along the coast thicker clouds tonight patchy drizzle possible for tomorrow's morning commute showers possible scattered during the day tomorrow. today two degrees warmer san francisco, fremont 66, concord at 70 oakland 64 one degree cooler than yesterday santa rosa drops two degrees down to 725ties along the coast today, patchy -- 72, 50s along the coast, patchy clouds. low 60s around san francisco, richmond, mid to upper 60s the rest of the bay shore into the south bay around san rafael, vallejo rest of the north bay
5:52 am
and east bay valleys low 70s this afternoon high clouds and sun over monterey bay mid 60s -- 68 hollister near 70 morgan hill and gilroy. at monterey. dress warmly for the giants' game 58, drop fog 53. we lost last night 2-1. 50 tonight in san francisco. drizzle possible in the north bay and long the coast tomorrow during the morning compute those are the best areas. high clouds start -- morning commute those are the best areas. breezes rolling around the ocean 20 to 30 the rest of us 10 15 jet stream is going to pull this storm our way tomorrow let's see how it unfolds 5:00 in the morning drizzle north bay along the coast by noon the cold front moving into the north bay so the best area for organized scattered showers will be the north bay moves through the
5:53 am
heart of the bay by 5:00 starts to slide down out of the bay by 8:00. we are going to get less than a 10th of an inch of rain out of this system. it will keep us cool mid 50s at the coast mid to upper 60s for rest of us, inkraoelgsing sun and warm starting friday mid 60s sunday along the coast mid to upper 70s for the rest of us, warmer next week. back to san francisco, live shot from amy hollyfield at the scene of this occupy raid possibly going on this is at intersection of turk and gough not just turk closed gough also blocked major thoroughfare for cars commuters heading southbound out of marina towards 101. this is gough there and this is turk. we've got turk blocked between gough and franklin and gough closed. you may want to consider van ness as an alternate. as this continues things could
5:54 am
get backed up on gough, traffic will spill over to van ness we could see delays there as well as laguna. if you are considering taking turk, you may want to head to mcallister amy hollyfield is live at the scene and will continue to bring us details. i want to take you to a slow pot in the east bay, no surprise i -- a slow spot in the east bay, no surprise, through livermore traffic heavy approaching highway 84, 13 miles per hour now on isabel approaching vallecitos road typical delays elsewhere in the east bay westbound 580 through the altamont pass. earlier gravel spill northbound 17 has finally been cleared, a little slow approaching the scene not much of a delight at the bay bridge toll 5:54. just got the results of a private survey by payroll provider, showing u.s. businesses sharply reduced hiring in april adding 119,000
5:55 am
jobs far short of what was expected. facebook steps up efforts to make more friends on wall street. here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. facebook getting the show on the road. it expects to begin marketing initial public offering to investors as soon as next week. this indicates facebook could go public as soon as the end of the month it could be the largest internet ipo in history. wal-mart employees who put in extra hours may be getting an extra check retailer agreed to pay five million dollars in back pay and damages to thousands of workers nationwide after the labor dealt found they wrongly classified the workers as exempt from overtime if you are thinking of buying a car incentives are the lowest in almost seven years. the biggest insent tiffs are larger -- the biggers
5:56 am
incentives are offered on larger gas guzzlers. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. 5:56. california's population is growing not by much. the state finance department puts the number of people living in the golden state at just under 37.7 million that's an increase of about 250,000 compared to a year ago. the increase is less than 1%. the state's largest cities including san francisco, san jose and los angeles, all posted small population gains. new report out shows more teenagers are smoking marijuana. the numbers may surprise you. according to the partnership at, 1 in 10 teenagers are lighting up a joint, 20 or more times each month nearly double than wait was three years ago. researchers say use of harder drugs like cocaine and meth have stabilized. as for prescription drugs 1 in 10 teens are using those down
5:57 am
from 1 in 7 in 2010. just about 5:57. just ahead, we'll continue to update you on our breaking news. live picture of that right now where san francisco police have stormed a building taken over by occupiers during yesterday's may day protests are live as that raid continues. michael finney's critical new warning for parents. the tools that look like toys and could seriously injure your children. ♪
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