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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 2, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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a handgun was found near the body. >> seau had shown only one sign of trouble. in october, 2010 he survived a 100 plunge down a seaside cliff just hours after domestic violence charges. seau told authorities he fell asleep while driving. neighbors in the community were shocked by the news. >> my husband speculated that it could be anything. it could be all of the injuries he's had, it could be having a pain management problem, who knows? >> seau retired in 2009 after 20 seasons with the nfl. he's considered one of the best line backers of all time, selected to 12 pro bowl teams and a few tour hall of famer, he was a fierce competitor and a team player. >> he was all football. such a great leader. he was such a great mentor for many people and impacting so
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many lives. >> the death is eriely similar to that of another former nfl player who shot himself in the chest in february of last year after dealing with depression for years. he asked his brain be used for research hence affect of repeated concussion autos you know have you such a personal connection with junior. tell us about that. >> well, kind of funny we had a lot of connections from hawaii i grew up there, he spends a lot of time there. had family there. we happened to be vacationing there and our kids were playing together in the la goon there. now, i had to head back in to shore and go back to the hotel and kids were playing with turtles and stuff, junior volunteered to watch my kids. so in a matter of seconds his kids and my kids are jumping on his raft, they flipped him over and i'm thinking oh, no. this is going to be tough to get out of. he thought it was hilarious.
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it was typical of junior seau, personable guy. later he said do you know what? i'll watch the kids the rest of the afternoon. that is the kind of person he was. >> everybody is saying this just seems out of character. >> totally. likeable and he just seemed to have it all going. we joked just finishing the story that i told the girls we hired the most-expensive baby-sitter in history to watch them. it's a shock that knew junior seau to see this story coming up. and i think everybody is stunned by this. >> a lot more questions to be answered. >> and san francisco police made a predawn skpraid arrested two dozen pro testor who's occupied a building owned by the catholic archdiocese yesterday. abc 7's vic lee is live now with our first look at the damage protestors did.
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>> that is a building behind me. 888 turk street. looks different today. occupiers took over that building in a much larger building behind it. you can just barely see that white building over there. both owned by the catholic church. there was a largely peaceful take over until a violent incident changed it all. >> police decided to clear the building because of the actions yesterday afternoon. >> the 34-year-old climbed on the roof of the building and threw metal pipes and bricks over and over again. no officer was injured and a pro testor was hid in the head. one occupier disavowed that violence. >> the actions of the people that were violent had no ties to us. we're complete nonviolent protest autos never theless that led to a tense standoff. police finally withdrew from the front of the building last night. then, at about 5:00 in the morning moving in and began
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making arrests. all but two were taking downtown and charged with trespassing. police say the operation was smooth. >> 26 people taken into custody with minimal -- without incident. there is no report of injuries or any reports of a use of force. >> protestors told us that the arrests went without incident. >> police their thing. and we exited peacefully. and you know, we got arrested. >> this morning workers were repairing damages to the doors which were pried open by occupiers. they boarded up a broken window and installed a new fence, trash bags filled with litter. >> looks clean. >> yes. it does. >> we're taken on a tour through the building by a church spokesman and couldn't find real property damage or vandalism. not like last time they took over the building april 1. the church said they cost
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$25,000 in damages that time. >> and the church said it will review procedures in both buildings in light of the two takeovers. earlier today we asked san francisco police how many were from the city. as it turns out most aren't. we're told 11 are from out of county. four in fact from out of state. and there are six booked on what is called a continuing offense because they're arrested last month. at 6:00 tonight how the protestor got up on that route and what he was throwing down. it's lucky no one was killed. >> we'll see you at 6:00. >> about an hour ago police gave us up indicated information on the wide spread may day protests there. and abc 7 shows us damage done downtown.
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>> the light of day ushered in clean up time. some windows shared and some taken out. this shows how one window here was smashed with a wrench. just down the street the damage was worse, more and larger windows busted. and there is an atm machine smashed in both locations. and wells fargo will continue to invest in our oakland community. some businesses spared including this burger king may have been saved by their clear statement of support for the occupy movement. and this store had a similar sign. this is after a day of on and off violence. a crowd assembled at about 9:00, edging closer to spiralling out of control in the opinion of police.
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>> there is time to leave and an area writ had to leave. i made a decision owe authorize officers to make arrests from those that cannot leave. >> all told, 25 people were arrested. one for assault on a police officer, and two for arson. one for torching a police car. >> in my opinion this should not be any violence, and if there are issues there, this should ab dressed peacefully. >> people should act more civilized and have better common sense. and then you know taking actions out on city of oakland. >> and there are several sending live pictures to the command center. >> that should make it interesting in z.there are demonstrations with cameras. should be interesting to see
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how that plays out n oakland abc 7 news. >> and abc 7 news learned details about the mass murder in a home in the ingleside district. the suspect is charged with five counts of murder with special circumstances and police say the murder weapon was a hammer, they claim luc used a sharp edged weapon to sever some of the victims hands. and luc plead not guilty in this case. >> innocence search resume forward a morgan hill teenager believed to have been kidnapped and missing sometime now. divers from santa clara county sheriffs looked for links of the 15-year-old sierra lamar in parkway lake south of valley avenue. that as 100 volunteers conducted a ground search. abc 7 joins us live now in
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morgan hill. >> well, there is something called search fatigue. with seven weeks having gone by and no breaks in this case that is a potential obstacle. today, 135 people showed up here for search assignments and investigators are as committed as ever. >> from sky 7 you can see sheriff dive team back at work. today they're in park way lake using their sonar equipment. and the volunteer search center in morgan hill there is a reminder of the commission that is far from over. >> we'll continue to conduct these searches. weekend after weekend until something sends us in a different direction or the case resolves itself. >> the 15-year-old student disappeared march 16th. investigators found her cell phone and purse within 48 hours and not far from home.
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thousands of volunteers joined efforts. and there is part of a team the side of the road along hale avenue. >> i've watched people week after week. i decided i should get out here as well. >> sierra lamar is at the top of the fbi missing persons cases and has been featured on "america's most wanted". biggest support is dedicated volunteers. >> my grandkids come, my friends come on the weekends so we bring a lot of people. >> and we need more people. >> and more people can show their support this saturday. there is another search that will take place, coming up year -- you're going to find out what inspires her commitment. >> we'll see you at 6:00 and hopefully get resolution soon.
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>> let's check for a look at the forecast. >> our clear skies for today about to give way to clouds and some approaching rainfall and showers. so this evening, skies become crowdy and temperatures from upper 40s to mid-50s and overnight, rain develops in the north bay first with us into morning hours. and by afternoon we'll see showers pushing south ward and eastward into other parts of the bay area, high temperatures from mid-50s at the coast to 70s inland. so how long will rain last? what is to follow? the answer is in the accu-weather forecast later. >> thank you. and ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 two things you can do to keep sports and energy drinks from ruining your teeth. >> target pulling amazon kindle off shelves. >> and michael finney is taking your consumer questions
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through hisbook and twitter pages and will answer them here live just a little bit later.
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checking healthy living news a study shows sports and energy drinks can damage teenager's teeth. research finds the drinks can damage tooth enamel and increase risk of cavities and decay and can cause two times as much damage as sports drinks. dentists recommend people who drink sports drinks follow them with a use of sugar free gum or rinse mouth was water. >> researchers say taking a brisk walk before or after
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spending time on a computer could help decrease your odds of memory loss. a study involving elderly people show the right after this sk greater in those who only use the computer and did not get moderate physical activity. researchers say mental and physical exercise work better together. >> and facebook users like the new morgan donation tool allowing people to become organ donors. the part snerz more than 100 thousand users added their donor status and in california online registrations up 1300%. >> on to business news. more viewers going online for entertainment. it's changing media landscape. we're live now for that story and more. hi, john.
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>> there is comcast can't get bleeding stopped. the company losing video subviber was 20 quarter. and comcast lost 37,000 video customers and gained 439,000 internet subscribers. there is a cbs eveningings rose 80% yesterday in part because of big digital deals, amazon going to start producing original material and the biggest competitor produces original content. news corporation board of directors says it supports rupert murdock and has full confidence in his leadership this, is a day after lawmakers called murdock infit to lead a major international corporation saying he turn aid
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blind eye at news corps's british newspapers. target says it will stop selling amazon kindle ending a conflict of interest. analysts say it's getting worried about amazon swiping sales across a variety of products. as for stock market stocks were lower today, fresh job data show companies added fewer jobs than estimated. the bloomberg silicon valley index up slightly. ebay and intel two of the top gainers on the day. last night finding out fac facebook's road she to ipo could be kicking off, but will facebook be able to friend china? the count story blocked from using it. mark zuckerberg has been vocal
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about wanting to break into that market. he was spotted in shanghai prompting speculation but could facebook friend china some day? a guest on bloomberg west told us he thinks regulatory issues are going to be a real problem. and added he doesn't think it's worth it for facebook and for sees facebook getting tochbz demonstrations in the u.s. and this is a story we're going to be continuing to follow in the next couple weeks. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> our sunny skies out there could be changing quickly here. >> there is rain coming up. >> skies beginning to change a little bit. now, more clouds now than at this hour yesterday, there is a breezy cool conditions like yesterday. now rain is on the way. here is a live view from our east bay camera in emeryville. beautiful skies and there is
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gray continuing to increase here there is where you can see clouds approaching from west and northwest and there is our nice slow floe of winds out of the north there are cool patterns continuing and now, cool is about to be joined by the wet. there are brisk winds and gusts at this hour of up to 21 miles per hour in novato. 31 miles per hour gusts in livermore, 36 at sfo. around the bay area, window knew and there is temperatures into 50s to near 6 ows around the bay and there is 71 in antioch. increase clouds, rain up into the north bay tomorrow and there are showers south of the golden gate. clear, breezy this weekend. breezy staying with us as well, satellite shows this wet
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weather system bringing rain and showers south. so let's start at 5:00 tomorrow morning. at which point there will be light showers or rain in parts of the north bay. as morning grows we'll see rain increasing and there is mainly a sprinkle or two south of the golden gate at 12:00 noon. we'll see showers spreading south ward and eastward. so it will be wet tomorrow. and there are showers starting to taper off friday morning so by start of friday morning rush we'll see just a few sprempkels or light showers around. this is winding down at that point. by that time we'll see rainfall from north bay to a tenth of an inch to a quarter inch. this is not a major event. just coming at an unusual time of the year.
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low temperatures mid to upper 40s. there is tomorrow, cooler and will be wet. high temperatures only into low to mid-60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. there remaining dry, sunny and breezy. breezy conditions starting to warm up nicely sunday. then, monday, looking at highs into mid-80s inland and 80s ash the bay. looks like a milder, warmer pattern next week as well for sure. >> well next, irkel's time on "dancing with the stars" takes a turn for the worse. >> today i'm suspending the campaign. >> newt gingrich leaving republican presidential campaign with a generous offer from a former rival. >> new at 5:00 there is a progress report on a key component of the new bay bridge. it's the key to holding up the
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we're down to the final six now on "dancing with the stars". another leaves her mark on the hollywood walk of fame. >> mel -- melissa gilbert survived week after week. >> avengers expected to rake in a ga zillion dollars and today a well deserved honor for one of the stars. a huge crowd turned out for the unveiling of scanson's
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star on the -- scarlett johansson's star on the walk of fame. she'll reprise the role of black widow. so long, irkle. he's booted off dancing with the stars. and he says it was an mazing journey. >> in the beginning it was petrifying and doing figures at 1:00 in the morning when my daughter was aslee. i want to get sleep now. >> remaining six to join them in a latin dance trio and oscars staying in hollywood and there is a 20 year deal, there are rumors it might move to downtown los angeles for your news and gossip head over to
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>> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 a san francisco company pioneered a home share trend is not only bringing tourists but hundreds of jobs to the bay area. >> i would never put a child in any form of danger. >> this mom accused of putting her 5-year-old in a tanning bed and facing criminal charges. why she maintains she did nothing wrong.
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san francisco is celebrating expansion of another high tech company. >> today, air b and b signed a 10 year lease so it can move and go on a hiring spree. quick growth may be surprising to many of you. >> and what it is? we're going to find out. abc 7 joins with us today's developments. >> there is a launch nearly four years ago. currently located let me show you, here at 99 rhode island street. this is going to move here and there is 10 block as way to show square place. this is what started as renting air beds spread to
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20,000 cities around the world. >> the co-founder and ce open o of air b and k. it's a company that allows people like kepa to rent rooms in her home to globetrotters. >> right now there is a gal just arriving from shanghai. yesterday i hosted a fellow who started food network in singapore. >> she's part of a movement called sharing economy. people sharing homes cars and assets. in air b and b movement is spreading so rapidly the company has risen from 12 employees in a three-bedroom apartment to 125 to an expected growth of 1,000. this after the company announced today it's signing a 10 year lease. and this is a great thing for the city. and communities around the
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world. >> the tax collector held a hearing informing ab and b they'll need to start collecting from the guests. there is a task force and indicated today that he's working to change that. >> the policy makers from the city which is our board of supervisors and mayor with businesses in this economy should continue very rapidly our dialogue around what policy challenges and then adjust accordingly. >> thank you. >> newt gingrich suspended his campaign today. abc 7 joins us live with the story. and there are millions of dollars in debt.
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>> a lot of debt z today, newt gingrich said he never could have predicted highs and lows his campaign and neither could reporters covering this. he says he stayed in the race to be an alternative and today, he said, well, at least romney is more conservative than president obama. >> for newt gingrich this is the end of the road. >> i'm suspending the campaign. >> there is a roller coaster ride for the former house speaker. last summer his staff quit. his campaign was on the ropes. but then with a string of solid debates he started to bounce back. in early december, looking like a sharp bed. and -- bet. that surge gave him some swagger. >> then came the multi front result. the republicans turned attacks on gingrich, spending millions
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on negative ads. he lost badly in iowa and new hampshire. like a cat with nine lives he crawled back. he brought a renewed momentum into south carolina where this interview with the second ex-wife couldn't derail him he was asking to have an open marriage and i refused. >> gingrich won south carolina primary but attack machine of romney spending nearly $14 million on negative ads in florida in the week before the primary there. >> that is. >> if that is true i won't vote for myself. >> he leaves this race in debt and mitt romney offered to help him out, paying back $4 million he owes businesses and campaign worker as cross the country. >> it seems clear gingrich
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would just not be able to win. where did he stay in it until now? >> there is a lit bill sh -- little bit of ego involved but a couple weeks ago he acknowledged he wasn't going to get delegates. but then said mitt romney hasn't gotten to that point either. he tried to pitch himself as conservative but just wasn't able to gain traction. and he had a platt form, talking about things he said others weren't talking b he visited a lot of zoos and at this point he's now out of the race and he's focusing, he said on helping to beat president obama in november. >> and thank you, karen. >> officials for mitt romney say they're disappointed a key advisor who is openly gay has resigned. the 45-year-old stepped down
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yesterday after talk of his personal life had been a contraction. he was hired in april and romney campaign manager says he had superior qualifications for the post. >> vice president biden host aid dinner in washington but all he had was a glass of water for the toast. listen. >> it's bad luck in irish tradition to toast with water so, i'm not going to do it. and i can hear my grandfather saying joey, no. >> so he honored his grandfather and instead, just said he was toast together
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friendship between mexico and the united states. >> and that is a ceremonial toast. >> nowhere near the water. >> coming up next a bitter feud between former 49er deon sanders and his estranged wife. >> never trusted never did anything to her in front of the kids or never will. >> and just ahead an exclusive interview on the fight over the house, kids and his reputation. >> and michael finney is taking your questions on twitter, facebook ask will answer them here shortly. you can contact michael on twitter and at 7. >> and from sutro tower, mainly clear skies now and i'll have a look. >>
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video revealed what's happening after a fatal boating accident in philadelphia two years ago. you can see crew members abandoning ship just before the boat packed with passengers is hit by a passing barge two. students, 16 and 20 years old were killed and their parents filed a civil wrongful death lawsuit claiming negligence by the crew. >> you can see the people inside white, red, gray. black. green. white. nobody has had the opportunity to get their life preserver
4:40 pm
on. >> the attorney claims the crew members wasted 11 minutes by anchoring and shutting off the boat in busy waters. the crew claims they thought the engine was on fire but authorities say they never asked for help from any passing boats. the barge operator pleaded guilty last november to the maritime equivalent of involuntary manslaughter. >> nfl suspended four players they claim participated in the new orleans bounty program. there is linebackers and the suspensions were the latest in the investigation of a bounty system where saints players were offered thousands of dollars for big hits against opponents. former saints defensive coordinator greg williams has been suspended for running the program and the head coach as well as other team officials were also suspended. all four say they plan to appeal. >> former 49er deon sanders is
4:41 pm
making headlines again, this time not for football but over his bitter divorce battle. and he his estranged wife pial were living under the same roof until both were charged with assault. today in an interview he says his two sons saw the whole incident. >> thank god that both of my sons witnessed the whole thing, unfortunately they did but i have witnesses and they testified and wrote statements out for the police. i can't wait for those statements to come out so everyone can see the truth. >> pillar sander has been ordered out of the house, for her part she says she cannot compete with the football star and claims she's not going to be treated fairly in court. >> there is a victory in court for a cal law professor charged with contributing to
4:42 pm
torture a chinese activist is reunited with his family, fwhu afternoon facing a new challenge. >> can the dmv go into your checking akt and take out your money without your permission? an answer to that and more coming up in today's q and u.
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a little victory for the cal law school professor. the ninth circuit of court of appeals tossed out a convicted terrorist lawsuit filed against him. claiming used memos allowed to subject to enhanced interrogation techniques. he wrote memos when he served in the bush justice department between twun and 2003. >> a blind chinese activist holed up in the u.s. embassy since escaping house arrest says he wants to leave china. he emerged today under an agreement with chinese official as louing him to receive care and be reunite whidz family. a japanese news channel captured this footage but he says the only left after a
4:46 pm
u.s. official told him chin yeegs authorities were threatening to beat his wife to death. he says he fears for his own safety and wants to leave the country. u.s. officials denied knowledge of the threat to chen's family. >> former political prisoner is now officially a member of parliament in myanmar. he spent owe two decades fighting against military rule in the country. an lifts say he swril almost no power but shows an easing of relations between his party and a new administration coming to power last year when the long ruling party stepped down. >> time for another check of the forecast. rain is on the way. >> yes. spencer christian is here with the latest. >> how about a look back at lovely skies this afternoon. and by way of time lapse looking towards mount diablo, thin, high clouds that will get thicker overnight. tomorrow looking at lots of rainy conditions and showers
4:47 pm
into the northern part of the state. cooler than average temperatures into 50s and 60s there. into southern sections will be nice, sunny and dry, and warm. here in the bay area showers arriving overnight into north bay start to press south ward during daytime hours, in the south bay, cloudy skies, showers will arrive late. high temperatures upper 60s to around 07s, 68 in san jose. 69 in campbell. there are highs into mid-60s. 64 in san mateo. and only mid to upper 50s on the coast. there are rainy, cooler than average into the north bay. there is some mid-60s foo the near east bay z there is highs to around 70 and near monterey bay, highs into mid-60s near the bay, low 70s inland. tomorrow, giants at home again,
4:48 pm
game three against marlins. showers likely. but don't expect them to be heavy or last long. so this will not be a rain out. >> thank you. >> it's wednesday. that means michael fin gee here to answer questions of what you've posted. >> there is however you sent it, he's going to answer. right? let's start with molly b. asking a friend's checking akt was garnished for fee that's weren't due yet. can the dmv garnish wages? >> no. they officially can't. i'm not sure the person has the whole story. this this if this is happen things air mess and she needs to get a hold of me right away. assuming she went past there are 30 days of being late
4:49 pm
before the state does anything. they turn over the bill to their arm that does collections that can turn into fwarnishment. it will not come out of no wr. if it did, have her contact 7 on your side. >> now there is a question from ava. she writes i was in san jose saw a sign that said due to shrinkage we require all customers to purchase a bag. is that legal? >> it is legal. i don't know what it's due to. and what they mean, but it's legal to make a charge for you to come in. i want to you think in terms of costco. they're allowed to charge you. i think what they're trying to say down there is that in san jose you're not able to give out bags for free. and in two years will be 25 cents. it sounds this store is saying we're going to make you buy a
4:50 pm
bag. that is legal. >> i hate shrinkage questions. carolyn asks i'd like to know where to donate partial bart tickets. >> this is a great question. and there is a program, if you use a bart card, you can now donate those, they add them up. the question is okay, do they get bart rides? no. they get cash back. >> very nice. >> they explain how to donate them there. >> outstanding. >> good. >> love that. >> a bay area teenager putting his knowledge to the test. tonight on jeopardy. coming up we'll show you what makes this fremont 15-year-old unique. >> and the mom facing criminal charges accused of trying to make her daughter a fan of the tan. >> then, ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00 a local group uncovers
4:51 pm
a health concern in, of all things, honey. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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this teenager is a high school sophomore from fremont and is the youngest player appearing on the jeopardy team tournament. >> she's one of 15 chosen out of 20,000. >> well, i've been watching jeopardy since i was a little kid. and i decided that i might as well give it a try and see how well i do. now, i'm here. >> she attends fremont mission san jose high school and could win $75,000 if he makes it to the end of the tournament. >> you can watch tonight at 7:00 after abc 7 news at 6:00. >> a new jersey mother who tlofz visit tanning salons is facing criminal charges accused of trying to turn her 15-year-old daughter into a fan of tan.
4:55 pm
>> and scott goldberg has the story. >> patricia came to court to plead not guilty on charges she endangered her daughter by taking the 5-year-old to a tanning salon. >> i'm a wonderful mother. >> she likes color. >> you can see i'm very tanned. i've been tanning my whole life. >> the 44-year-old isn't so concerned about warnings we've heard and authorities say she took her daughter, anna into the room without the salon's knowledge and has been charged with second degree child endangerment. >> not true. it's not true whatever. boy never put a child in any form of danger. >> the school nurse noticed anna had a rash and called child services after anna said it came from tanning with mom. >> my daughter and i go shopping and get our nails done, tan.
4:56 pm
when i say tan, i'll tan. i tan. >> she admits anna was at the salon but says not in the room and blames the rash on the real sun after a day of gardening. >> we often consider going a tanning salon equivalent of smoking for the skin. younger you start affects are cumulative. >> whether the real sun or a fake bake, risks of skin cancer add up. a touch of bronze come was a price. >> yeah. i'm tan. i don't care. >> nnl engineer law says no one under 14 can use a tanning salon. 5-year-old anna is still living home while her mom fights charges. >> this is generating a lot of outrage and confessed tanya holic snooki said you're not supposed to take kids to tanning beds. >> when she's the voice of reason, you've gone over the
4:57 pm
edge. >> check out these comments. there is jill wrote what is wrong with this woman? i think the tanning bed fried her brain. >> claudia says her mother's judge smt not good. >> and bill writing mothers now are the single number one danger to kids emotionally and physically today in america. and you can join the conversation. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and talk about it on 7 news. >> news at 5:00 continues right now. >> and thank you. the damage done by local may day labor protests and how it said back local workers today. >> i'm sandhya patel. showers coming in tomorrow, i'll have a time line of when wet weather begins and when it
4:58 pm
will end. >> bay bridge workers close in on a key component that will hold it up. >> and there is police arresting dozens in oakland and san francisco. good evening, i'm dan ashley i'm cheryl jennings. we begin with laura anthony. laura? >> there is a different scene, we found two perspectives on how things went yesterday. one desperate police, another from demonstrators. this was an arrest happening of a female cyclist that seems to turn the tide of tuesday's demonstrations. there are marches and rallies have been peaceful. >> from our perspective there
4:59 pm
is a great deal of police force out here throughout the day. >> she's with occupy oakland committee which assists demonstrators. police told abc 7 this woman broke the law in some way before arrest. and demonstrators claim the way she's treated set the tone for the rest of the day. >> they would target a particular individual and arrest them in a violent manner, brought outrage of the crowd out. >> i think it worked well. identifying people in a crowd that were responsible for committing acts of violence or vandalism we're tibl arrest them. >> chief jordan and city leaders pleased with the way things went tuesday, there are 37 arrests, 27 for obstructing police and the rest for battery failing to disperse and violating a stay away order. that is during a day long series of events.


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