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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 3, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good thursday morning. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. developing news, owners of an east oakland restaurant are waking to an unwanted surprise
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after a car crashed into their building early this morning. the car slammed into the front of simpson's soul food after midnight. the driver wasn't hurt no word on how much damage was caused. part of the building was caved in. police have not said what they think led to the crash and have not determined how badly it damaged the structural integrity. caltrain good news and bad news, board meets today to consider adding train service a year after draconian budget cuts. what's the bad news? amy hollyfield is live at the redwood city station to explain. >> reporter: there must be interesting -- the agency is talking about giving and then taking away. the san francisco examiner is reporting that the caltrain agency has a balanced budget this year. so, the officials there feel like it is a good time to add trains. this will be welcome news to riders who at times are very
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crowded on these trains. ridership has hit record levels. but, the long term future doesn't look good. the agency has used one-time sources that won't exist down the road. the 2013 fiscal year doesn't look good. they are considering drastic cuts again. talk about teasing your customers. here's the candy, now we are going to take it away. but, your short term future caltrain riders, looks good. possibly going to be adding six more trains coming to the schedule soon to morning and evening commutes. they will be talking about that at their meeting this morning. that's your good news. your bad news is probably a year away. looks like more cuts. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 4:32 now. we are following developing news in san jose police asking for your help after a teenager was beat to death at a
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playground at roosevelt park on san jose's eastside friday night. the victim 14-year-old roberto reyes died monday. the mercury news reports the boy's father might have witnessed the beating, police are not confirming that. it appears the attack was gang related they believe several witnessed it. terry mcsweeney will have more with a live report coming up. this morning many of the protesters arrested during this week's may day marches are set to make their first court appearances. police say officers arrested 39 during the mostly peace protest. most of the arrests were for obstruction or failing to disperse five face more serious charges. >> wells fargo is helping to cover the cost of monday's
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vandalism spree in the mission district. the bank is giving $25,000 to help business owners cleanup and make repairs. dozens of people dressed in black, broke windows, threw paint and slashed tires along have lensia street. more than 30 businesses were -- were hit, including a police station. a group will be out again today searching for sierra lamar. sky 7 hd was in san jose yesterday as divers scanned underwater with sonar equipment. on the ground volunteers are vowing to continue their search until see rather is found. >> everyday i can i'm here and my grandkids come, my kids. >> [ inaudible ] just support the family. >> sierra was last seen leaving for school march 16th. investigators think she was
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kidnapped. a prayer vigil will be held tonight to remember the seven killed in last month's deadly oikos university shootings. it starts 8:00 tonight in pleasant hill. vigil is part of the third annual national day of prayer. organizers state theme was praying for the safety and pretext of the country's schools. they say the theme will remain the same with added prayers for families and friends of the victims. san francisco's long troubled sixth street may get a police substation. a supervisor's committee just approved the plan. it substation could open this summer around the same time twitter's headquarters will move to the mid market area. the city will spend $775,000 to renovate a storefront.
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the full board will vote tuesday. >> cal-state system is ready to reconsider a new policy on how much university presidents can make, after an uproar. next week trustees will meet and likely a the poll say this lets them pay new presidents 10% more than out-going presidents. new salaries would have to remain the same until at least 2014. critics say the old policy is a slap in the face of students paying higher tuition. 95% of cal-state faculty members have voted to authorize a strike. negotiations on a new contract are stalled, the union says members will walk out if csu chancellor imposes a contract. the walk-out would be a rolling strike, two days at a time and eve of the systems 23 campuses. if that happens it -- it would be the largest university strike in u.s. history. today bill clinton, governor brown and condoleeza
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rice will headline the annual outlook conference in san jose this marks the 40th year that brings together silicon valley's brightest thinkers and most prominent leaders to discuss trends affecting business, economy and politics. the conference starts at 12:50. around that time could some parts of the bay area see rain? >> there's a game too mike. >> absolutely, game, showers possible but wouldn't stop me from going because they will be scattered. you will get the game in. good morning. it is dry here up north is where our storm is coming from. our winds are calm at least at the reporting station fastest wind around the bay oakland 10 miles per hour as you head towards the inland areas fairfield out of the southwest gusting around 30 miles per hour everybody else
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below that to calm. 8:00 this morning we may have drizzle, light rain in the north bay, drizzle al long the coast, all of us mainly -- cloudy and low 50s lunch hour focus on the north bay where the steadier rain will start to move in mid 50s there, coast, bay, 60s showing up in the east bay valleys. 4:00 in the afternoon, scattered showers starting to develop around the bay. mid 50s there to low 60s even mid 60s inland. by 7:00, scattered showers just about everywhere, mid to upper 50s. it is dry tomorrow but breezy through the warmer weekend, warmest weather could be next week. good morning. i was going to tell you about an accident on the peninsula but it has been cleared everything moving nicely. there is a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge keep that in mind. also roadwork scheduled
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westbound on the dumbarton bridge until 5:00 this morning. looking good on both sides of the bay. golden gate bridge you see they haven't changed the lane configuration yet, center lane blocked traffic fine in and out of marin. live shot of 101 san rafael sprinkles mike was ing. a look at the waze traffic map shows no problems even in the east bay -- couldn't find slowing through livermore. traffic spotter moving at over 40 miles an hour. you can always get traffic when you need it by going to sounds like no longer a want advisory on the bay bridge, right? >> no problems at all. >> glad that's the way you started your day. >> thank you, that's very nice of you. police are called to detain an intoxicated man. it is what happened next has everyone talking. the arrest caught on tape that
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good thursday morning. this is the embarcadero in san francisco, dry, no rain, no showers at the moment. scattered showers are coming our way. mike says they are in north baena could happen by late morning the rest of us -- in the north bay, that could happen by late morning. a stockton parolee is scheduled to be arraigned for trying to take an officer's gun while being arrested. it is what happened next that appears to have everybody talking. take a look. >> get down! >> you can see three officers involved in this. they are beating the man while
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he's on the ground they hit him nearly a dozen times after chasing him down after trying to detain him. look at how this started this is cell phone video captured by a store owner of the original attempted arrest it shows the suspect reaching behind the officer's back. witnesses say it is clear he was trying to grab for the officer's gun. an internal investigation is underway. this morning investigators are searching a new location for more victims of the so-called speed freak killers and the fbi has just joined the search. investigators are focusing on a home once owned by accused killer herzog east of stockton. authorities believe herzog and shermantine killed a dozen people in the 80s and 90s and buried them across several states. investigators found the bodies of two victims in a well on the property once owned by shermantine's family.
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new development in the firing of a bart station agent. 66-year-old man got a termination letter from bart tuesday after he admitted giving a teenager paid unused tickets to help him save money on his $15 daily trip to a san francisco school. now an east bay woman says she will pay the cost of the teenager's transportation until he graduates. the boy is currently a junior. >> awesome. 4:44. want to keep an eye out on the moon this weekend. next, we'll tell you what will make it so special. un-- untapped voting bloc that has democratic leaders in the bay area wooing -- why he's now in trouble with the feds. i can't stand these spots.
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those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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welcome back. mid fifeties around seattle
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and portland to -- boston, 63 in new york. 80s, chicago, d.c., 90 st. louis. 92 phoenix. all major airports except for possible there. u9ñoíñ because of the clouds delays possible at sfo. flight tracker at the bottom. 4:47. caltrans says a car fire on the bay bridge did no damage to the span. the car caught fire on the upper deck before 10:00 last night. the chp stopped traffic until crews could get the fire out. tow truck took the car away and the lanes were cleared in less than 30 minutes. making left turns along van ness avenue may be a thing of the past if a new plan moves forward. the transportation authority has recommended building a
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special roadway just for buses in the median of the busy north-south artery. planners believe that will speed up bus service along van ness that means drivers won't be able to make left turns at nearly every intersection between lombard and mission. the system will cost about 125 million dollars and could start running by 2016. construction on central subway underway debate rages on whether the muni extension should be built. former supervisor one of the project's harshest critics congress has to approve almost a billion dollars for the line. if the money doesn't come through muni will have to raise fares to pay for the extension. >> we should not gamble muni on one highly speculative project. i think many city leaders and many of the experts know that but it is now time for us to stand up and say it is wrong and it is not too late. >> mayor lee tells abc7 news
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he expects congress to approve funds for the project. this morning the head of the democratic party is in seattle after rallying support for president obama in san francisco. party chair debbie wasserman schultz spoke to three dozen people yesterday. she says asian american pacific islander support is critical and hopes for a big turnout. >> they are registered to vote 3-1 as democrats. turning out the community that is already registered and increasing their registration is going to help make the difference particularly in swing states where those communities are larger. >> it is not likely the vote will be critical in the presidential race he says it could matter in congressional races with democrats having a shot at five or six seats in the state.
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if you look at the full moon this saturday night and think it looks bigger, you will be right that's when we'll see the largest, brightest full moon of the year. the so-called super moon will be 2 -- will be 17,000 miles closer than issue it could cause higher than normal tides too. >> those of us who are not mariners don't think about that but could have a big effect. >> as far as the forecast for the weather, you can see we have cloud cover pretty mild temperatures, haven't heard any reports of anything reaching the ground patchy drizzle possible during the morning. look at where the bulk of the weather is now to our north and this system is going to slide southeast down the coast while you see the individual storms are moving towards the east going to take the better
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part of the morning before we get organized wet weather into the north bay. dress for the upper 40s around santa rosa, napa los gatos. monterey bay clouds aren't as thick mid 40s inland around -- low to mid 50s salinas and watsonville. we'll have rain in the north bay, coastal showers that will move to the south as we head into the afternoon hours. sunny, a little breezy friday, cooler, warming trend will hit this weekend, i don't think we'll be able to shake the breezes that much. today, out ahead of the system, warm front, temperatures are going to rise a little bit in fremont five degrees warmer today 66 oakland 64, four degrees warmer san jose 68, concord will hit 66 in the morning coolest temperatures north bay valleys biggest drop compared to yesterday, 62 santa rosa and san rafael mid
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60s around the bay upper 60s to low 70s east bay and santa clara valleys upper 50s along the coast. steadier rain north bay scattered showers for the rest of us during the afternoon. monterey bay partly sunny mid 60s around the bay upper 60s to low 70s inland. don't let the scattered showers keep you from going to the game there maybe a little delay, 12:45 first pitch today, 55, up to 58. near 80 in fresno, upper 60s around los angeles and san diego. tonight mostly cloudy, mid 40s to around 50°. cold front and warm front, warm front usually means steadier rain moves into the north bay cold front afternoon into the evening that brings showers watch out for just drizzle this morning and then light rain to develop towards noon in the for the bay. after noon through 8:00 that's
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when the cold front moves through and we could have scattered showers everywhere else. by the time we get to sunday, temperatures will be 10° warm area cross the board with a lot of sun. good morning. roadwork going on now through the san ramon valley northbound 680 to 580 to sycamore valley lanes blocked until 6:00 this morning. mike ran into some of it but said it wasn't slowing anyone down traffic moving nicely something to be aware of. no accidents to slow you down fix light now southbound through wall -- heading towards highway 24, 24 looks good towards the bay bridge. i-80 in berkeley drive time westbound from the junction to the bay bridge toll, easy 30 minutes. no delays at all. at the bay bridge, traffic is light, no delays. the wind advisory for the
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san mateo bridge has been cancelled. there is still one here even when eric drove across he said it wasn't bad. get traffic when you need it by going to it looks as though california voters will decide whether genetically engineered food should have especially bells. the campaign says it has collected 970,000 signatures to qualify an initiative for the november ballot. modified ingredients have been on store shelves since 1994, found in 80% of processed foods. >> it needs to be clearly stated, genetically engineered on the front or back of the package. for produce that not sold in a package, it needs to be clearly indicated at the grocery store, somewhere. >> one of the largest biocrop companies says labeling modified ingredients will
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mislead consumers into thinking products are not safe when they are. the fda says the crops pose no greater threat than conventional foods. stop a second now and check this out, you see birds fly by, then they get sucked into the plane's engine during takeoff from jfk. the passenger is now in trouble. passengers are supposed to have all electronic devices turned off. grant says he took the video because he thought the flight was doomed. >> didn't do this on the camera, i did it on an ipad. propped the ipad to text my wife i'm on 1063 out of jfk this flight is in trouble. i thought it was going to roll over and crash. >> flight made a safe emergency landing. grant has received a warning letter from the faa. >> amazing that --
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[ unintelligible ] iron workers were pounding and compacting single suspension cable that will lift and hold up a new eastern span this summer the structure will be taken off and all the weight of the span will ride on this cable. >> the cable has got voids or big holes. it presses the wires down tightly so you almost have a solid piece of metal with view voids it protects against corrosion and makes the cable stronger. >> cable was made up of 137 separate strands of wires. caltrans is showing this video of how those wires were looped over the single tower the bridge is expected to open labor day 2013. >> that come pressure process is -- that compression process is supposed to be done by
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monday. >> frances is the engineer and she could better explain that. >> you play a good one on tv with >> i do and a doctor and meteorologist and rocket scientist. you know what i'm talking about. >> i do. next, the death of a bay area lab researcher from a disease he was working with on-the-job. we are live with the precautions authorities are taking to stop it from spreading. in his own words, what documents are revealing about the last days of osama bin laden. public tirade, when elizabeth edwards learned about her husband's infidelity..r%j h@
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