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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. breaking news in petaluma dozens of officers from multiple agencies are converging now on a motel parking lot on south mcdowell boulevard after three people, including two law enforcement officers were injured in what is being called a homeland security operation. you are looking at sky 7 hd over the scene live now it appears the action is converged upon a west -- a best western motel that motel right now locked down at officers from various agencies are there after this incident led by homeland security in which three people, including two officers ended up getting injure. witnesses on the ground, telling abc7 news that one of the injured officer was airlifted by a medical helicopter.
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people are being asked to stay away from the area now. south mcdowell and mcneil drive is the intersection and we're told the on and off-ramps to 101 at nearby east washington street has been closed. here you see another look at the massive number there of police presence, s.w.a.t. teams from agencies as far as san mateo county we are hearing are up there. this has been happening for the last hour and a half. we've been tracking it for you and it is still very active. amy hollyfield is arriving on the scene shortly. she is going to have another update. you can see how the streets are blocked off by police cars. let's see what effect it is having on traffic. as we stay on the shot, you can see activity is flowing into the residential area. the main street is east washington street, right near north mcdowell and south mcdowell boulevard.
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originally it was near safeway now best western in that same shopping area, complex or near the same area. if you are traveling northbound on 101 east washington street off-ramp is currently blocked. you may want to consider old redwood highway as an alternate. but, with the police activity you want to avoid this area all together. this is east washington just on the eastside of 101. right now 101 traffic southbound, i did check that, flowing well for most commuters heading south towards novato. let's look at live doppler, if you are waiting to head out, it is dry mostly cloudy let's head up north rain now getting near mendocino, ft. bragg heading towards ukiah, you can look at the last three hours having a southeast momentum. i think by the end of the compute we'll start to see rain moving into the north bay
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probably by the end of the commute. right now mostly cloudy, upper 40s north bay valleys. :04. we will continue to update you on that breaking news throughout this newscast. right now developing news in san francisco, more than 60 people are being treated with antibiotics because they had contact with a young lab researcher who worked with the bacteria that causes meningitis and other illnesses, he died over the weekend from the illness he was investigating. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. they are still trying to make sure nobody else was exposed. >> reporter: right. anyone who thinks they may have come in contact with the researcher will want to get the antibiotic. the medication prevents the disease 100% of the time. who is at risk? the 25-year-old died of an overwhelming bloodstream infection saturday it is assumed he came into contact
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with the bacteria last week while working with it in the va hospital's infectious disease lab in san francisco. the man whose identity has not been release lived on treasure island with his girlfriend and roommates, they are most at right being with fellow workers and hospital staff that treated the man before he died. even then, history is still on their side. >> in most laboratory cases 16 laboratory cases that i know of in the medical literature where people have gotten men cook kiss from a laboratory exposure in -- in none of those cases there was secretary exposure not that infectious except for the household contacts. >> reporter: 17 people have received antibiotics. it is spread through saliva. the va doctor says the
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incubation period is three to five days in rare cases as long as 10 days. in five more days they can be sure no one else contracted this potentially deadly bacteria . a 14-year-old died monday after spiting for his life in the hospital. -- after spending his life in the hospital. the father may have witnessed the beating police are not confirming that. authorities say it appears the tax was gang related and they believe there were several people who witnessed it. terry mcsweeney will have more coming up. time for a check on the weather, clouds today, but maybe rain too. >> showers, mike is here with
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your timeline. here's a look at our satellite and radar you can see the nature of the low heart of the system moving towards oregon and washington we are getting the tail that's why i don't expect us to get much rain. nobody is getting any organized rain not at our reporting stations, good news if you are heading out. i think it will stay mainly cloudy through 7:00, mid to upper 40s, as we head towards noon we'll top out in the low to mid 60s in most areas with showers developing. showers will continue as we head through 4:00, but will start sliding out of the north bay into the bay and by 7:00, we'll have showers start to slide into the south bay and then just fall apart. up in the north bay, 10th to quarter inch of rain possible the rest of us if you get a shower you will get up to a 10th of an inch. breezes back tomorrow and they will hang out through the weekend bringing us sun and
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warmest weather monday. good morning. if you are heading through petaluma i would avoid the area of east washington and south mcdowell. you can see with the live pictures there's a lot of police presence in the area, streets are blocked and you will also need to avoid the north 101 east washington street off-ramp. we are continuing to monitor this and bring you more as we get the information. three people injured, that's what we know so far. i've counted at least 50 people at the scene. so, if you are heading through 101 on petaluma, southbound still flowing well out of the cotati grade just avoid this area north 101 east washington, the ramp is blocked. traffic starting to improve in the santa cruz mountains with the waze traffic app you can see at least it is not four, seven miles an hour, still a little slow, 13 miles an hour towards the los gatos area and
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lexington reservoir with the roadwork picked up it should be cleared shortly. i want to show you the bay bridge toll minor back up for the cash paying lanes. we'll continue to follow the breaking news in petaluma, three shot and injured in a homeland security operation. new bin laden documents just released. what we are learning about the terror mastermind's final orders to his lieutenant's and why they were ignored. a tribute to the doolittle raiders honoring the brave men to helped america win the war in the south pacific.
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good morning, looking live at our breaking news in petaluma dozens of police officers on the scene there was some sort of homeland security operation going on then there was gunfire. three people were wounded and taken to the hospital at least two of those people are said to be federal agents. we don't know much more about this right now except that you see police are concentrating on this home on mcneil drive and traffic in the area is blocked off and is affected. frances is following that and she will have more information. amy hollyfield should be there soon with updates. this morning, we are just learning the final words and thoughts of terror leader osama bin laden. the center at west point is
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just now releasing some documents seized in last year's raid. they show bin laden's field commanders often dismissed him as out of touch, as he urged continued attacks on the u.s. targets. bear with me i'm just reading this as it is coming in. in those documents bin laden wished especially to target planes carrying president obama and general david petraeus. he reasoned that president obama, if if he were assassinated would elevate vice president biden into the presidency and plunge the u.s. into crisis. that is just out. the army has posted those documents. we'll have a link on, look under see it on tv. time now 6:14. saturday ceremonies on the uss hornet willógjju a small group of brave men who overcame incredible odds to strike back at japan after
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pearl harbor. also paying tribute to the bay area native to led them. >> reporter: april 1942 aircraft carrier bobs like an apple at an angry pacific. from the deck of the uss hornet bombers carrying reduced bomb load would try to takeoff destination, tokyo. only one catch, nobody has ever tried to fly these big heavy planes on a mission that began on a 450 foot long floating runway. >> pull up to 1500 feet and drop that bomb. >> reporter: this voice belongs to alameda native jimmy doolittle the famous aviator picked to lead the mission and prove that the bomber didn't need 3,000 feet of runway to liftoff. the raid came four months after the attack on pearl harbor decimated the pacific fleet. >> we seen doolittle takeoff he circled, and headed out.
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>> reporter: richard was an 18-year-old crew man aboard the uss hornet, the shape that hauled 16 bombers to within striking distance of the japanese coast. he was manning aboard the carry as the planes struggled into the air. >> we were all excited about going. we were going to strike back and do the striking. >> back on its heels coupled with what was proceeding in europe payned a bleak picture for not just the -- painted a bleak picture for not just the american people but the people of the free world. >> reporter: heading the museum his organization is taking part in ceremonies saturday honoring doolittle and the raid in alameda. this hornet, a floating museum replaced the earlier hornet which was sunk in battle. the doolittle name may not be well-known to this generation in the mid 20th century he was one of america's most accomplished flyers.
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>> if it could fly he would be the one that would want to fly it. >> reporter: although every plane dropped its bomb load on tokyo, doolittle considered the raid a failure, damage to japan was minimal and all the aircraft ran out of fuel and crash landed. 1280 airmen died. for a country still -- 12 of the 80 airmen died. for the country it was a huge morale boost it was for rich who went to doolittle and volunteered to go along and -- an offer that was declined. >> i got a chance to speak to a real famous man. and gave him a big laugh when he was in the middle of a pressure-filled operation. and gave me a great sea story. >> he will be at the event he was on that hornet when it was sunk. there will be three survivoring doolittle raid crewmembers. jimmy doolittle died in 1993,
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believing the raid was a failure because all the planes ran out of fuel and crash landed in china. most historians believe it was a big morale boost. >> you have to tell us more during a commercial break. >> you think i like stories like this? >> i think so. if you like sprinkles we got some, if you like sun you don't have to wait too long. >> probably tomorrow, then you have it throughout the weekend. mostly cloudy this morning from our roof cam to the east southeast, live doppler showing the best radar returns still up to our north and live doppler 7 hd is going to show those returns moving southeast slowly still as far south as mendocino county all of us dry this morning. rain in the north bay and along the coast our best chance for organized steadier rain showers for the rest of us today. sunny and breezy tomorrow, cooler than average that changes over the weekend, still breezy but more sunshine and more warmth as far as
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today warmest weather over in the east bay valleys mid 60s to 70 santa clara valley almost the same the least likely areas to get scattered showers 3:00 steadier rain north bay showers starting to move in during the afternoon. afternoon the monterey bay partly sunny, mid 60s, upper 60s to low 70's inland. going to the game, a shower or two may come over the game but will not wash it out, 12:45 first pitch, 55 to start, 58 need to win to not get swept by the marlins. low to mid 40s cloverdale, santa rosa, the rest of us mid 40s to around 50°. warm front where you will find steadier rain that's you see it to the north we'll watch the cool front ahead of that, chance of light rain towards the end of the morning commute and north bay, best chance towards noon, you can see by 5:00 scattered showers around the bay, by the evening, 9:00,
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most of those are starting to move into the south bay, overnight, gone leaving us mostly cloudy, winds pick up tomorrow, chase all the clouds away and the moisture and leave us with sunshine albeit cool tomorrow, but warm weather will return over the weekend. 70s even 80s around the bay by monday, mid 60s at the coast e 10th of a quarter of rain possible the rest of us possibly a 10th of an inch. have a great day. back to petaluma following breaking news, sky 7 hd live over the scene, gunshots, large police presence they are flying over the intersection of mcneil anacortes. there's a lot of damage to this -- home and you fan a lot of streets blocked in the area. maria drive blocked, south mcdowell boulevard, the area safeway and best western avoid it all together.
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also northbound 101 to east washington which leads into this neighborhood, closed for the meantime or in the meantime consider old redwood highway just avoid this area all together no cars getting through some of these major streets in petaluma. we'll continue to follow this, amy hollyfield is also heading to the scene and will buy us more information. quickly, i wanted to show you traffic still flowing well through the cotati grade most commuters heading southbound through petaluma are okay, no problems southbound 101. new crash just reported past the bay bridge toll, metering lights on, backed up towards 880. still to come, another update on our breaking news in petaluma, three shots in a homeland security operation. new high profile job for stanford's athletic director. the record bid this painting went for on
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. -- right now dozens of officers at the scene where there was a homeland security operation this morning. this is at a home on mcneil at cortez. three were shot and injured. at least two of them were officers. right now just getting word that the scene is secure. they are saying there are no
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immediate threats to anybody else in the area that police are aware of. with all this going on lots of streets closed you are asked to avoid the area. right now, stanford athletic director has been offered the big 12 commissioner's job. report he's expected to accept the position with a formal announcement expected friday. the mercury news reports that he has called a staff meeting at stanford for 10:00 this morning the topic is not known. he's been the university's a since 2006. in new york tonight a version of "the scream" became the most expensive painting ever auctioned. unidentified telephone bidder paid 120 million dollars for a pastel version painted on a board in 1895. five bidders competeed for experts estimated it would bring in 80 million dollars. they were off. it was sold by the heir to a
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norwegian shipping fortune. it shattered the previous record of 106 million dollars paid for a picasso nude in 2010. still ahead, more on our breaking news out of people. >> the latest on the investigation into the fatal beating of a teenager. in oakland a car careens into the side of a restaurant that damage -- the damage that will likely keep the business closed. stay down! dramatic arrest caught on camera, why some are saying police took things way too far. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live on the scene of that breaking news in petaluma. dozens of s.w.a.t. officers have surrounded a home after two officers have been taken to the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. the latest coming
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it is 6:31. good thursday morning i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze breaking news in petaluma three federal agents have been injured in what is being called a homeland security operation. >> amy hollyfield joins us live from the intersection of south mcdowell and mcneil drive. amy is there still a threat in that area? >> reporter: petaluma police are telling us the scene is secure that there's not a
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threat to the public. it is still a very active scene out here. moments ago we saw dozens of s.w.a.t. team officers lined up on the sidewalk wearing camouflage they all went in, look behind me, look at how many officers are here. what is incredible is how fariiñ away they've come to assist in this. we saw the s.w.a.t. team from san mateo pull you up. this car marked south san francisco. the word got out and it feels like everyone came to help. a spokeswoman with the immigration and customs enforcement told me they are being very careful about the information they are putting out because this is a fluid situation they don't want to jeopardize their investigation. here's what we know, it happened 4:15 this morning. shots were tired, one witness told me it sounded like five or six, pop, pop, pop, sounded like firecrackers it happened at a home on mcneil drive. according to the fire department, three people were hurt, three officers. one was taken out of here by helicopter and the other by
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ambulance. homeland security officers were conducting some kind of operation here when this happened. we don't know if the officers who were shot are from that agency. let me show you the scene live right here across the street. washington square shopping center very active busy area grocery store, lots of restaurants, you can see live has come to a standstill herself people gathered, watching what is happening here, waiting to see what is going to happen next. people from here across the street on mcneil have been evacuated from their homes. they've been told they have to get out of here. some said they got a knock on the door from homeland security who said you have to get out, we can't tell you what happen. everyone said okay and they go out of their house, hanging out here in parking lot. there's also a best pwhoerpb tell here. first we were hearing -- maybe something happened inside that motel, but residents are saying no, they believe it
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happened in the house. we see hours concentrated and focused on a house here behind in hotel this is a very active situation. definitely developing news. a spokeswoman is hoping to release a statement within the next few minutes. stay with us as we continue to follow this breaking news. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. amy, thanks for that. i wanted to mention, there are street closures in the area here's a live view from sky 7 h focusing in on this home at the corner of mcneil anacortes there's a lot of damaged furniture, i saw blinds pull out of the house streets closed amy is here near that busy shopping complex. these areas are closed if you are traveling north 101 an individual the east wash ton street -- avoid the east washington street exit. i want to show you southbound traffic was an little sluggish just the normal slowing, your
6:35 am
regular delays as you head towards petaluma in the southbound direction. quickly, had to show you the bay bridge toll again there is an accident on the upper deck past the tolls barked up past 880. good morning. -- good news weather wise, mostly cloudy, no rain for the morning commute yet. let's look at live doppler and show what is going on clear here but getting close through mendocino county to manchester, ukiah, all reporting light rain now sea ranch getting close northwest corner of sonoma county could see light rain start over the next hour or so this is where it going to stay for the better part of the morning. as far as temperatures, upper 40s around santa rosa, napa, fairfield, redwood city, fremont, 45 los gatos, everybody else in the low 50s. we'll talk about how much rain you will get and how long it will last in a minute.
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owners of an east oakland restaurant are waking to an unwanted surprise after a car crashed into their building early this morning. firefighters say the car slammed into the front of simpson's soul food after midnight. the driver was not injured. no word on how much damage was caused. you can see part of the building caved in. police have not said what they believe lead to the crash and they've not determined how badly it damaged the build's structural in-- integrity. police asking for witnesses in the savage beating death of an 8th grader in a public park. more disturbing investigators think the child's father may have seen the whole thing. terry mcsweeney is live at the boy's san jose school. >> reporter: this is the school in south san jose. one of the interesting aspects of this case is he was beaten at roosevelt park 10 miles from here in downtown san jose. take a look at a picture of the victim 14-year-old
6:37 am
heriberto reyes, baffling case. one question is why did his parents drive him to roosevelt park, a known gang park. according to police, why was his father nearby possibly watching as a group of young people approached, beating him giving him the head injuries friday eve new york stock exchange ended up taking his life monday parents fear the gangs in that park. >> if they are wearing the wrong clothing they get labeled even if they are not affiliated with any gangs. >> reporter: police say lots of people were in the park last friday 7 p.m. no one is coming forward to help with the investigation. right now police have no suspects identified. they need the public's help in resolving this killing of a 14-year-old boy. terry mcsweeney, because because. -- >> this morning, health officials in san francisco are trying to make sure nobody
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else was exposed to a bacteria they say killed a 25-year-old lab researcher over the weekend. officials believe his death was caused by the the bacteria he was manipulating in experiments for vaccine research the he came down with flu-like symptoms friday night and died 15 hours later from an overwhelming bloodstream infection. va and osha are investigating. they say all precautions were taken including the use of a biosafety cabinet with ventilation. 70 friends and health care workers who were in contact with the victim are taking antibiotics to keep them from developing meningitis. the lab has -- was deacon tam nated and still closed. -- was decontaminated and still closed. a stockton parolee is scheduled to be arraigned for trying to take an officer's gun during an arrest. but it is what happened after that has everybody talking. take a look. >> get down! >> you can see officers beating the suspect hitting
6:39 am
him nearly a dozen times with batons after chasing him didn't after trying to detain him. look at how this started this is cell phone video captured by a store owner of the original attempted arrest it shows the suspect reaching behind the officer's back near his holster. witnesses say it was clear he was trying to grab for the officer's gun. an internal investigation is underway. in a few hours the caltrain board will begin discussing plans for adding more trains. caltrans is expected to have a balanced budget for the next fiscal year and seeking record ridership levels and they are seeing those now. the examiner reports the agency is recommending adding six more trains daily. the caltrain still faces a shortfall in future budgets. unless a new stable funding source is found the agency could be facing new service reductions as soon as 2013. the question on everybody's mind is, what is our chance of getting rain
6:40 am
today? >> right. morning commute, afternoon commute, let's check in with mike. morning commute north bay where sky 7 hd reporting light rain in petaluma we know that the moisture is starting to move into that area. more organized weather still hours behind it. scattered shower still possible for the morning commute for the most part a lot of us are going to be dry not as windy as it was yesterday all winds below 10 miles per hour except fairfield at 13 reporting stations have 10 miles that means no rain is falling, these reporting stations aren't getting rain yet 8:00 the best returns across the north bay drizzle along the coast temperatures in the low fives as we head towards noon you can see still up -- low in the 50s, as weed towards noon you can see scattered showers around the bay south bay and east bay valleys get your chance of scattered showers towards 4:00. one and down starting tomorrow,
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sunny and -- one and done starting tomorrow sunny and warmer. bay bridge toll earlier accident past the tolls and right now traffic is backed up towards the foot of the maze. we'll see how the accident impacts the commute or the delays later this morning. i want to take you back to petaluma north 101, avoid the east washington street off-ramp, blocked due to that police activity we showed you earlier. amy hollyfield is still live at the scene. i want to show you the area you want to avoid south mcdowell between east washington and maria closed. avoid the surrounding streets. with the waze traffic app we are picking up slowing southbound out of petaluma, slowñtwñ past the highway moving to the road at 27 miles an hour. thank you. our time is 6:41. a little update on breaking news out of petaluma, three federal agents shot and
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wounded serving warns. there is one suspect in custody -- ing warrens. there is one suspect in custody. trading underway wall street live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead, here's a live look at the big board dow down two points. continuing saga of the blind chinese activist. what he's now asking from secretary of state hillary clinton. plus, --
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6:46 this thursday morning. you can see the rain across northwest corner of the state that will fall as far south as 80 today, scattered showers from here up to tahoe, mid 50s for eureka and tahoe mid 60s chico upper 60s sacramento, big sur, l.a. and san diego. near 80 fresno sun warmer in palm springs mostly sunny and 87. "good morning america" starts in 14 minutes. josh elliot has a look at what is coming up. good thursday morning. new details about a new threat looming from al-qaeda, not big city airports this time, rather large areas of the american west. brian ross is here with the details, next right here on "good morning america." 6:46. this morning a u.s. state department official says a blind chinese activist at the
6:47 am
center of a diplomatic standoff between washington and beijing wants to leave china with his family. the situation is adding significant tension as secretary of state clinton opens talks this morning on foreign policy and economic issues with china. 40-year-old chen spent sick days in the u.s. embassy after escaping from house arrest in the -- rural town where his activism upset local officials. yesterday he left the embassy to get treatment at a hospital but only after u.s. officials said the chinese government agreed to resettle him in another province. >> now of course, as part of our dialogue the united states raises the importance of human rights and fundamental freedoms. because we believe that all governments do have to answer to citizens' aspirations for dignity and the rule of law. and that no nation can or should deny those rights. >> now, chen says he fears for his family's safety unless
6:48 am
they leave china. china has gone as far as asking the u.s. for an apology over the incident. jobless numbers may have investors breathing a sigh of relief. jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with more on what those numbers are suggesting. hello. good morning. a mixed bag of jobs numbers out this week. what happened today, fewer people filing for first time unemployment benefits last week than what was expected. that's easing concern a bit that maybe the market might be taking a turn for the worst, we'll get the big monthly report that comes out tomorrow. a lot of economists say they do expect tomorrow's report to show job growth is weakening we'll find out tomorrow for sure. the markets are cautious ahead of these big numbers. the dow, s&p, nasdaq look like this so far, you can see little change. bloomberg index slightly higher. harvard university teaming up
6:49 am
with mit to offer online courses to students around the world. the courses will be taught by faculty from both schools feature video segments, quizzes, labs, instant feedback. it will be funded by 30 million dollars from each university. students will get certificates after completing courses, no degree but. the king of pop lives, pepsi going on a reunion tour with the late michael jackson pepsi has a deal with the estate and plans to use his image on its new marketing campaign. the chance to download remixes of some of jackson's most famous songs is one of the features. pepsi also launching a television ad featuring singer nicki minaj announcing details with twitter to stream concerts online. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. 6:-- >> our sky --
6:50 am
[ unintelligible ] there's been a weather issue. >> light rain starting to move in, moisture moving into the north bay, 2800 feet where raining on top of mount tamalpais. down at the lower elevations, different camera shot we'll show you how it is dry everywhere he will lower than that 2800 feet roof cam, treasure island to oakland, you don't see any rain falling, isolated areas in the north bay starting to get some of that light rain, i'm looking at our san rafael camera, looking at 101 which is very busy. i don't see rain falling on 101 right now. right now live doppler 7 hd best radar returns to the north of us and mendocino county moving into the northwest corner of the state near -- northwest corner of snow that county near sea ranch for rain the best chance north and coast showers possible for the rest of us sunny and breezy tomorrow that will chase the rain away and
6:51 am
it won't bring the warmth back that will come in for the weekend with a lot of sunshine on the way. today compared to average we are cooler everywhere livermore oakland four december cooler 60 fine and 64 san francisco 65 degrees cooler san jose 68, six degrees cooler. napa 64 degrees today 10 degrees cooler than average. we should see a little bit of the sunset. 3:00, steady rain best in the north bay scattered showers starting around the central bay, temperatures low to mid 60s, san francisco to the north bay valley mid 60s around the bay shore, mid 60s to around 70 south bay and east bay valleys. mid 60s around the monterey bay to low 70s inland. scattered showers are possible during the giants' game 12:45 first pitch but it will not be a rain-out 55 warming up to 58°. tonight you can see mostly cloudy, rain is over, mid 40s in the north bay upper 40s to
6:52 am
mid 40s for the rest of us. rain will mainly in the north bay until noon. scattered showers will develop around the central bay from noon until 5:00 and move into the south bay from 5 to 9 then it is over a 10th of an inch of rain outside of the north bay where you can get a 10th to a quarter of an inch. back to petaluma following breaking news with the homeland security police activity going on this is a live shot from amy hollyfield and crew. you can still see roads are blocked. this is near the major intersection of south mcdowell between east washington and maria, again they all converged on a home off mcneil anacortes drive. traffic is throwing, north 101 east washington off-ramp was blocked they could be reopening it, we are going to bring you the latest as soon as we find out. you want to avoid this area for a while. i wanted to show you southbound 101 traffic for
6:53 am
most computers through petaluma slow from old redwood highway to stainia. in addition, new -- stall westbound across the san mateo bridge traffic slowing there blocking a lane bay bridge toll not bad 880 overcrossing where the back-up starts not bad considering we had an earlier crash past the tolls. today former president clinton, governor brown and former secretary of state rice will headline the annual outlook conference in san jose. this marks the 40th year of the council's conference which brings together silicon valley's brightest thinkers and prominent leaders to discuss trends affecting business, economy and politics. it is 6:53. as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here are five things you need to know before you go. number one, breaking news in petaluma three federal agents shot near south mcdowell and mcneil. amy hollyfield tells us they
6:54 am
were serving warrants when the shooting happen. all three injuries are not considered life-threatening. one suspect in custody. >> number two, in san jose police asking for witnesses in beating death of a 14-year-old heriberto reyes. the 8th grader died money -- died monday after a massive fight. his father may have watched the tax. state health officials trying to determine if anyone else was exposed to a deadly bacteria that killed a researcher in san francisco. he died of a bloodstream infection. officials say he probably came in contact with the bacteria while working to develop a vaccine for meningitis. a couple of hours from now protesters arrested in oakland will make their first court appearances. local clergy will hold a prayer vigil in response to the violence and actions during those protests. number five, within the last hour some of bin laden's
6:55 am
last written thoughts have been posted online. you can read them. we have a link to the documents on look under see it on tv. you can see mike some folks are already getting wet. >> north bay scattered showers starting to develop, not widespread as we look at live doppler. these are going to continue to fill in as we head through the end of the morning commute. i think the best chance of seeing widespread rain will be around 9:00 to noon hour in the north bay as this storm starts to move in steadier rain to the north bay as it heads to the south it is going to bring rest of us scattered showers during the noon to 5:00 hour around the central bay and 5:00 to 9:00 in the south bay. radar returns aren't that impressive blues and greens, a 10th to quarter of an inch in the north bay. they are least likely in the
6:56 am
east bay and santa clara valley today. >> bay bridge toll backed up to the 880 overcrossing, a ten to 15 minute wait to the metering lights. petaluma, you still want to avoid the streets of south mcdowell boulevard between east washington and maria. amy hollyfield at the scene due to the homeland security operation still a lot of officers, very active scene in the area, streets are blocked southbound 101, slow as you head from old redwood highway down through petaluma 27 miles an hour. lucky because nothing out of the ordinary typical delays elsewhere in the east bay. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> back with a local update at 7:24. have a great day!
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