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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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skusdz. >> we shot back because we thought they were gangsters. >> man defends son in exclusive interview with abc 7 news >> >> after 3 ice agents were shot and wounded during an early morning raid in petaluma. good evening everyone. >> that petaluma raid was part of a bay area wide gang sweep. the target 13 people in several way area cities. 4 of them could face the death penalty because of a triple murder that happened almost a year and a half ago in south san francisc francisco. l lillian is live in pet lawm tonight and lillian you spoke exclusively with the family that got raided today. >>reporter: that's right. they are so upset they don't even want to go wac to their home them called us early this evening specifically to share their story. >> i was very scared because i thought they with going to kill us. >>reporter: victor doesn't want to show his face but he says he and his 2 sons were inside their petaluma home when
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federal agents storm in this morning. he says his oldest son victor junior started shooting at the agents nothing identifying themselves as officers wearing all black. >> we shot back because we thought they were gangsters. we never gnaw they were police because they never introduce themselves as police officer. >>reporter: neighbors say it was a lengthy gun battle. in the end 3 immigration and custom enforcement agent suffered non-life threatening gunshot wound. as for victor junior he was taken that custody. authorities say he's one of 13 suspected gang members arrested this morning for a triple muvr dwer in south san francisco in 2010. >> without a shadow of a doubt this incident upped scores how dangerous the gang why and why this morning arrest are welcome news for the residents of the community. >>reporter: but he says niece gang member and certainly no murderer. >> he's not doing anything bad. he doesn't go out any more. he just stays home. plays x
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box with me. >>reporter: family doesn't plan to go back to the house any time soon. they are worried about what else might happen to them the. victor senior says he got bruised while officers roughed him up and brothers says he was stomped on the head when officers pinned him to the ground. >> treat me like a doychlingt i'm barely 14. like i'm just a minor. i didn't even do nothing this they just like push me around and all that. >>reporter: victor florez junior and other suspected gang members are scheduled to appear in federal court tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. live in pet lawm, abc 7 news. >> thanks lillian. another early morning raid targeted san bruno em hochlt owner says he was in the garage getting ready to go to work when federal agents suddenly appeared around 4 in the morning. >> they said put your hand you up. i did. on the refrigerator. then all of a sudden it went boom and everyone started running. >> weapons is what they were looking for. >>reporter: that boom that he
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heard was flash bang grenade followed by dozens of agents who charged into the house. morales says his girlfriend and 25-year-old son were both arrested. in all more than 200 agents were involved in today's raid. >> in vallejo man picks the wrong store to rob. when he came bargeing in a jewelry store the owner fought back with deadly force. it happened on broadway not far from vallejo high school. we are live tonight with the very latest on the story. >>reporter: dan the shop owner and wife brought here to the police station and questioned and then taken back to the shop so they could lock up for the night. it is still waiting to be determined by the da but police tell me they don't think that this man did anything wrong. lacking at the jewelry store on broadway would you never know it was the scene of a crime. vallejo police say just before 1:00 o'clock a 37-year-old man from hercules tried to rob the jewelry store. vaulted the jewelry counter and pulled a gun on the owner inside with his wife. but the
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owner grabbed his own gun and shot the hercules man dead. >> man so humble he's so sweet. he didn't deserve you know what i'm saying to go through what he went through today. >>reporter: he's a customer and says this isn't the first time somebody tried to rob the shoychlt one time somebody had a truck and trade to pull the door off with the truck. hitch a chain up against the door and try to pull the door off but it didn't work. >>reporter: lock smith turner recalls another incident. >> somebody tried to rob him. he got off 2 shots. one of the shots he thinks may have hit the guys in the shoulder last year but nobody reported anything at hospital. nobody showed one a gunshot wound so nobody ever came out of it. >>reporter: the owner got the gun when having problems in the area. he also fortified the store. >> he decided to get the gate that buzz you in because he was caring for his children and wife. >>reporter: police won't tell us if the owner did in fact
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buzz in the suspect thinking avenues paying customer. now as for tonight, that stories locked up closed. police tell me there was surveil absence but camera not pointing in the right position to catch anything because it happened behind the counter toward the back office. live in vallejo, 7 news. >> thanks. dozens of protestors arrested in oakland on tuesday will not face charges. in all 39 people were arrested during the may day demonstration. today oakland authorities said only foub 4 of them will face charges. 1 likely charged with vailt ago stay away order. 3 other face felony charges including vandalism and assault. one of those is brandon an antioch man who police say was carrying 11 home made bomb in the backpack. those 4 back in court tomorro tomorrow. in san francisco 5 people will face charges for the may day building take over on turk street tuesday. 34-year-old nisbit seen throwing brick off the building facing 3 felonies
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including assault and vandalis vandalism. 4 others charged with trespassing. same 4 people are also facing charges from taking over the very same building on april first. major shareholder trying to shake things up atia hoochlt hedge fund manager charging ceo thompson of lying about his cengsal. he session he doesn't have a degree in computer sigh for instance stone hill college near boss to be. thompson degree is in accounting yeah. oh, says it was an inadvertent error. he runs a hedge fund that owes an 8% stake inia hoochlt he's trying to shake up the board in an effort to boost the stock prices. >> disturbing cushion at san jose high school. assistant principal faces charges of sexual contact with a student. lisa is live at leland high school tonight with the story for us. lisa? >>reporter: joseph was arrested here at leland high
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school and yesterday at noon. they tried to notify parents through a phone system. assistant principal is accused of inappropriate touching a minor in september 2011. he was arrested on campus yesterday. >> the parents will allow our children to good to the school so naturally when this type of incident occurs it's a huge violation of that trust. >>reporter: police felt there was enough probable cause to warrant an arrest. district mean time put both the school principal and another assistant principal on paid administrative leave. they actually reported the incident to police. >> really want to be able to do a thorough investigation. make sure l rules are fochltd so it's not a negative outcome. >>reporter: he was release from custody today. no one answered the democrats and republicans at his san jose home. >> it's so surprising. it's hard to believe. i try not to think bit. >>reporter: he started working here two years ago and is in charge of overseeing student
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activities and advising sophomores. >> he was okay i thought he was pretty cool guy. >> that is a campus that stands divided. >> it happens. it's bad. it's irritating. frustrating. >> we can't pass judgment. we don't have all the information. we don't know what it is abou about. >>reporter: and this is the second incident in less than two months that shake leland high school n.march 9 students were caught cheating. this is abc 7 news. lisa thank you. >> 6-year-old girl is a hero tonight after using what she saw open television to save another girl's life. sacramento first grader p.m. was eating lunch in the cafeteria at school when she started choking on an apple. students sitting around here called for help and little one stepped up.
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>> just kept yelling out. took it took it and everybody like like oh, and they didn't know what to do but i knew what to do. i did -- >> what a sweetie. apple dislodged with a single thrust. she saw the move performed on the disney channel. all 3 students presentd with assert to mark the extraordinary even event. >> quick think snooing company developing san francisco old hunter point naval shipyard promises to revitalize the area. they will spend 37 million dollars on affordable housing and job training. they presented the with down payment today. more than 12,000 homes part of the new 700 acre neighborhood that will include retail stores, parks, even entertainment complex. it will take between 17 to 20 years to finish the project. >> up next. osama bin laden letters diary made public. plots to kill the president and
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why he wanted to keep him aliv alive. >> inside a smart thing to do, bank on your own? we have the risk involved. >> and prank turns to humiliation for for man after getting his phone repaired at a best buy store. >> coming you up. then on "nightline". >> i'm cynthia coming up next on my line charging up to 100 dollars for a care on reignite over people who pay more pay more. extraordinary journey to take center stage. that's on "nightline". 7 news at 11:00 "nightline". 7 news at 11:00 continues in 60 seconds
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>> have you ever again shopping without knowing how much money you really have to spent >> yes. new millions of consumer are checking their bank balance right there in the store using mobile banking app on the smart phone.
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>> how safe is it to bank on that portable gadget? michael is hear now with some answers. >> this is amazing. from just couple years ago when there wasn't such a thing as banking app. already an estimated 30 million consumer are banking by smart phone. mostly those folk under 30. the number is expected to double in two years and that means phones will be targeted by hackers and consumers. need to be on guard now. >> i love it. you are able to check your bank account any time. >>reporter: whether she is shopping, buying a latte or considering an expensive meal out, miss leonard consults this first. >> i weren't to be able to know how much i have before i go in to purchase mobile banking account showed her exactly how much to spend right on the spot and she has come to depend on it. >> i don't ever over draw. i know what is in my account at all times. >>reporter: she make deposits, receives paycheck then takes picture of her check deposit.
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like many in the under 30 set she doesn't worry much about somebody stealing information off her phone. >> i haven't considered the facts yet. haven't heard any stories about something like that happen. >> reality is the biggest risk to you today is to last your phone. >>reporter: that's kevin mobile security expert. he says banking on your phone is safe banking on your home compute we are a mainly difference. >> hard to lose your desk top computer but very, very easy to lose your phone. >>reporter: thousands of fans are lost and stolen every year and finders fish around for the exterior data. protect your data with a pass worth that lock the phone if you lose it and he says consumer should be wary of down loading app. hackers who target personal computer will be trying to get in your smart phone food. >> we begin to use cellular phones for finance at
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transaction undoubtedly get a piece of it. >> we are all very anxious to put a lot of entertaining applications on our phone. we need to really vet that application before we put it on the phone. >>reporter: that's risk manager for the american banker association and says down load app from well known marketplac marketplaces like the apple store. phoney app already being used to install mall wear and control phone. bank protect your action too. they musten crypt all transmitted at that time a.they require customers to know a user name and passport and answer a security question. >> i do password plus a dog's name or what street you grew up on. >>reporter: not to say there's no risk. here's what customers should do to protect. always
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down load bank ask apartment the bank to use the name and pass ford in case the phone is stolen or loss. never make a transaction where spice could intercept the data. she hadn't it this of any of the risk. >> i think i was being ladies and not bust the pass word on my phone and take as few seconds. >>reporter: if you bank on the smart phone ask what security measures they include. should require password security questions and provide automatic alert. don't want anybody moving away from this. this is where it is all going. you want all those protection thes. >> if you do those pretty quic quick. >> thank very much. he has warning for everyone. log out of the mobile account first. rich returned his faulty cell phone to best way in colorado
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but forgot to local out of the mobile facebook account. minutes litter a status went out from his phone saying that he is gay. infontly friend relatives began calling him. he must have said it. >> having to explain it. certain people that rim i haven't been with for a while i shouldn't have to do that. best told the employee was fired. he says staff members all sign of code of ethic on the proper handling of this information. >> released some of the letter and letter in the pakistan and compound where killed. according to one document bin laden wanted to form hit squads to target president obama but not vice president biden. bin laden wrote he considered biden so unprepared to be president that he would lead the u.s. in chaos. also rjed follow
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investigators set forth fire here and crying to recruit student pilot for another suicide attack. in the last message he ordered attack specifically on americans and no one else. >> sucker berg about to rake in big buck with the upcoming i p o. many shares are expected to could be up to 96 billion or more after the public goes public on may 18. steve is worth about 17 billion dollars. initial public offering could also be a windfall for the government. sucker berg could owe 189 million dollars in state tax, 7 41 million in federal taxes if he exercises his stop objection. >> what form do you fill out for 7 14 million i don't know. >> it's remarkable. >> rain moved on. >> sandy here with the late sneeze yes. i think you are welcome to big changes that are coming. it's going to be in
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the form of warmer weather in time for all the weekend plans. here's look at live doppler 7 hd and nothing left as you can see here. sprinkle light showers just ended in places like half man bay and livermor livermore. here are the rainfall totals. you can see the rain was concentrated in the north bay. mount tamalpiais over ab inch of rain there 13 hundredths in santa rosa. 48 hundredths of an inch here and tilt park 23 hundredths but you look at most other areas it was about 5 hundredths in loma or san francisco/100ths of an inch. trace san jose and 2 hundredths in livermore. a little bit of rain and sun and rainbow. this is from lurks purchase submitted by carol s and she says i was lucky. i saw 2 rainbows today. she was indee indeed. chance to see 2 rainbow. temperatures in the 50's and 60's in places like mountain view. here's are the highlights cloudy in the morning. patchy fog. half
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moon bay already showing fog. give yourself more time. breezy tomorrow. light as part of the morning. we look at warmer days beginning on saturday. it will be noticeable on saturday. here's cold front that came through brought few showers nothing to write home about. this is pretty much falling apart. l atmosphere dry out. high pressure build in. big ridge for this weekend. as the ridge builds in you notice the temperature really increasing each and every day. so clouds will clear out. a latter part of tomorrow then start tomorrow morning and see the higher building inland with the ridge over the pacific northwest we see a dry offshore flow developing. it's a warmer pattern and that will warm-up coastal area as well. really notice the temperatures heading up. so here's a preview of your wean. santa rosa 76 on saturday going up to 80 then 82 on monday. take a look at livermore 78 and 82 and 86 degrees. so really going to
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run warmer than normal for this time of year by the time we head into monday. tomorrow morning like i said area of fog certainly a lot of cloud cover more time in the morning. and sweater or sweatshirt will do. cool to start things off. mid 40's to low 50's tomorrow afternoon a little bit warmer. upper 50's in places like half man bay with gusty northwest winds for the afternoon. 70 in santa rose napa 61 in san francisco out to concord livermore san jose all in the upper 60's and it ace sunny friday around the monterey bay 58 in monterey up to 70 degrees inland in gilroy. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. it's a breezy afternoon tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. well see a warmer pattern. you will notice it trust me for the weekend and into monday. warm day on monday. 70's and 80's and then we slowly temperatures dropping off but really the pattern could not be better and timing couldn't be better. >> it is good. >> looking good for the weeken
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weekend. >> thanks. >> even in death the king of pop still selling pop. >> coming up. pepsi reunite
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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>> pepsi is renewing a partnership with michael jackson. they signed the deal with the jackson estate to use his image in a world wide marketing pwlichlts the promotion includes special edition cans bearing the late jackson image. san jose developer jd has big plans for sunnyvale according to the silicon valley business jurng. he plans to build a huge office research development campus on north matilda avenue. construction expected to start by the end of the year. and venture capitalist said no so smart watchmaker pebble technology turned to kick the start up-raised 8 million dollars far more than 100,000 dollar goal. more on those headlines and tomorrow print edition of the silicon valley business jaivrnlt on to sports. tough break for the giants. >> bad news indeed. larry has that. >> injuries the story tonight. how long will the panda be out
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l. >> good evening. unless you are a talktor or a baseball player, you probably can't find your hand bone. right around right here that's where it is. last year sandoval broke the right hand bone now its left the breaken. the last thing the giants could afford. sandoval had to come out of last night game with miami because of the pain. just too great. giants believe he actually injured the wrist on that swing on sunday. so he will have surgery tomorrow. panda out 4 to 6 weeks and the giants lose their best hitter. >> we have to good out there and compete with what we have and believe that we have enough. i think we have enoug enough. were you the pablo we play pretty good tonight. we ballots through it. couldn't get the picture but we try to finish strong. >> giants marlins today. dad can't make the catch but nice thing here his waive is so supportive. right carolyn. giants defense so far poor. crawford one of the 2 error on
11:29 pm
the day. 6 already this seaso season. second base. error ladies to run. can't turn 2. reyes scores 1 nothing marlins. junts down in the seventh. second and third. sack play to tie the game. make sure he pops it up but too shallow. catch in foul territory. angel can't taking up. ryan he follows. and grounds out. giants do not come through with runers in scoring position and get swept by the marlins 3-2. brian went 7 innings allowed one run and took the loss. >> many wins and loss are second. rather see us win game as team first but we have to keep fighting. keep battling. if kilometers down to pitching better. >>reporter: unthinkable today for the yankees. best close interbaseball rivera tore his acl. he was shagging fly before the game. he does this routinely but caught his knee.
11:30 pm
between the turf and the warning track there and then went down. at age 42. rivera may have thrown his last pitch ever. the a's have the day off. stanford in the market for new athletic director. bob is leaving to become the new commissioner of the big 12 conference. he was at the helm of stanford for 6 years including 10 ncaa championship. best move. hiring harbaugh to bring stanford football program back to life. he was key figure in negotiating the new pack 12 tv deal that made him attractive to the big 12. nba play off mark and mavericks on the rope. game 3 in dallas. l insanity. flash from the past. mavs couldn't stop kevin who had 31. no d in dallas. fisher base lane here. 95-sfichbility okay see you commanding series lead as they head. ice. blue handle the sharks with ease in the first run. keys do the same. sharks
11:31 pm
couldn't score against brian elliott. dwight king and king having no trouble with the st. louis defense. mike richards to drew. they take a series lead. very surprising. >> thanks larry. >> good action tonight. "nightline"up next. >> you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> see you there. for all of us here, thanks for watching. appreciate your time. appreciate your time. >> good night everyone.
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