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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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5:00 on this friday, yay! >> police planning a big show of force for the cinco de mayo celebrations. big concerns are growing in the wake of a recent teen attack that appears to be gang related. terry mcsweeney has more. >> reporter: two good reasons why san jose police are increasing patrols, staffing, because of the present situation with gangs, it is not good and past experience with cinco de mayo celebrations that have gotten out of control. take a look at when it did in 2006, especially bad night at story and king. 56 people arrested on that friday night during a cinco de mayo celebration. then came allegations that the police were getting out of control a little too forceful in their arrest. another problem in 2008, the cinco de mayo parade and festival cancelled in san jose in 2010.
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fast forward to today, 2012, a member of the mayor's task force is saying something is brewing on the streets. police behind the scenes trying to calm the tensions between the gangs. it doesn't seem to be working, at least not in the last week or so. take a look at someone who died as a result of gang violence is 14-year-old heriberto reyes beaten in a gang attack last friday at roosevelt park in downtown san jose he died monday. he becomes the fifth fatality as a result of gangs this year. 13 homicides, five the result of gang violence. police are concerned about the celebration, it is singh weekend here in san jose, three days and -- cinco de mayo weekend here in san jose, three days and smack-dab in the middle, a full moon. police concerned it is going to be a bad moon rising. this morning police in vallejo still sorting out what
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happened before a jewelry store owner shot and killed what they say would be as a would be robber. investigators say it appears the owner of the store acted in self-defense. a 37-year-old man got in through a secure door yesterday, jumped over-the-counter and pulled a gun on the owner. the owner pulled his own gun and killed the suspect. a locksmith who knows the owner says there was a similar robbery attempt last year. >> somebody tried to rob him, he got off two shots one shot he thinks may have hit the guy in the shoulder last year. nobody reported anything at a hospital. nothing came of it. >> the store owner, his wife and child were not hurt. police turned over the store to the family as they continue their investigation. san francisco police are on the hunt for a hit-and-run driver who sent a taxi barreling into a business overnight. police say the driver of a red mustang ran a red light and smacked into a taxicab at the
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intersection of 19th and mission. the collision sent the taxi barreling into a stoplight then a business. the mustang's driver ran from the scene. officers say several bottles of alcohol were found on the vehicle's floor boards. thankfully, the taxi driver was not hurt. nancy pelosi says she has major concerns about the obama administration's crackdown against medical/ll÷ marijuana ls in california. last october prosecutors announced it would be cracking didn't on dispensaries by going after landlords. nearly 300 have shutdown because of fears of prosecution. last month agents seized property and records from oaksterdam university a controversial cannibus trade school in oakland. pelosi say it threatens the safe access of medical marijuana for patients trying to alleviate suffering. the university of california general counsel and dean of the uc berkeley law
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school will present recommendations on police policies in handling protests on campuses. last november yudof asked for an internal review following several confrontations between police and students on campuses. last month a task force report says the uc davis police used excessive force when they pepper sprayed students. that report criticized uc administrators for creating an environment that allowed it to happen. stockton teacher facing new allegations. school officials say they've discovered thousands of pornographic videos on a school issued laptop. special education teacher posed sexually in hundreds of pictures. her school laptop contained video of a young woman who could be answer a cartoon mocking special ed students and naked images of her two and 4-year-old daughters with >> we first learned of this situation on or about october
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6th, of this year. i can tell you that i personally placed the teacher in question on administrative leave on that day. >> the district attorney says the images don't appear to be child pornography. she fighting to try to get her job back. san francisco kids bracing for the possibility their teachers will be going on strike for the first time since 1979. the teachers' union will meet next week to vote on whether to authorize the strike. saying the school board is demanding too many spending cuts. the last raise the teachers received was 2008. the district wants teachers to accept four furlough days, more if the governor's plan for education fails in november. series of silicon valley fundraisers will bring president obama back to the bay area this month. he wail 10 three events planned for may 23rd. the first an afternoon round table in palo alto for the asian american pacific islander community.
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then a $35,000 a plate fundraising dinner in atherton. finally, he will attend a 6 p.m. rally at redwood city's fox theater, tickets will range from $250 to $7500 per person. a long lost commercial by apple has surfaced, starring steve jobs. >> general, you and your brave fighting have a rendezvous with destiny. your battle will be long. it will be hard. but it will be won. i'm sure your victory will be great! ♪ ♪ >> that's jobs playing the role of franklin roosevelt the nine minute long video meant to inspire employee is to do more to take down rival ibm intended to motivate apple's international sales force during a conference in hawaii. a former apple employee kept
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the video and recently gave it to a website. interesting analogies there. >> steve jobs was an excellent ceo but he needs work on that new england or new york accent. 5:08. time to check our forecast. good morning hopefully you are waking up in a good mood knowing there is no real rain out there waiting for you during the morning commute, doppler is quiet you may run into light drizzle maybe mist that's going to hang around until 8, 9:00 then a lot of sunshine on the way. cooler air coming down behind the cold front. today is going to be breezy and cooler than average but we will see the sunshine quickly during the morning hours. right now no organized area of low visibility, that's what i'm thinking at these reporting stations. when you step out we are in the low to mid 50s. we'll be in the low 60s around the bay even mid 60s heading
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back to san francisco, upper 50s along the coast, inland valleys, santa rosa, napa, fairfield, antioch upper 60s to low 70s there also into the santa clara valley. problem with warmer weather, pollen, high, tree, an grass, mold out of control today and through the weekend. tell -- we warm six to eight degrees tomorrow, another four sunday, another four degrees monday, monday and tuesday middle 60s, low 80s around the bay, low 70s at the coast. time for traffic. good morning. first signs of slowing as you head out of tracy approaching the altamont pass. a traffic spotter reported heavy traffic westbound 205 from past west 11th street heading to the altamont pass. we have a traffic spotter moving around 25 miles an hour.
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once you get into the altamont pass it does pick up, no one, one of our traffic spotters moving through at over 40 miles an hour. slowing right now westbound 205. i'm checking out a couple drive times. if you are coming out of santa rosa on southbound 101, down to highway 37 in novato drive time 27 minutes. 101 also looking good from the south bay out of gilroy, monterey street to highway 85 in san jose, 21 minutes. this green mass transit also reporting no delays bart, ace, caltrain and muni. if you are heading through the south bay here's a live shot of headlights moving northbound 280, problem-free right now around the bay area. 5:10. michael jackson in a new starring role? the soda maker ready to revive its relationship with the king of pop. plus, was it a lie or a sloppy mistake? new issues raised about the resume of yahoo's new ceo.
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lesson in privacy after a public prank involving a best buy employee. why it could have you checking your electronics before getting them repaired. so long to the stick. see what developers have planned once they tear duncan
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good news on-the-jobs front before the release of the unemployment report thursday another important indicator the up in of people applying for jobless benefits declined again biggest tumble in nearly a year.
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mcdonald's ramping up items only offered for a short time this summer you will see two. pepsi teaming up again with michael jackson. his image and songs will be used in a new global ad campaign featuring special cans, contests and the chance to download. i'm rob nelson. 5:14. an effort to make it illegal to openly carry an unloaded rifle in california has passed a key hurdle. the state assembly bassed the bill similar to the new state law that makes it illegal to openly carry an unloaded handgun. supporters say openly displaying firearms can startle onlookers and provoke violence. opponents say the bill would violate the constitutional right to bear arms and does nothing to reduce violence because criminals don't abide by laws. the bill now goes to the senate.
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hedge fund manager says scott thompson does not have a degree in computer science from stone hill college near boston as claimed. thompson's degree is in accounting. yahoo says it was an inadvertent error. the company developing naval shipyard promising to revitalize the area. the corporation says it will spend 37 million dollars on affordable housing and job training. presented the mayor with a seven million dollar down payment yesterday more than 12,000 homes will be part of the new 700 acre neighborhood which will include retail stores, parks and an entertainment complex. it will take between 17 and 20 years to finish the project. a man who tried to get his cell phone repaired has a warning. log out of your mobile accounts first. he returned his faulty
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cell phone to best buy in colorado. but forgot to log out of his mobile facebook account. minutes after he left the store a status message went out saying he was outing himself as being gay. instantly friends and relatives began calling him up. he says the best buy employee must have sent it. >> certain people that really i haven't been in contact with a while i feel i shouldn't have to do that. >> best buy told him the employee was fired. best buy says staff members all sign a code of ethics on the proper handling of customer information. tomorrow will be a big day for comic book fans. it is free comic book day. >> 2,000 retailers in 50 countries will give away classic disney characters to marvel superheroes last year more than 3 1/2 million comics
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were available. it is the world's largest comic book-related event designed to attract more fans. one of the driving forces was flying colors comics in concord. >> do these tend to be the mom and pop stores or are there any big retailers? >> i think a lot of places on both will be giving them away. >> cool. our very own superhero i just gave you a huge title. >> meteorology man! >> i like that. >> you have to show the "m" on your shirt. >> clark kent/superman. >> meteorology man, i'm going to work on that. first, it will get better as far as wanting to be out. if you are looking for that weekend, where it is sunny at the beaches and warm, this is that weekend. it will spill into next week
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if you have to work this week, maybe monday, tuesday you can head out. looking at the embarcadero which is ever getting drier, thanks to the winds and the fact that most of the drizzle is just about over now. as far as temperatures, low to mid 50s just updated them they haven't moved much and they won't with the cloud cover. starting to dry around the monterey bay still light drizzle hanging around temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s santa cruz 52. let's talk about what going to happen with highlights, three things as we head into the weekend, breezy, those breezes will chase the clouds away quickly leaving us with sun throughout the afternoon. clear tonight without the clouds, it will be cold, coldest night in our forecast. sunny weekend, temperatures going from below average to above average swing of 24 hours. today we are below average 70 in santa rosa, napa, fairfield and antioch. a lot of mid to upper 60s elsewhere, upper 50s to low 60s along the coast where the
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breezes will be fastest this afternoon. monterey 58, , mid 60s for everybody else, upper 60s to low 70s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. no rain at today's game but it will be cool, as cool as the bats have been, don't want to insult anybody they've lost two games in a row. 58 dropping to 53. as far as tonight, 39 in napa, 41 santa rosa, 42 tkhroefr detail everybody else mid to upper -- cloverdale, everybody else mid to upper 40s. cold front moved in and weakened into the south bay residual moisture hanging around we have this morning this huge ridge coming in and going to drop anchor and not going anywhere for a long time this rain-free forecast after this morning has temperatures above average tomorrow, peak monday and tuesday mid 80s inland, lower 80s around the
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bay even low 70s at the coast. have a great weekend. thanks superhero. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll, nice and quiet this morning. well deserved break for computers. it has been busy all week. no trouble at the bay bridge. nice ride across the golden gate bridge. some flashing lights in the distance, i did see some crews heading northbound. also, we'll check out the east bay area for you, 680 roadwork scheduled northbound from san ramon to danville until 6:00 this morning. i checked sensors heading southbound close to 70 miles an hour, northbound almost the same as well. no slowing except for the part i told you about westbound 205 out of tracy. as we check out the waze traffic map you can check out the ride anywhere. right now westbound 4 antioch still problem-free for the most part. we'll start to see slowing soon. westbound 205 is the slow spot this morning.
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once you head into the altamont pass still looking good no delays on basco road or vallecitos. get the latest by going to to download our free traffic app on to your iphone or smartphone and become a traffic spotter. 5:21. next, digging for answers. burning question that has cal researchers drilling into a northern california labor. problems for the panda, new injury that could leave the giants without one of their best hitters for weeks. new twist on home renovations.
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tonight tim lincecum will try tone the giants' recent skid as they face the brewers after getting swept by the marlins. yesterday the giants loss to miami 3-2. tonight the a's send ross to the mound in florida. pablo van val will undergo surgery to repair his -- pablo sandoval will undergo surgery to repair a fracture in his wrist. almost a year ago he brock his right hand -- broke his right hand bone. he's been placed on the 15 day disabled list but could be out four to six weeks or longer that is going to hurt. uc berkeley scientists hope drilling into clear lake will help find answers on the
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impact of climate change. scientists are drilling into ancient sediments at the bottom of the lake looking for clues that can help predict how plans and animals will adapt to climate change. researchers will examine for pollen, grains, charcoal and freshwater organisms dating back 130,000 years. in the small town -- in a small town in minnesota a house was scheduled to be torn down, a local company which hires tanks out, volunteered their services so it could show off a bit i guess you can say. look at what happened.
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>> greatest thing in the world! whole thing took half an hour. have you ever wanted to just do that? drive a tank through it. >> for those geeks out there like me, that was actually an armored personnel carrier but who is counting. >> massive fire displaces fine from a san jose home overnight it is what was left in the house that puts a twist on the blaze. worried parents in the south bay, new accusations that have a high school assistant principal on leave. the star slugger taking another swing at getting a conviction overturned. traveling today, coolest up in the corners again mid and upper 50s seattle, portland, boston. look how quickly it arms -- warps to 82 in new york.
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hot spot 90 st. louis, dallas, 97 phoenix. jfk and philadelphia have flight arrival delays. severe weather possible in those areas you see in yellow. we have low clouds out here, so far oakland, san jose and san francisco on time. flight tracker any time you need it, to the bottom. i'm really going to miss you. my new apartment isn't that far away. it's 4.2 miles away ! with this droid razr... motorola... verizon 4g lte... video... skype. you're gonna get lost. this has gps. well, that makes me feel better. me too. i'll go get two from the back. okay. this mother's day, get the droid razr by motorola. only $99.99. the lowest price ever. verizon.
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it is 5:30 on this friday morning we made it thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. i'm kristen sze. the s.w.a.t. team descended on a home last night to serve a search warrant. officers detained four while serving the warrants around 9:00 last night. the police department won't say why the warns were served, what the charges are -- why the warrants were served, what the charges are or how many were arrested. >> in a few hours 13 suspected gang members will make their first appearance in federal abc7 news spoke exclusively to family members who were inside a petaluma home on mcneil drive during yesterday's raid. agents were after 20-year-old victor flores, jr. who
5:31 am
authorities say is one of the gang members arrested. three immigration and customs enforcement agents suffered none life-threatening gunshot wounds. forest' father says the officers were not wearing anything identifying themselves as officers. he did not want his face shown. >> we shot back because we thought they were gangsters. we never knew they were police because they never introduced themselves as police officers. >> they treated me like a dog i'm barely 14 i'm a minor. i didn't do nothing. they just like pushed me around and all that. >> federal agents say the 13 suspects are linked to a triple murder that happened nearly a year and a half ago in south san francisco. four could face the death penalty the bay area's biggest city flooding its streets with police beginning today for the next three days gearing up for cinco de mayo demonstrations. terry mcsweeney is live in san jose.
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>> reporter: police are concerned it is a bad combination this weekend, cinco de mayo on a saturday and of course a huge celebration here with a large mexican-american population. warm weather, full moon, add it up, they are going to put more police on the streets this weekend. take a look at what they are trying to avoid. these are pictures from a cinco de mayo 2006. 56 people arrested near story and king, that was a friday night singh . there were allegations that followed of police -- of police being too aggressive. two years later 2008, more problems with cinco de mayo. and the cinco de mayo parade and festival cancelled by the city of san jose in 2010. here we are members of the task force talking about something brewing s.zz]é pd hoping to calm things down -- there's evidence what they are trying to do isn't working. look at a symbol of gang violence, 14-year-old
5:33 am
heriberto reyes, 8th grader beat anyone a gang attack downtown san jose last friday evening. he -- he died this past monday. the fifth fatality the result of gangs this year, 13 homicides in san jose, five the result of gang violence. a number of things coming to a point this weekend. add to all this nice warm, clear, weather, large celebrations and police are hoping to stop any violence before it stars terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:33. fires say a legal marijuana growing set-up fueled a fire that destroyed a home last night. the fire was so intense in the two story home that neighbors could feel the heat from the middle of the street. it started 8:00 last night and burned for more than an hour spreading to electrical wires and shutting off power. at least nine people had been
5:34 am
living in the home, including a child. one person suffered smoke inhalation. the home next door also caught fire but the damage wasn't as bad. >> in san jose assistant principal out on bail after being arrested on a charge he inappropriately touched a student. joe reghitto has been assistant principal for two years. police felt there was enough probable cause to warrant an arrest. >> we allow our children to go to these schools, normally when this type of incident occurs it is a huge violation of that trust. >> we can't pass judgment, we don't have all the information. we don't know what it is about. >> the school district has taken the unusual step of placing leland's principal and another assistant principal who reported the incident to police on paid leave during this investigation. they are not accused of any wrongdoing. any moment now the labor department will release the latest unemployment and job creation numbers.
5:35 am
i'm hearing now they just came out. good or bad those numbers will immediately become an issue on the presidential campaign trail. katie marzullo is live in our newsroom with the story. based on what i've seen, bottle sighs will have something to talk about. >> reporter: yeah, the results outcome i should say, interesting, different numbers not what we were expecting. take a look, employers last month added 115,000 new jobs. that was enough to drop the unemployment just a hair. 8.1% last month, down from 8.2%. not at all what economists were predicting. reporting 163,000 jobs were created. moody's was closer with 125,000. the closest estimate i saw was a payroll company that said 119. everyone still overshot it. the numbers of course will be spun politically because it is a presidential election year.
5:36 am
until march, the jobs' report was in president obama's favor unemployment dropped from 9.1% in august to 8.2% in february. part of the reason for that rapid decline is some people gave up looking for work that might be what is accounting for these numbers today. few jobs added, unemployment rate dropping. those are numbers that could help presumptive republican presidential nominee mitt romney who is going to want to spin these numbers to show president obama's policies are not working and he has not made good on his promise to create more jobs. we'll be looking for reaction to that as the day goes on. the economy must create at least 125,000 new jobs a month to keep pace with population growth that didn't happen last month. we saw 115,000 new jobs added. the unemployment rate now 8.1%. katie marzullo, abc7 news. prosecutors are preparing their response after barry bonds' legal time filed a
5:37 am
federal appeal yesterday to overturn his obstruction of justice conviction. in that appeal bonds' lawyers say he answered his questions truthfully and were not misleading as prosecutors claimed. the defense says investigators revised their indictment several times. bonds was sentenced to two years probation and machine of house arrest. a jury convicted him of obstructing stkwreus when he testified in 2003, before a federal grand jury investigating the balco steroid scandal. meteorologist man is back with the forecast. >> he's got the cape ready you might need that this morning. >> starting to see it break up, quick transition from clouds to sun today good morning. here's a look at live doppler, be equipped with sunscreen for the weekend. right now clouds are still keeping us in the low to mid 50s from san rafael san francisco 5050 four in
5:38 am
free -- 50, 54 in fremont. winds will the sign of today's forecast coming in from the west, a lot of sun quickly today going to that cool breeze off the ocean running around 10 to 18 miles per hour right now. that is going to keep our temperatures below average. we have gale warnings for gusts up to 45 miles per hour over the ocean and bay waters during the afternoon hours. 50° by 8:00, noon the clouds fade, mid 50s along the coast into san francisco upper 50s to low 60s for the rest of us. 4:00, mid to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco, low 60s around the bay shore into the south bay, mid to upper 60s north bay and east bay valleys. 7:00 you will need a coat upper 50s to low 60s inland mid to upper 50s around the bay shore also out to the coast. everybody even the coast will be nearly 15° warmer by the
5:39 am
end of the weekend into early next week. time for traffic. good morning. earlier crash westbound 92 at industrial cleared it was a hit-and-run traffic moving 61 miles an hour westbound across the san mateo bridge, 60 across the dumbarton bridge. i did pick up slowing southbound 101, as you head through san mateo and burlingame. right now one of the sensors showing 60 miles an hour. we'll keep an eye on that. right now no accidents reported, not even construction in the area. live shot of westbound 80 traffic for headlights through berkeley to the bay bridge toll, which has been delay-free this morning. 680 also looking good as you head southbound through walnut creek and the san ramon valley. the waze traffic map will show you the slow down westbound 4 out of antioch down to the street level not as heavy this morning as you will notice for
5:40 am
a friday we are picking up some slowing as you saw. of course, you can you be always stay on top of the slow downs by downloading our free app,, you can put it on your smartphone or iphone. 5:40. coming up next, the unintended pet accident topping that will cost a south san francisco restaurant and a poultry producer millions. facebook sets a stock price for its initial public offering. it could mean a huge windfall for california. meet a little girl who is a big hero. how she saved her friend's life by doing something she saw on tv.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. . california will be a big winner when facebook makes it public stock offering. shares are expected to sell for 28 to 35 dollars. that means facebook could be worth at least 96 billion dollars when the company goes public may 18th. mark zuckerberg will hold stock worth about 17 billion dollars. he could owe as much as 189 million dollars in state taxes. according to a company which researches private companies.
5:44 am
the windfall for california from the rest of the ipo could earn the state hundreds of millions more. zuckerberg could owe 714 million dollars in federal taxes if he exercises his stock options. a san francisco woman is getting 2 1/2 million dollars in a lawsuit over a chicken bone found in a pizza. she was at the round table in south two years ago when a run inch chicken bone became lodged in her throat piercing her esophagus. a jury awarded the 2 1/2 million dollars to her for pain and suffering and medical expenses. it will be paid bay foster farms the chicken strips provider and the franchise sea not by roundtable -- corporate. 6-year-old girl is being called a hero after using what she saw on tell investigation to save another little girl's life. the girl was eating lunch in the cafeteria at school when
5:45 am
she started choking on an apple. the students around her called for help. >> i just saw she was like -- >> kept yelling out, i'm choking. everybody like -- they didn't what to do, but i knew what to do. >> the apple was dislodged with a single thrust demonstrated as such. she said she saw the move performed on a disney channel. all got a certificate thanking them for their actions. >> they are so cute. they can go to school and talk about anything. it appears mcdonald's is ready to remove the word "limited" from some of its limited edition treats. nasa takes to the sky in search of meteor fragments the old school method they are
5:46 am
using. chinese activist fighting for his freedom says he's scared. i'm tahman bradley with the apapapap
5:47 am
5:48 am
a few scattered showers across the extreme northern sections of our state that's where they will stay.
5:49 am
big sur sunshine this afternoon 65. head to tahoe sunshine and temperatures mid to upper 50s this weekend. mid 60s at yosemite, 71 sunday. southern california morning clouds give way to afternoon sun low to mid 70s around l.a., upper 60s for san diego. 5:49. we are now learning the u.s. state department says a blind chinese dissident has a fellowship at a u.s. university and it expects china to quickly handle travel procedures for him many we heard from secretary of state clinton she held a news conference last hour in beijing saying chen has met with u.s. embassy staff and a doctor. tahman bradley has the latest from washington. >> reporter: it appears that the u.s. and china have reached a breakthrough in the delicate diplomatic talks with about the fate of chinese activist chen. the chinese government now says chen can apply to stud a broad. secretary of state clinton spoke about the tense situation for the first time
5:50 am
since the blind dis-- dissident begged the u.s. for protection. >> we are also encouraged by the official statements issued today by the chinese government confirming that he can apply to travel abroad for this purpose. >> reporter: under guard at a beijing hospital the activist says he's worried about his safety. the u.s. is trying to balance support for human rights maintaining important ties with china. the united states was caught in the middle when the blind activist made a daring escape from house arrest and traveled to the u.s. embassy in bay thing -- in beijing. when chen agreed to leave the embassy he did not know his wife had been beaten. he has become a symbol of human abuse rights in china. tahman bradley, abc7 news. scientists are using old technology in a modern day quest. turning to a zeppelin to search for meteor fragments that crashed to earth two
5:51 am
weeks ago in see rather foothills. the zeppelin is based in mountain view but using an airstrip in sacramento are -- for the project. scientists say it is perfect because it can fly low and slow. the fragments are scattered for hundreds of miles but concentrated east of sacramento. time for a look at the zeppelin weather forecast i am >> i -- i was thinking sfo. >> clouds starting to break a little, there was drizzle earlier may still be in the higher elevations even that is starting to come to answer. i saw the blimp flying over at&t yesterday even during some of that drizzle that was cool. i took a picture maybe will put that on facebook or something. richmond from emeryville this morning, new camera shot, all right peter, very nice job up
5:52 am
there, thanks for showing us a new advantage point. you can see the winds are not very fast now compared to later on today still 10 to 15 miles per hour across that bay water. st. helena half an inch of rain nearly that in -- higher elevations in the north bay their fair share lower elevations mill valley came in around 16/100. trace around san jose. out to the coast, half moon bay 6/100. it was pretty night storm. as far as what is going on now, temperatures in the low to mid 50s, same around the monterey bay except watsonville 57. this afternoon breezes are going to pick up, quickly going to chase the clouds away but will also keep temperatures below average. coolest night is ahead of us, warmer weather through the weekend into next week, extended period of warmer than average weather. today we transition, we are
5:53 am
not quite back to average, but definitely warmer than yesterday, santa rosa by 10°, oakland 65, four degrees warmer, fremont 66, san jose 68. san francisco one of the few pots that will be cooler at 61. upper 50s along the coast don't forget about those gale warnings gusts up to 40 miles per hour over the ocean and bay water this afternoon. head down to monterey 58, mid 60s the rest of bay upper 60s to near 70 inland. going to the game tonight cool quickly 7:15 first pitch, 58 dropping to 53 entertaining the brewers from milwaukee. tonight 39 napa, 41 santa rosa, 40 to cloverdale, everybody else mid to upper 40s around a clear sky. cool front fell apart moving through the bay area overnight. area of high pressure this
5:54 am
massi area of high pressure look how big that thing is. that's why we are going to see above average temperatures tomorrow through thursday with 80s reaching the bay and 70s at the coast over the weekend. have a good one. new stall upper deck of the bay bridge somewhere approaching treasure island in the right lane are taking a look now, don't see a lot of brake lights chp and crews en route to clear that. we've had a lot of accidents this past week around the bay bridge toll. we'll keep an eye on this it is friday traffic doesn't look too bad now just a minor wait for some of these cash paying lanes hopefully once they clear that stall no big delays expected. live shot san jose headlights northbound 280, no other problems around the bay area usual slowing to the altamont pass and westbound out of antioch. i want to show you the waze traffic app so you can get an idea even on roads like the
5:55 am
montague expressway, things are moving along. we have a traffic spotter moving along nicety on the san tomas expressway this guys a great idea how city streets are doing. you can go to to download our free app. we just got a reminder that the economy remains weak. april jobs report came out minutes ago shows the nation's unemployment rate fell slightly to 8.1% only because more people gave up looking for work. >> here's jane king with the newly released jobs report and the bloomberg business report. good morning. april report is out and weaker than expected 115,000 jobs created in the u.s. during the machine of april, according to the labor department. we expected 160,000 that number coming up short. the unemployment rate fell a
5:56 am
bit to 8.1% as people did dropout of looking for work. we saw weakness in job creation in manufacturing, construction, as well as government jobs. concern about jobs weighed on stocks yesterday, certainly again this morning. not just the mcrib any more those special limited edition treats are becoming a regular thing. ramping up the limited time offers to keep customers coming back and stay a step ahead of rivals like starbucks and subway. i'm jane king. big changes onboard for caltrain, khraord including historic agreement with high speed rail and good news for riders. yesterday the board considered a preliminary budget that would add six more trains during peak hours. weekday ridership is so high some trains don't have enough seats. the board approved historic plan to electrify caltrain
5:57 am
that means caltrain could operate on a track system that blends with high speed rail. critics warn the system has no stable funding and could be looking at huge deficits and reductions a year from now. yesterday ahead, -- just ahead, breaking news from sfo, terminal 3 had to be evacuated after a security scare. overnight accident that has san francisco police on the hunt for a suspect and the store owner on the hunt for construction supplies. the discovery at the scene offering hints about what may have happened. stern warning from the defense secretary seemingly;]f obvious order he's being forced to remind troops to follow. ♪
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