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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 5, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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♪ go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead ♪ go right ahead ♪ ♪ you gotta go from a to z from when you're born until you're dead ♪ ♪ go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead ♪ ♪ go right ahead go right ahead roam the streets in a uniform ♪ ♪ find a bull and you grab the horns scream your head off like the day you was born ♪ ♪ go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead go right ♪ ♪ go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead ♪ ♪ go right go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead ♪ ♪ go right ahead go right ahead ♪ ♪ go right ahead >> jimmy: the hives, everyone. "lex hives" is out june 5th.
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you can see a bonus performance at i want to thank julia louis-dreyfus, i want to thank andy and erik. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. thank you for watching and buenas noches. cccccccccccccccccc
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san jose police are calling for a safe cinco de mayo. >> something in the past that has not turned out that way. >> right now police are orrow an crowd tomorrow andout with the recent uptick of gang violence, officers taking any chances. tomas? report >> reporter: crowds are coming into downtown san jose and bars and restaurants are already filled. as you can see behind me san
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jose police are standing by. police and residents are concerned that gang violence might spoil what is supposed to be a fun weekend. >> it's not crazy yet but the chief she is closing her shop early. >> every single cinco de mayo, there are fights everywhere. >> she remembers the violence six years ago when more than 50 people were arrested. it seems like ascension like this is prevents people from getting anywhere near in the weekend. >> so we're going to stay home and relax. >> he says he'll leaveory begi if history begins to repeat itself. >> if people come out with guns or knives, i don'tnear it. be near it. >> they are ready to deal with violence if it happens. dozens of officers have been
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deployed on horseback and on the streets. >> we will have enough officers working. if we had to we can come for mutual aid. >> it's supposed to be a cultural celebration. restaurant business owner is thinking positive. >> i think going to it's going e better than i see mor i see mor right now in the downtown. >> reporter: san jose police say they are not just concentrating on suppression and enforcement but prevention. they are taking troubled youth on field trips. they will get counseling in order to try to lure them away from the gang life. >> dan: we will see what tomorrow brings. in oakland, armed men robbed up to 20 people in a a. it happened after 8:00 this evening. officers tell us that four men with handguns and wearing green hoodies went the into the shop
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and begin robbing those inside. no one was hurt. the shop continued to serve customers even as police conducted an investigation. >> the driver of a stolen car is recovering tonight after being shot by a police officer in a hospital parking lot. the driver of the stolen black chrysler sedan led police on a chase from highway 4 to interstate 80. he then turned on pinole valley road into the kaiser hospital parking lot. they hit the suspect in the shoulder. investigators are not saying if the suspect fshots back any shok at police. >> dan: in san francisco, businesses in the mission district are getting back on their feet after damage caused by vandals. a pre-may d celebration got out of control. there is a new effort to help those merchants. >> more than 15 stores were damaged with all that vandalism. some stores had to remain closed
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until they could make repairs and new effort to raise some money. >> this is surveillance video from outside the mission police station monday night. that is when vandals took to the street to destroy everything in sight. >> we thought it was protes regular protest on the street. >> she was working at a clothing store. is she knew there was a demonstration striags going on that night. >> we wearing black masks. there was a car right in front of us, broke out the windows. >> the vandals smashed the front window. >> the cost to repair that is phenomenal. >> now there is help for the affected businesses. ben is a designer at facebook and leading a fund-raising effort on we pay for collecting money. a home store is all for it. >> i think it's really great. >> the goal is to raise $10,000 to get the businesses.
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>> i know two days after the incident we raised $5,000. it's great to see the people care. >> colin wasn't working the night of the vandalism but got a good look the next morning. >> the people that were vandalizing vandalizing, the storesthey wert they were defacing were not macy's or target, we are building up our business for 18 years. >> reporter: and there are six days left but they have well on their way to their $10,000 goal. >> a suspicious package francisco in san francisco caused nearly four hour shut down of freeways. on police robot tugged onlookeda looked like a suitcase. both streets were closed. some bart and muni passengers were affected by this.
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police signaled the all clear at 6:30 tonight. >> tonight chp officers are looking for a driver that struck and killed a man on highway 1 north of santa cruz. they say between thursday night and friday morning a man on a bicycle was hit near wilder state park. the body wasn't spotted until 12 hours later. the man's dogd found unarmed standing guard to the body. for the first time in more than 45 years the oakland police department hosted an open house tonight. nick smith was there and joints us live with the story. >> reporter: good evening. opd had that party and for the first time it was an opportunity for many in the community to see some of the life saving equipment like the mobile command unit for the first time up close and personal. as you might imagine not
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everyone was in the mood to celebrate. >> i think that people don't understand how hard this job is. >> oakland police department is out to change that. today they opened their doors to the community. the last time that they had a house party at police station was 1966 the year that the building was built. >> i wanted to make it transpar transparent, more accessible to the public. this is my effort to do that. >> the mood was festival. she liked what she sees. >> i have been here almostyears. i years. i would like to see it improved. >> is this a good start? >> this is very good start. >> there was live music and performance by the opd drill team a hit. >> what was your favorite part? >> the motorcycle motorcycles. >> but not everyone was feeling warm or fuzzy, a group held a
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demonstration outside demanding that opd answer their demands what they call genocide against the african community. police did not want to overshadow the event invited the group to participate if they kept their signsre >> they are more than welcome to come the behavior you see here s not acceptable and not representative of oakland. >> that little guy isn't the ill team.otorcycle drill i thought they were cool, too. they have another event planned for the summer. >> dan: tonight nearly 300 alaska flight attendants say the new uniforms look good but are making them sick. they say the uniforms are doing to their skin, dots and irritation on their backs and even in their eyes.
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they concede there is a problem but numerous tests have not turned up a cause for these reactions. wer but the costs couldght be be prohibitive. >> one of yahoo shareholders issued a mate up, fire scott thomps or or else. his degree is actually in accounting. yahoo is investigating and where urging employees to stay focused. in memo obtained, he says i'm doing what you are doing, staying fo customers our customs and moving yahoo forward fast. >> dan: coming up next, the secret service scandal. the woman at the center of it all tells her side what happened that night in colombia. >> summer job reinvented. teams are becoming internet
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entrepreneurs. >> and mass for the ages, 81-year-old billionaire and a prodigy prodigy. >> coming up next on "nightline," it started as a challenge to re-ignite mir tal romance with a solid week of love making and ended surprisingly. >> he got rich by breaking all the rules. we'll hang out with mark cuban. >> we'll continue in 60 seconds. dinner's ready. [ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. stroganoffy. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious.
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or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. school is almost out and a time t for teenagers to look foa summer job. >> is that a good plan. here is michael finney. >> learning to work is important learning about the workplace is important too but there is more than one way to pick up that part of your education. >> summer jobs, it is money but could it be more? >> you don't have to work for mcdonald's wages. you don't have to work at a record store. you can start a business and build something that you love. >> in a down economy, having a tough time to find even minimum wage jobs, so why not start a
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business instead? >> if you created a product or service or something you can do on your own, you can make way more than any of your friends. >> he has started half a dozen online businesses and written extensively about internet entrepreneurship. this is most recent book maverick start-up. >> there is so isy opportunities, we're in a golden age for a couple dollars you can start a blog. you can buy a dom are there are so many tools out there. >> i'm glen and i'm bruce. >> in high school these twins imagined themselves as designers and now after a start they are. this is their website and this is the latest hot seller. >> you can slap it right there. >> just like that. >> cool thing about this,
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beyonce owns this. >> the business is paying its own bills. next stop, quit their day jobs. this guy and he is done that. >> we crossed the seven figure mark so it's been a crazy ride. it took off fast. >> from a job he hated to one he created. this website is his. had facebook business is his, too. >> that is where i'm at right now. managing both those businesses, baseball side which teaches kids players and parents how to play baseball better. facebook side where we teach businesses to effectively market. >> what do teens need to get started? on this the entrepreneurs all agree. >> the best thing to do is find something you are passionate about. figure out what you are passionate about. >> stick with your passion. >> john is on the advisory board
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of network for teaching entrepreneurship. a group dedicated to teach kids to be entrepreneurs. >> you got to be prepared to fail. like i'll try a business and it won't work out. it doesn't mean you should give up. not on usually not on the first try. >> they started in high school. they are all 25 years old now. go to our website at neurship entrepreneurshipks on including an organization that out works out you make some money but you also get a great education even if it doesn't. high price escort that blew the lid off the secret service sex scandal is speaking publicly. in an interview, she was approached by a man that asked her for sex.
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they agreed on price for $800. but he only gave her taxi fare. >> i told him to give me money and he said no, just go [ bleep ] i'm not going pay you. >> she contacted police to getrt her money and that is when the scandal exploded. she quit the prostitutionness. business. private detective pleaded guilty today to eight criminal counts. christopher but the her was indicted including stealing casd drugs and guns during search warrant operations. also one of his associates was sentenced. he will serve three years in prison. >> crab fishermen from sonoma is being hailed as heroes to coming to the aid of the california gray whale that has been dragging fishing net for two weeks now.
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they spotted near bodega bay. the whale stayed still to cut away several buoys and hooks. he swam away with a smaller whale by her side. >> we want to show you a fabulous picture outside. you have heard the fool moon. this is super moon. >> we are expecting quitea a sight tomorrow. sandhya patel is here. >> it's going to be quite a sight tomorrow night as we are expecting clear skies and tonight's moon is a waxing moon, 99% of full. let me show what is going to happen tomorrow night. clear skies. you will want to look to the east-southeast as it rises at 8:03. you will see a super moon at 8:03, full moon 8:35, it's 8% closer and larger, it will be 16% brighter.
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the moon's orbit is not a perfectly cir and that is why we're going to get so close. here a beautiful view from earlier today, windy day a miramar beach. it was was onshore wing off the coast and made for great wind surfing but it's switching directions as we head into the weekend and cool pattern we were in today will be history. we're going into a warmer pattern with the wind coming off the land going towards the ocean. falling to the upper 40s around fremont and los gatos. most other areas in the 50s. it's clear out there but we are seeing a patch or two of fog forming places like half moon bay. clear skies, warmer days into next week and afternoon temperatures will peak as we hit monday. we're going to continue with the warming trend. today it was anything but warm. we have breezy pattern.
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lingering effects of the cool trough that passed through. temperatures were in the low 50s to low 70s. that is all changing. up to ten degrees warmer tomorrow and even warmer on sunday as this ridge of high pressure really takes hold, builds in. we're going to see much warmer conditions even beyond the weekend. here is the computer animation, high pressure pushing inland. wind coming off the land. that really tends to clear out reallyouds and it really tendso warm everybody up from the land to the coastline. do look for warm weather particularly on sunday. you might want to head to the beach. tonight, temperatures in the low 40s to low 50s. clear skies. other than that patch or two of fog around half moon bay and cool conditions.tomorrow we aren degrees of warming in san jose.
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74 degrees in san mateo. palo alto, 76 degrees. 64 in half moon bay. and daly city, 63 degrees. downtown san francisco, 70 tomorrow. 80 degrees in santa. beautiful day beautiful day in the east bay, 74 in oakland. inland areas is going to run warm, 64 in monterey. there is lot going on this weekend, cinco de m festivities. 80 degrees on sunday. as the warming trend and then we'll start to see a drop-off of temperatures and cooler at the coast on tuesday cooling off everywhere wednesday and thursday. low to mid-80s inland. low to mid-70s along the coastline for your sunday and monday. i don't think too many people
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will complain about this. >> looking good. >> coming up next, the airmail horse. >> a dramatic rescue in southern california. we'll show you more when we come back.
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a horse rescue in southern california is providing spectacular video. the horse was airlifted from the canyon in the cleveland national forest, four horses fell off the trail and one was killed. two horses were airlifted to safety. the other managed to walk out. airlifted horses were sedated before being harnessed in. how they fell off the trail is still under investigation. we're told when touchdown, the horse seemed to be doing fine, but a bit groggy. >> dan: what in the world is g to me. in san ping-pong star ping-pongs heading to omaha this weekend.
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investor warren buffett, she was chosen to give him a lesson for his birthday. he then had shareholders take turn playing for three hours, but no one including bill gates beat her. the 16-year-old made the u.s. olympic team so she is darn good >> i wonder, this match is for your portfolio. [ laughter ] >> that would be fun to watch. >> if only giants could start games in the second inning, tim lincecum would be fine but the wildness continues to hauntnext. sports is next. good ev
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good evening, first inning woes continue for tim lincecum, tonight against milwaukee was erratic and they took advantage. bob's 42nd season as
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broadcaster. timmy is in the dirt and carlos gomez scores. two run single. 3-0. he settles down, two hits in five frames including gomez, bottom five after angel pagon extends his hitting streak. the giants rally for three in the six. brandon belt shoots one past randy and it's 4-4 but in the seventh, ramirez, base hit. two runs in and brew crew win it. four consecutive losses for giants. >> a's in tampa, we love this guy, rouchbd off, in to the splits. if i did that we would go straight to the hospital. price with some help and drive, matt lays out and makes the
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catch! i would like to see that again. thank you. >> tyson got rocked, jose holina and aloha means goodbye. he gave up seven runs and the rays roll 7-2. >> tiger woods says he feels uncomfortable he hits the golf ball well but he felt comfortable and missed the cut in charlotte. years ago, tiger had a stretch he he is happy if he hits twow. good shots in a row. i think the fan took a ball. saved him a stroke. he had a chance to make the cut but he misses this by three feet. he missed the cut by a stroke. simpson shot a 58 and one back of the leader. to the n.b.a. playoffs, lakers and nuggets, his nickname is
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animal. kobe kobe bryant averaging 34 points in the playoffs. nuggets win and l.a. is still up two games and one. >> and in philly, evan turner, with authority. he had 16. no derek rose for chicago. spencer, big man can shoot. he had 21 for the sixers 79-74 and take the lead. and sweet reverse layup in the fourth. here is a triple double, 17 points and 14 rebounds they go to overtime., no rondo, no, garnet yes, but celtics win, 90 to 84 and they go up two games to one. >> and by popular demand, and that is the groundskeeper.
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>> >> straight ten. >> whatut that. >> 9, not as impressive. >> he thought was over the top. [ laughter ] >> it was impressive. >> all right. is"nightline" is . >> i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. our next newscast begins tomorrow morning at 5:00. >> keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter. for all of us, thank you for watching.


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