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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  May 5, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? >> terry: in the news this saturday morning, may 5th, san jose police bracing for huge cinco de mayo crowds tonight. new concerns that led to increased patrols and pleasant surprise for victims of may day in the mission district, turns out friends they've never met are going to pay for the cleanup. i'm terry mcsweeney. let's take a quick look at weather. >> lisa: we see the clear sky behind me and out around the coast. we've got clear conditions but the key to the forecast, the weekend, the next couple of days. this is the wind pane. northerly winds going in the north bay along the coast. along for a warmup at this early hours, temperatures in the 50 in
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napa. we've come up around 39 through the 40s in the coastal communities. mild temperatures at the coast but significant warming in the weekend due to high pressure building to the north and east of us. >> terry: new this morning out of sonoma county, a magnitude 4.3 earthquake. they say it was centered three miles east of the ignitesers about 24 miles north of santa rosa. it struck two miles below the earth surface. no reports of damage or injuries there. right now san jose are preparing for cinco de mayo celebrations which in the past years have gotten rowdy, even violent. they aren't taking any chances in an uptick in gang violence. >> it's not crazy yet but (m) ra
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is closing her shop early. for 20 years she has seen what happened during cinco de mayo. >> every cinco de mayo, there are fights everywhere. >> reporter: she remembers the violence six years ago when more than 50 people were arrested. it seems scenes like this that is preventing people from getting downtown this weekend. >> we're staying away from downtown. we're going to stay home and relax. >> he says he'll leave downtown if history repeats itself. >> people come up with guns and knives. i don't want to be near it. >> they are ready to deal with gang violence if it happens. dozens of officers have been deployed in cars and on the streets. >> we're going to have enough officers working and if we have to, we can call mutual aid. >> it's supposed to be a cultural celebration not an excuse for a gang showcase.
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>> i think it's going to be better because i see more security right now in the downtown. >> reporter: san jose police say they are not just concentrating on suppression but also on prevention. the gang intervention unit are taking troubled youth out of town on field trips where they will get counseling in order to try to lure them away from gang life. >> terry: new this morning, the search is on for two men who robbed a mill valley spa at gunpoint last night. a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt held up the royal spa on miller avenue. there is a second possible suspect who had tattoos on his arms. they forced the workers into the back room but they stole property from the spa. they also made off with vehicles. a light sedona van and honda zblifk in oakland this morning,
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police are trying to figure out who robbed up to 20 people in a barbershop last night. it happened at barbershop on international boulevard. four men with handguns walked into the shop and started robbing people. and barbers kept cutting hair even as the police conducted their investigation into that robbery. >> this morning the driver of a stolen car is recovering after being shot by a police officer in a hospital parking lot in pinole. it happened when a driver of a stolen black chrysler led the chp on a chase from highway 4 to interstate 80 yesterday afternoon. the man turned on to pinole valley road and then into kaiser parking lot. and he started shooting at police. a police officer returned fire and hit the 32-year-old man in the shoulder. >> some shopkeepers in the mission district are just
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getting back to business after may day vandals went on a window smashing rampage on tuesday. the business owners are not going to be stuck with the repair bill. ama explains how they are bringing in donations to help them out. >> reporter: this is surveillance video from outside the mission police station monday night. that is when advanced always took to the street to destroy everything in sight. >> we thought it was a protest protest. >> she was working at clothing store therapy. she knew there was a demonstration in the park that night and 8:30 she heard a commotion. >> people were wearing black masks and holding bats. there was car parked in front of us and broke out the windows. >> the vandals smashed the front windows. >> the cost of how much to repair that is phenomenal. >> now there is a help for the affected businesses. ben is a designer at facebook and leading a fund-raising effort on we pay, a website for
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collecting money. they are all for it. >> i think it's really great. >> the goal is to raise $10,000 to help the businesses. it will be need based. >> two days we raised about $5,000. so it's awesome the people care. >> he wasn't working that night but do got a good look at it the next morning. >> people that were vandalizing, faces behind the stores they are defacing were not like macy's or target. we're building up our business for 18 years. >> reporter: there are six days left but they have collected $8130 and they are well on their way to the $10,000 goal. >> terry: a suspicious package in san francisco caused nearly four hour shut down of busy streets and free ramps. sky7hd was overhead when the
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police robot tugged on a suitcase that was locked to a street sign. both ramps were closed. bart and muni passengers affected, as well. turned out to be nothing. police signaled the all clear about 6:30 last night. this morning chp officers are looking for the driver who struck and killed a man on highway 1 north of santa cruz. officers say sometime between thursday a night and friday morning, a man on a black bicycle was hit on wilder ranch state park. we don't know when he was hit because the body wasn't spotted for about 12 hours. the man's dog who had been inside a crate attached to the bike was found unharmed standing guard. family members freed iranian hikers will get married today at an undisclosed location. josh fatel will be the best man.
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take a look a photo, showed bower giving shourd an engagement ring. first one was given to her in prison from threads of his shirt. they were arrested on espionage charges. shourd was released on humanitarian grounds back in 2010. they say they weren't spying but mistakingly cross in order iran while hiking. >> one of yahoo's largest shareholders issued a ultimatum, fire their ceo. scott thompson has come under fire by listing a degree at a college that doesn't offer one. they say thompson has to go by monday. they were are investigating the discrepancy. in a memo obtained, they say i'm doing what i hope all of you doing, staying focused on our
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customers and moving yahoo fast. >> nearly 300 alaska flight aten dance say they are sick of their new uniforms, literally. take a look what the uniforms are doing to them. red blotches, irritation on their backs and even their eyes are affected. they haven't turned up a cause of the reaction. >> coming up next, more than a decade after the 9/11 attacks, five accused terrorists will finally be charged today. also a dramatic rescue last night in southern california, something you don't see every day
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today, more than ten years after the attacks of 9/11, five conspirers have been arraigned in guantanamo bay, on conspiracy charges that include 3,000 counts of murder. khalid shaikh mohammed refusing to answer any questions. he and four others face the death penalty if convicted. no plea is entered during military arraignment. a reading of the charges and confirmation defendants understand the charges. trial is still likely more than a year away. six families selected by lottery watched in it person. numerous other families watched closed-circuit tv feeds in new york and baltimore. the high price escort at the heart of the secret service sex scandal is speaking publicly. an interview she says she was approached by a man at strip club that asked for sex.
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they agreed on a price of $800. she demanded the money, he only gave her taxi fare. >> i told him to wake up and give him my gift i asked for. he said, no. just go [ bleep ]. >> she contacted police to help her get the money and that is when the scandal exploded. she has quit the prostitution business. >> a private detective has pleaded guilty to eight criminal courts. christopher burt her was arraigned on dealing in cash, drugs and guns. and former san ramon police officer will serve three years in prison. for the first time in more than 45 years the oakland police department hosted an open house last night and everyone was invited in, even the anti-police protestors outside under one
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condition. nick smith reports from police headquarters. >> i think people don't understand how hard this job is. >> reporter: the oakland police is out to change that. they opened their doors to the community. last time they had a party at the police station was 1966 the year that the building was built. >> i wanted to make us more transparent and more accessible to the public. this is my effort to do that. >> reporter: the mood was festive. >> she liked what she sees. >> i've was raised here and i've been here almost 70 years. i would like to see it improved. this is a very good start. >> there was live music and art and even a performance by the motorcycle drill team. a major hit with the little ones. >> what was your favorite part? >> the mbh.
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>> but not everyone was feeling warm or fuzzy. a grassroots group held on demonstration outside demanding opd answer their demands. police determined not to let the deterioration overshadow their community event invited them inside to participate if they kept their signs and disrupt active behavior outside. >> they are more than welcome to come in. this behavior is not acceptable and not representative the city of oakland or its people. >> they have another open house event planned for the summer. >> crab fishermen from sonoma are being hailed as heroes to coming to the aid of a gray whale. a crew spotted the whale on thursday. the whale stayed long enough to cut away some of the buoys and
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hook. and horse rescue in southern california is providing spectacular video. take a look at that. the horse was airlifted yesterday from a canyon in the cleveland national forest after an afternoon accident. four horses fell off a trail and one died. two horses were airlifted to safety while the other managed to walk out. the airlifted horses were sedated before being harnessed. other horses fell off that trail no one knows at least not yet. someone that knows the forecast, this is an amazing picture. also it's a beautiful weather pictures to see around the bay area. it's gorgeous out there. >> the winds have picked out on out of the north. that is providing significant warming for some of the north bay valleys. you can see the clear sky. already 59 in napa. that is due to north wind, coast north winds up to 17. everyone warming up today. i'll tell you for how much and how long.
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>> she is not going to mention the "r" word, that is rain. and tim lincecum first inning woes continue as the giants have fourth straight game. larry b3q
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i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. >> terry: you might want to take a look at the moon tonight when it passes closer to earth than usual. it's called the super moon. biggest and brightest moon of
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the year. this was the moon a little bit earlier. the moon will pass 15,000 closer to earth that will make it appear bigger than usual but it will be hard to see the difference. it will look bigger and that is going to happen around sunset which is going to be what time? >> 8:04. it's amazing. >> i want you to say super moon. >> super moon! >> lisa: that was good. we are looking at breezy winds around the bay and seeing 15 degrees of warming around the coast. napa this morning so we started out chilly in the 30s and 40s. we're going to look for a nice looking day today. it's going to get quite warm around the bay and especially into monday. starting out with the north
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winds, half moon bay, up to 17 miles an hour. we were at 39 degrees at 5:00 this morning. so pretty chilly here with no wind at all, north wind in novato as well as fairfield. calm winds so you look at the temperatures compared to the winds. we are looking at some very comfortable readings already with 59 in napa as well as the delta. 50 in fremont with the cooling around redwood city. a flat wind there at 46. 49 in livermore and 53 in san francisco. so we will be looking at temperatures today warmer everywhere in this morning. we are two to five degrees warmer than we were yesterday from mountain view to napa and fairfield. we are looking at today to be still a little cool at our coast with clear sky. we had a relatively light wind. so it will take a little bit of time to get going on our warming trend along the shoreline. with the winds peaking tonight. it will be a balmy afternoon.
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we'll see the warmest day on monday and but tuesday looking pretty warm. plenty of mid-80s around the bay so there has been a high pressure ridge to the west of us and to the east of us. a bit of trough. that has allowed for the cooler air, northwesterly winds and that lifts out today and allowing for the big ridge of high pressure. sunny skies and breezy winds to get going. with that we're looking at much warmer day today. much warmer weekend and i said that the winds will peak tonight. in fact 1500 feet. we're still looking at gusty winds, 20-30 miles an hour. that will work to keep the numbers pretty mild overnight for a warmer start on sunday. we'll see more 80s than tomorrow. today, 5-15 degrees warmer in some spots. only 65 yesterday at livermore airport. we're going to top off in the upper 70s today.
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80 in sacramento. we'll see a few 80s in north bay valleys with downsloping winds. 69 in yosemite. 74 in los angeles. temperatures in the 60s by say 11:00 here and then we'll than looking at numbers to climb toward the 70-degree mark by the later afternoon hours. our nice day for the ballgame with oakland coming in at 74. 75 if you head down towards hayward and fremont. santa clara, upper 70s with 64 in monterey. clear skies, 70s at our coast. mid 70s by monday. a little bit of cooling coming in on tuesday but the fog doesn't return until wednesday and plenty of warmth throughout the middle of the week. >> terry: cinco de mayo, perfect temperatures and super moon at night. in sports, not only cinco de mayo but the first saturday in may which means it's kentucky derby day.
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union is the favorite. lisa was betting on jaljamal but she is moving her money. giants are trying to end a four-game losing streak with the milwaukee brewers. >> good morning. first inning woes continue with tim lincecum. he was erratic early and the blue crew took advantage. >> timmy was inside and outside and in the dirt. two walks and a wild pitch. 1-0 milwaukee. a two-run single, 3-0 milwaukee. he settles down. allows two hits in five innings. gomez, after angel pagon extends his hitting streak. giants rally. brandon belt ties it and we're
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4-4 in the seventh. and ramirez, base hit, two runs score as the bullpen fails yet again. brewers win 6-4. four straight losses for the giants. >> a's and tampa, we love this guy. rounds off into it. if i did that i would go straight to the hospital. price had some help. a drive to the right and to make the catch. i would like to see that again. wow! tyson got rocked. molina, high, deep and aloha. goodbye. rays roll 7-2. >> tiger woods said says when he feels uncomfortable he hits the ball well. yesterday he was comfortable and missed the cut in charlotte. round two at quail hollow.
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years ago he had 142 cuts in a row. now, he is happy with two in a row. they grabbed the ball and saved him a stroke. had a chance to make the cut and misses this putt. 73, missed the cut by a stroke. simpson, he is 11 under, one back of the leader nick watney. >> lakers and nuggets, kenneth, monster slam. kobe bryant average 34 in the playoffs. nuggets win. l.a. is still up two games to one in the series. >> bulls and sixers, murray court side in philly. first quarter, evan turner hangs on with the jam. he had 16. no derek rose and spencer, he can shoot. 21 for philly.
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79-74, up two games to one, celtics and hawks, this is a sweet reverse layup and triple double, 14 rebounds. a show and go. and kevin garnet, cleaning up. celtics win 90-84 and they go in that series two games to one. mike shumann will be here at 5:00 and 6:00 with a recap of the kentucky derby. >> terry: coming up next, an abc news exclusive, layoff workers are target for an online fraud. >> i'm nannette miranda in sacramento the state is auctioning off surplus property but what are they doing with this?
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>> terry: new this morning, president obama says it's time on to focus on nation building here at home. days after a surprise trip to afghanistan on the anniversary of osama bin laden's death.
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his weekly address says the tide of war has turned into afghanistan. the goals of defeating al-qaeda and denying it a chance to rebuild is within reach and calling on congress to make sure the troops come home. >> i don't think we should prioritize more tax cuts for millionaires and cutting investments that build a strong middle-class. that is why i've called on congress to take the money we are no longer spending on war and use half to pay down debt and use the other half to rebuild america. >> the president kicked off his reelection campaign at rallies at ohio and virginia. he'll try to convince voters that his economic policies are going in right direction. republicans say his record shows no successful incumbent and no impressive record and no thriving economy. >> bargain hunters can find good deals when state auctions off interesting items. nannette miranda has a sneak
8:31 am
peek. >> reporter: the state of california is doing spring cleaning, getting rid of surplus property, to power tools and even walkers from state hospitals. the oddest item is trunk lid to a honda. the bargain hunters can explain why they came by. greta is looking to remodel her business. >> file cabinets, things we can get rid of our cubicals and redo. >> it's an opportunity for a state to clean out. we need to get rid of items that we're just not using anymore. >> there are boxes of cellphones turned in by state workers when governor jerry brown ordered state agencies to reduce the number of employees that had one. that means the bargains aren't bargains if you looking to buy just one. >> you can see you have to buy in bulk here. that is the catch. >> you don't need a hundred phones?
8:32 am
>> i can't use a hundred phones. >> but if you are reseller, an auction is an opportunity to make money. she is eyeing jewelry, some of which was seized by chp during drug raids. >> a lot of times i can pull out of the stuff to make money. >> department of general services picked up goods confiscated at the los angeles, san francisco and sacramento airports. >> transportation security administration requires you can only take so much liquid on to airplane. >> there are hundreds of pocket knives from tsa. he was hoping to be able to find his. >> i am down here to find it. i'm going to get it. >> the state made $100,000 at the last auction, but in tough economic times, every dollar
8:33 am
counts. >> today is your chance to make some money and make east palo alto safer at the same time. it's the gun buy back outside city hall. you don't have to be a resident to take part in this. starting at 9:00 this morning, about half an hour from now, police will pay hundred dollars apiece for the first 150 functional guns brought in. as always the guns must be unloaded and leave them in your car for a police officer to safely retrieve. east palo alto gun buy back will be held in the city hall parking lot on university avenue. >> there is a warning someone trying to friend you on facebook may be trying to rip you off. those that are vulnerable are laid off auto workers from nummi. >> he was on facebook when he
8:34 am
heard from someone he thought was a co-worker. >> i got this e-mail and we are entitled to grant. >> he said word of the grant came from the nummi employment center. so webber e-mailed the contact. >> he said all i had to do give him $1500. wire it to something like that. >> that is what he did, wire to it north carolina. that would make him eligible for a $120,000 grant. then he was asked to wired wier more money, which he did. he got suspicious when a cousin contacted him on facebook and started to give him information. >> i started asking him, how is my uncle doing that. was another mistake because he is dead. he recognized he was victim of a scam. it appears scammers are joining
8:35 am
nummi facebook groups to dupe additional victims. they have sent out warning e-mails to 2700 clients. >> they are using our names, representing our good name of the agency that has been assisting them for the last couple years. >> the case is being handled by north carolina police. livermore police are put outing a warning. >> when you put something on the internet or exchange information on the internet you don't know who you are talking to. it may be one of your friends. it may be somebody unknown to you. >> how does he feel about losing over $3600? >> i don't feel bad at all. it's my identity and my friends and my family. especially when he hit my family, that is what really bovd me. >> reporter: we reached out to facebook for comments but no one got back to us. rob webber worked with them for 20 years, he is not bothered by
8:36 am
losing $3600 he still hasn't found a new job since nummi shut down two years ago. >> terry: san francisco sunday streets program is changing the way it does business. it's going to take place in the mission, closing the streets to cars. it will be held the first sunday of every month for four years. it will be along 24th street and events include live music and food and activities for kids. previously the sunday streets program was held in a different part of the city. this time they are staying in the mission and goal is to examine more open spaces and supported small businesses in the city. temperatures tomorrow in the city for that and today in the city for whatever and around the bay area. >> we got 70 in san francisco was 60 yesterday and from vollmer peak, you can see all the sunshine. winds are doing their thing. we're talking about 5-15 degrees
8:37 am
of warming this morning. it depends on where you are, how warm you'll get but everyone will see a significant warmup next week. i'll have the seven-day outlook coming up ahead. >> and u.s.s. who are snet honoring the brave men that helped win the war. >> and the summer job reinvented. teams teens who are becoming
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welcome back. 8:39 on a gorgeous saturday morning. a gorgeous shot to look at right here. live picture of alcatraz sitting out there in san francisco bay on this cinco de mayo. absolutely still water. more from lisa argen in just a little bit. >> this is the time of year that teenagers start looking for a summer job. question is that a good idea. here is 7 on your side's michael
8:40 am
finney with out of the box thinking. >> reporter: summer jobs, it is money but could it be more? >> you don't have to work for mcdonald's wages. you don't have to work at a record store. you can start a business and build something that you love. >> reporter: in a down economy, people have a tough time finding minimum wage jobs so why not started a business instead? >> if you created a product or service on your own and you can make way more than any of your friends. >> reporter: he has started more than half a dozen online businesses and has written extensively about entrepreneurship. this is most recent book, maverick start-ups. >> we're in this golden age where for a couple dollars you can started a blog, you can start, buy a domain, there are so many tools that let you get
8:41 am
something to see if it is going to work. >> i'm glen and i'm bruce, we're bruce glen. >> in high school these twins imagined themselves as designers now after fits and starts, they are. this is their website and this is the latest hot seller. >> plastic leather. just like this. >> cool thing about this, beyonce owns this. >> the business is paying its own bills. next stop is quitting their day jobs. this guy, he is done that. >> we crossed the seven figure mark last year. it's been a crazy ride. >> reporter: from a job he hated to one he created. this website is his. his facebook businesses is his, too. >> that is what i'm doing. managing the both businesses the baseball side that teaches how
8:42 am
to play the game better. our facebook side where we teach businesses to effectively market on facebook. >> so what do teens need to get started? on this the entrepreneurs all agree. >> best thing is find something you are passionate about. >> figure out what you are passionate about. >> and stick with your passion. >> john is on the advisory board of network for teaching entrepreneurship. a group dedicated turning to high school kids into entrepreneurs. he says success is just one side of the same coin. >> you got to be prepared to fail, like i'll try a business and it won't work out. it doesn't mean you should give up. there are scores of people that achieved greatness and usually not on the first try. >> the twins started in high school. all three are now 25 years old. go to our website at click on "7 on your side" and find links on online bankruptcy
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isship including an organization that helps teens get started. >> terry: special day in the east bay, special ceremonies in alameda on the u.s.s. hornet. they will honor a small group that overcame incredible odds to strike back at japan after pearl harbor. eric thomas has the details. >> it's april 1942 and aircraft carrier bobs like an apple in the angry pacific. from the u.s.s. hornet, army bombers and carrying a reduced bomb load took off, designation, tokyo. nobody has tried to fly the big planes on a bombing mission that started on a floating runway. >> pulled up to 1500 feet and dropped our bombs. >> this voice belongs to alameda native jimmy do little and
8:44 am
proved that a b-25 bomber didn't need a runway to take off. after the japanese attack decimated the pacific fleet. >> we seen doolittle take off and he headed out. >> he was an 18-year-old crewman aboard the u.s.s. hornet to haul the bombers within striking distance of the japanese coast. he was manning a gun turret as the planes zrugd in the air. >> we were finally going strike back. >> america was back in the heels. that coupled with what was proceeding in europe painted a very bleak picture for not just the american people but the people of the free world. >> retired air force general heads the jimmy doolittle air force base travis air force
8:45 am
base. they are honoring doolittle and the raid in alameda. this hornet a floating museum replaced the earlier hornet that was sunken battle. the name may not be known well to this generation but he was america's most accomplished flyers. >> if you could fly, jimmy doolittle would be the one that would want to fly it. >> damage to japan was minimal and all the aircraft ran out of fuel and crash landed. 12 of the 80 airmen died. but for a country that was reeling from pearl harbor, it was a huge morale boost. it certainly was for rich that volunteered to go along an offer that was declined. >> i got a chance to speak to them and gave them a big laugh
8:46 am
when he was in the middle of a pressure filled operation. >> he will be at the hornetfor the celebration. at 89 he is one of handful of men that involved. today festivities including klu a b-25 fly over and followed by a tribute dinner at 5:00 p.m. it will be fantastic weather for awful that and everything else you are doing today and tonight. >> lisa: if you like it sunny and warmer. we're warming up today, as much as 5-15 degrees for our expected highs. and already this morning, we've seen those temperatures really increase due to the north wind. here is a look from mount tam. remember, we've got a full moon a little closer to earth. of course, underneath the clear skies, you'll be able to see that. the winds this afternoon, they will be shifting over to the northeast.
8:47 am
we'll have a light sea breeze. right now the winds out of north at 17 miles an hour at our coast is down to 39 degrees earlier. calm winds at the airport. north wind gus doing 16 in novato and temperatures close to 60 degrees in neep. high pressure is building into pacific. 50 in oakland. some of the cooler locations with very little wind. redwood city, 46. 52 in los gatos. some of the north wind warming up neighborhoods five degrees than yesterday morning. antioch and mountain view and san francisco, three degrees warming and cooling in some of the valleys from concord to livermore. we 6 much warmer weather today. warm weather taking us right through early to mid next week. then onshore flow returns by tuesday afternoon, all coming back on wednesday but afternoon
8:48 am
temperatures peaking on monday but we're hold on to the 80s right through tuesday. we had that cool rainy day on thursday, parts of the bay area, northwesterly winds, the low pulling out of the bay. that is going to lift the cool air out, already seeing a big shift of the winds and surface high pressure builds north and east of us. clockwise flow allowing for compression heating and downsloping winds. that is why napa we've got a warming going on right now. this afternoon, we're warmer everywhere with temperatures ranging from the 60s at our coast to near 80 inland. we were 60 in san francisco. expecting high temperatures around 70 today in the city. that is above normal for everyone with big sur around 70. 80 in sacramento. 54 in the northern sierra and 69 in yosemite with 92 in palm
8:49 am
springs. heading out to the ballpark today, it should be on beautiful afternoon with temperatures climbing to the 60s and even warmer tomorrow, still sunny throughout the day. 74 in oakland, 71 in richmond. with peninsula numbers coming in the mid-70s. san jose 76. half moon bay 64. monterey 64. 76 in hollister. if you like it warmer, you will like it the next couple days. mid-70s. that is where you got to go if it's getting toasty for you. it will stay warm and a little fog returning on wednesday, thursday and friday numbers coming down 20-degree spread. >> terry: on a saturday morning, there was no rain in the forecast. it haent has been a while. let's get another streak. straight ahead, the art of the dance, a local ballet troup se doing to get local kids
8:50 am
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8:52 am
capitol ballet is wrapping up a season this week. news and arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez watched as it was created. >> stylized. diablo ballet is enchanting and expressive. ♪ >> reporter: this program is for 700 students from nearby elementary schools. giving them the opportunity to watch and learn. >> we start in first position. >> and create. >> we're at a castle in new york and we have a queen. >> reporter: the kids create a story instantly are. >> the dancers are artists and have life experiences. they can pick it up with a drop of the hat but they can express
8:53 am
themselves. >> reporter: it becomes a story of a queen and a frog that is looking for water and frog will become a prince. ♪ >> we exercise their imagination just like kids. it makes it so special to them. >> i can see they are more interested and their eyes lit up >> reporter: this is 17th edition with language. >> a lot of football players and basketball players and soccer players and baseball players, they all take ballet because it's really helping them. >> reporter: first time for a lot of them to see dance like this. i must say some of them are really inspired, right? >> i want to be a dancer. >> reporter: you want to be a dancer now? >> probably. >> reporter: can you make those moves and lift the girls above your head?
8:54 am
>> this hopefully opening up their eyes. >> reporter: i'm don sanchez, abc news. >> terry: dan ashley is going to be there at the performance to moderate an a discussion with the dancers. coming up next, a match for the ages. a billionaire and san jose's ping-pong prodigy.3q i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent
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residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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>> terry: here are the winning numbers from last night's $118 million drawing. mega number was 38. somebody out in illinois got all six. ticket purchased at 7-eleven got five and that makes it worth more than $209,000. >> san jose's ping-pong star is heading to omaha more a match. she met warren buffett as a ping-pong prodigy. she was chosen to give the billionaire a lesson for his 75th birthday. he had shareholders take turns playing her. they challenged her for three straight hours and nobody could beat her, not even bill gates. i hope she was betting. there are people to bet with. big day for comic book fans, it's freedom i can book day.
8:57 am
2,000 retailers are giving away special editions of comics featuring classic disney characters to superheroes. last year it's the world's largest comic book event. it's to attract more fans to the genre. >> we've got 60s at our coast later on today. 77 in san rafael. 75 in fremont. 74 in oakland. so we're coming up anywhere from 5-15 degrees. 73 in watsonville as well as santa cruz. so that is above normal right through the period with our warmest day on monday. then the fog returns not until overnight tuesday. >> terry: way to go lisa. keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter. talk about all it on facebook. happy cinco de mayo. hello?
8:58 am
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