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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 5, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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police are trying to keep the peace. and moon-struck crowds around the bay area. abc-7 news is next. >> ama: police everywhere in the city of san jose, trying to get through cinco de mayo unscathed after several problems last year. good evening, thank you for joining us. >> alan: the police are out in full force tonight but so far it's been calm. >> ama: sergio quintana is live with the latest. >> reporter: i want to show you how things are going so farm right down there you can see the traffic here. a lot of it is backed up but only in one lane, and that's because police have really made some big efforts to control traffic. lots of police officers here, and you can see they actually started cord donning off streets so they can die verdict -- divert people away from areas
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with a lot of traffic. the police police department sae have been a few arrests for minor situations but very calm. >> at sunset the cones were installed and police began the diversion of cars. a few miles down the street, alex weaver put up caution tape and cones to cord job -- cordon off the parking lot. >> the -- trying to keep the cars out. >> he is hoping for a more subdued celebration, and the police are out in force. >> we have a point unit here, the horses. motorcycle officers, the air support, bicycle officers. so a number of units. i. >> reporter: mexico kwan flags flying and classic cars were the most obvious expression.
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a 1970 cadillac deville convertible. >> how often do you get to drive it? >> maybe four or five times a year, on special occasion like cinco de mayo. >> reporter: the police installed a series of traffic diversions to keep the cruisers from clogging up streets, and an effort to keep crowds from getting unruly. again, there has been a few arrests made this evening, according to the police, but they tell me they were for some minor situation and probably a few warrants. now, am ma, and alan, a this is actually a significant cinco de mayo because it was 150 years ago today that the battle of puebla happened and that's why we celebrate cinco de mayo >> ama: san jose police investigating a shooting. officers found a man suffering
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from at least one gunshot wounds. police don't know if the shooting was connected to the cinco de mayo celebrations. >> alan: people who have head had one too many while celebrating cinco de mayo got a rude awakening in san francisco. there was a sobriety checkpoint. cars were pulled over at random and a few drivers were asked to take a sobriety test. this is one of several checkpoints in the bay area. >> ama: now to an update on the fatal near san francisco last june. a new report says unusual architecture and a tragic breakdown in communications led to the death of two san francisco firefighters. the report points out that when the firefighters entered the home on berkeley way, they didn't realize it was burning below them, and noted that commanders failed to maintain contact and assumed the firefighters were okay even after the flashover killed them and melted their radios.
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san francisco has been cited with four safety violations in the deaths of lieutenant vincent perez, and anthony valerio. the city is appealing the citations. >> alan: a search for a morganil teenager moves to san jose. sierra lamar disappeared on her way to school. investigators are treating the disappearance as an abduction. volunteers are still searching the area around her home. >> ama: it's been two weeks since a tucson, arizona, girl disappeared. police have chased hundreds of leads in the search for little is -- isabella feliz. some bay area music producers are lending a hand. ♪ >> this youtube video was put together by several arizona musicians and artists who are friends of the missing girl's
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family. a unique effort to find isabella feliz. her parents found her bedroom window open and the screen pushed aside. >> i wanted to be sitting in my room crying and it was hard enough to be with my family,. >> reporter: in order to help the family, the musicians contacted music producers in oakland. this video has a rough mix of the music andly -- lyrics, and the final professional south mix was donated. >> sometimes i think musicians can help in unusual ways because a lot of people listen to music that don't pay attention to newspapers and things like that. >> reporter: music andly kicks are had felt, written by members
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of the family. >> we have just scaled back in of hour personnel. >> reporter: the tucson police announced a change in tactics are and now working with the fbi and concentrating on surveillance video like this. >> alan: two bodies have been found in mississippi during a search for a missing tennessee woman and her three children but so far they have not been identified. if e the fbi says the bodies were found in a home linked to the man charged with abducting joanne baby bain and her family. the were last seen at their home a week ago. adam may, a family friend, is suspected of abducting them. >> ama: medical valley -- a mill valley woman was carjacked in her car today. a man in his 20s or 30s threatened her with a hundredgun
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was took her vehicle. the vehicle is a silver 2007 bmw with plate 5yzr758. >> alan: there are 79 fewer guns in east palo alto. that's how many firearms were turn in today during the city's gun buyback program. the police gave $100 in cash for every firearm turned in, no questions asked. officers say the point of the buyback isn't just to handout money. >> this is overall safety. you can look at it from the perspective, you may prevent a child from getting ahold of a gun and may harm himself or somebody else. also, someone could get in contact with the gun. could get hurt, an innocent bystander. >> while most people turn in one or two guns, one person turn in 20. >> ama: a lack of wind near the golden gate bridge led to the rescue of seven it could surferes.
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they were stranded a half mile away from crissy field. a bother called the coast coast and the fire department. six surfers were picked up by would good samaritan boats and they were transferred to a coast guard ship. the seven seventh server was russia by sf fire. >> alan: protesters took over part of the ten-ache ter proper known as the gill track on april 22nd and say they wanted the throond be used as a sustainable farm. uc officials were in talk with any "occupy" farm group but talks so far have stalled. >> ama: hopefully you can can see the moofnlt it was the biggest and brightest moon of the year, thanks to its elliptical orbit it's closer to the earth than ever. people came to the science center. >> it's the closest it has ever
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been to earth, my mom said. >> checking out the super moon, which is up there, and with the telescope. >> what do you think about the moon? >> it's getting closer. as soon as it rises. >> ama: the moon will bring unusually high tides because of the proximity to earth. >> alan: viewers have been sending us pictures. this is from south san jose. and this viewer didn't provide a name but the picture was taken in fremont. we'd love to see more of your pictures. send them to ureport or upload them on our web site. >> alan: a very special honor today for the farm laborer and civil rights activist. cesar chavez.
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>> ama: a cal student in the doghouse for make something high tec changes to his dorm room. >> leigh: right now we have clear skies, and you can see the moon right behind me there. temperatures today, folks, warming as much as 15-degree monday some locations. more warming in the forecast. we'll look at it coming up. ♪
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: a long day in a mill carry court in guantanamo bay for the judge, prosecutors and lawyers representing the self-proclaimed master mind of the 9/11 attacks. they're accused of murdering near through 3,000 people.
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drama and defiance filled the first day of trial. >> reporter: sheikh mohamed, the mast emind of the philadelphia terror attacks, wearing a temperature ban and a tunic, and defendants ignoring the judge all day long and into the night. the five defendants knelt in prayer. did not listen to translations, refused to answer routine questions and demanded the charges be read aloud including the names of the 2,976 innocent men and women who died on that day. some family members of victims watched the disruptions on closed circuit broadcast to u.s. military bases. >> six others won a lottery to witness the hearing. and it's an emotional release. >> i want to see the people that killed my sister face-to-face. that's what you do in america. >> some say the treeb tribe --
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tribe begun fall trample on their rights, and the defense will seek to pull back the curtain of secrecy to review veal unpleasant truths and seek accountability for torture. >> the government insthiz rights of the defendants have been protect. >> the law prohibits the use of my statement obtained as the result of torture, cruel or inhuman or degrading treatment, and we will implement the law. these proceedings will be fair. >> reporter: all five men could face death sentences if convicted. break public am talk of another happy ending for two cal grads imprison tbhid iran began go they're now husband and wife. sarah shourd and shane bauer, embraced after bauer's release from prison. josh fatal was the couple's best man. the three were captured in 2009 after iran claimed they were
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spies. somehow d was let go a year later for medical reasons. >> alan: the navy ship named for cesar chavez has been christened and launched in san diego. paul chavez, the labor leader's son, toured the shipyard where the cesar chavez was built. it's a tribute to chavez and other latinos. >> thought it was important that this ship be named and this christening be done on behalf of generations of latinos who served this country and have always been there to answer the call of duty. >> alan: chavez served two years in the navy, cofounded the national farmworkers association which later became the united farmworkers. >> ama: the uss hornet celebrated the anniversary of the dolittle raid. the first good news for the
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american people since pearl harbor. jimmy doo little littlele was a cal grad. >> alan: a woman says her son cheated her out of her mega millions lottery prize. $32 million. she says she was so nervous she asked her son to sign her name to endorse the ticket but now she believes he signed his own name. court documents the woman claims her son put the money into accounts she cannot touch and he bought at least four homes and ten cars. >> the state of california is cleaning house this weekend and raising some much-needed cash. today auctioned surplus property. some items were seized by california highway patrol during drug raids, others con business skatedded a airport checkpoints. >> we have a lot of different items. this one the most unique item is a trunk lid for a honda civic.
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>> there you go of the state made nearly $100,000 at the last auction. officials hold the auction every few months to make room for new items. >> alan: league is here. we have been looking at the supermoon. >> you know, what made it even special is everyone was able to get out. temperatures in the east bay, still in the 70s right now. so not only was it clear, it was mild in many locations. this is a live look at the high definition east bay cam. clear sky out there. the bay is month-lit right now. delightful evening. and 70 degrees. it is 70 in antioch. the closer to the coast and bay, temperatures drop off. 56 in oakland. 54 in san francisco. and 49 in half moon bay. 60, sack rafael. 62 in santa rosa. more of a north-northeasterly wind components in these areas. that's why the temperatures are so mild for this hour. here's a look at our highlights.
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for at least the next couple of days. we continue with clear skies. the northeasterly winds continue to be quite breezy. higher elevations, the north and beast a -- east bay hills. mow warming expected for monday and possibly lingering into tuesday as well. the satellite, a sense that the offshore winds, northeasterlies, pushing the low clouds well off the coast so we'll be clear tonight. breezy in higher elevations, and temperature-wise, where the wind stays, 51 by tomorrow morning, but if the wind stays up in your location you'll probably have a low close to 60 degrees. so going to play tag with numbers tonight. 52 for san francisco, the low. oakland, 50. mortgage -- morgan hill, 48 degrees.
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high pressure building in. resulting with those offshore winds. winds moving from land to sea, and as it does so, those winds come -- compress close to the surface, so by monday, temperatures near the coast will warm into the 70s. so a warm day for sunday afternoon, and even warmer as we head into monday. and looks like the high won't start to break down until possibly on wednesday. that's when a cooler air mass starts to move in. so enjoy the 80s tomorrow. santa rosa, 84. napa, 83. san francisco, 73. oakland, 78. check out antioch. 85. livermore, 85. 83 in san jose. 78 for santa cruz. 82 for watsonville. salinas, 76. another warm one for monday. into tuesday. inland temperatures, mid-to-upper 80s on monday and tuesday. 80s around the bay. 70s at the beaches, heading
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into monday, possibly even into tuesday, then after that, more onshore winds, cooler wind direction will move in the latter part of the week. in 25 minutes we'll take you traveling if you have destinations tomorrow. >> ama: we have the giants. >> mike: the full moon was working. the giants madison bumgarner, wins his fifth straight, and helps his cause at the plate. and a's, got some stellar defense to win
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>> mike: the giants ended a four-game slide at home, beating the brewers behind madison bumgarner's arm and his bat. to the fifth, bumgarner getting no run support, so takes matters into this own hand. an rbi double. in comes cabrera. 1-1.
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then buster posey with the single. and then one through the gap brings home buster. and that's all mad bum needed. seven innings, one run ball, eighth straight victory at home. giants get the win, 5-2 the final. >> a's with a dramatic extra innings victory in tampa. reddick, see ya. he had two rbi. 1-0a's. but colon couldn't hold the lead. pena unloads. one of three solo shots given up by colon and we're tied. stayed that way until the 12th gomes comes through. the pride of petaluma comes through. bottom 12. grant ballfour, gets grant to double play on a 3-0 pitch.
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>> let's tee it up in north carolina. seven different players had a share of the lead in round three. d.a. points, shoot of -- shot of the day. nothing but net for birdie. ends the day one back of the leader. rory mcilroy. tremendous start. three straight birdies, including this long put on two. a 66. pulls the irishman win two of the lead. web simpson, lives a mile from the court. his shot on 17. that's a beauty. birdies the hole. one up on d.a. points and ryan moore after round three with a of the. >> the most exciting two minutes in sports was just that at the kentucky derby, and no repeat champion in the nba. dallas swept under the carpet by oklahoma city. stay tuned.
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>> mike: the most exciting two minutes in sports, the kentucky derby. the winning horse was bought for 11 grand, 15-1 long shot with a
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rockie jockey on board. keep your eye on, eye'll have another. the three-year-old colt creeps through the field and bodemeister seemed to be running through the field. >> i'll have another. has won the kentucky derby. >> mike: what comeback. i'll have another, the first horse to win from the 19th 19th postposition. the jockey, first career kentucky derby in his debutle bodemeister was second. delahan was third. >> there will not be a repeept champion in the nba because the dallas mavericks are done. was this the last game for jason kidd in cal glass if -- dallas? nowitzki put dallas on top with this bucket and the foul. but okc doesn't blink.
11:31 pm
durant, he had 24. then it was former sun devil, james haden. in the fourth quarter. thunder sweep the defending champs with a 103-97 victory. >> clippers and grizzlies. chris paul, 24 points,1 assists. last chance for the griz. rudy gay for the win. can't get it to fall. l.a. wins, he's lead their series. floyd mayweather putting his record on the line against cot cotto. may lion mayweather winning a unanimous decision. mayweather has a superwell ter weight it couldle to his collection. >> we aren't done. coming up later, to the north bay for ama superbike at
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infineon. >> alan: the risks of -- >> millions of consumers are banking on their smart phone but is that smart thing to do? >> ama: the president hits the campaign trail. what he said about the race and his opponent.
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>> alan: good evening. i'm alan wang. >> ama: i'm amy hollyfield. ama daetz. >> ama: downtown san jose has been the area of violence. >> alan: sobriety checkpoints have been held around the bay area. >> ama: a federal report says a tragic breakdown in communications as well as difficult architecture led to the deaths of two san francisco firefighters in june. when the firefighters entered the house they didn't realize they were standing over the fire. >> this is time lapse video tonight of the super moon. it's the fullest and brightest moon of the year. it's passing the earth about
11:36 pm
15,000 miles closer than average. >> ama: the obama re-election campaign kicked off today. hitting the road, trying to re- capture the million and enthusiasm of 2008. the first stop, ohio. a huge good good good good batt. here's the story. >> bounding off air force one the president was so fired up and ready to go he forgot something. doubling back for one of his strongest weapons, the first lady. with a knowing smile. >> president barack obama. the first official campaign rally, but the themes are familiar. >> this is not just another election. this is a make or break moment for the middle class and we have been through too much to turn back now. >> reporter: the president refrained from naming his
11:37 pm
presumed opponent until today. >> governor romney doesn't get that. >> reporter: while trying to frame differences. >> corporations aren't people. people are people. >> reporter: mr. obama called romney a rubber stamp of failed republican policies. >> ohio, i'm their say we were there, we remember, and we are not going back. we are moving this country forward. >> reporter: for this kickoff, the obama campaign has hit college campuses, targeting young voters and women. >> i think moving up. >> i can't imagine if romney would get in, he would take us -- especially the women back to the 1930s. >> reporter: the president is reaching back for some energy from four years ago. >> if people ask you what this campaign is about, you tell them it's still about hope. you tell them it's still about change. we will finish what we started. we are still fired up.
11:38 pm
we are still ready to go. >> alan: the man taking shots from the president, mitt romney, is taking the weekend off but his campaign is still on the move in columbus, ohio, volunteers turned a romney campaign bus into a mobile call center. it was at ohio state university today, pushing romney's plan for job creation. romney will taken a fundraiser on monday in indiana. >> ama: ever gone shopping without knowing how much money you had to spend in millions of consumers are checking their bank balance right there in the store using their smartphones, that means phones may be targeted by hackers and consumers need to be on guard. michael finney has some tips to keep you safe. >> i love it. able to track your bank account anytime. >> whether she is shopping, buying a latte, or considering an expensive meal out, she consults this first. >> i want to be able to know how much i have before i go into a
11:39 pm
purchase. >> the mobile banking app shows her exactly how much she can spend right on the spot and has come to depend on it. >> i don't ever overdraw. i know exactly what is in my account. >> she makes deposits, receives her paycheck and even takes pictures of her check deposits and like many in the under30 set she doesn't worry about people stealing information on her phone. >> i haven't heard any stories about something like that happening. >> reporter: the reality is the biggest risk to you today is to lose your phone. >> that's kevin hailey, a mobile security expert. he says banking on your phone is as safe as banking on your home computer with one major difference. >> it's very hard to lose your desk top computer but it's very, very easy to lose your phone. >> haley says thousands of phones are lost and found, and
11:40 pm
so protect your data with a password that looks the phone if you lose it, and he says consumers should be wary about downloading apps. hackers will soon be trying to get into your smartphone. >> as re begin to use cellar -- cellar phones they will be looking for ways to insert themselves into that. >> we're all very anxious to support interesting and entertaining mixes on our phone. we need to really vet that application before we put it on the phone. >> risk manager for their american banker association says customers should download apps from -- banks must encrypt all data and bank apps typically
11:41 pm
require customers to know a user name and password and answer a security question. >> your password and a dog0s name,; >> reporter: it's not to say there's no risk. here's what customers should do to protect mobile transsasks. be ware of all phony app. download your bank app from the bank. never set your phone to auto pop late. never make a transsatisfaction over a public wi-fi network where spies could intercept your data. fran chess a says she hadn't thought of any of orisks. >> i think i was beings some not putting a password on the phone and it takes a few seconds. >> if you bank on your smart phone make sure your bank is using as many security measures as possible. and that includes encrypted
11:42 pm
pastwords and automatic alerts if there's unusual activity. >> ama: a fight over the rights of residents. a high tec make you're has gotten a cal stew student into hot water. >> alan: lying online isn't a good idea but some people are doing it for a good cause. >> leigh: we'll look at the forecast tomorrow and travel destinations.
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lan it's been said a uc berkeley freshman has a coolest dorm room on the planet but now it landed him in a bit of hot water. the inning -- engineering student has put his education to work. >> i wanted to do it. >> derek lowe is a freshman at uc berkeley, majoring in electrical engineering and made his college dorm room his laboratory. it's a technology wonderland. automated curtains, motion sensors and voice commands. >> i can shout out sleep feature. >> when he uploaded this video to youtube, derek unofficially became recognized has having the coolest dorm room though planet. >> what's your favorite thing? >> derek showed us his party mode. spinning disco ball. lasers, strobe lights, and tech
11:46 pm
know music controlled from his laptop. here it is in all of its glory. as you can imagine, it's attracted some campus attention. berkeley housing authorities were concerned about electrical wiring modifications but found in issues. nonetheless, dirk has been summoned to a campus hearing to explain things. >> i had some violations of policies. i broke a few rules. modified -- my room is a fire hazard. i'm disturbing my neighbors. but look around, everything is fine. no wince complaining. >> as derek shows us, he used tape and binder clip dozen put the equipment in place and didn't drill any holes. so the whole system can be dismantled in a few minutes. >> alan: that was dan simon reporting. >> ama: probably already know you can't believe everything you read on the internet. that holds true for facebook as well. one out of every four facebook
11:47 pm
users lies on their profiles and not just to impress high school buddies. sometimes it's about privacy. they post something false like fake birthdays to protect their identity. others use incorrect or incomplete names to hide from thick boss. >> alan: superheroes are lining up for big bucks. are you getting sleepy? >> alan: the new movie featuring superheroes powld in more than $80 million in its u.s. debut friday. the second best opening day ever. it trails behind harry potter part 2 which made $91 million. the aven jersey pulled -- aven jersey pulled in 343 million overseas. >> ama: too nice today to go to a movie. >> leigh: the super moon, too.
11:48 pm
isn't it terrific out there? clear sky. temperatures in the east bay, as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, still in the 70s. so get ready for that heat to be with us here locally. tomorrow, you're traveling, 95, palm springs. los angeles, 74. 85 for fresno. as well as sacramento, even tahoe, near 60 degrees. going with 58-degrees there. if you're traveling across the rest of the country, denver, 60 degrees. cold spot will stretch throughout much of chicago, all the way down towards dallas ahead of it. that's where you'll find temperatures in the 90s. dallas, 90. st. louis, a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. atlanta, 87, and new york city will climb to 68 degrees. 88 for miami. here's a look at our numbers tomorrow. we'll come up a few more degrees with snipe. 83 expected high for san jose.
11:49 pm
campbell, 84. look for 68 degrees for half moon bay, and mild day near the coast. 80 for redwood city. san francisco, warming to 73 degrees. 57 for daly city. north bay, 80s. santa rosa, 84. 82 for sonoma. tomorrow, terrific day. 83 degrees. oakland tomorrow, 78. 77 for castro valley. union city, 80 degrees, and then out towards the east bay valley areas, antioch, mid-80s there. 85 for concord. santa cruz tomorrow, terrific day to head there. 78. we'll go with 76 for salinas. the seven-day forecast. warmer monday and tuesday. near 90 inland those days. even a chance of 70s at our beaches, and then the winds shift to more onshore. we expect to cool things down, bring the fog back in the latter part of the work week.
11:50 pm
>> alan: shu is here. sounded like thunderstorm in sonoma. >> mike: wasn't thunder. ama road course. one of the toughest courses all
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
>> mike: josh hays on the ama opener an infineon. yamaha's star from gulf port, mississippi. we go to the final lap.
11:53 pm
hays well ahead of the pack. takes this one by almost 11 seconds. check out the fight for second. young and eslip. and it's young just getting the edge. but good to should some mutual respect from two riders on the track. >> daytona sports bike division where the points leader reigned supreme. car dens inden ye, the third vif the young season, and an ama 19th career sports bike win. the second half on sunday. >> the most exciting two minutes in sports the kentucky derby was just that today. the winning horse bought with 11 grand and had a rookie jockey aboard. bodemeister led this until the l turn. here's the call. >> i'll have another has won the kentucky derby.
11:54 pm
>> mike: what a come from behind victory. jockey, mario gutierrez, wins his first kentucky derby in his debut. >> well, i dream one day fortunately i will be in the kentucky derby, but at that time i was just like -- of course i would like i had a dream but wasn't think it would be this year. >> mike: giants ended a four-game slide beating the brewers behind madison bumgarners arm and bat. mad bum they call him. get nothing run support. takes matters into his own hands. in comes cabrera. 1-1. giants get another big hit in the sixth. giants up 2-1, in the hits keep on coming. to the gap. but the story was mad bum. seven innings of one-run ball.
11:55 pm
five strikeouts, fifth straight win. giants get the victory. >> a's, dramatic extra innings victory in tampa. josh reddick, that's gone. he had two rbi. 1-0a rsms but colon, could not hold the lead. fifth inning, pena unloads. one of three solo shots given up by bartolo, tied at 3. stayed that way until the 12th 12th when the pride of petaluma, johnny gomes. bottom 12, former ray gets mat joyce to ground into the inning-ending play. san jose earthquakes, win streak ended by the whitecaps. in the 40th minute, coffee finds the back of the net, tying the game, and then the final minute of aid time. the shot off the goalkeeper's
11:56 pm
hands and inside the far post. first goal since august is the winner. whitecaps win 2-1. >> 50-yard indoor war. sayre cats -- saber cats, even the fans get involved. this town to ben nelson, the quarterback's 856th of his career. third most in the arena history. moved into most passing yards. the cats up seven with a minute late, and gabe with the sack. 77-70 the final. san jose tied for first. >> to the highs, national hockey league, rangers and cats. ovechkin leaves his feet to drill gerrard. look at that. to the third. captains on the power play. green, the big blast. the big win. the series now tied. >> former nba superstar
11:57 pm
shaquille o'neal earned his ph.d in education today from barry university in florida. he finish waived 3.8 grade point average and he says his mother always urged him to continue his education. now we can call if him dr. shaq. >> thank you for joining us. >> alan: thanks for watching captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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