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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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scene they said the home was fully involved in flames. >> ama: in san jose, residents face the task of finding a new place to live after a fire gutted their copd minimumup. it broke out near highway 87, a mile south of downtown. one of our photographers lives in the come selection captured this video of the burning condo with his cell phone. it appears nobody was home when the for a started but a dog died in the fire. in san francisco, huge fire takes a toll of an apartment building goes up in smoke. >> crazy signs and thin see the smoke. it was extremely scary. >> ama: six people are hurt, including five firefighters. >> alan: fire force more than three dozen people out of their home. it happened in the city's mission district. lillian kim is where the red chrysler helping dozen -- red
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cross is helping dozens of peep. >> -- dozens of people. >> red ross -- red cross volunteers have been distributing food, and food and housing vouchers. several people primarily those who live in the lower units were able to retrieve some essential items from their apartment. the fire department gave them 105 minutes to take what they could. displaced residents say they're appreciative of the start, term help from the red cross. the voucher is designed to provide enough food, controlling and shelter for three days. volunteers can direct people to appropriate services. >> we'll see what the damage to the building is, and if we have to move, we're going to have to find a place. >> it's too bad. i feel so sad for them. i don't know what i'm going to do. i have five kids. and that's hard. >> the american red cross says
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not everybody took a hotel voucher. many found a place to stay with family or friends but everyday -- everyone did take the food and clothing voucher. >> ama: the fire sent plumes of smoke over the city. you can see in this cell phone picture. our coverage continues with sergio quintana live at the scene. >> reporter: this is a fire that rattled the neighborhood. you can see it was serious. it essentially destroyed the but blue building there and did some pretty good damage to the building next door on valencia. >> fire crews pummeled the flames with water cannons from the street and worked into the building to fight the fire from inside-out. for some who watched it was scary spectacle. >> be saw -- we saw the smoke
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from the top of the building. >> i saw the flame coming up. >> runs the cafe next door at 204 valencia. he quickly cleared his customers out and scrambled to clear out his family upstairs. >> we start screaming, and my mom in unit six, and my expwrawr my sister, so i carry my mom down, and i save my mom. >> fire crews pulled one woman from the fully engulfed building. >> she was screaming. of course she was in trauma, and they pulled her out. >> firefighters say she was taken to the hospital for smoke inhill explaition should recover. five firefighters were injured. >> three got hurt on the stair collapse. one very minor. basically walked away. others transported to sf general. >> one hurt his foot and a fifth cut his hand. all injuries are describe as nonlife-threatening. >> during one of the briefings with the fire department we were told that one of the residents
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inside the blue building had a guest who is still not accounted for. we understand the fire department did a couple of sweeps throughed throughed the o make sure there was no one in there and they say they found no evidence of anyone in the building so they are hoping the person was actually gone from the building before the fire even started. reporting live in san francisco. sergio behind quintana. >> across the barracks an oakland police officer is in the hospital after being shot by a suspect. the suspect died in the exchange of gunfire this morning that hand just after midnight. police say two patrol officers tried to stop three people but one suspect ran from the scene. after a short chase, the suspects and at least one officer exchanged gunfire. the officer was wounded in the leg. this marks oakland's third officer-involved shooting of the year. one of them happened in mid-march on the same stretch of
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birch street. >> abc7 news is just getting started. coming ', targeted and killed. an air strike takes out one of thete's most wanted. >> france moves to the left and investors are on negligence the states. >> this is bat simple proposition. >> vice-president biden what he says that has his office in damage control mode. >> what a day it was today. 70 see at the coast. 80s inland. possibility of maybe a few 90s this work week. let's go to the seven-day forecast and let you know how long this warm weather will be with us.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> ama: six european countries held elections and for some it was vote for change. france has a new government. greece virtually has no ruling party, and the eve of a presidential inauguration in russia, a massive protest. here's more. report millions of americans hoping a better world economy would create more jobs at home got a jolt today from europe. national election atlantis on -- elections on sunday could push
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u.s. markets down on monday morning. >> french voters punished president nicolas sarkozy for pushing austerity measures and not reviving the economy. socialist challenger, francois hollande will take over. there's hope. >> everybody knows he is a pragmatic man. is really surrounded by very, very good economists. >> reporter: but the new incoming president has vowed to change the european financial pact that keeps spain and italy from defaulting on their debt and kept greece from declaring bankruptcy. and greek voters didn't lift investor confidence they can clean up their financial mess. they punished their leading parties with no party gaining enough votes to form a government. raising doubts about how greece will now be able to handle the crisis, threatening to plunge europe into economic uncertainty again.
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>> russians also showed they're anger over economic mismanagement, krups, and less democratic freedom. at least 20,000 people protested in moscow on the eve of vladimir putin's inauguration as president. >> alan: more news from overseas, a yemeni official says an al qaeda leader was killed by a drone strike. it was carried out by the cia. he is wanted in the 2000 bombing of the uss cole. >> and vice-president joe biden's office is scrambling to explain his latest comment on gay marriage. he was on an early morning talk show. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights and
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liberties. >> bide bide's office said he was re-affirming his belief that same-sex couples deserve the same rights but his views are opposite from president obama who opposes gay marriage. >> ama: county election officials will begin mailing an septemberee -- absentee ballots. 48% of those cast in the 2010 governor election were mailed in. it was nearly 58% last june. the last day to request a vote by mail ballot is may 29 dismm the last day to register to vote is may 21st. >> the connection between mad cow disease and what may one day be a treatment for alzheimers. >> alan: california students are taking action. the brain drain and the economic sinkhole threatening the state.
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>> ama: summer on a spring day. leigh glaser has the forecast. >> mike: the giant can't make it easy on themselves. going to extras. they have a fantastic finish they have a fantastic finish what'll it be?
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i'll have blueberry pancakes. uh huh. actually, make that glazed pecans... ok. with chocolate... no... caramel sauce. whipped cream? uhhhhhhh, yeah... but on the side. introducing build your own pancakes. only at denny's.
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>> 93,000 unemployed canadians are about to receive bad news. their federal long-term benefits are about to expire six days from now. they'll join 670,000 other jobless californians whose benefits have run out. a drop in the state unemployment rate to 11% is triggering the federal cutoff. >> ama: increases in tuition and a lack of class space is leading to a brain drain from california. more golden state high school students are attending college out of state. the wider availability of classes makes it equal to attending a state university. and students point out a less crowded college makes them able to graduate in four years and get into the job market sooner. >> alan: and the range of brain diseases could be treated by a single drug thanks to research in britain. in fighting the disease, a brake cell's defense mechanism
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prevents the production of healthy protein. but the brain disease, healthy proteins are needed to stop cells from dying. scientists found a way to manipulate the defense mechanism to allow the production of protein. the knowledge could treat other diseases. >> ama: leigh glaser is here. >> leigh: terrific out there. temperatures climbing as much as ten degree in some locations, and temperatures in the east bay, where we're looking live, that's mt. diablo. looking in your direction, you'll also see a few high clouds here and there, drifting by from time to time. they may revisit tomorrow but temperature-wise, most locations in the mid-80s, and you can see behind me some of the highs for today, with 85 in napa. warmed up newsily in -- nicely
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in san rafael. half moon buy, the offshore winds keeping the low fogs and cloud off the coast so you managed 72 degrees. terrific beach day. 84 in livermore and 84 in san jose. we have a very weak sea breeze so already affecting the temperature half moon bay, already down into the upper 50s as you see there. 68 in san francisco. 79 in napa. 82, san rafael, antioch, livermore, brentwood and oakly, still warm in the 80s this hour, and 81 in san jose. here's a look the highlights. what you can expect the first part of the work week, clear tonight. keep the breezy conditions, those offshore northeasterly winds will still be with us, mainly the higher elevations tonight. warm to hot inland, climb another four or five degrees and then start to cool down as we head into wednesday, thursday, and friday. there's a look at the closeup satellite. a few high clouds right here.
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folks, that was about it. some of the forecast models going to bring a few low clouds near the coast, such as this one overnight tonight, but i don't think it will amount to much. overnight temperatures, mid-to-low 50s near the bay and the cost. the further east, you may not lose that much of the heat that you're with right now so we'll go upper 50s, possibly even some mid-to-low 60s. by tomorrow morning. here's a look at our setup. high pressure keeping the storm track well to the north. this is your 5:00 a.m. commute time. the downsloping winds with us so even the coast, you see a little low cloudiness tomorrow. it will quickly burn back to the coast and look for warming there as well as inland. we may even touch on a few 90s as we head into tuesday. here's a look at some of the low clouds this model wants to bring in. early tomorrow morning, but quickly burns off the coast.
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70s there. and maybe a few 90s expected out towards oakley, perhaps. livermore valley yeah, maybe antioch and brentwood by tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at the highs. santa claire remarks 85. 86 for san jose. 73 for half moon bay. 86. palo alto. san francisco, warming, 77 degrees. downtown. in the north bay, look for 83. for petaluma. 86 for napa. oakland tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. 83. fremont, 86. interior east bay, close to 90. brentwood, 88. and watsonville, 83. the accuweather seven-day forecast. a warm one for us monday, tuesday. start to cool things off wednesday. thursday, and friday. and then make it mild next weekend for mother's day, which is next sunday. >> thank you, leigh. >> alan: shu expires giants fans have something to cheer about. >> mike: the giants brought back their 2010 style of play where torture has never fit felt so
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good. willy mays celebrating his 85th birthday. the double-to right. the score from first. giants take the lead after one. no one is hotter right now that pagan. gets his hitting streak to 28. first time the san francisco giants had two of those in a season. san dough veil with the other. we go top nine. 3-2g-men. issue ca waugh rips one to center. pagan can't get there. hart scores. to the 11th. sanchez, 3-2 count. five men infield and he went to it with a walkoff single. giant with the 4-3 victory. >> that was big for us. felt like we should have won the games against miami, and we didn't. we didn't play as good as we wanted to, and then friday night, happening, just a little
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bitter taste in the most -- mouth. >> mike: a's and ray's, rough start for malone. four ones in a 41-pitch first inning. johnny gomes, 5-8 against his former team. drives in reddick with an rbi single. then the big blow. inge gets all of it. a three-run bomb. his first for the green and gold. a's scored five times in the third. go on to win it 9-5, to move a game over identified -- .500. >> everyone has miami pen -- pen tilled in on the finals. amar'e sad stoudemire contributing, now lebron james from downtown. 27 for he bro. tied at 84. anthony answers. three of his 41. knicks win 89-87, snap an nba
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record 13-game playoff losing tree. >> sixers and bulls. 30 second later, holiday connects. 20 points for him. sixers put the bulls on the road with an 89-82 win. they lead the series 3-1. >> so much young talent on the pga tour, it's been hard for a guy like 23-year-old rickie fowler to get into the winner's circle. fowler firing on all cylinders today in charlotte. tie for the lead at 14-under. wasted opportunities open the door for rickie. d.a. points for the car and the win on 18. first bogey in 40 holes. u.s. open champ rory mcilroy, chance to win on 18. his bird putt, too strong. now a three-way playoff. fowler sets the tone. 18. look at this. two feet from the jar. and he'll tap that in for birdie, and the colorful 23-year-old finally a winner on the pga tour.
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>> let's go to talladega. the track ricky bobby made famous. shake and bake for the aaron 499. kurt busch in his talladega nights car, he spins out, costing him a chance of the win. fast forward, four laps left. restart. hamlin tries to get to the middle. collides with a.j. allmendinger, causing a huge wreck. now two outs left. brad keselowski on the outside. thanks to a push from teammate kyle busch. passes matt kenseth and takes the checkered flag. his second at talladega. >> ama superbikes at sonoma. that we'll have that at 11:00, and always a fun show at talladega. >> alan: ricky bobby. >> ama: teenager attempts a trick shot. will hehehehehehehehehehehehehee
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>> i have an army. >> we have the hulk. >> talk about a box office smarchlt avengers took in more than 200 million dr. during the opening weekend. that shatters the record the harry potter finale took when it took in $169 million. $200 million is considered a respectable take for all movies in release during a given
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weekend. other top movies were think like a man, and hunger games. >> alan: coming up at 11:00. earn more, pay more. the extreme parenting some couples take on in order to pay for their kids education, and is food still good to eat after you drop it on the floor? shu thinks so. scientists are actually putting the thierry to test. so join us for this cutting-edge research on abc-7 news at 11:00. >> ama: before we go. check out this video. a guy made this trick shot. from far away. fires it and scores. the 15-year-old had a buddy take pictures, put it on youtube and yes it went viral. the question is, is it real? >> alan: i think it is. >> ama: apparently it's real. that's it for us. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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