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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 7, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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hope had you a great weekend thanks for starting your week with us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. police looking for a shooter in a home invasion robbery that left one wounded. could it be tied to another robbery a few minutes earlier? katie marzullo is live at the oakland police department. >> reporter: it is under investigation. this was a violent robbery and they are two on the loose. police say a man was taken to the hospital after being shot in the chest during the course of this robbery. we are not sure if that is this man or not. maybe there was a second victim. it happened after 12:30 this morning on holly at 95th
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avenue. police say two men robbed, pistol-whipped and shot a man, possibly during a home invasion robbery. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: it started outside and then moved inside. police on the scene tell us 15 minutes earlier there was a robbery at 75th and macarthur police are looking into whether or not these two incidents are related. as far as the house, neighbors say there were drugs. police could not confirm that. we know the neighborhood has seen its share of crime. two weeks ago you might remember, three blocks over, three people were shot in the oakland neighborhood. one who was just an innocent passerby. katie marzullo, abc7 news. this morning, san francisco police investigating a deadly pedestrian accident on one of the city's busiest streets.
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a woman crossing the street was hit by a small truck last night. police believe the unidentified woman described as being in her 20s was crossing outside of a crosswalk. the truck driver stopped and remained at the scene. so far police have not cited the driver. vallejo police officer killed in the line of duty will be among those honored in sacramento hours from now. officers, family and friends health a candlelight vigil on the capital mall last night to remember the 10 officers killed in california last year, they include vallejo police officer jim capoot, shot by a suspected bank robber. his chief was among those attending the vigil and he used the occasion to criticize a new proposal to eliminate the death penalty in california. >> don't see anybody jumping up yelling and hollering about what needs to be done to stop peace officer killings.
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instead, like i said, we seem to be more focused on how do we repeal the death penalty because, you know, it might hurt. >> the suspect accused of shooting and killing jim capoot remains in jail waiting trial. if convicted he could face the death penalty. bay area pilot has a tale to tell this morning after an emergency forced him to touch down in the bay. it happened yesterday as pilot was unable to extend the nose gear while trying to land at the palo alto airport of the fortunately, for him, he an amphibious plane he splashed down in the bay. investigators say there were no injuries. the june primary still a month away, voting set to begin today. county election officials will begin mailing absentee ballots out this morning. vote by mail popularity has exploded in the last few years. 48% of votes cast in the 2010
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gubernatorial election were mailed in. the last day to request a vote by mail ballot is may 29th. the last day to register may 21st. this morning president obama's reelection campaign denying that vice president is breaking ranks with the administration over gay marriage. in a tv interview this weekend, biden said he believes marriage should be about being loyal to someone you love. whether that marriage is between a man and woman, two men, or two women. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual men and women are entitled to the same rights. >> many took biden's remarks to be an endorsement of same-sex marriage. president obama has advocated for benefits but believes marriage should be between a man and woman.
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biden said he was reiterating his belief that same-sex marriage -- word this morning that the family of nfl star junior seau is reconsidering an earlier decision to allow his brain to be examined for possible injuries from his football career. the family is said to be consulting with samoan elders before making a final decision. he shot himself last week. yesterday hundreds paddled out on surf boards near his house to give him a final good-bye. friends say he was an avid surfer. among those attending his former teammate, quarterback drew brees. >> junior had ha effect on everyone he came in contact with this such a positive way. >> seau played 13 seasons with the chargers. researchers want to study his brain to determine if he suffered from a neurodegenerative disease with links to repeated hits to the
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head. with the weather warming the state fire agency declared this wildfire awareness week. urging home owners to take steps to prepare family and property for the upcoming wildfire season that includes clearing brush to create at least 100 feet of defenseable space around your home, using fire resistant -- resistant building materials. most importantly, discuss evacuation plan so everyone knows how to get out alive. thousands of young muni riders may find out this week if they will be allowed to ride buses and street cars for free. the metropolitan transportation commission is scheduled to discuss the low income pilot program wednesday last month san francisco muni official as proved -- approved the proposal. now it is up to the regional transportation body to decide whether to allocate five million dollars to pay for the program. 5:07. getting kids ready for school, you may want to think warm, really warm if you are inland like eric. >> oh yeah, short sleeves
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today, maybe even shorts. mike? absolutely, maybe a little sweat short this morning then quickly get rid of that temperatures mild this morning, 16 degrees cooler in fairfield, 12 napa, nine in san rafael. that means the winds calmed during the overnight hours, unlike saturday night into sunday morning when they kept temperatures up. the rest of us two to five degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. right now temperatures are running in the upper 40s, fairfield, napa, santa rosa, mid 40s along the coast, low to mid 50s everywhere else. antioch 66°. we are watching storm track to the north winds coming offshore, driest of the air moving from us. a little haze during the afternoon hours because of the humidity and slide uptick in the pollution. temperature running long the coast, these are highs in the low to mid 70s to upper 70s in
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san francisco, i think your temperatures will start to drop in the afternoon as a localized sea breeze develops. mid 80s around the bay, mid to upper 80s inland. big draw back today, pollution. i should say pollen excuse me, tree, grass and mold high, ragweed low. while the coast continues to cool tomorrow, the bay and inland will be their warmest, cooling starts to move in wednesday, temperatures coolest thursday through sunday, above average away from the coast with a lot of 80s towards the weekend. southbound 280 past highway 92, overturn in the left lane. chp at the scene. another accident similar was reported at edgewood, i think it is the same crash. traffic flowing well southbound through the area light now. bay bridge toll, no delays, good to go there. also, as you head there i-80
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traffic flowing well through the maze, through berkeley, from the carquinez bridge, westbound 580 no problems or 880 through oakland if you are heading towards tracy with the waze traffic app, there has been an accident reported on the 205 exit towards san francisco about nine minutes ago, traffic is heavy right in that area that was reported by another traffic spotter. as you continue on 205, several reports of heavy traffic westbound as you head out of tracy. still looking good now through the altamont pass. you can get your traffic information by downloading our free traffic app, waze, download it to your smartphone or iphone. our time is 5:10. still ahead, will they use the force? the bay area community hoping to catch the eye of "star wars" director george lucas. why walnut creek says he should be looking east
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the warning for one of california's most prestigious public universities. moms everywhere would like to get a definitive answer on this. how long is too long? unwritten rule regarding your food. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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[ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. ber one. fallout from france asian markets were hammered today
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after sarkozy lost to a socialist candidate. raising doubts about europe's ability to solve its debt crisis. average price for a gallon of gas, $3.78 down another four cents in the past week. below $100 a barrel. people on gluten-free diets will have access to a necessity, home delivered pizza dominos will announce plans today. with that's america's money. oracle vs. google. this morning we expect to know the winner. federal jury in san francisco set to deliver a partial ruling in a copyright infringement trial. the jury appears to have decided on three of four issues in oracle's claim that google violate oracle's patents when it wrote its own
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version of java. it could have widespread implications for coding standards. walnut creek leaders urging george lucas to build his big studio in their community. lucas surprised marin county supervisors last month when he scrapped plans to build a 250,000 square foot lucasfilms facile in salve rafael. some names complained. the mercury news reported -- walnut creek manager pitching a 240 acre business park as an alternative. two million square feet of office space and sits 80% vacant. increases in 2002 and lack of class space leading -- increase in tuitions and lack of class space leading to brain drain more seniors are attending college out of state. students say the financial aid, plus the wider availability of
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classes make it equal to attending a state university. students point out, it puts them in a better position to graduate gain foot job market sooner. -- range of brain diseases including alzheimer's and parkinson's could be treated by a single drug thanks to research in britain. with brain diseases healthy proteins are needed to stop cells from dying scientists have found a way to manipulate the defense mechanism to allow production of proteins. the knowledge could be used to treat other brain diseases, including the human form of mad cow disease. imaginary rule becoming legitimate debate. scientists want to know how many seconds you have before food you dropped on the ground or more likely your kids dropped, is infected by germs. the three-second rule, has long been considered an old
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wives tale. now researchers are putting that tale to the test. >> three second rule goes back to generations. my parents used to do that. >> if food falls on the floor for three seconds it is okay to eat. >> scientists found while some foods flop others can survive the floor. they broke them down into categories. pasta failed with bacteria clinging on within seconds too moist to stay clean. sliced ham, bacteria-free. all that salt and chemicals in processed meat helps keep it germ-free. i guess it depends on what kind of food is. it depends on whose car, my husband's or mines. >> 5:17. time for a check with -- [ talking over each other ]
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coming up on a warm day, good morning, kind of hazy this morning, it is not a spare the air something we'll keep an eye on if the atmosphere stays stagnant much longer. temperatures from 66 antioch mid 40s along the coast upper 40s santa rosa, napa, fairfield and then we have low to mid 50s, until you go mountain view and san jose 58. for the afternoon, warming trend continues under a lot of sunshine. going to be comfortable at night like this morning. we have a rain-free forecast, warmer than average all seven days except for at the coast. for today, redwood city 10 degrees warmer, 84, 86 napa.
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san francisco 78. livermore 88. oakland 85. sunrise at 6:07. set at 8:06. south bay mid to upper 80s today. lower to middle 80s on the peninsula lower to middle 70s along the coast. sea breeze will develop, localized, your temperatures will fall during the afternoon as will downtown and south san francisco mid to upper 70s then fall in the afternoon. 80s in sausalito, mid to upper 80s north bay valleys, low to mid 70s at your beaches. low to mid 80s from north to south along the east bay shore. mid to upper 80s east bay valleys walnut creek 86, with pittsburg, monterey and carmel upper 60s near 70 low to mid 70s, sandusky, watsonville, salinas. -- tonight, a lot of low to
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mid 50s, until you get around cloverdale up towards clear lake and santa rosa upper 40s overnight offshore breeze that's why temperatures are going to jump again we don't have wind blowing off the ocean. today, high pressure moves in , some clouds trying to develop along the coast, localized sea breeze that will drop your temperatures during the latter parts of the afternoon. 90 inland tomorrow, mid 80s around the bay warmest for those two areas. temperatures start tapering wednesday, low to mid 80s the rest of the forecast, inland upper 70s to near 80 around the bay comfortable at the coast, 60s. have a great day. another new accident. i notice when the weather is a little warmer, we see more accidents we've had quite a few this morning. new motorcycle crash south 5 he would 1 moffitt in the left rain, clearing it to the -- st. divide chp en route, no
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injuries reported. southbound 280 past highway 92, just one crash, overturned accident a car hit a deer it may still be blocking the left lane traffic still getting around it, light now. here's a live shot golden gate bridge, no problems in and out of marin. drive time from novato to the golden gate bridge toll is an easy 21 minutes. if you are heading to the bay bridge, no delays, looking fine on i-80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze, only a 90 minute trip as well. of course, you can get the latest traffic conditions by downloading our free traffic app, thank you. now 5:21. new british invasion, one that we welcome. the honor bringing prince harry to the u.s. today. >> we call our says like a
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"good morning america" at 7:00. it took a group of earth's mightiest heroes to take harry potter's title as the all-time best selling new movie. the avengers earned more than 200 million dollars in its debut weekend in the u.s. compare that to 168 million for potter or what batman and spider-man 3 did in their opening weekends. many are asking if the new adventures may be a hadn't of things to come. >> -- may be a hint of things to come. >> i think we are looking at by far the biggest summer ever. avenge -- avengers are the doors open. >> this movie is impossible. avengers followed a new distribution formula opening
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in 52 countries overseas one week before the u.s. the goal to create buzz here. total worldwide sales 441 million dollars. the avengers is produceed disney the parent company of abc7. you tried give them your money this weekend? >> i did it was sold-out. i'm still looking forward to seeing it. >> better luck next weekend. san jose police officer opened fire. the confrontation that lead to an officer-involved shooting and why some say it came to the best conclusion. real life savers. alamo residents being called heroes, after -- after facing down a fire. searching for sierra. the area that will take center stage as authorities continue their hunt for the missing teenager. key deadline comes and guess in the battle over uc land taken over -- comes and goes in the battle over uc land taken over by occupiers.
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high temperatures sticks out as cooler air across the rocky mountains spilling out into the high plains. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ]
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good monday morning. 5:30 thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. fire investigators in san francisco will be combing through the scene of a massive apartment building fire yesterday that left three dozen hopeless and half a dozen injured. they are trying to determine what caused the fire. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: it was quite a
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dramatic scene here on this corninger yesterday. look at what is left of this -- corner yesterday. look at what is left, liquor store boarded up, windows black from the smoke. imagine people running out of this liquor store and the hopes above it and the cafe next door. firefighters will try figure out now this four alarm fire started. they think it started behind the liquor store at 10:00 yesterday morning. it took about an hour and a half to get it contained. >> heavy smoke coming out. all of a sudden the flame came out we could feel it in our face. >> i feel sad for them. i don't know what i'm going to do, i have five kids. that's hard for me. >> reporter: we have video from witnesses, several people pulled out cell phones and captured this fire. there were plenty of people around to witness this. five firefighters were hurt, three when the stairwell
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collapsed. they are all expected to be okay. one tenant was hurt, she suffered smoke in-- inhalation, 37 displaced, including seven kids. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:32. this morning an east bay father and his son are being called heroes for rescuing two from a burning home al the fire broke out before 6:00 last night. firefighters got there just in time to find the home engulfed. neighbors ran into the house and pulled a man to safety, then braved the flames again and went after his 96-year-old mom. >> i picked her up and carried her out. she was kind of hurt, she is old and kind of crippled. i wasn't too gentle, i just picked her up to get her out. trying to get her through the trees and bushes to our house and over another fence -- [ inaudible ]
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fire started from embers leftover from embers in a fireplace. san jose police investigating officer involved shooting near south king and story, 8:30 last night a ford suv wanted in connection with a weapons-related incident the driver sped away, police located that suv in a residential neighborhood as police were searching the area an officer fired at one suspect, no one was hit, the suspect surrendered. oakland police say fingerprints from tropical depression's autopsy should determine the i -- from -- the unidentified police officer was shot in the leg early yesterday morning and is expected to be released from the hospital in a day or two oakland police say it is possible that he shot himself while drawing his weapon.
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the situation began a few blocks away on international boulevard when two officers tried to question three men, one ran, chased by the the officer. the suspect fell in a witness' driveway then fired at the officer who returned fire. the suspect died at the hospital. uc berkeley officials weighing their options after a group of occupy protesters ignored a weekend deadline to leave university owned land the group moved on to the 10 acre property on earth day. they've planned vegetable seedlings and set up a campsite. university officials say the land is used for agricultural research they've offered to share some of it and they gave occupiers until saturday tight to break camp. occupiers say they needed more time to respond. and they plan to do so today. >> the search for missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar will focus on san jose this week. the 15-year-old disappeared on her way to school a month and
5:35 am
a half ago. dive teams will resume their search in res of course. -- their search in reservoirs. americans are bracing for a rough ride on wall street this morning. european economic fears have sent european and asian markets tumbling. greece's exchange down 8%, nikkei plunged to 2.8%, lowest since february. hong kong's hang seng 2.6%. most experts believe the drop comes after election results in greece andku8 france raised new uncertainty over europe's inability to solve itsz debt crisis. president obama has call to congratulate france's new francois
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hollande nary -- narrowly defeated sarkozy. hollande has criticized france's austerity program. in greece, talks begin this morning to try to form a coalition government, experts warn that the nation could end up with another election. two parties that got the most votes yesterday said they want to change the terms of an international bailout that maybe the own thing keeping greece out of bankruptcy many one party wants to renegotiate deal the other wants to overturn it. germany, key player in the bailout is already saying no to both options. we turn to the weather now. how did you like the heat yesterday? >> it was nice, beautiful, the bay was. >> the relief will come if the form of a very localized sea breeze at the coast as we head into the last parts of the afternoon. the rest of us see warmer
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weather today. calm out there, that means cooler weather the winds have calmed considerably, and that's allowed temperatures to drop in the north bay valleys compared to yesterday 10 to 15° cooler. visibility five miles half moon bay, nothing to worry about. temperatures upper 40s to low 50s north bay valleys, the rest of us low to mid 50s 8:00, total sun through noon, mid to upper 60s from santa cruz, half moon bay, low to mid 70s, bay shore, upper 70s inland. by 4:00, temperatures will have spiked in the low to mid 70s, along the coast san francisco then start turning cooler. oakland 72. fremont and san jose 81. mid to upper 80s inland. low to mid 70s by 7:00, upper 60s around the bay, low 60s along the coast into san francisco. once that sun angle starts to
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go down it will cool and be comfortable this evening. overnight in the 50s, mild, decent sleeping weather, coast cooling the most the next couple of days all of us away from the coast warmer through the weekend. good morning frances. first, motorcycle crash in mountain view, south 101 at moffitt. chp still en route looks like it is already in the center , 70 miles per hour, 61 miles per hour northbound. also, over -- over turned crash southbound 280 past highway 90 two san mateo area apparently it turns out the car hit a deer now several other vehicles also involved. they need at least three tow trucks heading to the scene. traffic is light enough that it is getting by okay. mass transit systems no delays, ace number 1, three minutes late. bay bridge toll, looking good, no delays, 680 walnut creek
5:39 am
southbound, north main fine towards highway 24 and san ramon valley typical slow pots -- slow spots you can see how slow it with the waze traffic map, moving under 30 miles an hour there as you head towards 11th street, also under 30 miles an hour now through the altamont pass. to get this information while commuting 5:39. taking terrorists to trial. still ahead, the stunts that have some saying the first public court appearance for the so-called mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks was nothing more than a circus. >> i pulled it out and i just, then the guys backed up. a stunner at school. the weapon that could get a teen expelled and the reason he says he had no choice but to bring it to campus.
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surviving family membership of the september 11th, attacks are offering harsh words for the suspects who turned their first court appearance into a circus. eddie traveled from new york to guantanamo bay to face the five men accused of planning attack that kill his sister and nearly 3,000 others. throughout at rainment, khalid sheikh mohammed the confessed mastermind -- and
5:43 am
four others recused -- refused to answer questions, ignored the judge, prayed and pulled out earpieces so they couldn't hear the arabic translation. one defense claims it was a silent protest over the torture that each has endured. >> they are complaining and our families can complain no more. they took their lives. they took my sister's life. i wouldn't care if they were on a bed of nails. you know what i mean? but it is our justice system. they have rights. >> it could be a year or more before the case actually goes to trial. an indiana high school student who has been the victim of bullying is kicked out of school for the way he protected himself. darnell young says he constantly gets bullied because he likes to dress flamboyantly. his mother encourages him to be himself. his principal told a newspaper if he dress that way kids are going to say whatever they want to the bullies got so
5:44 am
intense his mother decided to buy him a stun gun, which he took out one day when six students had him surrounded. >> i did this, then they backed up. then they were still talking stuff, i put it back in my bag and went to class. >> police immediate lay arrested him for bringing a dangerous weapon to school. he's at home suspended awaiting a decision on whether he should be expelled. 5:44. big change coming for the menu of the world's largest pizza delivery chain. bloomberg business report straight ahead. a husband's camera is rolling as his wife is attacked by cheetahs. why he says he never thought to put the camera down. have you seen him? the mystery man that one local photographer hopes you can help identify.
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live doppler quiet. check out temperatures near 90 throughout the central valley bested by 95 in palm springs. afternoon sunshine, comfortable around san diego 67, l.a. 7 big sur sunny and 80 today over the high country 63 tahoe, sunshine, 79 yosemite. sunny in eureka, never gets warm there, 58°. this morning there's word that three nato service
5:48 am
members have been killed if eastern afghanistan. no word on whether those troops are americans. the deaths come hours after al-qaeda released a new video of an american hostage with new demands for his release is a picture of 70-year-old warren weinstein, on the left. u.s. aide worker was abducted last august in practice stan. on the new video -- in pakistan. on the new video he wants eight things for his release including the release of bin laden's relatives and all prisoners at guantanamo bay. says my life is in your hands mr. president if you accept the demand, i live, if you don't, i die. this morning the cia confirming an airstrike has killed a top al-qaeda leader a missile fired from a drone hit him as stepped out of a vehicle in southern yemen. he was on the fbi's most wanted list for the 2000
5:49 am
bombing of the uss cole. attacked killed 17 and injured 39 others. it was docked in the yemeni harbor. two uc berkeley grads who gained international attention are celebrating their honeymoon. they were married over the weekend. josh fatal served as the couple's best man. the three were captured in 2009 after crossing the border into iran from iraq while hiking. iran accused them of buying spies. the iranian government released all three. san jose student who won a congressional photo contest is putting out a call to find his muse. do you know this man?
5:50 am
the man's hat and face combine to reflect loyalty and patriotism. he won and wants to take the gentleman to the local awards ceremony on the 14th. hopefully somebody will recognize him and hook the two up. >> nice cap. you may want to have a cap on this morning for the sunshine. >> he looked like a ball player. >> sure. hat would be good, keep you from the sun make sure you don't get sunburn, going to be another bright day. mild to start, a little hazy, air slightly stagnant compared to yesterday morning the winds in the hills did calm overnight. that's why you are seeing a little haze as we look from vollmer peak past emeryville, bay bridge to san francisco. still in the 40s, napa, santa rosa, half moon bay mid to upper 40s there low to mid 50s san jose 57 antioch still
5:51 am
holding on to 66°. around the monterey bay inland cooled, everybody in the mid to upper 40s. today sunshine everywhere and the warming trend continues. clear, but comfortable again tonight and rain-free forecast, you can tell the rain season is over all seven days without rain warmer than average afternoon temperatures except for the coast. redwood city 84, 86 napa, san francisco 78. that is going to happen early in the afternoon then slight sea breeze will develop temperatures should drop a little during the afternoon. livermore 88. oakland 83. east bay valleys, warmest weather mid to upper 80s, 85 dublin, 88 brentwood, livermore and fairfield. 83 oakland, 86 the warm spot
5:52 am
in fremont south bay 83 sunnyvale, milpitas. peninsula 87, 80 millbrae. low to mid 70s along the coast, daly city 70. low to mid 70s north bay beaches. 80 sausalito. mid to upper 80s north bay valleys monterey and carmel sunny, near 70, low to mid 80s -- mid to upper 80s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. tonight low to mid 50s, patchy cloud as long the coast going to be some of the cooler coming in. localized at the coast. we still have offshore wind that developed overnight, it did relax a little but it will pick up a little the afternoon hours as high pressure moves from over the ocean back up into the great basin going to keep us in this warm pattern again.
5:53 am
here's a look at warmer temperatures tomorrow mid 80s around the bay near 90 inland for the warmest, coast about four degrees cooler tuesday another four degrees cooler across the board wednesday, a couple more december cooler thursday, temperatures playing out in the 60s long the coast mid 70s to near 80 around the bay low to mid 80s inland through the weekend into mother's day. have a great day. more accidents and more updates. two updates and two new accidents. southbound 101 at moffitt this motorcycle crash causing slowing 21 miles per hour, closer to 237. in the center he vied, but the motorcycle helmet is stuck in the tire of the motorcycle, no injuries reported. we are watch this one for you. this overturned crash southbound 280 past highway 92 still out there. this one involving a deer. it is possibly still blocking a lane traffic getting by on
5:54 am
southbound 280 through san mateo and redwood city. new accident involving nor motorcycle, actually a cow this time. this is on crow canyon near 680, chp en route. brentwood area, new crash marsh creek road hoffman lane, lanes blocked, traffic slow westbound 4 out of antioch, 20 pile as hour, heavy from lone tree towards loveridge. now i-80 berkeley, westbound traffic flowing well no major problems out of fairfield from the junction to the maze, actually 30 minutes at this point. at the bay bridge toll, a very minor wait for some of the cash paying lanes. you can always stay updated by going to to download our free traffic app to help you avoid the slow downs. dominoes wants you focusing on their crust.
5:55 am
why most investors are hoping wall street doesn't focus on europe. >> here's jane king. >> . >> should some fake an hiv drug even if they haven't been exposed to the virus that causes aids? that's what the fda will be looking at this week when it considers whether gilead sign yes, sirs should be allowed -- sciences should be allowed to advertise their drug. at&t getting too into the home security business. digital -- let's users watch camera footage of their home and adjust temperature lighting remotely. change, dominoes announcing it plans to begin offering a pizza made with gluten-free crust. u part of a race to grab a bite of more than six billion dollar market. at the new york new york stock exchange i'm jane king. good news for drivers.
5:56 am
gas prices continue to fall. the u.s. average for regular dropped seven cents in the past two weeks diesel fell by three cents. san francisco no lodger the most expensive place in the country to fill up. chicago now has the heyest average price of $4.32. u.s. average $3.85. cheapest is sold in the nation's oil patch, tulsa, oklahoma, $3.40. two cheetahs attacked a woman in south africa and her husband took pictures of the whole thing. emphasis on the whole thing. archie and violet got the chance to pet two supposedly tame cheetahs at a game preserve. one lunged for a child and violet tried to stop it. she found herself under attack from both cats. her husband kept taking pictures, not realizing what was going on. >> the attack lasted more than
5:57 am
three minutes before the guide beats the cheetahs back with a stick. violet's left eye was closed, she lost a lot of blood but the injuries are not said to be life-threatening. archie, -- >> he some sort of explanation he was so focused on shooting. >> he better have a better explanation than that. >> good luck buddy. just ahead, the latest on developing news out of oakland where a man has been hospitalized after being shot during a home invasion robbery. next, why police believe it may be related to another crime that happened minutes prior to the robbery. did you hear vice president biden's comments on same-sex marriage. why he's breaking ranks with the commander in chief onvvvvv8o
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