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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 8, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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>> sky 7ad hd was overhead after a pit bull attack in concord. >> 2-year-old malled rescuedn tr treatment. >> that little girl is in the hospital tonight with terrible wounds. >> she was malled by a pit bull dog bitten in the face and elsewhere. it happened at her home on rose lane in concord late today. 7 news reporter lillian live at children hospital oakland tonight. how is she? >> the little girl is said to
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be in stable condition. she was transported here by helicopter after the family dogy this is the 2-year-old girl who was mauled by the family pit bull. is she's suffering from bite wonder to the face head and leg. witnesses say someone from the house rushed the girl outside as soon as paramedic arrived. >> i saw the girl was running with the baby in her hands and kind of crying and just everybody started try to get the baby. >>reporter: animal control officers seized the pit bull he pit home soon after the attack. bite on the little girl are severe. it's unclear what led up to the mauling but officers say several family members were home when it happened. according to neighbors john and marie are the parents. >> there's always potential we'll be investigating whether or not they had any than of the dog having prior aggressive history. if that's the case they may face legal criminal charges if. aat this point it doesn't appear this is the
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case. >>reporter: jose lives on the same block and is surprised by 's never seen the she's never se pit bull act aggressively in any which. very very calm subdued dog. always like will walk him and our dog will start barking at him and he like and always had greatt control on him and he's never lunged at our dog. >>reporter: the last we heard the pit bull was placed under loc local blog play cord theng dog has already been euthanized. live in oakland, abc 7 news. thank you lillian. >> official with the japanese consulate in san francisco entered a not guilty plea today to assault and domestic violence charges. police say over three-month period last year this person stabbed his wife with a scaw driver knocked out a tooth and literally kicked her out of the parked car. 32-year-old of vice council free on 350,000 dollar
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bail. >> vandal damage historic california mission and tonight police say that evidence left behind may make it a hate crim crime. the mission is now known as holy cross catholic church in santa cruz that's where nick smith is live. terrible what was done there. >>reporter: absolutely began dan we are talk thousands of dollars worth of damage. the church was attacked by a vandal or vandal ins the middle of the night under cloak of darkness. >> i can wha what would make people do things like that. >>reporter: the things she's talking about is this. the damage done to holy cross catholic church. these photo given to receive news by a appreciate inter. they show so much damage that police are in the treating it lake an average crime. >> based on the language used critereet hate cria as hate cri. >>reporter: police got a call to kilometer to the church before 7:00 a.m. on sunday. when they got here they saw what they are describing as unbelievable amount of vandalism. and language that seemed to target the church and catholicism as a whole.
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>> they are a coward to do this unthe cloak of night. ihave son appropriate manner. don't do it in this way. >> most pretty much done with spray paint. >>reporter: father joe ladies the church. he says the damage was devastating. most severely damaged this bass tichl font from 17 91 given to the church when established. weighing more than 400 pound. now it is in pieces. >> one more bury. economically difficult time nishtion all the destruction there is good news. the minute parishioners heard about the vandalism the father got calls of offers to help. >> this won't set us back. we have been her for over 200 years. we are going to be here for another 200. many. >>reporter: father joanne the parishioners have cleaned up most of the damage and he says that the church is under 24 hour surveillance. that is helping the police with their investigation because dan and carolyn they are also collecting evidence from the
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scene to aid in that investigation. in santa cruz, nick smith, 7 news. >> thanks nick. >> al qaeda made another threat. fbi examining described a sophisticated experimental bomb the terrorist group planned to why to you blow up american bound airlin airliners. officials say al qaeda sent a suicide bomber trained in yemen to board a plate to the u.s. agents seized the bomb and arrested suspected terrorist before he could choose a target or even buy a ticket. >> this incident makes clear that this country has to continue to remain vigilant against those that would seek to attack this country. >>reporter: now the bomb was reportedly an improvedportedly p of the one the underwear bomber tried to use to blow up a delta flight over detrs on christmas day 2009. abc news reporting there was no metal in the new version. experts say it could have slipped through even diligent airport security.
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>> it has given me a grit deal of anxiety more than i have had ever before actually about these bombers. because this bomb could be replicated and we don't haveal rae liable answer for this bomb. >>reporter: chairman of the homeland security committee says tonight the pworm is in custody but he isn't saying whether that is in the u.s. or abroad. >> santa clara county sheriff's deputy say they have an important clue now in the search for missing teenagerra lg sierra la mar. investigators want to find a red 1990 volkswagen jet a similar to this but the one they are lacking for has a black hood. 4 door car turned up on surveillance video and statements by witnesses. she disappeared on the way to her school bus stop seven week ago on march 17. crime lab reveals that 2 items found by searchers early on in the case a pair of used condom and empty box marked handcuffs have no connection to the case.
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>> santa clara county medical examiner believes artist kincaid died after over dozing on alcohol and prescription pain medication. the 54-year-old kincaid was found in his home on april 6th toxicologyest test show high amounts of alcohol in his system. valium generic. >> the occupy movement detailed what it will take for the group to brick its camp on land owned by uc berkeleylbany in albany. s comes after the groave the groua dead lane to leave the piece of land over the weekend. occupy conditions include being connected to the local water supply irrigate the crops and banning uc researchers fromstice using pesticide on the piece of land. still ahead tonight. meat glue. focus of abc 7 news i team investigation now how thewe meat industry is defending the product. >> i'm the man was involved with china town most notorious gang says has a new life. now
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raymond ciao hang out with celebrity. why do police still think he's up to no good. that story coming up. and our former governor now hollywood darling once again. latest movie role. >> all that coming up then later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". secret on line epidemic. americans boys and girls as young as 8 years old. addicted to internet porn. in the world of the under age l hook. >> underwear bomb plot foiled. why agent warning of more out why agent warning of more out there. that's on "nightline". >> 7 news at 11:00 continues >> 7 news at 11:00 continues right after this @@q
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>> in the late 70's and 80's san francisco china town was engulfed in a bloody gang land war and out of it emerged a charismatic and formidable leader named raymond ciao. >> he went to jill for his crimes but today he is out of prison and says he's a new man with new life. he was in jail. allen wong went one-on-one with raymond ciao and he's here now with the story. >> these days he's hanging out with hollywood celebrity and big time sports figures. and he's doing a lot of community
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work. but the police still think he's up to no good. so i sat down with raymond l chow and confronted him with information given to me by police sources. >> one thing i make big mistak mistake. i don't want to go to school at that able. now i regret about that. >>reporter: when he was just nine years old raymond chow says he stabbed a man. known as shrimp boy on the streets he eventually became the enforcer of china town most notorious gang and spent a total of 22 years in prison. but today raymond chow says he's a new man. >> i want to do something for the kid. i want to did something for my community. i want to did something for myself. >>reporter: these days chow work was at risk children in san francisco an finished unpublished autobiography son of the under world. talking publishers producers director about a possible movie deal and egg socializing with celebrity like forty-niner davis and rany jackson with the jack son 5. >> randy encourage mae lot.
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>>reporter: according to the book he admits to running prostitution ring in the 80's. s. extorting thousands from business owners and battling raveal gangs during chin a town most violent years. chow went to jill for gun trafficking. but not everyone is convinced he's changed. including former san francisco police sergeant nelson who says he arrested chow back in the 80's. >> it's very, very difficult to extract yourself from that gang system. >> i don't want to sit at home. be useless. i know i can did something in my life. >>reporter: he currently leads chain he's free mason. chow became drag on head after former leader high profile bassr businessman bass murdered in 2006. chow attended the funeral and says he had nothing to do with it. the murder is still unsolved. . the police still believe you are involved in a lot of criminal activity. the is that true.
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>> what you think? >>reporter: i don't know. >> i still want monitor how many years now. that's a new model. old model is gone. i have a new model. raymond doesn't have anything to hide. >>reporter: but according to northern california gang unit member chow is being followed closely. >> sometimes you have to look a little bit deeper. how is he making a why is he. why is he driv a in a mir said. >> how i make a living my family relati. my relatives support me. >>reporter: police sources also say chow is still associate with known gang members. if you are trying to be a mentor why are you still hanging out with these guys who are allegedly involved. >> i don't hang out with them. >> his dists he keeps his distance but can't ignore the people who are intertwined in china town insular xhichbility see everyone of them. the people about
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whatever they claim they are advertise not my business no more. they want buy me a drin drink, fine. cool. i drink i it. want thanks okay no problem. >>reporter: chow has many believers including 4 time superbowl champion wright who does xunt work with him and admits he had his concerns. >> ty call my in san guys in san francisco pd. the that's where the they medley told me eric stay away from raymond. >>reporter: now wright believes chow is sincere in desire to turn kids around. >> everybody can't reach those kid. when raymond talks to those kids you see a whole different light goes on. >>reporter: chow says l it shines back on him. >> i want inside my heart continue grow. i want to laugh. i want cry. i want that kind of passion in life.
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i feel in really colorful. pretty cool. >>reporter: definitely a colorful person. as for the mir said 500 sel he says his sister-in-law gave it to him after he got out of jail. he says he gave it back to her and now he drives a 1991 honda accord given to him by a fellow tongue member. san francisco police and the fbi say they currently have no open cases on him and raymond shrimp raymond w says they never will. dan. >> thanks allen. >> the meat industry is reacting tonight to increasing national media attention to a story first reported in abc 7 news i team investigation. that investigation revealed how the industry uses a binding powder called meat glue to form whole steak out of pieces of meat that would normally be discarded. we found glued meat could pose a health risk if ea rare because bacteria can be spread to the steak center n.a statement released today a lobby group called the american meat institute says the product
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has inaccurately nicknamed meat glue and they are unaware of any food safety issues. >> stanford university medical center launched campaign today to raise another half billion dollars to build a new hospital and fund research. donors donated 500 million dollars to the billion dollar project. they include some of silicon valley biggest firm. apple. e basement oracle. intel. intake you it each pwlejed 25 million dollars. stanford mrndz to -- plans to open the hospital in 2018. >> time now for our first check of the weather here. >> it is warm and great week is coming. sandy is here with the forecast. >> yes. just gave you a summer preview today and we keep it toe high temperature for the day. it got up to 89 degrees in santa rosa, napa, low 90's antioch, livermore, san jose morgan hill, 88 degrees even the peninsula was pretty warm. 89 degrees in redwood city. 79 in san francisco. but if you
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were near half moon bay 63 today so very wide range of conditions this afternoon. had to show this to you. high definition camera. spectacular sunset 8:06 tonight. not much in the way of fog but tonight the fog bank back near the coast line and temperatures are falling. in the low to mid 50's right now. we are still hanging on to the warmth in places like antioch where 74 inrees. most the 50's and the 60's. hereghtg the coast tonight. another warm day on tap for tomorrow. cooler in all areas as we head into your wednesday. so here's satellite and radar. this east is our ridge of high pressure. warm ridge that is going to hang on for another day. so inland areas once again into the 80's and 90's but we will notice some changes. there's a trough developing troughhis cold front will knock down the ridge and cooler on wednesday as fog and sea breeze combine to knock down those temperatures. speakingrs in the ing down numbers in the
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morning really on the comfortable side. most areas in the low to mid 50's. we see a few upper 40's scattered about and certainly fog to start off the morning. you will likely encounter some low visibility right now. half moon bay visibility down to 3 miles but the fog mostly clears away by 11:00 a.m. and temperatures will rise. most areas will range from the 70's to the 80's. few low 90's well inland and we will certainly see few 60's near the coast line as the fog will be th so that will hold your temperatures down a little bit. tomorrow afternoon san jose 87 degrees. 86 in santa clare and south bay. 89 for new los gatos. on the peninsula not quite the warmth we saw today in redwood city. go down a little bit. 82 redwood city but still warm. 83 palo alto. 62 half moon -- pacifica 64 half moon bay sunshine downtown san francisco. 72 degrees. certainly lower than today but still warm. 63 degrees in daly the no up that the north bay you see the 60's at the coast
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line. pretty warm weather around santa rosa, calistoga, sonoma upper dwroys low 90's w 90's bay oakland 78 union city 80 degrees. head inland and it's summer like heat 90 degrees in livermore antioch. monterey bay 60 degrees santa cruz. accu-weather 7 day forecast low 60's to low 90's tomorrow. cooler on wednesday then warms writ back up for the end of the work week. heading into mother's day beautiful weather upper 60's coast side low 90's inland. temperature start to fall again on thursda thursday. >> all right thanks sandy. >> coming up. taking touch screens to the next level. >> the new technology that can make your entire house touch sensitive. sensitive.
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. >> we have bricking news in pleasanton police remain on the scene after 2 people were shot inside a home. >> double somewhating took place on stacy court. officers began ceiling off the area around the house where the shooting tack place tonight. latest for you on 7 morning news beginning at 4:30. disney is pie nearing what may the next quantum leap in touch screen technology called
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touchrol your control your environment by touching parts of the body the way you tap a spart phone or i-pad now. it will let byu answer the phone by touching the palm of your hand or open a door by just twisting your wrist. it uses sensing electrode to figure out what you are doing. abc 7 news is part of the disney family. california last governor is returning to his role as one of the nation last action heroes. arnold schwarzenegger announced today he will be starring in a drug war movie called the land stand. fourth project for the governor. he's in production on prison drama called and set to star next pendable 2 and another tel movie called 10. >> back in business. >> yes. >> very busy. >> all right. sloppy giants game. >> that was not pretty. larry is here. >> expendible 1 was pretty much the limit. that's just my expertise. no team in baseball
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committed more error than the giants this year and they were costly again tonight in la. plus the giants reliever who was suspended and alibi. was suspended and alibi. sports next. ♪ [ typing ] ♪ ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ] ♪ gets her every time.
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[ male announcer ] it's hard to resist the craveable nature of the salty peanuts, dark chocolate, and smooth peanut butter in nature valley sweet & salty nut bars. irresistible. by nature valley. >> good evening. giants pitcher guermo suspended for
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100 gyms afte poesting positive for beened substance for second time. his agent said it was a children cough medicine that caused the positive test. he will appeal. >> giants in la tonight. owner on the lpart of magic johnson new dodger ownership group. 1st inning 2 on. joaquin deep in the hole. just in time to get andre for the force. barry 6 stressful but gave up 3 runs. 1 nothing la in the sixth. productive tonight. 3 hits. braves in cabrera. la scored the next 8 runs. bottom 6. double. score from second. dodge tears a two-1 lead. next about theer tony begin junior. gillespie. the 3 is way off line. juan scores. 3-1 dodgers. one of 3 giant errors. they lead the major in errors. huff back from the disabled list. hoping to get a cut here. james
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robbed hector sanchez that would have driven in a pair. full extension perfect toss. the dodgers tack on 5 more run runs. 9-1 final a at chavez are convenient. drilled harper in the back then after the game hamilton admitted he hit the kid on purpose. old school way of welcoming him to the show. hitting him was dump. admitting it dumber. hammel suspended 5 games sew misses one start. jazz finished off but not before they had a fourth quarter scare. most under rated coaches in history midway through the fourth gary neal hits the 3. spurs up 21. big 3. this is over. not so fast. 19-2 run by the jazz. within 4 here they come but former warrior steven jackson strips paul. the score. 87-81. spurs sweep and advance to the west semi.
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griffin and clipper leading memphis 2-1. second quarter. this would be lob city with authority. 30 for griffin grizzly use a run to tie it at 85. gay in the line. final seconds. for the win. suffocated by the griz defense. on to over time. tl the pass but hit the bank shot then the pull up jumper. 27. 101-97. clip tears a series lead. some game. >> thanks larry. >> nature lane up next. >> abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning start thing at 4:30 and of course we are always available at abc 7 new on facebook and twitter. >> we'll be back in the evening for larry and thanks for
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norman rockwell has died at the age of 83. richard clemmons was rockwell's neighbor when he was asked to pose for his iconic 1958 painting. it actually appeared as the
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cover of a "saturday evening post" and became the symbol of police work at its best. >> the 8-year-old boy who posed as the runaway is now 61. he's quoted as saying clemmons was a good cop and an even better man. >> who doesn't know that image? >> of course. >> amazing. time passes. certain images are indelible. >> can't believe he's 61. >> feeling older there. coming up -- gay marriage. the hot political issue of the moment. >> that's all because of some very frank answers from the white house. so who is the latest to speak out? that story is next when we come right back. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by hoveround power chair. to you y hoveround power chair. to? when you fear losing your independence? who do you call? call hoveround now, to see if you qualify for


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