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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 8, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good tuesday morning. it is 4:30 a.m.. thank you for joining us, i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. a mother and her 13-year-old
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daughter were found shot to death in their home. officers responded to a 911 call they found 37-year-old amy burton dead. her daughter was also shot. the 13-year-old was transported to the medical center but didn't make it. >> we are still investigating the circumstances that led to the shooting are still being determined. >> who called 911 one? >> husband. >> the husband discovered them? >> yes. >> right now the husband is considered a person of interest. investigators say he's not a suspect. amy hollyfield is talking with investigators right now and she is going to have a live report in our next half hour. developing news in oakland. police searching to for a suspect who slipped out of his handcuffs and escaped from the back of a police car. officers were driving the 19 year told jail last night he
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got -- 19-year-old to jail last night when he got out of the cuffs and ran. he had been arrested for theft. tense waiting game in albany this morning. police could remove occupy the farm protesters any time from a plot of land owned by uc berkeley. occupiers ignored the request to leave over the weekend. now they face possible arrest any moment. the movement has detailed what it wants. they want to be hooked up to a water supply to irrigate the crops they planted. they want uc researchers to agree not to use pesticides there. fbi figuring out whether a new al-qaeda underwear bomb could have taken down a plane. >> after u.s. intelligence uncovered a new plot. >> reporter: good morning. here's what we know. a couple of things, the bomb
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maker is on the loose and the fbi is picking apart the device because it is new and improved and potentially a problem. because the al-qaeda plot was foiled authorities say no flights were in danger. but the bomb technology is very dangerous. the device did not have metal in it. and it is in question whether or not full body scanners may have detected it. the question is, could this upgraded underwear bomb, the original failed christmas day 2009, could it have made it through airport security? richard clark says yes. >> this means there could still be bombs that would get through u.s. security >> reporter: the bomb maker is still out there. officials say he's operating out of yemen. they believe he's making other bombs aimed at u.s. aircraft. the suspected terrorist who was going to carry out the suicide mission arrested before he could buy a ticket,
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trained in yemen. the cia was conducting a covert operation there. more news. energy companies now need to keep up to date records to prove they are running the nation's aging pipelines at safe pressures new set of guidelines bay the federal government in response to the deadly san bruno explosion. the ntsb pwhraeupltd the accident on multiple failures by , including shoddy recordkeeping. now the pipeline and -- says if pipe ryne operators can't ensure oil and gas lines are running at save pressures by next year they could face penalties. santorum endorsing romney through an e-mail. he sent a long e-mail calling on his supporters to unite behind the cause of defeating president obama in november. he reminded his supporters of
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areas where he disagreed with romney, abortion, same-sex marriage and curbing spending in washington. yet he says, above all else we both agree that president obama must be defeated. earlier, santorum referred to romney as the worst republican in the country to challenge obama. second vote in oakland this week to decide which of three companies guess the contract to manage the -- companies gets the contract to manage the coliseum complex. lawyers for the current operator sm g complained the board met in closed session before voting without posting it. to comply with law the board is making public an independent evaluation of the three companies and posting plans to vote friday morning. cal-state board of trustees meets today to consider revamping a policy on pay raises for campus
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presidents. they still get a 10% pay hike but they want to amend the policy to change where the money will come from the board will ask what it calls campus non-profits, to donate the money. public pressure mounting to rescind the pay increases in the wake of tuition hikes and enrollment freezes to cope with state budget cuts. our first full look of weather. was it warm enough for you yesterday? >> it was, by the pool was nice. let's see if we repeat that today. definitely some areas are other areas touched by the sea breeze past the coast into the bay. good morning. storm track well north, going to get close enough that it is going to drop temperatures around the bay and out towards the coast as it steers that sea breeze towards us later today. right now 62 antioch, 47
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santa rosa, everybody else in the low to mid 50s mountain view 57. 8:00 mid to upper 40s north bay valleys, low to mid 50s, until you get to antioch, 61°. clouds are going to remain close to the coast. by noon they are starting to thin a little bit 56 half moon bay 60 san francisco noon. 70s to low 80s for everybody else. 4:00, temperatures running in the 80s, mid to upper 80s inland valleys mid to upper 70s around the bay low to mid 60s along the coast. 7:00 a little league game tonight, 55 san francisco, mid 60s bay shore low to mid 70s inland. tomorrow coolest day warming trend starts thursday temperatures could be by mother's day as warm as they are today.
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pretty quiet commute. live shot of the golden gate bridge, crews on the scene now. if you are traveling on 101 between golden gate bridge and sausalito roadwork until 5:00 in both directions. also roadwork southbound 101 towards sfo to millbrae scheduled until 6:00. you might find roadwork on 680 through the san ramon valley. that's not causing any slowing. one thing we will be keeping an eye on is roadwork on highway 17 in both directions past the summit. that is scheduled until 6:00 this morning. usually before , that's when we start to see slowing, especially northbound out of santa cruz towards downtown san jose. we'll keep track of that as well. 4:38. japanese diplomat in the bay area faces domestic violence charges. next, the disturbing attacks on his wife that he's accused
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of committing. leisurely swim turns into a close call in the east bay. graphic video in the beating trial of two southern california cops, causes some spectators to leave the courtroom. the more products we touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands.
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something in the air wick. . good morning. live look from sutro cam towards san francisco, bay bridge in the background. it was a warm afternoon yesterday. will we have a repeat today? mike will tell you coming up. this morning, swimmer reportedly doing fine after being rescued from san francisco bay. pictures sent to us show how it unfolded. two men dove into the water from their boat. they tried to swim to shore, one made it, the other began calling for help. rescuers arrived and brought him to shore safely.
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this has happened on the same beach where a man drowned a year ago as firefighters stood by helplessly. they didn't respond because their water rescue certifications had expired. official with the japanese consulate in san francisco faces assault and domestic violence charges. police say he stabbed his wife with a screwdriver, knocked out her tooth and kicked her out of their parked car. the incidents happened over a three month period last year. he moo pleaded -- he pleaded not guilty yesterday. he posted $350,000 bail. he serves as a vice counsel in san francisco with video showing the beating of a homeless man was showed for the first time in court yesterday. this footage is graphic and may be tough to watch. some people had to leave the courtroom. >> get on the ground!
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>> the officers face second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter charges in the july 5th beating of 37-year-old kelly thomas. prosecutors say what should have been a routine end counter with a mentally ill man escalated. the case has triggered scores of protests and prompted some memorials. both officers have pleaded not guilty. one faces possible life sentence, if convicted. plans for a new indian casino in the north bay clear a major hurdle. when are teenaged drivers the safest? new study may have a lot of parents riding along. measure many complain -- the confusion that has drivers seeing red. why will schtick says he's ready to pay more -- why will
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plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. because our mission is a healthy home made simple. lysol. mission for health. 70 portland, 64 seattle. 89 phoenix. gone are 60s and 50s replaced by 60s and 70s. [ inaudible ] wall of water heading towards the northeast. [ inaudible ] 4:46. new study by affiliate of aaa may result in parents riding with teenagers more often. the safety foundation finds a
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teen drive's risk of dying increases by 44% when there are passengers in the car under 20 one. the risk doubles when there are two and quadruples when there are degree. -- the risk decreases 62% when there are people in the vehicle 35 or older. researchers believe the presence of other young people can be a distraction. dozens of san francisco drivers say they are getting mixed signals at an intersection and paying dearly for it. jonathan bloom shows how the effort to make one corner safer is making it more confusing. >> reporter: the corner where traffic crosses the panhandle has been called one of the city's most dangerous intersections. city officials put up a special traffic light for bikes and no left turn arrow for drivers. in january they installed this and the flood of angry calls began. >> when i made a left, it took
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a picture of me. >> reporter: thursday afternoon she was one of six who showed up to fight the $420 ticket, issued by that camera. the mta says this one camera cranks out 500 tickets per month, one every hour from 7 in the morning until 11 at night. >> i think it is a racket. >> reporter: he asked the clerk to show video of his violation. even the clerk was confused. >> i don't see that red light. >> it way off man. >> reporter: drivers say that's the problem. with green light for bikes and another for traffic they say the red are regets lost in the clutter. >> they feed a sign before. >> reporter: it turns out the mta is listening. >> he where -- put in a knew sign before the left turn to let people there is no turn signal that should be in place within a machine or so. >> reporter: you can -- within a month or so.
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>> reporter: here they've installed that grate over the light they are seeing the number of tickets drop and they suspect once they install that sign the number will go down further. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. the golden gate bridge turns 75 memorial day weekend. visitors can take in history with views. new bridge pavillion opens today. as we showed you yesterday, new exhibits and displays will highlight the history of the
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bridge. outside new larger areas for picture taking and wider and safer bike paths. >> it is a teaching backdrop, science, engineering, construction, there's a lot to tell about the golden gate bridge. >> we came from ohio it is awesome. a lot bigger than i expected. we've been across it by car and today we are going to walk across. >> 10 million people visit the golden gate bridge every year. in the past couple of days it has been gorgeous on that span. >> congratulations dude you did a great job. >> you won't be happy today then. >> you are just spreading the wore. cooling trend started at -- the coast will touch the east bay shoreline into the afternoon. it will not penetrate into our valleys not today. looking down from vollmer peak
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this morning, still hazy, a lot of pollen today. 47 santa rosa, 62 antioch that's our spread this morning green temperatures low to mid 50s. 57 mountain view. cooler inland gilroy 46. today, hot inland, cooling trend around our beaches into the bay. partly cloudy the coolest day tomorrow we quickly reverse that with another warming trend through the weekend temperatures almost as warm as today's. today in santa rosa three degrees warmer than yesterday. concord 90. san jose one degree cooler. fremont two, closer to the bay bridge oakland i should say the golden gate bridge down to seven san francisco we drop 7° today too to 72. here's a look down in the south bay we start there mid to upper 80s today, 89
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los gatos many head up to the peninsula from 83 in palo alto to 79 san mateo, 76 millbrae. beaches low to mid 60s for pacifica, half moon bay daly city. sausalito 76 mid to upper 80s north bay valleys. mid 60s at beaches richmond getting the sea breeze at 75 not as mum influence around union city, castro valley, with low 80s. inland mid to upper 80s, 90 in concord, brentwood livermore. mid to upper 80s morgan hill, hollister. if you are traveling the state today low to mid 90s central valleys, 70 tahoe, 82 l.a., 97 palm springs. a's supporting a winning record.
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tonight 71° for the first pitch at 7:05 blue jays in town. low to mid 50s tonight 49 santa rosa and santa cruz. tomorrow cold front moves through and drops us four to eight degrees. we gain a couple degrees thursday, couple more friday, saturday before you know it mother's day mid 80s bay, 70 at the coast. looking good on the freeways right now. live shot of 101 san rafael southbound drive time 20 minutes from highway 37 to the golden gate bridge. northbound through novato lanes are scheduled to be blocked for overnight roadwork until 6:00 this morning. live shot of 680 walnut creek, contra costa county looking good southbound towards highway 24, no problems. as you head through the san ramon valley, roadwork in both directions of 680 between
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danville and san ramon until 6:00 this morning. look out for windy conditions across the san mateo bridge. maybe have both hands-on the wheel, no trouble now on 101 or 880. keep in mind, highway 17 in both directions past the summit roadwork scheduled until 6:00 this morning. we usually see slowing in the northbound direction especially before 6:00. the odds are looking better for proposed north bay casino. the senate has approved a deal with the indians to build a casino on 250 acres in sonoma county. the agreement allows for 3,000 slot machines and card games the tribe would give up 15% of the profits to the city and county and pay the state nearly 1 1/2 million dollars a year. the state assembly now has to vote. one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies agreed to a staggering settlement with the federal
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government. abbott labs will pay 1.6 billion dollars in fines for improperly marketing the anti-seizure drug. convinced nursing homes to use the drug despite lack of credible evidence that the drug was effective. the justice department says abbott engaged in deliberate strategy over eight years to misrepresent the drug. south dakota beef company says it plans to close processing plants in three states because of the controversy surrounding pink slime. 650 jobs will be lost when it closes in texas, kansas and iowa in two weeks. the company blames what it sees as unfound attacks over a product that it calls lean finely textured beef. the product includes bits of beef that heated and treated with a small amount of ammonia. president obama will layout an election year to-do list for congress. he will use a speech in new york to urge lawmakers to
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look at proposals to promote job creation and help families refinance their mortgages. among the issues, eliminating tax incentives for companies that ship jobs overseas and new tax credits for small business and clean energy. will smith is now joining the super wealthy pushing to pay higher taxes. he says he supports president obama's plan to have everyone earning a million dollars a year or more to pay at least 30% in federal income tax. the change would affect 2 10,000 taxpayers. smith is making 20 million dollars for men in black 3. he says america has been fast fast tick to me i have no problem paying -- fantastic to me. i have no problem paying what i need to keep my country going.
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it is 4:56. we are following developing news in the east bay. a two year girl is recovering from wounds she suffered in a pit bull mauling. terry mcsweeney joins us with the latest on her condition as well as the dog's fate. taxi driver survives frightening kidnapping. detailed sketches of the attackers that police are urging you to see who would do in? vandals attack a historic church south of san jose. ♪
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