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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. >> reporter: this morning a 2-year-old girl is recovering from a vicious attack by the family pit bull. middle schoolgirl found shot to death in her east bay home with her mother. police have a person of interest but no motive. officers may have a break in the search for missing sierra lamar. they are looking for a vehicle seen in the area the morning of her disappearance. live look from downtown san francisco, clear sky and mild temperatures await you. mainly in the 50s, 90s are back for some of us, not only today but again this weekend. good morning i'm frances
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dinglasan. accident-free on bay area freeways right now. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll, wind advisory for the san mateo has been cancelled. just about 5:01. thanks for being here i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. a 2-year-old girl is fighting to recover from a vicious pit bull attack. investigators trying to determine why her family pet turned on her. terry mcsweeney is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: the girl is at children's hospital oakland and she is going to live but there's a long road to recovery for the 2-year-old letty mcquay of concord she was bitten by the family dog in the face, head and leg. take a look at the victim, little girl was pored to the hospital by helicopter. -- was transported to the hospital by helicopter. we have pictures of the annal that -- of the animal that mauled her. taking that dog to their truck some neighbors say they never
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saw any aggressive behavior from that dog. >> i saw the girl was running with the baby in her hands and kind of crying. just everyone trying to get the baby. >> reporter: neighbors tell us john mcquay -- parents could face criminal chargeses if the animal had a history of attacks that does not appear to be the case. the animal is under rabies quarantine. a reliable source reports the animal has already been euthanized. the girl is in stable condition. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. we are following developing news in pleasanton, police investigating circumstances surrounding shooting deaths of a mother and her 13-year-old daughter. officers began sealing off the area on stacey court last night. they found the woman shot to
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death her daughter died a short time later.;iwk they consider her husband a person of interest, but not a suspect. amy hollyfield is talking to investigators she will have a live update in the next half hour. antioch police released sketches of two of the three men accused of robbing and kidnapping a taxi driver last month. the victim was able to describe two suspects in detail. only a vague description of a third man . the cabbie picked up all three on april 26th. he drove them to an apartment complex in antioch where police say one pulled out a gun, robbed him and order him into the trunk. they drove to oakland where the taxi driver was released, of the two in the sketches, call antioch police. deputies say they discovered what could be a crucial clear in the search for sierra lamar. investigators looking for a
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red 1990s volkswagen jetta with a black hood. the car turned up several times on surveillance videos and in statements by witnesses. she disappeared on her way to the bus stop march 16th. authorities determined two items found a pair of used condoms and box marked handcuffs have no connection to this case. vandals have damaged a mission police say the evidence may turn it into a hate crime of the mission is known as holy cross catholic church in santa cruz. police say the vandalism and language seem to target the church specifically as well as catholicism. >> based on some of the language we believe it might meet the criteria as a hate crime. definitely a felony vandalism with >> i just want things to get back to normal as quickly as possible. we've been here over 200 years, we are going to be here for
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another 200. among the most severely damaged -- [ unintelligible ] police have video cameras. santa clara county medical examiner believes artist thomas kincade died after overdosing on alcohol and prescription medication. he was found in his home april 6th. toxicology test showed high amounts of alcohol and diazepam, a generic form of valium. google says it would appeal a jury's verdict. a jury agreed that google infringed on oracle's patents for the java software gaggle used. the panel could not agree on whether google was protected by the fair use doctrine it provides limited seemses. legal analysts say the -- --
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mountain view-based google asked the judge to toss the whole suit out of court. did you say you spent part of the afternoon at the pool yesterday? >> by the pool, not in the pool, although that will have been nice. how about you? >> i'll enjoy the warmth probably not at the pool, get out and take a nice walk. mike what is the weather going to be like? >> pleasant to hot, closer to the coast more likely you get that cooling sea breeze. doppler quiet. clouds along the coast, some are going to fry to spill across san francisco over the -- to try to spill across san francisco over the next hour or two winds are light, out of the west at sfa at 7, 6 in oakland a little bit of that sea breeze coming back that is going to cool the
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coast. haze the reason why we don't have 10 miles of visibility everywhere. upper 40s inland through 7:00, low to mid 50s for the bay and coast a few cloud as long the coast by noon, 55 to 56, mid 70s around the bay, low 80s inland for lunchtime temperatures upper 80s 4:00, near 80 around the bay, 60 coast 4:00, tapering of temperatures more comfortable during the evening 76 inland, 65 around the bay, 55 at the coast. pollen, tree, grass, mold something about eating claritin like it is candy, i don't recommend that but it gives you an idea how bad allergies were. four to eight degrees cooler, six to eight warmer by sunday, mother's day one of the hottest in the forecast besides today.
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i'm on zyrtec to get me through allergy season. if you are driving or thinking about driving soon, good ride so far we haven't had major trouble live shot of the oakland maze traffic flowing well this is westbound out of emeryville towards the bay bridge this is westbound 580 out of oakland everything is light no delays at the bay bridge toll. want to show you 680 walnut creek fine in contra costa county, no trouble. roadwork on highway 17 in both directions near the summit until 6:00 this morning. we always see slowing northbound before 6:00, things get jammed with the waze traffic app we are picking up speeds of 22 miles per hour, as drivers head out of the santa cruz mountains towards downtown san jose, it is already slow in the area. the other slow spot this morning is westbound 205 out of tracy, from i-5, 34 miles an hour, then slows to 22
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miles an hour. not picking up slowing as you head to the altamont pass. you can keep track of the slow downs by going to waze. you can put it on your smartphone or iphone to help your commute. 5:09. yahoo's chief executive resists pressure to resign over his embellished resume. the push to save a san francisco landmark gets added muscle. endorsement coming today. new technology that can turn your house into a touch screen. shaping up to be major fire season. the question, does calfire have the budget to fight them have the budget to fight them -h( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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m=tade with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three natural ingredients. what's in your spread ? good morning. big boost this borrowing. americans used credit card more in march and took out more education loans. increase in consumer debt the big% in a decade. more borrowing is generally considered good for the economy. exxonmobile tops in the u.s. knocking wal-mart down to number two, apple only 17th, because the fortune list is based on sales, most profit. safeway says it plans to stop buying pork from suppliers that cage pregnant sows in narrow stalls. animal rights groups called that practice inhumane. you will be able to buy girl scout candy bars in three of
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the most popular cookie flavors sold in stores. they will be targeted -- that's america's money i'm rob nelson. good morning. yahoo's ceo still has a this morning, despite demands from a major investor who discovered inaccuracies in scott thompson's resume. the investor wanted him out by yesterday, instead the ceo issued apology he fired off an e-mail to employees in which he says i want you to know how deeply i regret this issue has affected the company and all of you. the investor is demanding that yahoo hanover all documents related to thompson's hiring. electronic arts going to lay-off an unspecified number in what it calls restructuring. its stock dropped 10% yesterday after it revealed 40 million dollar restructuring plan it calls for changes in
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place by the end of september. in papers filed with the sec, the company says the restructuring will aim to align the company's cost with ongoing digital transformation. if you know someone who needs a new job send them to san jose. today's free job fair co-sponsored by abc7. recruiters are looking to fill more than 350 openings. representatives available from noon to 4:00, at the center for employment training on vine street. all the details posted on look in the jobs category. >> to protect and maintain historic murals of the i could tower kicks off -- murals of the koi tower kicks off. they will gather to proclaim support for measure b on the june 5th ballot.
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advocates say koi tower has fallen into disrepair. stanford university's medical center launching a campaign to raise another half billion dollars to build a new hospital and fund research. donors have donated 500 million dollars to the one billion dollar project they include some of silicon valley's biggest firms. they've all pledged 25 million dollars each. stanford plans to open the new hospital in 2018. most of us are comfortable with touch technology like on our phones. scientists at disney may have figured out how to apply it to everything in our house. -- [ unintelligible ] it can monitor multiple
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frequencies it can under complex things. one or two hands placed on the table, elbows on the table or someone sitting down on a couch. >> tv could be turned on. as the user relaxes and lays back the lights could dim automatically. as the user slips into sleep the lights could be dimmed further and the tv turned off. >> touche can sense motions in water. disney is the parent company of abc7. california offs are worried dry winter will make this fire season one for the record books. 800 wildfires since the beginning of the year more than double last year. the department is facing 80 million dollars in budget cuts. that means 700 fewer firefighters this year and fewer bulldozers and air tankers. calfire says homeowners won't be left to fend for themselves.
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>> we use fire weather and fire behavior specialists to help us anticipate what weather and other conditions are there and we'll staff accordingly. >> calfire officials are urging rural homeowners to create a space around their home and prepare an emergency plan. let's talk more with meteorologist mike nicco about why we may have one for the record books? >> i think it was so dry, a lot of stuff is dead already it could start early prolong and tax their resources absolutely if they are having cutbacks. that's what we are looking at now. dry and hot today, we don't have the wind. the winds are real thing that -- the real item, if you will or variable, how about that, that makes the fire season so difficult at times because the winds can blow it out of control. it can be hot and nothing will happen. if it is hot and winds are blowing we have issues. beautiful bay morning, haze
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which you would expect with high pressure uncut a little today with that cool sea breeze, we'll see how far inland it is going to penetrate if at all today. first, as far as temperatures dressing for upper 40s santa rosa and nap pavement 61 in antioch -- napa. 61 in antioch. monterey bay low to mid 50s everywhere except gilroy much cooler 44°. today is going to be hot inland cooler at the beaches and that will start spreading into the bay. partly cloudy, coolest afternoon tomorrow and another warming trend will bring our temperatures well above average like today by mother's day compared to average we are 7° warmer in san francisco, 72 for a high, redwood city 82. napa 87. san jose 87. 12 to 13° above average.
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livermore 90°, 16 warmer than average. sunrise 6:06. sunset 8:07. mid to upper 80s south bay. cupertino, santa clara in the middle, 86. we start at 76 millbrae, 79 san mateo, low to mid 80s south of there farther away from that sea breeze. low to mid 60s along the coast today, low 70s downtown and south san francisco. look at the bay, 63, 25° spread across the north bay. low 80s hercules, castro valley, everybody else mid to upper 70s. concord, antioch, brentwood livermore 90 everybody else in the east bay valleys upper 80s.
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mid 70s santa cruz, watsonville, salinas. comfortable at the a's game sporting the winning record, 7:05 first peufp, 71, drop to -- dropping to 60 -- each and everyday from thursday through sunday we add; a couple of degrees hot for mother's day. earlier structure fire in oakland we are hearing lanes are blocked on macarthur at 99th avenue give yourself extra time. freeway traffic fine through oakland, 880 good past the airport 580 also problem-free towards the bay bridge. the one area we are keeping an eye on is roadwork going on highway 17 at the summit in both directions until 6:00, slowing northbound past the summit we sauna with our waze
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traffic -- we saw that with our waze traffic maps. looking good into san francisco coming out of marin into san francisco, traffic is fine there. no trouble right now. the slow spot now is westbound 205 through tracy. traffic is moving only 22 miles an hour from i-5 towards 11th street. you can always get traffic information by downloading our free traffic app, waze. 5:21. former governor goes back to his day job. the dangerous pitch that has a major league player suspended and fans taking sides. dancing trios take to the floor of "dancing with the stars." why there will be double the heartache tonight. ppointed. that's "america's money." i'm rob nelson. ge
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. . new owners of the dodgers are beaming after their team beat the giants last night 9-1 the first home game since a group of investors took over last week. they go at it again tonight starting at 7:10. also the a's will host the blue jays. latest on controversial -- [ unintelligible ] was it intentional? most pitchers would never admit it. after the game he said yep, he hit the rookie on purpose sort of an old school way to welcome him to the show. he's suspended for the next
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five games. california's previous governor is returning to his role as one of nation's last action heroes. arnold schwarzenegger will be starring in a drug war movie called "the last stand." the fourth recent project for the former governator. he's in production on a prison drama. also set to star in an action film sequel. and another drug cartel movie. tonight we find out which four couples will dance on to the next week's semifinals with two couples will go home tonight. last night they not only danced together they joined forces with another pro. with each star doing two dances the stakes were higher. william levy didn't disappoint. with a foxtrot that thrilled. >> i never thought about getting three tends. when i saw the third ten, i
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was like what! >> who will hang up their dancing shoes tonight? love it when they break new ground. >> very athletic donald driver he jumped over two people. double shooting has an east bay neighborhood on edge, a mother and her teenaged daughter are killed. the latest on the investigation in a live report from the scene. >> reporter: following developments in the foiled al-qaeda bomb plot. president obama's counter terrorism adviser talking this morning, addressing new fears about airport security tough new rules washington is imposing on the nation's energy companies. high temperatures across the country, 64 seattle, 70 portland, 56 boston, 68 new york, 76 in washington that does come with a chance of rain healthy chance of rain
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in the pacific northeast. delays will develop there. baltimore has flight departure delays already. back at home, regional airports and three bay area airports on time. any time you travel, when those delays develop -- [ inaudible ]
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>> reporter: police are investigating a double homicide one of the victims a 13-year-old girl. cal-state trustees -- [ inaudible ] .
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze in oakland fires are on the scene of a fire inside a commercial building. you are looking live at the scene at macarthur boulevard and 99th avenue. it appears the fire may have been out, it was a one alarmer firefighters checking it out. the fire started at 4:30 this morning it took more than half an hour to knock down. too early for firefighters to say what the possible cause may be or what type of building that is. we know that police are controlling traffic in the
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area. we have terry mcsweeney headed to the scene right now with the latest coming up. developing news from pleasanton. police investigating serious shooting deaths of a 13-year-old girl and her mother. bodies found in their home last night. amy hollyfield is live at the scene on stacey court. >> reporter: police have gone home after a long night of gathering evidence here on stacey court, a very quiet cull sack police responded 6:00 -- quiet cul-de-sac. police responded 6:00 last night, a call of a double homicide came in. a woman and her daughter were dead her husband found her and their daughter he called police. investigators are not calling him a suspect but has said he's a person of interest. >> officers upon arrival encountered the 37-year-old amy burton who had natal gunshot wound. they also encountered her
5:32 am
13-year-old ainsley who had also been shot taken to the trauma center where she succombed to her injuries. >> reporter: people who live here on the cul-de-sac say the family just recently moved here. police won't say whether they are investigating a murder-suicide in this house. but have said this neighborhood should not be nervous there is no current threat to public safety. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. developing news in oakland. police are searching for a suspect who somehow slipped out of his handcuffs and escaped from the back of a police car. officers were driving the 19-year-old to a downtown oakland jail he got out and ran. he left the handcuffs behind on the seat, moss had been arrested for theft. tense waiting game in albany police could move occupy the farm protesters any time from a plot of land owned
5:33 am
by uc berkeley. occupiers ignored the request to leave over the weekend. now they face possible arrest at any moment. the movement has detailed what it wants to -- [ unintelligible ] they want to be hooked up to a water supply to irrigate crops. they want uc researchers to agree not to use pesticides there. 5:33. government experts pouring over the next generation of underwear bomb. it was confiscated during a cia counterterrorism operation in yemen. >> fbi worries this bomb could get past machines and screeners. >> reporter: i have new information. one of the top guys is speaking out about this. in the last hour we heard from president obama's counterterrorism adviser, john brennan says authorities are confident the device and suspected suicide bomber are no longer a threat. there's still the issue of the better bomb technology, so to
5:34 am
speak. investigators are dissecting that device now they need to learn everything they can about it. the device did not have metal in it so detectors would be useless. full body scanners may not have detected it. the question is could this upgraded bomb have made it through airport security? and are there more out there? >> ied was a threat from the standpoint of the design that we have been able to determine. now we are trying to make sure we take the measures that we need to prevent any other type of ied similarly constructed from getting through security. >> reporter: the bomb maker is still out there, intelligence officials say he's operating out of yemen. they believe he's make other bombs aimed at u.s. aircraft. in this case because the al-qaeda plot was foiled in its early stages authorities say no flights were ever in danger. you can see all of george stephanopoulos's interview
5:35 am
with john brennan, following this broadcast. energy companies need to keep up-to-date records to prove they are running the nation's aging pipelines at safe pressures. the mandate is part of a new set of guidelines by the federal government in response to the deadly san bruno explosion. the ntsb blamed the accident on multiple failures by pg&e including shoddy record-cheaping. now the pipeline and hazardous material safety administration says pipeline operators can't ensure oil and gas lines are running at safe pressures by next year they could face penalties. new this morning, former presidential hopeful gop, santorum is endorsing mitt romney via e-mail. he sent his supporters a long late night e-mail calling on them to you night behind the cause of defeating president obama in november. in his message, santorum, reminded his supporters of areas where he disagreed with romney, including abortion,
5:36 am
same-sex marriage and the need to curb spending in washington. yet, santorum says in his words, above all else, we both agree that president obama must be defeated. earlier santorum referred to romney as the worst republican in the country to challenge mr. obama. second vote taken in oakland this week to decide which of the three companies gets the contract to manage the coliseum complex. ers voted 4-3 on april 20th, to negotiate -- a contract with an entertainment group, lawyers for current operator smg complained the board met in closed session before voting without posting it on agenda. to comply with law, the board is making public and independent evaluation of the three companies and posting plans to vote friday morning at 8:00. cal-state of trustees meets today to consider revamp policy on pay raises for campus presidents. they still plan to give the
5:37 am
pay hike but want to amen the policy to change where money for the raises -- to amend the policy to change where the money for the raises will come from time to time -- public pressure has been mounting to resin the increases -- 5:37. hiking temperatures up. here you can see change on our mount tamalpais cam, points towards sausalito to the sought, san francisco in the distance, a few fingers of fog finding their way through the shallower valleys across the golden gate bridge that is the sea breeze coming back. some of the light grey is the sea breeze and marine layer clouds that are going to come in and penetrate deeper into the bay bringing you a cooler trend the rest of us hot inland many temperatures like what you are going to deal
5:38 am
with right now through 8:00 with clouds fill the bay. mid to upper 40s north bay valleys, low to mid 50s for rest of us. 56 half moon bay, 60 fine in oakland, to near 80 for everybody else. watch the cooling sea breeze at 4:00, oakland 74, upper 70s to mid 80s into the south bay. 64 san francisco, 60 half moon bay, mid 80s inland as we head towards 7:00, around 59 oakland, mid 70s inland. cooler tomorrow and just as hot by the weekend. update on that east bay fire here's frances with details. i would still avoid the area in oakland macarthur at 99th avenue you saw a live picture following breaking news of this fire. the fire is under control, i would still an very those streets surrounding the fire.
5:39 am
580 is fine through oakland, 880 also looking good this morning has been quiet on freeways. also, heads-up for bay link ferry commuters, mechanical problem on one of the ships. they will be using buses. bart reporting no delays, ace 1 running four minutes late, caltrain and muni p no delays now. highway 17, -- roadwork in both directions past the summit until 6:00 this morning. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza, still delay-free. westbound 205 through tracy starting to improve, 40 miles per hour now with our waze traffic you can see the slow down starting to get a little better. 5:39 now. japanese diplomat in the bay area faces domestic violence charges. next, the disturb attacks on his wife that he's accused of committing.
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leisurely swim turns into a close call in the east bay. graphic video in the beating trial of two southern california police officers causes some to leave the courtroom.
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breaking news now from the military. a soldier from alameda has died in afghanistan.
5:43 am
30-year-old staff sergeant thomas fogerty died from an attack with an ied. the tax on his unit took place sunday in afghanistan. this morning a swim reported doing fine after being rescued from san francisco bay. pictures show how it unfolded two dove into the water from their boat and tried to swim to shore one made it, the other began wave and calling for help. rescuers arrived within minutes and brought him to shore. this happened on the same beach where a man drowned a year ago as firefighters stood by helplessly. they didn't respond because their water rescue certifications had expired. official with the scrap these consulate in san francisco faces assault and domestic violence charges. police say he stabbed his wife with a screwdriver, knocked out a tooth and kicked her out of the car. investigators state incidents
5:44 am
happened over a three machine period last year. he pleaded not guilty to the charges yesterday. he was freed after posting $350,000 bail. he serves as a vice counsel. >> video shows police officers beating a homeless man who later died. i was shown in court yesterday. we warn you -- it was shown in court yesterday. we warn you it is graphic and difficult to watch some people had to leave the courtroom. get on the ground! >> i'm sorry dude! >> the officers face second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter charges in the july 5th, beating of 37-year-old kelly thomas. prosecutors say what should have been a routine encounter with a mental ill man escalated into a fatal beating with fists, baton and taser. the case has triggered scores of protests and prompted some to stage memorials. both officers have pleaded not guilty. one faces possible life
5:45 am
sentence, if convicted. one of the nation's biggest discount retailers cutting iphone prices. bloomberg report coming up. where are teenaged drivers the safest? results of a new study may have a lot of parents riding along. a safety measure that many complain about is making an intersection unsafe. confuse has drivers seeing red. why superstar will smith says he's ready to pay a lot more in taxes. [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of ber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag?
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and how can you talk to me about fiber you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. ber one.
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doppler quiet morning it will be again this afternoon. eureka 57° today. central valley low to mid 90s, 70 tahoe, 83 yosemite. 82 l.a.. [ unintelligible ] we have sad news now. breaking news. author of "where the wild things are" and other children's books has died at the age of 83. his longtime editor says he died from complications from a recent stroke in connecticut. he was widely considered the most important children's book artist of the 20th century. many of us grew up with his books. posthumous picture book, my
5:49 am
brother's book which he wrote and illustrated inspired by his love for his late brother jack said to be published next january. aaa's safety foundation finds a teen driver's risk of dying in an accident increases 44% when there are passengers in the car under 21. the risk doubles when carrying two teenaged passengers and quadruples when there are three. the risk decreases 60 to% when people in the vehicle are 35 or older. researchers believe the presence of other young people can be a distraction. dozens of san francisco drivers say they are getting mixed signals at a bupç intersection the corner of fell and masonic has been called one of the city's most dangerous intersections. officials put a up special light for bikes and no left turn arrow for drivers. in january they installed a camera, that's when the flood of angry calls began.
5:50 am
the municipal transportation agency says this one camera cranks out 500 tickets per month. many are fighting their $420 fine. >> when i made a left it took a picture of me on camera >> i don't see that red light it must be way off. >> it is, hard to see bro. >> divers say that's the problem. the mtv a is listening, putting -- the mta is listening putting -- time 5:50 you saw the sun in those pictures yesterday what about today? almost everywhere except at the coast that is the cooling trend moving in that beautiful picture this morning as we look southbound the coast is on your right, you can see sutro tower this morning that signifies change for some not all.
5:51 am
still going to be warm inland today. probably air conditioning weather. let's talk about what is it like outside. 61 antioch warm shot most of us in the low to mid 50s, san jose 57, napa and santa rosa 49 and 47 right now 50 in san francisco, 53 oakland low to mid 50s monterey bay inland gilroy 44°. today hot again inland the cool breeze does not reach past the bay shoreline today or the bay how about that. beaches and bay cooler. partly cloudy, coolest everywhere tomorrow. warming trend begins again and the heat builds throughout weekend, mother's day could be just as warm as it is today, near 90 santa rosa, 90 concord, san jose 87, fremont only two,
5:52 am
closer to the golden gate bridge where most of that air funnels through in the san bruno gap the cooler today will be compared to yesterday. land 78, east bay valleys 90 concord, -- antioch, brentwood and livermore mid to upper 70s east bay shore until you go fremont and union city. low to mid 60s along the coast, low 70s downtown and south san francisco. sausalito 7 . low to mid 60s beaches -- same monterey and carmel mid 70s around the rest of the bay near 90s inland to gilroy. comfortable at the coliseum today the breeze will roll in and make the first pitch 75, you keep dropping to 61, ought to be a good match-up. temperatures tonight this morning, more clouds along the
5:53 am
coast, more so than this morning some will spill deeper into the bay overnight. low to mid 50s everywhere santa cruz and santa rosa upper 40s to antioch 59°. cool front dry cold front that will push through tomorrow that's why temperatures drop four to eight degrees steer cooler weather inland. disspates thursday we warm a couple degrees, everyday we warm a couple degrees, near 90 by mother's day. have a great day. here's frances with an update on a fire. the fire is under control in oakland. macarthur boulevard lanes may still be blocked at 99th. avoid that stretch and surrounding streets. freeway traffic still good 580 fine, 880 fine past hegenberger towards the airport live shot of the oakland maze. westbound 80 traffic light to the bay bridge toll where
5:54 am
there are no delays. i want to show you live shot of the golden gate bridge. traffic looks good, you see some of these low clouds. no problems at this point to for marin into san francisco. with the waze traffic maps we are going to show you slowing on highway 17. there's roadwork in both directions until 6:00. they should be clearing shortly. this is when we see the heaviest traffic, eight minutes ago a traffic spotter reported a standstill. i've been watching some of these commuters drive through once you get past the summit people are moving along at 25 miles an hour, a little better. after 6:00 it gets much better. you will find slowing westbound 580 through the altamont pass. it was heavy on westbound 205, still heavy traffic approaching 11th street on westbound 205. you can always find out what the speeds are for your route by going to
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to download our free traffic app. 5:54. major retailer cutting prices on iphones. also good news for struggling homeowners. here's jane king. good morning. good news, maybe in the mail for thousands of homeowners bank of america sending letters out to more than 200,000 offering to reduce mortgages. customers who qualify will be able to cut monthly payments by 30%. part of the bank's settlement over mortgage practices with state ag's and the federal government. you have to be underwater at least 60 days behind in payments to qualify. if you are interested to find out if you are eligible i ed the number to call on my twitter. target cutting prices on iphone 4's by $50, 16 gigabyte at $150. and 8 gigabyte at $50 both with a two year at&t contract
5:56 am
after wal-mart called temporary cuts last week an accident. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. odds are looking better for proposed north bay casino. state senate approved a deal to build a casino on 250 acres in sonoma county. the agreement allows for 3,000 slot machines and card games the tribe would give 15% in profits to the city and county and pay the state nearly 1 enough -- nearly 1 1/2 million dollars a year. abbott laboratories will pay 1.6 billion dollars in fines for improperly marketing the anti-seizure drug depakote. abbott labs convinced nursing hopes to use the drug despite lack of credible evidence that the drug was effective. the justice department says
5:57 am
abbott engaged in a deliberate strategy over eight years to misrepresent the drug. hollywood star will smith is now joining the super wealthy, pushing to pay higher tax. he says he supports president obama's plan to have everyone earning a million dollars a year or more to pay at least 30% in federal income tax. one group says the change would affect 210,000 taxpayers. smith is making 20 million dollars for "men in black 3" coming out soon. he says i have no problem paying whatever i need to keep my country growing. 2-year-old girl mauled by a pit bull. the latest in how the toddler is doing and what has happened to the dog. consumers fight back at the supermarker. michael finney joins us with money-saving ways you can lower your grocery bill. iriririr
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