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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 8, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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injuries. joining us is captain robert marshal and what can you tell us about the fire? >> good evening, we're in a third of arms and holding at a third of arms. we're still defensive. we've now established water supply. we should have a better idea of how long it's going to take us. >> and there are tire fires are smoky and toxic. what are your concerns? >> making sure people don't breathe in the smoke and they turn off air condition yirs that are nearby. and secondary just to be able to establish it so we're not putting toxins into the air. >> captain, you're in a defensive position. is there any place the fire could spread outside of the building?
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>> there is probably not. the fire died down a bit with the hose line wez have from the outside. there is always possible it can extend west. there is a building that is not involved and we'll be watching that. the fire is more towards the jernt of the building. >> thank you for coming on and explaining what is going on. thank you and good luck out there. >> we want to begin now, good evening i'm cheryl jennings. >> northeast bay todd sler mauled by a family dog. >> this is the second attack on a 2-year-old in less than 12 hours this, time in castro valley at a home on gary drive. yesterday's attack in concord. >> mark matthews is live with more on this. >> dan, jared perkins and his wife were arrested last night for child endangerment after
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their child was mauled by the family dog. deputies say it was child endangerment because the house you see behind me isn't is a house that isn't fit to live n we're going begin with the news conference that concluded just minutes ago, then, you'll hear from neighbors. >> the child is going to have to have surgery to repair injuries. they're not life threatening. but... anything that occurs to the head is a serious injury. >> the bedrooms of the house. >> neighbors say they've live there'd 40 years and the little boy is their grandson. >> and jared and brandy are the parents, would be the parents of the child. >> jean poshman told me he has never had trouble with the dogs and has been good about having dogs respond to voice commands. >> oh, yeah.
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dogs are well behaved. as far as i know. >> chris irwin lives across the street and is friends with the perkins. he knocked don the door they let him n he came out and told me all is well. >> the child is okay. and whatever happened was kind of minor. >> he says that is what the family told him. >> i think it's not a huge incident. that is my impression. >> that the little boy is not seriously hurt? >> i would say according to them, no. and that... the kid will be okay. they're probably just checking up on him. >> but the mailman who delivers on this street says the perkins have been warned about the dog autos happen pod me last week, tuesday. which is i advised the owner secure your dog whether br he will attack someone eels what happened? he just you know the dog was
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on the for. -- pore. and attacked me. >> attacked you?. >> just chased me. >> and the father jared perkins is still in custody. the mother brandy gomes is at oakland's childrens hospital with their toddler. the german sheperd pit bull mix is in quarantine at the east bay animal shelter. sheriff investigators are looking into this case. >> thank you very much. >> a pit bull was euthanized this morning. the dog put down so the animal services could speed up tests to determine whether it had rain ease. little lety is in stable condition but still receiving care at oakland childrens hospital. the toddler suffered injuries to the head, face and leg. the family could face criminal charges if they were aware the
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pit bull had an aggressive history. >> there is developing news from sheriff investigators located to the car connected to the disappearance of sierra lamar just one day after telling but that vehicle. detectives released photos of the 1990s model volkswagon jetta and have not revealed where they found the car or who owns it. >> this is significant we believe we do have the vehicle. we don't have a person of interest yet. we're hoping some evidence, if anything that can be guilded from this car will lead news that direction. >> detectives want to know why wr and when people have seen the car especially the time sierra lamar disappeared after leaving for school march 16th. >> while the shooting deaths of a mother and daughter are still a mystery police insist the neighborhood is safe. bodies found yesterday by the husband at their home on stacy court in pleasanton.
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and we're live with the latest. >> police are releasing new information just within the past hour. first they found two handguns inside of the home behind me. secondary, her mother had been concerned about internet communication with another teen in kentucky but police don't believe it had anything to do with the death autos we have to keep options open. >> police won't say what they think happened inside of this home. they do want to ease fears of those living near where the 37-year-old amy freeman burton and her 13-year-old daughter ainsley freeman were shild. >> we know there was no forced entry and we have recovered a handgun. >> the mother and daughter were each shot once. they were found by christopher burton about 6:00 p.m. police say he is not a
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suspect. >> there burton has been very cooperative down here several hours providing lengthy detailed statement to us. he discovered the crime ask called 911. >> and ainsley attended hart middle school, becoming a teacher's aide after moving to pleasanton from out of state. >> she was hanging around with a fis group of girls. and top student. top grades. >> the district cancelled state testing at hart and brought in grief counselors. >> the best thing we can do today is just listen to students allow them to share feelings and understand it's natural. >> it seemed like she was a part of the community and school pretty quickly. >> sue's grandson attended school with ainsley. mckinley wonders if they could have gotten to know the new family in the neighborhood better. >> you never know what
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anybody's background is. i think it's our responsibility to reach out and be friends. be supportive of everyone. >>. >> two handguns both unregistered. the husband told them they are from his brother in arizona. as for internet communication in she was having, from a 16-year-old boy in kentucky they couldn't think that communication had anything to do with what happened here, autopsies set for tomorrow morning. in pleasanton abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. let's go back now to that tire fire in the antioch area. this is a where you can see the fire inside the center of the building at the blue tire
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factory is spreading outside and set some cars on fire. and there are firefighters on defensive mode and wearing protective gear for breathing because of conditions there with that thick, dark smoke. and they're advising people to close your doors and windows. we're going to continue to monitor this for you and more at 6:00 and there is a controversial plan to raise salaries california state university presidents get is closer to approval. a committee voted to attempt it's policy so that taxpayers will not fund raises for new presidents but campus nonprofit groups can be asked to raise funds to pay for salary hikes. >> there are salaries remaining the same level but we'd look to pay a supplement
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through private funding generated for this. >> this policy has been criticized by faculty, students and lawmakers saying they should not receive raises as tuition is being raised and plams, cut. >> there is that time of the year, budget crunch for public education and once again, teachers are fighting for their jobs. >> there is a hit the street theater behind me. there are 356 jobs they say they women lose, and the teachers are angry among them, susan solomon who teaches kindergarten. >> these are the people who spend every day with our children. and if you look over there and
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see how it's over 130 teachers getting laid off, what does that mean for kids who are four to 10 years old? >> teachers will be having a strike vote, first of two later on this week. and they say that the district has lots of money. the district says there is no pile of money ask says it needs to cut $80 mimin through next year and is saying there are only three weeks left in the school year and teachers say if that is the case they will take a strike vote and will be serious about it. more at the meeting hater tonight in san francisco. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. there is a stunner today. u.s. officials revealed latest under wear bomber was actually a double agent working for the cia. that agent volunteered for a suicide mission and fbi is
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examining that device containing a chemical not present in the last failed under wear bombing. and the double agent provided crucial information to allow the cia to carry out a drone air strike, killing this man that was on the most-wanted list for the tousz bombing of the uss cole. >> just ahead, the tab taxpayers pick up every year including a phone bill of $800,000. >> and state lawmakers decide to go after those getting rich off american was disabilities act. >> and push to save a san francisco landmark and the gallery of art it contains. >> i'm sandhya patel. losing the heat tomorrow and how much lower temperatures will run. abc 7 news continues in one minute.
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california lawmakers holding hears -- hearings on a proposal they call nuisance lawsuits saying they look for violations of the americans with disabilities act and then, file lawsuits. >> alfreddo is disabled and the illegal immigrant filed 600 lawsuits against southern california businesses for violating the americans with disabilities act. seen here hiking, james cohen not disabled and has filed numerous lawsuits. then there, is noni goddy from san diego, whose previous lawyer filed 243 ada lawsuits with ourt her knowing. in each instance there is a lot of money to be made. >> it's not a way to make a living. by going after the business owner. >> state leaders are finally listening. they've approved a bill that
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would stem the tide of ada lawsuit abuses. california has 40% of the ada lawsuits but only 12% of the country's disabled population. among other things would put a stop to those threatening demand letters businesses get. >> it would ban demand for money letters say pay me now, or pay me more later which, unfortunately are sent by a few lawyers and law firms looking to make a quick buck. >> the proposal seeks to give businesses 30 days to fix the problem before a lawsuit can proceed but the disabled community showed up hoping to sway the committee to reject the bill. members say access problem as cross california still exist. >> do not have access, do not have parking and accessible bathrooms and you know all of this is going on 30 years. 30 years. okay? i'm upset. >> noni is glad lawmakers took the first step in curbing abuss.
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>> it's not acceptable to be allowed. it shouldn't have happened in the first place. >> senator feinstein has twice new written to state leaders threatening if they don't fix the problem she'll introduce federal legislation. >> consumer news there will be anxious few days for thousands of homeowner was a mortgage from bank of america. >> yes. michael finney is here with what is expected to happen. >> this is great news. homeowners underwater with mortgages could be getting a much-anticipated letter bank of america says it will be sending outleters to 200,000 customers who may qualify to have their home loans reduced. it's part of a $25 billion settlement between the nation attorney generals and five banks over alleged foreclosure abuse allegations. homeowners must owe more than than the home is worth.
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savings will be about 30% of the payment. we'll keep track and check back in with you. >> federal laters going after a service bilking customers out of millions of dollars and seeking a court order against whole billing services. and for four years bsg is accused of adding phony phone charges totalling $50 million. the practice is known as cramming because they're cramming fake bills on your real bill. and they're seeking $52 million in damages against the company. >> thank you. >> let's go back and update the fire we've been following. there is a smoky fire near a tire store. you can see it's still very much aproblem for firefighters. and they have asked people in areas to turn off their air conditioning and close windows and doors for obvious reasons
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because the smoke hundreds main thousands of them is toxic. and there is still work to be done there. we'll keep you updated and a full report coming up at 6:00. and also on our web site as well. >> and sandhya patel took a look at wind conditions in that area. >> critical. >> absolutely. winds are light in that area now. five to seven miles per hour. winds not a factor thoichblt tomorrow, we're going with a cooling trend. is going to be a one day deal. there is tight on time. let's jam. there is a view from high definition, there are patches of fog and high clouds out there and there is a wide range of conditions today. heat inland. take a look at highs so far, 90 degrees in fairfield. and got up to 93 degrees in livermore. there is san francisco, you're down a few degrees and there is is temperatures now a wide
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range, still to 91 degrees in antioch. fog near the coast and bay. warming up again beginning thursday. there is why we're expecting a cool down. it's a trof of low pressure. there is a system going work down and really with this cold front there is temperatures that will fall. one of the biggest contributors? fog. looking here fog at the coast. there is upper 40s to mid-50s, tomorrow we'll see that fog through morning hours slower clearing back to the coastline. so there are temperatures running five to 10 degrees cooler, numbers ranging from 50s on the coast. losing 90s today there is 80
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degrees in santa rosa. there is pleasant weather. 66 in san francisco. going to be breezy here and maybe a patch of fog there is 77 in san jose. a beautiful day. 60 in monterey. there is 79 inland. it's a cooler day. upper 50s to mid-80s. warming up again beginning thursday and it's modest warm up. there is low 70s there and looks lovely for mother's day. mid-60s coast side. upper 80s inland. the dry forecast in case you want to take your mom out and want her to enjoy the outdoors, cooler. >> and little cooler monday and tuesday. >> thank you.
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>> and still ahead, the tab taxpayers are picking up for former u.s. presidents every year including a phone bill. >> you'll get the story next. at 6:00 a plan that will allow dozens of parks to
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a hollywood executive is missing with out a trace and no one can figure out why.
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the 57-year-old gavin smith last seen on his way home from a friend's house. his wife reported him missing the next morning. smith is a 20th century fox emyek tiff whose films includ huge blockbusters. >> he didn't pick up the phone in the morning that is a huge cause of concern. he didn't show up to work. he's never done any of those things in 21 years. >> his son has gone to twitter to plead for help. police say no one used his cell phone or credit cards since he disappeared strange. >> if it's good to be president it's better to be an exhead of state. fewer headaches and taxpayers pay for plenty of perks. $15,000 worth of stamps from jimmy carter. and 830,000ses today george w. bush's phone bill. yes, it's true. bill clinton made $10 million
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in speaking fees last year. george w. bush made $15 million giving speech autos the drive to get support for ballot initiative to preserve coit to you jer under way. backers join bid three towers. and proposition b directing the city to use more funds raised there to preserve the murals and maintain grounds. the daughters say it's time to reinvest in the tower and coit tower was built in 1933. >> and coming up next, a diamond's first for a world famous auction house. >> a gem cominging in a dazzling different hue. stay with us.
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in the newsroom at 6:00 an 18-year-old is dead and now a family is taking issue with police say he was killed. and also from michael finney what workers are doing to keep their facebook pass words secret from boss who's want them. >> if i hit this... there is a new sound from micky hart coming up at 6:00. now back to dan and cheryl.
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>> thank you. and there is a rare pink diamond expected to fetch up to $12 million at the end of the month. >> and there is a sparkler in hong kong. >> weighs in at 12 carats. krift ease says it's the first time this type of diamond has been sold at auction. >> and what do you know? >> thanks for joining us we'll eleven you with pictures of the fire burning in a tire stststststststststststststststst


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