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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. thanks for join us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze mike -- visibilities and then cooler temperatures. we don't have widespread fog we have haze out there this morning not a spare the air day visibility five miles at half moon bay unlimited at sfo,
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fairfield and livermore. right now dress for 48 napa, 45 santa rosa. we'll talk about the cooler day and warmer for the holiday weekend in a minute. we are following breaking news in menlo park. you want to avoid edison way and fair oaks avenue. terry mcsweeney is going to bring a report shortly. it is just south of 101 north of marsh. traffic on 101 fine, 280 good and marsh as well. avoid those streets. bay bridge toll, only the cash paying lanes are backed up the end of the parking lot. pretty quiet accident-wise on bay area freeways this morning. new developments and breaking news we've been following all morning. police have sealed off the area around an industrial complex in menlo park while haz-mat crews are moving in to take a closer look at the source.
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>> reporter: the latest we have is a statement from the san mateo county sheriff's office that is that the danger has passed. whatever that danger was and they are being vague about it, the danger has passed. as we look down towards the scene, you can see some crews standing around you see a white bag full of haz-mat white suits. the crews went in, checked it out and they've come back out. let me tell you what this is about. 2:30 this morning crews were out here, deputies were out here and they came upon what was a laboratory going on in the back of a pick-up truck what they were making who they were connected with if anybody what was going on here is the way that a lieutenant with the sheriff's office put it. >> what happened is originally our deputies went out on a
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suspicious vehicle worked that up with a couple of guys in the vehicle. from there they smelled a strong chemical smell, backed out, called in fire. fire came in and set up a haz-mat that what fire is working now. >> reporter: -- that is why edison way at fair oaks has been closed since shortly after 2:30 this morning. we have seen haz-mat crews going in, into an area where this pick-up truck is located, they have checked it out, they've come back out, bundled up their outfits put 'em in that bag and we've been given -- he wouldn't give us the all-clear but he did say the danger has passed. when we find out what those chemicals with were in the back of the pick-up truck we'll let you know. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. good to know the danger has passed there. this morning an east bay tire store employee remains in custody following a huge
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warehouse fire yesterday evening. he was arrested last night on suspicion of using illegal fireworks inside blue star tires. investigators say the company used a mix of tar and gasoline to make used tires look nicer. the fireworks ignited theczf gasoline mixture the fire reported 4 p.m. damaged a half dozen businesses in the subdivided warehouse. the owner of a classic car and restoration business has no insurance and estimates his losses to be at least $100,000. >> all i can do is laugh to keep from crying. that's all i could do. >> two employees with the tire warehouse were injured they were released from the hospital last night. alameda county 2-year-old in protective custody after being mauled bay the family dog his parents face charges. officers provided us with this picture of the pill bulger man shepard mix kept at a shelter
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the mauling took place at this house in castro valley yesterday. deputies found many dangerous items in the home, they arrested the parents. the father is in custody. the boy is in a hospital treated for injuries he suffered in the mauling. this morning volunteers will head back out to search for a missing morgan hill teenager. investigators are looking for evidence in a car they discovered that may be related to sierra lamar's disappearance. katie marzullo joins us live. do we know how sierra's family is reacting to this new lead? >> reporter: i've reached out to the lamar family as well as the klaas foundation i haven't heard back yet i have to think they are invigorated by the development of this red jetta not to mention the sheriff's office says there is no evidence that sea see rather is not alive. the klaas kids foundation has organized a volunteer search
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at 8:00 same time dive teams are scheduled to arrive at the reservoir. first solid lead, the red volkswagon jetta they say it could be related. as of yesterday her dad still had a lot of questions about it. >> where, when it was found? is there an owner? all those kind of things. they told me they do have an owner and the response to the rest of it was we need to keep that close for investigative purposes. >> reporter: the investigation could get another boost this week on the national stage. sierra's case will be featured xux "am" friday. if you want to help with this morning's search check this is from 8:00 this morning to 1 in the afternoon. another search scheduled for saturday as well. let's turn our attention
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to the weather if you want relief, you've got it, just ask. >> beautiful sunrise. >>tusñ looking eastbound from mount sutro notice how the sun is maving farther left every time we look to the east because of those longer days. let's take a look at what is going on 7:00 this morning, 48 inland low to mid 50s around the coast and bay mostly sunny, a few clouds along the coast spilling across san francisco gone by noon. outdoor temperature at the coast during your lunch hour. look highway quickly it cools 7:00 upper -- look how quickly it cools 7:00. warmer weather tomorrow and throughout holiday weekend. still quiet on bay area freeways live shot of the toll only cash paying lanes are backed up almost towards west grand metering lights not on.
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westbound 80 towards -- through berkeley towards the bay bridge toll still good from vallejo, carquinez bridge no delays out of fairfield. north 101 san jose 36 miles per hour alum rock towards mckey. just ahead, hoodie or no hoodie? why mark zuckerberg's signature wardrobe has become the talk of wall street. revolutionary medical treatment that could prevent paralysis after a major spinal cord injure right. carolyn johnson takes a look at the bay area research that could change the way doctors deal with
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researchers are hoping a new device could head off paralysis with patients with spinal cord images. we want to warn you this story contains graphic images. >> reporter: the device is a surgical implant already showing success in animals. developers are hoping to begin human trials. frank still walks with occasional pain two decades after a car accident that damaged his spine. now he's hoping to change the lives of patients with spinal cord injuries and perhaps prevent paralysis. >> in the spinal cord if you can spare 10%, we don't have to spare 50 or 80, a little,
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the spinal cord will rewire and find that healthy tissue, sending signals through the scar. >> reporter: his solution this scaffold designed to be implanted on the damaged area after trauma as shown in this animation. he says the scaffold acts like a bridge allowing tissue to heal without hardening into scar tissue. >> as a result of less scarring the brain and spinal cord will make use of that spare tissue and send signals through the spare tissue. >> reporter: he says regeneration has been demonstrated in animal trials. this monkey lost function notice the animal on the right which had same induced trauma followed by the scaffold implant. researchers say it regained normal movement within weeks. >> we have 44 monkeys all treated among s -- treated among kids are running within
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three weeks. >> reporter: if it gets the go ahead it could mark a turning point. >> it makes a logical approach since spinal cord injury in people is usually involved contusion injury like a bruise to the spinal cord. >> reporter: he's a researcher at the trauma institute at san francisco general he says a number of local researchers are looking at similar strategies some employing stem cells he cautions it may be before it is ready. >> there's more work that needs to be done in terms of safety and when you are putting things into an incomplete lesion you don't want to cause additional damage. >> reporter: with no real options available frank believes his device with emerging technology will offer the first real hope. >> hundreds of friends in wheelchairs my passion is to help them. >> reporter: the device is
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paid from material that is already fda approved, does not require a second surgery to remove it. carolyn johnson, abc7 news. new hoodie controversy involving mark zuckerberg. some wall street types criticized him for wearing his trademark hoodie to meet with investors monday saying he showed disrespect. his defenders say that is just him. silicon valley has always been casual as shown by steve jobs' look. some facebook fans are saying the hoodie is the new black turtleneck. one thing we know for sure, new york is not silicon valley, very different mentality. >> no suit is a uniform in new york. hoodie is not. 6:16. time for a look at forecast. will you need a hoodie for this afternoon? >> no. but this morning, yes. beautiful picture of the sunrise coming over
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yerba buena island, gorgeous. we have a couple other pictures, within more, that is of the sun already up as we look from sutro -- off to the east. let's see, 47 santa rosa, 49 half moon bay everybody else in the low to mid 50s san jose 57 right now 54 oakland, near 50 around monterey bay mid to upper 40s gilroy and salinas. today sunny everywhere slightly cooler especially inland. sunny, breezy, warmer tomorrow, warmer than average everywhere for mother's day and at day. -- concord and san jose deeper you go inland the more likely significant cooling compared to yesterday. cold front coming through quietly, bringing in a slightly cooler air mass and steering that sea breeze
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keeper into our inland valleys today. going to be a quick hit of cooler weather. temperatures south bay mid 70s to 80 in los gatos 68 millbrae low to mid 70s peninsula brisk along the coast mid to upper 50s mid 60s downtown south san francisco upper 50s to near 60 along the north bay beaches mid 70s inland low to mid 70s east bay shore low to mid 80s east bay valleys same morgan hill, gilroy and hollister low 70s monterey bay. 12:35 first pitch, warming up to 74. temperatures by saturday, 10° warmer just about everywhere warmer than average all seven days of your forecast. bay bridge toll metering lights turned on. traffic backing up beyond the end of the parking lot now. typical delays in the east bay. elsewhere quiet this morning. here's 101 san rafael heading
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southbound drive time from highway 37 in novato only 20 minutes no problems to the golden gate bridge. on the peninsula, freeways are accident-free. you heard terry mcsweeney's report he's live in menlo park you want to avoid edison way and fair oaks south of 101, north of marsh. also n the south bay, no major -- in the south bay, no major problems slowing northbound 101 as you approach the 880 interchange still good on highway 87 and 280 fine. for bay link ferry commuters, once again mechanical problems, buses for the 7:00 departure and 8:30. other mass transit systems, reporting no delays. 6:19. texas ranger star josh hamilton delivers a dazzling and rare performance. hard enough naming any newborn but the public has spoken for what to call these
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baby falcons. firstrthe public spoke and the volunteers chose. the names they've decided on is next. m
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tonight tim lincecum pitches for the giants looking to win the final game in los angeles. last night the giants evened the series beating the dodgers 2-1. this afternoon the a's will try to win their fourth in a row after last night's
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dramatic amazing walk off grand-slam by brandon ingea's beat the blue jays -- inge. the a's beat the blue jays. he's the first player to accomplish that feat since delgado in 2003 he finished with eight rbi's career best. naming a newborn is often tough, naming four baby falcons not so tough. the four young falcons living adopt pg&e building in san francisco now have names. the public submitted suggestions and volunteers with the uc santa cruz predatory bird research group made the final selections. two girls amelia for amelia earhart and electra for her plane. the two boys are perry for a be loved san francisco police
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officer who passed away. and sutro for adolf sutro whose name is on several city landmarks. if your name is amelia or electra you have to fly well. >> you will. i don't think anybody's name is lockheed, which made the electra, so they will be fine. still ongoing haz-mat situation in menlo park has kept streets closed. live update on what is happening. violent crime that left a rohnert park woman dead. what investigators are searching for in connection with the crime. preparing to pay more for a uc education. the proposed tuition hike that could increase the cost of going to college >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in concord, a little girl was hit by a truck and the driver left the scene. next, you will hear what surprised witnesses. newark and philadelphia flight arrival delays wet weather heading to the east more delays are possible.
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good morning. it is the 9th of may. that's what the fancy watch says. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. blue skies, sun and fog-free.
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mike here with a quick look at what is happening. fog along the coast some stilling across san francisco now going to make a late surge into the bay but won't last long. by 9:00 back to the coast, 10 tops. doppler quiet even at the coast, as you step out 45 santa rosa, napa 48, 47 half moon bay, san francisco and oakland 51 to 54 warm spot san jose 57 with antioch. let's find out if your commute is as smooth as the weather. bay bridge toll smooth. backed up towards west grand not more than that metering lights are on. there are a couple of accidents you need to be aware of. one eastbound 4 past discovery bay boulevard. it is a motorcycle injury crash so it is blocking eastbound direction. westbound traffic you have to share the lanes right now, a bit slow, expect delays. also an accident northbound basco at walnut boulevard.
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breaking news situation on the peninsula winding down. police sealed off the area around an industrial complex in menlo park earlier while crews investigated a hazardous materials incident. terry mcsweeney is live near the scene to bring us the latest. last time we saw you, you told us it is all clear? >> reporter: it is safe, it is all clear. everybody pretty much has left except for a couple of firefighters and a sheriff's deputy or two it is a bizarre story. deputies about 2:30 this morning came out here and sensed a strong smell, a chemical smell. they backed off, called out the haz-mat teams. we got the update. in the back of a pick-up truck there were a few guys who were refining gold. to do that they were using
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chromatic acid. according to the sheriff's department office of emergency services spokesman they were using the chromatic acid to help melt the gold in the back of this pick-up truck with an extension cord from the pick-up truck into a company they were using power out of the company. does not know if the people who were refining the gold were tied to the company in any way shape or form. in the back of that pick up they had a couple of beakers, heating process going on and they were using chromatic acid, if used properly and vented properly, it is considered a safe chemical as many chemicals are. in this case in the back of a pick up is not where you do it. the venting was there since they were out in the open. they are not saying what -- why they decided at 2:30 in the morning to start refining gold in the back of a pick-up
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truck. that's what they were doing. all is clear, all is safe. the danger such as it was, has passed. haz-mat team is long gone. closed off at least for the time being. it seems to be everything clear right now and everybody safe. no injuries. bizarre story terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> definitely unusual. thank you for those new details. uc berkeley police investigating tragic death at one of their dorms. cal student either fell or jumped last night from this dormitory. we've checked social media sites it appears the cal sophomore left a farewell message on his facebook page which seems to indicate suicide. campus police have not made a determination yet. authorities in the north bay looking for a killer who may have left the scene in the
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victim's car. row park police found a 66-year-old woman -- rohnert park police found a 66-year-old woman dead in her home. investigators there appeared to have been a violent struggle. they also noticed the victim's car was missing. the search for the vehicle, license plate on your screen: this morning the fbi is investigating threats made against southwest airlines that caused three jets to be searched at two airports last night. officials say nothing suspicious was found on any of the planes. within jet returned to the gate and was's light -- one jet returned to the gate and was isolated at john wayne airport last night. a similar threat was receiveed two other planes in phoenix. those jets were searched after
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they land safely in phoenix. tsa officials say southwest deemed the threats as noncredible. the investigation comes as intelligence officials reveal the man selected by al-qaeda to carry a bomb ton a -- on to a jetliner was a cia operative acting as a double agent. he managed to penetrate al-qaeda in yemen. fbi techs are examining the sophisticated underwear bomb he was supposed to wear. airports around the world are being put on alert for another attempt by al-qaeda to accomplish its mission. the search is on this morning for the driver of a pick-up truck that hit and seriously injured a 4-year-old girl in concord. the young victim suffered massive foot injuries. amy hollyfield is live at the scene in concord. >> reporter: we talked to police they tell us they are still looking for that truck and the driver. this happened on a busy street that is surrounded by
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apartment complexes it is easy to picture all the children out playing last night was warm, pretty night. cars have been driving through quickly this morning this is on 6th in concord. witnesses say the girl did run out into the street last night, she is 4-years-old, and she was hit. the truck kept going. witnesses say it was not speeding as it drove away giving some people the impression that the driver didn't know he hit her. some witnesses say they find that hard to believe. >> if that car did not see the young child in the street, then he had to be blind. there's no way he did not see her. >> reporter: police say she does have major injuries to her foot. she is expected to survive. police are looking for a newer model metallic blue pick-up truck with over-sized tires. it possibly has damage to the right front headlight.
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they are asking that you be on the lookout for it this morning as you head off to work or to school. this happened at 6th and clayton road in concord around 6:30 last night. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. san francisco school officials have voted to lay-off 218 faculty and staff in the next school year they settled on that number after sending out 333 preliminary notices in march. the teachers' union set out dozens of empty chairs last night to represent the lay-offs. they say the board should use part of its 80 million dollar reserve fund to rescind the pink slips. administrative law judge ruled that 65 special faculty members in the mission and bay view would not be immuned to the lay-offs. teachers are set to take a strike authorization vote tomorrow after the district declare add impasse in contract talks last week. >> --
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good morning. let's get you out the door with a look at forecast. hopefully within you will enjoy. -- good morning. don't see radar returns do see light grey, hard to see, low cloud as that are moving across the coast and across san francisco right now haven't made it to bayside but definitely filling in the westside it will move a little farther east as we head through 8:00 most of our temperatures in the 40s upper 40s to low 50s like they are right now towards lunch nice day to be out low to mid 60s throughout the bay upper 60s to mid 70s inland still cool along the coast and breeze will start to develop 20 to 30 mile per hour northerly wind mid 50s for you winds get rid most of the clouds 57 half moon bay, 62 san francisco, 4:00, 67 oakland the rest of us low to mid 70s east bay valleys near 80 by 6:00 mid 60s low to mid 60s around the bay mid to
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upper 50s along the coast. it will be warmer, much warmer friday through next week. good morning. new accident just reported westbound 80 at hilltop blocking two left lanes. injuries reported. chp en route now and an ambulance. westbound 80 right now 54 miles an hour. i think it going to slow down i'll keep track of this for you. then check out the drive times on that east shore freeway. there are a couple more accidents in the east bay, one is eastbound 4 past discovery bay boulevard they are using westbound lanes traffic control in the area. also an accident northbound basco at walnut boulevard. with the waze traffic app you can see there is slowing westbound on highway 4 right now approaching the scene of the crash. also, on basco road the traffic is slow southbound. another thing you can see. you can get street level
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traffic with the waze app. bay bridge toll backed up towards west grand now. just about 6:40. that means trading is underway on wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange. the dow down 118 points so far. >> the new statistics that show a dip in the number of carpoolers crossing bay area bridges what is keeping drivers from using the diamond lanes? the effort to keep junk food away from california schools is paying off. new findings supports the ban impact on childhood obesity rates. çk
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california forecast dre still warm in some areas low to mid 90s through the central valley palm springs 102. l.a. warm 85 san diego comfortable 69. sun throughout the sierra 72 tahoe. afternoon sunshine and 76 in big sur, sunshine still cool in eureka, 56. 6:44. that means "good morning america" stars in a few minutes. josh elliot has a quick look at stories they are covering today. good wednesday morning. coming up the inside man, new details on the double agent
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who foiled that plot how did he fool al-qaeda and get way with the bomb? brian ross with new details don't miss this, next here on "good morning america." >> that comes up in 15 minutes. right now more news. the number of carpoolers crossing the seven state run bridges continues to drop after a toll was enforced nearly two years ago. since july of 2010, carpoolers no longer cross for free. now it costs $2.50. the number of daily carpoolers dropped 26% after the toll was imposed. for the first nine months of this fiscal year, carpooling dropped 10%. traffic on those seven bridges which does not include the golden gate up nearly 1 1/2%. >> if you are a carpooler, more traffic. >> there may be a link between long commutes and expanding waistlines. an article in the american journal of preventive medicine
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finds people who have a long drive to work are more likely to be overweight compared to noncommuting peers. drivers burn fewer calories because they are sitting longer. studies have found links between long periods of sitting and health risks like cancer, heart disease and early death. u.s. stocks falling sharply there is good news out there for toyota following tough times stemming from last year's devastating earthquake and tsunami in japan. jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with the impressive profits. [ unintelligible ] good morning. a couple of tough years for toyota, they are moving forward shaking off last year's natural disaster. forecasting profits to more than double to a five year high in the coming year as it rolls out new models.
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new prius hybrids, this year the sales in the u.s. are up 12%. stocks not so great today. reliving concerns about europe. like the never ending nightmare dow, s&p, nasdaq all trading lower today, worry about greece being able to form a government and will they accept the terms of the bailout? spain also in focus will that be the next country that needs to be bailed out? bloomberg index down a little more than half a percent. cost plus is being bought by bed battle and beyond all cash deal value -- bed, bath and beyond all cash deal. another hopeful sign on the housing market, percentage of homeowners on mortgage down -- home
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-- maybe a nice morning to take your dog fourth a walk. nice outside behind us sunshine operate bayside of san francisco as you look -- on the bayside of san francisco as you look left you can see clouds making a late push as marina layer is
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trying to create a little bit of a tale of two cities, if you will. right now san francisco 50 within, 54 oakland, 57 san jose. -- upper 40s santa rosa and half moon bay. sunny everywhere by the afternoon even the coast cooler. sunny, breezy, different breeze tomorrow brings warmer temperatures back warmer than average everywhere for mother's day today highs we are cooler than yesterday, still close to average, if not warmer. redwood city 74, spot on. san francisco 66. napa and san jose 78. oakland 72. livermore 83. sunsets 8:08. you can see clouds making late push in the morning look how quickly they retreat around
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9:00, 10:00 back to the coast. by noon, 1:00 almost gone completely nice stiff breeze out of the north 20 to 30 miles per hour, small craft advisory along our coast. temperatures 5 to 10° cooler than yesterday. 79 dublin, low to mid 80s east bay valleys. 68 richmond cool spot on the east bay shoreline low to mid 70s elsewhere even as you head towards castro valley, hercules in the mid 70s, to near 80 south bay, 78 san jose los gatos 80. 68 millbrae low to mid 70s southbound. temperatures along the coast, mid to upper 50s on the bayside downtown south san francisco mid 60s 57 bodega bay. 68 sausalito mid to upper 70s most north bay valleys.
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six hey two in monterey. only a two game set with the blue jays we won last night. sunny at 12:35. warming up to 74. tonight cooler than this morning upper 40s to low 50s mostly clear sky mid 40s around santa rosa and cloverdale. biggest warming the coast and the bay tomorrow, then the warming starts to move inland friday and over the weekend upper 80s inland, low 80s around the bay, near 70 at the coast. great weather for mother's day. traffic getting jammed on westbound 80 approaching hilltop where they have this injury crash blocking two left lanes they are saying possibly no injuries they are going to try to clear it. traffic heavy 14 miles an hour approaching the scene drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze has jumped to 28 minutes getting slower.
6:52 am
couple more problems out towards the discovery bay area. eastbound 4 past discovery bay boulevard, motorcycle crash blocking the lane they are using westbound lane to get traffic by in both directions. also an accident basco northbound at walnut boulevard. i'll take you to the waze traffic app to show what is going on down to the street level, slowing westbound 4 right now i'm tracking a traffic spotter fred moving along at over 40 pile as hour eastbound no problems there -- slowing southbound on basco road past that accident on walnut, nothing terribly out of the ordinary due to that crash. bay bridge toll just backed up towards west grand not too bad. in the north bay 101 southbound still looking good through san rafael. 6:50 two the owners of an oil tanker that spilled more than 50,000 gallons of fuel into the bay have agreed to
6:53 am
pay a nearly two million dollar fine. the announcement expected today from the district attorney and alameda county d.a.. the dubai star was refueling near the bay bridge in october 2009 one tank began overflowing. nobody onboard noticed the overflow no alarm sounded, nobody called for help for several hours. most money will be used to restore while life habitat damaged by the spill. california the first state a decade ago to ban the sale of soft dings in schools since 2007 the state has -- has enforced nutrition standards limiting the amount of fat, sugar and calories included in meal plans and snacks from vending months. high school students consume on average nearly 160 fewer calories per day than students in other states.
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6:53. "good morning america" comes up in seven minutes. before you watch that here are five things to know before you go: number one, haz-mat situation is all clear in a menlo park technology park. responders say the unusual smell that prompted their response turned out to be a few men refining gold with chromatic acid in the back of a pick up on edison way. the area has been deemed safe. >> number two, concord girl recovering from a hit-and-run yesterday major injury to her foot airlifted to children's hospital oakland. this morning the driver of the car that hit her and took off has not been found. >> number three, bomb threat grounded three southwest flight originating from john wayne airport port overnight. investigators did not find traces of explosives onboard. they are searching for whoever called in the threats. >> number four, bomber in the al-qaeda plot to bomb a u.s.
6:55 am
plane was a double agent working for the cia. the spy managed to penetrate the terror organization's inner circle. "good morning america" will have more in minutes. number five, the university of california pro proposing 6% tuition increase for next it could cost students an extra $700 each year to attend a uc campus. we are in 40s and 50s by the afternoon, temperatures mild, warmest weather inland valleys especially east bay low to mid 80s, morgan hill 82 low to mid 80s from santa rosa towards cloverdale and clear lake. mid to upper 70s from fremont, palo alto into the south bay, vallejo, napa and san rafael, mid to upper 60s for san francisco and richmond. out to the coast, breezy today, mid to upper 50s north wind 20
6:56 am
to 30 miles per hour. 40s and 50s tonight, mostly clear, everybody sees warming tomorrow, significantly above average this weekend. final check bay bridge toll, backed up towards west grand. there's a new crash in the back-up in lane number 7, hard to see where that is. there is a hot spot westbound 80 at hilltop thanks to traffic spotter, reported it as major blocking two left lanes. chp saying no injuries. traffic jammed, nine miles an hour on westbound 80. back up now extends to highway 4. and the drive time over half an hour right now on the east shore freeway. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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