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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 9, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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believes marriage should be between a man and woman and says the president's announcement today makes this a major campaign issue this november. >> this is going to put them in jeopardy. when they realize this position requires the only institution they can with moms and dads. >> and advocates say the rest of america is changing too. >> the reality is that if i want to take a look, from a polling perspective, the majority support freedom to marry for same-sex couples. only folks who are against it are the people never going to vote for the president. >> and tonight we're going to talk to gavin newsom back in 2004 when he broke the you law
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allowing same-sex couples here in the city to marry. >> today in a campaign stop, romney says he's standing by his belief marriage is between a man and woman. >> there are states able to make decisions such as hospital visitation rights and benefits could be determined and my view is that marriage is a relationship between a man and woman. >> and romney did not go so far as accusing president obama of changing his policy on the issue but when questions he says the president shifted his stance. and world news will have robin roberts one on one on the subject coming up at 5:30.
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and tomorrow morning you can see the entire interview. >> developing news. a suspected gang member found guilty of killing a father and his two sons in san francisco in a case of mistaken identity. edwin ramos convicted of murdering 48-year-old anthony bologna and his sons, michael and matthew. the three shot in san francisco. police say ramos belonged to the ms 13 gang, and mistook one son for a rival gang member. ramos claimed he was only the driver and did not fire the weapon. after the verdict was read, anthony bologna's sister said she's glad it's over. >> there is justice today, it won't bring my family back. not at all. but it helps a little. it helps a little. thank you so much. >> a third son was not injured
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and testified that ramos was in fact the shooter. >> in a south bay search for sierra lamar who disappeared nearly two months ago. her family says they're encouraged by discovery of a dhar may hold clues. dive teams in san jose looking through coyote creek and small ponds. there is a number of volunteers dropped 20% here. there is still hope remaining high that a break could come at any time. there are volunteers searching after 8:00 a.m. undaunted by heavy growth. this discovery yesterday of the jetta captured on a surveillance camera raised hopes for sierra lamar's mother and search coordinator, mark klaus. >> it's something that is significant that is going to expedite this investigation.
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and. >> we want to know who owns it, what is inside of it. there is information available as a result of the information. >> investigators have not said whether itd contains evidence. we wait to learn if the vw provides a break in this case, the number of volunteers dropped today. >> there is only 80 today but over 100. >> three volunteers doing searches six to 10 times each. and there is a wonderful mother's day present to know she's alive. >> they've encountered snakes and a suspected gravesite but nothing definite. some terrain is rugged. >> there are some hard searches. i like the challenge and i'm
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fit to do it. >> numbers are usually higher on saturdays the greater the number, the more teams could be formed to cover wider areas. >> stay strong we're going to find you. and you're coming back to us. just hang in there. >> investigators are persuing many leads they ruled out any possible link to attempted kidnappings that occurred recently. >> thank you very much. >> mountain view police looking for a man who may have exposed himself twice to the same 13-year-old girl. police say he looked like this. and investigators say the girl told him a man matching that description did the same thing in february, 2011 in the game vicinity but she did not report it until this week.
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>> today surgeons operated on a little girl badly injured by a hit and run driver whose car dragged her half a block last night. witnesses say the 4-year-old was hit by a truck and start -- darted into the street into her apartment. there is no word yet on the condition. police do need your help to find the driver who hit her, though. the suspect driving a new model pick up. it may have damage to the front passenger side where the girl was hit. the search continues for a missing suv belonging to a ron yark park woman found dead in her home. officers responded to the home for a welfare check and found the 66-year-old woman dead inside. evidence points to a violent struggle and investigators are calling this case a homicide. police say the woman's white toyota highlander is missing
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with california plates. >> there is some tense hours in a high school today, independence high locked down at 10:00. that is after police received a call from someone reporting seeing a student with a gun. police questioned several students and didn't find anything out of the ordinary. and there are several officers remained on campus. >> and information on what california kids are eating. state crack down on junk food is having a broader affect. abc 7 news is live in sacramento with the story. >> california policy makers knew taking junk food out of schools is a good thing, now, new numbers back that up. a new university of illinois study is suggesting california policies that ban junk food influencinging teenager eating habits, it's been five years
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since the crack down, researchers found high school students are eating 160 fewer calories per day than kids in other states. a trend could help reverse this obesity trend. there is also less fat and sugar. >> we've got to stop the growth leveling off. so hopefully kids are taking a stronger interest. >> like california campuses that don't sell sodas, unhealthy snacks and fried food. you'll find fruits and vegetables, fries that are baked and whole grains. schools have gotten rid of salt packets. >> this is like i was kind of upset. i like salt. but, yeah. it's like helping me eat better and that is what i want to do. >> this would be a larger size. this shirt. doi feel like. i would be heavier.
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>> 160 fewer calories per day may not be much, researchers say most children could avoid weight gain by simply cutting out 100 to 200 calories per day. students do bring junk food from home. and this assembly man says a pediatrician says more needs to be done. >> in the school there is an environment where kids will take fewer calories. we can use this information to talk to parents about how to create an environment at home. >> the study author noted news is encouraging and live in sacramento abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. a study out of denmark suggests another way to prevent children from becoming obese, let them sleep in your bed. children who never slept in their parent's bed after waking up at night were three times more likely to become
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obese as compared to children who slept in their parents's bed every night after weaking -- waking saying the security helps them find less comfort in food. >> coming up, why this might be the best time in recent hist troy puft your home on the market. >> and diploma mill. it's a form of fraud that may be a sign of a competitive time. >> i'm sandhya patel, there is change on the way. i'll tell you about it coming up. >> virtual reality about to become pass yeah. soon, technology letting you tryout a hairdo before getting to the stylist. stay with us. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues in just a moment. hello?
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the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. a solemn pro session took place in front of oakland headquarters. saluting family members of officers killed in the line of
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duty. inside names of the 51 police officers were read aloud as family members place aid flower on a giant wreath. names are permanently displayed on a wall of honor in the lobby. >> caltrans honored its dead today with governor brown presiding over a ceremony. it included 178 orange safety cones one for each employee killed on the job since 1924. 9 governor declared this work zone awareness week, urging drivers to slow down when seeing caltrans employees on the road. >> distracted driving is on the rise everywhere. a study suggests college students could be the worst offenders finding that 78% of clerj students say they use a cell phone behind the wheel. now that number. 52% reported that they do use hands free cell phones.
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that good news offset by this, 50% said they send texts while driving down the freeway. >> and honda not going to have to pay a los angeles woman nearly $10,000 for overstating fuel economy claims on the civic hybrid. a judge overturned a decision by a commissioner that said mileage claims are for comparison to other cars and don't take into account variations with vehicle petitions. the woman ordered to pay court costs, 75s oodz from cars to something else we spend money for, home prices have been dropping and they still are. >> that is expected to turn around soon, though. there is won't that be nice? there are so many bargains out there. analysts say buyers are beginning to buy. market researchers predict prices will rise by 4% per
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year for the next five years. upswing driven by investors and first time home buyers. housing prices dropped by a third since the mortgage crisis began. prices start going up, oakland and san jose could be the big winners. that is because many tech movers are moving in. there is a warning today about companies selling fake college degrees. lawmakers held a hearing about a growing number of so called diploma mills selling phony degrees for $50 or for as much as $6,000. they require little or no course work. officials say as many as 50,000 fake diplomas are printing per year, more than real ones handed out. consequences are serious. >> i testified in court against two men on trial for
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manslaughter pretending to be doctors took a child off insulin. she died. well that is as extreme as kit get. >> wow. >> ledge vaitors are concerned penalties and are urging employers to verify credentials before hiring f you're traveling overseas expect your flight to be jam packed. airlines predict a record number of americans will fly overseas from june through august. international flights carrying 26.8 million passengers. that is half a million more than last summer. domestic flights carrying 179 million passengers. there is no real change there. so that means if your flight is cancelled due to weather good luck. >> you'll get peanuts. >> maybe not.
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>> in old days there was virtual reality. those two worlds are now colliding to find something being called augmented reality. >> there you might wonder what are they doing? there is a class revealing these two playing a classic video game pod in a world known as augmented reality. >> it's turning a camera into an eye. your camera is able to recognize objects. >> this map becomes a living room. >> and suddenly characters come to light. >> if they pick up ernie here, ernie comes to live. and talks to us.
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>> they came to us and said there is extra in the catalog. >> people are excited or upset because they wonder why it doesn't work on real people. >> this is also can be about august meanting yourself. software let's you see how you'd look with a new hair style can help fantasy characters. >> there is where we can recognize this. >> hollywood is taking note with these glasses. a director is using it to put them on set. >> and test them out against the core you have. >> you're next to them. >> in santa clara, abc 7 news. >> and let's get augmented
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weather reality. >> we want the real deal. >> and we have a cooler weather today. and there is tomorrow we're going to go with a warming trend. nice-looking weather ahead. skies are blue as you can see there. there is a cooler day there. and from our east bay hills camera we're going to pan around and you can see it's clear outside. and the fog this morning along the coastline gone. take a look at the satellite picture and i'll prove it to you. this evaporated and wind flow cleared a coastline. there is a flow that brought breezy conditions to the bay area. and there is six to 12 degrees yesterday but that is going to
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change heading into tomorrow. >> here are the highs so far, warm inland. there is 87 in concord. and there is out of the 90s and san jose 76, and san carlos, 73 today. and cool in half moon bay. 57. santa rosa 81 degrees. here are the temperatures now. it's still warm inland. still 80s showing up there. and there is clear tonight. patchy coastal fog, warmer conditions in the coast p bay tomorrow, warm inland this weekend. numbers will be approaching 90 degrees. and there is low pressure inland and sharp pressure difference between highs and lows. wind flow is going to change shifting just a little bit to provide us with warmer weather and there is an northerly wind
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flow. so we'll go with sunny skies at the coast into the next couple days. this is going to mean warmer weather temperatures along the coast tomorrow into the morning we're going to see 48 degree was fog out there. and certainly fog there. into the north bay valleys, 50 degrees in concord. there is a warmer day around the coast and bay. not so much inland. low to mid-80s inland. and half moon bay, 55 degrees and and 72 watsonville, gilroy mid-80s, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. warming again. temperatures along the coast on the 60s.
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inland mid to upper 60s. picture perfect weather. there is no excuse. >> get outside and enjoy weather. >> all right. >> just ahead abc 7 news there is a california city known for conservative views is paying crib yut from a legend from san francisco. >> and i team looks into why stockpiles may soon be abandoned. we'll be right back here. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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the first street to be name afd harvey mic could northbound san diego. san diego city council voted to rename a two block street after mic inunveiling signs on his birthday, may 22. he served in the navy stationed in san diego. so that is the connection there. he was the first openly gay man to be elected to office in california. he and san francisco mayor george moss kobe -- moscone were killed in 1978. >> a resolution honoring boy
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scouts turned into a political battle today. the assembly man wanted t to -- saying they want to urge the boy scouts to accept gays in leadership positions. legislation passed assembly judish yairy committee. >> just four days from mother's day. and we're getting some -- my of mic went away. there it s there are great family stories from people coming -- calling in telling us how special their mom is. abc 7 news is looking for bay area's luck eyest moms. take a look. here are the photos from the abc 7 news family. and just go to and click on mother's day button, then upload and tell them about your mother. you can be featured here on abc 7 news. >> love that segment.
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>> we'll be right back. abçk
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new tonight at 6:00 there has been another beating at napa state hospital triggering a staff lockout. it's a vic lee exclusive. from michael finney a man drives an electric car but landlord won't let him charge it and a rock climbing sailer who raps and seeks three foreign languages.
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and this is coming up in 30 minute autos see you then. >> and an iconic american art work being auctioned off tonight skmekted to bring big buck autos sotheby's offering this image of elvis as a cowboy. only 22 exist. >> art work expected to sell for $30 million to $50 million. last month "the scream" sold for $119 million. >> thanks for joining us. see you again at 6:00.


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