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this attack happened in the early evening in a unit filled by patients who have been commit bid their families. it's not where the criminally insane are housed in more secure units that. is where most assaults have occurred in the past. there are administrators saying only that a naipa state hospital nursing employee was injured during an incident. the patient arrested, the staff member treated at the hospital. workers say the patient became irritated and fought staff, trying to calm him down, we're told the employee suffered a serious leg injury, requiring surgery. several others were injured trying to subdue the patient. workers tell us security still inadequate to deal with a growing population of violent patients. many of whom are criminally insane. they say there have been some
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security enhancements but not enough to ensure safety of the staff. some say little changed since the murder of donna gross almost two years ago. the assaults continued since the death, patients attacking staff and other patients. this assemblyman says violent patients ought to be isolated. >> i think patients are likely to be implicated in violence. and find kpeshl units for them. and they have the kind of security needed to deal with patients. >> and assemblyman allen has taken the lead on this security issue. and he's got five bills pending in the legislature dealing with improving security. now, we're also told by staffers here that most, if not all of the night shift are planning to call in sick in
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that unit tonight. >> guilty on three counts of first degree murder is the jury's decision in a san francisco courtroom where an accused gang member, edwin ramos had been on trial for gunning down a father and two sons. we're live where the trial came to a conclusion today. >> this sure did. ramos guilty of murdering 48-year-old anthony glon bologna and two of bologna's sons. this is a killing happening in san francisco four years ago. the victims mistaken for rival gang members. june 22, 2008, edwin ramos out for a drive, he pulled alongside of anthony bologna and his three sons. on the stand ramos testified another man was in the car that pulled the trigger that night. but today, the six man jury
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found ramos guilty on all three counts of first degree murder. and one count of attempted murder. >> god answered our prayers. he answered our prayers. i miss my son, my grandkids, i'm never going to see them again. matthew... matthew was going to take care of me with -- when i got old. he won't be able to do that. >> the mother and grandmother of the victims, and lor yain kennedy is tony bologna's sister. >> justice won't bring them back, but it has been served at this point. >> the key witness was tony bologna's third son, an druchl a teenager in the car with his father and brothers on the night of the shooting but he survived and identified ramos as the shoot yemplt the jury
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deadlocked on whether ramos pulled the trigger. the prosecutor was asked if he was comfortable with andrew bologna's testimony. >> i was comfortable. absolutely. i think his testimony that he saw mr. ramos fire that gun. but the jury made the decision. >> late this afternoon, the defense attorney issue hd this statement saying quote we're surprised that the jury could not agree on whether mr. ramos fired the gun yet still chose to convict on first degree murder, justice has not been delivered to the city of san francisco, nor victims so long as the killer is still on the street. the defense attorney referring to the alleged leader of the ms 13 gang. what they'd this case more notorious is that ramos was in and out of trouble with the law as a teenager and through the scrapes the police let him
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go or turned him over to the probation department, which never contacted the immigration department. and edwin ramos was in the country illegally. the policy, because of the city's sanctuary policy has been charged, largely because of this case. >> thank you. >> new information in the shooting death of a woman and her daughter monday night. autopsies conducted on the 37-year-old amy freeman burton and her daughter both shot once in the head apparently with the same gun. the results were not conclusive, the coroner says it's unlikely that ainsley shot herself. police note there'd was no forced entry into the house. >> lawyers for former bart police officer mezer lee asked a court of appeals to overturn his conviction. he was found guilty of volume
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teary man slaughter for shooting oscar grant three years ago. mezer lee contended the shooting was accidental. he claims he thought he had drawn a taser not a gun. and he said he did not act with a level of recklessness. johannes mehserle serve aid jail sentence but is now pursuing an appeal because he cannot get another law enforcement job with a felony conviction. >> the standoff between a group called occupy the farm and uc berkeley is escalating. just a short time ago the university filed a lawsuit against 14 people for illegal occupation of a university-owned piece of land in all banny. abc 7 news is live with the latest on this. >> the lawsuit filed in supreme court and this claims the group conspired to build
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an illegal encampment and asked for financial compensation this, man is one of 14 named in that lawsuit. he is actually named by name. the others in that university tried to regain control of the property so they filed that suit and claim names 150 unnamed defendants that lists the suit as john doe this, is a latest move to regain control of the property. they say they need it for educational use and research and that the illegal occupation of the land prevents that from happening. i have to tell you things took a turn this morning. police decided to set up barricades and told occupiers they needed to leave. they said if they didn't leave, they'd be arrested. and if they'd interfere, chemical agents could be used against them. both have been name as defendants in that lawsuit. >> there is a where i can feel buoyed by community support we've experienced.
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we're going to keep farming. farmland is for farming. >> protestors have occupied the land known as gill track since april 22. administrators say they've lasted far too long i have to tell you occupiers are trying to fight back. and i can tell you from what we've seen, it's been a low turn out. >> thank you very much. >> officials from both sides of san francisco bay revealed how they're going to spend a cash settlement stemming from a fuel snil 2009. bunker oil spilled into the bay in october, 2009, killing more than 100 sea turtles. >> i'm pleased that this settlement addresses the clean up and the restoration efforts
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and the enhancement of those beautiful habitats along the coastline of alameda. >> the $1.9 million settlement joins state officials in taking action against the ship owner autos san francisco today changed the way police will work with the fbi on counter terrorism limiting what they can do in the name of national security. the mayor ed lee says the new law balances protecting civil liberties and protecting public safety. and here is abc 7 news reporter san francisco mayor signed a law making clear police cannot ride rough shot over city and state privacy laws. >> by wanted to make sure we'd not end up in a days of apology. that should be long gone. >> the fbi p police made an agreement in 2007 outlining how they'd work together on a
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joint terrorism task force. if aunlorized gathering not allowed under state law like surveillance without grounds. the new law requires new agreements have an open airing at the police commission and police follow local pry vassy and first amendment standards. >> this is is that fbi using police as a force multiplyer but they can't impose their standards on our local folks. >> and. >> we're contacted by fbi. i have done surveillance. >> supporters say the law protects national sek day suring communities they're not being investigated based only on the way they look or the sound of their names. >> this opens the door for communities to reach out to the police. and so it take as way the fear element. >> the police chief says he
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supports this version of the law. >> i think it's important to have the conversation but that i think we have to do what is reasonable and practical within city rules. to keep the city safe oo. saying there is no way tho know when, or if a new agreement will go before the commission. >> will california be ready the next time a disaster strikes? just ahead i team has been looking into why the state is abandoning stockpiles of life-saving supply autos the sensors now floating and swimming in the delta tonight. a realtime early warning system. >> a landlord won't allow a tenant to plug in an electric car. what does that mean for all renters?
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we spend a lot of time and money on assessings risk of natural disaster autos in california it seems to change though the risk is constant. dan noyes is here with a preview of the investigation. >> this state of california has spent millions for emergency supplies over the years. but now, officials are cutting the budget to store and maintain those assets. >> these volunteers are running a mock earthquake drill in oakland. but it could be any disaster bioterrorism will the state of california be ready when the next major disaster happens?
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>> box after box of supplies that could save your live sit in warehouses. experts say what is inside is crucial in case of an emergency but the state decided they aren't worth maintaining with state dollars. >> these are important assets for california. we don't want to see them destroyed. we don't want to see them leaving california. >> with serious shortages, this state had to look at painful decision autos now, some stockpiles are on the prove. leaving questions. will the state be ready when it's not just a drill? >> this question is how willwell will be maintained?. >> where kblinls of dollars are being shipped and take you inside to give a look at one life saving resource the state is willing to abandon.
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>> we don't have the resources to put out into the community. >> tonight where it's going and how much it would cost the state to keep in california very important. >> and engineers developing floating robots that may help california in a number of scenarios. researchers spent the day depositing some of them in the delta. and we have the story from walnut grove. >> go, bear autos researchers spent the day tossing dozens of cylinders into the waters at walnut grove. sensors equipped with gps receivers and cell phone technology providing data showing their movements in water ways in realtime. they can deliver information on pollution and other variables. >> goal here is to be able to show how to scale which was
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unknown so that we can understand how the delta works. >> there is each of the 100 containing a cell phone. and transmit a live signal. >> it knows how fast it's moving and because it's floating what sit doing is what the water is doing. >> and the sensor wtz red tops are passive meaning they just float. those with yellow cap are active with pro possess pelers that allow them to move. >> there is a capability that hasn't been exemployedded before. to move into the center of the channel to avoid obstacle autos with the data researchers say the variety of real world april politic autos we hope to be able to provide a technology that can be on
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demand for realtime any event happening that was deeb debated. >> in an emergency, they can be dropped from a helicopter if a signal is unavailable they can communicate via radio. abc 7 news. >> and there is another nice day out there. >> lovely and spencer christian is here. >> warm yesterday. still felt mild, pleasant today unless you're at the coastline. there is a live view from our camera. looking down towards ocean beach, clear skies and breezy into hill tops. it's breezy down on the coastline if you're standing there, you can tell. beautiful evening around the bay area. there is some warm temperatures today and there is 89 was the top leading today and there is mid-80s in
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other locations. mainly 7 ows around the bay. 64 in san francisco. there is 57 in half moon bay. currently we're looking at temperatures of 80 degrees in concord and there is 59 here in san francisco. clear tonight. some coastal fog, warmer along the coast tomorrow. will be warm inland this weekend. there is a tight pressure gradient between low pressure center inland and that if you follow the time line there is a center moving more north and we'll get a flow of dry air down out of the north going to give us sunnier days and warmer days as well. overnight tonight mild though cooler than last night. there are lows into upper 50s
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and 50 degrees near the bay. and there are sunny skies and high temperatures low 80s there is highs of 78 in palo alto. 79 in mountain view. on the coast pacifica, low to mid-60s and breezy conditions, downtown there is a high of 69 tomorrow, 64 into sunset district. north bay highs into low to mid-80s there is near east bay highs ranging from low to mid-70s. 75 at oakland. 75 in union city. 76 in fremont. inland milder than that. highs into low to mid-80s. 85 in brentwood. near the bay looking for highs of 72 in watsonville. there is the accu-weather forecast, warming begins tomorrow, continuing throughout the weekend.
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and saturday, and sunday we'll see highs into upper 80s about 80 degrees around the bay. mid to upper 60s on the coast. sunday is looking spectacular as is the seven day period. >> fabulous. >> yes. >> thank you. >> just ahead first reports are in on a 5-year-old ban on school junk food. >> it seems to be working. ounce by ounce. stay with us. çk
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a united lirns flight had to make an emergency landing today. the pilot decided to land in denver international airport after noticing some engine vibrations.
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and passengers continued on board another plane. >> a state senate committee heard a proposal to keep the gates open at dozens of state parks. 70 set to close july 1 and as we told you here on abc 7 news state senators have propose yoesed tapping money to keep the parks open. >> we walk away from parks, then, the question is what happens after that. i think there are problems with potential for fires and accidents inside of the park. liability on the part of the state. i call it penny wise and pound foolish. >> lawmakers took no action on the proposal but will be heard again, may 23. >> and california's 5-year-old ban on junk food in schools seems to be changing the way kids eat. the university of illinois study found students eating about 160 fewer calories than
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kids in other states every day. and nutritionists say cutting 100 to 200 calories per day is enough to avoid long term weight gain. >> there would a larmer size. >> studies are showing we've stopped the broj and it's leveling off. so hopefully kids are taking a strong interest in their health. >> they found kids are eating less sugar and fat in schools. that is interesting. >> president obama's outlook on spaerj. reaction from the place where gay weddings became legal. >> oakland mayor jean kwan survives a recall effort. one down, one more to go. >> postal service changes its mind about closing hundreds of post offices and thousands of others will have to sacrifice. the news continues right after this.
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juicy johnsonville sausage. made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945. johnsonville. sausage is all we do.
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>> this is important for me. >> president obama in an abc news exclusive with a change of heart tonight on same-sex marriage. he said his position was evolving and it has. >> the first time a u.s. president said he favors same-sex marriage. we're live in san francisco where they're applauding the move. others had a word of caution for the president. >> they're calling it a monumental step. first president obama said he was opposed to same-sex marriage, then, he said his views were evolving and today, this historic announcement. >> i've just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to affirm
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that i think same-sex couples should be aable to get married. >> gavin newsom can play a role in shaping the national dialogue. in 2004 as mayor of san francisco, newsom defied the law allowing same-sex couples to marry at city hall. >> i think what we did years ago doesn't feel like was that long, put a human face on this issue. this is about brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles and that, i think, changed the debate. >> in 2008 the case is expected to land before the u.s. supreme court. and they say the shift is indictive of a change in public opinion. >> national conversation needs to continue now. because folks need to
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understand why it matters and our job is to have a conversation with, you know, folks in the middle z in this country. >> bill may a prop 8 spokesman disagrees. >> this is out of sync with the american public. >> and not for this mom. >> spectacular for us. >> the president says younger people are comfortable with same-sex marriage. >> you know malia and sasha have got friends whose parents are same-sex couples there have been times we've been sitting around the dinner table talking and, about their friends and their parents. and it won't dawn on them somehow their friend's parents
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would be treated differently. >> the president obama comes here to california to a fund-raiser and actor george clooney's home where he is sure to be praised for his decision today. >> mitt romney believes marriage is only between a man and woman. in oklahoma city romney stopped just short of accusing the president of flip flopping on this issue. >> i believe that the basics on the interview he gave today at abc is said he had changed a few. and you're a better judge of that than i. and now, according to abc news he is saying he supports it. >> and abc 7 news says the timing of the support is important and it could make a difference in november. >> and there is one element is
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the ability to charge romney with having multiple positions and no principals. this is clearly a counter example that had the same problem. >> bruce says they will respect the fact the president has taken a stand. house minority leader nancy pelosi issued this statement today, throughout history we've worked to live up to values of liberty and freedom. today taking another step forward in the march towards equality. >> oakland mayor celebrated news that efforts recalled her appear to be faltering. and there is one ending tomorrow without necessary signatures and a second collected barely a third of the signature autos this is a tough job. and i don't get much sleep. so i spend a little amount of
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time on recall. >> the second has about two months to collect signatures it needs. >> one of the things she has pt been able to do is work well with others. she doesn't listen to other people's viewpoints. it resulted in her driving away one of the best police chiefs oakland has in years it appears unlikely to pass. a poll found two thirds of the likely voters in oakland are against efforts. >> and survivors of fallen police officers held a special procession in oakland today. the chief among officers saluting as family members moved in for this ceremony, inside names of the 51 officers killed in the line of duty were read aloud. >> we do an impossible task. people expect the impossible. we run into buildings where others are running out.
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>> there is four officers lost their lives during a shootout. the names of all of the fallen officers in the 160 year history are posted. >> a dozen bay area post offices could see reduced hours. the post master general saying reducing hours would prevent some from closing altogether. a plan called fofr 3700 to close to save money for the cash-strapped agency. to find fought your post office is slated for reduced hours go to our web site and click on tee it -- see it on tv. >> a two year collaboration paid off well for a bay area retailer. cost plus world market has been sold for nearly $500 million. to bed, bath and beyond. and has been testing a specialty foods department in
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some stores and it turned out well. and expanded to 250 stores around the world. >> still coming up tonight a young rock climbing sailor speaks three foreign languages. >> he's this year's graduate at cal. hi juicy johnsonville sausage. made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945. johnsonville. sausage is all we do.
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you can see
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as you know just getting into cal is hard enough but graduating as valedictorian is something. >> abc 7 news has the story of this year's medal winner. a regular guy who is hardly a regular guy.
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>> cal student has a way with words. >> translation? hello, my name is eric. nice to meet you. in man darin, spanish and portuguese. he is this year's university medal winner. >> i don't know if it's sunk n think when i'm giving the speech in front of 16,000 people, it might sink in a little bit more. >> on graduation day, this 22-year-old from l.a. will walk away with two degrees in chinese, and conservation. the university medal has been around since 1871. to even apply a student must have a gpa of 3.96 but the selection committee takes other things into account. >> someone who represents ideals of the university and has broad interests and done lots of creative thing ootz interests in the environment began while attending uc
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berkeley summer forestry camp. he spent a summer doing investigative work at cal research station on the island of morea in the south pacific and recently involved in a community development program in nicaragua. >> i think about spending a summer in the bay area doing the same things i usually do it's more attractive to me to try something new. >> when i asked what he had learned from all of his trips, he quoted an old chinese pro verb. >> it translates if three people are walking my teacher must be among them. and meaning is that you know no matter where we go, it's important to remain humble and realize we have something to learn from everybody. >> he plans to use some of the $2500 prize to visit other countries in search of more every day live lessons.
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at uc berkeley abc 7 news. >> i just wish he'd maximize his time at cal. >> i know, really. >> michael finne skbr. a man
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and people turning to electric cars is a big challenge now. >> and if you're a homeowner you can just plug it in. for renters it's not that easy. >> now one man's challenge. >> that is right. california is trying to promote green technology. but one landlord told a tenant kit not use a plug to charge his new electric car. and neither can any other tenants. >> all i did was start it up richard is pretty happy with his new car. >> this just feels like you have obligation to be as green as you can can. >> he can keep his car charged up and he figured that would be no problem.
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and when he parks in his place there is an electrical outlet there. >> this car is designed to be convenient. that is the beauty. there his volt needs only a ordinary socket. he told his landlord about it. >> the answer came back we allow no alterations to the premises. >> he explain plained woe pay the cost. still his landlord gave him a flat no. richard could park her, but -- here, but not plug his car into the socket. >> i'm willing to reimburse you. please. give me your permission. >> the building manager saying simply trinity management services does not approve such requests. now richard says he has to drive to charging stations and wait hours for the battery to fill up and contacted 7 on your side and we tried to talk
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with the building owner. developer and his company trinity properties in this building. there is no no one that returned our call. the manager said i'm not allowed to comment on this and we're not going to say anything. >> i think as we see electric vehicles becoming more popular that will limit what situations with the disputes. >> as the san francisco tenants union believes he has every right to plug in his car. >> and this is expert in law disagrees. >> i don't see a reason in the law why the landlord would be ablythed to make that available. >> this former judge now mediates civil disputes and says the landlord let's one tenant plug in he may have to give the same deal to everybody else in the
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building. since the lease doesn't give him rights to that socket the landlord can say no. >> he can't rent that sock yismt it's not part of his unit. it's part of a common area he says just the open sismt it's a lease doesn't prohibit use, it's fair game. >> that means i have the right to use those. >> everyone agrees that this is found to stretch. more are buying electric car autos if every landlord would take this position no tenant would have the ability to buy an electric vehicle. >> it's not fair because they have the right to have electric cars just like homeowners do. i think all of us want to see more gas guzzling vehicles taken off the road he hopes some day charging stations may be common and the dispute will seem silly. >> can you imagine if you're to go back to reply this video,
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i think people would smile and say how we told people they couldn't plug their electric cars in. >> the city department of environment is encouraging landlords to install stations at buildings and other cities are taking similar steps. so, if you have a problem getting your landlord to let you charge your car, let me know bit. go to abc 7 click on 7 on your side. you may need legislation. >> yes. yes. >> nice if you can quantify how much it costs. >> legislation probably coming. >> and there is a lot of sun out there, spencer. >> yes. >> and looking at the accu-weather forecast, there is four days of warming coming our way. inland highs upper 80s including mother's day, sunday and mid to upper 60s on the coast. just a little bit of a gradual cool down monday, tuesday, and
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bouncing back a little bit. down a little bit wednesday with a nice, calm, mild pattern coming our way next seven day autos mild on the weekend. >> yes. close to 90 inland. >> thank you. >> another bounty hunting claim in nfl tonight. >> who got paid off for being vicious. stay with us. abc 7 news at 6:00 continues. d
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join me tonight at 9:00, that is cable channel 13. coming up then, the president's announcement in support of gay marriage, what did he plan with his second in command testing waters first? >> then employers from detroit in the bay area tonight. how they're trying to lure away silicon valley tall dwront a city that has fallen on hard times. this coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and on to sports. good news for a's. >> yes. there is larry beil here with that. >> and there is slugger did not break his hand, there is a sprained muscle he injured so he's listed day-to-day. a's and jay's matinee action. first time two cal products squared off as starting pitchers. there is adam lind in the
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fourth. there is a jay's lead. and one of 10 strikeout victims. later johnny gomes, base hit to left. scores cliff pennington. three different pitcher as loued a home run in this game. jp turns on this slide. that is way out. a 3-1 lead and there is edward incarnation. and 5-2, the final. and. >> i didn't know that. it's cool. and there is a lot of family and friends. >> you have to give credit to other teams sometimes, we came here last night. today they made pitches when they needed to. >> and there is a new twist on hall of fame finalist openly
6:55 pm
admitted he paid teammates to watch his back. he says former 49er once threatened to end a career before a game so carter offered incentives to make sure romo is not in a position to get a big hit on him. saying he would pick up dinner tabs or offer cash necessary. >> there is where boy go to left tackle tell him listen, i need protection. you guys watch out. they'd be like no problem. >> what happened in that game? >> nothing happened to him. but nothing happened to me. >> did i want to injure anyone i played against? >> and the new pack 12 network debuts this fall. there is i talked with larry scott about plans for a
6:56 pm
national networks plus a digital platt form with everything from soccer and swimming. >> you're going to see every football game on espn box, every 700 olympic sports events. it's unprecedented amount of coverage. >> there is enormous playing in the pack 12. >> and from all of us here at abc 7 news there is a terrific evening. >> hope to see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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