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it is happening in san francisco. police have shutdown a corner of the tenderloin where a gunman opened fire from an apartment complex. >> he barricaded himself in a building and started shooting at random as people ran for their lives. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. we are learning the man firing the shots is wanted by police in connection with a killing yesterday in roanoke park. it is happening at post and hyde and the street is shutdown. ama dates is there live for
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us. ama? >> reporter: carolyn and dan, i am at post and larkin right now, but if you look behind me, you can see the scene down the street. you can see a ladder extending to t apartmentthe apartment building where that person is holed up inside. one of my police sources said the suspect is now deceased. that's what we are here.out here. this all connects to the roanoke park murder. we were told that they found that the person of interest was inside an apartment there. it is not necessarily his apartment. it may have been a girlfriend. a police sergeant describes what happened when police came upon him. >> when officers tried to contact him, there were shots fired. the building -- he barricaded himself in his apartment. my understanding is he lit the fire in his apartment, and there has been multiple incidents of him shooting through the apartment. >> i heard there was a shooter so i pulled my blinds and came
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down to have a cigarette. and now i can't get back in because i came down the block and they won't let me come back. >> they are letting some people back in their apartments. i am hearing from my police sources that the person of interest is deceased, but again setting fires, and this is a very active scene. we have a fire engine coming thro and kind oft now and kind of moving us to the side. they are trying to get the situation taken care of right now. now. white highlander that they were looking for, police will not tell us if that is what lead them to this location in the tenderloin district. that's the latest right now, but if anything else happens i will let you know. i did hear shots earlier so, this is a fluid situation. again, my police source is saying that suspect is deceased. dan? >> ama dates reporting live from the scene. police say the manholed up in the apartment in a suspect in a murder yesterday in roanoke park, but they are not saying what the link may be.
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police found the body of a 66-year-old woman, and she has been identified as diane hughes. investigators say she lived alone, and there appear to have been a violent struggle. they have been looking for her missing toyota high lander, but as ama just said, it is not clear whether that is what lead authorities to this apartment in the tenderloin. >> and now this video from a woman who is near post and hyde. she posted this video around 9:30 showing the streets in the area. you can see how crowded they are with the emergency vehicles. she was not towed to leave. let's update this. oakland police are search searching -- are searching for a suspect. the suspect took off near the 8100 block of mcarthur boulevard. police say no one was hit. the suspect is described as a black man with length dreadlock and a goatee about 5 foot 9, maybe 5 foot 11 and
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was wearing and jacket and blue jeans at the time. a former law enforcement officer is under arrest after leading police on a chase. it began in marin county as police responded to reports of domestic violence. chp officers caught up with the man on interstate 680 near willow pass road. the chp officers had to shoot the man with beanbags in order to detain him. southbound 680 was briefly closed, but has since reopened. uc berkeley took a step toward removing the occupy the farm protesters. they were occupying the agricultural research land in albany since april 22nd. tonight alan wang is tve with t. alan? >> carolyn, occupy the farm protesters are still here defying legal action defined by uc berkeley today. and also held and rally starting in berkeley and then continued farming the research property in albany.
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they are asking for a court order to remove 14 defendants and 150 other named john and jane doe. they are asking for monetary damages and they say if the occupiers don't leave soon, the researchers will miss a crucial growing season. >> we need to begin our research activities by the middle of may. we will honor o commitment to faculty and students. we will regainproperty. property. >> i think it is a vi very, very visible sign that the uc administration is incredibly scared about the amount of community support that is behind this. >> they are trying to prevent the land from being developed. they laid down barricades preventing water trucks from coming in. they warned them not to interfere or they would use chemical agents against them. it has allowed them to farm the land if they remove their
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tepts. but so fars have protesters have refused. reporting live in albany,al news. >> alan, thank you. president obama is taking an unprecedented stance. for the first time in -- an american president is publicly supporting same sex irnlg ma. >> -- same-sex marriage. >> it is important for me to uh official that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> president obama made the e an exclusive interview with robin roberts. much to the delight of gays and lesbians in the castro. >> i am pretty glad that he finally came out and said something concise and concise about it. >> it was pretty spectacular for us. >> the president's newly stated position in favor of same sakes marriage comes -- same same-sex marriage comes at a delicate time.ponent said e has not changed. >> my view is that marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman, and that's my own preference. >> romney did not come out
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swinging after the president's change of heart. social conservatives like save california's president randy thomas son did. >> god, nature and whatever is in the best interest of children disagree with barack obama. he claims to be a christian. he is disagreeing with jesus christ who identifies marriage as for a man and a m would. eact at react at electionll time. >> in november he will lose some votes and he will pick up some votes. i am not sure if it will be that much of a gain either way to be honest. >> regardless, the president has made his mark, one gavin newsom may have identified. he allowed same sex couples to marry at city hall. >> i think what we did right here remarkably eight years ago didn't feel it was that wrong. we put a human face on the issue. this was not the issue of discrimination in the
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abstract. it was about aunts and uncles and mothers and fathers. that has ultimately changed the debate. >> the president tweeted his position on same-sex marriage, and it was retweeted 50,000 times. supporters support it 52-43%. you can seat complete interview on good morning america tomorrow starting at 7:00 a.m. >> a suspected it gang mound has been found guilty on three counts of first degree murder. jurors convicted ramos of killing anthony and his sons michael and matthew. they were shot in san francisco's ex francisco's excels yes, sir district. ramos mistook one of the sons for a rival gang member. he denies pulling the trigger. his family was emotional after today's verdict was read. >> god answered our prayers. i miss my son.
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i m i miss my grand kids. i will never see them again. >> the defense attorney issued this statement saying justice has not been delivered to the city of san francisco nor the victims so long as ther is still on the streets. a russian jet carrying 48 people drops off the radar. tonight it has been found. >> i'm dan noyes with an i team investigation. more than $100 million in emergency supplies hidden away. how it is raising questions about how the state is ready to handle a major disaster. >> and a show dog with tens of thousands of dollars goes missing. and then later on "nightline." >> i'm bill wier. more on today's big abc news exclusive as barack obama is the first president to endorse gay marriage. much more of his conversation and john edwards lied to our cameras to clear his name.
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he watches his web of deception unraffle altogether. that's on "nightline." >> abc news continues right after this. ♪
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will the state of california be ready? >> we uncovered that millions of dollars in medical supplies could be out of reach just when californians need them the most? >> the i team reporter is here with the story. >> they have slashed their budget of supplies. they don't want to maintain materials that would be needed in a disaster. potentially putting you and your family at risk. wearing make up, acting injured and learning to care for the wounded. these volunteers spent hours
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running through a mock earthquake drill this past weekend in oakland. volunteering their own time just as the state is ready to give up life saving medical assets that would be needed in this type of situation. the emergency supplies in question are kept in secret locations around the state. the director of the state, emergency medical authority dr. dr. howard backer lead us on a tour at one spot outside sacramento. >> having this disaster is like an insurance policy. >> these color coded boxes represent a paint by number puzzle. when the pieces are put together they make this, a 200-bed mobile field hospital ready for an emergency. >> in california the obvious scenario for that is eart major earthquake in the bay area or southern california. >>- q. i in 2006 -- >> in 2006 the schwarzenegger administration purchased three of the mobile hospitals as part of a cash of emergency medical supplies totaling
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$166.5 million. we are planning for a pandemic influenza where there would be a huge surge or increase in the amount of patients that we thought would exceed the capacity of the health care system. >> along with the mobile hospitals, the state purchased anti-virals, ventilators, respirators and other medical supplies. to store and maintain these materials cost $4 million a year. another $1.7 million to house the mobile hospitals. as a casual stey of -- casualty of budget cuts, thecide storage funds leaving supplies in limbo. >> these are really, really important assets for california. we don't want to see them destroyed. >> the california department of public health director says the state wants to give the supplies to counties, nonprofits and private organizations. passing on the expense >> our primary goal is to keep the supplies in california to be used by californians.
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we don't want to seat supplies leaving the state. >> the council tells the i team storing the supplies will be a challenge especially because the state has put restrictions on using the materials and they are offering no additional funding. >> just taking something from the state and passing it without additional funding really doesn't solve the problem. the counties are as heavil stat. strapped as the state. >> he is an emergency management consultant. he hasn't seen the state's plan, but he has concerns about how the supplies will make it to the scene of a disaster. >> the question becomes how quickly can you uh assemble it and how will it be maintained if it isn't under central control. >> in those local disasters,we we are able to get the resources to the local disaster even when they are spread out throughout the state. >> and then there are the mobile field hospitals. canton can't imagine the state giving them up. >> there is no question that mobile hospitals will be
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needed after a major earthquake. to eliminate those that we already have in hopes we will find something in the future when it is needed seems a case of penny wise and pound foolish. >> it is not if, but when these boxes will have to be opened, and it makes more sense for the state to pay the 1.7 million for maintenance and storage. >> there is no easy solution to these things. >> he shares the budget shares subcommittee on health and human services.he doesn't he doesn't t the legislature approving funds for the hospitals with the budget crisis they face. so when a scene like this plays out for real, the senator says not funding these assets would californians. californians. a risk that if you had these facilities in good time and you had a large earthquake you will save lives. if you don't you will lose lives because we don't have the resources to put in the looking >> officials are looking at
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one option, having smaller hospitals and going from 200 beds to 50 beds. anything to keep these life saving assets in the state. they have a deadline of end of june to workis out. >> one thing we know, we will have major disasters. thank you very much. we are following developing news in the south bay. firefighters are trying to knockdown a raging blaze in santa clara. the five-alarm fire broke out about an hour ago in a condominium complex. at this point thereident ares o president ares of injuries or ce fire. overseas for a moment and search teams found the wreckage of a new russian airliner that crashed today on a fog shaw rowedded cliff deep in an indonesian jungle. the plane was russia's first new passenger jet since the fall of the soviet union. it was on a demo flight from jakarta when it dropped off the radar. 47 people were on board including one american. there are no signs of any survivors.another
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another lovely day out there and cooler temperatures. >> cooler, but still nice. sandhya patel is here with a look at the forecast. >> cooler and breezy. if you suffer from allergies, you know what it is like when the pollen count is high. here is a look at the forecast for tomorrow. trees are running high. the juniper, pine, oak and glass is running high. weeds are running low. with the breeze kicking up in the afternoon, it is going to be tough out.e the temperaturesn the upper 40s and we are seeing patches of fog. mostly clear otherwise. 73 in antioch. here are the highlights. clear tonight and patches of coastal fog. warmer at the coast and the bay tomorrow. this can be very warm inland. here is a look at the satellite and radar. low pressure inland and higher pressure over the pacific. we have a tight pressure gradient. it is the sharp between the high and the low. and that will keep the wind going for tomorrow afternoon. it is another breezy one expected. but the wind is going to shift from northwest to more of a
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northerly wind flow. this will warm you up around the coast and around the bay. we are expecting sunny days at the coast thursday, friday,tely. absolutely gorgeous weather on tap. first thing tomorrow morning if you are taking part into woro add an extra layer on becauseben spots. mid40s for santa rosa and napa and half moon bay. 47 in santa cruz. 50 in san francisco where you will see patches of fog. upper 40s to low 50s there. tomorrow afternoon it is a beautiful day. the warming first along the coast. and around the bay tomorrow. so it is 65 in half moon bay and 69 in san francisco. mid80s in santa rosa and ukiah and clear lake. 75 in oakland and san mateo. warm inland again, 84 in antioch and 82 for you in san jose. on the peninsula, palo alto, 78 degrees. for the monterey bay, a , day, 72 for wats watsonville, 84 in morgan
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hill. here is a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is warming up again, but it is not a major warm up. it is a minor one thursday through saturday. 60s coast side and midto upper 80s inland. mother's day is looking fantastic. mid60s coast side. upper 80s inland. not too hot. not too cold. we will see cooler weather on monday, tuesday and wednesday. temperatures within a few degrees carolyn and dan. >> thanks, sandhya. an update on the san francisco standoff. >> that's coming up next. >> here is a live picture. we will be back with the latest on this breaking news.
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now back to our breaking news. these are live pictures from sky 7hd where police -- where a police standoff is now over. ama dates is now live with the latest on this. ama? >> came a they just came and tad to us and told inhe suspect in the apar dead. we had roanoke park police out here and they were trying to contact the suspect. apparently they made contact with the suspect's girlfriend in the apartment. they were talking to her and that's when the suspect started shooting.
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>> the suspect set fires in the apartment. at this point in time, the incident commander made the decision that there was immediate danger of life or other injury to the tenants in the other building. they gave the green light as to when it can be done safely. opportunity presented itself. the suspect was neutral liesed liesed -- neutralized and is dead at this time. was setting fires in the apartment. that's why we have such a heavy fire department presence out here as well. the suspect is dead. things are starting to clear out a little bit. we still have plenty of officers out here, but a lot of them have left. that's the latest situation here. the suspect who was shooting and setting fires in the apartment building is now dead. ama dates, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. it is time now for some sport news. >> larry beil is here with that. >> the lighter side of the evening. tim lincecum had his best start of the season in l.a. would it be enough to take down the first place dodgers
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? sports is next.
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the santa clara county sheriff's department is looking for a missing show dog that should be easy to spot. he is a three foot tall 175-pound black and white
1:35 am
pedigree. 18-month-old knight disappeared from a kennel outside his owner's rv in scott's valley on monday. he is as available as he is big. he is worth about $27,000. >> impressive. well, it looked great for the giants for awhile. >> it seemed like they had it in the bag. larry beil is here. >> they did not. the giants and dodgers were meeting at the rubber match. tim lincecum had his best stuffmmy he timmy of old for awhile. they are making the catch in front of a dodgers fan there. timmy helping his own cause in the second. the grounder and he juggles and timmy beats the throw. it it is 1-0 giants. to the third and buster posey with a sharp single to left off chad billingsly. the giants got to the early lead. a base hit to center field. he was gunned down at second by matt kemp.
1:36 am
the run doesn't score and what are you doing? lynn succumb- lynn succumb was dealing early. it was eight and five innings of work. he hangs a breaking ball to tony gwen, junior. the exjiewnt -- it is a triple for gwynn and they take two out of three in the series. a's and bluejays and tyson ross against maul. the first time ever the pitchers started against each other in the majors. the fourth inning and aloha and 2-0 toronto. he strikes out 10 and weeks and you get nothing and like it. a's get on the board in the fifth. the pride of petaluma. chris pennington scores. oaklan keep theould not keep the ball in the park. encarnacion busting out of a 0 for 21 slump. and that's gone. his 10th of the year off blevins.
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they win it 5-2. lebron james and caramel low anthony each scored at least -- exactly 139 points total in the heat-knicks playoff series. the difference is lebron had more help around him and miami is moving to round two. mello is 2 for 5. eit gave themn the game. second quarter and hits the jumper right there. then driving and coming up short. and this is cherry picking. this is the cherry on top. lebron had 29. late third quarter and lebron fades and fires. miami 106-94. they will meet the indiana pacers next. the clippers are trying to close out memphis. mark gasol and the grizz are thinking otherwise. grizz by 18 in the second. where is my blake griffin highlight? here is my blake griffin highlight. the steel and memphis lives. the pull up over blake 92-80.
1:38 am
the grizzlies were down three games to two. >> thanks, lair ree. -- thanks, larry. >> "nightline is up next." >> we begin tomorrow morning at 4:30 and we are always available at and on facebook and twitter. >> for larry beil and sandhya
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