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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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in the headlines this thursday morning, a murder suspect is dead following a standoff in san francisco. police killed a man after he fired shots. he also tried to set a building on fire. >> a five rarm fire ripped through a condo complex under construction last night. flames shot hundred feet into the sky before it was contained.
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investigators are looking for a cause. bart's board of directors will meet in a few hours to decide who about l build the next fleet of train cars but concerns about terrorism could put it on hold temporarily. >> kristen: good morning. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. it's bike to workday. they will be watching the weather very carefully. >> let's get you out the door with cooler conditions this morning but by the afternoon hours, it will be warmer everywhere except for inland valleys. it's comfortable now, it may not be so if you are biking back home. three degrees warmer in antioch, everybody else about one to five degrees cooler. antioch at 65. mid to upper 40s around santa rosa and redwood city and half moon bay and los gatos. talk about that warm weekend and here is frances with your traffic. >> live shot of bay bridge toll plaza. pretty light. there haven't been many
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accidents this morning, if you want to bike to work, not a bad choice because the weather is nice. i did want to tell you there was some heavy traffic due to road work. in fact northbound 17 complete standstill was reported about seven minutes ago. that is being cleared. westbound 205 out of tracy, road work being cleared but traffic moving at 38 miles per hour as you head towards the altamont pass. >> kristen: update on developing news. a police standoff with a murder suspect ended vie lently. they shot and killed a man that police believe murdered a rohnert park woman. >> reporter: i'm on post near hyde and a couple squad cars are still out here. by homicide investigators and firefighters are gone. take a look at some pictures by about 9:00 last night.
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this is after police from rohnert park up in sonoma county had come down to tack tauk to a man about a homicide up in their city. san francisco police said the man's girlfriend answered the door. the man opened fire. police backed off and called on san francisco police for a back-up. man fired a number of shots. then he started setting fires inside the apartment and police felt they had to do something. >> the commander made the decision that there was immediate danger to life or serious injuries to tenants in the building. gave the green light to eliminate the threat to do it safely. that opportunity presented itself. >> reporter: police took out the gunman. a san francisco police officer shot and killed the man. they have not released his name. he wanted up in rohnert park for questioning in the killing of 66-year-old diane hughes. she died from blunt force
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trauma. her toyota high lander was missing. the last time we heard and name of the suspect and couple pieces of information we may be able to get from san francisco police at the news conference this morning at 11:00. we'll have that for you on midday. >> eric: u.c. berkeley police are sceeg patrols on east side of xaus campus after a series of recent armed robberies. four armed robberies as well as assault with a deadly weapon happened on daily road. they say they have increased the numbers of plainclothes and undercover officers. and they are advising students to be more cautious. >> u.c. berkeley has taken a legal step to remove occupy protestors in albany but the protestors are ignoring it. they filed a lawsuit asking for a court order to remove 14 defendants and a 150 others from
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u.c. farmland in albany known as gill tract. they are asking for monetary damages and it says if they don't leave soon, it's researchers will miss a crucial growing season. >> we need to begin our research activities by the middle of may. we will honor our commitment to faculty and students. we will honor our commitment to the taxpayers that are funding the research. >> i think it's very visible sign that the u.c. administration is incredibly scared about the amount of community support that is behind this. >> kristen: they are trying to prevent the land from being developed. they laid down barricades to prevent water trucks from coming in. they will allow them to continue farming if they remove their tents. >> this morning, all golden gate transit buses will run normal service. they called off a planned strike today because the two sides
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appear to be heading toward a settlement. it would have affected 25,000 riders. two sides have been unable to agree on how much employees should pay for the their health care benefits. >> new study suggests college students could be the worst offenders, 78 of college students surveyed said they use the cellphone while driving. 52% reported they use hands free cellphones. that is off set by this statistic, 50% said they sent text while driving on freeways. i guess it's kind of like that. >> a father of a teenage driver, a couple of young drivers. >> you have to talk b to them about it. >> we have talked. believe me. >> let's check in with the forecast. >> live doppler 7 hd. everything is quiet this morning. we're going start with a live shot. that is beautiful picture of the
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sunrise as we look at the western sky or eastern sky from the west this morning. here is a look what is going on as far as live doppler. nothing so let's move on and let's talk about our day unfolding. a few clouds at the coast and temperatures in the upper 40s inland. low 50s around the bay and also the coast. as we head towards the noon hour if you are heading outside, catch a bike. upper 60s around the bay and at the coast. upper 50s. now let's head to 4:00, upper 70s inland and mid 70s around the bay and low 60s at the coast temperatures tapering to the mid 70s inland to the upper 50s around the bay. near 60 at the coast. if you are biking today, watch out because the pollen will be aggravating. seven-day forecast, it's going get warmer everywhere through the holiday weekend.
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temperatures even when they taper next week will be above average around the bay and inland. it's been just a great, quiet start. no accidents to really slow you down on bay area freeways and bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the end of the parking lot. we're looking pretty good across the golden gate bridge, nice ride from marin county commuters in to to san francisco. check out the south bay, northbound 280 heading out of downtown san jose. northbound 17, there was heavy traffic near the summit but that is being cleared. if you shall taking vallejo bay links ferry, buses for the 7:00 depart our out of vallejo and 58 thirt out of san francisco is due to mechanical problems. just ahead a big move is in store for yelp. historic building they will soon call home. >> and bringing health screenings to the barbershop.
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how to improve the health of african-american men.
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more good nuags for facebook a week ahead of the highly anticipated ipo. number of people logging in is growing more quickly than the number of ads delivered on the site because more people are using facebook on mobile devices where it shows very few ads. as technology evolves mobile ads
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will grow, as well. facebook expects to offer its shares at $28-35 which were value the company at nearly $100 billion. online yelp says it's planning a long term lease to keep headquarters in san francisco for the rest of this decade. yelp is moving into a 100,000 square foot office complex in the pacific telephone building south of market. yelp's ceo says the cultural scene and night life as well as deep talented pool factored into the decision. >> bay area barber shops will be offering more than a cut and safe. they will be health screenings aimed at african-american men. >> at the new chicago barbershop at fillmore district, it's hard to find someone that doesn't have high blood pressure. >> it's borderline.
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>> or knows someone who does. >> i don't. but i have a family members that do. >> that was just two tooch for the doctor to swallow. he came up with the idea of screening for high blood pressure and diabetes at the one place you are guaranteed to find groups of african-american men, the black barbershop. >> barber knows what is happening in the community. now, we're leveraging that relationship in the community to get the health message out about eating healthy and exercising and identifying people that have high blood pressure. >> the cdc says more than 26% of black men have hypertension. they are twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than bheits and device as likely to die from it. much of that stems from diets high in salt and sugar which leads to obesity. conversations tend to be free
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wheeling and health talk won't be out of place. >> to find black men to get your information across is the way you are going to find them. >> and use them to spread the word. >> i was told to get a screening because a lot of people are dying from stroke or kidney failure, diabetes. >> we have conversations about politics. we talk about our families. we talk about relationships, sports, now we're talking about our health. >> the four-year-old program has touched 30,000 men in 38 cities. goal is to reach half a million by 2014. to find out which bay area barber shops, there are about seven of them are joining new chicago in taking part of the health screenings, go to our website >> after the one time thing it will be a habit. >> that will be the recommendation, follow up after the screening. >> all right.
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>> back to workday. a lot of folks are hitting the roads and hoping for dry weather. it is warm or cool? >> it's both. when you are coming home this afternoon what is going to be like. 6:16. and read each other's minds now. sun coming up over treasure island and posted pictures before the sun came up. as the sun is coming up on my facebook. go there and check them out. this is what is happening now. take a look at cool conditions. it's in the mid to upper 40s in santa rosa, napa, livermore, redwood city and los gatos. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. antioch is still the warm spot. 64 degrees. heading down to monterey bay, more cloud cover. temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50.
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gilroy is clear and cooler. sunny and warmer, coast and bay today. inland pretty much as yesterday. not quite as chilly as it was in the afternoon hours. temperatures drop about after 1:00. mostly clear and not quite as cool this morning. still looking warm for mother's day weekend. as far as today, compared to average, four degrees warmer in redwood city. san francisco, 59. six in oakland at 75. napa and san jose hit 82. livermore will hit 83 which is eight degrees warmer than average. sun came up about 13 minutes ago. it will set about 8:09. south bay, will start with the afternoon high temperatures, low to mid-80s. 81 in santa clara. low to mid 70s for millbrae and san mateo. rest of the peninsula to near 80 degrees. breezy along coat and any clouds lingering will be gone because of those breezes. low to mid-60s. on the bay side, upper 60s in
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downtown san francisco. across the golden gate bridge, sausalito at 78. head deeper into the north bay, low to mid 80s about 20 degrees warmer, low to mid-50s. oakland at 75. low to mid-80s in east bay valleys. same type of temperatures for gilroy and hollister. 72 in watsonville. heading to the game tonight, first pitch, about 70 and 62 by the time it ends, temperatures will warm to the 80s in holiday weekend. near 80 around the bay. mid 60s around the coast. good morning. if you are bike to go work make sure you have a lot of water as well with the nice weather. bay bridge toll plaza, not that many accidents at all this morning. check out 680 in walnut creek,
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it's flowing well through 24 and fine through is a reason valley and sunol grade. there is some slowing in the east bay. 24 is heavy antioch, around 11 miles an hour. lone tree out to leverage that is when things things pick up. and westbound it was jammed through tracy because of construction work but still pretty slow as you go through altamont passes, 36 miles an hour. mass transit is reporting no delays. you can download free traffic app, put it on your smart phone and iphone and be an abc traffic spotter. have you found a mother's day gift yet? let us help. how you can give mom a public shout-out. >> publicity stunt that has
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automaker ferrari. why they are ne
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italian automaker farrar i is saying sorry that left damage to a landmark in china.
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>> officials blamed the automaker and local tourism board for the skid marks. this $950,000 special edition ferrari they set it there for a special performance. they said the show allegedly damaged the historic gate buy during the ming dynasty. they are working with local authorities to repair the damage. >> three days away from mother's day as a gift to mom, how about sharing your love with this? mother's day photos from abc news family that. go to our website and click on the mother's day button and upload your family photos and tell us about your mom. you could be featured on abc7 news. still ahead, a napa state
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hospital worker seriously injured in an attack. how the violence has employees concerned about going to work. >> a marin county teen accused of stealing a lamborghini is set to make a first court appearance >> i'm amy hollyfield live in santa clara. morning after a huge fire in a townhome complex. up next we'll show you what is left. >> good news. all major airports, local airports, regional airports running on time. >> bay bridge toll plaza is starting to back up with metering lights turned on a few minutes ago slowing in the south
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>> eric: good thursday morning. live look you see the clouds and low fog there. kind of a salmon colored sunrise. i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: salmon? i'm proud of you using that word. it's going to be pretty nice taking part in bike to workday. let's check in with mike nicco. >> you saw a lot of haze behind you guys in the camera shot. it's not a spare the air but a little bit of pollen hanging in the air. no flight arrival delays into our airports.
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one of the reasons the haze, barely a wind out of oakland, south of concord at 7. west wind at fairfield is about 15. riding bike may be difficult there. mid to upper 40s in santa rosa and napa. san francisco down the peninsula also the coast and los gatos, everybody else in the low to mid-50s. traffic has been pretty quiet in terms of accidents this morning. a lot of folks may be bike to go work. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic backed up to west grant, northbound 101 with the exclusive waze traffic app. heavy traffic as you make your way past. 36 miles an hour and then picks up after concord. check out the commuted in the south bay, more folks on the road but so far, so good in san jose. >> eric: this morning fire
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investigators will return to the scene of a massive five alarm fire that destroyed several townhomes. overnight fires sent flames soaring hundred feet into the air. amy hollyfield is live in santa clara with the hot spots where firefighters are still keeping an eye on. >> reporter: take a look at the scene this morning. it is still smoldering because there are thick piles of debris here. firefighters are putting water on the hot spots but they are being careful. they are not overdoing it because they don't want to disrupt the scene too much. they want investigators to get in there and get a good look at eight. it happened last night on scott boulevard. the townhomes that were burning were under construction so no one lives in them but the buildings neck door are occupied. so they went to five alarms quickly in order to save the
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existing homes and because they have so much fire to deal with. they brought in about 50 firefighters to get this one out. it took them about an hour and a half. >> we had a large volume of fire. we knew we were going to need a lot of resources. we requested them early. we got resources to the scene quickly as well as resources to cover our city because our fire department was tapped out at that point. >> here is what is left this morning. two buildings destroyed. now this huge piles of debris, not much left standing here. people living across the street says the fire was so big and so hot they could feel the heat across the street. no firefighters were hurt in this situation, no one was hurt. obviously no one was living here at the time. it is still under investigation. a crew expected to couple here later this morning and get to work trying to figure out what happened here but at this point they say there are no obvious signs of anything suspicious.
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>> eric: a college student from los altos has died from meningitis at washington university in st. louis. they don't know how she contracted the disease. chancellor says the family was with her when she died. developing news later this morning, san francisco police department will hold a news conference to give us more details on last night's shooting of a barricaded murder suspect. s.w.a.t. team shot and killed a man in a tenderloin apartment building after a standoff. it all happened after rohnert park police officers attempted to contact the suspect in connection with a murder investigation. the man opened fire on the officers and they backed off. they then called in san francisco police for back-up. >> reporter: over the course of the next hour, the suspect fired multiple shots through walls and floors. the building had other people in
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it. at some point in time, suspect set fires within the apartment. >> suspect's name has not been release bud he was a suspect in a murder on tuesday in rohnert park. not saying what the links may be. police found the body of a 66-year-old woman. there has been another attack by a patient at napa state hospital. this time a psych technician was seriously injured. vic lee was the first to report the incident last night. it happened tuesday evening which houses patients who have been committed by their families or through a court order. workers we spoke with several employees were hurt trying to you is subdue a patient. that patient has been arrested. injured technician is recovering from injuries that required surgery. >> in oakland police suspended their search for a suspect that one officer shot at. police stopped a car near 8100
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block of macarthur boulevard. a man ran into a yard. one officer opened fire. investigators say no one was hurt. police called in their s.w.a.t. team to help search for the suspect described as a black man with shoulder length dreadlocks. they couldn't find him and called off the search early this morning. >> in a few hours, a teen accused of stealing a lamborghini and charged with a drive-by shooting last month is expected in court. 17-year-old max wade has charged as an adult for the crimes. his attorney asked for the arraignment to be delayed today so he would have time to go over documents. they found an arsenal of weapons as well as 9 chef's stolen lamborghini. he is being held on juvenile hall on $2 million bail. >> president obama and george clooney, commander in chief comes to california for a
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fund-raiser holding by the leading man in chief in hollywood. he now supports same-sex marriage. katie is here now. >> good morning. he should find plenty of allies, a liberal town and president is sure to find others spo to support same-sex marriage because the fund-raiser is at george clooney's house. obama campaign received one million dollars in donations within 90 minutes of his exclusive interview. this morning. some say the move is milestone for civil rights. others say the president has turned his back on the christian faith. some argue this is ploy for the gay and lesbian vote. >> i it would be hard to argue that this is something i would be doing for political advantage. frankly, the politics is not clear how they cut.
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>> in california, same-sex marriage is illegal but it is being contested in court. a field poll in february showed 59% endorsed same-sex marriage rights, in 2008 it was 49%. >> i can watch the interview at 7:00 this morning and jake tap ser going weigh in whether this is a strategy by the president. >> very interesting. all right. thank you very much. >> the timing of the sunshine. let's see how it is going to work out for bike to workday. >> few clouds around the coast but they will be gone by 10:00 as the breeze will develop out of north behind this cold front and scour those clouds. cold front definitely moved into the valleys last night. coast and bay definitely will see a warming.
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whether you are biking, heading to school, it's upper 40s to low 50s. as you head out, picnic weather. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast. mid 50s to 70 around the bayshore and low to mid-70s inland. by 4:00, we've hit our highs for the day but still pretty warm inland. we'll have low to mid-70s around the bay shore. low to mid-60s around the coast. 7:00 this dry air will cool rather quickly into san francisco. mid to upper 60s around the bay into the south bay. 70s still hanging around concord napa, fairfield and antioch. what is lingering out there along with the temperatures and sunshine and warm temperatures, a lot of tree, grass and mold. slow warming trend will take the temperatures to their climax and mid to upper 50s at the coast. quiet commute continues.
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>> and it's been really quiet. good news if you are getting ready to head to work. live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza, back-up hasn't ground much. metering lights have been turned on. quite a few folks are bike to go work today. headlights moving past university and so far it's fine as you head out of vallejo down to the bay bridge toll plaza. this person will not be bike to go work, apparently there is a bicycle on the roadway northbound at whipple and traffic is fine on the peninsula for the most part looking good across the san mateo bridge and dumbarton. north 101 through morgan hill, 19 minutes. there was some slowing my my last report. southbound 101 slow in pockets from highway 12 to highway 37. that is 33 minutes.
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vallejo ferry continues to have mechanical problems. other mass transit systems reporting no major delays. >> silicon valley is facing new troubles and trading is under way on wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange. live look at the big board. dow is up 70 points. >> and plan for free muni rides for low income youth comes under scrutiny. other transit agencies say we could take the program. >> and the person that shot oscar grant heads back to court what he wants an appeals court to do so he can be a police
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you can see
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california forecast, look at the lack of radar returns. sfrh coast to mountains, talk about them. 68 in san diego. 74 in big sur. 78 in l.a. low 90s in the central valley. 102 in palm springs today. it's 6:44 and "good morning america" starts at 7:00. here is josh with a quick preview of robin roberts
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exclusive interview with president obama on his support of same-sex marriage. >> good thursday morning to all of you. the exclusive interview with president obama taking a stand on one of the most divisive issues. could have consequences for the country and the election to come. it's next right here on "good morning america". >> eric: that comes up in about 15 minutes. 40 years a shocking image a young girl badly burned change the courses of the vietnam war. remarkable story behind the shocking images from the photographer who took the picture. how his work changed american history and helped shape the life of the young girl. >> san francisco plan to provide free rides on muni is in jeopardy. last month, san francisco muni officials approved a proposal 'fol provide free muni for low
6:46 am
income rides under 18. it would need $5 million to help pay for it. santa clara valley transportation authority wants $4.5 million to give free passes to low income adults. they are looking at $14 million for its own proposal. regional members will vote next month whether to release those funds. >> check the brakes, oil and chain and get the bicycle in gear it's bike to workday. they expect record-breaking participation, number of cyclists in san francisco has increased by 71% in the last five years. there will be bicycling convoys and energizer stations and provide bike maintenance throughout the morning. go to our website for more information on location of bike to workday activities. >> trouble this morning at cisco systems, they have investors
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worried about the val ui of their stock. >> good morning good morning. anybody holding cisco stock may have lost some money. stock is down because we saw disappointing earnings. problem is they are facing some business clients. it's troubling for some of the company. they have cut prices in an effort to win market share. >> concern about europe's instability are affecting the markets today. we are higher but a bit have rebound early on this morning. financial standings can count against you. if you are tying the knot. they say 32% respondents if
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their significant other filed for bankruptcy they would call off the wedding. >> live at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king, bloomberg news. i want to take a closer look at the weather, it's starting out cool but we're not going to end up cool. >> warming trend is on the way. it's going hit most of our neighborhoods today. the coast and the bay. the least as we head inland. your temperatures yesterday, they peaked around noon and 1:00 and fell during the afternoon hours as the cold front rolled through. telegraph hill and coit tower this morning, check out the temperatures, if you are bike to go work and or school, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. coolest around santa rosa and redwood city, los gatos and livermore. low to mid-50s until you get 64 in antioch. there hasn't been much of a change in the last hour.
6:49 am
49 in santa cruz. gilroy, coolest and clearest at 41. as far as sunshine we'll have it everywhere this afternoon, coast and bay we'll see the biggest jump in temperatures today. mostly clear and not be quite as cool as this morning, still looking at a pretty good warming trend for the holiday weekend. temperatures are going up in san jose to 82. six degree jump. oakland hits 75. hayward, 73. santa rosa, 84 and then you see danville down to 83. area area of low pressure clockwise flow, high pressure off to our west, clockwise flow in between them. we have a tight pressure gradient and fast wind. any clouds out there and some of the haze will start to thin out as we head flew the rest of the morning hours. that is why we'll have total sunshine as we head deeper in saturday and sunday.
6:50 am
temperatures east bay valleys, low to mid 80s here. danville is 83 concord and pittsburg and livermore leosm the to mid 70s with san leandro, newark around 74 degrees. down in the south bay, low to mid 80s. 82 in cupertino and san jose. 72 at millbrae. in as many southward, mid-80s. upper 60s for downtown san francisco. san rafael 78. north bay valleys, low to mid-80s. heading down to the monterey bay sunshine this afternoon, 64 at monterey, 74 in santa cruz. heading inland, jump 10 degrees and 84 in the morning hill. a's game, four games with the tigers starts tonight, first pitch, clear dropping down to 62. we lost last night and split the games with the blue jays. most of us in the 50s.
6:51 am
cloverdale, clearlake, santa cruz and upper 40s. you can see some of the clouds gathering along the coast. we'll have spotty clouds around the coast. warming trend that starts tomorrow. peaks over the weekend and tapers a little bit next week but all seven days away from the coast. we're going to start off at the bay bridge toll plaza, back-up has improved. metering lights were turned off, backed up towards 880 and past the parking lot. pretty good ride in san francisco. maybe more folks will be bike to go work today and nice smooth ride across the golden gate bridge, no trouble from marin county commuters. check out the south bay for you. it is getting slow here. northbound 280 past highway 17. no accidents reported in the south bay. all is well on the peninsula, as well. but you will find the typical delays in the east bay. with the exclusive waze traffic app, heavy on westbound 580
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approaching 238 moving at 20 miles per hour. then as you head southbound 280 towards 92 and through hayward, find brake lights, as well. traffic is moving under 40 miles an hour. always get traffic information by going to lawyers for former bart police officer johannes mehserle is asking the court to overturn his conviction. a jury found him guilty of voluntary manslaughter for shooting oscar grant at an oakland bart station. mehserle has contended that the shooting was accidental. he claims he thought he had drawn his taser and not a gun. in a court fueling, his attorney called it a tragic and horrible area but did not act that legally defines manslaughter. he served at a jail sentence but is pursuing an appeal because he
6:53 am
can't get another law enforcement job with a felony conviction. a two-year-old boy that was mauled by a dog is expected, boy is being treated at a hospital for injuries he suffered in the mauling. it took place at a house in castro valley early tuesday morning. deputies say they found many dangerous items inside the home and arrested the parents. animal control provided us with a pit bull that attacked the child. it's being kept at a shelter. boy's father is being held in jail in lieu of hundred thousand dollars bail. >> here is five things you need to know. a murder suspect from rohnert park was shot and killed by san francisco police. the man fired shots inside a tenderloin apartment and tried to set the building on fire. they on opened fire on him after determining he was a threat to public safety. >> a massive fire that ripped through a silicon valley con
6:54 am
code complex has been contained. flames shot hundred feet into the air before dozens of firefighters put it out. nobody was hurt and the cause of fire is under investigation. >> bart's board of directors is poised to decide who will build the new fleet of train cars. there is an ongoing debate of how much of the manufacturing work will be done in the u.s.. >> university of california has filed suit against occupy protestors in an effort to move them out of a plot of campus owned land in albany. they are asking for monetary damages and if they don't leave soon, the researchers will miss a crucial growing season. >> number five, just minutes you will be able to catch "good morning america" exclusive interview. robin roberts sat down with president obama in how he came to the decision on same-sex
6:55 am
marriage. >> final check on weather and traffic. >> check out the tower cam, showing you some of the hills and haze is hanging in. if you are bike to go work or spend time outside it is not a spare-the-air day. the air is healthy other than all the allergens that are waiting for you. good morning, 54 in antioch. cool spot, 44 in santa rosa. everybody in between. off to a mild start this morning. by the afternoon hours you can see the 80s in the south bay. east bay valleys and north bay valleys. low 70s around richmond with mid to upper 70s for most of the bayshore. city hall along coast, probably around the 20-30 miles per hour range. we'll have temperatures in the mid-50s there. as far as tonight goes, a few clouds around the coast and otherwise clear. low to mid-50s except for antioch. temperatures all throughout the forecast warmer than average. final check of the bay bridge toll plaza.
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metering lights are on but let's look at the back-up right now. just beyond the parking lot toward west grant. a new injure crash reported reported by the chp. exclusive traffic app, reporting a major traffic accident. somebody said was eastbound at carlson. a couple lanes or blocked. a car overturned so they are sending an ambulance. chp is en route, as well. we'll keep track of it in that area. >> thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. keep track on twitter and talk about it at news. >> be safe out there. bike to workday. there are energizer station and give you drinks and food.
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>> it's like the energizer bunny? bye-bye.
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