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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 10, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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america." good morning, america. and this morning, our interview with the president. taking his historic stand on one of the most controversial issues this election year. >> i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> brand-new revelations not yet seen in our one-on-one conversation. and he answers the question, did the vice president force his hand? bomb threat. the sinister new threat by al qaeda, using dogs. can the fiendish plan search for the bombmaker right now. brian ross with breaking details. the other side. deion sanders' wife, pilar, speaking out about their public
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headlines. and her children in the middle. it's an abc news exclusive. the rock star, tim tebow like you've never seen him before. revealing what he did with his first paycheck, with the woman he calls his recipe for success. >> good morning, america. watching us. hi. >> we're getting a lot of attention from that police officer. boy, do you know how to make a splash. news from the president yesterday. and what a watershed moment. whatever people think about this issue, we know it's controversial, there's no denying when a president speaks out for the first time like that, it is history. >> and let me tell you, george, i'm getting chills again. when you sit in that room and you hear him say those historic words. it was not lost on anyone in there right there. you never know what he's going
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to say until you ask him. and we did talk about other things, as well. plus, we're also learning more about a new scary way that al qaeda -- we did talk about terrorism with the president -- can attack. the new plans to plant bombs inside dogs. and get them on the plane. we have the very latest on that. >> never stop. >> i know. john travolta under fire this morning. big question now, are more men about to accuse him of sexual misconduct? one lawyer who is speaking out for the first time says yes. >> he has more information on that. as you said, it was a historic moment. president obama saying in our exclusive interview, he is now in favor of same-sex marriage. he endorsed civil unions was opposed gay marriage in the 2008 campaign. and in the last year and a half, he indicated his feelings might have changed, in light of statements by top people in his administration. yesterday, at the white house, i directly asked the president this question. mr. president, are you still
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opposed to same-sex marriage? >> i've been going through an evolution on this issue. and i hesitated on gay marriage, in part, because i thought civil unions would be sufficient. but i have to tell you, that over the course of several years, as i talk to friends and family and neighbors. when i think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed, monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising a child together, i concluded that, for me personally, it's important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. and i continue to believe that this is an issue that's going to be worked at the local level because historically this has not been a federal issue. >> mr. president, it's not being worked out on the state level. we saw that tuesday in north carolina. the 30th state, to, in essence,
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ban gay marriage. >> what i'm saying is different states are coming to different conclusions. i think it's important to recognize that folks who feel very strongly, that marriage should be defined narrowly, as between a man and a woman, many are them are not coming at it from a mean-spirited perspective. many of them are friends of mine. pastors and people who i deeply respect. >> especially in the black community. >> right. >> it's a very difficult conversation. >> absolutely. but i think it's important for me to say to them, that as much as i respect them, as much as i understand where they're coming from, when i meet gay and lesbian couples, for me, i think it just has tipped the scales in that direction. >> reporter: a historic and controversial announcement he says is happening now, in part because of vice president biden's revelation that he was absolutely comfortable with same-sex marriage. did he jump the gun a little bit here? >> i had already made a decision
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that we were going to probably take this position before the election, before the convention. he probably got out a little bit over his skis. but out of generosity of spirit. >> reporter: so, you're not upset with anybody? >> would i have preferred to have done this in my own way, in my own terms, without, i think, there being a lot of notice of everybody? of course. but all's well that ends well. >> reporter: the president says one inspiration for his change of heart was close to home. >> you know, malia and sasha. they have friends whose parents are same-sex couples. it wouldn't dawn on them that somehow their friends' parents would be treated differently. and frankly, that's the kind of thing that prompts a change of perspective. you know, not wanting to somehow explain to your child why somebody should be treated differently when it comes to the eyes of the law.
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>> reporter: but what about critics charging this move as just about politics? looking for an edge in a tight race against mitt romney. you and others in your administration have been critical of him changing positions. feeling he's doing it for political gain. you realize, there are going to be some people that are going to be saying the same with you about this. do you see where some people might consider that the same thing? >> i think it would be hard to argue that somehow this is something that i'd be doing for political advantage because, frankly, you know, the politics is not clear how they cut. but i'm not going to be spending most of my time talking about this because, frankly, my job as president right now, my biggest priority is to make sure we're growing the economy, we're putting people back to work. >> reporter: and on that note, a new turf battle in the campaign. the president, taking aim at romney over detroit's resurgence. mitt romney recently said he deserves the credit for the
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revival of the u.s. auto industry. how do you respond to that? >> i think this is one of his etch-a-sketch moments. i don't think anybody takes that seriously. people remember his position, which was, let's let detroit go bankrupt. had we followed his advice at that time, chrysler would have gone under and we would have lost a million jobs throughout the midwest. >> mother's day, sasha, malia, you have plans for mrs. obama? >> some aspects of it will be handmade. malia and sasha, it's an arms race on who can create a bigger, better card. >> you're not going to leave mrs. obama on air force one or anything, on mother's day, right? >> did you see that? >> reporter: yeah, i did. >> it was embarrassing. >> reporter: you went back and got her. >> i thought she was behind me. she gave me so much grief. >> reporter: one final question. did you discuss this with
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mrs. obama, the same-sex issue? >> she feels the same way i do. we are practicing christians. and this view may put us at odds with the views of others. but when we think about our faith, the thing at root we think about, is not only christ sacrificing himself on our behalf, but it's also the golden rule. i figure the more consistent i can be in being true to those presets, the better i'll be as a dad, a husband and hopefully the better i'll be as president. >> reporter: mr. president, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> george, you know full well what it's like to get a call from the white house. we got a call saying the president wanted to talk. no guidelines or indications what he wanted to discus. we knew this issue was very much in the cycle. but had no idea he would go as far as he did. >> i have to say, watching this. and i asked the president about gay marriage over the last several years. he was always pretty much
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uncomfortable. and he seemed at peace with it yesterday. >> he was very comfortable. we talked about other issues, terrorism, mitt romney, politics. it was a full-range interview. but of course, this is the moment and this is the topic that got everybody -- >> and right in the middle of the presidential campaign, which drew out mitt romney right away. he responded a couple hours after the president. >> this is a very tender and sensitive topic, as are many social issues. but i have the same view that i've had since -- well, since this running for office. my view is that marriage itself is a relationship between a man and a woman. and that's my own preference. i know other people have differing views. >> so, a clear distinction on this. let's bring in abc's jake tapper to talk about this. the romney campaign not eager to talk about this all the time, either. i think both campaigns seem to agree what the president said in his interview with robin. the politics on this are very hard to read. >> reporter: they're difficult to discern. and let's take a step back.
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12 years ago, howard dean was lambasted -- he was the government of vermont at the time, lambasted for signing a civil union law in vermont. without any cameras. there's been a seachange on this issue. that's why the public is not regarding this as a flip-flop with the president. we're almost in a national flip-flop, as an evolution, as the president puts it, or a change in direction on same-sex marriage. >> but we see that the president said, joe biden may have gotten ahead of his skis. >> reporter: that was a tough moment. and gay rights groups are giving biden credit for the president's evolution as if he were charles darwin. but the president, this is by him. get the rest of the top headlines from josh elliott. >> good morning. we're going to begin with new insider information about al qaeda's plot to attack planes bound for the u.s. among the new revelations, a
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scheme to implant bombs into pets. abc's brian ross is here with the very latest. good morning to you, brian. >> reporter: good morning, josh. overnight, a drone strike against al qaeda in yemen killed at least five militants, as the u.s. steps up its campaign there. it comes as new intelligence reveals some of what al qaeda master bombmaker, ibrahim al asiri is up to, in addition to the underwear bomb that we learned about just this week. u.s. authorities now tell abc news that al asiri's latest designs also include bombs implanted in pets, to be carried onboard aircraft. bombs of what appear to be sealed cameras. and bombs hidden in external hard drives that would explode when plugged into a laptop computer. >> he is innovated. he has the skills to put together these bombs. >> reporter: because of the threat of al asiri and his al qaeda group, the u.s. has vastly expanded its drone operations in yemen. with the u.s. military and the
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cia given the freedom to operate in large zones. al asiri has survived at least one u.s. drone strike already. but officials say, he remains high on the target list. >> we want to make sure he doesn't have the opportunity to continue to build any device whatsoever. or impart his knowledge to anyone else who wants to build these devices. >> reporter: what al asiri and al qaeda's latest plot was foiled by the double-agent, working iffer the cia and other spy agencies, authorities tell abc news, there remains several other plots, aimed at u.s. airlines, that are, at the least, in the planning stages, if not further along. yet, security officials in airports across the country tell abc news, they have still not received any concrete guidance about what steps, if any, they can take, to guard against any of these bomb designs. josh? >> brian ross, thank you. another major story developing overseas. two massive explosions have killed or injured more than 200 people in syria's capital of
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damascus. a major uprising there that's claimed the lives in some 9,000 people. and another dramatic scene caught on camera. take a look. a tour bus veering off a winding road in taiwan. rolling over a cliff, as you see there. but shockingly, it stopped right there or would have plunged into a river below. all 15 people onboard that bus are okay. and take a look at this. this is no accident. people in a village in poland got so fed up with the young man who would speed that car through their town, that they pulled a prank in the middle of the night. they got a crane and hoisted his car on to that tree. the young man says, got the message, loud and clear. and now, can you, please, get my car out of the tree. >> if you don't mind. >> if you don't mind. >> i don't know where you find some of the video, josh. >> he had to go to poland. >> all right. now, to the high-profile john edwards trial. the prosecution expected to rest
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its case today, without calling rielle hunter to the stand. but that does not mean we may not hear from her. she's on the witness list for the defense, which may kick off tomorrow. bob woodruff has the latest. >> reporter: she's the other woman at the center of the scandal. the then-candidate's mistress, rielle hunter, the very reason john edwards stands accused of violation of campaign laws. >> maybe they think it's a distraction at this point and it would be overkill. and maybe they can't trust her as a witness on the stand. >> reporter: instead, wednesday testimony centered on edwards' wife, elizabeth. in detail, jennifer palmieri, a friend of elizabeth, described the final moments of elizabeth's life, before she succumb to cancer. she didn't want to be alone, palmieri said. fighting through tears, she was concerned that when she died, there would not be a man around who loved her. palmieri also described elizabeth's anger when she
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discovered the edwards campaign finance chair, fred baron, and his wife, had befriended rielle hunter. elizabeth was upset, palmieri told the jury. she just wanted rielle out of their lives completely. elizabeth felt that associating with hunter just made john look more and more guilty, palmieri said. after edwards was caught visiting hunter in the beverly hilton hotel in july of 2008, palmieri said he still had hopes of being appointed attorney general in the obama administration. and was angling for a speaking role at the democratic national convention. i told him both of those options were gone a long time ago, palmieri testified. and i told him, i thought he was deluded. now, if rielle hunter is called in by the defense, this would be the first time, robin and george, we've ever seen them together. they will be sitting about ten yards away from each other inside that courtroom. it will be very interesting to see what their interaction is,
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if they do sit that close together. >> it will. all right, bob. thank you. >> so much of the testimony here is so heart wrenching. >> it is. we're going to turn to the frantic search for the two missing girls from tennessee. officials believe that adam mayes is holding them captive. and the fbi has added him to the ten most wanted list. abc's yunji de nies is in guntown, mississippi, with the latest. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, george. authorities tell us that putting adam mayes on the ten most wanted list opens the floodgates of resources to capture this fugitive. they're in a race against time to find those two little girls alive. this morning, adam mayes is one of the ten most-wanted criminals in america. a man the fbi says has changed his appearance but is still on the run with alexandria and kyliyah bain. >> we believe adam mayes could be anywhere in the united states. and we're extremely concerned for the safety of the girls. >> reporter: court documents charging mayes and his wife, theresa, with first-degree
7:17 am
murder, and aggravated kidnapping, outline new details about what police believe happened around april 27th. theresa is now behind bars. and police say she has confessed. saying mayes killed jo ann in the bains' garage. but police say mayes kept the younger girls alive. driving them with their mother and sister's bodies to this trailer in guntown, mississippi. theresa's mother says her daughter and mayes fought often. >> the reason they were arguing so much is because there were two little girls that he was just absolutely obsessed with. he was claiming that those two children were his. >> reporter: neighbors say mayes told them the same. >> he made us all think that was his kids. >> reporter: the fbi tells abc news that mayes' motive is still unclear. >> adam mayes was a close friend of the family.
7:18 am
he was a trusted person to the kids. so, that is one mystery as to why this happened. >> reporter: now, the reward money in this case has now gone up to $171,000. they're hoping that large reward helps to bring these girls home. george? >> we all hope so. yunji, thanks very much. let's get to the weather from sam champion. >> good morning, everyone. we're going to start with large, powerful and dangerous, headlinemaking dust tomorrstorm tucson. think of them as dry thunderstorms. lightning involved in this. wind damage. lightning starting house fires. wind tearing up things all over the area. that system is moving some rain into texas during the day today. this is about the third day in a row that we'll be seeing some of the rain develop in the heartland of central texas there. austin, midland. houston, getting rain during the day today. let me show you another place that's getting some rain before we look at the big board.
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are you free and clear of the rain in the mid-atlantic and the northeast? the answer is yes by the end of the day today. this rain has action on it and is moving out. look at the dry line back in new york city. boston's drier. augusta, portland, you're drier, as well. nice in the deep south. still, the flooding rain in texas.
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>> all that brought to you by macy macy's. coming up, deion sanders' wife, pilar, speaks out about their public battle. pilar will talk to george just ahead. >> standing by and has a lot to say. also could be more trouble for john travolta. a second masseuse accuses him of sexual misconduct. and his lawyer says this could just be the beginning. and rihanna knows how to work the red carpet. but is she working so hard she's headed for trouble? and tim tebow and mom. star quarterback speaks out about the woman he says is the key to all his success.
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townhomes. home video captured the flames shooting hundred feet into the air. firefighters say they were lucky there wasn't any wind last night. nobody was hurt. got a big accident in the richmond area. >> two people are trapped in this overturn crash, eastbound 80 at carlson. three left lanes are blocked. they issued a sig alert. heavy eastbound but westbound jammed approaching the scene. drive time over half an hour on the east shore freeway. another one southbound 101 through almeda del prado. >> when we come back mike nicco has th
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>> welcome back. see some of the haze hanging over to the coast from northwest around mount sutro. temperatures in 52 in antioch. mild start for the day if you are out bike can. low to mid 80s in the bay area neighborhoods. slightly warmer as we head into
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i have very little chance at beating a hall of fame, two-sport man that everyone seems to love and adore. >> that is pilar sanders, the wife of dieion sanders. and she's speaking out for the first time since the couple's private fight made big headlines. their children caught in the middle of it all. we're going to hear her side of the story, live, just ahead. there's pilar. an abc news exclusive. >> we heard from deion last week. pilar this morning. john travolta, another man accusing him of sexual misconduct. and the lawyer for those suing travolta is speaking out this
7:31 am
morning. and rihanna. we know that she is one of the hottest pop stars out there. but is she sending out an s.o.s. it's like she's singing. her latest twitter picture. is her hard-working, hard-hitting lifestyle catching up with her? right now, let's get to the nasty and public divorce battle for nfl superstar, deion sanders. this week, a judge ordered his ex-wife, pilar, to stay away from the mansion where sanders has custody of their kids. first, we have abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: deion sanders. so used to winning on the field, walked out of court this week, declaring victory again. >> i feel good. i feel good every day. >> reporter: the hall of famer even had a trophy of sorts. a statue he brought to show the judge. it was too heavy to swing at his estranged life, pilar, as she alleged. >> there's a footprint on my door. and it's not mine. >> reporter: the judge
7:32 am
apparently believed much of what deion said happened at their mansion north of dallas. the same story he told robin roberts last week. >> i never touched her. i never did anything derogatory to her in front of the kids. >> reporter: the texas judge ruled that deion acted in self-defense. that deion gets temporary custody of the couple's three children. >> i understand that i have very little chance at beating a hall of fame, two-sport man that everyone seems to love and adore. >> reporter: pilar did win one legal battle. the judge reduced her charge to simple assault. so, after spending that one night in jail, now, she just has to pay a fine. >> i can assure you one thing, she was never touched. and thank god i have two witnesses that happens to be my children that saw the whole incident. >> reporter: this private family
7:33 am
drama became very public after deion posted a picture of those two boys, just 10 and 12 years old, on twitter. he says they were filing police reports against their mother. after this week's legal victory, deion was back on twitter, writing, the truth was told, baby. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. and pilar sanders joins us with her attorney, larry freeman, in dallas. pilar, let me begin with you. deion seems to be taunting you with those tweets and those pictures. now that the gag order has been lifted, how do you want to respond? >> it's very sad that a man, a supposedly man, would act in such a manner and fashion, more than anger. more than disappointed. for him to even bring our children into it. but now, the world is able to
7:34 am
see what i have endured for 13 years. and no real man would act in such a way. i just -- i can't believe to what extent he's willing to go, just to get attention from the media. you know, he's a legend. and he'll always be a legend in what he's accomplished on the field. but he's just not relevant to today's world. and i think he just wanted and needed the media attention for him to continue to do what he does, which is sell himself, which is very, very bad. >> but what really did happen, back on april 23rd? the judge found you guilty of simple assault. i mean, you did have to spend a night in jail, and did not find mr. sanders guilty of that. >> well, no. that wasn't entirely true. unfortunately was the case, was the prosper police department, either was in his pockets or something like that. but they never presented all of the facts to the judge that did
7:35 am
give the go ahead for me to be jailed. so, this is something -- >> there was no finding on the assault charge. the only thing that was at issue in the court the other day were two applications for family violence. and the judge found that there was no family violence by pilar. and in fact, the judge vacated the protective order that the police obtained the day of -- >> but he did levy a fine for simple assault. >> no, sir. that wasn't at issue last week. >> so -- >> not at all. i'm sorry? >> the only thing that's pending is a simple misdemeanor charge, tantamount to a speeding ticket. >> so, what happens now? especially with the children. it seems like both of you have something to answer for. you have testimony from those who worked in the house, that you've had incidents with the children. other testimony saying that he has. what is -- how are you going to protect them at this point? >> no.
7:36 am
well, none of what you heard from my estranged spouse is even true. and it was admitted in court by him, as well. the children are doing their best. they're coping with, unfortunately, this horrible media blitz deion has gone on. but they're living between the two homes. hopefully soon, next week, hopefully, they'll be back under one home where they've been for the last 12 years. >> pilar has been an exemplary mother for 12 years. it's only been since the divorce was filed that complaints have been made by mr. sanders. >> not only then. but since march, when he did everything to get me out of the home, except for buying and purchasing a home for myself and our children. his thought process is pretty gone. >> so, what exactly will you be
7:37 am
asking for on may 15th? >> the hearing on may 15th has to do with temporary orders pertaining to the children. so, all matters pertaining to the children will be heard this tuesday. >> and going forward, will you be asking for full custody? >> oh, absolutely. there was never a question of whether i really had full custody anyway. deion traveled and he worked all the time. and the only interaction he really had with our children was during sports. practices or games. so, it really was never a question who was the primary parent of our children. who helped with homework. who took them to the doctors' appointments. who took them to the dentist. who did school projects? who went to parent/teacher meetings. it was never, ever an issue. it was never a problem because i did everything. and i'll continue to do so. >> are you suggesting he hasn't been a good father? >> he's a good provider.
7:38 am
but, no. he hasn't been a good example of a father at all. to me, a father interacts with their children on more than just one level. on more than just sports. they're interested in what a child is interested in. and they get excited when the child gets excited. you do other things aside from one thing that you've done your entire life. and this is what they've lived with. so, no. not at all. provider, yes. father, no. despite the glitz that you've seen and the smoke and mirrors that have been painted in front of you, you know, we're dealing with a man who, admittedly, said he fooled the media. he concocted another character, just to earn more money. well, this is the same thing. this is primetime. and this is deion sanders that you're seeing all in one, as well. that primetime never died off. it's still him. and he's still here. and he's still dancing and
7:39 am
laughing and doing everything he did years ago, in his college dormroom when he created primetime. >> thank you very much for your time this morning. >> thank you. time, now, for the weather and sam. >> we're going to start with some pictures of the waterspouts that have been off the coast of grand isle, louisiana. there were four out in the water. when they come onshore, they rarely do. but yes, they're dangerous. yes, they're tornadoes. as the front continues to drop through the gulf, there's going to be storms in miami. but orlando clears up. tallahassee, new orleans, all have a better day coming today. here's where the heat is roaring in the southwest. but you'll notice a big difference on coastal temperatures here. josh, help me out. some west coast beach areas like laguna, manhattan beach. >> delray, santa monica. >> all those areas are cooler in the 70s. keep going. it's palm springs, phoenix, and vegas, the desert areas are into
7:40 am
the 90s. >> all that weather was brought to you by jcpenney. the point is, it's a little cooler on the west coast. >> new port. just saying. >> thanks a lot for that. when we come back, we're going to leave california and get to john travolta under fire. more trouble for the star, as another man sues him for sexual misconduct. the accuser's lawyer, speaking misconduct. the accuser's lawyer, speaking out. five. [ auctioneer calling ] sixty five! [ calling ] sir, can you go lower, fifty five! [ calling ] can you go lower? fifty five. fifty five. now i'm gonna go forty five.
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john travolta is hitting back at the accusations of sexual misconduct. the actor responding to a second man accusing him. travolta's attorneys calling the charges absurd and ridiculous. but the lawyers for the accuser says this is just the beginning. >> reporter: the men accusing john travolta of unwanted sexual advances is growing. a second masseuse has signed on to this lawsuit. claiming the superstar asked for a massage. then, shamelessly stripped naked, and groped the men or made sexual gestures. and the lawyer says men around the country have similar stories. he showed us the e-mails and
7:45 am
text messages he says keep coming in, since the suit was filed last week. >> they corroborate things that other people have said that aren't in the media, that aren't in the lawsuit. >> reporter: but travolta's attorney is firing back. telling abc news, quote, the claim by doe number two is just as fabricated as the claim by doe number one. our client will be vindicated in court on both of these absurd and fictional claims. the lawyer says the star wasn't in beverly hills on january 16th, the day the first accuser says he was assaulted in a ritzy bungalow. they said travolta was in new york working on a movie. and to prove it, gave a copy of this unsigned manhattan restaurant receipt. and including these photos, that show travolta in a fitting for the movie. both date stamped january 16th. we showed that to the lawyer of
7:46 am
the accusers. and he doesn't buy it. >> my client was assaulted by 10:00 in the morning. he could get to new york on horseback within that time. >> reporter: the two men in the suit remain anonymous. and so do the others making similar claims. >> i could easily add on 20 people. but i'm being very careful because i have two very solid plaintiffs. >> reporter: and there is now one more offering of proof in travolta's favor. tmz reporting overnight that his jet took off from los angeles to new york the night before this alleged assault here took place. robin? >> all right, cecilia. thank you very much. coming up, josh has "the thank you very much. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." with proster...d i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids.
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here's "the play of the day." >> really? >> now, to "the play of the day"
7:51 am
here. and -- a lot of them showed up for our big concert last week. check out this young man with her own carrie concert in the backseat. just 3 years old. ♪ >> i love the eyes closed. she's so into it. >> just feeling it. i love you. next stop, "american idol." tim tebow and his mom. go nowhere. ♪
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm eric thomas. there are major delays on interstate 80 following an injury accident. frances has been tracking it. >> at least they have one more lane open but two lanes are blocked because a couple people were trapped in an overturn crash. 20 minutes in the westbound direction. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up to the maze:injury crash in alameda del prado has traffic
7:57 am
backed up there. >> if you are bike to go work, low to mid-80s in the inland valleys. mid to upper upper 60s at the coast. a lost sunshine for all of us, mostly clear tonight. temperatures in the 50s and slightly warmer as we head into the holiday weekend. news continues now with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ josh created all kinds of smiles this morning out there among the crowd. not at all. and, boy, robin, you created all kinds of news yesterday. >> yeah. >> up there with the president at the white house. >> look at that, sam. i'm going to surf that hair. >> really? >> there's robin right outside the oval office. and now, you've gone from barack obama, to tim tebow. >> i'll tell a little story about talking with the president. we were running late. i'm changing in the car. we get to the interview, not
8:01 am
knowing what he's going to say. he's revealing his thoughts. and my producer, off camera, holds up a little sign, lipstick on your teeth. great. wonderful. >> you know who is -- >> i know. the president's like, what was that? we did have a chance to talk recently with tim tebow and his mom. a side of him not revealed before. opening up as to why his mom, such a key for his success. and what he did for her with his very first football paycheck. you know what's also great, and we've been talking about it a couple of days now, speaking of moms, mommy roberts is here. and the book -- very involved with this book. again, we're going to meet her. we're going to see -- there was the book signing. you were worried about, but she came off with flying colors. >> it was all about mother's day, leading up to the special day on sunday. >> absolutely. that is great. can't wait for that, robin. and we have a question. we're wondering, is rihanna
8:02 am
okay? the superstar tweeting out this picture that has so many people wondering. has her hardworking and hard-partying lifestyle finally caught up with her? a lot of people wondering and worrying. >> yeah. also, how would you like to lose 100 pounds? some people do. look at this guy right here. he did it -- he did it with the help of yoga. some people think it's unusual. but he really made a huge change. and that video has inspired millions of people. we're going to show that ahead. first, the news from josh. >> we're going to begin, everybody, with president obama's bombshell declaration to robin yesterday. the president coming out in favor of same-sex marriage, in his exclusive interview with robin roberts. saying he already made up his mind when vice president joe biden publicly endorsed it last weekend. the announcement will appear to a rave review in a fund-raiser with hollywood a-listers tonight. donors shelling out $45,000 apiece for the gala at george
8:03 am
clooney's home. meanwhile, new details are emerging about al qaeda's latest plot to attack planes flying to the united states. intelligence sources say, the latest designs from al qaeda's the chief bombmaker include explosives implanted inside pets, bombs that look like cameras, and devices that can be hidden in external hard drives. families of two students killed in a horrible boat crash has have agreed to a $15 million settlement. a barge ramming into a small sightseeing boat there. in philadelphia, 2010. the pilot of the tugboat pushing that barge was on his cell phone at the time of the accident. and a california woman who sued honda for not delivering the gas mileage it advertised will not be collecting $10,000 after all. heather peters won the money in small claims court. but a judge has reversed that ruling, saying mileage figures are assigned by the government. so, it is not honda's fault. and massachusetts lawmakers have overturned a controversial
8:04 am
ban on school bake sales. it was aimed at fighting child obesity. but following a public outcry, cities and towns will now decide the issue on their own. meanwhile, some important news for women taking drugs for stronger bones. a new fda study finds these drugs can lose their effectiveness in as little as three years. and may weaken bones in some women after extended use. and the man best known for liberating women from beehives and lacquered perms, vidal sassoon has died. he started out in the 1950s. didn't take long for him to become an international name in hair care. one of his good friends said it well, good hair stylists never die. vidal sassoon was 84 years old. finally, what are the odds here? take a look at this guy. third baseline at the padres game. drinking a beer. here comes a foul ball and guess what? you guessed right. inside the full cup of beer. so, what do you do? no.
8:05 am
this is a family program. well, look away, kids. >> he didn't lose much beer. >> only one way to liberate that ball. thankfully, he is of age. >> no one was hurt in the making of that video. >> fortunately. it's something for padres fans to be happy about. >> there you go. >> talking about padres here. >> national platform. how about a little "pop news"? >> i never thought you'd ask, robin. thank you. it's been less than two weeks since jessica simpson became a new mom. and it looks like losing the weight is serious business. 31 years old and she has reportedly signed a $3 million deal with weight watchers to help slim back down. she will share her post-baby journey in a national ad campaign. did we mention her clothing and accessory line is worth $1 billion? >> what? the clothing? >> yeah. simpson, we think, has lost at least ten pounds. that's how much her baby girl, maxwell, weighed in at birth.
8:06 am
dear jon hamm. dear jon hamm. >> dear jon hamm. >> remember dear abby? jonathan hamm is an advice giver for active grown men. dishing out pearls of wisdom to teenagers like brittany, who wants to know how to tell if a boy likes her. jon's answer was not what don draper would say. he said it doesn't really matter. he confessed that men do get full-on stomach-tingling crushes just like teenage girls. and jon isn't the only one trying to help kids go through the awkward years. he follows paul rudd who has been in the hormonal hot seat of teenage angst. we've just begun. he doesn't know that yet. and now, for a "pop news" sneak peek. next week's episode of our favorite, "modern family." >> mitchell, i can't tell you
8:07 am
how hard -- how hard this -- you know. that's not personal enough. okay. okay. i can't tell you how hurt and angry this makes me. but you've been late too many times. i'll need your keys. >> daddy, no. i'm so sorry. >> honey, i didn't hear you come downstairs. you couldn't sleep, either? >> yeah. no. there's just a lot on my mind with graduation. i don't know what to wear. how does this look? >> wait a second. you're carrying your shoes. how am i supposed to judge the whole outfit? put them on. >> you can see all of "modern family" wednesday, 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. so good. >> josh, take notes. that's our future. >> in the near future. indeed. in royal news, there's a sudden surge in popularity of corgis, george. you and i have different breeds
8:08 am
that we love. but those funny dogs that the queen seems to favor are very popular, according to the kennel club. searches for corgis for sale has spiked 37% on their website in the past four months alone. and they believe it's because of the queen's diamond jubilee this year. the queen has three corgis. monty, willow and holly. the breed has been a favorite among the royals since king george. king george vi. he first brought home a corgi in 1933. >> he has a little corgi in him. he does, yeah. >> i didn't know that. just adorable. low-riders. is that it? am i done with "pop news"? we have to get to sam. hey, sam? >> i want more "pop news." here's a great thing about being from a state from like kentucky. here's a great thing about being from a state like kentucky. they're supportive, no matter who you are or what you do. tell us your name. >> donna. >> where are you from? >> mesa technical college.
8:09 am
>> let's give a shoutout to mesa. >> tell me your name. >> marissa tabot. >> i love my state. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to show you. let's look at philadelphia. if you're not watching wpvi, and you're in philly, unplug the set. it's a waste of time. improving weather going from the great lakes to new england. boston, you're getting up there with the sunshine and warmer temperatures. so is philly. this is a really great thing. even in new york city this morning, we've got sunshine already. into texas, though, this is going to be a real problem. this is heavy rain moving in with the low. an inch or two inches of rain. no, get off that picture. oh. will cause flooding in texas.
8:10 am
>> down in front, so everybody can get seen in back. oh, lara? >> thanks so much. a great crowd out there. here's a look at what we have going on on our "gma morning menu." rihanna in the spotlight. why was she rushed to the hospital after a big night out? plus, tim tebow and his mom. why he says she's got the recipe to his success. plus, stretching himself skinny. how yoga helped one man lose, get this, over 100 pounds. people keep asking me if that lady in the viva commercial
8:11 am
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8:15 am
well, you should. [ male announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers ♪ bum, ba-da-bum, bum, bum, bum ♪ just about 8:15 on this thursday morning. and rihanna dazzled on the red carpet at the met gala monday night. but later that evening, she tweeted out an alarming photo that showed she was in the hospital. the rock star is famous for her hard-partying, hard-working lifestyle. but is it all catching up to her? it was a busy weekend for singing sensation, rihanna. saturday night, she appeared on "snl." ♪ where have you been >> reporter: and on monday night, the fashion sensation stunned crowds in this skin-tight black leather dress, at the metropolitan museum gala in new york. but it's a tweet that is raising
8:16 am
eyebrows. rihanna tweeted this disturbing picture of an i.v. in her arm, after being rushed to the hospital late monday night. reportedly being treated for exhaustion and dehydration. >> there's certainly been instances when celebrities use the term exhaustion, when they mean rehab. rihanna was trying to send the message, i'm in the hospital. i'm trying to make myself better. ♪ >> reporter: her reps say, rihanna is battling a bad case of the flu. a flu that forced her to back out of a final dress rehearsal for that "saturday night live" performance at the last minute. but some reports say the singer, who is also known to do some hard partying, might be spreading herself too thin. just last week, the pop star posted these photos of herself, dancing with strippers at a new york nightclub. best reliever, trippers. >> she's out partying at all the clubs around the world. she may be burning the candle at
8:17 am
both ends here. >> reporter: and on sunday, rihanna told her millions of twitter followers, she wasn't feeling 100%. seriously, i'm sick. don't wake me up for dumb blank like that. and blank being sick. but with a movie set for release, a new album and upcoming world tour, it's not surprising the multitalented star might be feeling a little stressed out. >> she needs to slow down and focus on herself, taking care of herself. and that's what's most important. ♪ all always be a friend will stick it out to the end ♪ >> we hope she's okay. rihanna is about to have more pressure on her. her movie, "battleship" opens may 18th. >> a lot going on in her life. lara, thank you. how about football superstar, tim tebow. he is finally revealing the key to all his success, just in time for mother's day. he says, it's his mom. i sat down with them both in
8:18 am
their hometown of jacksonville, florida, recently. he may be a football rock star. quarterback of the new york jets. best-selling author of "through my eyes." but at heart, tim tebow is just a son who loves his mom. mother's day is right around the corner. give me some fond tebow family mother's day memories. >> well, i remember, one time i couldn't afford to get any presents or anything nice. so, i went out and worked most of the night and early into the morning, weeding her flower garden, and picked with a flashlight through the night. and made it look nice. when she woke up. >> it was raining, too. it was raining. >> reporter: how thoughtful. >> it was pretty sweet. >> reporter: and you came up with that idea all on your own? >> i couldn't afford to get her a present. figured it was the least i could do. >> tell them what you got me when you could afford it.
8:19 am
got your first payment as a bronco. >> it was so excited to get my family gift. the first gift i got was for mom. and the thing is -- i couldn't wait -- i was so into tiffany's. i was so excited. i went to find something i thought would be right for mom. and so, i found a necklace. and i think she's wearing it today. >> i wear it often. >> reporter: oh. it's a key. what does it symbolize? >> i told her that, you know, i gave it to her because she was the key to my success. and i couldn't have done it without her. >> pretty touching, isn't it? >> reporter: it is. at 24, timmy, as his mother calls him, is the youngest of five children. how as your mother inspired you? >> it's great to have two great role models growing up. my dad was a great role model for me, in a lot of ways. just in being passionate and having a lot of courage. but my mom, in a lot of different ways from my dad, in being sweet and being kind.
8:20 am
and being someone that uplifts those around you. not because that was something she told us. it was something me and my siblings, we could watch every day. >> reporter: that's just -- warms your heart to hear him speak like that. another thing that warms pam's heart, cooki ining for her fami. and with help from catherine cassidy from "taste of home." >> the tebows are the perfect example of a "taste of home" kind of family. pam is a fabulous cook. and she uses her cooking to bring the family together. >> i surveyed my family to see, what's your favorite? and i knew what they'd say. everyone said pizza pie because i've been cooking it for so long. that's what they want when they want come home. pizza pie. memory of home, i guess. you take bread dough in a can.
8:21 am
or biscuits. and you make it into a pie crust. >> reporter: thus, pizza pie. >> exactly. >> tell me about the parmesan cheese. i thought that was a nice touch. >> you put the parmesan cheese as a little coating over the crust. and then, you would add the meat and the sauce. >> right. we'll do that for you. >> reporter: so, ground beef, peppers. >> green peppers. >> i wish i could say it was really difficult but it really isn't. >> the best recipes are the ones that are easy to make. >> reporter: do you know how to make this, tim? >> i am not. i am now, though. >> more cheedz. this is mozzarella. and a little bit of parmesan at the end. >> how delightful is that? >> and bake it 15 minutes. >> that's all? 15 minutes? >> yeah. >> 15 to 20. >> reporter: what's the
8:22 am
temperature? >> about 400. >> also, i would add that it's very easy. and so, you can make a bunch of them. you can have -- when you bring people over as advertisers. like these are cut up. or you can have it like as a main course, you know, with your vegetables and everything else. >> reporter: being an nfl star, you get invited to fancy places. and you're a meat and potatoes guy. >> i am. normal food. you have to go to so many rubber chicken dinners. you put on the face. thank you, it's so good. and you think, i just can't wait to go home. >> reporter: have pizza pie. >> have pizza pie. >> reporter: we have the pizza pie. what do we have for dessert? >> this is a family favorite. he personally liked ice cream. as a family, we didn't eat a lot of dessert. but as a rule on sunday, you could have as much ice cream as you want. i don't know how many undershirts would be stained. and you would have chocolate sauce all down it. and me and my brothers and my
8:23 am
dad. >> timmy's favorite treat next to ice cream is rice krispies squares. >> put them together. >> we made a pie with rice krispies as a crust. >> you take this and put it in the freezer so it gets hard again. and then, you warm up the chocolate sauce. when you take it out, you warm up the chocolate sauce and put it on there. you could put it on now and freeze it. but it's just not as good. i'm impressed. >> anything you make in the kitchen and your family likes it, that's cooking. look at that. >> sometimes you can make it prettier than that. >> uh-huh. >> yes. >> these look a little bit better. what looks better? i would choose this. just being honest. >> and we have the tebow family favorites right here to taste. the pizza pie.
8:24 am
the ice cream pie. oh, boy. we have been -- not that we weren't paying attention to what was going on. >> great. >> the pie is the best. >> this is illegal. >> you must try this recipe. >> with the rice krispies finish. >> tebow, you're our champion. >> such an incredibly loving family. they were all in for tim's big golf event, foundation event. his sisters were there, brothers, nieces, running around. just a very loving family. >> and allowed to have ice cream that one day. >> you can get recipes for tim tebow's favorites on on yahoo! now that we're eating this, we're going to have to learn how to use it. a pretty amazing story about weight loss. the man right there had an amazing transformation, using yoga to triumph obesity. and as abc's claire shipman reports, he's giving a lot of hope to others. >> reporter: an internet waste blog sensation. nearly 3 million clicks to see
8:25 am
arthur boorman's transformation, from this to this. 100 pounds gone, with yoga. ♪ >> it's a different kind of yoga. we make a joke. it ain't your momma's yoga. >> reporter: none of the gongs and serenity stuff. it's ddp for dallas diamond paige, an intense former wrestler who thought yoga could use some pumping up. >> it will change the way you think about yoga. >> reporter: we know yoga can build strength and flexibility. but how could it be the key to weight loss. check out fast ddp yoga can get your cardio rate up. yoga for the marines. it's hard to imagine that not many years ago, he was a gulf war veteran with back issues. so obese at one point, he
8:26 am
couldn't walk without leg braces. >> i was up late. i'm on search engines, just typing in different things. and i typed in yoga and broken back. and out popped dallas paige. >> reporter: he got the dvds. and slowly and surprisingly, he saw himself shrinking, tightening, strengthening. >> the big part was getting your head right. my mind was in the right place. it was a matter of getting the work done. >> reporter: for a man who literally could not walk and can now sprint, there's plenty of inspiration. for "good morning america," claire shipman, abc news, washington. >> that's so great to see. and so many people have lost more than 100 pounds and kept that weight off. they've even started a 100-pound club online. they think the key to success is losing the weight slowly. you have to be slow and steady with it. more mother's day coming up. robin's mom. >> i can't wait to share with everybody. come on back.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. bart's board of directors will decide which company will build the new fleet of train cars. its contentious one because how much of manufacturing work will actually be done in the u.s. today is annual bike to workday. it has increased by 71% in the past few years. they take advantage of flee bike information and our website at has the list of activities. plenty of people on the road. let's check in with frances dinglasan. >> biking to work a good idea.
8:28 am
bay bridge toll plaza is backed up. there is an injury crash at bailey blocking traffic out around antioch. the major injury crash eastbound 80 has been cleared but traffic is heavy westbound 80 out of hercules and south 101 is slow from an earlier accident. >> we will check in with meteorologist mike nicco for your forecast right after this.
8:29 am
welcome back. if you are about to head out the
8:30 am
door, 49 in redwood city. antioch, 55. sunshine everywhere today. slightly warmer with mid-50s and made mid 70s. low to ♪ [ cheers and applause ] this morning, in times square. >> i can't hear. >> we're getting -- let's show the moments from last year. right now, this was emeril. we're not going to show it. >> there it is. >> there we go. >> this was great. this was great. oh. >> the moment of big surprise. and tomorrow, we have another one coming up. >> we do. >> that is going to be live. >> just great. >> he's been doing it for years. and it's great every time.
8:31 am
>> she ran away. >> i remember that. and ginnifer goodwin is here. she is -- [ cheers and applause ] "once upon a time." she's back here with a sneak peek of the jaw-dropping finale. >> can she get any cuter? that show is so good. and you know who else is so good? alton brown is here. the amazing alton brown. he's going to whip up a little bananas foster. >> the morning edition. >> we're going to set things on fire. >> more desserts. and you are the host of the james beer foundation awards. i was there. you killed. >> really? i survived. thank you. >> and you didn't set anything on fire. >> i did not. but i will today. >> that's right. we know that mother's day is coming up. and we're all blessed to have extraordinary mothers in our lives. and i am included in that.
8:32 am
she grew up in the depression. she married a tuskegee airman, my mom. and my mom, lucimarian roberts, sharing her wisdom. in a new book. "my story, my song," along with missy buchanan, who we will talk to in a moment. here's my momma. ♪ when it's heavy you're never left alone ♪ ♪ to bare it all >> reporter: faith, family and friends. that's what my mom's life is all about. and at the age of 88, she is taking a lifetime of lessons learned and putting them to paper in "my story, my song." >> when an opportunity is given and when someone wants to hear your story, that was the surprising thing to me. that someone thought i had a story to tell.
8:33 am
>> reporter: the book's title comes from her love of music. especially hymns, like those she sang in this video taken back in 1990. ♪ jesus, i love you >> reporter: she calls sitting at the piano, her place to meet with god. mom reveals how music has always soothed her soul. starting from her humble beginnings. >> we were all poor. we didn't have any way of saying, i'm richer or i'm poorer. we were all in the same boat. so, you really didn't have a sense of being poor. but you sure had a sense of being loved. and you sure had a sense of being watched. >> reporter: mom is a living definition of the word grace. whether she was surviving the depression, fighting for civil rights, or making our family's military house a home, in no
8:34 am
less than 27 spots around the globe. but she is the first person to tell you she has had help along with way. mom calls them her mentors and teachers, like wilma snagg, who paved her way to go to college. >> you're never going to be able to save the whole world. but if you take -- miss snagg didn't save the whole world. but she sure saved one. and in turn, i was able to pass it on to someone else. >> reporter: and mom has and continues to pass it on. despite some recent health scares, she has always maintained that a sense of humor can offset the challenges of growing old. >> half of you have the same medicine for 20 years. and it hasn't done a bit of good. why do you keep on taking it? so, i stopped.
8:35 am
>> reporter: integral in her life is her belief that god gives everyone a purpose that overcomes pain. >> it may not be the way you want it to be. and it's not always going to be easy. but you will be able to know that there's never a burden that god does not carry. ♪ sunshine, on the way and joining us now to talk more about my mother's memoir, "my story, my song." is the collaborator, missy buchanan. i was sharing the back story. you know how you get gifts from people? missy sent me a book and asked me to send it to my mom. and i did. what was the name of the book?
8:36 am
>> "living in a worn-out body." >> my mother loved it. and they struck up a friendship. >> and what a joy it was for me to sit in her living room and hear her story. it was just marvelous. >> what is it that you're hoping that people will take from mom's story? >> oh, wisdom. your mom has so much wisdom in all that she's lived through. and hope because the fact that she's overcome so many things in her lifetime has has done it with such a spirit of grace, we can all learn from that. >> she made you laugh along the way, didn't she, too, missy? >> i would go home and listen to the tapes and replay them. and i didn't realize how much we had laughed. we had giggled half the time. it was great. >> i get my sense of humor from mom. and i also wanted to share this because we've been talking about how it's mother's day coming up. and those of us that are blessed to still have our mothers, it's a time to sit down, isn't it? and how do you have people document their family history
8:37 am
like we're doing? >> i'm so glad you asked that. the first thing i try to remind people is ask the questions. ask to share their stories. we're so busy we forget to take the time and just to listen. and then, whether it's videotaping, audiotape. if you want to be descriscribin. you do the writing. or maybe they can write their own. or a combination of all of those things. but the main thing is to document those and have those. >> i'm just so blessed we had a chance to work with you. momma says, hi. she's at the apartment watching right now. >> and the fruits of her labor. >> thank you for saying that, josh. we have it on audio books. we have an audio book that we're going to give to the mothers that are here. [ cheers and applause ] it's all about singing with mom. and i don't know if there's a bonus track. but i'm singing on it, too. i know, george. >> i heard her. i heard her.
8:38 am
>> "when we all get to heaven," that was the bonus track. thank you, missy, very much. you guys have a thank you. she breaks for yard sales, too. >> she's not doing a sea rescue. >> you have to skeedaddle soon. >> i want to say, your mother is one of the dearest hearts. >> and her book, "my story, my song" it is a work of wisdom. you will walk away feeling smarter. feeling inspired. >> thank you. >> it's a little bit of you when you read that. thank you. >> anybody that's met her, feels that way. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about. we'll start with a quick twitter and facebook picture to show you the cloudy skies all over the country. you're in luck. here comes the sunshine for most of the country today. chicagoland, you're a part of that. josh, anything you want to say
8:39 am
to chicago? >> we're coming. can we keep that weather, please? we're coming. >> we're coming. going to chicago. momentarily. we'll tell you why when we get there tomorrow. but here's what happened in the middle of the country. madison, wisconsin, 70. north platte, nebraska, 85. why should you leave the chair? >> all that weather was brought to you by farmer's insurance. these guys are all here because we have another big anniversary to celebrate this morning. yes, we are looking at you, lara. one year exactly. since you came back to "good morning america."
8:40 am
but remember back. come on. >> thank you. is today my year anniversary? >> today's your year anniversary. >> i'm having fun. >> we're going to show how much fun. take a look. >> lara spencer's come home. >> i'm back. >> do you speak espanol? >> amour. >> okay. >> you're an attractive woman, by the way. >> thank you. >> ever date outside of your species? >> chopsticks. ♪ old on for one more day >> i knew i was the girl with the dragon tattoo when i went and got the tattoo. i'm an expert dumpster diver. "sanford and son" and daughter. >> lara tracking all the trends. >> it's brand-new. it's all the rage. >> this is good.
8:41 am
yes, yes. >> good morning to you all. do i have lipstick on my teeth? how many times do you do those puns, ever? ding. ding. >> all that -- >> great way to get your sweat going. >> come on. >> you seem like a good girlfriend. >> thank you. >> any revelation that you've watched and gone, ooh? >> most beautiful places. are you kidding me? who's child is this? [ cheers and applause ] >> we need to celebrate. >> my favorite thing. yes. it's been quite a year. josh, it's been a year for both of us. >> yeah, it has. >> you were last week. i can't thank you enough. my best friends. my family. thank you to the staff, to the control room, to you guys. many, many more to come, i hope. let's enjoy the ride.
8:42 am
let's enjoy the ride. thank you all so much. [ cheers and applause ]
8:43 am
8:44 am
welcome back. our next guest is like something out of a fairy tale. ginnifer goodwin plays snow white on the hit abc show "once upon a time." the show wraps up its first season this coming sunday.
8:45 am
and ginnifer is here to give us some hints, i hope, about what we'll see in the finale. >> happy anniversary. >> it's been great. and you're wrapping up your first season. how has it been for you? >> is magical a good word? >> how ironic. you've done a lot. we've seen you on many, many things. this show has had quite an impact. is it because, you think, we all grew up with these characters? >> i think we all grew up loving the characters. and we've taken the stories and filled in the blanks and giving them some relatable mrauz. >> there's going to be important moments happening. and i want to get everybody up to speed. you're snow white. your alter ego is mary margaret. you're visiting a character in the hospital. >> yeah. henry, who unbeknownst to me is my grandson. has slipped into a coma because
8:46 am
he ate snow white's poison happenle. and he intercepted that apple when the evil queen tried to kill my daughter with the poison apple. and henry, to prove to his mother, that there is a curse, that fairy tales are real, he ate the apple. >> let's take a look. >> a pulse of pure love shattered out and engulfed the land. waking up to snow white and bringing light that the darkness. henry, when i gave you this book it was because i knew -- i know life doesn't always have a happy ending. >> all right. you're on the hot seat now. sunday's the big finale.
8:47 am
are you going to give us any clues? what happens to henry? what happens? >> i will say you will be shocked. you will throw things at the television? >> really? >> i'm not saying this because i'm towing the company line, it was shocking to all of us. >> i love that. can i tell everybody how beautiful you looked at the met fally. gala. that's at the correspondents dinner. you have a busy social calendar. and that's h&m. and that's mooney. >> it is. >> and you were stunning and so good on the show as snow white. >> thank you. tune in. the season finale of "once upon a time," sunday at 8:00 eastern. alton brown isjajajajajajaja
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] a great mother's day dessert
8:50 am
coming up. alton brown. you know him from the food network. we're going to make bananas foster today. >> yes. >> you have to tell us about food network star going to be revamped. >> i'm a mentor. we each have five people we try to get all the way through the 11 episodes of the competition. and the reason i've done bananas foster, i use it to audition to people. >> i'm going to play that. >> you're an expert in this. >> yeah. >> you used to be a waiter and would come with this tableside. you're going to do the scary work. and i'm going to do the easy work. >> okay. let's go. >> table service has died off in this country. but it's fun. >> very classy. >> the sauce starts with a quarter cup of powdered brown sugar. a little allspice. i like nutmeg. >> using the real thing. >> yeah. especially with the banana
8:51 am
liqueur, to help the sauce come together. and add two tablespoons of butter. and that helps the sauce. and then, put the bananas in. >> you put them in now? >> i put them in this early. i don't see a problem with it. i want them to get a nice brown on them. is that ew? ah. >> been drinking some of your bourbon. >> actually, this is our bourbon bottle. give that a stir. we have four minutes. show how you used to do it. flip the bananas, use the big spoon. that cooks for about three minutes until the bubbles are starting to pile up on each other. and the bananas are starting to soften. you don't want them too soft. do you remember how to do the two spoon thing? >> i'm not good at it. >> you do the traditional thing. and you scoop it up like this. and you move it to ice cream or
8:52 am
i like waffles. i'm going to bring -- after that is this. you get the bananas off. and we're going to grab the bourbon. i have a quarter-cup of bourbon. are you ready to do this? you want to do this? >> sure. >> you get the fire stick. the key is, it has to be boiling before the bourbon goes in. we're not lighting the bourbon, we're lighting the fumes. go. get it in there, george. >> oh, wait. >> come on. you're killing me. all right. we got it. we got it. it's on fire. that's good. it's good. it's burning. it's burning. it's awfully bright out here. you take it down. there we go. it's burning. yeah. and then, it goes off on to the bananas foster. clearly, it's been a very long time since you've done that. grate some orange on to it. >> only about 25 years. >> 25 years? >> at least. >> that's okay.
8:53 am
i made my people audition with this dish. >> i wouldn't have gone. >> you would not have made it to "food network stars." but you got a job. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward...
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and chase what matters.
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8:56 am
the shot right there. >> are we good to go? >> come on, george. >> can you get it to light, george? >> i cannot get this thing to work. >> you do the pouring. i'll do the lighting. >> have a great day, everybody. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
8:57 am
but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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good morning, looks like bay area cyclists can enjoy some nice weather. mike nicco is here with a look at the forecast. >> absolutely. a lot of sunshine. draw back, a little breeze will develop around the coast. mid to upper 50s into san francisco. low to mid-80s inland. temperatures are above average. low to mid-50s tonight with a few clouds around the coast. expecting a lot of sunshine and slightly warmer through the wanted wnd. >> we have another overturn crash. 68059 berryessa and jammed north


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